(1939-07-06) WWN: Cauldron Talk - Muggleborn Heist
Details for WWN: Cauldron Talk - Muggleborn Heist
Summary: July 6th, broadcast, in which Brad talks about the recent heist.
Date: 26 March, 1939
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Let’s find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, my Soldiers of Truth! Today I have a very important topics to speak to all of you about. Many of you, who stay informed and educated about the happenings of the world around us, for it is with knowledge we see the Truth. Recently the Daily Prophet published an article on the recent attack at the Muggle Bank of England. While normally a robbery on a Muggle establishment would be less then news worthy for those of us in the Wizarding Community, this one certainly is reaching our ears because of the particular culprits of this attack.

While the Daily Prophet received this information, an Anonymous Eyewitness also sought me out. Understanding that it is my mission to spread the Truth to those who are willing to know it and embrace it. One particular interesting fact that I do not know if the Daily Prophet omitted or perhaps they simply were not informed of, was that these culprits where muggleborn.

While many have expressed concerns that I am perhaps anti-muggle or anti-muggleborn, I want to express my displeasure with these accusations. I simply am noting the Truth, just as some of those who despise me would be noting that the culprits where purebloods, if that was the situation. My concern is simple enough and something that I wish to express with everyone. Though speaking of concern, I do have a word from some close friends of mine at Galloping Giants Insurance.

In these uncertain times, how will you protect your investments? That home you bought for you family, perhaps even that new fancy broom you recently bought? Well here at Galloping Giants Insurance we have you covered! No matter what you want to insure, be it a home or even a family heirloom, we will cover you at a nominal premium and guarantee to payout the full appraised amount, in any case of loss of damage! Remember not even Galloping Giants can keep us from taking care of you!

Well I am certainly sure, that the Bank of England wishes it could even know about Galloping Giant Insurance! Since one of the culprits manages to escape with all that muggle money! This heist is an example of my concern. Here we have Four, recent Graduates from the Hufflepuff house that not only broke the Wizarding Law, but all the Muggle Laws they had been raised with! The question has now become, “What can we do?”

And with this question is where many of misunderstandings about the Army of Truth and myself come into play. I seek to protect the Wizarding World, to protect the Society that I was raised in, to protect all of my family and all of my friends. Do not many of you wish for the same thing? We live in a world, where muggles are on the verge of a storm that will not only affect them, but all the Wizarding Societies of the world. How will that help us? How will that help the muggles?

The simple fact of this is simple enough, what the Army of Truth seeks is a world of peace and prosperity! I do not believe the muggles are capable of handling the world that we are swiftly entering. This is not slander against them, but me pleading with you as a society to listen to their pleas for help! The muggles are not seeking a world where we stand by them as equals, just as children do not stand by their parents as equals. They are seeking a world, where we can provide and security to their assets, like the Bank of England and protect it from those who would wish to do it wrong. We learn at a young age you must sacrifice some freedoms to gain. The example is waiting to use magic outside of Hogwarts. We sacrifice that so that we may gain our education, we understand we are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of magic so we allow those with years of wisdom to guide us.

The same is true for muggles, they are incapable of getting along with each other. They build greater and more dangerous weapons. Determined to destroy each other and possibly us in the process, this is where the Unity Party manages to fall short. They seek a world Unified, but the Truth is the muggles are not ready for equality with us, they must sacrifice some freedom to live in a safer and peaceful world and eventually they will thank us. These four recent graduates are a prime example; obviously they choose to use the gift given to them, for wrong doing. Perhaps with additional education and training, coming from a muggle family, would have aided them in integration with their gift they could have become effective and helpful members of the Wizarding World, instead they chose crime.

They choose to end the lives of others, to steal what was not rightfully theirs. This is the example we face, individuals who after years at Hogwarts are not ready to wield a wand, how will the masses of Muggles react to magic just existing? They will attempt to take it by force and when they realize they cannot have it, they will attempt to destroy what they cannot understand. Just like these four destroyed the education granted to them. Why? Perhaps they needed the money. Though that reminds me of some friends of mine over at Dragon Coins, who I promised to talk about today.

Sometimes life comes at you fast and knocks you right to the ground. While we can pick ourselves back up, sometimes it is easier to take and a hand and be pulled up. That is where Dragon Coins can help! They offer a simple Galleon advance between paychecks. All you have to do is show proof of employment and they will gladly offer you a loan with nominal payments to aide in life’s struggles. Why walk down the path of life, when you can ride of the back of a Dragon! Dragon Coins is here for you!

Perhaps if these four lads had gone to Dragon Coins, we could have avoided unneeded bloodshed. Though Dragon Coins has informed me that they are going to be donating a generous amount of Galleons to the families of the fallen in this recent attack, our hearts here at WWN and Cauldron Talk, certain go out to those families.

Well I am getting ready to wrap things up, my time today is almost done. But I did want to touch on one more topic quickly, that is in the upcoming days, July Eighth to be exact. I will be holding a Q&A for the Army of Truth. I certainly would love for the vast majority of my listeners to attend, though it is open to all, as the truth is for all.

Remember we are the Future! Your Children are the Future!




It is time for Our People, Our World, Our Leader for The Greater Good. Rise Up and let your Voice be heard!

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