(1939-08-01) Splinched!
Details for Splinched!
Summary: Elijah and Brad get Splinched! The situation soon escalates into something more dangerous.
Date: 1939-08-01
Location: A Random forest between Hogsmeade and London
Plot: For the Greater Good
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It is late in the evening, roughly about 8:25, the night air is warm and the weather is clear. While Brad has been being followed he has notions about it but he has certainly not been up to anything. But suddenly he steps out of his out and with a loud crack! Apparates into the darkness of the night.
However he misses his mark, by a mile. Landing with a hard thud in a forest somewhere between Hogsmeade and London, the night sky and stars shimmering through the leeves above him as he lays there, dizzy. He moves to stand up, but simply falls flat on his face. Something is wrong. He looks behind him and his eyes god wide a clear look of panic on his face as he realizes he is missing more then half of his left leg, just above the knee. Blood squirting out of his leg as he begings to panic, letting out a sudden sharp scream of pain.

Elijah Lovegood comes cracking through in a very similar manner as Brad, having grabbed him at the last minute. The good Inspector is missing an arm instead of a leg, however. His empty sleeve hangs dangling in the wind and the Inspector grips at his shoulder in pain, collapsing to the ground next to Moody as a loud, painful growl escapes his mouth. Upon hearing Brad's scream, his eyes go wide and he moves quickly to place his bloodied hand over the man's mouth, "Quiet, you fool. Don't you know what's out here!?" He nearly hisses at the man, his eyes full of fire.

Well Elijah certain catches his attention, but Brad is still grabbing at his leg, already going a bit pale. But his mind races and he quickly removes his belt and wraps it wound his leg and pulls it as tight as he can stopping the bleeding, his eyes wincing tightly he is obviously in extreme pain as he lays their trying not to scream, he can barely see, but he takes the cumpled piece of paper in his hand and tries to give it to the Inspector, now biting his lip hard enough to draw blood to keep from screaming.

Elijah shifts to his knees, the loud rustling of leaves accompanying the motion. "Here…now me," Elijah says, presenting the stump left from his arm as he pulls Brad up into a seating position. He'll take the paper from Brad's hand and try to unball it as best as he can.

Brad manages with has shaking hands to remove Elijah's belt and tighten around his stump, his lip still between his lips as he tightens it down to stop the bleeding. He manages to stay sitting up, though he is certainly still in a bit of shock. His eyes close and he tries to take some deep heavy breaths. The letter Elijah has taken simply reads:

Mr. Moody, Tonight we strike you at 29 Umber Alley, when your meeting starts at 8:30. You will pay for every hateful word you have uttered against Muggles, in blood. - MLF

Elijah takes a moment to read the paper before he tucks it into his coat pocket. But soon after, his eyes turn to Brad and he grabs him by the lapel, pulling him closer, "Why are you feeding Rena false information?"

Brad snarls slightly at Elijah, his words coming out rather harsh through the pain, "I am… not…!" he says his hands moving to his leg in pain, "Hurry up and save… save… those people… leave me… my life isn't important." he lets out harshly, his eyes closing as he rocks back and forth trying to nurse his leg.

"Don't /lie/ to me, Moody," Elijah hisses before sending the back of his hand into Brad's face. He regrips the man's lapel and asks, coldly, "Why are you sending Rena false information? Who was at your house last night? Tell me!"

Brad looks at Elijah after the rather firm back hand comes his way, "Are you… crazy?" he asks his brow furrowed, "I just saved… saved… your bloody life!" he says pointing at the belt around his arm, though the pain starts to take him again and he leans in grabbing his leg, "Bloody hell… they are going to die and you are interrogating me…" he says shaking his head, "I can barely apparate, you think I would bloody well think I would do this knowing the risk?" he hisses, "I can't even walk, I could have ended up here out by myself!" he snarls at Elijah, "My bloody boyfriend you peeping Tom, he is muggle-born!" he snarls looking rather pissed, his cheeks growing a bright red.

"You fed information of a mole in the MLE to Lee. Are you trying to hold up an investigation!? What's your end-game, Moody!?" The obsessive side of Elijah is clearly showing at this point as he rears back to slap Brad across the face once more.

Brad gets back handed in the face again, "Because she is the only one I can trust!" he yells at Elijah. His eyes burning with anger, "People are about to die and look at you.." he snarls, "So hell bent on me being guilty that you are smacking me with one arm!" he snarls, "You wouldn't have believed me if I came too you…" he says his brow furrowing, "What was I suppose to but tell Lee? End game? Investigation? I don't even know what Abbott of Sniveley has to do with anything!" he says through his teeth.

Elijah snarls right back at him and pulls his face closer, saying, "I will feed you to the wolves, Moody. You will not survive the reckoning that is coming for you." Eli's eyes are near to bursting with fire right now as he stares into Brad's. "Your messianic followers will see you crucified if you lie to me one more goddamn time." A thumb wraps nearer to Moody's throat and begins to apply pressure, "Do you understand the terms?"

Brad seems rather indifferent by the words Elijah is yelling at him, he clears his throat and says, "If you are not going to try and save them I will!" he exclaims and pulls his wand out and yells "Stupefy!" closing his eyes as he does so.

Elijah is left with less than a split-second to react, but that's all he needs. The Inspector screams as he throwns himself off of Brad and contorts his body in a successful effort to end up on his feet. He spins and reaches inside his long coat to retrieve the cherrywood wand that resides within, "Are you aware of what just transpired, Bradley?" He takes a moment to catch his breath, leveling his wand at Moody, "You just attacked an officer of the law." Another moment and he waves his wand, swishing and flicking as he shouts, "Expelliarmus!"

Brad watches as he is knocked a few inches back and his wand blown out of his hand. "Are you inspector? Missing half my leg, already lost a great deal of blood. Lives are on the line and you have chosen this moment, to attack me, twice physically, with out reason or cause, aside from your notion of justice and the truth. You have no evidence, you proof." he says his brows furrowed, "This was a case of self defense, my life is in jeopardy." he says slowly, "So, Inspector do you know what just transpired?" he asks slowly, "Or do I need to repeat myself? Because I have the right to carry a wand, to protect myself, even from Hit Wizards who have gone into shock and certainly lost their baring and are putting my life in jeopardy without cause." he spits out.

"You know very well what you've done, Moody," Elijah says, moving closer to the man, wand still leveled at him, "What is your plan, you ignorant ponce!" His eyes, unflinching rest on Brad's features, "Tell me, now." This last phrase is uttered with unprecedented menace.

"We will see, Inspector." Brad says slowly, "If you plan to arrest me, please do so. Because maybe then I would be able to get some aide for the life threatening injuries I have sustained." he says slowly spitting on the ground, "You know the ones you are taking advantage of by beating me and interrogating me instead of doing your duty?" he says slowly, "The ones that caused me to fear for my life and act out in self defense?" he says slowly, "After I saved your life, by putting that belt around your arm, don't you think if I wanted you dead I wouldn't have done it and attacked you that very moment?" he says slowly, "Obviously Inspector, you are suffering from shock, which is the reason I attempted to use a spell that would not injury so I could also get you aide." he says slowly.

"Don't play me for a fool, Moody. You know very well I am not one. We both know you're not stupid enough to kill me. There's no doubt in your mind that I've relayed what I'm doing to the department and that if they found me dead they'd come straight to you," Elijah growls, beginning to circle the man. "I know there is something that you're not telling me and I will /have/ it."

Brad looks around at the area they are in, "Not a fool? Look at the state I am in…And you attacked me… I need to get to St. Mungos…" he says slowly as he shakes his head, "Inspector you have lost it…" he says as he reaches over and grabs his wand and apparates with a loud crack.

Elijah's eyes go wide as Brad apparates away, leaving the man to scream to the heavens. Elijah's arm falls to his side, limply as he attempts to catch his breath, his brows twitching with anger, "Soon enough, Moody."

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