(1939-07-11) The "Good Idea"
Details for The "Good Idea"
Summary: After the Army of Truth rally, Shelley approaches Rena to have a bit of a chat about her coworker's actions.
Date: 1939-07-11
Location: Community Hall
Plot: For the Greater Good
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Preceding: A Dead Man's Advice

Shelley watches many of the attendees file out - ignoring more than a few venomous looks, and nodding briefly in response to smiles. There were certainly people of a wide variety of opinions in the crowd. After things have thinned out a little, she makes her way towards the stage where Rena had been, both hands planted on her hips, and a somewhat bemused expression on her features. "So. That was an interesting turn of events."

At some point in the midst of the hustle and bustle, an Eye of Truth pendant has been thrust into Rena's hand. Half-heartedly, and seemingly half-minded, she tries her best to acknowledge people as they leave, but her thoughts are preoccupied by a good many things. When Shelley arrives at the foot of the now empty stage, the younger woman was just beginning to make her descent from above on the stairs. Her dark eyes are fixed pointedly on the pendant in hand, holding the thing in her palm and running a thumb over the lines of it. Her expression is inexplicably blank.
"Hm?" Shelley's words finally sink in and Rena blinks. Looking up, she meets with her fellow Auror's gaze and offers a faint, less than sincere smile in return. "Yea, it was. Sure as sure." …Helpful, that.

"Straight into the lion's mouth, that how Alis wouldda put it," Shelley remarks in a dry tone. "You were listening to the same thing I was, right? Because I don't think he views Muggles with any approaching equality. He intends for Muggles to be second class citizens."

Rena's eyes move past Shelley now, and they scan the entire vast emptiness of the hall. One might get the impression that she's looking to be sure that no one else is present to hear them speak.
Descending the remainder of the stairs, the younger of the pair draws closer to Shelley and returns her gaze to the woman. "I don't know, Shelley. I don't know anything for sure right now. I need time - and time was one thing I didn't 'ave the luxury of today." Her expression is quite deadly serious - for her - and her hand closes around the Eye of Truth pendant rather tightly. "'E put me on the spot, right enough. I wasn't expecting that. But, it doesn't mean some good mayn't come out of this in the end."

"I won't be holding my breath, you realize," Shelley remarks. "He's a real ashwinder, Moody." She smirks in amusement before adding, "But maybe you can stir the pot a little."

Rena's expression becomes increasingly quizzical. She tilts her head slightly to the right, and she holds the pendant up to her face now, tapping the corner of the triangle on her delicate chin with an air of thoughtfulness that one seldom sees in the girl. "I 'ope to make a difference. That's the point. You know what I long for and what I stand for. I thought I would find it in the Unity Party, but it wasn't there. Am I going to find it 'ere? That remains to be seen, I suppose - but the answer is probably no."
Stopping a moment, the young woman breathes a sigh and lowers her hand again. Glancing at the thing in a bemused way, she asks: "You think I'm mad, don't you? Quite off my 'ead."

"I think yer an idealist," Shelley answers. "And I think you're exactly what Moody needs. He's hoping you'll bring with you others discontented with Unity. And no matter what he says - there's a reason he did this here and now in front of everyone. He wants to parade you about as his proof that he's so very Muggle-friendly." She smirks before adding, "And do you really think /pamphlets/ are going to be enough to educate the wizarding community about Muggles and the changes to come. Muggle studies ought never have been an elective."

Rather pointedly, Rena does not look at Shelley as she speaks her mind on the situation. Her jaw flexes slightly, but her expression remains solidly centered in neutral for the moment. It's very likely that everything she's saying is quite true. Brad just wants to use Rena as his pawn in this demented game of political chess the whole world seems to be embroiled in.
"'Ave you done?" Rena asks at length, finally bringing her eyes up to meet with Shelley's again. She doesn't sound annoyed exactly… but, then again, she doesn't sound particularly pleased, either. "What do you want me to say?" She then asks. "Because it's pretty clear you want me to say something very particular."

The corner of Shelley's lips quirk up at Rena's responds, before the older Auror shrugs her shoulders in response. "Hey, as long as you know this is a trip for biscuits…" she remarks, looking amused by Rena's response. "And it looks like you could use a drink." Her brow furrows before adding, "It true you were holed up in St. Mungo's last night?"

"I 'ave a plan." Rena responds, doing her best to sound as confident as possible. "Just… know that." In truth, she hasn't a shred or ounce of confidence left in her body just now. She hadn't even noticed the fact that her entire small frame was trembling from the time the Army of Truth meeting ended until now. In the last minute or so, she's begun to grip the pendant in her hand tightly enough that it has dug a mark into her palm. Realizing this, she discretely pockets the thing and tucks it away. Whether or not her "plan" involves going so far as wearing the damn thing remains up in the air.
"I could use a drink at that," Rena replies after a thoughtful moment. Flashing a half smile, she shrugs her shoulders and adds: "I need it. I've got to try and talk to someone about all this later tonight. And I'd rather brace up a bit before'and."
Beginning to make her way to the door, she glances back and says: "Yea, I was. I interfered with a back-alley interrogation by Mister Orwell and got stabbed for my troubles. Reminds me, I've got to visit Mister Orpington as soon as possible and see if 'e 'as any idea what became of my wand."

"You're wandless?" Shelley asks in surprise, as she falls into step beside Rena. "Do you have a back-up? I've got one I could loan you if you need… But I'm not sure a wand that'd suit me would be much good for you."

"Afraid I lost it when I was stabbed." Rena replies with a small nod. She's not terribly fond of remembering, since it's so fresh in her mind. "I can only 'ope that Mister Orpington was kind enough to pick it up for me when Mister Orwell took me to Mungo's." Glancing up, Rena then cringes at some inward thought before adding: "I suppose everyone will kick up a bloody fuss if I go to see 'im. What with 'im being a werewolf and all. A lot of nonsense, if you ask me. I'll just be sure to not bother 'im during a full moon." How anyone can treat it so lightly…
Shelley's kind offer causes Rena to laugh a bit wryly: "I think any wand of yours would resent being stuck with a witch like me and act out. I'm afraid I don't 'ave a backup, though. I suppose I really ought to look into getting one. Funny, I've 'ad my little Rowen for so long now, I never even thought about the possibility of losing it. It's always just… /been/ there."

"A… werewolf?" Shelley's a tolerant sort - especially for a pureblood. Not since she was a child has she made a fuss over blood status. But from the dubious and concerned look she gives Rena, it's clear the same consideration is not extended to those suffering from Lycanthropy. "Do you want me to come along?" she offers, not liking the idea of a recently weakened and distracted Rena visiting a werewolf on his own. "He was there when you got hurt?
"You really should have a spare, you know. Our lives - we never know what's going to happen. My blackthorn's always been there for me. But, well- technically I have /two/ back-ups, but only one I'd consider actually using." Not after what happened to Alis' wand the last time she took it out. Besides - the thing is /so/ tetchy now - it's a small miracle it works at all.

"I suppose you could come if you wanted." Rena replies after a moment, slipping through the door of the Community Hall. She keeps it open for Shelley: "But I don't know 'ow 'e would feel about it. Near as I remember from the whole thing, 'e was bloody terrified to be anywhere near me. Chances are, 'e won't be 'appy to 'ave me coming round to drop in and visit 'im. I don't think 'e's any sort of a monster. As a matter of fact… very much the opposite." Stepping outside, Rena casts a dubious glance skyward and sighs. It's raining again.
"I'll 'ave to try and visit the wandmaker in town. Or, I suppose I could stop at the one in 'Ogsmeade. After all, that's where Mister Orpington can usually be found, as I understand."

Shelley frowns up at the rain, then glances aside at Rena with a dubious expression. "Well. Not a monster most of the time, I suppose." But healers still aren't entirely sure how it is and isn't spread, are they? What if the guy lost his temper and scratched someone? Or even slipped and fell - and scratched someone trying to catch himself? You just don't /know/, do you?
She hunches her shoulders against the rain, but stops from voicing most of her internal thoughts. Rena's a bleeding heart, and she already knows that. "I've got all my wands off Ollivander. Is the fellow in Hogsmeade any good?"

Again, Rena's jaw tightens, and she lifts her chin in a way that shows a disdainful attitude. The reason for it is revealed quite rapidly. "Takeshi considers them to be Beasts." She says in a clipped manner. "Not human beings any longer - not by the normal sense of the word. I'd like to know 'ow an 'ealer can justify themselves in saying that. It's a sickness. A SICKNESS. You don't treat a person like they're less than 'uman if they've got Consumption, do you? What right 'as anyone to act like this disease strips away a person's 'umanity, just because they ain't themselves for three days a month? Bloody 'ell, I ain't myself for a whole week every month!" Oh yes, Rena went there.
Shaking off her momentary fit of anger at her fiance, Rena's temper begins to cool down slightly. Shifting her thoughts to the wand shop in Hogseade, the younger responds with a slightly uncertain tilt of her head: "Tell the truth, I've not been there yet. But, why not see what they 'ave to offer?"

"They're… usually people," Shelley answers uncertainly. "I suppose. I just- well. I'd really rather not catch what they got. A werewolf in the auror's office? Ain't noone'd stand for that." There's a slight pause before Shelley adds with a laugh, "'cept maybe you."
She glances aside at her fellow ginger, adding after a moment's silence, "You going back to Odori's tonight, or back to your cottage?"

Rena can't help but chuckle. It's true - she absolutely cannot deny it. If anyone would stand for having a Werewolf in the Auror's office (or the Ministry in general) it would be her.
However, Shelley's question causes her to sober down considerably. Drawing a slow breath, Rena drops into deeper thought before giving a distracted answer. "If I make it back from where I'm going, I'll be going 'ome." Home - of course that means Odori's house. But the remark about 'making it back' has the unsettling sound of uncertainty. Not as to whether she will make it back in time to go home… but rather, whether she will make it back alive.

Shelley frowns at Rena - her brows coming down as she studies the woman. "Lee," she says rather flatly. "What you got planned?"

"I'd really rather not say," Rena replies quickly, casting a furtive glance in Shelley's direction. Her pace quickens considerably now, and she ducks her head into the rain. "I need to talk to someone who's got an 'ell of a lot more experience than I 'ave about… about /this/." Obviously, she means the Army of Truth fiasco. "But, I'll get in trouble if I tell you where I'm going. I'm in up to my neck anyway with Worthington, most likely. I don't need 'im being ticked at me any worse than 'e will when 'e catches wind of what 'appened to day." She shakes her head, and an involuntary shudder passes through her body.

"Like hell, Lee," Shelley says darkly, and with more than a hint of steel to her tone. She reaches out to grab the other Auror by the arm, and attempts to haul her to a stop. "What've you got in mind?"

Rena isn't the toughest nut to crack. In fact, she's an absolute weak sister when put under pressure. She takes one look at Shelley when the other woman grabs her arm, and she wavers between trying to break free, and just telling the truth. But, the wavering only lasts a moment before she blurts out: "I'm going to find Mister Vermilion! Alright?" The arm is forcibly jerked free and Rena continues walking. "Come if you want to. God knows I can't stop you." A beat, and she remarks over her shoulder: "But 'eaven 'elp you if 'e decides 'e wants something from you besides the pleasure of your company - IF I can even find 'im."

"/Him/? By Merlin's beard, Rena, why /him/?" Shelley asks as they start walking again, her expression incredulous. "And without so much as a wand." Lee is completely mad. /Completely/ mad. "This is insanity, you know."

"Call me mad if you like." Rena snaps back, walking with more determination than ever in her expression and her stride. "But I trust 'im to not do me wrong or lead me wrong. 'E 'asn't got a 'orse in this bloody race that I know of. And 'e's the oldest, wisest person I know. I'm going to talk to 'im." And that, appears to be that. Shelley will realize in time that they are headed toward the establishment once known as The Drunken Dragon. Not the safest of places to be without a wand.

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