(1939-08-02) Wine Fundraiser for Orphans
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Summary: Gus and the Orphanage Matron sell wine at a discount, proceeds going to the orphanage!
Date: Aug 2, 1939
Location: North Verdic Alley

Today is a special day. Gus is selling certain wines in his shop for 30 percent off - these are displayed in front of the store, arranged attractively on tables, with cooling charms around them to keep them at the perfect temperature. There is a large hand-painted sign that reads: "Sale! Today only! All proceeds go to orphans!" Beautifully painted grape vines curl around the edges of the sign, and at the bottom is a little moving picture of several wizarding orphans and their caretaker, staring solemnly at the camera. Little placards sit in front of each grouping of wine bottles, declaring their new sale price in bold red numbers. Helping Gus today is the caretaker herself, wearing the uniform of her office and bustling about, looking happy and busy.

With a loud crack, a man dressed in a grey trench coat, and a grey hat, with a rather dapper looking suit beneath apparates into view. He's only staggered for a quick moment before getting back together his barrings. He seems a rather happy if not brutish man at a glance, and as he makes his way over to the storefront it looks for a moment as if he's about to rob the place, while reaching into his pocket, only to pull out a wallet instead of his wand.

Cause I've got friiiiiends, in low places. And then there's Nox Moody, ner'do'well and sweetheart all at once, who'd traded in a perfectly respectable job modeling for…ugg, Ministry work. But really, when they turn you loose with permission to meddle with the minds of practically anyone who wouldn't want THAT? Of course, from the back Denny does look like he's up to possibly no good and dearest Nox can't actually *see* that it's his wallet that he's reaching for, so Mistakes, particularly when they're fueled by that warning nip she'd taken at lunch…are occasionally made. "Stealing isn't very nice." Gawd, where did that woman come from?

Graham approaches the shop from the alley he's seems to be walking today and not really feeling up to apparating or just wanted to stroll. The young man looks tired and a bit put a upon but he heard about the wine sale and perhaps his wish to support the winery got the better of his ambition to stay inside and drink heavily. Finally having made it in view of the goings on and continues on ward he'll wait to speak to people until he's closer by or perhaps hoping they'll notice him.

The orphan caretaker is only a hair faster than Gus at turning around to the sound of Apparition. It's a common enough noise, in the wizarding world. There is a tense moment - just a moment - before the man in the grey trenchcoat pulls out his wallet, and then Gus smiles effusively. "Welcome, sir," he greets. "How can I help you, today?" Gus turns in surprise at the sound of Nox's voice. "I beg your pardon?" he asks Nox cautiously. "Did you see someone steal something?" He does indeed notice Graham, and gives the auror a wide-eyed look. "Mr. Cohen, hello!"

Denny takes a second to think who the woman could be talking to, before moving for one of the more expensive bottles of wine for sale, wallet still in hand, as he takes hold of the bottle sitting down enough funds to pay for the regular price as apposed to the discounted one, with a bit of a smile. "I've always wanted to adopt" The man says with a bit of a friendly smile spinning around the bottle "I tried asking Har-" He cuts himself off, with a bit of a clearing of his throat, finally noticing Nox. "Interesting to see an obliviator at this time of day,"

And just that quick, potiental work things fade into nothing because Nox has noticed, "Graham!" And gone bounding in his direction to invade personal space with all the grace of one who does so often and doesn't know the defination of the word. "You're looking quiet as ever." A ghost of a grin came with it, before the Moody turned her attention towards Denny when he called her out. "I know, I know." It was true enough, Nox was one of those that barely kept the job, because it made such a lovely game and she took it with all the seriousness of, "But Smirth was testing out this lovely little hangover potion and it seemed to clear away all the debris and wine." An airy gesture towards the displays, "Who can resist a good sale, doing good and all that bleeding heart spiel."

The young man cant help but raise an eyebrow a moment at the greeting he gets from the young shop owner "Mr Rousseau, good to see you again." he says managing to sound himself despite everything else. He notices Denny and gives a nod in case he sees but is distracted by Nox and rightly so as she moves over towards him he does manage her a smile being drawn out of his thought. "Miss Moody, sorry just a bit tired today work has been a mess i'm sure you've been busy as well. It has been entirely too long though, you look lovely. How have you been?"

Seemingly appearing out of the thin air — or from a nearby alley for those who are paying attention — Ben has his hands clasped behind his back as he leans in to inspect a row of bottles. He leans in to get a closer look at the labels and smirks to himself before straightening and glancing at the group of people gathered near the table.

For the first time in a week - Kahren has a day off. She spent the early morning be lazy - lying about at home with a cup of tea, reading a book and doing little else. Now, however, she's decided to make her first trip to Diagon and Verdic Alleys since the attacks to see what remains of the damage first hand. She pauses outside the shuttered Wiztruth Robes, her expression solemn, before moving further down the street - the wine sale catching her attention.

The orphan caretaker - let's call her Anne Blythe - does not notice Ben coming in from the alley, and there's no characteristic popping sound. So she turns, and there he is. "Mercy me!" she cries, startled, and jumps back half a foot.

Gus did happen to notice Ben's arrival, and laughs gently at the matron's response. "There, there, Mrs. Blythe," he says comfortingly. "Everything is fine. Hello, sir," he says to Ben.

Mrs. Blythe straightens her apron and smiles at Denny. "If you've a mind to adopt, sir, please come visit us." She rattles off the name and address of the orphanage, and presses a pamphlet about adopting into his hands.

Ben arches an eyebrow at the matron though his amusement is plain across his face. "Pardon, madam. I didn't mean to startle you." The amused grin is still on his face as he turns to Gus. "Hey there squirt, what's this about orphans? Did they make the wine?" His light chuckle matches the sarcasm in the question.

Denny takes the pamphlet, tucking it away inside of his shirt pocket as apposed to his normal jacket pocket for some reason, for a quick moment a large number of muggle implements of destruction and devastation along with a rather well kept looking MLE badge pinned to his chest. "I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to adopt, but I might as well give it a shot" Denny offering a rather small smile, as he adds a few more coins to the pile on top of the already non discounted bottles price. "Make sure you put these to good use."

Approaching the table, Kahren studies the photo of the orphans, a small, fond smile creeping onto her features. "Poor little tykes," she remarks, reaching into her pocket for a few coins to donate.

Gus grins back at Ben and answers sarcasm with sarcasm. "Sure, they did," he drawls. "Isn't that right, Mrs. Blythe? Their favorite part is mashing the grapes - they get to stomp barefoot on them, you should see the mess they make."

Mrs. Blythe snorts indelicately. "As if," she says stoutely to Ben. "Young Mr. Rousseau and his family have donated these wines to our good cause, out of the kindness of their hearts." She turns back just in time to see Denny's implements and does a double-take. "What is it that you do, exactly?" she asks hesitantly. She'll quickly accept the coins, of course, and nod to him. "Yes, I will." Kahren's donation is met with a smile and a genuine, "Thank you, miss."

"Buy a bottle," Gus urges everyone. "All proceeds go to the orphans. SOme of these little tykes will be attending school soon, and who's going to buy them their first wand, eh? Why… kind and generous people like yourselves, that's who - by purchasing a delicious bottle of wine!"

With a smirk, Ben winks at Gus' claims of grape-stomping orphans. He turns back to the bottles and taps the neck of one with a fingernail in some sort of test. "How much a bottle?" While asking the question, he sneaks a side-long glance at Denny for a split second before turning his attention back to Gus.

Graham looks on though it seems Miss Moody's attention had turned elsewhere for the moment he looks around to the others gathered and cant really seem to muster the urge to interact heavily at the moment at least. He will move over and plop some money in the donation jar. "I should head to work." he says voice having lost its volume for the moment nodding to each he'll prepare unless stopped to head away from when where he'd come from.

As Graham speaks, he earns Kahren's attention and a sympathetic smile. As bad as things have been in the hospital this week - she's sure glad she's not an /auror/, instead.

"I think I'll take a few bottles," she remarks, pulling out some more money.

"Prices are there," Gus says, pointing to the little placcards near each grouping of bottles. At 30 percent off, it's an extremely good deal. "Nice seeing you again, Mr. Cohen," Gus says when Graham decides to head off. He'll pull his forelock at the man, a sign of respect. Then he turns to Kahren, his face lighting up. "Excellent!" he says happily. "What are you in the mood for - red, white, blush? Something bold, something fruity, something dry?"

Denny thinks for a moment, before asking rather calmly "Do you have an owl friendly wrapper I could put this in?" The man already scrawling something down on a small sheet of paper, with a bit of speed. He doesn't look like he really enjoys what he's writing, but he's stillw writing it off to the side of the table, more asking the orphanage woman, then the busy gus behind the couner

"Oh, I've always prefered reds," Kahren responds, as she picks up one bottle and then another, inspecting the labels. "I bought one of these," she taps one with her hand, "for my mother's birthday. It was /quite/ good."

Ben points at two nearby bottles, seemingly at random while glancing again at Denny. "I'll take those two. Will be a nice housewarming for myself." He flashes a grin at Gus before glancing down at the placards. He pulls some coins and a pouch from a pocket, many of the coins are stamped with a mark from an American wizarding bank. He gives up half way and just deposits all the coins into the pouch, which is a healthy amount more than the cost of the wine, even at retail price. He then offers the pouch to the matron. "Don't buy the kids any of those mothballs they try to sell off as robes on the clearance aisle, eh?"

Mrs. Blythe nods obligingly to Denny and fetches a long black velvet drawstring bag - apparently every bottle of wine taken away today gets one of them. "Oh, thank you, sir!" Mrs. Blythe says, beaming at him happily. "Thank you so much!" She nearly faints with happiness when Ben gives her so much money. "Oh, bless you, sir!" she cries. "Happy day!"

Gus beams at Kahren. "Oh, yes, I think I recall. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!" Not only do her bottles get their little velvet drawstring bags, but she also gets a small box to carry her purchase in. "How about that, ladies and gentlemen!" Gus calls out to passers-by. "Have you ever seen such selfless caring in all your life? Good fortune to you, miss and sirs, the orphans will be thrilled!" He does a quick little comical jig out of sheer excitement for how well things are going, laughing the whole time.

Denny glances over towards Ben for a moment, before placing even more coins on the table raising the price of his one bottle just above the other mans two. He then returns to quickly scribbling down his message onto the paper with one hand, almost accidentally filling it out as a form instead of a letter to a person from force of habit.

After making her choices, Kahren also pays out a decent sum of money, smiling at the woman and Gus. "So kind of you to donate so many profits for this children. I wish you both the best of luck," she says warmly.

Ben arches an eyebrow at Denny and his action. He takes a moment to glance the man over from head to toe, but only just turns back to Gus and the matron. He chuckles at Gus' jig and shakes his head. "I'm happy to help, madam." he says this to the matron and her excitement.

Mrs. Blythe certainly understands immediately what's going on with Denny's one-upmanship. "Oh, sirs!" she says. "My prayers are being answered! How can we ever thank you?" She will also look at what Denny is scribbling down, quite curious to see what he's writing.

"I could almost kiss you," he says to all three of them." He'll nod at Kahren with a smile. "Thank you, miss, really!"

Denny offers a small smirk, before rolling up the note, and whistling rather loudly the first few bars to yankee doodle dandy, causing a VERY large owl to come flying into view at a good speed, the owls body alone being 84 cm long, with a wingspan of just under 152 cm. This monstrous owl lands on the ground beside Denny, and gives a deep hoot towards the others. Denny quickly tieing the note which at a glance looks to be some sort of formal apology letter off to the bottle, and handing it to the creature.

With a last smile to the gathered group, Kahren nods and starts to move away, giving the large owl a respectable birth. It's never a good idea to crowd a strange owl - especially one so very large.

Laughing again at Gus and his kissy comment, Ben holds up a hand. "Maybe in a couple years, squirt." He is avoiding even looking at Denny now, not even seeming to notice the owl-beast swooping down. He gathers his purchase as Kahren makes her exit and nods towards her, "Good day to you, madam."

Gus is quite impressed with the size of the owl, even stepping back half a foot. Mrs. Blythe croons at it, quite taken. "What a handsome owl," she compliments Denny. Gus laughs again at Ben and winks. "I'll mark it down in my calendar," he jokes. He'll wave everyone goodbye with a cheerful smile. "Tell your friends to come by and buy a bottle!" he urges them.

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