(1939-08-01) Luke Carrow's Statement
Details for Luke Carrow's Statement
Summary: Luke Carrow's statement of the MLF attack.
Date: 1939-08-01
Location: St. Mungos
Plot: For the Greater Good
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This statement was taken by a NPC Hit Wizard from Luke Carrow, at St. Mungos' after the MLF Attack

We were preparing for our meeting of the Wizard's People List, a subsection of the Army of Truth. When four figures entered, all four wearing all black, with armbands that read MLF. They began to attack almost the moment they entered. Most of us didn't have time to react, I took two arrows to the stomach and I think they thought I was dead. After the attack the four talked for a long moment, the things in the conversation I remember the most are, "Why is Graham late?" and "Where is he? I wonder if he got tied up at the Ministry." after a long conversation about this person, three of them apparated and left one there with the instructions of "Wait for Graham and let him know were we are meeting. Also make sure no one is still breathing." that is when I blacked out, I woke up to see "Miss Lee there asking Graham what he had done and seeing one of the attacks laying on the floor, knocked out. I then proceeded to try and escape to Miss Lee as I was afraid for my life as she spoke the name, "Graham" knowing what they had said earlier. It was shortly after that I was taking here to St. Mungos, which is where you find me now.

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