(1939-07-30) MLF? Spies?
Details for MLF? Spies?
Summary: Information comes out about this MLF and that the M.L.E. might be a spy hiding within.
Date: 1930-07-30
Location: Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Plot: For The Greater Good
Related: Attack on the Alleys

It is early morning at the M.L.E. at the office is still in as much of a hustle and bustle as it has since the attacks happened. The letters are being tackled and Aurors and Hit Wizards are working hard to find leads and maybe figure out who is responsible. It is tireless work and stressful work but the Aurors especially seem to be grabbing a few solid leads here and there.
Arthur is sitting at an empty table hoping to review a few notes and thoughts with some other Aurors who have yet to come in.

Shelley was already at her desk. Everyone was putting in extra hours, after all, and if she wasn't eating or sleeping, she was hard at work trying to make sense of all of the incoming letters, and witness statements collected by many of the Hitwizards who had been checking on anyone reported to have been on Diagon or Verdic Alleys on the day of the attack. She glances occasionally towards Rena's desk - figuring that if anyone has information on the letters she has tucked away into a drawer, it'd be the Auror office's own political spitfire.

Still dressed in somber shades of grey and black, Rena tumbles into the Ministry via the Floo Network this morning and lands on her prat in an ungraceful manner. However, she does not seem to be remotely phased. People nearby laugh, but the little redhead picks herself up, dusts off and sets out at a fast trot for the lift that will take her to the MLE office suite. A few curious looks drift in her direction due to the fact that she is practically bouncing in place while they ride.
Upon arrival, Rena bursts through the door and comes into the office breathlessly. Gripping her handbag more tightly than usual, she tries to regain some little bit of composure and slow herself down to a civilized walk. She's got something on her mind - and whatever it is, it must be a doozey. A pointed (and excited) look passes between Shelley, Arthur and Graham. They had better find out what she wants before she explodes.

It looks like not sleeping finally caught up with him, as Graham has slept a little bit after getting back to work though its like anyone who may notice that he left work for a little while in the evening and got back later. He's pulled himself back in prepared for another day of working on the stream of letters and sits looking over letters as he's taken to doing he's marking them circling any patterns found and with a number something of how important the leed might be. He will pause in his work looking up quick as Rena comes through the door setting the letter down he'll stand. "Rena, you alright there?" he looks concerned.

The notorious Inspector Elijah Lovegood can be found at his desk scribbling down a statement from a woman who was present during the attacks. Upon completion he offers her a smile and leans back in his chair, offering her a brief nod and smile and stating that she is free to leave. Once she's out of earshot, Elijah comments, "Another report that matches the thousands of other ones we've gotten. In summary; scary." He sighs a bit and moves to file it away with the others.

Shelley watches Rena's entrance with amusement, not seeming at all perturbed by her excitement. "Got a lead?" she asks, without rising from her seat. She does set aside the letter she was halfway through, though. It doesn't look to have anything important in it, anyways.

Shelley watches Rena's entrance with amusement, not seeming at all perturbed by her excitement. "Got a lead?" she asks, without rising from her seat. She does set aside the letter she was halfway through, though. It doesn't look to have anything important in it, anyways.

Rena seems rather anxious. Glancing around herself cautiously, she looks for someone particular and bites her lower lip. Some of what she could say might be best left unspoken.
Nodding nervously at Graham in a quick fashion, before stepping closer to the desks, she says to Shelley first: "I've got something important to say - but I can't do it out 'ere. We've got to go somewhere a little more private." This is very unlike Rena; very uncharacteristic. Normally, when she's bubbling over with enthusiasm, nothing can stop her from shouting it from the rooftops. Even Elijah knows that from his little interaction with her in the past.

Graham looks over to Shelley as she speaks and stands as well though they are likely making a bit of a scene pulling the attention towards her quite by accident though as she nods to him he relaxes a little at least she's not in imminent danger at least that's a plus. He watches as she moves over towards their desks listening he nods arching a brow "We could use the interview room?" he offers as a suggestion though in lowered voice from his first.

Arthur pushes himself out of his seat, his hands moving into the pockets of his duster as he makes his way towards Rena, looking over her shoulder, "Hoy, yeh win somedhing?" he teases her about being so excited, looking between everyone with a small nod in greeting. "Eh? Interview room?" he says tapping his chin, "Ah mean, yeh could buy me lunch first, Cohen." he says with a chuckling at his own joke.

"Though, she did mention that she believes the MLF might be responsible," remarks Elijah, not in a very loud fashion. The man, after all, assumes that if /he's/ talking someone has to be listening. He speaks up, "Has anyone heard of the MLF?" His eyes move to Rena and a curious look creeps over his face, leading him to move to stand nearer to Rena, Shelley and Graham, offering them all a nod of his head.

Shelley could poke at Arthur's attempt at humor - but she settles for rolling her eyes instead, as she pushes herself to her feet. She pulls a folder out of her drawer before leaving her desk, however, to start towards an empty interview room. "…/are/ any of them empty?" she mutters quietly to herself.

Rena is clearly too agitated to make light of things, and Arthur's joke is missed. She then blinks at Elijah in a rather stunned way. "You'd better come, too. Please?" She pleads with the Hit Wizard, hoping he'll nip along smartly and follow them to the private room. There's nothing inconspicuous about the group of them leaving the main office. However, this also isn't a particularly strange thing to happen in an office like this. Some cases require deep secrecy - and if it's not your cricket match, you keep your nose out of it.
Finding an empty room, Rena scurries inside and waits for the others to arrive. "C-close the door, the last of you when you're all in, please," she asks nervously. Stepping back, she begins digging into her purse, withdrawing a couple sheets of paper that seem to hold a great deal of importance to her right now.

As soon as Elijah says MLF, Shelley looks towards him, beckoning him to join them as Rena invites him along. They seem to agree about that!

The young man rolls his eyes at the others joke, but is too tired or interested in the arrival and state of Rena and whatever she has to say to be mad at it right at the moment. Graham will follow along he does lift his head over to Elijah at his question perhaps he has but he'll talk about that later following the other and will wait for the others to join before he'll close the door if nobody else willd so and now simply waiting.

Arthur follows with a small shrug, as they enter his hand moves up and runs through his hair. Once the door is closed behind them, he looks at Rena, "Hoy, so whad yeh got?" he says slowly tapping his chin, "Has da do wit da MLF?" he asks curiously, tilting his head a bit to the right waiting for her answer. While he waits he removes a crumpled pack of Chesterfields from his duster, pinching the bent cigarette between his lips, he lights it with his wand and takes a long hard drag off of it, he won't say anything but he is a little disappointed that he didn't even get a chuckle out of his joke.

"I've got something to say that ain't good, and I'd better say it fast before I lose my nerve and don't say it at all… And yes, Arthur - it does 'ave to do with 'em a fair bit." Rena begins to speak, holding the papers close to herself as she addresses the gathering. "First of all: Graham, you're going to be angry with me, but I can't do anything about it."
Having gotten that off her chest, the young woman lines her toes up with a crack in the floor like a student about to recite: "We've got a spy in the M.L.E. A spy who's been arranging assignments to cover up 'is dirty work. This spy 'as even managed to besmirch the name of an Auror who's 'ad an otherwise impeccable career, framing them for a crime they did not intentionally commit. Graham already knows that I'm talking about Esmeralda Abbott, of course. She's been framed, - regardless of personal feelings. I-I'm sorry I can't tell you where I got this information from. It is absolutely reliable… but the person's life won't be worth a crooked sixpence if I disclose their name. But the fact remains that this spy exists. 'E's also a member of the MLF, according to my source."
Pausing - a bit shakily - Rena looks around at the group before drawing a small breath and saying: "The Spy is Randolph Snively. The personnel officer…"

Elijah purses his lips at Rena and says, "Rena that's a very serious accusation to have us believe without giving us a source." His arms move up to cross in front of his chest, "I'm sure everyone in this room has had a bad run-in with Snively…but a /spy/?" His voice lowers substantially on that last word, despite the fact they're hidden off in a room away from the rest.

Arthur doesn't say anything for a long moment, he slowly takes some hard drags off his cigarette in silence. Allowing the smoke to float up towards the ceiling, then finally he nods slowly. "Well aside from, Snivs being ah Spell-Oiled machine, what da any ah us know bout him?" he says slowly looking at Elijah, "Makes sense dhough, don't it?" he says slowly with a shrug, "Iffen yeh are going da send ah spy, why nah da Personal Officer?" he says slowly, "He arranges all our assignments, partners, everydhing." he says nodding to Rena.
"Source 'elps, but dis not everything. Whaca got on em?" he asks Rena slowly, "Also, can't very well be ignoring, dis MLF stuff…" he says looking over at Shelley, "I know Shelley got, some stuff on dhat. But iffen he is part ah dis group, Half-Blood after ah Pure-Blood, ain't dhat too far out there…" he says taking another slow drag, "I mean we all known Snivs don't like any of us one bit as it is… how much would it take da turn someun like dhat?" he says shaking his head.

Graham Will turn back to listen to Rena his focus on her though he starts our neutral but seems to grow more and more angry though just in his brow it furrows as she speaks "I've got to agree with Elijah for starters, and what was this person's proof that he'd done these things? We have a lot of proof against Abbott up to and including her trying to hex me while my back was turned? Her blaming a long dead contact for the information used." he doenst want to not belive his friend, but he cant stick his neck out THIS far.

"Snooty Snively?" Shelley asks with a hint of disbelief. "I'm wit Arthur - we have to at least look at it, something this major, but we need to know as many cards as possible. If you won't tell us the source - then what's the proof? What're you clutching there, like they came from Merlin's spellbook itself?" She spares a glances towards Graham - not surprised in the least to see him perturbed by this turn of events.

"It makes a lot of sense, yes, Arthur; but without a concrete source it's simply hearsay. We can't charge a man on hearsay," remarks Elijah, slipping a pack of Lucky Strikes and a lighter from his pocket. He lights up a cigarette and slips them away, again, his eyes resting on Rena.

Arthur shrugs, "Yeh have da admit, it seems to be a tough one." he says with Graham, "But it does cast some doubt on Abbott." he says looking between them all, "Yeh can't prove dhat Abbott ain't been set up by Snivs." he says nodding, "And iffen yeh had her on trying da hex ya, without doubt, we wouldn't even be haven dis conversation." he says to Graham, putting up his hands gesturing for him not to kill him, "Just sayen Cohen, dis can add up, not familiar with the other case, but dis certain has a spot da look into." he says nodding slow, agreeing Elijah, "Aye exactly, not saying we charge Snivs, just sayen Rena here got somedhing. Iffen a man says 'is life in on da lines, yeh can't expect him da simply offer it up fer us." he says nodding.

Rena remains silent for a long while, her dark eyes cast to the floor. Finally working up the courage to continue forging ahead, she lays a sheet of paper on the table so that they can all read. It appears to be a poem, written on black stationary in silver ink with carefully formed, flowing letters…

While at the cold hours our untrusted tenders fought on.
Right through hell, enough men urged Gellert Grindelwald, light erupted.
Lies intwined before eras, rational as the iron, onward none fought.
Rising on, none tried.
The hollowing echoed, young having all veils erased.
Soon people in entrusted spots included none.
The hell engulfed man, literature, everything.
Servants trampled on public sympathy.
None including vain elders, lay exposed.
You became entrusted.
Forced out, resented, entangled.
In that innocence, shouting to oppose.
Onward, last angel, to endure.

- Tim Isme Mizhal, Ecija in Spain.
(Soon Honored - Omnioculars Rally Text, 1938, p35)

Another piece of paper, far more carelessly written in Rena's own hurried handwriting is laid beside it. "I received this yesterday and discovered that there was a hidden message within. My source sent this to me after the first letter, some days ago. They're now writing in code to protect their life. If you take the first letter of each word, you will find that it reads: "Watch out for the Muggle Liberation Front. They have spies in the MLE. Stop Snively before it is too late. Time Is Short."

Shelley starts reading the poem before Rena explains it - her brow wrinkling in befuddlement before the significance is revealed. …huh. So it does. "But how are you sure this is legit?" she asks uncertainly. "Someone could just be tossing this at us, to get us to spin our wheels, distrust each other, and waste man hours. It'd be a great way to cover up for what they'd done, really…"

Graham looks around the room to each in turn and shakes his head there is something to him. Hurt, anger or some of both? "Why do I even bother? How would any of you feel if you were walking through a house with a fellow auror and they suddenly try to hex you in the back?" He looks to Arthur scowling a moment "As I said we've gathered other proof from her own words on why she did what she did. How do you setup someone based on a contact they alone use? It wasnt Snively's contact who supposedly told her I was crooked when he'd been burried for years." he glances to Shelley and nods to her words.

Elijah ponders for a moment and says, "We'll have to come up with more extracurricular ways to extract information from Snively." He takes another drag from his cigarette and slips past Shelley to square up with the table so he can better read the papers. "You have to admire the prose, at least…" He looks up at Graham, but seemingly has no horse in this race.

Arthur puts his hand to his forehead and shakes his head, "Okay…" he says lets all just small sigh. "Okays lets all calm down for second." he says looking at Rena, "Okay, Lee, you are pretty excited." he says with a smile, "You mentioned a first letters. How about we back peddle for a second." he says looking at Shelley with a nod, "Aye, but I want to hear what was in the first letter, cause I didn't know nothing about dis before the other day." he says looking between Graham and Rena, "Yeh told meh dis was ah secret case…" he says slowly his brow furrowed.
"So how does, whoever sent dis know bout da case, when most of da office don't know." he says slowly looking at everyone slowly shaking his head, "Yeh all so ready da hit dis as hard as yeh can, but yeh ain't dhinking bout dhings like dhat." he says slowly, "An someun went dhrough ah great deal ah trouble da write dis." he says slowly, "Ain't no one going da go dhrough dat hassle, unless dhey need da." he says slowly, "So I dhink dis confirms, wha Rena said, bout da life being in trouble." he says slowly.
Looking at Graham, "Hoy! Iffen yeh so ready, march out dere and arrest her." he says coldly to Graham, "Go on now." he says gesturing to da door, "Go get her, Mate." he says with a shrug, "An iffen she was setup? Yeh put another Auror in Azkaban, fer nuffin." he says slowly, looking Graham in the eyes, "I couldn't live wid dhat, iffen yeh can, ignore dis. Don't look at it, and go make yer arrest right now." he says slowly.

Rena seems to be somewhat crestfallen. She tried her best… she gave them the information. All she can say in her defense (and defense of the person she is relying on) is: "They shouldn't 'ave known /any/ of the information I've given you. There is no way they should 'ave been privy to it."
Arthur helps to bolster her again, offering his helpful insight about the poem and the person who wrote it. As a profiler, this is the sort of thing he does. This is how he's /paid/ to think about things. The outburst between Graham and Arthur does startle her slightly, however, and she shrinks back a little, shaking her head: "I can't sh-show you the first letter. You'd know who the person was, then. And I'd 'ave failed them, putting their life in danger. I've read it enough times to tell you almost word for word what it said, though… This person was raising funds at a meeting and over'eard a few wizards talking. What they 'eard was the name of an Auror named Abbott. And that the 'plan was going in the right direction.' Abbott 'as been the target of a devious attack, and these wizards are being lead by Snively. 'E's been arranging assignments to cover up 'is wrongs, using Abbott as the scapegoat."

"Regardless - the MLF is something that needs looking into, and looking into now," Shelley responds. "No matter what we do or don't do about Snively. They're setting of more than enough alarm bells." Glancing towards Graham she asks, "Only partially related - but do you know if Thomas Carrow used to have a Muggle book club… thing?"

Elijah thinks something over for a moment and says, "I'm going to…grab lunch." He looks between the rest of them and slips out of the door, no doubt on his way to…grab lunch.

The first question of Arthur at least brings his focus back "That is a good question, and how much about the case do they know? There are so few who do most of my information has gone straight through Worthington." Graham says though the rest gets a look back "Shove off Nightengale, not even gonna answer the question. How do you setup someone from there own admissions?" he turns around away from him as Shelley speaks to him "Uh, I know he had a goodsized muggle book selection, and that does sound familiar I think he asked me to be part of a book club at one time. Why?"

Arthur runs his hands through his hair, taking a deep drag off his cigarette. The puff of smoke escapes his lips, "Ah ain't trying da fight witd ya, Cohen." he says slowly shaking his head, "Just sayen, it looks like yeh don't got the whole picture… like yeh said." he says slowly offering Graham a wink, "How da hell does dis person even know bout it…" he says slowly with a shrug, "Might be more going on dhen we know." he says taking the last drag off his cigarette, looking at Rena for a second, "Take it da Worthington." he says gesturing to the room, "Witd all da jazz bout da MLF, iffen we have been compromised…" he says shaking his head, "Worthington will want da know." he says with a shrug, "Ah lunch sounds solid." he says nodding and heading out himself.

Still not wholly satisfied with what has transpired, Rena is heartened by Arthur's support. At least he hasn't completely rejected and refuted anything and everything she said on a personal and prejudicial basis… like some. However, she isn't happy, to say the least.
Giving a small nod in reply, the petite redheaded warrior of truth and justice slips out of the room quietly, saying nothing more. Arthur has the right of it. She should take it to Worthington and lay it out for him. And won't he be so happy to have this mess land on his desk? She must surely be vying for the boss's "Favorite Auror" award.

Shelley glances at Nightengale and Lovegood as they leave, and then back to Graham, after pulling out a letter from Thomas Carrow. In it, he invites Moody to a meeting of the 'MLF' at Books Unbound. "He said he was inviting Moody to the Muggle Literature and Fiction club. Just trying to confirm if a club by that name used to exist - from a source /other/ than Carrow, himself. Carrow also says he has some… history books for you or some such."

Graham ponders the question a moment "Im not sure if it ever had a name, sorry Shelley." he ponders a moment though "Im not saying don't follow up, but I have serious doubts on it's validity, just because Thoma's shop was heavily damaged during the riots by the army of truth. It took a lot of convincing from Phil and others that he shouldnt keep intentionally making them angry." he explains though sighing he started the day looking better but is slowing getting more haggard and weary now after this.

"And yet, he was completely passed up in these attacks," Shelley points out. "If it was the Army of Truth - why not target Books Unbound? And if it was the MLF, and he's involved…" She shakes her head slightly. "Can't dismiss it entirely, but he seemed legitimately traumatized by the events, and it shouldn't be hard to confirm his alibi for the time of the attack.
"I was wondering one why the attackers chose the targets they did, though, and I was thinking Books Unbound might have been passed up simply because it wasn't as /popular/. We should confirm which of the non-purist shops had the most regular traffic. I'm thinking body-count might have been one of their biggest selection criterias."

"True, indeed." Graham doesn't want to believe that of Thomas he's but also he must allow for investigations to continue in all the directions which might help solve this. He winces but nods in agreement "I have to agree there, no way it was a coincidence they chose that day so close after the book/supply lists had gone out for the school." he winces attacking children horrible beyond forgiveness. "How you holdin up Shelley?" he asks now that the room is empty.

"I'm fine. This is what we're here for, right?" Shelley answers. "We close this case, we move on to the next one. But I will take great satisfaction in sending every single person involved in this to Azkaban." She gives Graham a tight smile. "We should get back to work. Try not to let this Snively thing eat at you, huh? We don't have time to fall prey to our own hang-ups this week."

Graham manages a small smile here at her words the truth in them does help him even thouse he's so tired and worn out already. "Right, and agreed they deserve nothing less." The last part is less easy and much easier said than done for him. "I'll try, I can promise that much. I cant say i'm on board with the theory, but i'll help if I can." he'll move back and open the door and allow her through first not to tired for being gentlemanly.

Shelley proceeds Graham from the room, taking her letters with her. Maybe she should take the time to eat, as well - then go track down this Anderson fellow.

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