(1939-08-04) Spoiling the M.L.E and Healers
Details for Spoiling the M.L.E and Healers
Summary: Elly makes it clear that the M.L.E. and Mungos healers will always find pampering at the Leaky Cauldron.
Date: August 4th, 1939
Location: London - Leaky Cauldron

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and overcast.

The Leaky Cauldron
This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses, sometimes coined "wenches", bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, as if they stumbled out of another century. Notably absent are any modern Muggle devices or electricity, the lighting all provided by lanterns and chandeliers.

Elly with a large basket hanging from her arm she opens the London side door to the Leaky Cauldron while giving what looks like a muggle RAF pilot a hug and she waves to him before entering. "Basket's all empty, Els returns from feeding the muggle masses." One of the regulars teases her and receives a good natured swat. "Just some treats and things, and just the soldiers." She pokes her tongue out at the regular and they share a laugh before she hangs up the basket on the wall. Lifting up her apron while leaning long over the bar she wraps it around herself and starts to gather up her hair and put it up with some bobby pins from a pocket of the apron. "Specials today loverlies is White Wine Braised Hare, an' Seafood Stew. Be righ around to take orders."

Not long before Elly's arrival, the floo had flared just before Kahren walks out, brushing ash from her robes. She's straight off a shift at the hospital, and relieved that things have finally returned to normal there. She slips into empty seat just in time to watch Elly sweep in, greeting the woman with a smile. "I wouldn't mind some of the rabbit," she invites.

Elly gives Kahren a big warm and welcoming smile. "Sure fing dearie, somefing to wash it all down wif?" She gets several other orders from the people around Kahren and smiling the whole time she takes the orders to memory. "Fings finally quieting down at St. Mungos. Can't honestly say iffin I miss it entirely or nah."

"Bit of tea and a rum," Kahren requests. A bit odd - she doesn't usually go for the rum unless Arthur's around. But maybe she's expecting him? "I'm glad it's over with. We were hardly getting any sleep there, for a bit. A body can only do that for so long."

Elly gives a little bob of an almost curtsy before she bustles around back into the kitchen. Because Kahren might be waiting on Arthur the other tables around her are served before she is. "Your mate going to be joining ye tonight love? Iffin ye fink he'd like some hare, can plate somefing for him as well."

"Be nice if he did - but I don't expect him. If anyone's been busier than the hospital this week, it's the MLE," Kahren says in a wry, tone, inured to the reality of it. "He could always surprise me, though. He's been known to do that."

Elly laughs merrily and nods as she slides Kahren's dinner down before her. "Aye, he's full of surprises, in'e?" Her merry giggles continue as she steps away to refill a drink. When she passes Kahren again she adds, "Let ol Els know iffin ye need anyfing else, right?"

"I always do. Thank you," Kahren says with a forkful of rabbit in one hand. She takes a bite and lets out an appreciative sound. Moist, and certainly delicious. She could eat this every day for a week and not get tired in the least.

Scott is sitting at a table in a far corner of the room with his legs stretched in front of him. His wand resting on the table where he can grabs it quickly if required. He's holding a glass of firewhiskey in his left hand. From time to time, he takes a sip but he's drinking it rather slowly, busy as he is watching the other patrons.

Elly comes down from upstairs with arms full of laundry, she beams sunnily at everyone she passes on her way behind the bar. "Specials of the day are: White Wine Braised Hare an' the Soup Special is the Seafood Stew loverlies." Her address is general as she bustles off and into the kitchen.

It's somewhat late in the evening already and patrons of various walks of life have made their way to the cauldron in search of a nice soothing atmosphere to eat drink and be merry. The rather calm candlelight of the pub illuminating tired faces, warn well from the rather long weeks behind each of them. The sounds of the outside world fade away somewhat to leave behind the calm collected atmosphere of this little eatery.

A loud popping crack rings out in the air from parts unknown sounding not unlike a car backfiring, and after a few moments a man in a rather nice grey overcoat, with matching hat walks out from the mens bathroom. He's rather stocky, and looks like he's had as long of a week as anyone else, though here he stands out more then the elderly men and women in their odd robes. His clothing looking almost normal if not a bit bulky covering over a muscular frame and who knows what concealed beneath the clothing. Without hesitation he makes his way for the first available seat, which just so happens to be the same one to which Scott has sat himself. With a rather friendly nod he says "Mind if I join you?" His voice sounding rather calm, and almost charming, as he places his hand onto the back of the chair, a small smile across the gentleman's face.

It's somewhat late in the evening already and patrons of various walks of life have made their way to the cauldron in search of a nice soothing atmosphere to eat drink and be merry. The rather calm candlelight of the pub illuminating tired faces, warn well from the rather long weeks behind each of them. The sounds of the outside world fade away somewhat to leave behind the calm collected atmosphere of this little eatery.

A loud popping crack rings out in the air from parts unknown sounding not unlike a car backfiring, and after a few moments a man in a rather nice grey overcoat, with matching hat walks out from the mens bathroom. He's rather stocky, and looks like he's had as long of a week as anyone else, though here he stands out more then the elderly men and women in their odd robes. His clothing looking almost normal if not a bit bulky covering over a muscular frame and who knows what concealed beneath the clothing. Without hesitation he makes his way for the first available seat, which just so happens to be the same one to which Scott has sat himself. With a rather friendly nod he says "Mind if I join you?" His voice sounding rather calm, and almost charming, as he places his hand onto the back of the chair, a small smile across the gentleman's face.

Scott raises his glass to salute the gentleman, "Please have a seat.". He lays back into his own seat and takes another sip of his glass but his attention is soon distracted by Elly's arrival, "I think I'm gonna get myself some seafood soup" he mutters for himself. Then, still distracted, he add for Denny, "My name's Scott. Pleased to meet you."

Deny offers a low tip of the hat, lowering himself low down into the free seat as a few more people slowly trickle into the building proper. "Denny" He says still rather calm sounding as he takes a quick glance around the cramped taproom, looking for something or someone before turning his attention back to Scott "Never really had the seafood soup here, but you'll probably enjoy it,"

Scott raises his hand to order a soup. "Me neither but I a huge fan of seafood soup since I tried it during a trip in Palestine." Now that he's not distracted by the crowd, he takes some time to examine the newcomer. "I don't think I ever had the pleasure to meet you Denny but like I said, it's a pleasure." He waves his glass, "Want something to drink?"

"Butterbeer" Denny states rather confidently, clasping his hands together. He takes another slight glance around before settling his eyes on one of the wenches, "I'd go for something stronger but I've got to apparate home tonight" speaking in a more humerus tone, as he flags the girl down, with that smile of his.

Scott grins, "Butterbeer…I think I didn't drink one since I left Hogwarts… good ol days." He finishes his firewhiskey and puts the empty glass on the table. "You're right. Never drink and apparate. The last thing you want is to end up in St-Mungo. I try to avoid hospitals when I can…they're bad for my health." he adds with a faint smile on his lips.

Kahren has been in the Cauldron for a while, having used the floo to arrive after her shift at St. Mungos. In front of her is a cup of tea, as well as a braised rabbit and some rum. She's currently nibbling on a bit of crusty bread, a book open on the table in front of her. Not a healing text this time, though - it appears to be a fiction book, for a change.

"Mungo's isn't so bad, after enough visits" Denny jests, as the wench makes her way beside the table. He starts off in a jovial tone of voice, taking off his gry hat, to sit on the table in front of himself, "Butterbeer for myself, and a refill for my friend here, along with your finest seafood soup,". Turning back to Scott he adds with a smile "My treat".

Graham steps into the leaky cauldron from the muggle London side apparently having taveled on foot here or something. He glances about the place a moment trying to decide where he should sit stepping further in he spots the healer first and makes his way though the pub. The auror will try for a smile before he speaks "Hey Kahren, mind if I join you?" he looks less tired but certainly not himself by any stretch, but he'll wait patiently

"Of course. Graham, hello," Kahren greets him, giving the man a smile. Talk nearby of St Mungos earns her attention briefly, before she looks back to the man. "I have more food here than I could possibly eat. Have you had dinner yet?" she asks.

Scott nods at Denny to thank him, "They're professional up there and trust me, I enjoy the nurses' company like any man but I'm usually in pretty bad shape when I end up there… which happened more often than I care to remember, but I prefer to stay out of there."

He will nod to her words, and pull the chair out across from her and sit down lightly in it "Thank you." Graham ponders what to order for a drink but he will answer her question as he's asked with a head shake "I've not eaten since breakfast actualy." he looks appologetic given the healer probably wont think much of that fact.

The wench offers a quick nod, before making her way back towards the kitchen to pass along the order, leaving the two behind at their table without much in the way of words. She's passed by a woman in black who takes a silent seat at the bar, looking at no one, but pulling out a few freshly minted coins.

Denny looks towards her still enjoying the small talk the two seem more then capable of sharing. "I can't think of many nurses there that aren't at least decent lookers," he states with a friendly laugh, looking right back over towards the glass in front of Scott. "Can't be good going in all the time I'd imagine though,"

Scott shrugs at Denny, "I've got a dangerous job. At least the goblins are paying my medical bills or I would be sleeping under a bridge." He follows Denny's gaze and glances at the woman at the bar wondering if he knows her but since it's none of his business, he starts looking around while replying to the gentleman, "They are sure good looking. Too bad I'm never at my best when I'm around them."

"Graham," Kahren says in a mildly disapproving tone. "If you don't look after yourself, who's going to be looking after the rest of us?" she asks, as she flags down a server. "Can we get another plate and some silverware - and perhaps more of the bread?" she requests, before looking to Graham to give his drink order.

Graham manages a bit of a better smile here at least he might escape the retelling of his week here for the moment. Well the parts he can speak of anyways. "I will try my best of course, though this week." he shakes his head slightly but he'll bring himself off of it. "How has everything with you been? I hope work is at least starting to slow down some?"

Denny shakes his head, letting out an amused sigh, as he tries to look at home in the cauldron "Well, so long as it's paid for, I don't see why you shouldn't go in more often,". He tries to pull his attention away from the woman, and back towards the conversation at hand, only really looking at her from the corner of his eye. "Dangerous times these days though, so I bet they wouldn't be too happy at you staying there when you aren't hurt"

Scott frowns at Denny, "I only heard some vague rumors. I'm just arriving from a 6 month mission in Egypt. But I did notice things are a bit quite around here… more than I would expect." He glances briefly at the woman but there are many more in the cauldron and they're all equally drawing his attention. "The goblin would not like it if they got charged medical fee for nothing."

"Slowed down enough to catch a decent night's sleep, and stop doing double shifts. When we found out that the device had potions at its core, things got particularly hectic in the Potion and Plant Poisoning Department - as you can imagine, no doubt," Kahren remarks, tearing off another small piece of bread.

"Cider please." Graham finally gets around to ordering his drink his normal somehow he avoids adding the whiskey shots to it that he had pondered. The young man nods in understanding "Well i'm glad for that healers need to take care of themselves too." he teases lightly though he does sigh after her words "Some nasty customers for ingredients too. I used the revealaspell at the scene of one of the attacks."

"I'm sure it'll all be sorted out before you know it," Denny leans back only just now having noticed Graham, and the healer sitting at the bar. "Interesting" His voice calls out quietly without warning, rather surprised at the site. Forcing his attention away from the two he looks back to Scott just in time for their orders to arrive.

Scott glances towards Kahren and Graham as Denny looks at them, "Who's that angel? Do you know her? We should invite them to join us." Then looking back at Denny, "I hope you are right. I like to relax when I'm back home." He grabs a spoon and tastes the soup, "Delicious."

The server heads towards the kitchen with the orders - it won't take long to grab a plate, bread, utensils and a cider, while Kahren gives Graham a slightly grim smile. "Oh, I know. All kinds of nastry ingredients. I'm just glad we were able to sort it out. I've never had /so many/ lives depending on me - at least, not all at once. It was… a little overwhelming."

If he hears the others talking for the moment he's not making note of it. Graham will give thanks to the server and take a drink from his cider real quick while still listening to her words. "You and the other healers are definitely the hero's there no doubt about it." he says returning the smile though its sort of a her's grim. "I imagine that would be very overwhelming."

Elly comes bustling out of the kitchen with the recently placed orders. "Here ye are loverlies." She gives them her usual sunny smile as she slides everyone's orders before them. There is a bit of a squirming from the sling that hangs about the front of her bodice and sleepy blue eyes blink. Squidge, Elly's son, aka Jack Jr. heard Graham's voice and he makes gimme gimme finger curlings at Graham lifting up his arms wanting to be picked up by 'Uncle' "Gahm!" Kahren gets a fresh rum and her pot of tea gets refilled and warmed up right there at the table with a few bits of wand work and quiet incantations.

Denny grabs hold of his mug of butterbeer, offering a rather nice tip for the woman, pulling out several small coins. He thinks on the offer to bring the other two over, before taking one last look to the wench "Let those two know they can get whatever they want for the rest of the night on me,". The words somewhat difficult for the constable to let escape his lips. "If he asks, tell him it's from Boxer, he'll have no idea what it means" Denny adds on with a bit of a smiling grin, adding a few more coins to the barmaids tip.

Scott chuckles at Denny, "Good one pal. He's really wonder who that boxer guy is." He can't help but wonder how much that guy earns to be able to pay the bill for these two. But that's none of his business so he doesn't ask. However, he also tip the barmaids. Doing otherwise would make him feel cheap. Dropping his spoon, he grabs his glass and takes a sip. "Nothing like a good firewhiskey." he tells Denny, "Too bad you have to apparate."

"Take some of the rabbit," Kahren urges Graham as the extra plate arrives. "We have to keep the MLE fed properly, after all. Especially if they aren't going to look after themselves properly." She smiles as she adds, "And of course - St Mungos wasn't the only hero in this mess. I'm sure the MLE will sort it out."

Graham looks up to Elly as she approaches "Heya, Elly. How have you been?" he says unable to not smile with her level of enthusiasm coming about them. He takes another drink from his cider before he notices the squirming child. "Hardly can call you lil Jack still." he says lightly before looking to his mother "I can take him for a little bit? Sure your back needs a rest bit." he looks back to Kahren and will accept a bit of the food "Will certainly try our best." he takes a small bite.

Elly ruffles Grahams hair before smoothing it back into place and making it more fetching looking than before. Just the usual friendly preening from Elly. "Ye sure? He can make eating a challenge. 'Ere…" She unslings her son and passes him off to Graham to hold and then sets up the sling in such a way from a peg in the wall above and beside their table with a chair under him sort of like a little swing that holds the growing baby securely if and when he gets to be too much of a handful for Graham trying to juggle food and baby. "Swear the whole of the M.L.E. would just waste away if it weren't for dis place." She teases both Denny and Graham sweetly while agreeing with Kahren's own tease. "Get anyone anyfing else?"

"I've done enough drunk apparition that I can safely say it rarely ends well" Denny says in jest, tossing back about a fourth of his mug of butterbeer. His attention falling back on the server, as he gives a rather quiet response of "Seems like it sometimes, but I'm good as I am" shaking his head from one side to the other.

Scott lays back on his seat as he listens to the exchange. It seems obvious than Denny knows these people, "Friends of yours" he asks before taking another sip. For an evening that was going to be rather boring, it turns out to be rather entertaining. Scott is especially interested by the fact that Graham seems to be working for the ministry. After all he's looking to get some contract from them so any contact could be useful…

"He /is/ getting huge," Kahren agrees, smiling at the child fondly. "He's going to be running around this place before we know it - pestering customers and showing off his toys." After a brief pause she adds, "Really, Graham, take more than that. You're going to waste away, and I won't have it."

"I'll be okay, you work too hard as it is Elly." Graham says accepting the boy from his mother "Little Jack to the rescue!" He says holding the kid in one arm and bouncing him a little excitedly while he takes another bite and drink to prove his point and to help calm the healers nerves. "Will do Kahren promise, i'll need my strength that's apparent." he looks to Elly and chuckles "We are grateful for it." he speaks for those of the MLE. He looks down to the child lifting him up and making a face before back down to his lap.

Elly giggles at Graham and her son, watching them as she bustles over to lean over a recently vacated table. As she wipes down the table with a clean rag she jiggles pleasantly and begins to hum. "Boff of ye! Healers an' M.L.E. boff, don't fink the place would be the same wiffout ye all needin' some tender lovin' care. Praise ye all." She winks and then scoops up the dirty dish tray and puts it on her hip and bustles behind the bar.

Denny's smile grows somewhat at the woman's words, the man tossing back another swig of his butterbeer, as he looks over towards Scott once again. "You could say I know them," His voice staying well the same as he speaks looking between Scott and the bar behind him, where the woman in black seems to be drinking away her problems, spending a good deal of money. "We're in similar lines of work" he finally manages to add on, shifting his eyes down towards the soup in front of Scott.

Scott raises an highbrow at Denny's comment, "You're working for the ministry too?" He glances once again at the black women and then back at Denny. The guy seems to be really interested in that woman and Scott wonders why. He could ask but drinking seems more fun right now. Also, he hurry up and finishes his soup before while it still warm. "I've considered applying for a job at the ministry when I graduated. But Gringotts was more tempting."

"I usually look after myself, though. I don't think anyone can accuse me of wasting away," Kahren remarks with good humor. She puts a little more of the rabbit on a piece of bread, and takes a bite of it. After swallowing she adds, "and why would I, with food this good?"

Elly is passing by close enoguh to hear Kahren's compliment and she gets a wink and a cheerful, "Cheers love!" The tray she held on high is lowered and as she places the orders down before another group of customers it's rather like watching a ballerina perform with all the graceful stretching and careful placement of things so she doesn't get into anyone's way.

Graham eats and drinks a bit more here. He looks back down to the child a moment and chuckles before turning to Elly "One of the hero's Elly." he speaks of her before he looks back to his table and will shake his head "Well count me in for trying to take care of myself by coming here." he says with a laugh back.

"Would have loved to have you," Denny comments in jest, finishing off his glass of butterbeer. ",but everyone's got to live with the lives they choose at the end of the day" a small laugh escaping from his lips trailing the end of his sentence.

Scott grins at Denny, "You're right." Then he picks a watch from one of his pockets and briefly check it. "Well. It's getting late. It was a pleasure to meet you but I gotta be up early tomorrow morning and I should really get going." Putting his wand back into his jacket's pocket, he throws a couple of coins on the table. He nods at Denny, "I'm sure we will meet again. Until then, farewell" he says before stepping into the floo and disappearing in a burst of green fire.

"We all seem to be in agreement, then," Kahren responds with some amusement. "Which is good. Makes it easier to look after one another."

"Sounds like we are decided to be sure." Graham says back to the healer taking another bite of food and a drink from his glass a bit he'll glance around the pub another moment glancing down he'll chuckle at the child once more removing his hat and offering it over to him to play with for a bit.

After finishing off her whiskey, Kahren attempts to pay her bill - only to be told 'the Boxer' has it covered. She gives Graham a puzzled look, before shrugging this off. "I need to be getting home - but I'm sure I'll see you soon. Take care, Graham." She kidnaps the child for a moment, to give him a hug, and a brief spin about. "And you too, Jack. Look after your mum, huh?" she encourages him.
Returning the child to the auror she adds sternly, "Finish off that rabbit for me," and then she off through the floo.

The woman in black who's spent the whole time at the bar finally stumbles her way to a stand, slapping down almost double the amount of money required for her bill. She slowly stumbles her way off towards the door to diagon alley.

The moment the woman by the bar stands up Denny pulls out a stack of coins from his pocket watching for what door the woman might take. He calmly brings himself to a stand, offering smiles abound as he tosses his hat back atop his head of dark hair, offering nods to various other patrons.

Elly bobs a little curtsy to Denny as she goes about clearing off his table. The coins left on the table are tucked away in her bodice and once the dirty dishes are in their little high walled tray she starts to wipe up the table top. "Nigh dearie. Careful out there."

"I will be, just a bit of business to attend to," Denny returns the woman's curtsy with a bit of a bow, before making his way off for the same door the woman in black had just headed out. "The drinks where lovely as always" a contented smile across the mans face, as he places on his favorite black leather gloves with the silver spikes that pop out when you say the magic words.

Elly is delivered her son by Graham when he finishes his food and passes her the money for his food and drink as well. It's tucked into her bodice as well. It's the Gringott's of Bodices! Elly takes a moment or two to cuddle, tickle and 'monster nom' on her 8 month old before tucking him into the sling like carrier she criss crosses around herself. When she starts humming again the baby boy starts to 'dance' by pumping his legs and fists about and squirming around in his carrier. The cheek kiss of farewell she gets from Graham is also returned, then it's off to the kitchen again to start tidying up in the post-dinner rush lull.

Rena has had little time or inclination for social pleasantries lately. It isn't that she's becoming a hermit so much as simply needing a little space to breathe for a few days. However, even now, she is merely passing through the Leaky Cauldron to get from Muggle London to Diagon Alley beyond. Maybe one of these days she'll actually be able to drop in here for a drink and meal again… wouldn't that be a nice change?
Sadly, the young woman just misses Elly by a hair as she leaves the main room and heads into the kitchen. She would have otherwise paid her respects at the very least. However, her dark eyes catch sight of the imposing figure of Denny as he moves toward the Diagon Alley exit. Sharply, her gaze narrows in those vicious gloves of his, and her head tilts slightly to the right. It's none of her business - but when does that ever stop her from interfering with a potential injustice? Of course she follows the Hit Wizard - at a healthy distance - for now.

Denny pulls open the door from which the woman dressed in black robes had made her exit disappearing in much the same way, walking at a slow pace. Behind him the sounds of the last moments of the rush, ending after a successful turnout, ahead the alley.

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