(1939-07-31) No Such Word as Imperiused
Details for No Such Word as Imperiused
Summary: Elijah stakes out Brad's home while the latter has another meeting with the mysterious Mr. V.
Date: 31 July, 1939
Location: Moody Residence, Hogsmeade
Plot: For the Greater Good
Related: Mr. V, MLF Attack

It's an unusually warm night in Hogsmeade, though the breeze helps to cool the poor Scottish wizards unaccustomed to higher temperatures. All is quiet at the Moody cottage, and not a soul would notice that the "V" mark is gone from Brad Moody's bedroom window — except maybe Brad Moody himself. The door is shut and locked, but within, a man awaits the return of the resident.

Brad has had the notion that someone is following him and he didn't like it. Though even with him being extra careful he didn't seem to notice anything more. He does however notice the V mark has vanished as he approaches his house and pulls out his wand, unlocking his door and entering. Careful to lock it behind him. Though he doesn't move right away, he stays at the door for a few minutes drawing a rune on the inside his door for a moment. Once he has finished an intruder rune to let him know if anyone comes around a 10 foot area of the door, he moves towards his sitting room, his wand still out he doesn't say anything, he simply flicks his wrist muttering "Recedito" at his window with the curtains already drawn shut. Creating an invisible sound proof barrier around the window. With that he tucks his wand away and looks at Callus, "I believe the Ministry is tailing me." he says with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Seemingly uninvited to this little party, Elijah rests carefully against chimney atop a nearby building some twenty-five feet away. There's a certain stillness to the man as he stoops on the roof, his eyes firmly fixated on Brad Moony's home, unsure of what he may discover.

"I would be stunned at their ineptitude if they didn't," says Callus in his resonant tones. "You are the public face of the Army, after all. Still, it means we'll have to take extra precautions. We cannot meet here again. I'll arrange for another location and inform you." Then, right to the point, "Why did you summon me?"

Brad takes a seat in his chair and crosses his leg across his knee sinking back into his chair. "I think that will be for the best." he agrees with a nod, as he pours himself a bit of Brandy in a tumbler and takes a sip, "I simply need a bit more help, Mr. V." he says nodding, "I have a day and a place. I have lambs waiting for the slaughter." he says with a nod, "But I lack two things…" he says nodding, "I require someone to perform the Imperius Curse and a letter, that shortly after the Revealing Charm, is used on simply turns to dust in one's hand." he says slowly, taking a sip of his drink.

"It will benefit both my plan and the request you made, while I don't foresee Miss Lee facing an issue with the information, I provided her. I did have a moment to meet Mr. Cohen." he explains slowly, "He is also an interesting creature." he says slowly with a nod, "So I have a plan to bring the MLF into the forefront of people's minds, a target easy to hate and perhaps bring down Mr. Cohen in the process." he explains with a nod, "Though I may have to get rid of this Orwell hit wizard if he becomes insistent, he was a rather annoying fly, but for now he is idle, if he starts buzzing around I may have to ask you to… swat him." he says with a smile.

Callus purses his lips and shakes his head. "No. We don't take direct action against the M.L.E. unless forced to. That's already got us in a mess, which is why I have you distracting Auror Lee. If you can take down Cohen, so much the better. He's the bigger threat. But my people and I must remain in the shadows.

"As for your requests, an Imperius Curse isn't a problem. The letter…I'll have to inquire about. I'm sure it can be done by the right potioneer."

Brad nods, "Aye, I am not seeking a direct action against them, but if I can have the M.L.E. chasing a ghost and to cast doubts on each other by their peers. Then it will prolong everything they do, including the attack." he says sipping his drink, "The plan is simple enough, I have the Wizards People List having regular meetings, several small pocket groups, meeting and talking." he says with a nod, "I need a Mr. Thomas Carrow Imperiused, he had previously irked me, but I have plans for him. Which is why his store was the target." he explains with a nod, "Once Imperiused he will simply dawn garments similar to the muggle IRA, with a black armband that reads, "MLF", it is fitting because he use to annoy me with letters to come to his "Muggle Literature and Fiction" book club."

"I will have poor Mr. Carrow, attack the meeting killing everyone, a sudden and surprise attack while their backs are turned, even if they start to attack back I will have Luke attack them also, as long as they all die Luke can claim it happened while dueling Mr. Thomas." he says grinning cruelly, "The book store owner will then wound but not kill, Luke." he explains with a nod, "Now before this takes place, I will send two letters." he says with a smirk, "One to Miss Lee, which will express my concerns of hearing one of my Groups will be attacked and instructing her to please show up at at, 8:30." he says nodding, "The second letter being sent to Mr. Cohen, this is the one I need to have turn to dust in his hands. Claiming that his help is neededfor the same event, but his time being 8:20." he says with a smirk, "He will of course go and check, finding Mr. Carrow standing in a mess, we will have Mr. Carrow ask something like "Cohen why are you late and out of uniform?" he says with a chuckle, "Cohen will of course arrest Thomas, Rena will arrive on the scene during this chaos, and Luke Carrow will tell her what he heard Thomas Carrow say…"

"Imperiated," Callus says with mild annoyance. "There is no such word as 'Imperiused'." Someone is touchy about his Dark Arts terminology. "Your plan leaves a great deal open to chance. What if Cohen arrives late? Or Lee early? What if the Imperius Curse doesn't hold? What if Carrow is killed by a lucky hex, or even a skilled duelist among your 'People's List'?" He rubs his chin pensively. "You'll need my help with this. The location must be arranged ahead of time with an Anti-Disapparition Jinx to prevent any escape. But the jinx must be attuned to allow my people through, who will accompany Thomas Carrow, then Disapparate before the Aurors arrive."

"My apologies." Brad says with a smile, "Imperiated." he corrects himself. "Yes, some chance, but educated chance." he says nodding. "While wrapping up Cohen in this would be the icing on the cake, it is nor required." he says nodding, "Cohen arrives late and Lee arrives early or any such variation in this. Thomas dies a sad and painful death, unfortunate." he says with a small shrug, "But it still gives, the nice folks at the M.L.E. to chase a ghost. To chase the underground evil Muggle Liberation Front, which has no members and doesn't exist." he says smiling. "Now it only needs to hold long enough to get Thomas in there and caught." he says with a shrug.

"As long as the M.L.E. have someone with M.L.F. on their sleeve…" he says with a cruel grin, "Then it gives them something to chase." he says nodding. "The location and things like that I will ensure is handled properly. But I have kept the group sizes down to between around five to ten, so that I can 'insure' a better flow of information and that 'everyone' has a voice." he says nodding.

"The letters will be highly suspicious. The Aurors won't trust them. It's too convenient, and as soon as they realize that they were given different times, they'll know it's a plot." Callus rises from his seat and paces as he thinks. "You need another method of drawing Cohen to the location. Lee will trust you. He will be suspicious of everything. Play upon his paranoia."

Brad shrugs, "Miss Lee will believe it, you are correct." he says with a small smirk, tapping his chin, "Hmm I thought with out a letter, it would be his word against anyone else." he says with a small shrug, "If it goes through perfectly, then he would be screaming about a letter that doesn't exist. But you make a valid point, I will consider another avenue to draw Cohen in…" he says nodding, "Maybe have my people plant a few more rumors on Knockturn…" he says pondering, "Hmmm, I still think a scribbled letter in a rush, maybe have someone forge Miss Lee's hand writing, would certainly make him gallantly rush away towards it. He does seem like the type." he says with a shrug, "Have it delivered too him, shortly before the meeting." he continues with a shrug, "I will see if I can find a way to play on his paranoia." he explains with a cruel smile.

Callus nods slowly, his stony countenance unchanging. "Yes. He's very much the white knight. If he believes that somebody he cares about is in danger, he'll rush to the rescue. Of course, there is no guarantee that he won't bring aid along. But it's a risk you might have to take. Just make sure that my people can be gone long before anyone else arrives on the scene."

Brad nods slowly taking a sip, "He might and that is a chance that will have to be taken." he says with a nod. "But like you said, he likes to be a white knight and those tend to like to charge in headstrong confident in themselves." he says standing up now as Mr. V prepares to leave it seems, "I will, going to have the meeting start well before Cohen should even show up and the attack their too. The flyers will read the time, Miss Lee has of course. But we won't be handing those out, they will just sit in the podium." he says nodding, "So they should have plenty of time to do the job and leave Mr. Carrow there… with Mr. Cohen." he says with a smirk, "Your help is always appreciated." he says inclining his head.

"My help comes as long as you stay true to your path, and never forget that the mission is greater than any one man." Callus looks to the curtained window. "If you are being followed, I'll not be leaving by the front door." He draws his wand and taps his head, "Homogenus." Like some viscous fluid pouring over him, his form shimmers out of sight, leaving only a mild distortion in the air. "I'll contact you when I've got a team assembled. I'll get the details from you then."

Elijah has remained quietly perched on the rooftop for the entirety of the meeting with nothing more than a friendly squirrel to write home about, until…a faint glimmer catches his eye, coming out from behind Brad Moody's house. He stands up quietly, holding himself up by the smokestack. "Dammit, Adamantus…where are you when I need you?" he murmurs a bit sadly to himself.

Callus pauses briefly by the corner of the cottage, peering around suspiciously, then moves away under cover of Disillusionment, soon vanishing into the darkened village.

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