(1939-08-01) Chaos at Mungos
Details for Chaos at Mungos!
Summary: Brad and Elijah appear at St. Mungos, both badly hurt with two very different version of what happened, but the truth soon because a little more clear, but the water is still murky.
Date: 1939-08-01
Location: St. Mungos
Plot: For the Greater Good
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It is about 9:00 in the evening. St. Mungos can be busy but for the most part it is rather calm. But then out of no where, a loud *CRACK* happens an none other then Brad Moody is laying on the floor with half of left leg missing, tied off with his belt. He lands with a thud on his back, his clothing is soiled with dirt and leaves, blood covering most of his pants leg, only the dirty and bloody stump can be seen for his missing leg. His face well red from exhaustion, on his cheek is two very visable hand shaped marks that have welted up and one is even bruising.
He looses the contents of his stomach, right next to him, his wand help in his hand. "Help!" he screams, a look of panic on his face, "I couldn't get Inspector Lovegood, he is still out there!" he says. "You have to find and help him, his arm got splinched!" he explains. "I had to leave him! He lost his mind and was attack me!" he says in a panic.
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Mere moments later, the aforementioned Elijah Lovegood cracks into existence. One of his coat arms hangs limply, a belt wrapped around the stump of meat near the top of it. He groans softly and steadies himself against a wall for a moment before he looks around. Spotting Moody, he shouts, "Oh, Brad! Thank Merlin I've found you! Nurse! Someone!" He approaches the man, kneeling down next to him and patting him comfortingly on the chest, "He went positively off his head after we were splinched; started trying to get away from me and screaming for his life." Elijah grips the man's shoulder reassuringly and says, "Don't worry, Moody; I'm here with you."

It has been a busy week at St. Mungo's, but with the last of the antidote potion brewed and administered, and the last of the attack victims discharged, things were starting to get back to normal. In fact, Kahren had been considering going home, pouring herself a glass of rum, and doing nothing more important than reading a romance novel - but it looked like that would have to wait.
"Mister Moody?" she asks in surprise, recognizing the man as she hurried towards him. "I need a gurney!" she calls over her shoulder, before looking back to Brad - and seeing Elijah in not much better shape. "Or two. Inspector Lovegood? Maybe it's better if you kept some distance from the man who believes you attacked him," she points out. Nurses with a pair of gurneys hurry over, and Kahren helps lift both men up onto them - Brad first.

Brad points at Elijah as he appears, "Keep him away from me!" he says in a panic, "He tried to kill me!" he shouts, trying to inch away from Elijah now, not even seeing Kahren at first, "He tried to hold me down and interrogate me. He says to her quickly." Smacked me twice, he says turning his cheek. "People are about to be attacked." he says rushed, looking around, "I was on my way to the M.L.E. in a hurry." he explains rather rushed, "I botched my apparation, got splinched, but he was following me." he says, "I told him that people's lives were in danger and he attacked me and tried to interrogate me!" he says taking a deep breath, "After I tied his belt my leg and his arm." he says slowly. "I was trying to get away from him! So I didn't die out there." he says.

"My good woman, this man is an M.L.E. informant. I have been tasked to insure his safety," remarks Elijah as he looks up to Kahren. His eyes move to Brad and he pats him once more, "Bradley, calm down; please. Of couse I tried to smack you out of it; you were spouting nonsense." Elijah produces a letter from his pocket and offers it to a nearby nurse, saying, "Get this to the MLE as quickly as you can. Brad may be in shock, but he's right about one thing; there are lives in danger." A quick look to Kahren and he asks, "Is there any way we can get him sedated? I'm afraid he may continue acting drasticly."

Ensure his safety? Well, he seems to be doing a less than ideal job of it - not that Kahren would ever voice this face. When the nurse holding the letter looks to Kahren, she simple nods a confirmation of the man's request, and then gestures to move the beds to place near the potions. "Let's put a little space between these two," she suggests. "Where did you both apparate away from? We'll need to send someone to retrieve the limbs," she requests. Raising her wand, she gestures it over Bradley's cuts, hoping to temporarily seal the blood vessels and stop his blood loss, while a second Healer sets to work on Elijah's arm. "Vulnera Sanentur," she chants softly, her song almost sing-song as she works.

As usual when a volatile situation like this occurs, word is already being sent to the M.L.E. that assistance may be required. Meanwhile, three additional orderlies have been sent over to escort the gurneys and help keep the peace.

Brad says, "Outside my house." slowly and softly. His eyes narrowing at Elijah, "I do not believe a sedation will be required as long as you get the man who just tried to murder me away from me." he says slowly to Kahren. "Inspector Lovegood do not tell the man you just tried to murder to calm down." he says slowly, "The man you just tried to murder and are now trying to frame me as insane." he says slowly with a bit of sting behind it, taking a few breaths, looking more in rage then anything else. As he is moved into a gurney.
"We both know the truth Inspector Lovegood." he says slowly at Elijah, "I have information that I need to give to someone from the M.L.E. that will confirm, what I am saying. So how about you quit the lies, Inspector." he says slowly looking at Kahren, "Ma'am I am informing you this man wants to murder me and already has tried this evening, I am of course in a panic as I am not safe around this brute." he says slowly.

Elijah rolls his eyes at Brad's explanation as the nurse tends to his arm. He shakes his head, "I am a member of the MLE, Mr. Moody. You have no reason to fear for your life." He smiles to the nurse and offers her a polite 'thank you' as she manages to temporarily stop the bleeding.

"Make sure someone gets to Mister Moody's home as soon as possible," Kahren order's another nurse, who hurries off to pass on the message. "Mister Moody, as soon as we have you both stabalized, we'll move you both to seperate accomodations." And keep them both under close supervision, no doubt. She inspects the wound on the man's leg, and purses her lips into a frown. Some of the blood vessels look sealed - but not all. Gesturing with her wand, she tries the spell a second time. "Vulnera Sanentur." She really has to get better at this spell.

Brad just lays back and closes his eyes, not responding to the Inspector or at how everyone was acting. He knows they hate him, but that is fine because they don't know the truth. The truth about all of this. "Thank you Ma'am." he finally says laying there silent now.

Elijah sits comfortably on the gurney, watching Brad being treated. He reaches up to hold the stump that's left of his arm and his thumb moving thoughtfully along it as he says, "Perhaps you should inform his boyfriend, as well. I'm sure he'd be able to assist you in bringing Mister Moody out of this state. What was his name again, Bradley?"

"Inspector Lovegood - I think it may be best if you leave Mister Moody be and allow others from the MLE to take control of this situation when they arrive. You're harrassing my patient," Kahren scolds the man, frowning at him, as she puts her wand aside for the moment. "You both need more blood volume," she adds as she pulls out two doses of one of their more frequently used potions. "So drink up."

"Jonathan Rockwell…" Brad says slowly, looking a little bit saddened. Sitting up and looking at Elijah, "He is at 29 Umber Alley, Inspector." he says slowly to Elijah, "Maybe now you will perhaps understand my urgency and the reason perhaps… why I didn't have time for your interrogation method." and looks like he is rather crestfallen and simply lays back down closing his eyes shaking his head. Moody turns his head, taking the potion quiet now, looking as if the heart had been ripped out of his chest.

"Why…in blazes…do we not…simply…have a Hit Wizard…stationed here?" A portly wizard wearing an M.L.E.S. badge pants and gasps his way into the trauma room, out of breath. "Inspector…Tibbs. Hello." Pant, pant. "What's the problem here? Oh…Lovegood, you're here. And a patient. Ah."

Elijah eyes Kahren and says, "And you're keeping me from conducting an investigation, ma'am." He stands up from his gurney and straightens out his vest with the arm that remains. "You are nothing if not sadistic are you, Moody?" A glance is given to Tibbs who receives a polite nod, "Ah, Tibbs, I'm glad you've made it. Have we dispatched Hit Wizards to 29 Umber Alley?"

"And I will continue to do so as long as your investigation involves harrassing my patient," Kahren responds. "Now drink your potion and lie back down." The usually sweet-natured Kahren is, for once, firm and imposing as she frown at the Inspector. "Allow Inspector Tibbs to take over for you."
And she's defending Brad Moody now… She's definitely having a rum after all of this is done. Turning back to Brad, she starts gently and carefully removing the tourniquet around the man's leg, watching for any signs of resumed bleeding. "Are you still in pain, Mister Moody?" she asks.

Brad points at Elijah, "Keep this mad man away from me!" he says slowly, looking at Kahren, "See he is already starting to interogate me again, right here in St. Mungos." he says shaking his head, "I might have just lost my lover and he is calling me sadistic?" he says with a small sigh. "Aye, Ma'am. I am sorry you have to deal with all of this." he says to her with a nod.

Tibbs takes a moment to wheeze a bit while he regulates his breathing. "What's this…about Umber Alley? I don't know what you're on about, Lovegood. We got word there's a situation here. Possible violence. Merlin's baggy Y-fronts, what happened to you two?

Elijah simply peers at Kahren, "Your patient is stable, ma'am. I'm sure he can stand to answer a few questions. If not, I could see about having Tibbs relocate him to the MLE. I'm sure we've got somebody there with a bandage and some cookies to keep his blood sugar up." Elijah takes a deep breath and turns to Tibbs, saying, "I have cause to believe that Brad Moody is actively working to sabotage an MLE investigation. I tailed him to his house and grabbed him as he apparated." He gestures to his lack of arm, "It's a fickle thing, isn't it?"

Elijah moves to stand alongside Tibbs, "I took this as an opputunity to ask several questions of the man, several of which he responded to with egregious lies. He attempted to attack me and escaped to this location /here/, and I managed to follow along behind him to this situation in front of you, where he relies on the kind nature of this young woman to prevent me to continue extrapolating information which may be vital to the protection of innocent lives."

"And when has MLE training begun to include advanced courses on healing? You are both missing limbs, and it is against hospital policy to sign out any patients in such an atrocious state. Mister Moody has accused /you/ of causing his current condition, so I ask again you leave my patient in peace. Inspector Tibbs may continue the investigation. If you continue to persist, I will ask the orderlies to escort you to another room," Kahren persists heatedly, frowning at Elijah. "Now, lie back down until your arm can be retrieved and reattached."
Turning back to her rack of potions, she removes one and offers it to Brad, despite toying with the idea of drinking it herself. Of course, it wouldn't do anything for the real cause of the pain in her backside. "This should help with any lingering aches," she offers in a kinder voice.

Tibbs boggles at Lovegood — not an uncommon expression of other Hit Wizards toward "the crazy one." He shakes his head, "Lovegood, lay off it for a bit, eh? Your bloody arm's off. Priorities, man. Now…tell me about this Umber Alley. I missed something, obviously."

Brad looks at Kahren, "Ma'am you see how he is acting now?" he says slowly, looking at her, "Now remember how he was acting when he showed up." he says slowly, "Then please tell Inspector Tibbs, as you can see he is clearly still attempting to interrogate me, despite what a Healer is saying to him." he looks over at Inspector Tibbs, "It is going to be attacked, I told Inspector Lovegood about it, even showed him the threatening letter I got!" he says slowly with a sigh, "But the man, as he just said, took the chance to keep me from medical care, put my life in danger." he says slowly shaking his head, "Physically attack me." he continues with a deep sigh, "I thought he had lost his mind, because what M.L.E. employee would ignore someone who just lost half their leg and the chance of letting innocent people die?" he says to Tibbs, closing his eyes. "I attempted to sedate him to bring him to Mungos… the Healers her can tell you, he is acting completely different now then when he came in…" he says slowly, "Acting now when he tried to kill me and maybe killed all those people at the Army of Truth meeting…" he says shaking his head.

"And the world has gone mad," remarks Elijah, moving to sit back down on his gurney. He looks over to Tibbs and says, "Apparently there is going to be an attack happening…" He glances at his time-piece, "…a few minutes ago." He sighs and reaches up to rub his face. He glances toward Brad and shakes his head, standing back up, "I'm going to the address; see what I can see." He takes up his coat and begins moving toward the exit, "Do not let that man out of your sight, Tibbs."

Tibbs lifts his hands in a calming gesture, "Alright, alright. Everyone just relax a moment. Lovegood, sit your arse down. Didn't you hear the Healer? They're fetching your arm. You wanna lose it for good? -I'll- get people to the address. You, Moody, isn't it? Give me the letter." Tibbs waddles over to Moody's bedside, holding out a hand expectantly.

Killed all those people at the Army of Truth meeting…? Kahren is definitely not following this, and it's all rather worrying. She had been about to go home - why do these things always happen at the /end/ of the day? "I'm sure it will all get sorted out," the healer responds - not sure if there are too many MLE officers present or simply not enough.

Mood looks at Tibbs and sighs, "You will have to ask Inspector Lovegood for it." he says softly, "I gave it to him after we splinched, told him to go and leave me. To save the people there." he explains slowly as he turns his face so the the hand marks on his cheek are, "As you can see and as he has said, he chose that moment to physically attack me and ignore the life of those at the meeting, instead he choose to interrogate me." he explains to Tibbs, "So you would have to ask him, I sent a letter prior to leaving my home to Auror Lee, as…" he says slowly with a sigh, "I told her, my life was in danger. It was in the first letter I sent her." he explains, "But I sent her the address in time as I tried to make it to the M.L.E., but got splinched." he says nodding, "So in case anything happened to me I wanted to make sure someone got sent…" he says with a sigh.

"I sent the letter off to the M.L.E. via a nurse when I arrived here, Tibbs," responds Elijah, turning and facing the rest of them. He breathes a heavy sigh and moves to retake his seat on the gurney, watching the proceedings.

At least things have gotten more manageable, now. "Inspector Lovegood - would you like a pain potion as well?" Kahren asks, while glancing towards the door from which the mediwizards should appear. No one can really blame her for being impatient to be rid of this situation, right?
She's probably going to have to answer questions from Inspector Tibbs before she can go home, though.

"You sent it off…?" Tibbs slaps his hand to his forehead, letting out a heavy sigh. "Right. So, this is all a complete mess. Fine, they'll have the letter at the office. I'm sure Shacklebolt'll send a squad right off. Meanwhile, do I need to be here to keep you to smacking Moody around any more? You…ah…having a relapse or something?" Tibbs eyes Lovegood worriedly.

Brad remains silent just shaking his head at the situation, not saying anything just look rather downhearted and a bit deflated, not his normal long winded and talkative self.

"I'm quite fine, thank you," responds Elijah to Kahren, his eyes firmly fixated on Brad's features. His reaches up with his hand and returns to slowly stroking his thumb along the stub. Elijah turns his eyes on Tibbs, a single eyebrow quirking up in a silent affirmation that he, in fact, is not having a relapse or something. He stands up from his gurney, once more and begins to pace back and forth in the middle of the lobby, trying to piece things together in his head.

Relief shows on Kahren's features as mediwizards appear with their gruesome cargo. "Oh, wonderful," she responds. Bring them over here, and we'll make sure they're in good shape." The arm and leg are set on a tray, and Kahren gets to work making sure they're clean and ready for reattachment - only takes a few moments to make sure the open wounds are ready.

The hospital orderlies know rage when they see it, and are the first line of defense against it. One of them moves to greet Denny, putting on his best pleasant smile as he steps into the man's path. "Good day, sir. Can I help you with something?"

Brad just lays there still silent and shaking his head, he just closes his eyes and lets the healers do their job. He waits for the healer to start the process of reattaching his leg, silently though as his hand moces to rest on his forehead.

Elijah moves to have a seat back on the gurney now that someone has been kind enough to bring him his arm, "Tell me, Tibbs; how long have you been with the M.L.E.?" He tilts his head as he asks the question.

Inspector Tibbs perks up at Elijah's question. "What, me? Going on fifteen years this month." He rubs his protruding belly, perhaps remembering his early days on the squad before it was quite so round. "Why do you ask?"

Unaware of the drama happening in the lobby, Kahren picks up the arm, moving towards Elijah's gurney with it. "Let's get you all fixed up, inspector, and then you can get back to your important duties," she offers, as she gently positions the amputated arm to connect with the stump.

"I'm here to check on Inspector Harrig-" Denny stops and corrects himself just to say "I'm here to see Inspector Elijah Lovegood" Shaking himself out of that moment less then three weeks ago, when last he had been in to identify the body of his former partner. His voice going more calm, and somewhat subdued as he speaks, only now noticing his favorite jacket is missing, again.

The orderly nods, relaxing a bit as Denny's anger seems to settle. "Ah…yeah, he Apparated in not long ago. He's in Trauma now. Come with me and we'll ask the Healer if he can be seen. You know, Inspector Tibbs is already here. Is there a problem we should know about? Another problem, I mean."

Elijah smiles warmly at Tibbs and says, "/Fifteen/? Wow, really? I'm going on twenty, myself." Simply uttering that phrase and Elijah chuckles softly. "Twenty years on the force, countless cases solved, innumerable sacrifices made for the cause…and people still second guess me because my methods are…less than conventional. That's a weird thought, isn't it, Tibbs?" He happily allows Kahren to begin reattaching his arm, uttering, "Thank you."

"Alright, can you squeeze my hand please?" Kahren asks once she's done casting, sipping her hand into Elijah's. A faint frown slowly grows on her features as she inspects the result of her spell. "Can you feel normal sensation in your hand?" she asks, tapping his palm and fingers as she continues the examination.

"Look, Lovegood…" Tibbs fumbles for his words, "You get results, I'll grant you that. But…then things like this happen. It raises questions, you know? You make people nervous. Let's face it, mate, it isn't just your methods that are unconventional. You're sort of an odd bloke. No offense, but that's how people see it."

A throat is cleared nearby. "Excuse me, Healer Umbridge? There's an Inspector Denholm wants to see Inspector Lovegood here. You want I should let him in?"

Brad mutters, "Because attempted murder is just less then conventional and not against the law itself." opening his eyes and staring at Elijah, "Yes butter up the other Inspector, try and convince him that trying to kill a man you have no proof on or evidence against is acceptable." he spits out slowly through the pain, "You know what is a weird thought Inspector Lovegood? A M.L.E. Hit Wizard, letting people die. Because if you kept me from getting to the M.L.E. and no one got to those poor souls…" he says shaking his head, "Their blood is on your hands and no amount of smooth words and smiles will wash that off." he says slowly laying back down, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Elijah shakes his head at Kahren's question and says, "Not a thing." He reaches over with his other hand and thumps at his knuckles for a moment. 'Hrmmm', he vocalizes, intrigued for a moment. He clears his throat and says to her, "I'm sorry for my earlier actions, madame. I suppose the heat of them moment go to me." A glance at Brad and he responds, "If I had been trying to kill you, I would have used something far more effective than a disarming spell when you pulled your wand on me, Moody. So take the needle off this 'he tried to kill me' shit and sing me a different song."

Kahren lets out a mildly annoyed sound. "Well. I'm going to have to do better than that for you, Inspector." Can't have anyone in the MLE running around with a dead-weight arm.
As an orderly asks to let another member of the MLE in, Kahren glances back to add, "How about I get Inspector Lovegood patched up, and he can speak out there," she recommends.
With her attention back on Elijah, she takes a deep breath in, lets out slowly… and tries again. Sure it's one of the trickier healing spells - but she /can/ do this.

Brad looks at Elijah with a wave of his hand, "Sure try to downplay it all, but like I said if any of of them at my meeting was hurt….their blood is on your hands." he says with a deep sigh, "Or Inspector Lovegood, are you telling me if I had a hunch you were responsible for the attack tonight? I could have attack you and probed you with questions with the risk of bleeding out? Or does your Badge and unconventional methods put you above the law? Must have only have sworn to protect the ones that are convenien…" he starts out blinking a few times. His hand moving to his head as he rubs his brow for a second before he passes out, the stress and shock finally got the better of him.

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