(1939-07-08) Army of Truth: Q & A
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Summary: Brad Moody, holds the first Army of Truth Rally where he answers any and all questions and clarifies things about the Army of Truth. Also introduces the newest member, Irene Lee, who he has appointed as a Captain in the Subsection of the Army of Truth, Wizard's People List, the section reserved for Half-Bloods and Muggle-Born.
Date: July 8th, 1939
Location: Community Hall, Diagon Alley
Plot: For the Greater Good

It is early in the afternoon and the Community Hall has already been decorated for the event. Seats have been arranged on the right and left, with large flags hanging across the path that has been created between the seats. The Flags with a white background and a solid black Eye of Truth on them. A small stage has been built, with a huge banner, the banner matching the flags. All and all it seems like a lot of thought has been put in the exact placement of every Eye of Truth, including the golden one affixed to podium.
As indviduals enter they would notice the heavy security guards by the entrance and lining the walls, each on with a large black Eye of Truth pinned to their chest. As one enters they are given a copy of the Great Gridlewald's manifesto, a Eye of Truth Pin and a few pamphlets: "Muggles and You!" "Dangers of Muggle Weapons!" and "How to protect your family from the muggle threat!".

As Shelley enters, she accepts the hand outs - but 'accidentally' drops the pin on the floor, and keeps walking. Like hell she's ever wearing that thing. Then she takes up a position on the wall, leaning back against it, as she starts to peruse the propaganda. Yeah… clearly they're not at all opposed to Muggles, this Army of Truth. Yeesh. It's a struggle - a /real/ struggle - not to roll her eyes.

Denny stands near the back of the room, having already arrived some time earlier to work as a bit of a protection detail for Brad. He keeps his hands held one in the other, watching each person that goes through the enterence to the room, his collected handouts sitting off to one side.

Shortly after various people take their seats many of them putting on the Eye of Truth. A soft muttering is heard through the crowd as people with very different ideas all sit close to each other. The image of Brad can be seen walking down the path past everyone, some people shout, other stand up and cheer and clap. I suppose it all depends on your views of the currently political situation. As he steps up on stage, a young mousey looking women steps up to the podium with her wand help by her mouth, "Thank you all for coming…" she says softly, looking across the crowd, "I know you are all eager to hear from Mr. Moody, but before I introduce him I want to remind everyone to be civilized and to respect opposing views…" she says with a nod, "And with that I give you, yours truly Mr. Brad Moody!" she says standing back and clapping as Brad makes his way up to the podium.
He stands there in his custom tailored suit, the black and grey pinstripes a contrast to the banner behind him. Once the crowd has quieted he nods slowly. "Welcome, Friends… and those who do not yet call me a friend, alike." he says nodding his wand up to mouth, though he takes a deep breath and lets out a small sigh. His eyes move across the crowd slowly, "Before we start, I want to explain something…" he says nodding, as he steps down off the stage and gesture to a small child that is sitting with her family at the front, "This…" he says looking at her, "This child right here, I don't know her… but she is what the Army of Truth is about." he says looking across from everyone, "The future… our families… our children… our friends…" he says stepping back up on the stage.
"We live in uncertain times." he says nodding slowly, "Time which if we cast a blind eye too… will swallow us whole." he explains. "Right now we have a chance to define, not just the wizarding world… but…" he says nodding, "The whole world." he says looking through the crowd.

Shelley - still leaning up against the wall - loses her battle against the urge to roll her eyes as Brad gestures to the young child. Oh for the love of- /this/ is how the conversation is going to go? She supposes she shouldn't be surprised. Idly, she wonders if Brad seated the child up front on purpose - certainly she wouldn't put it past the man.

Released from St. Mungo's - and just in time - Rena Lee arrives at the Army of Truth rally a little late. One might call it fashionably late, if the woman were prone to making fashion statements, but she is not; she's just plain, old fashioned late. However, she does arrive in time to see Brad make his overture to the crowd with the young child. What she may or may not be thinking with regard to his actions and words remains to be seen. For her, she's keeping a pretty neutral expression on her pale features. Right now, all she seems to be concerned with is quietly sneaking toward an empty seat to hide in the crowd. The last thing she wants is to cause a disruption so early on.

Bailey is just another face in the crowd. In fact, it's not even her own face. Not wishing to be connected to anything political, she has metamorphed into a nondescript plump witch with curly brown hair. She cranes her neck to try to see the child Brad indicates, but to no avail.

Denny looks out over towards Rena offering a tip of the hat towards her, his badge clearly visable pinned to the outside of his trench coat, to identify him as a man to give problems to trouble makers. While he seems more intrested in the crowd then the actual speach, he still half listens to what's being said.

Before Rena has the chance to take a seat, two of the large Security Personal move to the side of Rena, softly whsipering something in her ear, before gesturing for her to follow them. If she would not make a huge fuss, she would find herself standing on the side of the stage. Brad though is focused in on the crowd. Letting out another deep sigh, "What I am trying to say…" he says softly stepping down from the stage and sitting on it so he is not leering over everyone, "Is that I am just like all of you." he says calmly with a nod. "Pure-Blood, Half-Blood, Muggle-Born." he says nodding. "We are all connected." he says looking across the crowd.
"Even muggles who have no idea about our society are connected to us…" he says slowly with a sigh. "The time has come for them to be aware of us… but with that comes an issue." he says softly with a nod, "Does anyone know what that issue is?" he asks the crowd, looking up a few people who seem to be eager to answer.

The tip of Denny's hat does not go unnoticed. Rena politely offers a nod in the Constable's direction, but she is far from being in any sort of smiling mood just now - and understandibly so, given the situation at hand.
She was just smoothing her neatly tailored skirt and on the verge of taking her seat when the two security men arrived at her side and whispered to her. A look of faint constarnation shows in her face, and her gaze darts rapidly between the men and Brad. She is not afraid of public speaking. Merlin knows she's done it before - often uninvited - and likely to do so again. She's an outspoken woman, and no mistake. However, the last thing she expected today was to be invited up to the stage by the ringleader of the Army of Truth.
The moment of hesitation passes, and Rena clutches her handbag lightly to herself as she makes her way back through the seated people and up to the side of the stage. Trying her best not to flash a distinct: What the devil is all this about? look at Mister Moody, she puts on a fairly genial smile and waits.

Shelley watches Rena enter - and watches her get waylaid by the two burly men, a faint frown creasing her features. Still - it's Rena's life, and if she wants to throw herself to the wolves… well. What is she to do about it?
She splits her attention, now, between keeping an eye on Rena, and watching Brad - especially as he talks of outing their society to the Muggles.
Yeah. Being outted by the Truth gang - wouldn't that go wonderfully?

Brad finally points to a man who is stands up and waits for Brad's assistant to run up to him with her wand, he leans in and says clearly, "That they are not ready for us." and nods and sits down slowly. Though Brad slowly stands up and nods, "Well yes and no." he says looking at the crowd. "They are not ready… because we have never made them ready." he says slowly, "You see, in the past. We were persecuted, burned at the stake… because they fear what they do not understand." he says softly with a sigh.
"To just tell them, hey here we are, would result in a similar situation." he explains looking at the crowd trying to make as much eye contact as possible. "Many people claim I am anti-muggle, that could be further from the case…" he says nodding. "I just believe after they begin to be introduced to our society that they have time… time to adjust." he says softly with a sigh. He looks over at Rena, "In fact there is someone here that I want to ask a question too, who I have talked to in the past…" he says walking up towards Rena, getting back on the stage, "Miss Lee, you are muggle-born and we have talked. Do you think I am a anti-muggle? Actually please tell the crowd, exactly what you think of me.. oh and please be brutally honest, no need to hold any blows." he says nodding waiting for her to answer.

There really isn't anything quite like being totally unprepared to speak at a public gathering and finding yourself pressed into doing so without notice. Rena is fortunately a fairly resilient young woman, however, and she rises to the challenge.
Glancing out into the crowd, the young woman has the good fortune to catch sight of Shelley in the background. For whatever reason, there is some reassurance in knowing that she's lurking in the wings, as it were. Not that she expects a riot, per se… it's just better to be safe than sorry.
Doing her best to not appear timid, Rena lifts her chin and comes toward Brad with a confident smile. Turning toward the crowd, she pauses a moment before raising her voice to speak: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I realize that some of you may know me from past public speeches in various venues. There was a time when I looked on Mister Moody as a potential enemy, because I didn't give the man a chance to speak to me one on one about the dangerous situation we find ourselves in right now. Once I got to know the man in back of the broadcasts, I understood that this was a man whose intentions are good. I do believe that 'is 'eart is in the right place. We still don't agree on everything; in fact, I'd say we still may disagree on a lot. But, despite the blood difference and the difference of opinion between us, we made a truce, because there is a lot we /can/ agree on. In fact," Here, Rena stops and looks at Brad with a faint smile, "You could say we're friends. And, those who know me, know that no one is more steadfast in standing up for the rights of Muggles, Muggle-born and Squibs. Judge for yourself whether or not a person can be anti-muggle and be friends with me."

As Rena looks her way, Shelley's lips quirk upwards in one corner as she waits for the woman to speak. As she does, her eyebrows go up slightly - and she takes a moment to consider the odds that Rena'd been Imperius'd.
That would be a phenominally brain dead thing to do, of course - Imperius an auror and have them speak in front of a crowd. And she's fairly certain that Brad Moody - whatever he may be - does not qualify as brain dead.

but I wanted someone who I could and has spoken with me to help clear some of the air about this matter, unscripted and unprepared." he says looking at the crowd, he takes a few steps away from Rena, "Now I hope that can cut down on some of the soon to be questions about how I feel about muggles and muggle-born." he says nodding, "The Army of Truth is not about hate, it is just what I have been preaching, Truth. Not violence, not hate, but the Truth." he says nodding, "While this has been a rather effective medium, the goal today is to help everyone to understand exactly what we are." he says nodding, "Right now we are disorganized, scattered ideas and thoughts." he says in almost a pleading manner.
"When you leave today, you will have the chance, just right outside to help organize the Army of Truth into a actual political party. Donations, volunteers and organization of information so that we can take the Truth right to the Ministries Door!" he exclaims, his hands moving up in an exaggerated manner, which causes a good deal of people to cheer.
"Now one last thing before I actually get to your questions, because your questions are important to me." he says nodding turning and looking at Rena, "I would like very much so to have Miss Lee's help. I will be honest." he says looking at the crowd, "I think she would be a far better person to help form education, muggle awareness and to lay the foundation for a future where we can help the muggles by guiding them to a brighter future." he says nodding, "Now don't get me confused with the Unity Party, I think that it will be a long hard path, one were we have to help the muggles by guiding them, sometimes rather strictly. But I think it is an obtainable goal. There will be resistance, because with change comes resistance, but in the end, with the Guidance of the Supreme Wizarding Community we can user both our worlds into a great future!" he says turning and looking at Rena, "So Miss Lee, would you be willing to be a Captain in the Army of Truth, in charge of the future of the Muggles? Help form our policies and help spread the Truth?" he says looking at her, "You can of course say no, but this will be your chance to help both worlds and be as outspoken with your ideas as you wish." he says nodding, moving his wand towards her mouth waiting for her reply.

Murmurs rise among the crowd at Brad's offer, including a number of grumblings about inviting a Muggle-born into the Army of Truth.

Rena is taken by surprise at Brad's offer. In fact, one might call the woman stupefied, and her expression clearly shows the shock she is suffering as her ability to speak momentarily lapses. It is a hard thing to be put so squarely on the spot, and she struggles to find a diplomatic answer within herself. The petite redheaded woman looks so uncertain, and so terribly small right now…
For what seems a terribly long moment in time, the pause hangs heavily in the air. At last, her lips part, and Rena speaks: "I… stand my ground firmly on the premise that our worlds must unite if we are ever to weather the coming storm. Britain's sons and daughters must stand together as equals against tyranny, hate and prejudice. There are other parties who are trying to integrate Muggle and Wizarding society, but the clock is winding down and we are running out of time as more and more layers of legal redtape are applied to the problem like a worthless bandage." Rena pauses, still looking somewhat rattled and afraid. Turning to look squarely at Brad with a very somber expression, she continues: "I will say the same thing I said of the Unity Party. If you will stand for truth and honesty; if you will fight opression; if you will uphold the equality and rights of all humanity, regardless of their blood… then, I am your girl."

Those are a lot of conditional IFs - but Rena won't be railroaded into promising help to a cause that does not stand for the convictions of her heart.

Shelley's jaw tightens as Moody speaks - he may claim to have no problem with Muggles, but already she's finding issues with the man's language. 'Guiding them strictly to a brighter future'? Riiiiight. The 'Supreme Wizarding Community'? No problem here at all.
She watches Rena as the woman counters with her own caveats - somehow she doubts the Army of Truth is going to hold up to that, no matter what Moody says in response.

As murmurs arise, Brad holds out his hands and gestures for people to calm down. "Now now, calm down." he says nodding, looking back at Rena for a moment, "You will have your moment to ask questions about this and anything pertaining to the Army of Truth in a moment." he tells the crowd. He moves his wand to Rena's mouth as she answers and lets her finish, nodding slowly. "I have said it before, the Army of Truth is not about hate." he says nodding, "So of course, once the Muggles and Muggle-born have reeducated to the stands of Wizarding Society, that is were the step of equality between muggles and muggles who adapt and learn the Truth provided for them, will happen." he says nodding slowly.
With that Moody smiles at Rena, "Let us give a warm welcome to Miss Lee, she will be working under Luke Carrow, the General of the Wizarding People's List, a subsection of the Army of Truth." he says nodding before letting out a small clap, "Now I know for many of you this may be slightly confusing, so let me clear up any and all questions about organization within the ranks of the Army of Truth." he says nodding. "Please ask away." he says nodding.

Up against the wall, Shelley openly scoffs as Brad responds to Rena, shaking her head slightly. Someone needs a new definition of equality. If Rena doesn't stop him here and now - she's really in for it.

Despite herself, Bailey feels compelled to rise, lifting her hand somewhat meekly for attention. When it is her turn to speak, she asks, "When you say reeducation…what exactly do you mean? I'm sure Muggles need to be educated about us. But what is it that the Muggle-born have wrong that requires re-education?"

As Bailey stands up Brad nods as his assistant comes up and holds her wand out for Bailey to speak into, allowing her to finish. Brad offers her a small smile and nod, "Very good question Miss." he says looking through the crowd, "Reeducation is still being determined as we speak, once we have filled our ranks, with high ranking members of the Army of Truth, we will conduct meetings." he says slowly looking through the crowd, "And as an informed group, we will decide what Truths and integrations may be lacking in the current Muggle-born population." he says slowly, "Just as the muggle population, requires education to fully integrate into Wizarding Society, those of us who have been raised in the Wizarding Society our whole life, have a greater understanding, the goal is to ensure the the population as a whole as a equal and greater understanding of our Society and laws." he says nodding with a smile. "Also the proper way to conduct themselves as Witches and Wizards." he explains, "Take the recent robbery for example, with proper reeducation and security measures in place to protect Muggle Assets, that whole situation could have been avoided." he says nodding, "Next." he says warmly.

Shelley pushes off from the wall, gesturing over the woman with the wand. "Mister Moody - do you just not have a dictionary? If I'm not mistaken, there's a book store right next door. I can go get you one do you can look up the meaning of the word 'equality.' Because by your own words - Muggles and Muggle-borns will be equals, if and only if they agree with you and your 'education.' And meanwhile - what education will the wizarding populations be under-going to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Muggle culture and achievements? Because - believe me - for this to work on /equal grounds/ and with true /equality/, it needs to be a two way street." As she concludes, she lets her gaze turn towards Rena, with eyebrows raised. She /does/ see the trap she just walked into, doesn't she?

Brad watches as his assistant moves to Shelley, letting her speak he just smiles softly at her small jab at him. "First, I do own one." he says with a small chuckle, "Second I am indeed aware of Mr. Carrow's… interesting choice of an establishment across the street." he says nodding, "But more on topic, first let me say you created a very well worded question." he says with a smile. "I said that muggles and muggle-borns would be equals." he says with a nod, "Once indeed reeducation and education was completed." he says with a small shrug, "Though I will note that I just explained, it would not be "mine" to define." he says slowly, "Perhaps if you had taken a moment to listen, to what I just said, the reeducation process would be determined by high ranking members of the Army of Truth." he says, "I just wanted to clear that up before I continued, as to prevent confusion in this Question and Answer meeting, since as you just stated we are indeed using my own words."
"I will also note on the terms of education, that I have just brought Miss Lee, into the subsection of the Army of Truth, the Wizard's People List, to aide in creating these important educational decisions that we will face in the future." he says slowly nodding as he walks down the center, between the seating, "I am all about this working and yes, it will need to work both ways. You are right." he says nodding firmly at Shelley, "But once again, the education that is posed by a Wizard Learning of the Muggle world, will be defined by the world we guide the muggles in creating. I can assure you that the Higher Ranking Officers, within the Army of Truth, with aide from the Wizard's People List, will create pamphlets to aide in the education of the Wizarding Society, once all possible threats posed by guiding the muggles to a greater and brighter future is resolved." he says nodding slowly.

"Pamphelets," Shelley deadpans, continuing despite the openly prejudiced shouting. "And is that how you will educate the Muggles, as well? I'm sorry - your words continue to belay an inherently unequal society - one where wizards are 'guiding' and 'educating' the poor Muggles. Even your pretty words can cover that up."

"Will you walk into my parlour?" Said the Spider to the Fly, "T'is the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy…"

Rena has indeed walked into a trap. Welcomed with open arms by the Army of Truth, Brad already seems to have her position and standing well-planned and prepared. Almost as if he was expecting this to happen.
Thank Merlin for Shelley's pointed and forthright question. Even if it is laced with an accusation of ill-intent on the part of Brad Moody and his Army. It gives Rena pause, and her lips remain pressed into a serious expression as she looks to Brad as he answers. He knows very well that her stance is one of insistance upon a two-way-street where education is concerned. Both Wizards and Muggles alike need to learn of each other's cultures to understand one another before unity can exist. And, of course, the descenting voices in the crowd begin to rise as well - those who are squarely against Muggles in every way. This is sure to get interesting, and fast.

Brad smiles at the man as he rises, his hands move and clasp in front of him for a moment letting him speak, nodding slowly. "Yes I thought some people may feel…" he stops for a moment, making sure he meets the man in the eyes, "At odds with the choice that was made." he says nodding, "To clarify more on this topic. Miss Lee, is a Captain within the subsection we will refer to as the Wizard's People List." he says walking towards the man a smile still on his face. "Miss Lee's authority extends to the Wizard's People List. Where for the sake of ease and conveying information, will house Muggle-Borns and Half-Bloods." he says nodding slowly, "She reports to General Luke Carrow, certainly you have no question about his, blood status?" he says looking over at Mr. Carrow and nodding.
"The reasoning behind this is simple, to create a 'balanced' flow of ideas we have chosen to create a subsection, where Muggle-born and Half-Blood can feel as if they can speak their thoughts without worry of ridicule" he says leveling his eyes on the man, "Though all final decisions will be made by the High Ranking Members of the Army of Truth." he says nodding slowly.
His attention turns back towards Shelley, the smile still on his face, "Ah, yes Pamphlets." he says slowly looking across the crowd, "So education the the smaller community of the two in a far more cost effective and quick manner is undesirable too you?" he asks shaking his head, "The fact that the suggestion of reeducation and education of those from muggle decent would be far more financially costly then of the wizarding community is a bad thing? Would you rather we invested a small amount to ensure the education of them?" he says furrowing his brow slightly, "You are right the education is not equality, it is a necessity in which the Muggle Community will be treated far better then the Wizarding in education. Because of their numbers and complete new understanding of our world." he says letting out a small, "Just another example, of how when anything is done, even if more will be spent on muggles, people want to scream we are Anti-muggle, when our "pretty words" are the Truth and we are wanting to invest more into the safety and security of them!" he says shaking his head walking away from Shelley.
As he walks back up the center he looks at Rena, "How about you Captain Lee, do you believe that pamphlets would enough to educate the muggles or do you think we should invest a large amount into their reeducation to ensure no misunderstandings?" he asks curiously, "Many wizards have already attended years of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts, we even currently fund a Muggle Liaison Office… do you think that that office with guidance from people like yourself from a muggle heritage, would not be able to educate the Wizarding World on Muggle Culture as we guide them to a brighter future?" he asks.

Brad touches his heart as if he had been wounded, "I did ask to keep things civilized." he says nodding slowly, "Now I am both a blood traitor and anti-muggle." he says looking at the crowd with a small laugh. "And that is an example, of someone who feels they are intuned to the Great Griddlewald's ideas, but is truly a lost lamb." he says looking around the crowd. "With his response, he creates hate." he says nodding, "As I already stated the Army of Truth is not about hate, but the future." he says slowly with a shake of his head. "I know many of you now, may walk out and leave. That is your choice." he gestures to the door. "But what will you do? When the storm comes, you will at the Army's Door step, begging us to aide you." he says slowly, "Now is the time, to help define the Army of Truth, now is the time to get in." he says slowly, hoping to draw a few people back in.

The thick-jowled man scoffs, shouting again, "You sound just like that idiot, Cassius Malfoy! Blood-traitor!" He huffs and makes his way out to the aisle, marching out of the hall. A handful of others follow suit, with similar looks of disgust. Still, there are plenty of others wearing the Eye of Truth that shakes their heads at the dissenters, or nod in agreement with Brad's points.

"Define it you say - but it sounds like you've already got it pretty well defined. Half-bloods and Muggle-borns are to report to pure-bloods. Muggles have to be educated to see your version of /truth/ without having offered any input. And your only nod towards making this a 'two way street' is to gesture and say 'Look! We have Rena Lee!' Really, Mister Moody," Shelley counters.

Put on the spot once again, Rena shifts uncomfortably where she stands. However, she has no intention of backing down or being put into a position of worse disadvantage than she already has been. The angry members of the crowd speak their piece and begin to leave, causing the tightness to ease in the young woman's stomach.
"The problems are monumental in this situation, Mister Moody - and something needs to be said. Although I say the Unity Party and the Ministry 'ave taken too long in trying to integrate our two societies, we cannot actively go against them. Up until now, it seems as though all three 'ave been at odds with each other - right on each others' throats, even. None of us can properly deal with the task alone. We must unify! We need to support one another, or else the problem will just go on as it's been doing for ages. An 'ouse divided against itself can't stand. Without unity as a whole, I don't believe even the most organized of groups can accomplish this. We need to back the Ministry while pushing for change. The law is still the law, and the lawmakers still the lawmakers. We must respect that and try to work /with/ them, not against."
Rena pauses, allowing Brad to make an attempt at drawing the crowd back into the room. His words seem to carry weight and meaning - perhaps enough to end the fence-riding of those undecided people.

Brad once again shakes his head, "There you go again, Miss." he says looking over at Shelley, "It will not be mine, they will be a collected input." he says sounding a little stern this time. "Miss, if all you are going is try and nit pick and misquote me, please stop." he says warmly, "Please generate a valid question and I will be glad to answer it, however if you insist on being uncivilized and prevent others, with valid questions from asking them, I am going to have to ask you to leave." he says nodding slowly, "Though I will touch on this, so you can not say I am attempting to dodge your question. Education will be defined by a group, with Miss Lee's and any other Muggle-born or Half-blood who joins the Wizard's People List." he says nodding. "Also I am not showcasing Miss Lee, I am seeking her thoughts, because I that is what the Wizard's People List is about, hearing their thoughts." he says nodding, "Obviously the Unity Party didn't wish to hear them, I however do." he says turning away from Shelley again.
Letting Rena speaks he nods, "The Truth will set everyone free." he says nodding looking at the crowd, "Next question?" he asks curiously.

"Awww. Someone doesn't like to be doubted," Shelley adds as the woman with the wand moves off to find someone else with a 'question.' She shakes her head, and gives Rena another pointed look. She does not expect any of this to go the way Rena hopes.

A slender, crisp looking witch stands and waits for the attention of Brad's assistant. "Yes, hello. Mathilda Babcock, with Witch Weekly. Our readers would like to know how your proposed future will address the issues of inequality within the Muggle world. Specifically, it is often noted that Muggle women face many challenges being accepted as the equals of Muggle men. There is concern that these problems could bleed into our own culture. How would the Army of Truth prevent that?"

Brad smiles softly, "Very good question Miss Babcock." he says nodding. "Indeed inequality is something that runs wild within the muggle world." he says with a small sigh. "You are a prime example of our Society where gender holds not restraints on the advancement of one's career or social status." he says slowly looking around the crowd, "This is already been a topic discussed and is one of the many things that would be needed to implemented into the education of muggles." he says, "Yet another reason why the education of muggle kind will be such a large project, we come from a society were equality like that is a given, reeducate the masses of the world will be no easy task." he says slowly, "But once again this is where the absolute importance of the Wizard's People List comes into play." he says, "For me, I have never experienced the discrimination or even witnessed it!" he says, "But a muggle-born women, would be able to feed insight and suggestions to those of us who are High Ranking within the Army, to usher in a brighter future for Muggle Women… when the education process is done, it is our hopes that the Muggle would will see equality within itself." he says nodding with a smile.

Shelley recieves a strange look from Rena. It's hard to say what the younger redhead is thinking, but there is a clear sense of worry in her dark eyes as she gazes across the room. She is troubled, and not wholly certain about what she's gotten herself into. Does she know what she's doing? Does Brad really know what he's done by letting her into the ranks. IS she all that she seems to be?
"I only want what's best for all," Rena speaks up quietly from the background of all this din. She seems sad. "My intentions are good. But, as Muggles say… the road to 'ell is paved with good intentions." Biting her lip, she straightens her posture and lifts her head: "I believe the only way we can make a peaceful transition to a better future for all of us is to unite. But, I want to make one final thing clear today to anyone," a pause, and she looks at Brad, "And everyone. I'm not in this for any reason other than to bring a peaceful unity between Muggles and Wizards. If at any time, I find myself in a position where I find this Army's ideals go against the convictions of my heart, I'll be gone from it in a moment."
Something almost seems to remain unspoken after this final sentence. However, Rena's features do not bely what she might have added.

As no more questions comes, Brad nods slowly making his way back up to the stage and standing at the podium. "I would like to thank all of you who came out today." he says nodding slowly, "Be you friend or foe, we are all connected." he says with a smile. "I hope I was able to clear the air about certain aspects of the Army of Truth." he says, "If today you felt moved, you felt inspired…" he says looking between everyone in the crowd, "If you want to help form the future!" he says loudly, "If you do not wish for your wand to grow cold!" he continues, "Then this is your chance, when you leave setup outside is tables to aide you in joining the Army of Truth, to make financial contributions to the Truth!" he says nodding. "I urge each and everyone of you, to pin your Eye of Truth on and wear it with pride." he says slowly, "It is time for Our People, Our World, Our Leader for The Greater Good. Rise Up and let your Voice be heard!" he says taking a step back from the podium, bringing his hands up as some in the crowd whistle and cheer.

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