(1939-07-26) S-Plan - King's Cross Station
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Summary: Just another lovely day for travel…or is it?
Date: July 26th 1939
Location: London - Kings Cross Station

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and drizzling.

King's Cross Station
Once past the spacious concourse, with its ticket stand, food kiosks, and newsstands, King's Cross rail station is almost cavernous. Tall, arched ceilings cover the 11 platforms housed by the station and provide illumination through a mixture of bright lamps and massive skylights that run the length of the tunnels formed by the ceilings. Some of the platforms are divided in half by square, red brick columns that raise up to support the arched iron latticework holding up the ceiling tunnels. Newspaper pages and other debris swirl along the floor on the breezes created by the constantly arriving and departing trains. From time to time a loud steam whistle slices through the constant dull roar created by the trains and the people coming and going from the station.

On July 27th 1939, the morning edition of The Times hit the curbs of London with this front page article:

Article in The Times | S-Plan Strikes Again | by Douglas Glass
Once again the Irish Republic Army (I.R.A.) has struck again. Ever growing bolder with where they place their bombs. Since January of this year the I.R.A. has been terrorizing Britain. Targeting such places as power and water stations at first they then started to up the anty and bombed Williams Deacons Bank.

After the government upped security at these sort of facilities and began to closely inspect all shipments coming in from Ireland things got personal. While on a hunting holiday, the Prime Minister Chamberlains only son was targeted. A bomb disguised in a tobacco tin exploded in the lobby but harmed no one. The leader of the S-Plan Movement of the IRA, Sean Russell later disassociated himself and the S-Plan Project from this personal attack. Sean was quoted as saying,

"IRA Headquarters had no knowledge of this attack, nor would it order or countenance such an action".

In February after things grew even more serious after a list was discovered in Belfast late January that was names of Northern Ireland Officials that were targeted by the IRA for 'execution'. No longer targeting utilities the I.R.A. bombed Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square Underground Stations. Though there were no fatalities two people were seriously hurt and severe damage was done to the station that are still under repair.

Shops in the London Suburbs and in Coventry faced brutal amounts of arson. Evidence to a plot to blow up Buckingham Palace were found in Belfast which created an elevated level of security at the palace. February 9th was also the first incident where bombs had gone off. No one was injured.

Between the months of April thru June over 50 bombs were detonated in London, Liverpool, Coventry, and Birmingham. There were no injuries, except for when tear gas was used in cinemas causing 40 injuries.

An unidentified amount of Irish Immigrants have been forced from their homes in the United Kingdoms. Some rightfully so, but it can be said that plenty of innocent Irishmen and women have fled Britain. Due to the Prevention of Violence Bill it is very easy for the British Government to expel anyone that they consider suspicious. Since I.R.A. bombers have included women and men, no one is safe from persicution.

On July 26th 1939, marked the second time Kings Cross Station was targeted by the Irish Republican Army. Details to follow…

It's just another weekend leave! Sitting on a bench where his neatly polished boots are on the seat and the drab wool of his uniformed rump is up on the top of the back of the bench 'sits' Private Gavin Ferguson of The Royal Fusiliers. Fag being drawn from deeply as he checks his pocket watch and then the listings for when the train from Glasgow will be pulling in.

No one should stand around looking as pleased to be out and about as Rook Lovegood does, but he's surrounded by muggles and their 'strange' behaviors, people watching. He's not seeking any of the trains for Glasgow, but he's taking the tried-and-true method of train travel to Hogsmeade, Apparition be damned. Sans his robes, Rook is dressed in neat slacks, leather oxfords, and a woolen-knit mens' jacket, all brass buttoned up. Every now and then, the youth catches himself tugging at the bottom of the jacket absently, bemoaning his lack of robes given his present surroundings.

Signe sees some friends onto a train out of London, watching while the train starts to pull away. She waves cheerfully, smiling as it disappears from sight, then lowers her hand. Once they're gone, she turns to leave the platform - if she gets back to her apartment, she still has some time to go over the aria before bed. It's been giving her more trouble than she'd expected.

Gavin gives Signe a little wolf whistle and a wink as she passes but a man in a tweed cap taps him on the shoulder and asks in a thick Belfast Brogue, "Can I get the time?" Gavin looks a little vexed that his view has been interupted and he takes another drag of his cigarette as he holds the watch up to show the Irishman. He gets a pat on his shoulder for his trouble and the Irishman moves to the luggage-in to deposit his suitcase. Then with a tip of his cap and a fine wide smile to the ladies at the courtesy counter he heads…for the front doors to exit the building.

Josie fits right in among the muggles, though perhaps dressed a bit more boyishly than most girls her age, dressed in a set of overalls over a shirt rather than the dress she 'should' be wearing. Not that anybody seems to care, as she makes her way into the station and towards the platforms. She's carrying just a small bag with her, big enough for perhaps one change of clothes and some books.

Dressed smartly from head to toe in a light linnen summer-weight suit, a young redheaded lady is off on the sidelines. If she has a ticket to ride, her train must not be due for some time. Otherwise, she would be waiting on one of the benches like Gavin. However, she is looking through the cheery little magazine stand, apparently in search of some interesting and engaging material to read.
Finding a fashion magazine, Rena reaches into her handbag and withdraws some coins to pay for it. Turning aside, she continues thumbing through the pages as she walks slowly toward the waiting area in no hurry. Nothing would make her stand out as the witch amongst Muggles.
The wolf whistle catches the little ginger woman off-guard, and she searches for the source. Seeing that it isn't directed at herself, she can't help but smile faintly. She would have gone back to perusing the illustrations of the magazine, had idle curiosity not made her continue to watch the little scene unfold between Gavin, Signe and the other gentleman. To the Squib, she raises a gloved hand and offers a tiny wave.

To the likes of Rena, Rook is most assuredly strange enough that she might take him for exactly what he is—a young wizard out gawking at the muggles in their native environment. Loitering nearby, the blond-headed adolescent catches a glimpse of the older red-head with her magazine, something that piques his interest. Treading quietly through the small throng of people, Rook lingers deliberately nearby without actively engaging her, curiously darting glances at what she's got in her hands. For his part, he has nothing in his own at the moment, idly fidgeting instead, fascinated at the exchanges between kiosks and customers.

Color creeps into Signe's cheeks at the whistle, but rather than look around to confirm if it's directed at her, she trains her eyes on the floor and simply keeps walking. Her focus means she almost entirely misses Rena's greeting - but the gloved hand raising manages to be noticed in the corner of her eye, and she turns her head towards it with some tredepidation - only to spot the Auror with some relief. "Rena - hello," she greets the other other woman, starting towards her. "What are you doing here?"

Sampson now wearing a rather understated set of clothing makes his way about kings cross, occasionally bumping into someone completely on accident of course, as he makes his way about. Obviously not noticing her, he manages to bump right into Signe, practically falling back over onto the ground, before catching himself back onto his feat silently. The boy is slightly better dressed then normal in this his clothing is at least not ragged and ratty as it normally is, but he still doesn't stand out much, the rather tiny boy keeping low to the ground.

The luggage that the Irishman left behind is tied with a little green neck scarf that at the handle that dances and waves at the people that pass it by. A little girl near-by that was saying good-bye to her Dada plays with it cooing, "Pretty!" That is until her mother picks the little girl back up and exits herself, leaving her husband to check-in himself.

"Oh… I'm waiting for a train," Rena fibs to Signe with a little smile. Truth be told, she was sent out here to patrol the station as another potentially dangerous spot for attacks. After all, Platform 9 3/4 is right at hand. However, it's probably for the best that she doesn't say something like that, openly. It's all she can do to hold it together and keep looking natural under the circumstances. Rook is given a sidelong glance momentarily. He does stand out a bit… poor young fellow, he must not have much experience in blending with Muggle society yet.
"And what about-" Rena's words are interrupted by the abrupt arrival of Sampson. Backing up a step, she blinks once and then smiles: "Why, Signe!" she first addresses the Squib with a light laugh: "It's our little friend with the card tricks up 'is sleeves." Then closing the magazine in her hands and tucking it under her arm, she turns to the boy: "Look as though you've moved up in the world a little, you do."

A note of cheery green catches Rena's eye just then, and she turns to look at the scarf waving on the luggage nearby. It seems a little odd to her. One doesn't normally leave an item of clothing sitting outside one's luggage unless they are keeping it with them. "That's a bit strange…" she murmurs.

The Magazine vendor squints beady eyes at Rena the moment she begins to talk. "That's not for sale!" He grumbles and extends his large hand for the magazine to be returned to him.

"Oh, well - I suppose what would /anyone/ be doing here? I just saw some friends off…" Signe gestures towards a platform. "But I'm glad to see you."
As she's bumped into, Signe takes a step away from the boy, holding tightly to her coin purse - and then smiling as she recognizes him. "So it is. Hello, Sampson. I hope you and your father enjoyed those sandwiches the other day?"

Josie, making her way near where Sampson just bumped into Signe, she glances over, and then grins. She starts to step a little closer, perhaps to say something, but when Rena and Signe greet the boy, and not to accuse him of theft, she slows her step a little and returns to her original course. She doesn't seem to notice, or at least pay any attention to, the waving green scarf.

With the luggage abandoned, so far as Rook can tell, and the little girl gathered away from it, Rook's natural curiosity overtakes him. He isn't too far from it right now as it stands, somewhere between Rena with her interesting magazine, and the abandoned case. This leaves Remy, head tilted to observe the briefcase without any real concern, to make his way over to it without any sense of hesitation. He has no intention of taking the case, but to neatly untie the scarf from the handle and claim it for his own. The youth is a little gawky, no doubt as Rena imagines him to be, but Rook is enthusiastic… if nothing else.

Gavin got conscripted to the Army after a misspent youth. So it's with a little smirk that he was keeping a corner of his eye on Sampson. His watch is tucked away as he stands and wanders in the lads direction. A fag is pulled out of his cigarette holder and he offer a cigarette to the lad before putting one into his lips, "The lad pestering mum?"

Distraced momentarily from Signe and Sampson as they talk, Rena's attention is also drawn from the waving scarf tied to the luggage when a man approaches her with a rather strange demand. Not one to make a scene when it isn't necessary, the redhead frowns slightly as the vendor comes up to and barks at her that the magazine isn't for sale. "That's very odd. I could 'ave sworn I /did/ pay you for it. I left the coin on the counter… But, if you insist." She's just too good-natured for her own good. The magazine is relinquished to the irritable man.
With a small shrug and a faintly bewildered shake of her head, Rena turns back to Signe as Gavin approaches. She has the look of someone who's forgotten where their mind was momentarily. It's been a rough day. She doesn't even occasion to notice Rook's little theft of the green scarf.

The family man is pacing back and forth, he has tears in his eyes and is muttering things to the likes of 'I can't leave them.' Suddenly he stops, states cleary aloud to himself. "I can't leave them." He apologizes to the ladies behind the desk and snatches up a suitcase that he believes is his, now that there's no green scarf on it. With a good tug he lifts it up. Three blocks away an Irishman in a tweed cap looks to a street clock and plugs his ears mouthing, "5…4…3…"

When the man brushes by him to gather the suitcase, Rook is almost startled, pausing as if he's been caught redhanded. But the muggle stranger pays him little heed, stepping away with the suitcase in hand while Rook is still toying with the green length of scarf in his hands. Already, Rook is wheeling around, heading opposite of the man on his way to wherever he needs to get to with the suitcase in hand. The distracted, head-in-the-clouds wizard is none the wiser, trailing down the walkway to one of the more nearby benches.

"Not bothered at all, sir," Signe responds politely, as she turns her head to watch a boy make off with a scarf - and then the man with tears in his eyes picking up the bag. "Excuse me, sir, I think you may have mistaken that bag…" she begins, turning towards him and taking a few steps in his direction.

Though starting to say something towards Signe, and Sampson notices the man crying, and a rather guilty expression comes across his face, the boy pulling a small wallet from his pocket, looking at it with a bit of a low sigh. He starts off rather suddenly at a somewhat decent pace wallet in hand, as he moves off to try and give it back over towards the man he'd bumped into earlier.


Josie, attentive as she is, notices the theft of the scarf. She keeps her mouth shut, though, of course, and turns to continue on her way, and spots what Sampson seems to be doing, saying softly as they pass near each other, "Say you found it."

"Wait… what?" Rena whirls around as Signe and Sampson both seem to be distracted by something rather distressing. Off they go, leaving her standing beside the magazine kiosk with nothing but her own bewilderment. Confused, the young woman tries to put pieces together in her mind, seeing only a hurried (and clearly upset) gentleman with a bag. Her eyes dart to the luggage stand. The green scarf appears to be gone; vanished into thin air. How did it disappear so quickly without her noticing? It seems as though everything is slipping past Rena right now.

Picking up the pace slightly, Sampson calls out rather loudly in a very thick, and somewhat difficult to understand voice "Hey sir, yew dropped yaaahr wallet when yew bumped in'er me like" His voice carrying surprisingly well, as the boy makes his way over towards the man, holding the wallet close, and avoiding coming into contact with anyone else rather smoothly.

The Family Man blinks and dabs his eyes with a kerchief before he looks down at the suit case. "By Jove you are right! Thank you very much. Cheerio!" 1… He turns around and tucks the bag back into it's place and lays a hand on his actual suitcase handle.

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Those that were approaching the man get blasted back to where they started from. The glass of the sun window of the arched terminal shatters and rains down on everyone.

With blood trickling out one ear and shards of glass raining down on him Gavin runs to cover over Signe and Sampson, using his body as a shield as much as possible from the glass. Those at the magazine stand are safe from the glass but deafened and 'ruffled' along with everyone else in the terminal from the explosion.

Knocked flat - shocked and confused - Signe lays on the floor, hands going instinctively to ringing ears. "What…?" she asks in a daze, without even hearing her voice clearly. What's going on? What just happened? Is someone screaming?

One moment Sampson is running ahead wallet held outstretched, the next he's blown clean back knocked off his feet, the front of his clothing scorched completely in an instant. He lands with a heavy sliding thud, knocked instantly unconscious by the force of the impact, most likely with a concussion at the least. He doesn't even have the time to scream from the shock of the moment.

The explosion is too close for comfort by any stretch of the imagination, flinging Rook like a doll with its marionette strings cut. It's a fantastic tumble that leaves Rook crashing into the nearby bench he was approaching, and the loose gaggle of people equally flattened by the blast. The pain of landing on his right arm just the right way between his weight and the bench to cleanly break both radius and ulna isn't enough to shake him from the stunned daze he finds himself in, ears ringing and deafened. Covered in scattered glass and laying limp while his senses scramble to return, Rook is pleasantly unaware of his surroundings.

Josie wasn't as close as Sampson and Signe, but she's still knocked to the ground by the force of the explosion. She lays there in a daze a moment, in total shock and all the showering glass has landed before she even starts to look around, eyes very wide.

Gavin takes Signe by the head in each hand cupping her face and her ears. He shouts at her slowly so she can either hear him, or at least read his lips. "Stay down. Dinnae move!" Then he shakes his head trying desprately to clear it and he turns to check on Sampson.

Much to Rena's horror, she witnesses all from relative safety. The placement of the bag… the ensuing explosion. Although she saw it, she didn't see it coming by a long shot.
The brightness of the flash is enough to blind her momentarily, which only serves to compound the intense ringing in her ears. It takes a second for her to shake it off. Although she can still hear nothing but the painfully sharp ring that has taken up residence inside of her head, her sight returns, and she sees the chaos and panic around her. Turning to the equally singed and dazed magazine man, she slams her hand on the counter to get his attention: "CALL FOR HELP!" She shouts at the top of her lungs. He would surely know where the nearest Muggle telephone might be. Then, she turns away.
People are on the ground; blood spattered amongst the broken glass. Smoke stings in both her nose and eyes, but she starts forward, picking her way along through the field of debris toward those nearest the blast. Crouching beside Gavin with an earnest and frightened look, she places a hand on him to get his attention now. She's here to help however she can.

Gavin cupping his hands around Signe's face and shouting at her… only serve to frighten the confused woman. She puts her hands down, trying to scramble back away from him - and giving herself palms and a forearm filled with glass, instead. She cries out in pain, and forces herself up to a sitting position, so she can craddle her injured appendages - while still trying to scoot away from Gavin.

In the chaos following, Rook will be over here near that bench with several other bystanders with their varied injuries. Over here, largely unconscious, green eyes glazed while his mind catches up to what's going on. Most of his other injuries beyond the broken arm are superficial; little cuts and scrapes from the glass he fell on, or fell on him after the initial blast. Eventually, he twitches.

Gavin is a bit jumpy as he gets touched on the shoulder. He mouthes the word sorry as he moves to grip rena by the bottom of her skirt to rip off a swath of silky fabric along the bottom hem, a make shift bandage for Sampsons head. He then points Rena towards the panicking Signe, he gathered they were at least aquainted earlier. Hopefully Rena will have a more calming presence to the woman than he did. He checks Sampsons pulse at the neck and then quickly wraps Rena's torn dress bit around the boys head, doing his best to remember his Field First Aid training. His sight blurs when he tries to blink ash out of his eyes but he's trying to do his best to try and stabalize the boy before he'll then go to the Family Man and see what can be done for the now unrecognizable man.

Josie reaches into the chest flap of her overalls and pulls her wand just slightly out as she looks around, still almost in a panic. It takes just a few moments to realize that no, nobody's shooting spells around, and she pushes the wand away again as she starts to pick herself up. Her movements are very wobbly, and she doesn't seem able to get her balance. After a couple tries, she stays sitting where she is, though now hugging her knees to her chest, looking around from person to person around her.

Well, there goes another lovely dress. Good thing Rena not only makes a packet of money each month, but she's also marrying a doctor. She has a habit of buying, wearing and ruining expensive clothing. However, although slightly surprised to have her skirt torn so suddenly by Gavin, she doesn't object… upon realizing what he's doing. She nods vigorously and makes a gesture to say it's alright and she turns to see to Signe.
The poor girl has driven glass shards into her skin, and little wonder that she's begun to cry out in pain (not that Rena can actually hear her.) But still, she quickly moves over to Signe, trying desperately to get her attention. Grasping her gently by the uninjured parts of her arms, she tries to speak so that the other can understand the movement of her lips: "Stop. Mov-ing." She says earnestly. "Don't. Move. Your. Arms. - Don't. Touch. Them!" This is followed by a nod, trying to elicit a response from her. "Let Me Help!"
Worried glances dart around at the chaos. So many people need help. She can't be everywhere at once. But if Signe will allow her to get her onto her feet, she can see to the other young people in the vicinity.

Signe startles as she's touched, trying to push away from whoever it was, looking that direction in panic- and stopping when she recognizes Rena. Tears cloud the rattled singer's eyes as she turns her hands palm up towards the other woman, showing her injuries to the other woman in a baffled plea for help.

Gavin is a grizzly sight as he tries to do what little he can for Family Man. The explosion has sent clothes scattered around and they are used similarly to how Rena's dressed was used. The poor man however needs whole folded shirts and women's slips to cover and wrap his wounds. He too looks around for someone that can help him. Waving around a bloody hand for attention he points over to a, now on the floor, back of a bench and makes gestures begging someone who's able to bring it to him.

Josie, seeing Gavin waving for the bench back, picks herself up again. She's still wobbling, stumbling like she's drunk, but with just a couple small falls she makes her way over towards the board, and if nobody gets there first, picks it up to bring unstably towards Gavin. She doesn't seem injured except for a bleeding ear and her unsteadiness.

Signe's too panicked to register anything right now. Rena knows the feeling…
Moving around behind, she carefully slips her arms under the other woman's and manages to slowly and painstakingly heft Signe to her feet without touching the horrible shards embedded in her skin. Once she has accomplished this, she puts a supportive arm around Signe's waist and begins to crunch across the debris under foot. Sighting an in-tact bench near the magazine stand, she helps her to sit down. Surely medical help must come soon… but oh, how she wishes Takeshi were here. He'd know what to do. She'd give anything to be able to remove all the shards for Signe, who must surely be in agony, but all she can do is offer a reassuring nod as she retreats.
Returning to Gavin at a dead run, Rena slides to a stop near him, at almost the same moment that Josie arrives. She immediately helps the girl to move it into place, giving her a critical, worried once-over. She doesn't look so good, but she's on her feet and moving. Which is more than can be said for Rook. Once the job is done, she's off and running again.
Arriving at the young man's side, she crouches down and takes his hand in hers. One can scarcely blame her for feeling for a pulse before beginning to pat his hand vigorously to try and urge him to wake up.

Once she's recognized Rena, Signe is grateful for the help to her feet, before she walks shakily to the bench. She sits back down, carefully cradling her injured arms to try to protect the glass from being pushed in any deeper. "Thank you," she mouthes at Rena, before the woman runs off to help others.
Shouldn't she be helping, as well? But how? Her /hands/…

Gavin nods gratefully to Josie and Rena because it's with their help that he gets the critically injured man onto the plank and then he straps the man down with pieces of clothing he steals from the ground around him. A small scrap of fabric is twisted and put in his bleeding ear and he then does another one and offers it to Josie and points to her bleeding ear. In soldiery hand gestures he points to Josie then to his eyes then to the Family Man. He crawls over the shattered counter and starts to toss off debris that cover up the two clerks.

Luckily it's about then that help starts to pour in. The sirens of ambulances have been ringing for a whole minute, but of course no one inside could hear it.

Some Mediwizards come through the wall between platform 9 and 10 in tacky outrageous 'Muggle Clothes'. But shhh, they are blending in as they search the area between that portal and the front door as that's typically where they would find and Wizarding Kind.

To Rena's credit, the hand she seizes isn't the one attached to the snapped forearm, and it helps in rousing Rook to some semblance of consciousness. The young man blinks stupidly up at Rena, blinking a great deal of that confusion away. At which point, the agony of a broken limb sets in, and Rook sucks in a sharp, pained breath, brow furrowing. "Ow," he mutters, trying to move his injured arm—which twists a little in an unsettling, stomach turning way, and Rook's features turn faintly green-white in response to seeing it for himself. He's still limp, mostly, half-sprawled, and coated in a fine dusting of glass and glass shards.

Josie blinks, reaching up to touch her ear and then looks at her hand and sees the blood. She gives a very shaky smile of thanks to Gavin as she takes the cloth and puts it in her ear. Then she nods again seriously, staying by the family man and keeping an eye on him until the official help gets over to them.

The garish clothing catches Signe's eye, and she watches them uncomprehendingly for a few moments - before a few thoughts start to spark in her brain. They're /wizards/. Of course.
"Help," she says softy - perhaps too softly to be heard. "Help - I don't want to go in an ambulance. I want to go to St. Mungo's…"

Rena's old Muggle nature kicks in - and in a rather useful way. The mediwizards stick out like a massive sore thumb in the midst of the chaos; however, that's helpful for her. Biting the finger of her glove, she rips the thing off her hand and places two fingers between her lips. A shrill whistle carries over the din, attracting the attention of one of her targets (as they were not hearing impared by the blast,) and they come running toward Rook's location.
As for the young man, who is now in the throes of agony, she places one hand gently on his chest to hold him still. Shaking her head faintly, she holds the other finger up to make a gesture to calm him: "Shhhh! It's going to be alright. I promise." Trying to look confident in her words, she manages a tiny smile and then carefully brushes some of the debris from his face and hair. The mediwizards will take care of him soon enough.

Sampson being a completely unconscious child now with some rather interesting burns cuts and bleeding holes now covered well by bandages can't exactly call out to anyone to tell them that he is in fact a wizard ready for training. All he can do is lay there unconscious and bleed into his bandages, as people move about all trying to help one another.

Those throes subside very quickly when Rook realizes how much more pain that causes than being still, and he subsides, grimacing. "Thanks," he tells Rena dazedly through gritted teeth, glancing away blearily. "Should go help others, m'okay." With his broken arm and all. His head, throbbing from the blast that still deafens him largely, has a headache serious enough to contend with the pain surging sharply through his arm.

Gavin puts his wolf whistling to better use as he does so, waving his hands around to call the paramedics towards him and the more severely wounded he's been trying to stabilize. When he climbs out of the way and the paramedics whisk away the family man and the two clerks off. Bloody hands are wiped off on his uniform pants before he rests a hand on Josie's shoulder and shouts. "Done good lass. Tanks."

There is talk of the help being on the thin side because Victoria station was also bombed at the same time. One of the bobbies on scene spots Rook and points to him and two other bobbies swarm in and make to manhandle and hoist the young man up and part him from Rena's company, though with her red hair, more assumptions are made and one of them goes to follow after her to try to take her into custody as well. One of the bobbies rips the green scarf out of Rook's pocket where it was dangling and barks angrily into his face practically smashing the scarf over Rooks face as well.

That barking falls on deaf ears. Literally. The only response that they get out of Rook immediately is a startled, pained cry as his broken arm is jostled by them hauling him upright. The sixteen year old is temporarily breathless at the pain that lances up from the injured limb, jolting through him with enough force to turn him rigid, breath catching in his throat. Whatever the bobbies are yelling about, he hasn't a clue, his pain-glazed green eyes wide with shock.

Though Signe can't hear it - the train station is filled with noise, drowning out her quiet pleas for help. Before she can try again, though, her gaze is drawn through the defusing smoke to the bobbies, shouting at the child. Why are they doing that to him? He's hurt, the poor boy! Why aren't they helping him?

Josie smiles to Gavin again at the barely-heard reassuring shout. She looks around, blinking again at the bobbies, though as she spots the garishly-dressed mediwizards she, too, figures out who they are and waves to try to get attention, and points to Rook if any look her way. She's never really met the boy, but she's seen him around school enough to know he's no muggle.

"Alright," Rena says simply, nodding her head in reply to Rook. In an instant, she's back on her feet again, looking desperately around herself to see where else she can be of help to anyone in need. However, she hasn't a moment to think as the authorities swarm in and take charge completely. She begins to back away, looking rather unsettled when she catches a glimpse of a less than friendly expression shot her way by a bobbie. But, once they begin to manhandle and mistreat poor Rook, her own expression changes and she darts forward: "Hoi! Leave 'im be if you 'ain't going to 'elp 'im!" She cries, grabbing him by the arm rather fiercely. Not the brightest thing to do…
Rena finds herself grabbed by the collar and arm rather suddenly: "I say!" She gasps as she is wrenched away from the poor boy and his accusatory officer. "You're making a mistake!" She protests. "I didn't 'ave nothing to do with it…"

The fiesty little redhead is removed unceremoniously from the premises in fairly short order, marched past Gavin, Signe and the rest. Oh, the irony of one of the Wizarding World's highest ranking special types of police being taken into custody by Muggle forces.

Gavin gives Josie's shoulder one more pat and then he tries to draw the attention of a couple of paramedics over to Sampson, he's yelling at them what damage he assessed from the boy earlier and then points towards Signe, "Careful! She's real skittish!" Now that help has arrived he is becoming more and more useless. So the soldier leans against a blackened wall, takes out his cigarette case and lights up. If he can Josie's attention he'll offer her one of his military rationed smokes with a tired weak smile. Then he blinks, eyes still stinging when Rena and Rook are marched for the police cars parked out front.

"Rena!" Signe says with some alarm as Rena's being lead off by one of the bobbies, pushing herself unsteadily to her feet. She tries desperately to catch the attention of one of the garrishly dressed healers. "Oh, please help, one of the bobbies is taking away an auror," she explains with quiet urgency, as soon as one is close enough. "Miss Rena Lee." She gestures to the red head. That's going to be a headache for /someone/ in the ministry.

As the mediwizard starts to lead her off, Signe shoots another worried look after Rena, but by and large she seems to be calming down, finally. That is - until she remembers Sampson. "There's a boy here - he's a first year. He's going to be a first year. His name's Sampson. I didn't see… someone has to find him. Please," she pleads, still walking with the mediwizard to platform 9 and 3/4ths so they can apparate away, safely.

The unconscious young Sampson is slowly shifted off to one side onto a stretcher, before the mediwizards are told of his existence as a wizard, one of them moving over towards the two paramedics, and flashing a small bit of paper that somehow gives him release of the boy. The stretcher is passed off to two Mediwizards who begin to cart him off, while blood seeps through his almost completely destroyed new clothing, wallet still held tight in his hand.

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