(1939-07-28) WWN: Cauldron Talk - Terrorist Attack
Details for WWN: Cauldron Talk - Terrorist Attack
Summary: Brad talks about the recent Terrorist attacks.
Date: 1939-07-28
Location: WWN - Hogsmeade
Plot: For the Greater Good
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Let’s find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Greetings my Soldiers, My Listeners and yes I assume those who are responsible for the horrific events of the other day. Many of you noticed I did not have a show yesterday, that I simply in an attempt to mourn and honor those fallen Heroes who lost their lives trying to save others, the innocents, the children, the Heroes who sadly lost their life for no other reason than for violence. The children whose life was cut short by this horrendous act of violence, may they always be remembered.

Though what many people do not know, is that I was questioned by the M.L.E. yesterday. Now, before anyone screams in outrage, I went on my own behalf, as I became aware that the Eye of Truth was used in such a horrid thing. With nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear, the TRUTH protects me. Though reassurance was gathered from the M.L.E. upon my interview, through an Auror named Graham Cohen, upon asking him why so many people had already seemed to concluded of the guilt of the Army of Truth, he explained simply, that it was the presence of the Eye of Truth. Some of you may be asking, how this could possibly be reassuring. Well Auror Graham Cohen was clear to inform me that he is a Professional and that he is NOT allowing his politica or personall views to interfere with the investigation, truly admirable I doubt many could be as dedicated to their convictions to hold that truth.

Upon explaining to him, that to me at least it obviously appears to have been placed in a way to FRAME the Army of Truth, because as many of you know, I am opposed to violence and have cried out against said acts of violence in the past. I have warned we need to ensure we protect our children and our Way of Life. To not /allow our wands to grow cold by being prepared to defend ourselves, but I have cried out against violence. As Auror Graham Cohen states, and I quote, "the MLE will follow Every Lead too its conclusion and so we will do so until those responsible are found and caught".

This is a reassuring statement, because since I have voiced my concern over the Army of Truth, being framed by possibly the Unity Party, Preservation Society or another outside group. I was reassured by Auror Graham Cohen’s words that EVERY LEAD will be followed. So I have had my assistant forward the hundreds of threatening letters I have received in regards to this program and the Army of Truth, many which state, and I quote from one, "We will stop the Army of Truth and you, by any means neccsarry, no matter what the costs.". These letters have been forwarded, personally to Auror Cohen, so that he may investigate Every Lead and from my conversation with him, I am very confident in his ability and the M.L.E. to read and peruse any Possible lead the letters may hold. Truly admirable and I applaud the M.L.E. for looking at all these leads, including the possibility of an involvement of the Unity Party or another group in this tragic and horrid Terrorist Attacks. Of course the Army of Truth will continue to cooperate with the M.L.E. in anyway possible, through our Lawyer, as I have already volunteered and answered hours upon hours of — not a friendly questioning, but — an interrogation, which given the situation, is understandable.

So I urge all of you, no matter how small you think the lead is, no matter how insane the lead may be, to send it to the M.L.E. as they will follow every lead. I am personally offering a 10 Galleon reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible. Auror Graham Cohen is a shining example of exactly what the Ministry of Magic and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement should strive to be, for that I certainly applaud Auror Graham Cohen! Speaking of shining, have your cauldrons lost their gleam?

Well my friends at Spiffy Spots have the antidote to your woes! Their cauldron and pot spot shiner will not only bring back the gleam and shine, but will also create a protective coat on it to protect it, known as “The Patronous Guard”. This barrier has been specially created and formed to prevent any smudge or dark marks from coming close to the metal you invested in and wish to keep safe. If it's not spotless, it ain't spiffy!

Now while many people may still be screaming that the Army of Truth must simply be involved, because the Eye of Truth was used in the attacks. This is both unfortunate and tragic, lives were lost, in needless violence. Though I will provide the general population the reasons, the simple thoughts and examples that most any Witch or Wizard should be able to see and know the Truth, that we the Army of Truth is being FRAMED.

First I will note that the concepts behind these devices are__ remarkably similar__ to those of muggle bombs and thoughts like muggle mustard gas, from the reports posted. In the Wizarding world we do not normally see these types of devices, an attack such as this is almost unheard of, I feel that this is a prime example of how a muggle based or focused group or organization influenced by muggle attacks have attempted to FRAME the Army of Truth is using muggle tactics.

Second, it is important to note that, the simple presence of the Eye of Truth doesn't automatically equate guilt with the Army of Truth. What would be the purpose of a group or organization to commit such a horrid act, while trying to form a valid political party? With the leader of that Party a radio personality? None at all, terrorist organizations hide in the shadows, not the spot light. Clearly the Eye of Truth was placed as an attempt too FRAME and discredit the Army of Truth!

Third, I thought I had dispelled the thoughts that the Army of Truth was about violence and or hurting anyone. The goal is too simply seek the Truth and to protect our friends and families from the dangers of muggles. Wouldn't a more sensible target, if the Army of Truth had desired, which we do not, to hurt people, been a muggle target and not a Wizarding one?

Fourth, why would I allow myself to be marked as a Blood Traitor in my attempts to unite the Army of Truth with the Wizards People List? To bring all blood statuses into the Army of Truth. Wouldn't it have been better serving for me to have held on to such violent members and beliefs if the Army of Truth was responsible for such a cruel and evil attack? The Truth? I have personally dismissed, a great deal of violent members, from our ranks.

These are all easy to see and contradicting to the belief that the Army of Truth stands for the attack that happened or that we could somehow be responsible. I will note that I had warned of the ever growing muggle threat and their supporters. We see the muggle organization the Irish Republican Army carrying out such horrid attacks. I warned all of you that a Storm was brewing, that our children, our friends, including mine, Mr. Mark Potter a House Mate from my time at Hogwarts, were in grave danger. While many of you scoffed and laughed, those who have chosen to be on guard, those who have chosen to see the Truth, that danger is around the corner remained safe.

For the sake of your children, I ask, no I beg you! Please remember the words I say, visit your closest Army of Truth representative and prepare to protect yourself and your own.

Though that reminds me of my good old friends at Witchy Wards and Rough Runes, who specialize in protecting you, are you loved ones from harm. With top notch wards at bargain prices, are sure to keep your family sleeping safely at night. They have over three locations and are **On Call* twenty four hours every day! Remember, if it isn’t witchy, you may have a rough ride ahead!

Before I go I want to applaud the work that St. Mungos’, the Magical Law Enforcement and Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes for the excellent job they have done so far to bring justice. relief and peace. They certainly have performed above and beyond any level of criticism. Though I do urge all of you to donate to the two foundations that have been started at Gringots, the first by the name of Fallen Heroes Fund, which has been started by myself and those at the WWN, to bring a finical aide to the surviving family members of the Brave M.L.E. employees and St. Mungos’ employees who lost their life on that day. The Gone but Not Forgotten fund, is the second and will be given to the families of those affected.

Please remember! That Every Lead will be followed and a 10 Galleon reward is offered by myself, for information, leading to the Arrest of those responsible! Send the M.L.E. Anything you might find helpful! Again I want to applaud

Audible Clapping Can Be Heard

Auror Graham Cohen for his dedication and Service to the Wizarding World. Not only is he an amazing example of what an Auror should be! But I personally consider him a Friend of the Army of Truth!

Remember we are the Future! Your Children are the Future!




It is time for Our People, Our World, Our Leader for The Greater Good. Rise Up and let your Voice be heard!

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