(1939-07-27) Fall In Line
Details for Fall In Line
Summary: While think tanks and invesitgation has started at the M.L.E. in regards to the Terrorist Attacks, an unexpected visitor appears.
Date: 1939-07-27
Location: M.L.E. - Ministry of Magic
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To say the that the Auror's Office and the Hitwizard Office was busy would be a grave understatement. Outside people are still sitting waiting to be interviewed by some employees of the M.L.E. a large board has been setup in the Auror's office, trying to piece together the best possible time line of the events. While the duty desk has started to be used to assign additional patrols and to sort out responsibility of various people and what they should or need to be doing. With all this chaos going on some Aurors have started to form, "Think Tanks" trying to come up with possible leads as they dig through eyewitness accounts, mainly composing of those who where on scene.
Perhaps the most solemn gesture in the office is a flag, with the M.L.E. Symbol on it hanging on the wall by the waiting area, below it is the pictures of with small plaques underneath, Auror Jon Albertson - North Verdic, Inspector Joseph Denholm - Central Diagon, Sargent Elisabeth Jackson - South Verdic, Constable Wilbert Todd - North Verdic. Written underneath all four pictures is, a black plaque that reads, "May their Character not be forgot and their Sacrifice not be in vain. It is with Honor that we speak their names and in justice they are remembered."
One of these such think tanks is where Arthur can be found, a black armband on right arm as he sits there a stack of reports and files sitting on the table by him and empty chairs around him as he waits he flips through a report, his brow furrowed.

At his small desk off to the hit wizard section of the offices sits Denny filling out mountains and mountains of paperwork, as he had been doing for several days now. There was enough of it piled up atop his desk to make four or five copies of the man himself, but he had been slacking on his paperwork for so long that when he was finally ordered to catch up on it all he found himself with several YEARS worth of paperwork, before he could even really begin to work on the case at hand.

With his hat off to one side, next to a particularly large mug of coffee, a look of sleep deprivation backed away with coffee into the far recesses of his mind. He had already been going through the motions: Sign here, check these boxes, fill these addresses, give a quick description here stamp there. For him it was already mind numbingly dull, and the fact that everyone else in the office seemed in a frenzy to figure out the recent terrorist attack had only served to make him wish even harder that he could be finished with the mass of paperwork.

The funerals have yet to happen, but grief and pain can be felt everywhere in the office. For herself, Rena spared nothing when it came to her clothing, today/ The normally bright and sunshiny redhead (known for dressing in bright and vibrant colours) has shown up in the office wearing an uncharacteristically black day dress. Even the smart -if slightly subdued in style - hat perched atop her head is black. Like so many others, her face is pale and she has the ragged look of one who hasn't had enough rest.
Walking into the office, Rena allows the door to close as quietly behind her as possible. She isn't sure where she belongs today - or if she belongs at all. She's floundering inside and doesn't quite know if she's going to be assigned to anything involving the case in the aftermath of the horrors she witnessed yesterday. She is just an initiate, after all. She has to recieve and follow the orders she's given, when they are given to her. Hesitating as she passes the think-tank where Arthur is located, the young woman hopes to catch his eye - if only to give him a helpless look. This is new to her.

Graham enters the office having been helping with clean up before now. The young auror looks tired but he moves through the busy office any who look at him would notice an oddity a purple flower in his front pocket of his shirt he's not dressed up in his normal robes today. He moves to his desk and unlocks it getting out an all too familure folder one he cant wait to lock up and never look at again before turning it near the back and scanning through it a bit. He may join the group but he needs to find some things first.

As Rena passes Arthur, he gesture with the report he is reading for her to take one of the empty chairs, "Might as well take ah seat." he says softly, not his normal tone at all. He flips a few pages, his hand moving up and rubbing his forehead. "Bloody mess…" he says shaking his head, sitting the open report on the table with a small sigh. Looking at Rena with a nod, "How yeh holden up today." he asks curiously. For now Cohen and Orwell go unnoticed in the chaos of things, with so many people moving around, "Think a couple of the guys are trying to pull together a fund for Albertson's wife and kid." he says nodding.

Though the chaos was overwhelming for Denny Orwell it was for him at least just another day. We was far too preoccupied with his own affairs to pay much mind to anything, even going so far as to not tip his hat to each person who walked past his desk as normally he was one to do. Though for once he was fairly sure no one in their black outfits would pay him mind even if he did. For once in his life, his traditional grey suit was the most colorful thing in the entirety of the MLE, barring one or two potted plants that had started to flower, though he was fairly sure that any minute someone would pass on through and make sure the flowers bloomed a dark shade of black.

Rena forces her lips for form a weak smile. However, it is very short-lived, and the insincerity is quite apparent due to the lack of life in her eyes. "I'm in one piece," she answers softly, moving over to the chair. Upon taking the seat, she removes her hat as she usually does when coming into the office. Unfortunately, this pointedly reveals the fact that her hands are trembling, and she quickly sets it off to the side.
"I'll 'elp, of course," Rena says, giving a faint nod in answer to Arthur's remark about the fund being set up for the family of their fallen co-worker. Glancing around the office uncertainly, she folds her hands in her lap. The older members of staff all seem to be trying to untangle the horrible situation, and she just doesn't know what she should do… other than sit quietly and wait to be spoken to.
"You - Lee," a senior Auror says, glancing up. "You were at the site of the central Diagon Alley attack, weren't you?"

Rena nearly jumps when addressed so abruptly, and she looks like a wide-eyed deer in the headlights briefly. "Y-yes, sir," she answers at length; unsure if she's meant to say more.

The young auror finally finds what he is looking for and takes a much smaller folder out which seems to be a potion ingreidiant list from a while back. Graham adds a few things to the list from what he's found out before pushing his seat back and will spot the two other aurors and the Hit-wizard he makes for the two for now. "Rena." she gets a concerned look but he tries for a smile looking to the other "Nigtengale." he gives a nod to the other "I should speak with you two about yesterday." it is no time to be picky, but he does take a look about the office for one particular auror. He doesnt see her immediately and so will wait for their response.

Arthur pushes a chair over toward Cohen, "Dake a seat dhen, Cohen." he says picking up another file, his eyes moving across it slowly, "Aye, and Cohen was at Central too from da reports." he tells the other Auror, as he flips through things, "Obvious dhat they targeted us yeh know." he tells the group, with a rather annoyed looking frown, "Not primary targets bah secondary." he says slowly, with a small sigh. His hand moving up and running through his hair again with a sigh.

For her part, Rena would much prefer that she never have to think or speak about the events in Diagon Alley again as long as she lives. But, of course… life doesn't work that way when you're an Auror. This is what she does for a living, now.
Dark, somber eyes meet with Graham's as he approaches. She knows she isn't herself - but there's no point in trying to pretend that she's really /alright/ under the circumstances. "What is it, Graham?" She asks presently, still using a very small and subdued voice. The look on his face is hard to read, especially given that he appears to be looking for someone else in the group gathered nearby.
Arthur remarks that they were secondary targets of the attack, and she sinks down rather unhappily in her chair. Enough accusing glances have already been shot her way in the last five minutes that she's begun to feel a burning sensation in her cheeks. Is this partly her fault?

Graham pulls out the seat and plops down on to it, the file held in his hand is brought around to sit in front of him. "This is going to be tough as it's not public knowledge even among auror's but i'll give you both the condensed version. "So the potion we found at Borgan and Burkes and then the abandoned warehouse we went to." he speaks to both but Rena would understand this part "It could be co-coincidence and we'd have to prove it of course. "I was able to investigate the detonation device from the Sweet Temptations briefcase, it contained the same potion it allowed the potions to mix and caused the reaction. The potions.. were some nasty characters all on there own though the reveler spell showed that."

Denny looks over towards the sounds of somewhat familiar voices, now filling out paperwork without really looking at what he's doing on the sheet before him, hours and hours of filling out almost identical sheets leading to a bit of muscle reflex in some senses. He looks about ready to comment, before taking the coffee from his desk, and taking a heavy gulp from the boiling self fill mug.

Arthur shakes his head a bit, "Dhey wanted us da go help." he explains his reasoning, "Why it wasn't an instant effect or somedhing worse." he says to Rena. "Dhey planned for any healers or MLEs da do what we do. " he says shaking his head, "Dhey delayed da delivery so we got a good wiff ah it, if we didn't protect ourselves right off da bat." he explains, "I dhink dhey wanted da make us look weak and unable da handle dhings like dis." he says looking between Graham and Rena, for their thoughts.
He listens though quietly as Graham speaks nodding a bit, "Gotta catch meh up a bit." he says with a nod, "Was the Army of Truth involved with da other potion?" he asks curiously, "Could be a frame job." he suggest to Rena and Graham, "Some un, dryen da shift da heat of another investigation onto da AoT, would explain da secondary target too." he says with a nod, reaching over to a table and picking up his own mug of burnt and cold coffee and taking a sip.

Somber and silent, Rena listens to Graham report on the potions used and the detonation device. At first, she makes no remark of her own as Arthur then speaks. Some of what he says takes a little weight off of her mind, but not much. She's feeling an increasingly sick little knot in her stomach as she worries about the degree of responsibility she may be for the tragedy.
"It's a long story, Arthur," Rena says quietly, keeping her voice down. "Ongoing investigation largely to do with the Department of Mysteries. Group of Aurors was ambushed and an extrmely important /item/ was stolen. Long and short of it is that a dangerous family of people by the name Vengal is involved. They took up residence in an elderly gent's 'ouse temporarily and wiped 'is memory of it. Graham 'ere managed to track down the stored memory and follow it back to 'im. But the fellow got scared and ran like a rabbit. In order to find 'im, we 'ad to employ the services of Mister Vermilion, and once we did, we were able to locate and question 'im at Borgan and Burke's. Unfortunately, while we did so, some unknown intruders broke into the shop and knocked the bookman unconscious. Oddly, they left be'ind a residue… that lubricant Graham was talking about." Pausing, she gestures at her fellow Auror. "Which apparently now was used in the devices that were used in the attack. I suppose it's possible that the Vengals are be'ind it, in that case?"

Graham ponders the idea "I've never heard that they are with the army of truth, but they are the right sort for it a secret family who I know believes in the superiority of wizards. They gone into extream measures like torture just to keep their family name secret and so I dont see why they couldnt have been some part of it. Of course it could be nothing but at least one lead to follow up on." he says looking between the two for a moment.

Arthur listens to Rena nodding as he sips his rather horrid coffee, but hey coffee is coffee at times like this. When she finishes, he looks between both of them again, "So ah frame job?" he says furrowing his brow a bit trying to wrap all this new information around his head. Clearly this new information could completely alter the course of the whole investigation. "Or yeh dhink the AoT has been working on da sidelines for awhile?" he says slowly, furrowing his brow. "Maybe we should bring Looney Mood in an ask him a few questions?" he says slowly, look between the two.

A few more pointed glances drift in Rena's direction. Feelings are running on an understandible high today, and a good many people aren't exactly pleased to recall her involvement and apparent friendship with Mister Moody. Needless to say, Rena's cheeks become tinged with a shameful blush once more, and she leaves her gaze directed to her hands in her lap.
"I don't know," she says in a very helpless and extremely unhelpful manner. It could be a frame job. It could be that Brad really was a bad man, after all. If she says anything in defense of the Army of Truth or its members, at the moment, she has the distinct foreboding feeling of having her proverbial block knocked off. Quite possibly by broody Orwell, who's off to the sidelines still.

Graham looks to Arthur before back to Rena at both of the questions "It could be both or neither. That's the tough part we have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these brief case weapons had something to do with either party and then those guilty have to be brought down swiftly." he looks to Rena mostly now as she blushes he is confused as to why though he's heard tail of the question and answer session and all.

Arthur nods looking a bit confused in all of this, trying to put all the pieces together in his mind. Obviously this is a rather complicated situation and he is not sure what to make of it. The muggle tactic he uses that is refereed to as "Profiling" is still a rather new thing and he isn't a master at it or anything. With a deep sigh he stands up, "Let meh check on a few things…" he says with nod too Graham and Rena. As he pushed himself up out of his chair, with a rather deep and frustrated sigh as he headed over to his desk.
Not too long after that, a rather unexpected development happens, none other then Brad Moody enters the waiting area, telling the front desk he would like to speak with an Auror, not making a specific request for anyone. Taking a seat he crosses his legs and straightens out his bow tie. The pointed glances and looks, the anger in the air, the hatred for him, seems to go unnoticed all together as he sits there, in his black suit and black bow tie, silently waiting.

With the sudden change in atmosphere about the place, Denny couldn't help but look up from the mass of papers atop his desk. Unsure of why exactly things had gone from somber reflection to heated anger in the span of about five seconds. Denny sat upright, looking over towards Brad, reaching over for something inside of his coat pocket, which was rather large and gunshaped, before deciding he wasn't exactly willing to risk his job over someone he'd worked security for several times before. So instead he imply offered a rather simple tip of his hat, before realizing he was no longer wearing it.

Rena's eyes follow Arthur as he rises to his feet and leaves them for the moment. It's strange for the plucky little redhead to be so subdued and emotionless as she is today, but certainly to be expected.
Her attention is drawn away momentarily by a murmur of voices toward the front of the office. They are followed by an extremely familiar voice… a celebrity's voice… The voice of the Army of Truth, himself. "Mister Moody!" She exclaims thinly, her voice scarcely registering.
Rising to her feet in an instant, she's already begun to self-consciously wring her hands a little with anxiety. Of all the places in the world, he had to walk into their office today. Denny's actions do not go unnoticed; and her eyes flick toward Graham immediately. She knows how he feels about the man, and how likely there may be a very serious incident if something doesn't put out the fire, quick sharp.
Her movements are fast, and she slips past the group hurriedly. Trying to maintain some shred of composure without running, she approaches Brad's location: "Mister Moody." She says with a nervous nod: "What can we do for you?"

Graham is usualy a calm and easy going person, the last day or so have been trying to say the least and images which he'll likely never get out of his head again are stained to his brain. He follows the murmers before finding out why. His arms cross over one another but the look he gives is not happy at all he shifts about to move when Rena does and so he stays seate with his arms crossed it is clear he is NOT happy with this turn of events.

Brad stands up and offers Rena a small smile and nod, "Ah Miss Lee." he says warmly, as he brush off dust that doesn't exist from his suit, "Well troubled times." he says with a deep and painful sigh, not his usual over exaggerated self at all. "Why I came in, in hopes that I could speak to an Auror and answer any questions." he says letting out a deep sigh, looking at the pictures of the fallen M.L.E.s a frown on his face, "Seeming as apparently many people are already speaking in whispered tones that it must have been myself or the Army of Truth…" he says slowly, sounding a bit hurt by this. "Can't say I condone the acts." he says slowly shaking his head before turning his attention back to Rena, "Though no offense too you Miss Lee, but I would prefer another Auror to ask the questions, I would hate for things to continue to get twisted." he explains with a small nod.

"T-truth be told," Rena answers quickly, still looking incredibly unnerved: "I was about to say the same, sir. It's best if I don't 'ave anything to do with questioning you… as you say, no offense."
The petite redhead looks about the room in an uncertain way. There isn't a friendly face to be seen in the whole lot of them. Who's going to do the questioning? And, for that matter, who's going to do it with mere words? So many people would love to wring the man's neck at the moment that the feeling of animocity is palpable in the air. However, she can do nothing but demurely step aside and let senior officers take command of the situation… and hope for the best.

Suddenly with the Brads words Denny knew just what to do. He stood up, one hand on his coffee mug, the other deep inside of his pocket. He knew full well e wasn't looking to talk to just any old hit-wizard, but he'd be damned before he passed up the chance to avoid paperwork for the time being. Even if it meant more later. "Mr.Moody, I'd be happy to take your questions," His voice calm and friendly as he made his way to the man, doing his best to look professional.

Brad smiles and nods, "No offense taken Miss Lee, I have nothing to hide and no reason not to answer any questions the hard working people at the M.L.E. has to ask, which is why I am sure I am saving you a good chunk of time and paperwork by volunteering." he says nodding. Then Denny stands up and offers, Brad nods softly, "Wonderful." he says offering Rena a smile, "If you will excuse me Miss Lee." he says politely to her moving to follow Denny off.

Denny rises to the occasion and offers to take Brad off to some secluded area where they can have a little chat… and Rena never felt such a wave of foreboding in her life.
Swallowing hard, she starts forward to say something; but a warning glance from a superior tells her to shut up and stand down. This is not her concern, and she's not going to interfere. No matter how badly she would like to say one more thing to Brad before he leaves, she's not going to get a chance now.
Depressed and dejected, the young woman simply backs away and returns to the circle of other wizards to wait for Arthur's return. What else can she do now, but hope for the best? And sincerely hope that Mister Orwell doesn't decide to rearrange the gentleman's face.

Graham finaly watches as the hit-wizard goes over to the man and looks like he will do the interview he sighs but his face doesnt let go of its hard stare as he stands up to follow after them this does require and auror dark magic was used afterall. He doesnt want to speak to that man however its the job afterall and he does need to get answers its a slow walk to follow but he's not moving to hide or anything in the middle of the auror's office.

Leading the way with a rather calm stride to his step, Denny takes leads the small trio to a metal door, at the end of a short hallway somewhat off the beaten trail. As he opens the door, the room looks to be rather plain with grey walls, and a bland looking metal table in the center of the room, with two chairs. This room would as luck would have it happen to be Denny's favorite place to take suspects, just this simple windowless room. "Take a seat if you'd be so kind, Mr.Moody."

Brad nods and moves to take the sear, his leg coming up and crossing across his knee as he sits there. His hands adjusting his bow tie for a moment, before looking between the two M.L.E. employees, "Not the coziest of spots." he says with a nod, looking at the grey walls with a small frown on his face. "Anyway I am more then happy any questions you have, though I am really not sure as too why people are even considering that the AoT could have had an hand in this." he says with a deep sigh shaking his head.

Graham will stand leaned against the wall watching both of the others here he land on Brad as he speaks about the room. "It isnt really meant to be a place to hold afternoon tea." his voice isnt harsh just matter of fact. The next words cause an eyebrow to arch "Do you mean beyond the overly obvious Mr Moody?"

With a bit of a calm expression, Denny walks over towards the side of the table, placing down his coffee mug, near the corner. He allows the two to speak, before taking a seat of his own, pulling out a small pad of paper, and a pen from his jacket his movements showing the man to be armed with several rather interesting muggle weapons, as he starts to jot a few things down on the page that at a glance just look like swirls and scribbles. After writing whatever it is down, he places the pen back down offering Brad a cup of water.

Brad looks around again, "Tis a shames, afternoon tea would be rather delightful." he responds to Graham offering him a small of. "The obvious…" he says tapping his chin, "Which is exactly, if you do not mind me inquiring?" he says tilting his head a bit to the right, his eyes falling on Graham and staring at him, awaiting his response. "Also I don't believe I caught either of your names…" he says tapping his chin for a moment, though soon enough water is offer and Brad gratefully declines, "Not thirty but thank you." he says offering Denny a nod and a smile.

He watches as the water is offered and denied though he re-focuses on Brad as he's spoken to again. The auror wont answer about the tea h's not really in an amusement mood after the days he's had after all who would be. "I'm Graham Cohen. The obvious being Mr Moody that the eye of truth." he manages not to add the "so-called." in this very one time. "Was seen at the site of the attacks. I will leave it at that for now."

Denny takes a deep sip of his own mug of coffee, before checking back over the pad of paper idly, waiting for the introductions to finish. He seems just at a glance to be a somewhat happy fellow, and almost charming just in the way he holds himself. Though as he folds the pad closed completely again, and folds his hands one over the other something feels off about him.

Brad lets out a deep sigh, putting his wrists together and offering them to Graham, "Ah your powerful skills of deduction Mr. Cohen has solved the case. Take me away to Azkaban." he says in a rather sarcastic tone, looking at Graham, before pulling his arms back, "So it was obviously the AoT, because the Eye of Truth was present." he says slowly, "We will ignore logic and reason, that first of all the Eye of Truth was used before the formation of the Army of Truth, that those who view a twisted and cruel version of the Great Grindelwald also bare the symbol." he says slowly with a sigh, "So it seems obvious to me, that…" he starts and gives Graham a rather pointed look, "That there is nothing more then a bit of circumstantial evidence." he says slowly.
Adjusting slightly in his chair, "I am sure, Mr. Cohen, that you are surly a Professional and would never allow your political or personal, view interfere with an investigation." he says slowly, "And that you took what I just said into consideration, along with the fact that I have claimed various times there is no place for violence within the Army of Truth, that you also took into consideration that my recent Session at the Community Hall, that the words I spoke, dismissed many of those who would seek violence as an answer and now those people consider both Me and the Army of Truth as blood traitors and misunderstanding the Great Grindelwald's message." he says slowly, clicking his tongue against his cheek.
He begins leaning forward and staring at Graham, "You obviously took all of that into account, along with me simply showing up voluntarily, before making such a brash statement that it is considered I am the Army of Truth, was involved simply on the appearance of a symbol." he says slowly, leaning back in his chair, "Would you be so willing to lay blame, if the words, 'Unity' had appeared, Mr. Cohen." he says slowly tilting his head, before a smile comes across his face, and he shrugs clapping his hands together, "Though we are getting off topic, I am here to answer questions, so ask away!" he says nodding.

Graham cannot help but chuckle at Brads words which may seem an odd response to say the least but the chuckle fades and he shakes his head a little. "I am not so easy to draw in as that Mr Moody, neither am I trying to charge you or your organization with a crime at the moment, but we would be foolish, and do the entire wizarding world a disservice if we didnt follow every lead to it's conclusion and so we will do so until those responsible are found and caught. If it were the sign for Unity we'd be asking questions of them yes." He looks to Denny and gives a nod so he may begin keeping his spot against the wall.

With a low nod, Denny looks over towards Brad, saying rather calmly. "Where where you at the time of the incident in question Mr.Moody?" His voice rather friendly, and kind as he speaks looking towards the pad of paper.

Brad smiles softly, at the chuckle nodding, "That would certainly require someone attempting to draw you in, Mr. Cohen." he says simply, "Ah you would wouldn't you." he says slowly nodding, "Follow every lead as you put it." he says slowly, "So I am sure you will actually be conducting interviews with members of the Unity Party and Preservation Society, since it would be quiet possible for a member or the organization itself, to have done this in an attempt to slander the appearance of the Army of Truth." he says slowly, clicking his tongue against his cheek, "Because as you said, every lead… failing to do so would as you said be a disservice to the Wizarding World, and with the information I clearly just pointed out, it could easily be a opposing political party." he says nodding.
His hand moving up across his face, "Tomorrow on Cauldron Talk, Auror Graham Cohen, vows to investigate the Unity Party and Preservation Society for possible connections to the terrorist attack." he says with a chuckle, politely returning the favor to the or Auror, "Or do you prefer, Tomorrow on Cauldron Talk, Auror Graham Cohen states that every lead will be followed as long as it doesn't fall into his own political views?" he says slowly, "Because like you said, Every Lead, and the possibility that an opposing view is attempting to frame me is no more circumstantial, then the Eye of Truth being present." he nods slowly.
Then Denny asks him a question and he smiles, "I actually was at the WWN, in Hogsmeade, at the time of the attacks." he says nodding, "Which can be supported by not only my assistant but various other staff members of the WWN. They will also be able to inform you that I had been in my office and studio, since my the night before and the day before. After my show on the twenty fifth of of July, I remained at the WWN, the rest of that day and night into the next day, working on the new show about to air, Quizard and my regular programe Cauldron Talk." he says with a nod.

Graham arches his eyebrow "If the leads go that direction, than yes I will investigate them." The young man shakes his head "Ah, but I said nothing of the sort Mr Moody, I belive that I agreed indeed to investigate whatever leads there may be placing my views aside." he is calm and cool all the while though if there is anything angry it might be in his eyes which is more because well reaaally bad few days and.

Taking back up his pen, Denny calmly writes down presumably what's being said on the pad of paper, nodding his head, still remaining rather calm on the exterior. After his quick scribing of events, Denny offers a subtle nod in Moody's direction. "Have you in the last six months purchased any potion ingredients, and if so, what did you purchase?" His tone suggesting more that the man is reading from a checklist of questions while still sounding sincerely interested.

Brad taps his chin, "Ah but you did, you said that you and the M.L.E. would follow Every Lead, as you just said and I do believe the possibility of either party being involved is just as likely, because as you said people believe I and the AoT have a hand in it, because of the the overly obvious presence of the Eye of Truth and we have already established you are a professional, you obviously wouldn't ignore the possibility I outlined, simply due to your political views. So I do expect you to do as you said and follow Every Lead too its conclusion and so we will do so until those responsible are found and caught." he says with a small shrug.
"So I am sure my listeners will be very pleased to hear that you will be investigating the Unity Party and Preservation Society, along with every other lead that crosses your path. Your service and dedication, is truly admirable." he says slowly, "Though curiously enough, I do wonder if the M.L.E. will be so kind as to have M.L.E. employees associated with the AoT conduct those interviews, to ensure non biased views based on political associations." he says smiling at Graham, before pulling out a notebook and beginning to write down pretty much everything he has just, exactly quoting Graham's words.
As Denny's question comes, Brad taps his chin for a moment clearly in thought, "Well Sir, I can't recall any that I have bought. I may have sent my assistant out to purchase some, but she also does the brewing. Sadly I have been so busy the past six months, I can't even find the time to enjoy a book, yet dedicate myself to brewing a potion for my most common aliment, headaches." he says with a small sigh.

"I will follow leads as they come yes, and any evidence gathered will lead to other leads until we track down those responsible down and have them sent to Azkaban." Graham says though giving a shrug "I'm afraid who gets sent out where doesn't fall within my power. I do not wish my words placed on your show Mr Moody with all due respect. I will follow all creditable leads this is all that I can promise and that those who are guilty will be found. I apologize but I must get back to something Mr Orwell will finish up his questions." with this he nods his head to both and will make his way out .

Brad smiles at Graham, "The key words to say then Mr. Cohen is 'Off the record.'" he explains with a small shrug, "I look forward to tomorrow's Broadcast." is all he says in return to Graham as he makes his departure. "And I am sure you will, which is why I will have my assistant forward the hundreds of threatening and hateful letters I have received, especially those who claim they will stop me and the Army of Truth, by Any means necessary, no matter what the cost." he says slowly with a smirk, "I am certain that qualifies as credible." he says returning his attention to Denny.

After several hours of interrogation, questions ranging from the rather simple straight foreword ones to rather on the nose and almost accusatory ones interspersed in such a way that they all seem far too routine for their own good, it seems that Denny has started to reach a conclusion of his own, the questions in reality picked specifically to see if the man Can push brad far enough that he'll admit what he knows of his own accord, without Denny having to resort to any sort of violent tactics. Though for a lack of any time keeping devices anywhere in the room, it could have only been a few minutes or even a few days of relentless calmly asked questions.

Finally Brad has had enough, standing up with a gentle smile towards Denny, he says slowly, "Thank you Sir." and nods politely, "At this time I think we are done here." he says nodding, "However if you have any more questions for me, please feel free to contact my Lawyer." he says reaching into his jacket pocket and removing a small card and sitting it in the table, with a rather aggressive tap. "Not me, not my assistant, not the WWN, him." he says slowly with a nod. His sudden change in demeanor, can easily tip Denny off that perhaps Brad knows more than he is letting on, even if he can't prove it for now.

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