(1939-07-31) Profiling Moody
Details for Profiling Moody
Summary: Elijah invites Brad to Cafe Tasseo, in an attempt to profile him.
Date: 1939-07-31
Location: Cafe Tasseo
Plot: For the Greater Good
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A letter found its way across Brad Moody's desk, the contents of which read, simply, "Dear Mister Moody, My name is Inspector Elijah Lovegood. I cordially invite you to join me for lunch at Cafe Tasseo." Short and sweet.

The good Inspector can be found inside the cafe his eyes moving to the Muggle watch he wears around his wrist. He's resting unassumingly in the corner, a cup of tea and a pack of Lucky Strikes resting on the table in front of him. He's flipping casually through a Muggle newspaper, 'hrmmm'ing every so often as something catches his attention.

While Brad wasn't impressed by the letter his assistant provided him, especially after explaining to another Hit Wizard already that if the M.L.E. wanted anything else from him, to go through his lawyer. He did however put down his work and head to London from Hogsmeade. As he enters Cafe Tasseo, his hands move over his clothing slowly, his eyes scanning the cafe slowly. He is a regular at this Cafe and often spends a good deal of coin here, so it is no surprise that he is greeted upon entering. His reaction, over exaggerated as per his normal self, after the young waitress greets him his hands move up to his heart, taking a few stumbled steps backwards, "Your kindness and beauty, is far too much for any one man to bare." he says to her with a smile.

"Why, Mister Moody, you hardly know me," Elijah remarks off-handedly before closing the newspaper and tossing it down to the surface of the table, his eyes moving upward to rest of Brad's features. He smiles warmly to the man and stands, straightening his pants before his hand moves in a gesture to the chair on the opposing side of the table from him, "Thank you for joining me. I'm a huge fan."

Brad smiles warmly, "Ah Inspector." he says greeting Elijah, "You will have to pardon me." he explains with a nod, "I meet a great deal of people, every single day." he says putting his hands up as he shrugs slightly, moving to take the seat as he unbuttons the lower jacket button. His right leg comes up and rests across his knee, "No worries at all, I have volunteered all the information I know already to the M.L.E. I have nothing hide." he says gesturing for the waitress to come over, "A spot of tea dear." he tells her, "Oh two cubes and a dash of cream." he says stopping her with a small nod, turning back to Elijah his hands come together and he claps, "So what can I do for you Inspector? I am sure you are a huge fan, I to see how any member of the M.L.E. could not be, considering I spread untouched issues for too long of self-defense and awareness." he says smiling at the man.

"It's quite true," Elijah says as he moves to retake his seat. He continues to smile as he straightens his vest and crosses one leg over the other, "Arming our citizens with such knowledge no doubt makes our lives as law-enforcement officials that much easier." He reaches for his pack of cigarettes and shakes two loose, offering one to Brad, "Do you smoke, Mister Moody?"

Upon hearing the answer, he'll either light one or two smokes, depending and continue, affirming, "You needn't worry, my friend; this is no more than a social call, really. I find you to be a fascinating creature and I'd love to pick your brain."

Brad takes one of the cigarettes with a small nod and smile, "I do, why thank you Inspector." he says taking the cigarette and taking a small drag off of it. "That is my thoughts, why if more people had been vigilant…" he says with a deep sigh shaking his head, looking a bit saddened. "Perhaps the tragedy that happen could have been avoided." he says nodding, letting out another sigh, before sitting back up, his hand moving to straighten out his bow tie. "Worry? Why my dear Inspector, I never worry. I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide." he says smiling with a nod, "I only get annoyed when I try to do a good service and it is met with a situation like the other day, hours and hours in an interview room, circling around the sae questions." he says nodding.
Though as he finishes his statement his hands come up and his touch each other as he stares at Elijah through the window, "Inspector have you ever considered public speaking?" he says curious his hands coming down, "You certainly have the look for it, if I do say so myself." he says nodding with a smile, "But that is something all together different, then what you are wanting to pick my brain about." he says his hands coming up to his sides, before he claps them again, "So pick away, Inspector." he says nodding.

"Oh, trust me, Mr. Moody, I understand your plight. I, too, have been nearly crucified for my work to ensure the protection of my people. It's a hard line to walk between effectiveness and following the rules," remarks Elijah. It's no secret to anyone in the media that Elijah Lovegood has made a habit of ignoring a few choice laws in order to bring down his man.

He takes a long drag of his cigarette and asks, "Oh, basic things, I suppose. Do you have any particular fondness for poetry, Mr. Moody? You seem the type who would."

Brad takes a slow drag off his cigarette and nods, "Well I believe you and the rest of the M.L.E. will continue to fight for the sake of every last one of us." he says with a smile, "And bring justice to those need it." he says offering a solemn nod, "Hmmm." he says slowly at the question, his finger tapping his chin, "Not really, Inspector." he says with a small shrug, "While I was a Ravenclaw and rather enjoy reading just about anything." he says with a chuckle, "I wouldn't say I am fond of poetry, I have read a few in my days. But I prefer something with a bit more substance…" he says nodding slowly, "Why Inspector?" he says with a sly grin, "Were you planning on reading me some poetry?" he says slowly with a chuckle.

"Oh, I was merely curious," remarks Elijah with a grin, tapping his cigarette over the ashtray. There is a stanza in an old William Ernest Henley poem I quite enjoy." He takes a long drag from the cigarette, exhaling the smoke from the corner of his mouth before reciting, "Out of the night that covers me, black as pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be, for my unconquerable soul."

The man grins idly at the recitation, seemingly soaking it up once he's done before he says, "One could draw lines of comparison between that poem and men like us, couldn't they Brad? Both of us standing, enveloped in darkness…a-" he waves his hand in the air, "-beacon of light.

Brad lets out a small chuckle, "I suppose the beauty of it is lost on me, Inspector." he says with a small shrug. As his tea arrives he thanks her and picks it up and takes a slow sip of it. "I suppose." he says with a small shrug, "Though in these dark times, I would have to disagree with that statement." he says nodding, "No one person or group of people are a, source for light." he says nodding, taking another slow drag off his cigarette. "The truth is simply the light, which I have mentioned in the past on my show." he says nodding. "Violence breeds anger and anger my dear Inspector is the darkness." he says slowly with a smile.
"The law? The warnings I speak? Being prepared? Guiding the world to a brighter path? Those are all the truths. Those are the things, that matter, not one man or an organization." he says slowly with a nod, "Many people misunderstand me, they think I view myself as some… odd savior." he says waving his hand dismissing that idea all together before taking another drag and exhaling the smoke slowly. "The truth is the savior." he says with a shrug, "I want the same thing I assume you, the waitress over there and the muggle on the streets of London wants." he says nodding, "A peaceful world, were we can enjoy our friends and family." he says nodding, "A world, were we do not have to fear things as simple as shopping, a world we can all unite in and have a place in." he says slowly with a smile, "A world we can leave a better place for our children and the children of our friends." he says slowly, "So as I say, the Truth will set you free." he says taking another sip of his tea.

Elijah simply smiles and nods to the man and says, "I can't think of a better goal to strive for, Mister Moody." He takes a long, content pull from his cigarette and sets it down in the ashtray before he steeples his fingers and rests his hands on his stomach. "Now, I must admit that there is something of a more personal nature about which I wish to inquire." He pauses for a moment and continues, "What exactly is your relationship with a one Miss Rena Lee?"

Brad look at the Inspector looking rather depressed about his last question, taking a long hard drag off his cigarette. "Ah Miss Lee…" he starts off softly, though a smile does break on his face as he nods, "She is a good lass, a bit impulsive… but a good lass." he says taking a sip of his tea again, "Well, not much to know really. We started off as enemies and became, what I would call friends." he says nodding. "While many at the M.L.E. are ready to cast judgment without much thought or even taking a moment to talk to me." he says with a smile, "She listened." he says with a shrug.
"Truly a shame really, she could have been very helpful to the Army of Truth, but M.L.E. have been barred from my party." he says with a sigh, "Not anyone's fault but my own, it is a rather hard task to weed out those who seek violence and often times people do not see the Army of Truth for what it is." he says slowly with a nod. "She wrote me letting me know she would have to leave, told me she would understand if I was cross." he says with a smile, "I explained to her I would never be crossed and encouraged her to…" he says smiling looking up at Elijah, "To take a moment to smell the flowers, to enjoy her engagement. That I think it would be best for her to focus on her life instead of politics." he says with a shrug.

"So, you have had no further contact with Miss Lee since then?" Elijah asks, taking his cup of tea in his hands and nursing a small sip from it, his eyes never leaving Brad. "Not that I am against it, of course. I believe that the MLE should have free reign to support the media in whatever way they see fit. Hell, one of my closest friends writes for the Prophet."

"Since my last letter telling her to enjoy life?" Brad says tapping his chin, "Nope, aside from the small bit of contact before I volunteered an interview with the M.L.E." he says softly with a nod, "And I even told her then I felt it would be better to have another Auror conduct the interview." he says snuffing out his cigarette. "Miss Lee, is a good lass. I do not want to cause her any trouble." he says slowly with a small nod. "She will make a fine Auror one day." he says tapping his chin, "As far as the M.L.E. bar…" he says shrugging slowly. "I could have blown that up on my show, when I found out…" he says with a small sigh, "But I have chosen not too. Clearly by my Fallen Heroes Fund, Offering an Award for Leads and praising the work you are all doing on my show." he says softly sitting his tea cup down, "I do not want to cause any of you any criticism, while you are seeking out those responsible for the recent Tragedy." he says nodding, "I will address it when it will be appropriate and not interfere with the M.L.E. bringing down justice on those responsible." he says with a smile.

Elijah nods as he listens to Brad and says, "I see." He quietly 'hrmmm's to himself as he takes another sip from his tea, his eyes still bouncing all over Brad's features. "I do very much appreciate your patience with the issue. We can hardly keep up with statements and leads without added scrutiny from the public. It's a strange thing how in the wake of an attack like this, the blame falls at our feet, despite our best efforts to resolve the situation."

Brad nods softly with a sigh, "Small incidents, I find those acceptable to point out flaws." he says nodding, "Not that I enjoy doing so, simply because I feel we are are accountable for our actions, if I step out of line the public is swift to point out my flaws." he says slowly before clapping his hands together, "However large scale issues?" he shakes his head, "The M.L.E. needs the full support of the people, bringing scrutiny in a time like this?" he says shaking his head, "Would simple complicate things." he says with a smile, "The time will come when it is appropriate to address the issue." he says with a nod, "But for now, I will do nothing but praise the hard working Wizards and Witches of the M.L.E." he says nodding. "Though if I may ask you a question, Inspector?" he asks curiously.

Elijah nods to Brad with a smile, saying, "Your support is greatly appreciated." To Brad's inquiry, Elijah tilts his head curiously, "I'm afraid I /have/ turned this into a bit of a one-way street, haven't I? Of course." He gestures for Brad to continue while he raises the cup to his lips once more.

Brad lets out a small chuckle, "No worries, Inspector." he says nodding, "I have grown rather use to it, many people view me as a controversial figure, so they are of course curious." his hand moves and runs through his hair slowly, "While I understand the M.L.E. has barred membership…" he says slowly with a nod, "Would it get you in too much trouble if I invited you to one of the Wizard's People's List meetings? he asks curiously, "I mean simply visiting isn't membership, I think you would enjoy the meeting and being able to see first hand the work we are trying to do." he says with a smile.

"I don't see why that would be too much to ask of me. I've pulled you here in friendship, I'm no doubt obliged to return the favor," remarks Elijah, setting his empty cup down on the table before reaching for his still-smoldering cigarette.

Brad nods with a smile, "Wonderful, I simply hope that perhaps if more people truly understand we are not an organization of hate and violence." he says with a deep sigh, his hand moving to his forehead, clearly looking frustrated, "That they will see we are not an enemy of anyone, but an ally too all." he says, looking up at Elijah. "I am sure you can tell by our conversation, that I am no monster, just a man who wishes the best for everyone." he explains with a smile.

"Your nature has been made abundantly clear, Mister Moody," Elijah says with an affirming smile before leaning back in his chair and taking a drag from his cigarette. He gesture towards the waitress and asks, "Would you care for anything to eat, Bradley?"

Brad smiles, "Just Brad please." he says with a small nod, "Ah I am afraid I will have to pass." he says with a nod, "I was in the process of organizing the Fund Raises, I am preparing to announce." he explains with a nod, "It is for the Fallen Heroes fund, so I am certain you can see that." he says tapping his chin, "It is a priority in my book, my goal is that it will be a fund that lasts forever and continues to support any fallen hero who falls in the line of duty." he says nodding, "I am sure you can appreciate it's importance, given your profession Inspector." he says with a smile.

Elijah offers an understanding nod and says, "Of course. It will never be said that Elijah Lovegood stood in the way of progress." He smiles and continues, "I've quite enjoyed this conversation, Brad. May we do it again sometime soon."

Brad stands up and fastens the button he unfastened when he sat down, offering Elijah a small nod, "It was my pleasure, Inspector." he says warmly reaching into his coat pocket and sitting a few coins on the table. "We of course can have another, hopefully I will not be so busy at that time and we can enjoy a proper lunch." he says with a smile, "Simply send an Owl any time you wish to talk, I will have my assistant send you one, on the information about the upcoming meeting of one of the groups." he says nodding.

Elijah smiles and stands, as well, offering a hand to Brad before he departs, "Good luck on your ventures, Mister Moody. I will be in touch." He will then retake his seat and go about continuing his reading of the paper, waiting for Brad to exit before he murmurs, "Tosser."

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