(1939-07-27) The Daily Prophet - Terrorist Attacks Leave Diagon Alley Horizontal
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Summary: A description of one of the most deadly terror attacks in modern Wizarding history.
Date: July 27, 1939
Location: Diagon Alley
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Earlier today a vicious terrorist attack occurred on unsuspecting shoppers in Diagon Alley, South and North Verdic Alley, while shopping for supplies for the upcoming Hogwarts year. The attacks from the timeline able to be formed from it appear to have happened at the same time. Quickly overwhelming the Healer staff on duty within St. Mungos, this caused them to call in every Healer off shift to add in the mass causality event. Not much at this time is known about the terroristic attack, but what we do know is that a powerful Dark Magic was used.

According to eyewitnesses a thick heavy smoke began to be released in Sweet Temptations, on Diagon Alley, Peppy Potions on South Verdic and Wiztruth Robes on North Verdic. They attack method seemed to be well thought out, the smoke being the delivery device for both the Dark Magic and the fear and panic. From sources we have learned that those afflicted by this Dark Magic, end up bursting into flames after a certain amount of movement had been exhausted, causing fear and confusion to spread in wide panic. After all the smoke had been released, a large red Eye of Truth in sparks. None of the targets had placed an Eye of Truth in their window and were not frequented by Purists.

It has been confirmed that the delivery device was a typical black suitcase. All three suitcases have been recovered and a different department has begun to examine them, M.A.C. M.L.E. and St. Mungos. St. Mungos has moved those afflicted to a secure location and is keeping the individuals heavily sedated to minimize movements, while they search for a way to reverse the effects. They have not released a time when they believe they will be done, but have said they are hopefully optimistic about begin capable of reversing this.

Currently the toll of this attack stands at, 24 dead and 31 still afflicted. Making this one of the most devastating attacks in Wizarding History, among the dead, 13 were children and 11 were adults. Of those adults, 4 were M.L.E. employees attempting to aide those in need along with 2 St. Mungos healers. Funerals with M.L.E. Honors will be performed once the bodies are released, for the fallen Aurors and Hit Wizards. The names of those killed in the attack are as follows:

  1. Auror Jon Albertson
  2. Inspector Joseph Denholm
  3. Sergeant Elisabeth Jackson
  4. Constable Wilbert Todd
  5. Journeyman Healer Yvonne Terry
  6. Apprentice Healer Dominic Morrison
  7. Jeffrey Goodwin
  8. Jesus Miles
  9. Margie Weasley
  10. Andrea Douglas
  11. Mark Potter
  12. Robyn Ballard
  13. Caleb Matthews
  14. Mario Fuller
  15. Victoria Butler
  16. Sophie McGuire
  17. Melba McGee
  18. Ruby Hill
  19. Adam Daniel
  20. Whitney Cross
  21. Armando Pittman
  22. Janis Sparks
  23. Veronica Bowen
  24. Jeannette Woods
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