(1939-07-07) The Daily Prophet - High Stakes Wizard Heist
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Summary: A detailed description of a robbery of a muggle bank by wizards.
Date: July 7, 1939
Location: N/A
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The following is an anonymous account of the recent events that transpired at the Muggle Bank of England. The thoughts and views expressed here are of the anonymous informant and does not reflect those shared by the Daily Prophet or its staff. The following was delivered to the Daily Prophet anonymously and thus the Daily Prophet can not confirm or deny to accuracy of this publication.

On the first of July 1939, a violent series of events took place. While I would prefer to remain anonymous, I think you should know the real story of the incident as opposed to more Ministry lies. It all happened rather suddenly, one moment people where going about their every day business the next four figures had Apparated into the center of the bank, their faces covered in masks. Three stayed behind ordering everyone to lay on the ground if they knew what was best, while the fourth ran off up the stairs. They tied everyone up they could find, and told some of us to tie up each other.

None of us were expecting a man in a black suit and tie to come bursting in through the front door, managing to Stupefy one of the three in the process. Then one of the two left standing cast a spell I don't recognize that caused a massive explosion, that knocked the few of us who had at that point still been standing from our feet, and it looked like a few of the muggles around me where killed in the blast, as well as the man in the suit.

I couldn't see what was happening for a few moments, but when I came to my senses, one of the three men was running back, from the body panicking about how he didn't mean to kill anyone, apologizing to all of us like he'd just knocked over a vase more so then killing a man. While he was panicking another of the three who sounded like he'd been smoking a pack a day for forty years cast a spell that started causing this smoke to start rising up, blocking our view of the street.

Then I noticed this man beside me start slowly coming back to a stand with his wand held tight in his hand, a look of disgust on his face. He just snuck up on the men in their panic, and then shouted out "Avada Kedavra" A bolt of green light hitting one of them square in the back. Next thing I know they're panicking completely sending out spell after spell the fourth one running down from the upstairs with bags, and bags of money, and everything turned into a warzone. I just held my head down as the battle was going on, then next thing I know I hear this series of thuds, followed by someone screaming out "Stop in the name of the law!"

These two people from the ministry managed to take them out while they where completely distracted. No warning no nothing, and worse then that, from the looks they only managed to get three of them, the one with all the money managed to get away! I hope you boys at the prophet can help bring some real justice to this situation.

(Accompanied by this article are several well-drawn images of the interior of the Bank of England, as well as photographs of four wooden masks, and three triplets roughly 17 years of age.)

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