(1939-08-03) Two Become One
Details for Two Become One
Summary: Takeshi and Rena are reunited after a harrowing week apart, following the tragedies of Diagon Alley, the IRA bombings and the Umber Alley incident.
Date: 1939-08-03
Location: Takeshi's House & The Ministry
Related: MLF Attack

(OOC NOTE: The following is a very tender, heartfelt scene between two characters. It is important to both as the circumstances are game-changing for them. However, if you dislike romantic/mushy scenes, I would suggest no further reading.)

Rena has given up. Everything has come undone over the last week, and the seams continue to unravel. Since the terrorist attack, she's been without Takeshi - the only real, dependable anchor in her life. Dutifully coming home to an empty house, day after day, following one horror after another and having no one to even look to for reassurance has completely worn her down. However, here she remains.
Unfortunately, Takeshi won't be greeted by Rena at the door. The house is dark and quiet; and woefully dusty after a week of no attentive cleaning from either occupant. Her shoes have been left askew at the door, so she must be at home… but where?
Exhausted, depressed and dejected, Rena came home after another tragedy during the wee hours of the morning. She's been removed from the case regarding the MLF, and left to deal with the Majijuggend. After a long day of work from home, she undid her hair, pulled off her clothes (with the exception of her slip) and curled up in Takeshi's bed. And that's where she is still; curled up, hugging his pillow tightly like a child, her face half buried in it as she sleeps.

It hasn't been any easier for Takeshi, but not quiet as hard as Rena's woes. St. Mungos has been in chaos all week, he has been at a secured location with people about to burst into flames. The stress has certainly started to tear him down as he walks through the door and hangs up his yellow robes with a deep almost frustrated sigh. His shoes slowly come off and he fixes Rena's as he runs his hands through his hair.
He moves slowly to were Rena is and sits down on the bed with her, silent for a second before he just wraps his arms around her and holds her, not saying anything just embracing her, his whole body shaking.

Rena's fitful slumber is interrupted by the comforting feeling of someone's arms holding her close. As she slips back into wakefulness, she becomes aware very quickly that Takeshi is with her at last.
"Takeshi—" she says softly, hardly able to contain her emotion. She clings to him like she never has before, unwilling to let go: "Oh, Takeshi, I've missed you so. I can't even tell you." For the first time since the nightmares began, she smiles with relief and joy, just to be in his arms again. However, she soon realizes that he is trembling, and she becomes concerned.
"Darling, you're shaking. Are you alright?" Rena asks, her fingers gently stroking through his hair. "I've been so worried about you."

Takeshi shakes his head, "The world is turning upside down love…" he says slowly taking a deep breath, sitting up and reaching over and stroking her cheek, "Everyday it seems something happens… what is going on with the world we live in?" he asks slowly with a deep sigh, before shaking his head. His hand is still softly on Rena's cheek, "Lets get married, lets just go to the Ministry and do it… the world is too crazy right now to wait…" he says softly leaning in and kissing her forehead.

With everything that has happened, it comes as no surprise to Rena to see him so affected and different from his usual self. She watches him intently, the look in her eyes showing nothing but love and care for him as she listens to him speak. If only she had answers to give him… but, they are the same unanswerable questions that have been tormenting her in her own mind.
The insanity of the world seems to stop for a moment when he says that they should be married now. For a wonderful split-second, it almost feels as though everything ceases to spin out of control. For a time, Rena gazes at him silently; but at last, a gentle smile begins to form, and she places her hand over his very softly. Then, turning her face a little, she brushes her lips against his hand in a sweet, loving gesture. Giving a tiny nod, she finally answers: "Nothing would make me happier."

Takeshi wraps his arms around Rena and holds her close with a smile, holding her tighter then he normally would. "I am so happy to hear that." he says slowly sounding as if he was about to cry, "I need you so much, I realized that this past week…" he says slowly, "You are part of me… you make things clear and all this haze of chaos going on in the world…" he says shaking his head, "You are the only thing that has kept me going." he explains smiling at her.

Never has anyone said anything like that to Rena, before. She struggles to fight back her own tears as he holds her and pours out his heart to her. Closing her eyes, she buries her face against him, and his shirt is dampened by the two tears that do finally slip past: "I can't live without you, Takeshi. You make me strong and give me the heart to keep going when everything is wrong." She says, lifting her head. Caressing the soft line of his jaw gently, her lips then brush his cheek before kissing him tenderly.
She lingers in the kiss for a moment before drawing back slightly with a shy smile: "I'm sorry I never got around to getting that wedding dress made. But… maybe it's better this way. If we just do it quiet like, so nobody takes notice." Surely neither of them want to deal with formalities and the well-wishes of friends right now.

Takeshi returns the kiss softly, his forehead pressing against Rena's. "I don't even care… I just want to be with you." he explains slowly with a deep heart felt sigh. "We are going to need each other if things continue on this way and I want to make sure we have each other forever." he says slowly, "Quiet and simple, I don't want to deal with people, I just want to be with you." he explains slowly his arms wrapping around her again and embracing her softly.

Takeshi need hardly explain it to her. Rena feels exactly the same as he does. She only wants to be with him, and to know that they have one another for sure and for certain, now. It's strange how important all the trimmings seem to be when everything is alright. The tuxedo, the dress, the cake, invitations, the honeymoon… They don't amount to a hill of beans in the face of something like this. All they need - all they ever needed - was each other.
"Takeshi," Rena speaks after a moment of silence, just enjoying the comfort of being in his arms. "Look at me," she says, drawing his attention to her eyes. "Nobody's bothered to say this, yet. So I'm going to." Here, she pauses and offers a loving, genuine smile: "No matter what, it's going to be alright. We've got one another, and it will be alright."

Takeshi just nods looking her in the eyes and holds her tightly, "All we will ever need is each other." he says slowly holding her softly. He places a few soft kisses on her cheek, "We will always be alright, because we will always have each other." he says slowly giving her a soft squeeze. His eyes close tightly, "I love you Rena, I love you with every essence of my being…" he says slowly with a smile, looking up at her. "Lets get some sleep… he have something to do tomorrow." he says warmly to her.


While Rena is certainly trying to keep a low profile today, she does enter the ministry wearing a light, summery dress for a change. One that is covered in a lovely print that can only make one think of bright summer days, sunshine and flowers. No prim suit, jacket, hat and gloves as she normally wears - those won't do for an occasion like this. Who knows, people might not even notice that it's her, simply because of the change in clothing.
Worn and spent as she has been over the last week, the redhead has nothing but an irrepressible glowing smile, and a sprightly spring in her step as she and Takeshi make their way through the Ministry to the department that handles Marriages and other such domestic issues. When they reach the entry, she pauses long enough to give it one long look before casting a furtive glance over her shoulder. Far as she can tell, nobody's taken much notice of them… thankfully.
"I thought I'd be nervous when we got 'ere," Rena says, giving Takeshi's hand a gentle squeeze. This is followed by a tug and an encouraging smile.

Takeshi of course returns the squeeze of the hand, dressed in his typical rather plain and simple suit. Black jacket and slacks, white shirt and a very simple yellow tie. As he is drug along by Rena, he offers her a small smile, as they move along. "Well… I am a bit nervous." he says with a small nod, though he offers her a soft smile. "Just because it is not every day you elope off to the Ministry and get married without telling anyone." he says slowly with a small nod.
As they pass by everything he can't help but look with a small nods, he doesn't come to the Ministry very often after all. "Do you like working here?" he asks curiously as he looks over everything on their way here and there, "It makes Mungos' trauma section looking like a retirement home." he says playfully with a chuckle.

A tiny suppressed giggle slips out, and Rena stops to give Takeshi a coy look: "Maybe not - but it's such a swell, guilty little secret to 'ave for a little while, yea?" Before turning to go on, the young woman hesitates on her former statement and glances down briefly before admitting quietly: "Guess I am a little nervous… but, more excited than anything."
The Ministry - like so much of the wizarding world - is hardly the soul of efficiency; however, it is well organized chaos. This department is no different than the rest, although it looks somewhat like an old fashioned Muggle bank in the way that the walls are lined on either side with workers in little cubicle sequestered away behind thin gilded bars, topped with fanciful scroll-work. The young woman searches until locating several that are labeled with "Marriage License." Upon finding them, Rena pauses once more before actually taking the initiative to step forward. After all, Takeshi is the man of the relationship. Maybe she should let him take the lead.
"I like working 'ere when things aren't so sad all over," she does finally answer in a low whisper. "Just for today though, let's not think about work - either of us. This is just our day to be 'appy."

Takeshi can't help but chuckle a little bit, at everything. It is a nervous one, but a good one. As he stands there, for a moment he is a bit over whelmed not sure what to do exactly. But he nods suddenly, slowly before looking back over at Rena, he says softly, "I love you." before he moves up to get the required paperwork from the clerk, but he is nervous almost shaking nervous. Letting out a small cough, he prepares to ask for the paperwork, "I need the paperwork to get married!" he almost screams at the clerk, in his nervous state. His cheek growing bright red.
"Ohh…umm…I…err…umm…err…am sorry." he says with a small cough. "I am… err… umm… nervous." he says at the clerk who gives him a puzzled look, Takeshi tries not to let his cheeks grow brighter as he feels all the eyes on him after his nervous outburst. The clerk slides Takeshi the papers, which requires him to stop a moment, straighten out and get fixed just right before he takes them a table with a quill, gesturing for Rena to join him with a smile.

Rena's eyes sparkle with happiness, and she smiles warmly at her husband-to-be. "And I love you," she says softly. Kissing two fingers and then playfully planting the kiss on his cheek. This way, she avoids the usual problem of getting lipstick on his face.
His outburst would be more startling… if Rena weren't already used to these things by now. After all, he practically shouted his proposal before plinking her on the forehead with the ring. Somehow, she loves these things about him, and finds them endearing. However, she gives the bewildered clerk an apologetic smile, followed by a wink as she turns to follow Takeshi to the table.
Brushing her skirt smooth, she takes a seat. Keeping her voice low, she says softly: "I know it's best this way. I do rather wish I could've said all the words I might've otherwise said to you in a bigger ceremony, though. Still… to tell you how much I love you, need you, how I'll always be there for you… I suppose I can say it when we get home, though." Her gaze drifts down to the paperwork, and her cheeks colour to a soft, rosy hue.

Takeshi dips the quill in the small ink well with a nod, then he starts filling out the paperwork. His hand writing, neat, almost calculated with each stroke. He continues to write as Rena joins him, as he writes he offers her a small smile. "Are you ready?" he asks, his tone soft and pleasant. He appreciates her, he appreciates everything about her. The way she smiles and walks towards him, the soft blush on her cheek as she sits with him. This is perhaps the happiest moment of his life, aside from when he first saw her.
As she speaks he nods, "It would have been nice." He agrees with her, "However, the important thing is that you are mine and I am yours." he says looking at her with a smile. "What matters is in a moment we will both be able to tell each other how much we love and ch…" then she brings up the honeymoon phase, which well causes a drop ink to fall on the side of the paper, his eyes go to it and it causes his eyebrow to twitch, clearly fighting off the urge to crumple it all up and start again.

Is she ready? She has had her misgivings; she has slipped and fallen a few times; but, now that she and Takeshi have both been through the crucible of recent events and discovered how desperately they need one another, she is ready. Her smile is confident and radiant as she nods, answering quietly: "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I'm ready."
Noticing the look on Takeshi's face, she glances down and sees that she's gone and caused him to spatter a drop of ink on the page. For a moment, she's torn and wondering whether she should say that she's sorry and offer to get a replacement. However, she reaches over and strokes his cheek with her hand and says: "Don't tear it up, love. That's my speck, there - and we'll always remember 'ow it 'appened." Funny how a spot of ink can almost take on a sentimental value at a time like this.

Takeshi takes a deep breath, his eyes closing for a moment before he starts writing again. "I suppose so." he says warmly to her with a smile, it is no surprise that Takeshi is bothered by a spot of ink. "I am glad you are ready, I am ready too." he says softly to her offering her a smile as he finishes up the paperwork. "All done." he says warmly to her as he stands up slowly and offers her his hand.
As they move across the floor, Takeshi says softly, "I am glad we did this, Rena." he says slowly with a small nod, "Are you going to tell people or keep it quiet for a while at work?" he asks curiously, before they reach the clerk again and he offers her the paperwork and the payment for the fees.

Takeshi has changed a great deal since they first met…and yet, stayed very much the same. But still, he has come a long, long way from the boy who could barely cope with any hint of disorder in his life.
Slipping her hand into his, she comes with him, still seemingly unable to stop smiling. However, the expression in her eyes becomes thoughtful when he asks if she'll keep it a secret or not. "I… I'm not sure," she admits. "I suppose it's bound to slip out sooner than later. But, I think I'd like to 'hold off till the right moment. Everyone's got so much going on right now, and everything is such a mess… You understand, don't you?" She asks, slightly worried for a second.
Not even waiting for him to answer, her grip on his hand tightens slightly, and she stops walking. Rena draws him back to her, and she leans in close to say something very important. "Takeshi-" she says gently, but earnestly, "I didn't get to tell you before… I'm so proud of you. For everything. I mean absolutely everything. I just wanted you to know - especially now."

Takeshi nods with a smile, "I just didn't know if you needed to update paperwork or such in your office, I know I will have to update a few things at Mungos." he says warmly to her with a smile, "But I will keep it a secret as long as I can for you love." he says giving her hand a small squeeze. Though his mind was starting to organize the list of papers he needs to update at work, from highest priority to lowest. But just then, she stops and pulls him close.
His eyes blink snapping out of his organizational daydream, as he looks to her listening to her, the smile on his face growing slightly. He reaches up and strokes her cheek, "I am proud of you too Rena." he says nodding slowly, "You are stronger then you think." he says warmly to her with a smile, "Stubborn, but strong." he says with a chuckle his hand come back to his side.

"I'll try not to let the stubbornness get the best of me so much in the future," Rena says softly. It's a great deal happier and more pleasant when they aren't knocking their heads together like two stubborn deer over some issue or other. "But, I can't make any promises." She is a redhead, after all…
Returning to the clerk who has been half-watching them from afar all this time, the papers are handed over. Given the proper once-over with a glance, they are tapped and straightened to perfection, and a magic seal is placed on the bottom to signify the Ministry's recognition of the union. The clerk then offers the pair a genuinely warm smile: "Congratulations, Mister and Mrs. Odori. And best wishes for your future together."
Blushing quite deeply, Rena seems to be taken aback at being called by a different name - but, not in a bad way. Her smile is shy, and a little bewildered as she murmurs her thanks to the clerk. Drawing her gaze up to meet with Takeshi again, a nervous little laugh slips out: "Irene Cassandra Odori… you know, I like the sound of it."

Takeshi watches with a smile, as everything is done and finished. He looks at Rena warmly, "Aye, Mrs. Takeshi Odori." he says offering her a small nod. His hand comes up and strokes her cheek softly for a moment, before he says playfully, "You may now kiss the bride." he says teasingly as he leans in and kisses her softly on the lips. "I personally, think Irene Cassandra Odori, sounds positively perfect." he says nodding slowly. His hand moves and runs through his hair, before he accepts the marriage certificate and tucks it away safely.
Taking Rena's hand again he starts to move out, headed to take her home now, so that she can continue to enjoy the rest of this relaxing day.

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