(1939-08-04) WWN: Tauldron Crock - Crock-Pot Convo
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Summary: Brad and David team up to provide some laughs after a very stressful and tragic week in the Wizarding World.
Date: 1939-08-04
Location: WWN

In the middle of the Opening Theme sudden bursts of laughter are heard causing the theme to run short. With the sound of Brad Moody suddenly talking

Brad: "Let’s find the jokes, this is Tauldron Crock, with yours truly, Brad Moody."

David: "And in a surprising turn of events, I'm David Thomas Smith. Ladies and gentlemen, it's so nice to have all of you with us here today. Now, on this momentous occassion, Mr. Moody and I are taking a brief respite from ringing each other's necks to try and grasp at those gossamer ribbons of light shining through these dark times."

Brad: "You know, David. I have been thinking about ways to help you out. I figured out what you need, a catch phrase. So I went a head and wrote one up for you. I'm not a myth, I'm David Smith. Eh? Pretty good huh?"

David: I actually quite like that and am prone to steal that from you for my next broadcast. *a brief hrmmming can be heard* Y'know, it's a shame that you already have two shows on the WWN because I had an idea for a cooking program that you'd be perfect for. No, really. I'm not sure the audience knows how much of a fan of the finer cuisines Brad here is. I think we could call it Being a Foodie with Brad Newman Moody.

Brad: "Audible Chuckle Good one David, though I think I would call that show, "Half-Baked", I am sure I would get more listeners. Then we can have a huge focus on baking. Maybe I could even do a segment of pies. David do you know much about pies? I was wondering if you knew what the best thing to put into a pie is?"

David: "I can't say I do, no. What is it, Brad?"

Brad: "Your teeth of course! Nothing like sinking your teeth into a fresh baked pie."

David: soft chuckle "I'm gonna go ahead an send you back to the drawing board on that one, Brad. Y'know, Brad; I've been thinking about picking you up a dog. You like dogs, yeah?"

Brad: "Of course, they are a Wizards best friend or so I have been told."

David: "Well, do you know what one might call a magical dog?"

Brad: "Can't say that I do David."

David: "A labracadabrador. rim-shot sound effect cricket sound effect

Brad: Audible Chuckle Are you pulling my leg? Careful if you pull to hard it will pop right off."

David: "I think that may be a little too soon. chuckle But seriouslt, Brad; how are you holding up? You been doin' alright?"

Brad: I have been doing pretty good, started collecting coins. Went on a date over the weekend even."

David: "Well, that's fantastic. Y'know, I missed having you around for a little while. Didn't have anybody here to pick on. But coins, huh? You find any nice ones?"

Brad: "Well I certainly missed everyone here at WWN. Any nice ones, well I did manage to find few, but they must have been made out of Leprechaun gold, because they managed to disappear as soon as I went to a Tavern. cricket sound effect"

David: chuckle Oh, dear. Well, that ain't any good at all, is it? So, Brad; you went one a date, huh? Who's the lucky person?""

Brad: "Well I saw her ad in the Daily Prophet. So I of course sent her a letter, her name is Dem. N. Tor. We met for a cup of tea, but I must not be as much of a looker as I always thought, because I couldn't even get her to kiss me."

David: "Y'know, Brad; I think you're probably better off. Never go for those gals in all black."

Brad: "So David, what's new in your life?"

David: "Oh, not much, really. Just started a new diet, recently."

Brad: "Oh? Do tell?"

David: "I've started holding a bottle in each hand."

Brad: "Chuckle Well I think it is the time for a song, David if you would."

David: "Of course. Now, we've got a pretty cushy set-up here, wouldn't you say? Well, Fred Astaire claims to have found a better one. Ladies and gents, here's the man himself with "Nice Work If You Can Get It"."

"Nice Work If You Can Get It" by Fred Astaire

Brad: "Well that was certainly some interesting music. Really quick I would like to thank one of today's sponsors. Do you find yourself with a runny nose? Headaches? Well my friends at Burt's Butter and Andy Antidotes, has the potion to put you back in motion! Their long standing line of products all come with a coin back promise. Remember if it isn't Burt and Andy, it isn't a Dandy!"

David: "Wow, you've got Burt and Andy sponsoring your show? I didn't even know we could have sponsors. soft chuckle"

Brad: "Can you keep a secret David?"

David: "Of course, Brad."

Brad: "Really I just walk around and make up random ads for random places, no one has caught on yet."

David: "Sounds like an interesting business prospect. Y'know, we could get real ads, right?"

Brad: "*Chuckles* That would require someone to listen to my show though David."

David: "Well, here I was thinking that you had the better ratings. Huh…I wonder if there's anybody out there actually listening to this."

Brad: "Oh I do, but only when Harpy Radios leave their radios on by accident over night."

David: "Well, let's hope to Merlin that more people just fall asleep with their radios on, yeah?"

Brad: "Would certainly, keep me a float. I mean if they started to do that, I might be able to buy some beans to go with my rice. Merlin's beard, if we traded time slots you could afford three bottles!"

David: "chuckles softly Don't tempt me, Moody. I'd do just about anything to keep me in whiskey."

Brad: "Well David, here is one for you. What do you all can indecisive Auror?"

David: "I don't know, Brad. What do you call an indecisive Auror?"

Brad: "An Aur-OR-NOT."

David: "You know, Brad; I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure."

Brad: "Chuckles Well then I am certainly going to be surprised if you can pick the next song. Merlin, David are you planning to force the good people listening to listen to my musical choices?"

David: "Chuckles I don't think the good people of the Wizarding people would be too keen on that, Moody. So, instead, I've got a little bit of Bing Crosby to sate their tastes. You know ol' Bing dontcha, Brad? In any case, here he is with "Deep Purple"."

Brad: "Isn't he that famous Duelist?"

David: "Sighs No…no he's not, Brad. I've really got to do some work on culturing you."

Brad: "Well anyway here is Bing Deep with Purple Cosby!"

"Deep Purple" by Bing Crosby

David: "So, what'd you think, Brad? Pretty good, right?"

Brad: "Is that what muggles call yodeling? If so I think I might get into yodeling."

David: "I think they actually refer to that as 'crooning', Brad. You should get into crooning. You've certainly got the swagger for it, now."

Brad: "Then yes, I will be the best crooner in the world, David. Give me month."

David: "And hey, you've got a friend in the radio business. You'll be unstoppable. Move over Wolfgang Montague, Brad Moody's the new big man on stage."

Brad: "So I have what it takes, my first hit will be called… "Angry Rambles" what do you think?"

David: "I think it's perfect. And it opens up your time slot! chuckles"

Brad: Oh no, watch out everyone. David Smith coming to a Tavern near you!

David: "Well, I'd call this a fair to middlin' venture into cheering some people up. What about you, Brad?"

Brad: "I would have to agree, David. I certainly hope that people realize that no matter what your views are, that at a time like this we must all come together."

David: "That's exactly right, Brad. In the end, we're all just in this together, despite the pettiness that can sometime come between us."

Brad: "Why you should have seen David's face when I recommended this join show. But if the two of us can get together and laugh and joke, all of you should be able too."

David: "And that, my friends, is the only truth that matters."

Brad: "Well I wouldn't say that David, but it certainly is an important one. Thank you all for listening. This was Tauldron Crock, with Brad Moody and…

David: "…David Thomas Smith. In the words of Bob Hope and Shirley Ross, "Thanks for the memory"."

"Thanks For the Memory" by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross

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