(1939-08-10) Creature Camp - Day 2
Details for Creature Camp - Day 2
Summary: Day Two of Creature Camp
Date: August 8th, 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Camping Grounds
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It is a summer morning. The weather is warm and fair.

Camping Grounds
Within the eerie gloom of the forest called either the Forbidden Forest or the Dark Forest, to find such a pleasant little meadow with a babbling brooks running through it. A grassy knoll lush and green and scattered with a quilt like blanket of color from the wildflowers.

SCENE: The Hogsmeade camp ground is usually quite bare of anything but wildlife. But for this week, the campground is full of tents of all shapes and sizes and even several cabins have been erected for the big spenders that don't want to 'rough it' too much. A large canopy covers over a dining area with two long tables and benches for community family style dining. As it is close to lunch time, a lunch buffet is there awaiting the arriving campers. Here and there throughout the camp grounds stalls and areas have been roped off each containing 'country games' like activities. A raised pool has some logs floating on the surface, through the glass side of the pool grindylows can be seen swimming for a little danger added for the loser of a log rolling game. A gallows of sorts is set up for rope climbing. There's an archery range that also doubles as a axe throwing range. A booth where there's holes in a wall with the sign 'Guess What!?' above it, where people put their arm in and touch whatever is on the other side and has to guess what it is. There's a large craft area close to the dining area. There are empty pens here and there as well, empty for now, but obviously meant for a creature or two.

4:30 in the morning and the thunderous noise of an alarm by way of rooster crowing with a volume spell cast on it is the Camp's wake up time alert. There is a breakfast buffet awaiting those that do get up. Flap jacks and syrup, the real good stuff courtesy of Kaleb Camp, the Farm's Canadian Import. Bacon, ham steaks, eggs (scrambled, soft boiled and hard boiled only), and a variety of juices, milk, water, tea and coffee are all available. "Good morning Campers!" Comes Camilla's zen and soulful tones after the cock has crowed. "To the north of the buffet there is a kiosk, this kiosk has your name and morning duty on it. Duties range from mucking out pens and stables, to giving the animals their breakfast, or giving them their morning bath and or rub down. Tonight is the full moon, for our campers of all ages we will be collecting moon calf leavings in the north field. And for those daring adults with us, yes, that's ages 16 and up, there will be a tour of the rehabilitation center after sun down where you will get to meet some of our local werewolves. If you are interested in these activities, please sign up at the Kiosk. Another beautiful summer morning in Scotland. Welcome to Creature Camp."

Josie, though she sleeps on the farm, is following Camilla to the campground as she wakes everybody up, and joins with those her age fgor breakfast, looking as energetic as Camilla. (It's hard to live on this farm and not get used to early rising.)

Elise is up as soon as the rooster crows, and she gets ready about as enthusiastically as a girl can. She dresses in sturdy robes and shoes meant for hard work, and ties her hair back into a ponytail. She'll almost bounce over to see her name on the list of chores with a cheerful "Thanks!" to Camilla on her way past. "Mucking!" she exclaims, just a little disappointed - but not for long. "Cillian!" she calls out, looking for her friend. "What'd you get?"

There's a certain age where young boys start to get self conscious about their male muscles starting to come through, really…but Cillian really doesn't give a flying flip. The newly 13 year old captain is up when the rooster crows, really. Swearing into his pillow and crawling out of his sleeping place, taking time to draw on a pair of pants and pulling up the suspenders over a loose fitting shirt, boots on his feet and all that damn long hair pulled out of his face with a simple leather tie and he bows to Camilla as he passes bow and then he waves to Josie and Elise. "Oi! How 'bout a round of applause for that plucky bird, I mean…he gets up earlier than any of us now doesn't he? Does it get extra corn for his work?" He pshes and then blows a kiss to a random person before if allowed passing by Josie with a one armed hug and then offering Elise one as well with a small smirk as he arches an eyebrow. "Ah…" He trails off. "I tink I be gettin' to bathe somethin'. I get to be a valet to ahh…what does this say." He peers curiously.

Josie half-hugs Cillian back and grins, "Not extra corn, but he gets a reward." She giggles a little. Then she says, "Bathing most of the animals, like the winged horses, is fun. Mucking… yeah, not as fun."

Lizette was really starting to regret the oversized bow in her hair, even if it /was/ the latest fashion in Paris. She felt silly and confused, something that was not helped when she realized that everyone else had already headed out to the kiosks. She swung herself off the bale and joined the stream of people, finally locating her name on the list. Feeding the chickens. Wonderful. She looks around self-consciously, looking around awkwardly. Finally, she approaches the closest person (that seems nice). "Um, excuse me, but do you know where the chicken feed is?"

Elise accepts the hug from Cillian with a bright grin. She, too, peers at the list. "Well, it's not a unicorn," she giggles. She sighs a little at Josie's statement and nods in agreement. "Well, maybe I'll have something more fun tomorrow," she says hopefully. Looking around, she spots little Lizette, all on her lonesome on the hay bale. "Cillian, Josie," she whispers. "Do you think she might make a good pirate?" And then the girl approaches them and asks about the chicken feed. She smiles. "I like your hair bow." As for the feed? Elise looks around uncertainly.

Cillian ahhs softly and shrugs, taking a deep breath before he arches the eyebrow over his patch and he looks between Elise and Josie and then over to Lizette and he hmms softly to himself, flashing a grin at Lizette and offering a deep bow. "Me Lady! I tink the chicken feed will be over there near the chickens, come, I shall escort you as me companions scoop up poo." He makes a face as he offers an arm to Lizette and nods slowly to himself. "M' Cillian, this is Josie and Elise and we all have to serve as servants to the animals today, make them feel like kings and queens, can ye be helpin us?"

Josie smiles to Lizette as well, "Hi." She starts to answer where the chicken feed is, but then Cillian volunteers to help so she just grins. Then, as she's introduced she waves a little. "Actually, my chore today is making sure everybody else treats the animals well and knows how to do their chores, and help out anybody who needs it. Since I've done every chore on that list lotsa times."

Lizette's face falls a little as she realizes the other three children are whispering- probably whispering about her. Still, she balls up her fists and puts on her best smile as she approaches- Lizette might be many things, but she certainly wasn't a wimp. The older girl's words come as a shock when they come- she pulls on the tail end of her ribbon self-consciously. "Really? I mean- thank you," Lizette's smile relaxes, and her eyes brighten. Maybe this really wasn't so scary after all. She smiles at Cillian's self-introduction, covering her gappy grin with her hand as he goes into theatrics. "I will help as best as I can," Lizette replies, with dignity, although the effect is ruined somewhat when she says, all in a rush and with an eagerness that only comes from a period of long isolation, "I'm so happy to meet all three of you! Maybe one of you could show me how to deal with the chickens too? …I haven't really done this before."

Elise beams when Cillian, ever the gentleman, swoops right in to help the little girl. She waves when he introduces her. She grabs the nearest shovel and heads toward the barn. "Scooping up waste," she sings. "Scooping up waste! I'm going to make the barn animals happy by scooping up their waste! La la la la la!" She seems positively DETERMINED to make this a fun chore. "It makes good fertilizer," she sing-songs some more, and doesn't appear to care that nothing rhymes, and that she's not terribly sweet with her notes. "Perfect for growing roses, la la la!"

"Well. I tink I 'ave to wash a horse, which isn't so bad! Chicken aren't 'ard either, ye throw the feed and they all come scurryin'." Cillian explains to Lizette as he leads the way to the chickens, stopping for a bag of feed. At Elise's 'singing' he has to laugh softly, and he raises his voice. "There she goes to scoop up waste, just to see the smilin' face, of a 'orse or 'pig' or even sheep! Now they 'ave somewhere clean to sleep!" He echoes her sing songing with joy in his voice looking to Lizette. "Here we go to feed the chickens…ye can make up yer own workin' song." He looks to Josie. "And Josie 'ere can help ye get to know the chickens."

Josie giggles at the singing as well, though she doesn't join in. Yet, anyway. She nods quickly to what Cillian says and "That's pretty much it. Just be careful not to step on any of them and all they really care about is the food." The rooster starts to make some noise as they get close and Josie says, "Oh, relax, we're here to feed everybody." To Cillian and Lizette she says, "That rooster is very protective of his hens."

Shyly, Lizette puts her hand into the bag of chicken feed and scatters it to the red and white birds, jumping back a little as they rush forward eagerly towards her toes. "Ooh, they don't peck people, do they?" she asks worriedly, keeping her eye on the rooster Josie points out as he approaches, his feathers all afluff. "I'm not sure he'd appreciate me singing," she giggles nervously.

Having finished her food, Madeline helps clean up her dishes and dashes over to the roster sheet to check on her chore. "Mucking," she notes. "Gosh. It's just like being at home," except she has to pay money for it.
Then again, these are /winged/ horses… That does make a difference.
Passing by the chicken coops she adds brightly, "Morning Cap'n, Josie, and umm… you!" She'll have to make a point of meeting that other girl, later.

Bobbie comes tromping in, something of a fringe-watcher more than a camp-goer. Lured by the smell of a breakfast she hasn't had to cook herself, it seems the woman may have been out for a morning fly, going by the much-used broom balancing from one dangling hand. She stops a short distance away to prop her broom on the ground, leaning against her chest, freeing her hands to make something more presentable of her hair as she gathers in the scene. Eventually she resumes her circling path that closes in on the buffet tent, coming to stop from the cosy morning display. "What's there to muck?" she asks, catching something of Madeline's comment before she heads past the chicken coops.

Josie waves to Madeline with a smile, "Morning!" She looks up to the new arrival then, waving, and says, "Hello, welcome to Creature Camp. Can I help you?" Despite being the sameage as many of the campers, she seems to be here to help more than take part, and she's wearing a green and purple armband.

"Huh?" Madeline answers Bobbie, turning to study the woman and looking for a band on her arm - but there isn't one there. "Uhh - are you a… parent?" she asks uncertainly. "Well, I was just going to go muck out the horse stalls," but as she turns to look, she sees other kids coming out. "Oh. It looks like they're done. I must have taken too long eating."

"Creature Camp?" Bobbie echoes, looking at the others like they've lost their minds just a little bit. "Wha', you have monsters here or something?" she asks, but has to break off suddenly to muffle a yawn in the sleeve of her robes. Her gaze wanders back toward the buffet tables while she slowly combs fingers through her blonde hair again. "And you're feeding them bacon?" she asks, with almost a hopeful tone as she gives the nearby children a tiredly curious side-glance. As she catches a snippet of adult conversation, however, she withdraws into herself slightly. No free grub for her. "Well… good luck, anyways. Uh… keep your noses clean and… all that." She taps off a casual salute, then turns, waiting barely three steps before hopping onto her brook and kicking off hard. Within seconds, she's out of sight again.

Josie, watching Bobbie wander off, shrugs to herself and turns to Maddie and says, "That person was strange." Glancing to those finished with mucking, she says, "Anyway, any chores you want to do? Bet we could find something. Like… brushing the horses?"

"She really was," Madeline agrees - before Josie suggests brushing the horses. "The winged horses?" she suggests excitedly. "Or - umm - the… hippogriffs? I'll be real polite - you said they liked that, right? Polite?"

Josie nods quickly, "That's what I meant." Then she blinks, "Umm.. well, Lucian should be there when you see the hippogriffs. They're his hippogriffs. But the winged horses, we can do." She grins again and starts for the stables.

"Oh," Madeline responds. She sounds disappointed - but not by much. Winged horses were still a pretty good second choice. She trots along after Josie, beaming brightly. "Just the same as with brushing regular horses, right? Comb for the mane and tail, curry comb, hard and soft brush. Do we need to do anything for their wings? Are they feathered or furry wings?"

Josie leads Madeline into the stables and says, smiling, "Feathered. But yeah, just like a regular horse, except be careful of the wings, don't ruffle any feathers, and you should be fine."

"Can I pet the features?" Madeline asks with wistful hopefullness, picking up one of the boxes containing all the grooming combs and brushes. She studies the stalls before adding, "Hooves are the same, too? Any personality quirks I should be careful about? Like with DC - if you ever try to walk in front of him, he brings his chin down and baps you on the top of the head - I think he thinks it's funny."

Inside of the stables, Sampson stands looking to be in the process of having a staring contest with a winged horse that looks to not really know what to think of the small child. The two have been standing there for who knows how long without a word between either of them.

Josie glances down towards Sampson and giggles, "That one likes staring at people." She looks back to Maddie and says, "Thunder here, he's protective, the one in charge, and really curious. He gives most people a good sniff. Lightning loves apples, Princess Anne just loves being brushed and doesn't like it when you have to stop…"

"Oh, gosh, I bet she pinches!" Madeline giggles. "We used to have a horse that did that - Clover. If you did something she didn't like, she pinched you with her teeth - it bruuuuised!" She studies the horses then declares brightly, "I'll try Thunder." Moving closer to the horse she says cheerfully, "Hi, Thunder. I'm Maddie. /Gosh/ you're pretty." She beams at the animal then, leaning forward, gently exhales against the horse' nose, letting him sniff and exhale against her in return. "You're a nice boy, aren't you?"

Without looking away from the object of his confusion Sampson lets out a quiet "Huh" finally raising his hand a bit towards the horse, with a bit of trepidation. He's not really seen many flying horses before in his life, or if his own words are to be believed which is questionable, a horse in the slightest.

Josie grins, watching as Maddie so easily bonds with Thunder. Then she looks back to Sampson and says, "Are you ok?" Just making sure.

Since the horse seems to have no problem with her, Madeline enters the stall, reaching up to pat him on the whithers and chatting to him cheerfully. "I'm going to put your halter on you and take you out so we brush you - okay?" she says, picking up his halter from the hook just outside the door. She slips it on easily, buckling it, and making sure the leadline is secured. "Alright. Why don't you come on out so I can get a better look at you?" she chatters, as she starts to lead him out. She's trying not to dance with glee while she does it - but it's hard.

Sampson nods his head, reaching his hand out towards the creature to try and give it a soft pet, not really wanting to hurt the thing. He seems a bit out of it really to say the least, having not really spent much time at all away from his dad before causing him to be considerably on edge.

Josie smiles and watches Madeline a moment, then looking to Sampson. One of the younger campers comes up to her then, asking for help, and she waves to Maddie and Sampson and hurries off to help her.

Tying the horse up, Madeline, looks over to Sampson. "Ever groomed a horse?" she asks. Without really waiting for a response, she picks up a rubber, circular brush with small, flat 'teeth' around it. "This is a curry comb," she explains. "You rub it on the horse in circles - but not on their face or legs, that hurts. I works loose all the dead hair and skin and dirt and stuff so you can brush it off with the brushes. Like this." Using the comb, and starts moving it in circles on the horse's shoulder. "If you pick one up, you can try it," she offers. "Thunder here won't mind. Will you, Thunder?"

" I wouldn't wan' ter 'urt 'im none, I'd probably 'urt 'im if I tried ter brush 'im like" His voice sounding a bit different then just yesterday, as he really starts thinking about what spending months and months away from his pa would really be like. He seems heavily distracted just petting away at the horse in front of him that lets out a bit of a puff through its nose.

"Only if you do it on his face or legs," Madeline answers brightly. "Thunder's tough. Aren't you, Thunder?" She slaps the stallion on the shoulder softly - but hard enough to make a nice 'thump' sound. "Come try it - it's fun, and real relaxing. Grooming the horses is one of my favorite chores."

Sampson pulls his hand back from the nose of the still curious horse, and moves to grab the indicated brush. He moves over towards thunder taking his time to move to the other side of the stable. "s'long as yer sure i' won't 'urt 'im none, I wouldn't 'ave that," He explains again just in case before moving to try and brush Thunder.

"I promise you can't," Madeline responds, flashing Sampson a reassuring smile. "I mean - look how big he is? And besides - he likes it. Most horses too. Except the ones that think it tickles, they can be reeeeeeal hard to brush," she explains.

"Not on Yaaahr Nelly brushed a 'orse befawer," Sampson says quietly brushing in small circles on Thunders side to try and get a feel for how horse brushing actually works.

Madeline looks aside at Sampson, her brow furrowing as she tries to puzzle out his words - and fails. "Well. You're brushing one now," she hazards, while working her comb up the side of Thunder's neck in circles. "Josie said to be careful of his wings - but it looks like he's lifting them up out of the way for us. He must know the drill."

Sampson takes special care around the horses wings partially repeating himself in saying "e's a nice enuff 'orse fer a 'orse what 'as flyin' wings like, just glad 'e's not ge'in' 'urt by me brushing". A small smile on his face just barely creeping to view.

Madeline smile at Sampson, telling him an encouraging, "I told you you'd like it. And you're doing a good job, too." When they're done brushing both sides of the horse, she tosses her curry comb back into the box, and picks up the next brush. "See this one - how hard the bristles are? This is the dandy brush. It brushes away all the hair and dirt and skin we just worked out of his coat. But you gotta be careful to follow the direction of his coat while you're brushing." She pats Thunder - sending up a small cloud of dust - then runs her hand down his body.
"See? If you look and feel - the hair on his body mostly goes from his neck, down to his tail - 'cept where it swirls up here near his hip. So just make sure you're going from head to tail - and then on his legs it's /mostly/ down - but pay attention."

Switching out his brushes in short order, Sampson takes a good look at the hard bristles of the brush, and shuddering slightly. "I don' know if I'd wan' ter be brushed wiv one ov dis fngs, but if 'e enjoys it" He makes his way back over towards Thunder looking over towards Madeline with the sort of expression that says 'you sure about this'

"It's good for his coat - and he doesn't mind. I'll do the legs, though - some horses are sensitive and get all flinchy if you use a dandy on their legs. If he is, we'll only use a body brush on his legs. That's the softest one," Madeline blathers helpfully. "And after we're all done, we'll comb his mane and tail - his mane's the long hair on his neck. And then I'll pick his hooves. You can watch, but it's probably better if I do it. Because that part, well. You actually /can/ hurt him. And the last thing I wanna do it make Thunder go lame."

"'orses are 'ard work" Sampson says brushing away in the motions he'd been asked to use with a good deal of care treating the winged horse as if it where on the verge of breaking on the slightest provocation. "'ave ter rethink 'avin' one ov deese 'orses fer air travel, an' da like"

"They are," Madeline agrees while she continues to brush. "You have to brush them, feed them, muck the stalls out, and exercise them. Sometimes I wash 'em with the hose. But they're a lot of fun. Oh, and sometimes they have to be clipped in the summer - if they have a heavy coat and it's too hot."

The young boy silently brushes this flyin' 'orse for a spell loike, before saying "opefully won't be 'alf a worry once I get a few mawer coins like. Then I'll 'ave meself me own broom like, an' be able ter fly all over da world, an' ter da sun maybe"

"Oh, you need a rocket ship to get to the sun," Madeline answers brightly. "And no point getting a broom yet - first years aren't allowed to have them at school. But they will teach you how to fly them using the school brooms - first years have a class on it. But you can't fly them around /everywhere/ on account of if the Muggles see you then it's breaking the Statute of Secrecy and that's against the law."

"Then I'll just 'ave ter make meself invisible like, as if I where one ov those 'ateful bruvvers in da 'allows story. I 'eard what one a ways back an' 'e 'ad a cloak what could 'ide from dearf" Sampson explains taking special care when brushing down along the line by the wings proper, his voice sounding rather friendly, and confident like before when he was talking about the bullies.

"Those are really expensive - and I hear they don't exactly work perfect," Madeline answers uncertainly. "I mean - if it were as easy as getting a cloak, all the witches and wizards would be flying around on brooms, only they aren't." When she finishes with the dandy, Madeline picks up the last brush - the body brush. "This soft one's the last one. It shines up their coat, and it feels real nice. This one you can use on their face - but I'll do the face, okay?"

He tosses the old brush into it's spot snagging the body brush from the wall and offering a somewhat happy sounding "Fairysnuff Caddy". "I still says 'avin' an invisible type cloak would 'elp da flyin business somethin' right awful" Already starting to get to work at shining up that horses sides to make them look all pretty like.

"Be nice if it did," Madeline muses. "I'd fly circles around my old school, while all the kids're there. It'd be fun." She gently pulls down Thunder's head, so she can reach his face and brush it.

"Not on Yaaahr Nelly been ter a Jah Rule befawer" Sampson admits, brushing away his worries, and calming back into his regular self, as the worries about his pa melt away somewhat.

Madeline gives Sampson a confused look. "Huh?" she asks in confusion. "What's a… 'Jah Rule'?" she asks, splitting her attention between Sampson and the horse.

Sampson doesn't really stop brushing as he says with a bit of a smile, taking care with his brush not to hurt the horse"ey yew said yaaahrself yew wen' ter a jah, did yaaahr little tell an show fer da masses till yew got yaaahr le'er fer da free life now yer well sorted mate,"

"A… tell and show? I didn't say anything about anything like that," Madeline answers. "Well sorted after I got my letter? My Hogwarts letter? Well - I like it there, at Hogwarts, but I still don't know what you're saying. Umm… sorry."

"Na mate, talkin' abaaaht yaaahr jah, yew wen' ter one fer yaaahr go abaaaht wiv da masses, while I sat in a right state most da time, 'ryin' ter get food, instead ov me learnin' like" Sampson not really understanding how someone could have a hard time understanding him, as he focuses on brushing away at the horse to make sure its coat is nice and sparkly.

"What's a /jah/?" Madeline asks, reaching up to touch her chin. "You can't go to a jaw - it's part of your face. You mean job? I don't got one, except for the chores I do at home. But that's not a job."

With a bit more brushing Sampson tries to explain again, not exactly understanding where the misunderstanding's coming from "It's yew know Jah Rule, where yew get learnin' if yer born in da right class like"

"Jah rule?" Madeline repeats, giving Sampson a strange look, her brush moving over the same spot on Thunder over and over again. "You mean school? Why do you call it that? Sure I went to school - all the kids at the farms did. …you didn't?"

"Jah rule, yeah, that's what I said like. 'onestly i' shouldn't dis 'ard ter understand me poin' like" Sampson sits the brush down just to get a good look at the horse to see if he's missed anything. "couldn't much afford a proper learnin' like at Jah Rule, so pa learned me most ov what I know 'imself like"

"It'd help if you were speaking the King's English," Madeline answers in a dry tone - apparantly completely missing the irony that the King has quite a bit of trouble with speaking, himself.
"Jah rule isn't a word. /School/ is. And it's not like you have a choice - everyone /has/ to go to school until their 15. It's the law. And it's /free/. So how come your pa taught you instead of…. sending you to school?" she asks in confussion. "It's all backwards."

Sampson spots another spot that he's somehow managed to miss and starts trying to make it just as nice and shiny as the rest of the freshly brushed horse. His voice sounds completely confident, as if he firmly believes every word of what he's saying even if it might not be the truth in reality. "Da's just 'ow i' is when i' comes ter 'ow fngs really work, they say they wan' everybody but it's a right load ov bollocks. Nuff said, yeah?"

"It's the /law/, Sampson. Your dad was supposed to send you to school. Why'd he go and break the law?" What sort of father does that? "What's he teaching you if he's not teaching you to follow the law?"
Slightly distracted, Madeline pats Thunder again before asking the horse, "Should I try your hooves now? I just bet their clean as can be, but I better check. Wouldn't want you to end up with thrush, huh?"

Sampson just shakes his head hanging back up the brush so he can go back to looking at the horse he's decided to name El, out of just odd curiosity. "en 'as da law ever 'elped anyone, it's just a load ov old tripe ter keep da rich, rich, an' da poor poor. Don't do no one no good. Nuff said, yeah?" His voice not really showing him to have much want to see another point of view, being a bit stubborn in that way.

"Enough said? You didn't say anything," Madeline answers. "How is making everyone learn how to read and write making the rich richer? 'cuz it's not. How's anyone supposed to get ahead if they can't read and write? Dad can't even do the farming without reading and writing." As she talks, Madeline retrieves the hoof pick, and goes to Thunder's front leg to lift the foot. "Do you want to see what the bottom of their hooves look like? It's interesting. It's real sensitive in the middle - and it's called the /frog/. I still don't know why."

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