(1939-07-26) Attack on the Alleys!
Details for Attack on the Alleys!
Summary: During school shopping season, a terrorist attack occurs in three locations. This is what happened at Central Diagon Alley, similar events would have taken place on North and South Verdic.
Date: 1939-07-26
Location: Central Diagon Alley
Plot: For the Greater Good
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Ah Diagon Alley during school shopping time, it is a little bit after lunch when the Alley is the busiest. Parents and students mill through the Alley during this busy time, bright eyes and excitement ring through the air. Chocolate frogs are being eaten, wizard fireworks shoot into the air and the sound of laughter and excitement bounce through the Alley with children running after each other and stare in awe over the latest racing brooms in windows. The weather is cooler today, just right to be pleasant drawing even more people out.
In the midst of all this is the Denholm family, Niko and standing to right of his father and mother, a few bags in his hands already from shopping. His mother and father are chit chatting back and forth about the up coming Quidditch season. Niko however is far more concerned with Kimiko who is walking next to him, "Our last year…" he says to her looking a bit excited, before leaning in and saying something to her, "Doesn't it seem like yesterday we were dancing in the rain?" he asks with a soft chuckle.

Kimiko giggles, blushing a little at an amused look from Niko's father when he hears his son talking about dancing with his girlfriend in the rain. "It wasn't so long ago. But, yes…our last year. I can hardly believe it. Before you know it, you'll be in Auror training, and I'll be studying at W.A.D.A. That is, assuming Headmaster Flint doesn't decide Muggle-born students need to start at First Year again." She mutters uncharacteristically. The purist sentiments taking over Hogwarts are affecting even her chipper demeanor.

"An anteater! And the time before that, it was an otter! Maybe I'll get a dragon next time! Wouldn't that be great?" exclaims the excited voice of a little second year student, as she pushes open the door to Sweet Temptations, and bounces out onto the street.
"Yes, that would be pretty neat, Maddie," the man following her agrees, glancing first one way up the street, and then another. "Wow - it got even more crowded while we were in there. Well - what should we go buy next?"

Graham has come to the Alley perhaps he hadnt remembered school lists were just send out and this would be the time when all students new and old would be grabing their supplies. It hasnt seemed to matter to the young man who'd made his way carefuly to the bookshop a while back he now steps back onto the road carefuly avoiding bumping into any as he turns into the traffic he seems to be deciding where he should go no or if home is best.

All this happy mayhem… Auror Lee appears to have unintentionally walked herself right into the hustle and bustle of buying school supplies. Anxious and happy children, parents mentally counting their money or else openly checking their lists, and shopkeepers eager for the business all fill the streets with a cheerful din. Rena had merely meant to go for a walk to clear her head after recieving a troubling letter some little while beforehand.
A faint look of memory shows in Rena's dark eyes as she surveys the scene, stepping rather shyly off to the side to let a chattering family pass by. The child is clearly a Muggleborn by the looks of things, and the young woman watches with a pang of foreboding worry under her whistful smile. What kind of world is the poor mite going to grow up in?
Maddie very nearly bounces into Rena as she exits Sweet Temptations with her long-suffering Uncle in tow: "Hoi! Watch yourself, luv," she says laughingly, taking a step back with a smile.

Niko can't help but let out a small chuckle, "Well at least then we would have seven more years together at school." he teases Kimiko with a smile. His hand moving up and running through his hair again, "Can't believe this is the last year I am going to be playing Quidditch…" he says with a smirk, "I hope I get Captain this year and not just Vice-Captain, I certainly would love to rub that Captain's badge in Alphard's face." he says with a snicker, "Because this year we are not going to loose a single game." he says confidently. This causes his mother to scoff at him a bit, "Only if you keep up with your studies, Nikolas, class before Quidditch." she says with a nod. Mr. Denholm however chuckles, "No my dear, Quidditch comes before everything." he teases her, causing him to get a rather pointed glare from her.
Ah the joys of childhood, carefree and without worry. Within Sweet Temptations, children buy candy and the workers quickly move to refill and fill orders, in the flux of customers in an out to measure and match robes with students. To the point that no one had noticed a black briefcase sitting next to the check out counter, that is until it emitted a rather loud "Pop". This causes just about everyone's heads to turn towards the sound of it. A few eyes manage to find the suitcase, but by then a heavy thick bluish-grey smoke is already rapidly filling the the store, more rapidly then some people's minds can comprehend what is happening, allowing them to take a rather large dose of it.

Chastity enters Diagon Alley via Apparation, holding onto her father's arm she looks up at her daddy and smiles happily. The man gives a nod and says, "It's busy this time of year, I have some buisness to do at Gringots, here is some money, to get your supplies, and make sure you get your new robes." The second year girl smiles brightly and says, "Okay Daddy!!!" Looking about Chastity spots her fellow Gryffindor, "MADDY!!!!"

As the smoke fills the building it quickly begins to spill outside of the building onto the street, the smoke surrounding people around Sweet Temptations, attempting to creep into their lungs with any breath they dare take.

Kimiko was giggling at Mr. Denholm's joke, her good spirits returning…but her smile quickly fades at the sight of the smoke pouring out of Sweet Temptations. "Look! It's on fire!" Or so she assumes. She backpedals, tugging at Niko's hand to pull him away from the job they were just heading directly toward.

Graham perhaps hears the familure voices but more likely given the volume its sheer luck that he heads down the Alley way toward the sweetshop and the others who are nearby it. He looks to the shop a moment as the smoke pours out onto the street an eyebrow raising at the strange smoke as it seems to try and get at them his arm is in motion quickly his wand out. "Spiranabulla" he says quickly and in a flash his head is encased in a bubble so he can approach wand still out.

"Rena!" Madeline exclaims happily, greeting the auror with an enthusiastic hug. "Come shopping with us! We were just going to buy potions ingredients, I think. I'm aaaaaall out of flitterbloom and octopus powder!" And how could one possibly survive a school year without them? "Oh, Chastity, hi! Do you know Rena?"
"Miss Lee," Perry greets Rena more politely, giving her a wry smile of apology for the energetic greeting she receives from the girl. "I hope you're having a good day. I was just goi-" the man starts, before the smoke starts pouring out of the shop. He lets out a gasp, accidentally inhaling some of the fumes. "Maddie, hold your breath," he commands the confused girl, who promptly clamps her mouth closed and starts backing away from the building.

At Kimiko's words, Mr. Denholm's eyes quickly fall on the building in question. The Hit Wizard's mind is already in protect and serve mode, as he starts running towards the sweet shop, his hand reaching up and removing hos bowler hat and using it to cover his mouth as he runs inside starting to grab anyone he sees and moving to run out with them. Niko however is not as quick on his feet as Kimiko, managing to hold his breath as he watches his father run in as his mother grabs both him and Kimiko and tries to pull them away from the area as quickly as possible.
Inside the building the smoke fills every nook of it, creating a dense thick smoke that is hard enough to see through. People gasp and inhale, while trying to make their way out. Some crawling on the floor as the smoke stings their eyes and burns their lungs. Then the smoke quits pouring out of the briefcase and with another loud "Pop" it shoots open, casting a array of Red Sparks in the air, in the shape of the Eye Of Truth, the sparks burning so brightly and intensely that they can be seen through the smoke and the windows of the shop, before slowly fading and disappearing from view.
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Perry needn't apologize. Rena scarcely minds the warmth of Maddie's greeting, and she returns the girl's embrace with laughter. Looking to Chastity when directed, the redheaded woman offers a smile and a nod: "Pleasure to meet you, Chastity, I'm sure." However, she hasn't time to reply to the invitation to join the Evans' family in their school shopping before hell seemingly breaks loose.
The warmth of Rena's sunny smile begins to fade almost instantly. What begins as a troubling murmur within Sweet Temptations soon rises into cries of fear. Smoke pours from the building, eerie tendrils creeping along the ground and through the air like hungrily snatching arms. "Get back!" She cries instantly, making a hurried gesture at Madeline and Chastity to hurry.

Retreating only long enough to see the others are safe, she spies Graham at a distance, and Niko's father rushing into the smoke. Then, Rena withdraws her Birch wand and casts the same spell to enclose her head in a protective bubble… just as she sees the spark-drawn eye of truth appear through the smoke.

"Mr. Denholm, be careful!" Kimiko calls after him uselessly. "That…that's not a fire…" she murmurs, gasping when the red Eyes of Truth burst into the air. "Oh, no…no no no no…" Her breathing hastens as panic rises, suddenly feeling very, very vulnerable.

The young man (Graham)) content that people outside hopefully have escaped the worst "Get them back." he calls though his voice is muffled this to the parents who are nearest to the sweetshop. He notices Rena and only gives a nod about to enter right behind her though the designed eye gives him pause a moment before it too fades and he carries on inside to help get people out. The inspector he recognizes raising his wand and if allowed he'll cast the same charm to allow him to breath while he goes to find the nearest of those here and help them towards the door

Actaeon was just about to head out, when the cry of calls out and imediently he jumps to his daughter's side, making a bubble of clean air around her head, even going so far as to helping the muggle born child, "Stay clear of that princess, back away so you don't get hurt!"

Madeline lets out a groan at the sight of that eye of truth - she /hates/ that thing, desperately. She watches with concern as Rena starts to move into the smoke, but she continues backing up with her uncle who tries to cough out what he'd inhaled. "Stick close to me, Maddie…" And who was the other child? Chastity? Madeline's mentioned her. Where is her father? "You too, Chastity. Stay with me." Can he apparate away safely with two children in tow? Chastity's family will panic if they can't find their little girl…

Niko is far from content being pulled back and as the Eye of Truth can be seen he pulls free from his mother, though it seems that all his strength instantly leaves his body, as he stands there, taking a few small steps, his expression fear and panic across his face, "Dad…" escapes his lips for a brief moment, before his mother snatches him by the collar, her look grave, if not terrified herself, "Nikolas Jacob Denholm, you stay right here young man!" she says rather harshly at him. Niko's eyes look to Kimiko for a moment, then back at the shop as he stands there almost looking defeated.
People have begun to make it out of the shop, the Inspector offers Graham a small thumbs up, at the charm as he continues to get people out. Though as these brave M.L.E. employees rush the people out and help them out, something strange has begun to happen on the streets. Individuals who had been exposed to the smoke outside or in and have ran and are in a panicked state, moving around quiet a bit, running back and force, have begun to turn a bright red, some sitting down and peeling some layers of clothing off complaining they feel rather hot.

Kimiko reachs for Niko's hand, clutching him tightly. "Please don't leave me," she begs, her voice quavering. She casts her gaze all about, giving fearful looks to every face she sees. Is the Army of Truth here? Is she going to be targeted next? As much as she wants to run away and take Niko with her, that Gryffindor noble streak keeps her rooted. She cannot abandon Mr. Denholm, and knows very well that Niko wouldn't, either.
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"Oh how awesome is this?!" Madeline exclaims, so delighted by the bubble that she momentarily forgets the emergency - though that's quickly brought back to her by the tight hold her uncle has on her.
"Th-thank," Perry starts, breathing heavily, and squeezing Madeline's shoulder as if terrified to let her go. "Thank you," he manages towards Actaeon.
Maddie lets out a squeak, trying to wriggle out of her uncle's grasp. "Ow! Too tight, uncle Perry!" she protests - stumbling as she's abruptly released. She turns to see him breathing heavily - and starting to strip off his out robes. "Uncle Perry, what are you doing?" the worried girl asks anxiiously.

Rena is terrified - absolutely terrified right now. The hand gripping her wand shakes, and her knuckles show white. There are people in that building - people trying to get out… people who may die from whatever is contained in the smoke. No matter how frightened she may be for herself, she knows what she has to do. One backward glance is spared to Madeline, and somehow, she even manages to flash a weakly reassuring smile. And then, into the smoke, she plunges.
It is hard to see in the smoke, even with the shield of protection, but the staunch little woman helps as many people out onto the street as possible. Finding a little child, perhaps only about two years old (it was a family day, after all) in the midst of the smoke, Rena scoops the crying, terrified tyke up into her arms, and she hurries to the exit. Still holding the crying little one tight in her arms, she begins to look around at the panic-stricken people who seem to be feeling alarming symptoms take over. "Gods above… why can't Mungo's be closer?" she asks herself fearfully. "We need /help/ out here!" She suddenly cries to the few people who are left standing that have not been affected. "Someone's got to get word to St. Mungo's - Now!"

A few people in the crowd have enough wits about them to respond to Rena's command, one nodding vehemently before darting off to the Leaky Cauldron, the nearest public Floo hearth.

A woman that was helped out of Sweet Temptations by Inspector Denholm, starts to scream. Her face is nearly cherry red. "It's hot! Too hot! Oh, Merlin, somebody help me!" She stumbles about, desperately turning this way and that, looking for aid. With each step she takes, her skin turned redder, and then starts to blacken, smoke rising where it chars. She breaks into a panicked run, and a final, blood-curdling scream escapes her as flames erupt forom her body, rapidly consuming her.

Chastity's father gives a nod of his head and keeps close to his daughter, his wand out, and at the ready. Having been born into a Wizarding family Chastity is used to such things as the bubble head charm, but she does cross her eyes, to look at it, but she shakes her head and looks around, "Oh who would do such a thing?" Looking to the sky she blinks and move closer to Maddy, her hand moves to her wand and she pulls it out, "Daddy… look."

Niko takes a step back, confusion and fear taking over him as he takes Kimiko's hand. He doesn't say anything, he just stares at the building, seeing each time when his father pops out of the door, then goes back in over and over and over. Niko's eyes watch as he breathes hard, watching. Then his father appears again, he seems tired, exhausted, breathing hard. His skin is a bright almost glowing red, he takes a few strained steps out away from the sweet shop, bending over and resting his hands on his knees. What looks to be smoke is slowly starting to rise from his skin, as he looks up as if search the crowd, he takes a few more labored steps, trying to undo the buttons on his shirt. Then he lets out a loud scream, one of pain, before the smoke seems to be almost raising off him like he was on fire, then suddenly almost without warning he bursts into flames, himself. All Niko can do is stand there in shock, what just happened seems impossible for his mind to accept.
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As people start bursting into flames around them - Madeline starts breathing heavily inside her bubble charm. No. Oh, no no no. Is that what's happening to uncle Perry? "Uncle Perry?" she asks desperately, trying to help him out of his robe. "Isn't there a spell that makes water? Can't someone make some water? PLEASE!"

Kimiko screams in terror at the sight of Inspector Denholm burning. Tears stream from her eyes, and she clings to Niko, every instinct telling her to keep him away from the scene.

Graham nods to the thumbs up and lights his wand tip for light trying to make sure everyone is out of the shop and hopefully the fresh air will help them be rid of whatever they inhaled. He turns though as he hears the call that something else is wrong his face falls intentionally harming children that is much to much a quite hard uncharacteristic look crosses his face as he begins moving out when he sees the man's skin red and then flames. He will spring to action "Deflammo!"

Graham's Extinguishing Spell siphons away the flames from Inspector Denholm's prone body…but too late. The fire burned extremely hot and incredibly fast. The cracked, blackened remains lay motionless where Denholm fell, sending up wisps of smoke, and staining the pavestones with ash.

Deflammo. Deflammo? She knows that spell! Hastily, Madeline pulls out her wand - her uncle might catch fire. She's allowed to use her wand when her uncle might catch fire! Her hand shaking, she tries to copy the auror. Sure, it hadn't worked on the man, but he'd already burnt up, and uncle Perry hasn't started… Should she wait until he does? But isn't that too late? Or what if trying will make it worse? But how could it get worse?! "Deflammo!"

Chastity shakes her head and says, "No o we need to cool the people down! An ice spell or something?!" She grips tightly at her wand and when Maddy takes care of her uncle she looks ot her father with a question in her eyes.

The world is coming undone… to Rena, the whole bloody world is coming apart at the seams as she stares in silent horror while the first victim bursts into flames and is consumed by them. Her mind spinning and her stomach turning, the young woman wheels in time to see Niko's father go up in smoke next. "Inspector Denholm!" she gasps shrilly… Graham tries his best, but he is too late. This is dark magic, of the most horrible nature she has ever witnessed. This is a nightmare.
Madeline's desperation reaches Rena's ears above the screaming of the child in her arms. Already, his skin has begun to turn an alarming shade of red. She hasn't much time left to her. People are going up in smoke all around - some she knows, others she doesn't. But the child… She drops to her kees on the hard paving stones and lays the boy on his back and desperately tries to stop the fire before it can take hold: "Deflammo!"

Panic spreads, especially among those that emerged from the sweets shop. Some bawl in terror, others flee in desperation, other still remain rooted to the spot, petrified. Another victim screams and bursts into flames, and another. The streets quicly become a stampede as people give in to mob fear.

The auror is horrified his spell worked but it made it worse first the flame intensifying "Dark magic." Graham says under his breath he hopes the healers arrive and know the reversal quickly but he can only do his best with what he's got mind racing few spells large area before he calls his last hope. "Finite Incantatem! the young man focusing though he realizes that those not moving arent buring "Stand still until the healers get hear. Stupifty them if you must."
It didn't work. It didn't /do/ anything. But then the auror is yelling for everyone to stay still, and Madeline takes a look around and… tackle hugs her uncle as tightly as she can. "Stop moving," she pleads. "Please uncle Perry, hold still. Just hold still. It's going to be okay." Tears stream down the terrified girl's face as she clings to her uncle. "Just hold still," she begs.

It didn't work. It didn't /do/ anything. But then the auror is yelling for everyone to stay still, and Madeline takes a look around and… tackle hugs her uncle as tightly as she can. "Stop moving," she pleads. "Please uncle Perry, hold still. Just hold still. It's going to be okay." Tears stream down the terrified girl's face as she clings to her uncle. "Just hold still," she begs.
"Maddie," the panicked man gaps, trying to push her away at first. "You can't- you have to-"
"Just hold still!"

A pulse of magic emanates out from Graham as his Counter-Spell takes effect. Several of the victims near him gasp with relief, their skin losing its reddish hue. One that had just begun to burn finds himself extinguished, the magical flames banished. But only moments pass before they begin wailing, and their skin begins to redden again. The spell staved off the effects, but something is causing them to return.

The scene has quickly erupted into pure chaos and panic, some people are running around in the chaos even though they where no were near the smoke, others burst into flames and others sit in shock rocking back and forth, not knowing what to do. A few people have cast Deflammo on people, they have stopped smoldering but with the more activity they do the quicker they start smoldering again. A few people have even put out flames on others, only to see them get into panic mode again and once again burst into flames.
Niko is in absolute shock, he just stands there, not sure what to do. His eyes move to the crowd, to Kimiko, to his mother. Searching for something, anything. But his eyes continue to fall back on the burnt and broken remains of his father, he can't seem to shake what happened, the imagine replaying over and over in his mind. His mother stands there in just as much shock as Niko, while she is a nurse, this is far beyond anything anything a muggle is capable of handling.
Meanwhile St. Mungos' has it's hands full, between this scene and the others, they have easily become overwhelmed. Every Healer has been called back to the Hospital, a few have already burst into flames at St. Mungos' itself, but finally with a loud crack a group of Mediawizard appear on scene, though they look just as lost and confused, as those who are here. It takes one of them a few moments, as if he is still processing information in his mind, holding up his wand he says into it, causing his voice to echo through the Alley, "St. Mungos' is working on the situation, what we need everyone to do is to stand still and stop moving. Anyone who is not effected, and not a Healer or Magical Law Enforcement employee please remove yourself from area." he says as two of the other mediwizards begin to try and create a sense of control within the chaos.

Kimiko just holds onto Niko, sobbing hysterically. She can be brave in the face of mild danger. The sort of danger that involves getting caught being somewhere she shouldn't be, or getting stern looks from authorities. But this…this is miles beyond her scope of experience.

Seeing that people are catching fire and dying, Chastity's father Actaeon grabs her arm and calls out, "Hold on Princess." In a second the two disapperate, with a loud pop, and when the Gryffindor allum returns he is quite alone, ready to fight fires, or people bursting into flame!

As her uncle relaxes, Madeline breathes a sigh of relief. Is that it? Is it over? "I wanna go home," she pleads - but then she can feel him growing warm under her touch once again, and arms that had started to loosen, tighten again reflexively.
"No, no, no, no, no…" Perry mutters in a quiet, panicked tone - but at least he tries to hold still. "Maddie… you have to go."
"No way!" the girl counters staunchily, ignoring the healer. There's no way she'll leave her uncle!

Nearly in tears, Rena can barely keep it together. Her spell did little to help the child in her care. Hearing Graham's order to render people unconscious to prevent their movement, she stifles back her emotions and directs her wand at the little boy one more time. "Doremo," she says clearly… and he sinks into slumber as a medi-witch arrives beside her.
Rena says nothing as she rises to her feet slowly, however, the attending Witch grabs her arm and insistantly informes her that there this is not the only attack. She needs to move on to South Verdic alley to help maintain order. Silently, she nods and begins to move away. The only thing that causes her movement to pause is the sight of Niko, his mother and Kimiko, helpless and horrified at their loss. There is no time, she can't say anything to them. What could she possibly say to comfort them even if she could?
Rena begins to run in the direction of South Verdic Alley, vanishing from sight. And she doesn't stop until she reaches her destination where another circle of hell awaits.

His spell works for a moment but it doesnt take hold for long. Graham wracking his brain for any counter curse or something he could be missing here. The healers showing up is helpful but still he must help if he can do so.

The mediwizards try to bring order to the chaos the best they can, though any situation that involves mass casualties, especially in multiple locations is a strain on resources. As the area starts to become sectioned off, some listen and sit down trying ot be as still as possible, looks of terror in their face. Other try to feel the area, one such man goes running trying to get past those who are leaving who are not affected, screaming, "I gotta get home! I have to get out of here!" before he suddenly bursts into flames and falls to the ground. The mediwizard who looks to be in charge, seems stressed, like his nerves are on the verge of breaking, but he manages to give the next order out to the mediawizards and those who are still here. "We need to clear the smoke out. Prevent any further incidents, St. Mungos' is trying to figure out what this is exactly and has every department and free healer, trying to come up with a solution." as he says this a young witch panics.
She starts screaming and running, "I don't want to die!" before she bursts into flames, tumbling and falling towards a recently opened Robe shop that hoped to compete with Madam Malkin's Robes, falling through the window, the scene quickly escalates as the store bursts into flames from the inside, the fire starting to rage on, trying to take the shops around it with it.

Niko hears the order to leave, but he just can't he can't takes his eyes off his father. Kimiko is crying, the back of his mind says, my mother is crying too. It takes a few moments, but he manages to shake himself out of things, just in time to see the nearby building burst into flames. As if he had pretty much lost his mind, he looks at Kimiko and his mother with a smile and says, "We need to get out of here it is dangerous." he says nodding, taking both of there hands in his trembling hands as he tries to lead them both out of the Alley, His mother protests, "No… we have to wait for your father…" she says in a trembling voice, but doesn't fight at being lead out.
Chastity has reconnected.

As chaos continues around them - people screaming and dying, fires raging - Madeline remains right where she is, sitting on the ground in the middle of the street and stubbornly clinging to her uncle, who hugs her back, trying to squealch that feeling of panic in his gut that tells him to /run/. "Madeline… this isn't safe. You need to go."
"I won't!" she insists staunchily. "I'm not going anywhere until you're okay!"

Graham doesnt come up with anything immediately that will help and he shakes his head though things get worse as the fire breaks out at the store next those who did this they'd pay, but time for that later. "Ignis Inermus!" he calls pointing his wand to the fire at the shop now before he'll rush inside and start getting those who may still be alive out of there he moves working quickly taking several people injured but hopefuly alive out before turning back to the healers "We need to stop this." he says
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As the fire gets put out the mediwizards looked strained and already exhausted, though Graham's word manage to reach the one who seems to be in charge of the scene, who just runs hsi hand through his hair, "Easier said then done…" he says to the Auror with a sigh, "We have three sites where this is going on, we don't know what it is yet, we have had three fires at St. Mungos' when this started before we knew that movements was the cause." he explains. "We are doing what we can, but this isn't something that is in any book…" he says shaking his head again. Though moments later a Healer in Lime Green robes apparates with a loud crack, approaching the Healer in Forest Green ones, telling him something before leaving again with a loud crack.
The Healer in charge of the scene runs both his hands through his hair, his wand comes up to his mouth again, "Please listen, remain still and you will be immobilized and we will begin an evacuation procedure, once the patient is immobilized we will return them to St. Mungos and teams are standing by to extract them to a secure location." he announces, looking back at Graham, with a look of concern, before he starts to organize the extraction from this location. One by one, patients and knocked out by various means and vanish in a crack, more and more healers begin to appear on site, moving them all out one by one.
As the Healers come across Madeline and her uncle, a young witch says to her, "I am sorry but you need to go." she says sounding rather sad, "Please go with a Nurse, one of the ones in Pink, they will help you get sorted."

Madeline looks up at the healer, still clinging tightly to her uncle. "But you'll look after him?" she pleads. Only after the healer promises does she turn back to her uncle, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you, uncle Perry. It's gonna be okay." Please, please, please let it be okay.
"I'll be fine with the healers. Get somewhere safe," Perry urges the girl, gently pushing her away. She doesn't resist, this time. "Love you too, kid."
Maddie lingers until her uncle is immobolized, then lifts an arm to wipe tears from her cheeks. She looks first one way, then the other - spotting a few nurses - but also spotting a familiar Gryffindor face. She runs to join her friend. They can help her get back home and tell her mom and dad what's happened. Right? There has to be a way they can get her home.

The auror glances about the place after all who can be saved are done from the fire and now also await passage to the hospital. Graham looks to the healer and nods though he is thinking multiple strikes all over this is well co-ordinated. "I can help with transporting the injured." he says there is a weariness to his voice he's done a lot of running and hard work not to mention intense magic but he'll take the steps to see where he can be put to use looking to the student and sighs "They'll take good care of your uncle, Maddie I promise but you must get safe. I'll look after him the best I can okay?" he speaks in a calm reassuring voice.

The Healer nods at Graham, "You are with M.L.E.?" he asks rubbing his forehead again, trying to get some of the sweat off of it and onto his robes, "We have transportation under control." he says nodding, "But you may want to see if you can find the source, I don't know how things are going at the other sites, I don't know if there is still any danger here…" he says with a frustrated sigh, "I am sure the M.L.E. will be here soon to start and investigation, if you can make sure we don't screw of that up…" he says slowly, "Because you guys have to bring whoever did this…" he stops looking around, "To justice…" he says with a deep sigh.
As Madeline and other children reach the Nurse, they are quickly taken to the Leaky Cauldron to be brought back home to their loved ones or if no loved ones are available, to volunteer homes to foster them while those still affected and taken care of or placed in a permeant foster homes if they have no were to go.

"Thank you, Mister Cohen," Madeline says a bit disheartenedly, before she runs off. She just wants to be /home/. … Now.

Graham nods in return to the healer "Yes, auror's office Graham Cohen." he says and he can see the sense in starting to piece this together now. He glances back to the sweets shop he remembers a couple things hearing a sound like a device going off or something he will be glad the smoke of fumes have cleared so he can look around for what made it pulling his gloves on from his pockets in case he does find the item and can handle it more safely.

The Healer nods to Graham as he returns to getting things back in order, the evacuation is going well on point, most everyone is out of the area now. Looking at Graham he nods, "I leave this to you then…" he says before he helps get things together for the last couple of victims that are still here, instructing the Healers now to sweep the shops and the surrounding area to make sure no one is left behind.

Graham will look under the counter finding the briefcase and vials here, though he's still careful not to touch anything before he begins to work first on the liquid this takes a a while his wand moving around the liquid finally a few moments later he speaks "Revela Parsus." he points the wand at the liquid.

As the Healers begin to spread out, the M.L.E. office and M.A.C. both arrive on this scene almost on top of each other, teams begin formed and sent off towards the Verdic alleys while others start their investigation and clean up in this area. Shortly after more healers show up, this time to move the bodies of those who were not so lucky, to be examined and released. The tone is a sad one, most people seeming stressed by the chaos around them.

It has been a long afternoon for the young man but he must concentrate the culprits cannot be allowed to get away with this one. Graham continues working over the briefcase running through his brain on the ingredients his spell has shown him. He winces as he comes up with them nothing good it would seem. The auror turns back as more of his fellows arrive "Careful not to touch it with exposed skin, and re-run the potion see if there are any ingredients which give a clue as to where this was built. I'm going to cross-reference the spell and this potion reaction to any known dark witches or wizards and see if I can help at the other sites to." He stands back up and out of the way so they can work.

He gets up to leave when something catches his eye a memory from not long ago he runs back to it leaning down though this time he doesn't need to use the revel spell knowing what it is after close investigation a slippery shining substance he'd seen before. He cant believe it but knows he's got to find a couple of people know "Get a sample of that liquid too." he calls on his way out.

One of the M.A.C. workers nods and aims his wand to gather up some of the substance. "What…this lubricant? I know this stuff. Ain't nothing else got that kind of shimmer. I use it on squeaky door hinges at home. Ah…what's it called…Susanna's Super Smooth? Something like that." Still, he does as instructed, using a quick, handy spell to extract some of the lubricant into a small phial.

Graham notes the title of the substance giving a nod "Thank you." he isn't sure now where to start with where he needs to go and do from here trying to organize his thoughts some. He will step back out toward the healers who work passing many many horrible things while he does.

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