(1939-07-27) Chance Meeting at St. Mungos
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Summary: Noah runs into Graham (literally) and Sorcha (figuratively) at St. Mungos, after the terrorist attack, having a short conversation before being joined by Kahren
Date: 7/27/1939
Location: St. Mungos

It's the same day as the attacks which happend in a few locations all at once and the hospital is busy with non direct contact injuries the healers all called into duty and working to see patients as quickly as possible. The waiting room for the spell damage division of the hospital is one of the busier places and people move in and out at near constant rate. Graham steps out from one of the rooms after being seen "Thank you." there isnt much to his voice right now as he turns back toward the waiting room again.

Sorcha's summer dress has seen better days, the white fabric with its light blue spots more spotted with grime and soot in large splotches over her skirt and sleeves than the small polka dots. Her sash is in its proper place and her hair still up in a circlet of red braids around the crown of her head, though there are curls peeking out around the edges enough that they seem unintentional. She's also got a smudge on her cheek as well, though she doesn't seem to be paying much mind to it as she carries, of all things, a picnic basket over one arm as she searches through the press of people for someone in particular.

Noah was heading to Sweet Temptations when the chaos started. He isn't concerned about his health, but he was sort of forced to submit to an examination anyway. Saying 'No. I'm fine, really.' didn't actually convince anyone. And he is, after all, still basically a kid in many people's eyes, especially in situations like these. No one wants anyone else hurt-well, you know, except the ones who do, but let's not worry about them right now—so here he is, dragged to St. Mungo's, to make sure he really is alright. He is, thankfully. But now, dressed in a threadbare black robe, hair sort of mussed with all that's happened, he's moving through the hospital quickly to find SOMEONE who will listen to him. He wants to HELP. And naturally, that's when he crashes into Graham-with enough force to knock someone down twice Noah's size, if caught unaware. "I'm so sorry…" He says instinctively. "Are you alright?" He offers a hand, whether to help him up or as a peace offering isn't clear.

Graham is not watching where he is going looking down at the ground and so is an easy target to be run into however he's a bit more skilled in balance than all that. He does have to take a wide step to avoid falling down he straightens up eyes flashing for a moment in a very un-like him way before he takes a deep breath and when he speaks its his usual voice and he accepts the hand shaking it "That's alright, I wasnt watching where I was going." he glances up towards the waiting room and thinks he's got to be dreaming for the one he sees.

Sorcha smiles familiarly at one of the sisters and goes over to put a gentle hand on her shoulder, nodding at something she says and leaning in to return a brief hug before she opens up her picnic basket and holds it out in her direction. There's a short exchange, the nurse taking a sandwich out with a grateful smile before moving quickly over to a young man clutching his arm sitting in the waiting area. She turns just in time to see the run in over near the doorway and frowns, leaning a bit around another group of people to see more clearly, "Graham?"

Noah apparently sees 'crashing into people' as a good reason to slow down for a sec. He takes a breath, and lets it out slowly, leaning against a nearby wall. "I don't suppose you know where I can find someone here who will let me help with all this…I guess they might be worried about security. I mean, it would be easy to go in under the guise of being helpful, and then cause more damage. I'll take the unbreakable vow if I have to. I really just want to help however I can. After the attack, they're bound to need people, even if they can't heal as such. … I can brew potions. And I can…run messages, fetch coffee…Something. Anything." He crosses his arms. His voice is a little shakey. He has a lot of good intention, and a lot of nervous energy, and without some way of doing something useful he's just left being a bit of a nervous wreck. "I knew something like this would happen." he says softly. "That doesn't help. Sorry." He looks up. "Sorry. Rambling." He waves to Sorcha when she approaches. But doesn't say anything, apparently deciding he's talked enough for now.

"I'm sure if you ask at the healers desk they can find some work to put you to." Graham says after listening and he'll motion to the front desk though he looks concerned "It was a long day for a lot of people so just dont mind if we're a bit um.. short." he says in way of appology for the look given before though he turns hearing the calling of his name "Come on we'll see if the healers cant put you to work, but he moves towards the read haired woman. "Sorcha, are you and your family okay?" she would see best that the day has shook horribly if she catches his gaze.

"Yes, we're fine. A bit of damage to the front of the shop but nothing too serious." Being just across the alley from the sweet shop it's almost to be expected. She nods at Graham's question as the three end up in the same portion of the waiting room, giving him a look up and down, "Are you? That's normally the portion reserved for those with more than bumps and bruises…" She gets a hint of a frown on her face as she takes in the auror but it's quickly set aside as she offers a smile to the student standing next to him, "Hullo. Are you one of Graham's students he speaks with at Hogwarts?"

Noah nods and follows Graham, looking up at Sorcha with concern at Graham's question. Then, when Sorcha asks him if he's one of Graham's students, he just shakes his head. "I'm a Hogwarts student. Seventh year…coming up, anyway. Noah Yorke. I'm good with potions, if anyone needs help with those." He breathes, very deliberately, trying to slow his heart a bit, as he offers Sorcha a hand to shake. "I want to become a healer myself. Or an Auror, perhaps. I just don't know which would be best for the world." He grins, faintly. "Not that that matters now. I just came here to help, if I could. Well, that and I was sort of dragged for an exam."

Graham glances back the way he came out of the healers room before meeting them in the waiting room. "I was asked to get checked out since I was exposed though I didnt inhale any of the poison, because of the bubble head charm. Other than." he reaches up and taps his head lightly "I'm in tip top shape." he manages to give her a half smile but it doesnt reach his eyes. He looks back to the student "Both are worthy jobs to be certain."

Nodding at Graham's explanation, Sorcha gives him another look top to shoes before her attention goes back to Noah and his explanation, "Charmed, Noah Yorke." She takes the offered hand and gives him a brief shake before tucking her arm companionably through Graham's reassuringly, "It is quite the difficult decision. Up to seventh year the courses overlap quite a bit as well, so you've been able to put off deciding a bit but I suppose you're down to the wire now, aren't you?" She nods at his mention of being at Mungo's to help, "Indeed, there's quite a bit to go around for both. Have you done any interning up to this year to see if you have a knack for one over the other?"

Noah shakes his head. "No. I mean. I should have." He admits. "I certainly will this year." He clears his throat. "I need to work on my Defense against the Dark Arts if I'm gonna be an Auror. But I'm getting the feeling that's going to be more relevant to everyone in the days to come. I may very well do both, in my life. I certainly have the aptitude." He clears his throat. "Not to boast. Sorry. Not the time for idle boasts anyway. I'll prove myself one way or the other through my actions before long, I expect. I guess the real choice is whether or not I want to be on the front lines."

Graham looks grateful as Sorcha takes his arm the support needed for the young man who has had a long day. He looks to the student and listens "Both have days you cannot win, aurors dont always win duels and healers cant always heal everything so both are on the front line of a diffrent war." he says though his focus is on Sorcha for the moment eyes heavy.
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"It's also about what kind of challenge your heart can take." Sorcha says easily to the young man as she stands next to Graham, "And what else you want to have in your life." She seems to feel like she has some insight into both at least from her tone, "Both have hours that keep you away from home quite often. Both force you to face realities that you'd rather not on a regular basis." She smiles a bit and gives a brief glance to Graham as though at some kind of inside joke before she turns to Noah again, "Both have quite a lot of paperwork that they don't easily prepare you for in school." She frowns lightly for just a moment before clearing her throat a bit, "Both put you in danger from time to time. Particularly depending upon the specialty you choose in either case. And both are very very necessary for people to be safe." Graham's arm gets a little squeeze, "And yes, there are always days where no matter how equal you are to the task you feel as though you couldn't win the task set in front of you. So it comes around to whether you think you're more equal to one task than the other, and what else you hope your life will hold for you outside the Ministry or Mungo's."

Noah considers their words carefully, and nods. "I want to make the world a better place. And I certainly have a sense of justice. But…I also know what it's like to lose someone to illness. It could be simpler if I only had the one option, but…" He shrugs. "I may actually end up learning all I can about being a healer before going on to become an Auror. Even as an Auror, I can't imagine not learning how to heal." He sighs. "In any case, this is a worry for the future. Right -now-, the skills I have to offer…I'm great at charms, potions, and transiguration, and I'm quite knowledgable about healing herbs and a bit of muggle medicine too. After an event like this, even someone who knows nothing about anything can be useful—I'm sure I can be put to use somewhere. Because if nothing else…I can make potions to help with the healer's fatigue, or help carry things or…anything, really. Anything I can do."

He is listening to the list of things which compare the two fields of work and agrees on most if not all of them. Graham watches her while he is listening and returns the squeeze back as his arm is squeezes it is much different from last they met but its a good thing. He tries for a smile but still its not his normal one, glancing back to the student listening. The three stand in the waiting room of the spell damage ward the evening after the attacks talking. "I'm sure they can use help just have to ask one of the healers.

Sorcha looks as though she's just a touch the worse for wear, soot and smudges on her white and blue summer dress and one on her cheek. She's carrying a picnic basket as she stands with her arm through Graham's talking to Noah in the crowded waiting area. "I'm sure they'll be happy for the help, but I'd expect to start off with something simple like you described." She lifts her basket a bit, "Bringing sandwiches around for the healers and nurses is always a good start. I've got some extra if you want to take them about. I dropped off the ones for my brother already, though heaven knows he won't likely remember to eat them."

Speaking of healers - one steps out of the Spell Damage ward, dressed in lime green robes. Kahren looks exhausted, and her eyes are red and puffy. This is /not/ her usual department, but it's all hands on deck today. "Mrs. White?" she asks, calling a distraught woman aside. She speaks with her quietly, keeping her tone as reassuring as possible. She ends the conversation by giving her a hug, and directing her to follow one of the nurses into the ward.

Noah nods. "I will. And yes, I'll gladly pass out sandwiches to everyone." His own stomach rumbles at that, but he does his best to pretend it didn't happen. He looks at Kahren, watching the scene unfold, and especially watches the woman she's speaking with. His expression turns blank, completely shutting down the nervous energy he was exhibiting moments before. "I…I'll go speak with someone about helping. Sorry again about crashing into you." He looks to Graham, with an attempt at a smile. "Hopefully we'll meet again under less trying circumstances." And with that he steps away, to do what he can to help.

"Quite alright, hopefuly you'll be able to find something to help with." Graham says in regards to being run into which he seems to have gotten over rather quickly finally. The auror looking back to Sorcha as she speaks nods "That is very helpful, and I know the healers appreciate it. He looks down the hall as a healers voice reaches him he offers a small wave but its most all he can muster at the moment.

"Here." Sorcha offers the picnic basket in Noah's direction as he starts to head off, nodding towards the healer that came out of the examination area as she finishes sending the woman through, "Perfect chance, eh?" She lifts the lid, revealing that there are several sandwiches already made up and cut into half wedges in a bundle on one side of the basket. Once Noah's had his chance to get one she turns it in Graham's direction, "You should eat one too, come to mention it."

Spotting the raised hand, Kahren returns the gesture with a small smile - before making her way towards the group. "Are those sandwiches?" That's a silly question - of /course/ they're sandwiches. "I haven't had so much as a moment to myself since- well." Everyone knows since when - if they're here, anyways. "I'm glad you're alright, Graham. I heard there were some casualties in the MLE."

Noah gladly takes the basket from Sorcha. "Right, of course." He smiles, and does, in fact, offer one to Graham before moving over to Kahren. "She made them. … Sorcha." He remembers the name. "But I'll pass them out, certainly. I wonder if anyone knows that spell to multiply them. We could feed…you know, everyone." He shrugs. "Geminio curse, I suppose, but a variant, I expect. I'm sure I've read about it." He shrugs. "Thank you for what you're doing, by the way. At some point…I might like to talk to you about your experiences here. I may become a healer, in time."

Graham will give a smalls shrug but shakes his head "I dont think I could eat, thanks though." he hasnt eaten since early morning but no need to say this of course still watching Sorcha and her picnic basket but he turns back to the healer and listens frowning now unable to hide it he nods. "I'm alright was asked to be checked out, and yes we lost.." his voice shakes but he clears it trying to cover for it "Four people." he finaly gets out though he is looking at the ground.

"You're going to in any case." Sorcha says in reply to Graham's refusal of the sandwich. She gives him a long look, one that she seems to feel is likely to result in him eating the sandwich that she's holding out in front of him. She gives his arm another squeeze when he mentions the loss of those from his office, "I heard, I'm sorry." She offers a smile to Kahren, giving Graham a moment to compose himself as the healer goes for the sandwiches, "Sorcha O'Shea. Lovely to meet you, healer. And yes, please, help yourself."

"And on any day but today, I would be happy to," Kahren answers the boy with a wry smile. "I hope today's events don't discourage you - clearly we need talented healers. All we can find." Taking a sandwich she adds, "Thank you."
Her attention shifts to Graham before she's taken to much as a bite, wrapping the man up into a light hug. "Oh I'm so sorry. We lost- we lost Yvonne and Dominic. It's so hard to accept." As she releases Graham, she keeps her head turns away for a moment, wiping at her eyes quickly. "But we carry on." Sorcha she greets with a nod and a smile - the sandwich still held in hands.

Noah nods. "Of course." He looks around. "I'll go help whoever I can." He gives the three a small salute, heading off to go do whatever he can.

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