(1939-07-27) North Verdic Cleanup
Details for North Verdic Cleanup
Summary: Indviduals gather in North Verdic to aide in the recovery any way possible.
Date: 1939-07-27
Location: North Verdic
Plot: For The Greater Good
Related: Attack on the Alleys

Following the recent events in Verdic Alley, Gus and many other shopkeepers have quite a job to do, to restore things to working order. For his part, one of the combusted victims ran right into his flower-box, taking it and part of the window frame with him. The large picture window that had once proudly displayed the name - Rousseau Vineyards - has been shattered, and glass lies all over the floor of the shop as well as amid the alley cobblestones.

All of the wines that once graced the shelves have been taken away to prevent theft or ruination from the increased temperature. Gus himself, pale and drawn, is not wearing his fancy misty grey robes, but rather sturdy clothes to work in. The black mourning band is still there around his left arm.

Pinned to his shirt, just above his heart, is a small purple carnation, still abud. There is a little girl who looks enough like him to be his sister who is offering the purple carnations to passers-by. "Memorial for the victims," she explains to those who question.

During these trouble times the Shafiq family has moved forward to aide those affected by the crisis. Many have offered up their homes to effected Children who have lost Guardians or Parents, until more permeant residence can be found. The mainline, has actually not only shut down the Harpy Radio Factory allowing all employees to have time off too mourn with pay. With this though, others such as Zayn have begun to volunteer aide in helping the shops to recovery during this very important season for many.
Here in North Verdic for the day, he has found himself wearing a simple pair of jeans and black short sleeved shirt, ready to help in anyway he can. He has been talking to the owner of Wiztruth Robes, his hand every so often moving up and tapping his chin in thought as they discuss business strategies and ways to recover. Once the conversation has finally ended he makes his way across over by Augustin, "Rousseau." he says with a small nod, he of course remember him, they were the same year before what happened, offering him a gentle smile before looking at the shop tapping his chin for a moment, "Looks like you dodge the hard blunt of things." he says nodding, "Well in comparison to others." he says slowly.

Esther attends wearing black. It's an unusual color on her, it sits heavily even though it's a light fabric, a long dress that's fitted close to the skin, and a matching black shawl is tied loosely around her neck. To say she looks pensive as she walks through Verdic Alley is an unstatement, the worry is writ obviously upon her face. It's eased as soon as she spies Zayn though - Talking to Augustin though he may; she provides almost no warning of her approach - Save for the light footfalls as she breaks into a run. She is incredibly light on her feet, and she seems to pay little attentionto the wreckage around her for a moment, she's intent on one thing.
It's Zayn. Of course. And the slender young woman wraps her arms around him from behind, and hugs into him about as firmly as she can. If for no other reason; the wild expanse of hair that she's so well known for should give her away.

Gus looks up at Zayn, recognizes him, and reaches out to shake hands. "Shafiq," he returns. He looks from his shop to the devestation elsewhere, and nods, his face drawn in serious lines. "This time," he agrees. "We did." Little Lizette holds up a purple carnation bud to Zayn. "Hi," she greets quietly.

Gus sees Esther coming - who can miss all that hair - and gives her a sad sort of smile. "Lowe," he greets her as she hugs her boyfriend. "Are you two here to help?" he asks. "I, er, never learned a charm to fix broken glass. I was going to sweep it all up." He points to a broom leaning against his door.

Zayn looks a bit surprised when he is suddenly greeted by Esther, his eyes going wide as he is staring at Augustin, though once he realizes who it is, he nods, "Esther Lowe, 10 points from Slytherin." he teases, though he nods, "I am glad you are okay, my family has been busy since yesterday." he says nodding slowly, allowling her to continue to embrace him. "Hmmm.." he says slowly, "Well I have never tried on an object this size, but I can certainly try." he says nodding as he pulls out his wand, "Mainly here do scout for Father, which businesses will need the most help. The Shafiq's do not desire any shops being facing this alone." he says nodding.
"Have you come up with a recovery business plan or have you in the past created a fund to hold you through hard times in case of a situation like this?" he asks curiously. With a flcik of his wand he says, "Reparo." and while parts of the window start to mend and a good chunk of it seems to get fix it still lays broken. "Well darn…" Zayn says with his typical lackluster tone for most of anything.
Zayn also takes the carnation bud with a smile and nod, "Thank you." he says softly.

"Zayn Shafiq; if you don't stop docking points I'm going to take your badge and permanently attach it to your forehead." Esther murmurs her threat with a bit of affection, nuzzling into him for a moment before she looks up at Augustin. Wearing a mild blush, she nods to him and adds. "Hello, Augustin." A glance at the window, and Zayn's failed attempt to fix it, causes her to slowly let him out of her arms and suggest. "I could have a try. Otherwise, if you sweep it close and wait for someone suitably skilled to assist it's significantly better than replacing the window." She remains by Zayn's s side however.

Gus grins slightly at Zayn's teasing of Esther. "Thank you," he tells Zayn, watching while the boy tries to fix the window. His shoulders sag a bit when it doesn't quite work. "Please," he says to Esther. "Feel free. You can't damage it any more than it was." Then he notices Lizette shyly staring up at the others. "Zayn, Esther, this is my little sister, Lizette. Liz, this is Mr. Shafiq and Miss Lowe." He pats the little girl on her shoulders. "She'll be starting Hogwarts this year," he tells them.

Lizette curtseys prettily, and presents Esther with a flower, too. "How do you do?" she asks politely. "I like your hair."

"Which badge?" Zayn asks curiously, "I have two now." he says with a small nod, "Aye I think M.A.C. is trying to help in as much as they can, I believe they are simply a bit overwhelmed." he says nodding. "Coming from Diagon Alley, to here it does seem that they are working their way towards this point, but are doing a rather bang up job." he says nodding slowly, as he tucked his wand away again. Zayn offers Liz a small smile, "Pleasure to meet you." he says inclining his head in greeting, "I am well enough consider the situation." he tells her, before looking at Gus, "I will keep an eye out for her, even if she isn't in my house." he reassures Gus with a gentle nod.

Graham moves down the street though it is really the last place he wants to be after yesterday which was to say not a good day, but if he can help with fixing things up while also taking a second look around all the better. He's dressed down not in work robes today but a long sleeve shirt and pants with a hat on his head. The young man will turn the corner and spotting the small group he'll continue down their way.

Esther smiles a little bit at the young girl, and accepts it - It's placed delicately in her hair, "Thank you, young miss. I'm sorry for your losses; I hope things are well soon." A glance at Zayn, before she informs the girl. "Mr. Shafiq can be a bit of an idiot sometimes, but he is really /very/ nice under it all. So if you need anything at school, don't hesitate to come find him." She tightens her shawl a little bit, and adds to Zayn. "Prefect. I don't think the head boy would take points off his girlfriend for breaking curfew." A bit of a tease; before she draws her wand and flicks it at the window as well. "Reparo." More of the glass shifts, the window reassembling moreso, building up at least a decent third of the massive pane of glass. "Or any other rules I might break. Congratulations, by the way."
Augustin gives you a cookie.

"Thanks," Gus says again to Zayn. Gus, for his part, carefully watches the other two doing reparo, and tries it himself. And success! A bit more of the window flies up into place - there is still a good portion left to fix, however. "Hnh," he says, staring at his wand. "Why didn't I think of that?" he mutters to himself.

"I want to be a Gryffindor," Liz tells Zayn seriously. "What's your house?" She nods at Esther. "I won't hesitate," she promises.

Zayn has no comment on him being an idiot sometimes, "Debatable, I think the Head Boy would indeed take points off." he says with a small nod, "Thank you, though it was to be expected." he says nodding. "But yes anything you need feel free to ask." he says nodding, "Slytherin." he says softly with a nod, "Nothing wrong with Gryffindor or any other house for that matter, they all have their merits." he says nodding, looking back over at Esther he tilts his head, "Are you prepared for WADA? Have you concluded on your studies?" he asks curiously. "I sadly have been studying Business all summer, haven't picked up my violin once." he says with a small sigh, before looking back at Gus, "Rousseau, you know if you require anything to simply send me an owl and I will do my best to make sure it is done, correct?" he asks curiously.

"Perhaps by inch meal, Augustin, but it will eventually come together." Esther provides some kind of reassurance, and she nods to Liz. "Don't worry, he might be a snake but unless you're breaking curfew he won't bite." A smirk at Zayn. "Luckily for you we will not have to find out. I have taken a major in Performing Arts and a minor in Fine Arts - Assuming I can get my license to Apparate, I will be able to see you every other weekend. And while you have been studying business; I have been studying my steps, dear Zayn." A slow shake of her head, as that teasing grin tugs at her face. "I'm afraid that you won't be able to keep pace with me any more."

"Ah, Mr Rousseau." Graham says the only one of the people here he's met before as far as he remembers anyways. He can see they care cleaning up the damages and will watch as hey fix a bit more before he approaches closer "Its very good of you all to help clean up." he looks tot he two he's not met before "Graham Cohen, don't believe we've met before." he says though he is friendly and

"I never answered you question," Gus says suddenly to Zayn. "We, er… have some gold set by. And we own our house and the vineyards and everything outright. If this shop fails, it'll hurt, but it won't cripple us." He nods at the other boy's offer of help. "Thank you, mate." Gus listens carefully to Esther, frowning thoughtfully. "Can I have a look at your WADA brochure?" Gus asks quietly. "If you don't mind? I've never really heard of it before and… it sounds interesting." A bit of embarrassed blush touches his cheeks for a second. He turns his head quickly at Graham's greeting. "Mr. Cohen," he says. "This is Mr. Zayn Shafiq, and Miss Esther Lowe. And my little sister, Lizette Rousseau." He points to the shop behind him - the shelves, which used to hold dozens and dozens of bottles of wine, are now empty, the beautifully carved planter is burned, along with part of the window frame, and the large picture window had been shattered, and is only slowly being repaired, one Reparo at a time. "This is my shop." The girl holds out a small purple carnation bud to Graham. "Here, sir," she says. "In rememberance of the victims."

Zayn lets out a small "Hmmm" before nodding, "Well then I will simply have to find a new way to sweep you off your feet." he says nodding, "Should I be concerned you will write me one day stating you found the most dashing performing arts major and he has swept you off your feet?" he teases, though his tone is rather deadpan. As Graham approaches he offers the man a nod, "Zayn Shafiq, first son of Raful Shafiq." he says in greeting. Though as Gus answer comes, he simply nods. "Well if you think of anything, we will do the best we can too help." he says nodding. Listening to the ehange about WADA Zayn frowns slightly, "Well I hear it is an excellent educational source." he says nodding slowly.

"I will drop it by tomorrow?" Esther suggests quietly. "I did not bring it with me today. Although you should be warned that tuition is not inexpensive." That does take her out of the firing line at Hogwarts though, which her parents are more than happy about - as a bastion of Wizarding Culture, they assume WADA is safe. She glances sidelong at Zayn, and adds. "I somehow doubt it. I have a beautiful man with a beautiful soul; as long as he doesn't forget his mildly insane girlfriend amidst all the fame, adventure and attention at Hogwarts my heart is his." Graham is noted with a slight nod. "Esther Lowe." She doesn't introduce her parents.

Graham will nod to each as they give introductions. "It's good to meet you both." he does glance to the shop a moment and sigh slightly "May I help at all with the clean up?" the auror asks after a moment though he smiles to the younger girl and accepts the flower placing it in the front pocket of his shirt. "I'll keep it until I catch those responsible." and likely knowing him he will do as he says.

Gus nods gratefully to Zayn again. "Will do," he promises. Esther gets a shy sort of smile. "I just want to read about it," he tells her. "I don't even know if I can go - my family still needs me. But maybe once Lizette is in school…" he trails off, looking thoughtful, and then shrugs at her. He gives Graham a grateful look. "Yes, please, Mr. Cohen. If you could finish with the window - and do you know what I should use to fix the fire damage to the wood?" The window planter is almost totally destroyed, and the frame of the window is burned right through in one place, and rather well charred in others. Luckily the majority of the building face was in brick.

Lizette gives Graham a wistful sort of smile and curtseys, then approaches a new person with another flower.

Zayn nods slowly, "That reminds me, I am suppose to inform you that a social event is coming up that we are hosting and your presence is requested." he tells Esther with a nod, "Mother would like sometime to hold a conversation with you." he says nodding, not commenting more on the situation, except to say, "I love you too, Esther." before his attention returns to Graham, "I assure you the pleasure is of course mine, Sir." he says nodding. Smiling his gentle smile at Gus, "Good to hear it." he says nodding. His hand moving up to run through his hair, "Who ever did this certainly caused quiet the mess and commotion, violence is never the solution." he says shaking his head.

"You never know. Time takes great delight in making fools of us all." Esther leans up and places a brief kiss upon Zayn's cheek. "I have an errand to attend to. Perhaps we'll have time for lunch at some point today." She offers a slight nod to all assembled; "And I shall see you anon."

Morgana heard about the tradgey that happened the day before, and while the shop she works at is a few streets away, it doesn't mean she wasn't going to come and help wit the clean up. She's dress in her light weight violet robes and her hair has grown out long enough that she can pull it back out of her face. FOr a moment she looks a bit lost, but seeing a gathering of students that she vaguley recrognizes, she quietly approches them. "Have I missed all of the work?" The former Head Girl asks.

The auror will look towards the window and remove his wand from his sleeve "Reparo." he flicks his wand and the window is restored to new form. "I wish the violence could always be avoided, but i've learned from my job sometimes to stop additional harm it is nessisary." Graham sighs though he looks to the marks on the walls and everything thats pointed out "Cleansing Charm should work. Admitedly I never practiced that one much though." he smirks slightly

There's a loud crack as someone apparates into the area - that someone being Auror Consultant Shelley, wearing a rather grim expression on her features. She's not allowed to actively work cases - but no one can stop her from helping clean up this mess. "I know the cleansing charm," she remarks, perhaps surprisingly. Who would have thought /Shelley/ would know that sort of thing.

Gus is silent for a while as the others speak their opinions about violence. He glances at his sister, who is out of their hearing, for now. "Whoever did this is responsible for the murder of a couple dozen innocent people - even children," he says, his voice low and filled with anger. "They should be burned at the stake." He folds his arms and glowers at the damage to his shop, and more specifically at the large scorch-mark on the pavement beneath his window where a man died screaming in agony. "Burned near to death and then healed again for each victim they killed, before being allowed to die. That's the only way justice will be served." He's clasping his own arms so tightly that his knuckles are white. He starts at the crack of Apparition and looks wide-eyed at Shelley. "Thank you," he tells her.

Zayn runs his hand through his hair, "I never see violence as any solution, it simply breeds more hate and more violence." he says with a small shrug, "We find through History that extreme acts, met with extreme reactions often simply make the situation worse." he says nodding, "While I do not condone what happened, I would rather see the bloodshed stop with it." he says softly, looking at Shelley as she appears offering her a incline of his head in greeting.

Graham spins around quickly at the sound of the apparating figure his wand in his hand. He quickly sees who it is though and lowers it "Sorry Shelley, but on edge." he says apologetically to her though as she says she can fix some of the damage he nods gratefully. He looks to Gus and frowns slightly "We'll catch them and they'll be sent packing one-way to Azkaban trust me i've visited there and it will be justice enough wont fix what they've done but stop them from doing it again." he will move over to Shelley leaning over he says something speaking low for only her to hear, she may notice the flower in his shirt pocket as well. He is soon looking back to the shop. He looks to Zayn now "I wish it were that easy, but as Shelley and I are auror's it doesn't for now anyways."

"Oh, no, Azkaban's much more fitting," Shelley answers the boy, flashing him a tight, grim smile. "They get to suffer for longer. And no need for thanks."
As Graham points a wand at her, she raises her eyebrows, looking amused by his action. "I think we all are." The whisper in her air gets a nod of understanding. "Of course."
She moves away from Graham, and over to the stain on the ground, crouching to touch it briefly, her eyes closing. Poor sod. Only after a few moments like that does she rise, and pull out her wand. "Tergeo." The stain begins to siphon away from the ground.

"That could have been my father - my little sister," Gus argues. It could have been one of them that died, burned alive. What if it had been Esther?" he asks Zayn. "Or your mother or father? Would you still feel so calm, then?" He looks at Graham, frowning. "If Dementors can make them suffer like the victims here suffered, then I'm all for it. They don't deserve to while away the rest of their days in a cell, comfy and well fed, when these people —" his voice breaks. He has to stop talking. "God, if you'd seen them… heard them… the smell…" He runs a hand over his face and shudders.

Zayn nods slowly, "I do not believe this is a good time for a philosophical debate." he says offering Gus a smile, "Too soon." he says nodding, "But I think we can all agree that justice needs and will be served." he says slowly with a nod, he watches as people help more for what they can do to start fixing things. "The strength though of the Wizarding Community is to pull together in times of need and to recognize that in giving we receive." he says nodding slowly, "That is what will aide in us recovering from this tragedy." he continues.

Graham will step back to see if he can help fix anything else as Shelley works on the stains. He looks back to Gus a moment "Dementors make you relive your worst memories for all time, until you cant even remember what happy is until you forget who you are." he says calmly but as he continues it is a litttle harder "I did Mr Reuseau, I was at Sweet Temptations I ran into the building carried people out tried every spell that I knew to save them and couldnt do much than slow it until the trick was found." his voice is a little cold but he takes a deep breath before looking back "My appologies, like I said a bit on edge."

"I saw as well," Shelley answers Augustin. And it hadn't been terribly good for the mind curse she'd been left with some while ago. "And trust us - Azkaban is not comfortable. The minds of the sort of people that end up there - they're full of memories you would rather not relive." She continues working on the stains as she talks - a grim expression on her features. It feels somehow /wrong/ to remove these marks - but they can't be left. Not if Diagon and Verdic are to recover.

Gus shudders again, and nods at Zayn. "You're probably right," he says, looking and sounding very tired, all of a sudden. "No wonder you're Head Boy. Look at you, all wise and stuff." He listens to Graham, and his face pales. "That… that would be fitting," he concedes. "Remind me never to break the law and end up there." The way he's staring at the stain Shelly is cleaning up may indicated that the memory of the man's demise is right up there, ranking slightly below the memory of his mother's murder. "My own nightmares are more than enough." He nods to Shelley. "I… I was really just… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset either of you. Thank you, Miss…" he trails off, realizing that he doesn't know her name.

Zayn simply waves his hand, "I am only head boy because it is expected of me." he says simply with a sigh. Reaching over and taking Gus' shoulder in his grip he looks him in the eyes, "Never apoligize for how you feel, everyone in the past year have been through a great deal, more so then others." he says nodding, "But allowing ourselves to unite and work together, that is driven by our feelings." he says with a gentle smile, his hand pulling back softly, nodding at Gus. "Also you need to get things back up and running, I am sure I can convince my father to use your wine at our social event that is coming up." he says tapping his chin, "That is if you are up for it?" he says trying to breath a little relief and hope into Gus.

Graham shakes his head "Dont worry about it, it has been a long day and a bit for all of us is all." He explains why he is not as understanding as he usualy is but he will begin working on repairing a few more things with another flick of his wand he speaks the charm and bits more fly back together. "We'll work and see if we can get things back in one piece."

"Shelley Prewett," she supplies, flashing Gus a small attempt at a smile. "There's no need to apologize. After something like this, everyone's on edge. Graham and I are used to that. Occupational hazard for us, you might say." Her gaze returns to the spot she was working on - now looking almost indistinguishable from the rest of the street. The death of a human being, neatly erased from sight.

"It wouldn't be expected of you, if you weren't up for the job," Gus tells Zayn, and if he's allowed he'll gently clap the other boy on the shoulder. He'll nod slowly at the suggestion. "Sure, most of our stock was undamaged. I broke three or four bottles when… when it happened," he admits, glancing at the nearly-gone stain. "Just backed right into the shelf and…" he trails off, not finishing the thought. He shakes his head to rid himself of the unpleasant memory. "Thank you, Mr. Cohen," Gus says. "And Miss Prewett. I appreciate it." He inhales, and looks at all the external damage nearly repaired. "I guess I should put the wine back on the shelves," he says. "And then lock up and help out my neighbors." He'll head for the door, intending to do just that.

Zayn nods and says, "I need to go back out and start checking in with other shop owners." he says softly, looking at the two Aurors, "It was indeed a pleasure to meet you." he says inclining his head slightly at them, looking back at Gus, "My father will of course end you his requirements in a few days when things have calmed down, in preparation for the Social Event…" he says nodding, "You should come, might make some new clients, it's on the Hogwarts Scholarship Fund." he says softly before turning and heading off down the street.

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