(1939-07-07) Bad Wiring
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Summary: Unhappy after parting with Takeshi on poor terms at the hospital, Graham tries to make Rena understand that men are just exasperating by nature, and they mean no harm.
Date: 1939-07-07
Location: St. Mungos Hospital
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It's bad enough to be laid up in hospital with a stab wound to the abdomen; but things are never just as simple as face value with Rena. She is laid up in hospital with a stab wound to the abdomen, AND placed in isolation due to the fact that she was stabbed in the direct presence of a werewolf. The hospital is in an uproar, and part of the ministry as well (more than likely.)
"All because I didn't think a man ought to be beat into a jelly in a back alley." The young redheaded woman grumbles to herself weakly as she lays recovering in bed. Languishing might be a better word. Of course she isn't well enough to do anything but lay there for the moment, but that doesn't mean she has to enjoy it.

"Well Sir.. on your head be it." The first sound to announce anyone is actually approaching there isn't really an answer to this semi-threat though he has been told she should be ok. There is something for seeing it for yourself. Graham has defied being stopped by the hospital staff before and seems not to be about to stop now as he enters the isolation ward. He will knock lightly on her room door before entering looking her over a moment.

At first glance, Graham will see that Rena looks pale and drawn… and after the day's ordeal, little wonder. However, she also has the look of someone who is incredibly frustrated with themselves and the situation they find themselves thrust into. She isn't quite scowling, but her expression belies a distinct air of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Of course, maybe she's just in pain from the knife wound.
Turning her face to see who's knocking, an anxious glint comes into her dark eyes for a moment. It's almost as though she were expecting someone specific - and hoping it would be them. However, upon seeing Graham, she blinks and erases the expression from her face instantly. She quickly replaces it with a welcoming smile: "'Ow'd you get past the guards, Graham?" She asks in a small voice. "Least, I figure there must be some with the fuss everyone's kicking up out there."

Graham will look to his friend and returns the smile approaching a bit until he's at her bedside. The question gets a glance back towards the door "Apparently my reputation proceeds me not as gleaming here as outside the walls of the hospital i'm afraid. First busting in to see Shelley, then Rhyeline, and now here I am to see you." He ticks off, but gives a small shrug. "I suppose asking how you are isn't helpful just now. Though that and do you need anything at all?"

Rena chuckles softly at Graham's laundry list of hospital violations; but the effort causes a strain on her wound and she winces. Forcing another half smile so that Graham doesn't worry too much, she remarks: "Sometimes there can be such a thing as too much red tape and precaution."
Although quite on the mend and gaining strength by degrees with every passing hour, Rena is still far from one hundred percent at the moment. Taking that into consideration, one might easily forgive and excuse her reply to Graham's kindly and well-meant question. However, the poor man is answered snappily by the redhead with a huffy attitude: "Yes, you can get me something. You can get my fiance a new attitude."
Unable to feasibly fold her arms across herself at the moment, Rena looks away to hide the hurt expression now showing all too plainly in her eyes.

He will wince along with her as she does so. "Sorry, shouldn't make you laugh." the young man will say quickly though he does worry a bit unable to stop himself its kind of his thing caring for his friends and all that. "Agreed, and if I must break any rules doing so to be close to those I care for or whom I call friend seems worthy." the auror watches her though trying to think of anything he can do though her response gets a raised eyebrow. "A new attitude?" he says curiously.

"He wouldn't hardly so much as /touch/ me!" Rena exclaims weakly, still keeping her face turned away from Graham rather pointedly for the moment. Her eyes are burning with tears that are struggling to find escape, and she would far rather get them under control before he sees them.
"Fussed a lot about the chart and kept as much distance as possible. All very strict and right and proper bedside manner, I'm quite sure." Her accent changes to a near-mocking of a pureblood's haughty tone, and her expression is less than flattering. Oh yes, she is angry - but more than that, she is /hurt./ Clearly there is more to the story than just that, but she falls silent for the moment to regain some composure.
Finally blinking back the tears with some considerable effort, the young woman turns to look at her poor, confused friend with a softer look. Lowering her gaze apologetically, she murmurs: "I'm sorry, Graham. I shouldn't 'ave snapped at you. It ain't your fault, 'eaven knows."

Graham will internally wince, thinking to himself the young healer has a lot to learn. Not things one can be taught really either not from a book or otherwise he would have tried to learn himself if that ways the case. He will sigh nodding to her "I see, i'm sure he was trying to maintain his professional stature but its you in that bad injured." he will say in two minds in this placing himself in the others shoes he wouldn't be able to just treat as usual. The auror's brought back to present though he'll reach out to the other "No need to apologize Rena, what i'm here for." if allowed he'd pat her hand and give it a small squeeze.

Rena allows herself a small sniff as Graham pats her hand, but she still refuses to allow any tears to overflow. She would rather not give in that deeply to her feelings. Half of her struggles to understand how Takeshi could be so cold, while the other half (the seldom seen logical one) understands fully.
"It's worse then that, though," Rena says unhappily, looking up at Graham again. "'E called Mister Orpington a /beast/. Like 'e wasn't worthy of being treated like a person anymore." A pause, and she grasps her friend's hand, desperate for reassurance: "Graham, it isn't right, is it? Werewolves are still people. They can't 'elp what they've become and they didn't ask for it. No more than some poor soul asks to be stricken with consumption or Polio. And when someone's sick with a disease like that, we don't stop treating them like 'umans…"
Stopping again, Rena drops her head back on the pillow with a frustrated sigh. "I don't understand. 'Ow can a doctor justify treating a sick man like an animal?"

The young man wondering if another talk with the healer is in order like the last one this wouldn't be any more comfortable. "Worse?" Graham says drawn back to the other in proper though her words do get a reaction is it anger that crosses his face? He doesn't pull his hand away only holding hers "Rena no.. of course they don't stop being human and they should be treated that way." he says this one much easier. He wouldn't have expected this from the healer. "Are you sure he didnt mean because of you being hurt?" he asks.

"No," Rena replies unhappily, fighting harder than ever against the tears. "He meant it on principle. That werewolves are more beast than men once they become ill."
Rallying her strength by virtue of being so upset, the young woman continues in a stronger voice than before: "I asked 'im outright: What if it were /me/ that it 'appened to. And 'e just danced around the subject for as long as possible. Finally admitted 'e would always love me, but that's all 'e would say. Then, 'e ad the nerve to say I shouldn't be worried about it because there was such a slim chance of my becoming infected. Also that I wasn't thinking straight, and I just needed some rest."
Finally losing the battle with her emotions, two hot tears overflow and roll rapidly down Rena's cheeks. "I'm not a baby. Nobody 'as to talk to me like I am…. And, it's plain as plain to me that 'e would be rid of me in a second if I were to get sick."

Graham knows its a last hope and not likely a very good one but he at least has to ask about this possibility. The young man will shake his head more "That's awful to say about anyone its the same fear and nonsense as the blood purity stuff." he will ponder a moment though as the tears spill over he'll reach over his free hand using a bit of his robe and will dab them away if allowed "No you aren't, your a grown woman, though I would hope that Takeshi would see sense he does love you of course."

Rena does nothing to stop Graham from trying to brush away the tears. Even /HE/ isn't afraid of touching her the way Takeshi seems to be just now. No offense to Graham, but that only makes her fiance's actions bite all the harder.
"How am I supposed to feel?" Rena asks unhappily, turning her pleading gaze to her friend once more. "How do I know 'e really loves me at all when 'e goes and treats me like that?" It's a valid question, given the situation. "It weren't bad enough to talk about Werewolves like they were animals, 'e goes and won't answer me when I ask 'im what would 'appen between /us/ if it turned out I was sick, too. And then 'e goes and talks down to me like a child…"
All this ranting seems to culminate in the real heart of the issue when she angrily says: "The least 'e could 'ave done is show that 'e would've RATHER been able to 'old me. I understand why 'e couldn't. But the way 'e acted, it didn't bother 'im one little bit!"

Graham will lower the edge of his robe back down once the tears are wiped. He watches her now listening and knows well the confusion on relationships though this seems to be a bad situation made worse by another situation. "I know I would feel the same as you right now if my girlfriend or wife to be did the same, but as difficult as all this is the solution is to go straight to Takeshi after this and tell him how his actions have made you feel. That way you two can resolve it. I am certain that he loves you Rena I've spoken to him before and seen you two together. Just talk to him and it will be worked out."

Rena's prim little mouth is drawn into a stubborn little line when Graham tells her that she needs to go home and hash things out with Takeshi in a straightforward and honest manner. Not that long ago, she was agonizing over hurting his feelings and breaking his heart… right now, she's angry enough to tell him more than just her current difference with him. However, she is fortunately confined to a hospital ward until she is cleared of all lycanthrope infection worries. Hopefully, by the time she's released, she has a cooler head on her shoulders.
But still, angry as she is, Rena knows that Graham is right. Breathing a faint sigh, she sniffs again and nods. "I suppose I don't 'ave much of a choice. I still ain't so sure 'e loves me the way you think 'e does though."

Graham will watch her after his advice or well continue to do so since he'd not really looked away from her even in her anger and frustration. "I believe that he does, and I know it isn't a fun prospect Rena, but talking it over will make you both feel better, coming from a man he probably isn't even aware that you are upset." he sighs and frowns a bit "Our brains are wired all wrong." he manages a small smile hoping he can get her to laugh a little at least.

Graham does manage to hit the nail squarely on the head in that respect. His remark does cause her to smile, and even to laugh a little. One thing that is very easy to lose sight of between Rena and Takeshi is that they are both very young, and frankly inexperienced in a lot of ways. They have a hell of a lot of learning and growing to do… and a lot of growing pains to endure. If they can weather them together in the long run, they'll be stronger for it.
A nurse appears in the doorway of the room and reminds Graham that Rena needs to rest and recover, and his time limit is nearly up. Rena sighs and casts a disparaging look at the nurse, who only gazes back firmly before closing the door again. Shifting a little, the young woman sighs: "Thanks for coming to see me, Graham… what an awful lot of trouble I've caused. I'm sorry."

He cannot help but smile in return as she does and that was his hope help clear her mind so that she can think straight and get all settled. Graham turns back to the door at the approach though he's not feeling jumpy the sudden appearance gets a look back to the nurse though he will nod in return before turning back to Rena and sighing "You did nothing wrong Rena don't worry about it, hm? Just rest up and get better i'll see you soon." he'll lean over giving a small one armed hug "If you need anything have them owl me i'll hurry back." he'll wait for a response before he'll vacate the room so she can sleep.

Rena appreciates it more than Graham knows, probably. It takes a little extra effort on her part, considering the position she is in, but she manages to return the hug as warmly as possible. When he is near enough, she whispers another quiet: "Thanks" before he withdraws.
His offer is given a small nod and a reassuring smile in return: "I will, don't worry. But, I bet I'll be up and out of 'ere before I get too needy - sure as sure." She adds cheerfully, waving with one hand slightly raised off the bed sheets.

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