(1939-08-01) Confession
Details for Confession
Summary: Thomas after his arrest confesses to both the attack on the AoT Meeting and the Terrorist attacks, by way of his group, the Muggle Liberation Front.
Date: 1939-08-01
Location: M.L.E. - Interview Room
Plot: For the Greater Good
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It is not too long after the attacks in Umber Alley took place, Thomas is sitting quietly in the interview room, still wearing his all black outfit, with the black armband with bold letterers that read, MLF on it. He sits quietly at the table, sitting up right and just staring at the door, waiting for someone to come in.

He isn't kept waiting terribly long. The MLE needs to wrap this up - now. Right now, with a great big pretty bow on it. As if they weren't facing enough flack already.
The door is pushed open by a woman in here thirties, with long, blonde and perfectly straight hair - and a rather stern expression. She sits down across from Thomas, setting down a notepad, quill, and ink. "I'm Inspector Alutina Trayell," she introduces herself simply. "Mister Carrow - why don't you tell me about the events of this evening, in your own words," she invites.

Graham knows or knew this wouldnt be considered an auror case and well given that he's friends with the suspect it is probably best not to push given what happend at the scene of the crime anyways. He couldnt not know what happend though and so looking tired and worn out sort of like he hasnt slept in several days. The young auror stands behind the two way glass as the investigators enter. He watches back and forth but now making sure he can also hear what's going on.

Just behind Alutina comes her partner, an absolutely enormous man with thick black hair and inscutable black eyes. He sits down next to her and grunts out his name. "Aaron Smith." His voice is like two granite boulders scraping by one another, and his face is rather stony as well. He's got his wand in his hand, though it's not pointed at anyone in particular. Apparently… he's the bad cop?

Thomas nods slowly, though a look of minor annoyance is on his face. "I sent out the letters calling for the members of the Muggle Liberation Front, to assemble and attack." he says slowly with a small nod, "We attacked the Army of Truth meeting as previous planned in our last meeting." he says with a small shrug, "Everything went just as planed, except Graham being late and obviously turning on us, I suppose you could just ask him about it." he says slowly, "I won't lie, we killed those people, just like us trying to frame the Army of Truth the other week. They are evil and we as a society must Liberate the muggles from the chains that have been placed on them." he says nodding, "But I will not go down for this alone, Graham betrayed the cause and our fight." he says his brow furrowing in anger. "Maybe he is trying to absolve himself for the sins we committed on the 26th, but nothing can wash the blood off our hands of that day." he says coldly.

"I see," Alutina remarks, as she scribbles some of this down in her notebook. "Can you please tell us the names of everyone involved in this attack, and the names of everyone in your organization?" she asks, her expression remaining a cool mask despite the grim topic of discussion.

He watches the two investigators though he's seen them about the office he's never worked with them properly before. Graham is distracted as without really so much as an ounce of promoting Thomas launches into a confession though he looks puzzled of course about his supposed part in the mess which clearly isn't what happened at all though this whole thing is getting more sticky by the moment let alone the days which have gone by.

Aaron Smith leans over to Alutina and whispers something.

Thomas snarls slightly at Alutina, "I won't betray those who have stayed loyal to our cause!" he exclaims slamming his fists down on the table. "Maybe you can ask Graham, I am sure the traitor will gladly turn belly up and tell you their names!" he says his fists still curled up in a ball, "Mark my words, the Muggle Liberation Front, will tear down the veil of Secrecy, even if we have to do it one attack at a time!" he says his brow furrowing in anger, "Unity, Preservation, the Army of Truth, anyone who stands in the way of progress will be torn down and destroyed!" he says sounding rather frustrated. "Through battle, perfection. Through victory, immortality!" he yells at the two Hit Wizards, before breaking out in a rather maddening sounding laugh, "You can't stop the Muffle Liberation Front, we are every where! The Ministry, The M.L.E., on the streets, your neighbors, friends and yes people you work with." he says his eyes growing wide as a grin creeps around his face.

"Yes, yes. You're a good little Carrow. We rather get the point. The whole falling out with your father thing was clearly just an act," Alutina responds, after giving her partner a semi-annoyed look. "So - your group is claiming responsibility for the attacks on Peppy Potions, Wiztruth Robes, and Sweet Temptations as well?" the woman asks. "Why don't you tell us about those attacks. How were those devices developed? How were the tools and ingredients sourced? Where were the devices placed?" she quiries - in defiance to her partner's whispered suggestion.

Graham looks shocked as he is named by his friend, no something cant be right here but with no proof he cannot help him right now not to mention he could end up in some hot watter if he's not careful. He has to meet up with Shelley first since the note crumbled to dust and then with Rena to compare notes on the message she got. He will simply watch on for now though having to know what else is said.

Thomas looks annoyed, "It was suppose to be done so you would arrest Moody…" he says slowly, "But obviously, Graham failed in his mission to frame Moody from the inside." he says slowly shaking his head, "I don't know why he has turned his back on us, but his treason is unforgivable to the cause." he lets out a small shrug, "Do your own job!" he snaps, "I won't betray the cause." he says slamming his fists on the table again, "You will all pay for your crimes against the muggles, in blood!" he yells at them, starting to laugh hysterically now and randomly quoting various verses from muggle books.

Aaron Smith looks mightily unimpressed. He folds his massive arms across his chest and glares at Thomas. His partner, at least, would know he's muggle-born. "This man is insane," he rumbles quietly to her. "We should try to determine if he's been… tampered with."

"Yes, yes. The MLF will destroy us all, /and/ save the world, and Cohen is a worthless sod. I've got all that down already. He's listening, you know. Behind there," Alutina gestures towards one of the walls. "Why don't you let him know how you /really/ feel." She seems unmoved by Thomas ranting, though she does glance aside at her partner. "You could go see what's keeping the charms experts," she agrees.

It is much too much going from giving him tea and selling him history books one day, to this. Graham finds himself pacing back and forth behind the glass trying to puzzle through it the same option comes to him over and over and it seems the investigators find the same conclusion but as they motion to him announcing his presence he stops pacing and watches for the reaction.

Thomas looks at the window, his eyes fill with anger and hate, "Graham!" he screams, "You traitor! Everything! The planning! Everything we have done together! We started talking about this at the book club…" he says his brow furrowing as he jumps up and his fists hit the window, "You better hope they lock you in Azkaban with me! Because if the others find you, you will be praying that you had been!" he screams pounding on the window.

"I'll stay here," Smith murmurs. "Unpredictable lunatics are dangerous. No reason to exceed protocol. You're my partner." And then, Thomas jumps up and starts bangning on the window. His wand is already in his hand. "Petrificus Totalus!" he growls, and a spark of light shoots from his wand to Thomas' torso.

"I'm enjoying this show. Are you enjoying the sho-" Alutina begins, before letting out a mildly annoyed sound. "You know - he can't /talk/ like that," she remarks, rolling her eyes. "And the mirror's unbreakable." Her attention turns to the mirror as she considers it with some amusement. "I'll tell you who's not enjoying the show - Cohen."

Graham takes a half step back, perhaps forgetting about the glass or being to tired to think stragiht as Thomas runs right at it but he comes to his senses and watches though the spell taking him if it works that would end the raging on. All lies of course but right now the auror is taking in all that he can so that he knows what he will need to do proving his innocence despite all of this being completely insane.

Thomas is hit by the spell and simply freezes and falls to the side hitting the ground with a small thud. He remains there as the experts check him out, not seeing anything out of place. Inform the Inspectors and leave the interview room, it is not too long after that, Thomas is collected. His one way ticket to Azkaban signed and stamped. Leaving a wake of confusion behind him, was he really so upset at Graham that he implemented the MLF as the ones for the Terrorist Attack? Is there something more too all of this? Was he telling the truth, why confess to crimes you didn't commit.

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