(1939-08-05) The Daily Prophet - Ministry Arrests Terrorists
Details for Ministry Arrests Terrorists
Summary: Press release from the Ministry of Magic concerning arrests in relation to the July 27 plot.
Date: August 5, 1939
Location: London
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On Friday August 1st, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has made an arrest in regards to the recent Terrorist Attacks and the attack on the Army of Truth meeting the same day. The original charges were murder in regards to the attack of that day, as the member was present and wearing what we are referring to as a uniform, with Muggle Liberation Front or MLF markings. During his interview the individual confessed to the attack and involvement in, not limited to himself but his group, for the recent Terrorist Attacks. Upon his confession, paperwork was done and he has now residing in Azkaban for a life-sentence. The guilty has been identified as Thomas Greyson Beauwolf Carrow, owner and operator of Books Unbound.

The Ministry will continue to investigate into this matter, but wishes to reassure individuals of the safety of Diagion Alley and the Verdics. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement continues to protect and serve the interests of all law abiding wizarding citizens. If you have any information regarding the resent events, please contact the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. While we have faced death and adversity in these dark times, the Ministry wishes to ensure everyone, that the situation is under control and steps have been taken to prevent further attacks.

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