(1939-08-09) Creature Camp - Day 1
Details for Creature Camp - Day 1
Summary: The first day of Creature Camp.
Date: August 8th, 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Camp Grounds
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It is a summer afternoon. The weather is hot and fair.

Camping Grounds
Within the eerie gloom of the forest called either the Forbidden Forest or the Dark Forest, to find such a pleasant little meadow with a babbling brooks running through it. A grassy knoll lush and green and scattered with a quilt like blanket of color from the wildflowers.

SCENE: Just for today the central campfire has been connected to the Floo. Access was granted when fees were paid at the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. A little ticket was given to be thrown along with the Floo Powder while saying 'Creature Camp'. The Hogsmeade camp ground is usually quite bare of anything but wildlife. But for this week, the campground is full of tents of all shapes and sizes and even several cabins have been erected for the big spenders that don't want to 'rough it' too much. A large canopy covers over a dining area with two long tables and benches for community family style dining. As it is close to lunch time, a lunch buffet is there awaiting the arriving campers. Here and there throughout the camp grounds stalls and areas have been roped off each containing 'country games' like activities. A raised pool has some logs floating on the surface, through the glass side of the pool grindylows can be seen swimming for a little danger added for the loser of a log rolling game. A gallows of sorts is set up for rope climbing. There's an archery range that also doubles as a axe throwing range. A booth where there's holes in a wall with the sign 'Guess What!?' above it, where people put their arm in and touch whatever is on the other side and has to guess what it is. There's a large craft area close to the dining area. There are empty pens here and there as well, empty for now, but obviously meant for a creature or two.

A temporary booth set up by the main camp fire is labeled Administration. Sitting behind the table is Ranger Camilla Fawley, host of the camp. Surrounding her is her beloved helpers and Foster Kids, Josie Davies and Lucian Proudmore. As typical for anyone that knows Cami, or goes to Hogwarts, the Hogwarts Mascots are also having a lovely lounge around the table. Rowena the Eagle is perched ontop of the sign. Godric is curled up under the table at Josie's feet and entwined up on the table, encircling some of the stacks of waivers and brochures. While Helga, the Badger is curled up in her 'momma' Cami's lap having and afternoon nap. Cami's doing some last minute shuffling around of the papers, "Josie, could you please make sure everyone gets a map?" That pile is scooted closer to Josie. "And Lucian?make sure everyone has signed the Liability Waiver please?" The blond young man nods to Cami and does just that.

Josie nods and smiles up to Camilla, just as happy as the previous year to be able to help out it seems. Well, that and she's just cheerful in general about the start of camp. After each person has signed their waiver she passes on the map to them, with greetings for those she knows.

Polly pops in from the floo fire and she has her forms in hand. She steps forward and gets a map and is scanning the map as she looks towards the different things around the fire. She steps twoards the registration table. "I'm here." She holds out her form to the peron at the table.

"Is that a real lion?" A man dressed in a Muggle suit asks as they walk up the path towards the booth, peering under the table with dubious expression - before letting out a nasty-sounding cough.
"Oh, that's just Godric, daddy! He's sweet as a kitten. You'll see!" Madeline is skipping along beside her father, with her wizard uncle striding beside her. "You should have stayed at home if you're sick again," she adds in a mildly worried tone.
"I need to sign the forms, don't I?" he counters.
"Besides - we'll stop in Hogsmeade on the way home and pick up a potion that'll help. Don't you worry, Mads. I've been looking after this lout for /years/."
"Don't you have that backwards, Perry?"

Camilla smiles up at Polly and takes the paper work from her and does a bit of matching and signs her spot and then looks back up. "Tents and cabins are provided, but if you prefer your own, feel free to set it up in the designated areas." She points her quill towards said areas, "Welcome to Creature Camp, we'll be having the tour as soon as everyone has arrived and settled in. If you need assistance with anything look for the purple arm bands. That means that person is a counselor. Green and purple means they are Creature Handlers." She points over towards Morgana Rashley who is consoling an already homesick first year and her purple arm band. Then to her own and Josie and Lucian's purple and green armbands. "Welcome again!"

Polly nods. "Yes thank you." She looks aorund to her fellow students. "Is it true we will receive extra credits in Care of Magical Creatures for being here?" She looks around camp and keeps looking at the animals present. "If that isn't true I suppose this is fine." She slowly starts to walk towards her capin that she was pointed to.

Josie waves to Polly, and hands her a map. Madeline gets a more excited wave, and grins, "Hi!" She passes out the map again and looks up to Madeline's father, "Godric's a real lion. He's the mascot for House Gryffindor. But don't worry, he's very friendly."

"Very friendly… lovely." The man doesn't sound entirely convinced, as he offers his hand to Camilla. "Hello. Cecil Evans - I'm here to register Madeline for the camp?"
"Hi Josie!" Madeline says brightly, taking the map. "Have you been enjoying your summer?" After asking this - and not necessarily waiting for an answer - Madeline leans over and tilts her head upside-down to coo at the lion. "Hi, Godric! Have you had a good summer, too? I'm glad to see you again! I hope you've been eating lots of delicious steaks and getting scratches and everything!"

Camilla gives a nod to Polly's question, "That's right, Kettleburn and I are good friends and he will give anyone that comes here and puts forth good effort some extra credit towards his class." Godric lifts his head at his name being said several times. The male lion shakes his red mane to wake himself up and then he stretches under the table bumping it upwards at one point, "Godric." Cami says in a shooing manner and he lazily strolls to Madeline's feet and flops down there and rolls over onto his back exposing his belly to the member of /his/ house with a big yawn that carries with it a lionish rumble.

Polly nods and walks towards the cabins to get settled. She peers into the tents and lets out a little sigh.

Camilla takes and shakes Cecil's hand, "Ranger Camilla Fawley. Very nice to meet you. I assure you that everything is as safe as it possibly can be. There is a check list of activities here on the waiver that you can exempt Madeline if you choose. But I assure you that there is nothing here that I wouldn't allow my own daughter to participate in." Josie's back is given a little indicative rub that she is said 'daughter'.

Madeline giggles and starts happily rubbing the giant feline's belly. "I'll take that as a yes. Godric, this is my father, and my uncle. My uncle's a Ravenclaw, but I know you'll forgive him, anyways, because Gryffindors are /great/ like that."
At the mention of exemptions, she looks up worriedly - while still scratching the lion's belly. "Oh please don't make me sit anything out, daddy… I want to meet all the animals!"
Cecil lets out a dubious sound, as he starts reading over the list - showing anything that confuses him to Perry to get an explination. It sure is nice to have your very own fluent wizard-to-Muggle translator to rely on.

Josie, busy catching the maps as a gust of wind threatens to blow them away, missed answering Madeline a moment ago, but she speaks up now, "My summer's been brilliant, except for one day. But that one day shouldn't count. How's yours?"

"It's been-" Madeline's voice started off as enthusiastic, but she cuts off abruptly, looking up at her uncle, and then over towards Josie. "Well. Most of it's been great. But part of it was scary. But everything's okay, now."

Josie nods a little and says, "Mine was too. That bad day." She then asks, "What happened? Were you in Diagon Alley that day? I didn't hear about that until after. I was at King's Cross that day, almost getting blown up."

"I heard about that!" Madeline gasps. "But you were okay? And me and uncle Perry were there - and he ended up at St Mungo's, and we weren't sure if…"
Perry's eyes are on Madeline now as she talks, a small, tight smile on his features.
"But it's okay, now. The Healers fixed it. But was scary, for a while."

Josie nods quickly and says, "I couldn't hear for a couple hours and my ears were bleeding, but I wasn't hurt other than that." Her eyes widen a little as she glances up to Perry, but adds, "Glad you're ok, sir."

"Might not have been if not for my brave niece and her skill with a wand," Perry remarks, earning a beaming smile from Madeline while her father works on the paper work with a frown on his feature. The same frown he wears whenever talk of the attack comes up. "Though /next time/, I really need you to listen to instruction and get to safety right away," he adds sternly to his niece, who promptly loses her smile and looks down at the floor.
"Yes uncle Perry," the girl mumbles, with one hand hidden from her uncle's view - Josie can no doubt see the crossed fingers.

Josie manages to keep from grinning as she spots the crossed fingers. "Good you had your wand with you! It's stuff like that that I never leave mine behind wherever I go, even when I'm not supposed to use it in summer."

Madeline nods her head eagerly. "That's why I had mine with me!" she confirms. Godric - annoyed at being ignored - bumps Madeline with his head, prompting a giggle from the girl as she starts scratching him again.
Cecil is just finishing up with the forms when he starts coughing again - his worried brother moving closer to him, trying not to look worried. "Maybe we should go find you that potion, Cecil," Perry suggests.

Josie giggles as well as Godric demands attention from Maddie, and then glances up to the other girl's father again at the coughing, though she doesn't say anything. Instead she looks back to Madeline and says, "Have you seen anybody else this summer? Haven't seen much of anybody all summer. Until today."

"Not many," Maddie admits. "Not like I'd like. But I met some of the new firsties at Honeydukes." Her gaze goes to her father, then back to the lion, still scratching him.
"Alright, Maddie, everything's all sorted," her father informs her after the coughing has stopped. He stoops to hug the girl, then hesitantly reaches out to touch the lion. His attention returns to Madeline as he adds, "Be good. Listen to instructions, and stay safe. Am I clear?"
"Yes daddy."
She hugs her uncle as well, then watches both men as they start moving away from the registration table.

A rather young boy with not a lot of meet on his bones to speak of, and an old man with black robes and a massive beard make their way up towards the check-in counter. They walk right past the two the two men, the younger boy, Sampson offering a bit of an odd look towards the two as if he recognizes one of them but isn't sure of where. He can't think of it for long as he's just pulled back along the way to the booth, the older man, Quincy, coughing rather badly into the crux of his arm.

Josie waves to Maddie's father and uncle and then looks back to her, waiting until the adults are out of earshot before she asks, "Is your dad sick like that a lot?" Seeing someone new arrive at the booth, she steps back to pick up a map of the camp and offering it to Sampson. Then she blinks, "Hey, I know you, you were at the train station that day."

At Josie's question, Maddie looks after her father, then back to the other girl to nod. "He fought in the Great War. He… got caught up in the gas. It hurt his lungs, so now he gets sick a lot. He always has, my whole life, but he always gets better again," she explains. Trying to ignore the worry that Josie's question causes her, she turns all of her attention to Godric, continuing to scratch and pet the lion.

Sampson nods his head quietly as he's essentially just dragged over to the booth. Quincy tries to clear his throat scrawling down a bit of information for the boy with one of the quills, using his other hand to keep a decent hold on Sampson's arm, trying to keep him from running off. "I'm trusting you with this Sampson, you run off before this is finished and we're going to have another talk," Quincy's normally rather cheery and happy voice sounding somewhat gravely, a bit angry, and just generally tired from a long night.

Josie, figuring now isn't the best moment to introduce herself, steps back over by Maddie and Godric, though she keeps an eye on Sampson, ready to talk when the adult is done lecturing. To Maddie she says, "Oh, I've met people like that before. There must have been a lot of gas in that war."

Madeline nods, glancing at Josie, and then back at Godric. "Yeah. It killed and hurt a lot of people. I'm lucky my dad was okay, or I wouldn't be here at all. And now that things are getting so… tense on the Continent, the Muggle government's been giving people gas masks." Her eyes shift to her bags as she whispers, "My dad made me bring mine to camp. Said I couldn't go without it."

After a quick sign in and a rather harsh lecture about running off getting hurt, and all those fun things kids like to do at Sampson's age, interspersed with a whole lot of coughing Quincy finally lets go of the boys arm. Sampson feeling his wrist and muttering something under his breath quiet enough for the aging wizard(?) not to really hear him. Sampson tries to make his way over towards the other kids while Quincy is busy.

Josie blinks, "Oh, wow. Well, we're safe here, but if it helps your dad feel better, glad you have it." She looks up as Sampson approaches and smiles again, "Hi. I'm Josie, this is Maddie, and Godric," she says, indicating first Madeline and then the lion she's petting.

Madeline nods, her gaze still on the lion. "Mom and dad are real scared of gas. I guess I can't blame them." If she told the truth - it terrifies her, too.
As she's introduced, she looks up towards Sampson, greeting the boy with a smile. "We met - right? In Hogsmead. You were buying… exploding crisps or something. Were they any good?"

"'ey me names Sampson, I'm 'appy ter say they weren't bad, 'urt me mowf somefin' awful though," the rather young lad says with a bit of a happy smile that shows off the teeth of his that happen to be missing.

Josie giggles at that, "Is that why that guy was so mad?" Then she adds, "Dunno why he'd think anybody would run away from the camp, there's so much fun stuff to do here."

Madeine gasps - and then giggles. "They did not! They're not going to sell anything that'd ruin your teeth like that!" she protests. She scratches the lion again then adds, "Godric - Sampson might be a new Gryffindor soon. What do you think?" she asks.
When the lion bumps his head against the boy, she giggles again before adding, "I think he likes you. So you must be brave like a Gryffindor!"

Sampson bumps the lion right back with his own shaggy head of hair, offering that same toothy grin of his. "'e's just got 'is nickers all in a twist because a 'ad myself a sneakaaaht ter 'ang abaaaht wiv a few ov da boys from da poor 'ouse, came back wiv some real shiners," speaking with an almost comically thick accent and the sort of mischievous grin that you could expect from a troublemaker. "'ad ter make anuvver trip ter mungos, an' 'e was none an' all 'appy 'e was. Third time I been in there in as many days, an' they was sayin' 'ow I'd get me own bed there ifn I kept comin' in, ofen as I 'ave been".

Josie giggles a little, "He took you to St. Mungoes over some shiners? Sounds like he's just too worried. When I was with the Shore Gang, I got beat up a few times and nobody ever worried. 'Course, that was before I found out I was a witch." If Sampson is from Hoxton or nearby, he's likely heard of Jimmy Shore and his gang.

"Who's the 'Shore Gang'?" Madeline asks with puzzlement. She turns around now - lounging back against the lion behind her. "I wish I could get a picture of this to show Saul, Asher and Miriam," she muses quietly. They wouldn't ever believe it!

"Well, me shiners where a few broken ribs. Know what I mean?," Sampson says with a bit of a joking smile, turning back over to look at the lion. The boy knows a bit about street gangs, and while he'd never admit it to Brandy, or Quincy it's probably the main reason for him showing up night after night beaten to hell and back. Though at the moment he just seems like a kid with a bit of a troublesome streak.

Josie looks bac to Madeline and answers, "The gang I used to work for, before I got my letter and before my dad found me again and set me up to live with Camilla. Back when I was pretending to a be a boy. I was the best pickpocket in the gang, and the best spy he had 'cause I spoke Italian. Jimmy was really mad when I left, but then Camilla paid him off to let me go. Jimmy was mean, though. Like, Pringle mean, but he was able to act nice and pretend he wasn't."

"I broke my ribs once - when I got tossed off of DC," Maddie offers. "He's one of the horses on our farm. He got scared 'cuz a car was passing and backfired. It was pretty loud. One of the neighbors found him two farms down - brought him back for us.
"I still can't imagine pretending to be a boy. Though it is nice wearing pants sometimes - when I go riding or game shooting with my dad."

Sampson looks back away from the lion "What's a 'orse?" his voice sounding just as confused as his expression. Has the boy really never seen a horse, or is he just acting lost for the sake of it? Whatever the case he turns his full attention on the two, trying to comprehend two stories at once.

Josie looks back to Sampson, and blinks, looking confused, "You don't know what a horse is? They're… horses." She looks around, and points over towards the farm where a winged horse is getting a bit of exercise in flight, though unable to fly too far on its own, "Like that, but without the wings."

Madeline also gives Sampson a puzzled look. "I've seen horses pulling carriages in London… Aren't you from London?" she asks uncertainly. If he was at King's Cross station, then…!

"Oh, that's a 'orse. Nuff said," Sampson says looking over at the flying creature with a good deal of interest in the fact that it's a horse, and it's flying. He didn't really think this morning that before the day was through he'd actually see a horse flying with nothing but a pair of white wings. "s'prised I didn't see what 'orse on da way in wiv pa. 'adn't really been expectin' to see a 'orse 'ere"

Josie nods and says, "The Farm breeds flying horses, so there's lots here. But there's lots and lots of other animals too. Most of those you probably never heard of before, but you should know horses. Unless… you /really/ hit your head when King's Cross blew up, did it make you forget stuff?"

"Do we get to ride the flying horses?" Madeline asks wistfully, as she watches the horse exercising. "I mean - even if they don't fly while we're riding them - it'd still be awful neat."

Sampson's smile widens quite a good deal at this idea, saying rather loudly "Blimey! I 'ope so". Quincy by now finally filling out all of the paperwork starts to head away from the booth, offering a small smile to the group, before coughing his way off down the path.

Josie nods quickly and says, "I think so! As long as you follow safety rules and everything. They're really fun to ride."

Madeline smiles broadly. "Oh, great! I'm real good at riding horseback, you know. I wonder how different it is - riding a horse that /flies/? I can't wait to try! What other animals are we gonna see?"

The smile on Sampson's face grows even bigger as if that where even possible, his distraction from the topic of not knowing what a horse was working better then planned. "I'm gon'a fly right in'er space" he says confidently to the lion of all things, having momentarily disoriented himself.

Josie thinks, "Well, there's the hippogriffs, not sure we'll get too close to them. You really gotta show them respect. But there's the Thestrals, those are my favourites, but not everybody can see them." She goes on, talking about a few of the other creatures on the farm.

"Hippogriffs sound neat! Are they like hippopotomus - only gryphons?" Madeline tries to picture that in her head, and ends up sending herself into a fit of giggles. "And why can't everyone see the thestrals? They're kind of invisible? Does it matter what time of day it is, or how old you are, or how tall, or if you have red hair or not?"

" Is a thestral what weird lookin' 'orse fng?" He points off in the rough direction of where he thinks the farm is his memory of direction working fairly to his advantage. "The ones what where on da farm on da way in,"

Josie grins to Maddie, "No. Hippogriffs're part eagle and part horse. So, kind of like a Griffin, but horse back legs instead of lion. They're really smart and get offended really easy." Then she nods quickly to Sampson, "They're like flying horses, but a bit different too." To Maddie she answers, "You can only see a Thestral if you've seen someone die. A lot of people think that means they're bad luck, but they're not. They're really smart and friendly."

"They why do they call them /hippo/griffs?" Madeline muses quietly.
When Josie mentions the way you can see one of the thestrals, she lets out a quiet, disheartened, "Oh." She's silent after a moment before adding sadly, "Then I guess I'll see them. Since I was on Diagon Alley."

"Thee 'ave ter be wrong, I ain' never seen no'un die befawer, so i' 'as ter be somethin' else what causes it," Sampson calls out a bit defensively towards Josie for seemingly little reason.

Josie steps to give Maddie a quick hug, and says, "It's awful, seeing that." She looks back to Sampson and blinks, "You haven't? Maybe you were talking about something else, then. There's lots of horse-related magical animals."

"It was awful," Maddie agrees. "There was aurors there, even. And they couldn't do anything about it." It /terrifying/. She gives Jose a tight smile, then turns to bury her face against the lion. "But I was real brave, Godric," she says in a muffled voice. "I stayed and helped my uncle or he wouldda died, too, maybe."

Sampson falls quiet shoving his hands in the pockets of his robes, the little cat button frowning for the time being. With a somewhat sad glance over towards the lion formerly known as Godric and now christened by Sampson as 'Mister Fluff 'n' stuff', that turns to a slight grin as he thinks up that name for the creature muttering under his breath "Heh, Fluff'n'stuff"

Josie looks at a bit of a loss on how to reassure Maddie. Her own terrifying experience barely compares. Before she can think of anything, some more families arrive through the floo network in the campfire and she has to rush back to hand out maps.

Madeline stays hidden against Godric for a while, her arms wrapped around the cat, until he twists his body to start bumping his head against her - repeatedly. "Hey- hey!" she protests, before starting to giggle. "Okay, okay, I get it. I'll scratch you some more. Geeze. I'm alright, you know. I'm a Gryffindor. We're always alright."

"Always?" The gears in Sampsons head quickly turning "What am I fnkin' right now Madeline," he blurts out after a few seconds of thinking quietly.

"Why would I have any idea what you're /thinking/?" Madeline asks. "Wizards and witches can't read minds. You still got a lot to learn about being a wizard." She studies Sampson for a moment before adding, "I hope none of the purebloods give you too much trouble - but they probably will. You should join mudclub when the school year starts - it'll help."

Sampson looks completely lost as is his right as a boy of his age, querying in a rather surprised matter "Thee 'ave mud instead ov blood to? I really 'ope i' lets me turn in'er a rock monster!" finishing off on a rather high note with a loud and happy voice. " An anyone tries ter 'ave a go at me's gonna 'ave ter be lookin' at a pair ov two black eyes an a broken nose like" Sampson puffing his chest out to look big and bad as a ten year old who's been malnourished for years really can.

"Umm - yeah. I'm a mudblood. We're not really exactly supposed to use that word, though - my uncle'd be mad if he heard it. It's a bad word. It's what people say if they want to insult us - insult what we are. But of course there isn't /really/ anything wrong with having Muggle parents, no matter what some of the purebloods say.
"We can't turn into rocks or anything, you know. …though that'd be neat. I wonder if there's a transfiguration spell you could use to turn part of your skin into stone for just a little bit?" she muses.

"Ey like I says befawer someone decides ter call me a mudblood I'll make sure ter send em a two-fingered salute they can swivel on, a punch in da chops like an tell 'im what a fu'ead arse'ole tosser 'e is," a massive serving of spite and venom in little Sampsons voice the kind you'd more find at home from a lifelong alcoholic sailor fresh from a night on the town. He's clearly got a few issues to work out as evidence by the rather harsh looks he gets from a few of the passers by that roll off like water off of a turtles back.

Madeline blinks in surprise, her mouth widening. She's stunned into silence for a few moments, before she begins to protest. "You can't talk like that! Pringle'll get you! And you'll make older kids mad - and they know more spells than you! You're going to get hurt - or turned into a bird, like Adam was. I mean, he got better, but still!" She keeps her voice low - but urgent. "Acting like that - it just makes more trouble. My mum always told me - when someone's mean to me, I be nice back at 'em, three times. It confuses 'em something crazy. It's really fun."

Sampson raises his voice slightly calling out "They wan' ter get me fer i' they can come an 'ave a round ov it. No bigot's ever gon'a 'ave any paaahr over me yew 'ear! Even if I 'ave ter die ter prove it!" The boy seemingly wanting to pick a good ol fight with someone bigger badder and more powerful then him, for whatever reason. Does he have a deathwish?

"What're you doing?" Madeline hisses - leaving the lion's side to tug urgently at Sampson's robe. "Stop being /stupid/. You can stand up to bullies without inviting them to go punch you in the face for no reason! You just live your life, and make your friends, and /learn/ the stuff we're supposed to learn - and not let them ruin your fun! But that doesn't mean we get to act like jerks, too. Just because they can be. You're being a twit."

Sampson lets out a quiet Yiee as his robes are tugged, knocking him partially off balance, and a small chocolate frog from the sleeve of his robe. He looks over towards Madeline "I am not" being just about the only thing that really comes to his mind in that weird off balance stance.

Madeline lets out a snort. "Yes you are. A total twit. Look - you just gotta be /you/. Without acting like you want to start a fight with anyone - because that's just dumb. Smile, and have fun, and relax. And if anyone asks if you're a mudblood, you just say 'yes' or 'I'm a Muggle-born' or whatever you want - but don't start a fight unless they start it first. Otherwise you're a twit."

Thinking for a solid minute Sampson finally responds with a well thought out biting retort to answer all of Madeline's remarks, and sear his opinions right into her mind. "N-no-you- Nu-uh" Truly an awe inspiring work of literary genius that will be remembered for decades to come, passed from one generation to the next as words to live by.

Madeline rolls her eyes. "Just trust me. I had to put up with a year of this nonsense already. But don't worry - there's loads of great kids. You met Josie already - and there's Adam, and Noah, and Erica, and Gabriel, and Niko, and Kimiko," she blathers off cheerfully. "We're all in the Mudclub together. We look out for each other. It's tough sometimes, but we manage," she says brightly in encouragement. "But the more you try to pick a fight, the tougher it's gonna be for sure."

"ow do I know dis 'andy little club is even gon'a 'ave me as a member? 'ow do I know they won't just laugh me aaaht like?" Sampson asks after a good deal more time spent thinking to himself, the boy at the least a bit calmed down now by not really knowing what to say in the slightest.

"Because everyone's allowed to join," Madeline responds, looking confused by the question. "It's for people who are Muggle-born, or who want to support Muggle-borns. Who don't think it's fair - other wizards being mean to us. So why wouldn't they let you?"

"Don't get invited ter many fngs" Sampson says with a bit of a chuckle, trying to move slightly to signal Madeline to let go of his newest pair of robes that he seems to keep going through. "I'm no' really good enuff a' anythin, but I'm 'ryin' ter be a be'er magician," His voice getting back a good deal of confidence for him to say "some day I might even be 'alf as good as pa is, an' then everyone'll 'ave ter respect me, an' da bigots won't be able ter 'old class religious type beliefs awer me blood over me 'ead ever again"

"You don't need to /be/ invited - though I'll invite you, if you like. I mean - it's more like /everyone's/ invited - and if they want to come, and they come. And if they want to join, they join." Madeline lets go of his robes as he starts to move away from her adding, "Well - unless they're there to make fun of the Muggle-borns, of course. Then they have to leave."
Confussion crosses her fingers, though, at the next things he says. "Umm - there's no magicians. The boys are wizards and the girls are witches. If your dad's a wizard, how come you don't know this stuff? That'd make you a halfblood, anyways, not a Muggle-born."

"No such thing as a magician?" Sampson looks confused for a moment about the comment of no Magicians. He reaches for her ear, and pulls out a small galleon. Flipping it from one hand to the next he slaps it down on his hand, when his hand raises he's holding a small black and white wand. With a swish of of the wand there's now a small flower sticking out of the corner of Madeline's robes, and with a swish of his hand it bursts into flames vanishing in a flash with no burning on her robes or even residue of the flower.

Madeline looks remarkably confused for a while - before letting out a happy-sounding laugh. "Oh!" she exclaims. "/Magic tricks/. That's different than proper magic. I mean - magic tricks are real neat - they're fun! - but I'm not sure you should just be doing those around Hogwarts with kids you don't know. At least - not alone. Make sure you have some friends around you, at least. I don't know how some of the pureblood kids would take it…" She gets a curious expression on her face. "I'd kinda like to find out, actually. Except it might go really really wrong."

"I'm all abaaaht bad ideas Maddy, it's like me super paaahr," Sampson starts off with a mischievous grin, patting his robes back down into place "Go'a 'ry i' first week in dis place, see what 'appens wiv i', an s'long as I don't 'i' no body they'll be da ones ge'in in trouble ifn' they start swingin"

"So long as a prefect or a teacher sees it," Madeline confirms in a dubious tone. "Still isn't a good idea to baiting them out and earning yourself enemies on purpose. You're gonna make school real tough on yourself," she explains quietly.

Sampson taps the side of his head, offering a knowing grin to Madeline. "at's da plan love, 'ave a teacher near by ter catch da whole fn' goin' down, an' then when they see me all broken an' bleedin' I get a symparfy party, they get tossed in da 'ole fer a stay. Know what I mean?" His voice making it sound like to him this is a foolproof plan to take care of bullies, without repercussions.

"Yeah. Until the corner you in the loo two days later and stick your head in a toilet," Madeline points out. "Alphard Black likes to do that, you know. And he'll pick on firsties if they make him mad."

"Bright an' Breezy solushun fer that" Sampson muses "Get a load ov uvver students, an' beat 'im wivin an inch ov 'is life fer it, see if 'e ever does i' again," "'e'd 'ardly be da type ter go sayin' a bunch ov younger smaller kids ganged up on 'im, an' if it's ruff ov a beatin' 'e won't 'urt nobody again"

Madeline stares at Sampson, then starts laughing. "Firsties can't, and no one else is gonna be dumb enough to try!" she counters. "The whole school's scared of Alphard Black! If you're smart, you'll just stay away from him. Don't let him push you around - I don't - but don't go asking for trouble neither."

Sampson waggles his finger saying rather confidently "Lor' luv a duck! Takes a monster ter slay a monster. An in 'is case a taste ov 'is own medicine would work wonders, give 'im da same treatmen' I got an I swear once da bones 'eal 'e'd never do i' again. Know what I mean?"

"No," Madeline says flatly. "You do that to the crowned prince of the pureblood families, and they'll all be after you and for the rest of the time you're in school. You and anyone who helped you. That's if Flint don't break your wand and throw you straight out. Attacking Alphard Black is /stupid/."

"Then consider me stupid" Sampson says placing his hands on his hips in that same way he saw the weird looking man in the comics do. Though without the cape he looks pretty stupid even forgoing his rather suicidal idea of trying to take down a bully on his own.

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