(1939-08-11) Creature Camp - Day 3
Details for Creature Camp - Day 3
Summary: Day 3 of Creature Camp. Focusing on the country and creature-tastic game available at camp.
Date: August 8th 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Camping Grounds
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It is a summer afternoon. The weather is warm and drizzling.

Camping Grounds
Within the eerie gloom of the forest called either the Forbidden Forest or the Dark Forest, to find such a pleasant little meadow with a babbling brooks running through it. A grassy knoll lush and green and scattered with a quilt like blanket of color from the wildflowers.

SCENE: The Hogsmeade camp ground is usually quite bare of anything but wildlife. But for this week, the campground is full of tents of all shapes and sizes and even several cabins have been erected for the big spenders that don't want to 'rough it' too much. A large canopy covers over a dining area with two long tables and benches for community family style dining. As it is close to lunch time, a lunch buffet is there awaiting the arriving campers. Here and there throughout the camp grounds stalls and areas have been roped off each containing 'country games' like activities. A raised pool has some logs floating on the surface, through the glass side of the pool grindylows can be seen swimming for a little danger added for the loser of a log rolling game. A gallows of sorts is set up for rope climbing. There's an archery range that also doubles as a axe throwing range. A booth where there's holes in a wall with the sign 'Guess What!?' above it, where people put their arm in and touch whatever is on the other side and has to guess what it is. There's a large craft area close to the dining area. There are empty pens here and there as well, empty for now, but obviously meant for a creature or two.

Madeline is near one of the corals - behind her, a pair of foals play as their grazes. Maddie splits her attention between the adorable antics of the young winged horses - how old are they when they're able to fly? - and her raven, who seems to have gotten his beak on someone's hair ribbon. She frowns at her bird uncertainly, watching the raven toss the red ribbon into the air, before pouncing on it again. Periodically his takes wing, dropping the ribbon from on high, and swooping down to try to catch it. "You're so strange, Mischief."

Camilla's zen tones are amplified again as she strolls through the camp. "It's time for a bit of games and fun activities! Please join us in the center of camp, pick a game and win a prize! Bring someone special something when you go home! To my left we have the log run! Careful that you don't slip or you'll be grindylow food. Please no minors on this game. But we have axe throwing, archery, "Guess What!?", rope climbing and for those that just wish to make something to bring home, our craft area is now opened."

"Stay out of trouble!" Madeline calls towards her bird, as she darts over towards Camilla - and the games. As she's told she can't do the log run, she lets out a loud, "awwwww," of disappointment. "I bet I could take those grindylows!" she asserts, making some punching motions. "Me and Mischief together! He'd peck out their eyes!"

Camilla grins down at Madeline and puts her hands on her hips when she's told the young girl could take out the Grindylows. "Oh, and just how would you do that?" This camp is about education, so if the girl can prove that she knows how to handle grindylow's without wand work and magic (which is why it's adult and over) than she just might give the girl a crack at it. "Raven's aren't so good underwater pumpkin." Also her grindylows getting their eyes pecked out doesn't sound like a pleasant and agreeable solution for the Ranger that values all Creatures and Animals lives and well being.

Josie had been spending time helping some of the younger children in their daily chores. She's been taking her role as Creature Handler seriously, making sure all the animals were treated properly. As everybody is called to the centre of camp, however, she runs over to take a position near Camilla.

"Ummm - oh. No wand, right, so… Well. I learned the mermish word for stop! At least, I think I did. I probaby did. I found it in a book!" Madeline's just not sure she's pronouncing the word the way she's supposed to. "Would that work?"

Camilla can't help but chuckle a little bit at Maddie's grand new plan. "Hmm, let's find out?" People are still milling about and gathering so they have just enough time. "Josie, help me boost Maddie up for a try…" She has her wand out, in case this goes a bit south, but her free hand and a crooked out leg are there to boost up the mermish enthusist so she can just put her face in the water and give it a try. Having Josie as a spotter is a extra precaution.

Josie grins, looking encouragingly to Madeline, and then steps forward quickly to help Madeline up. "Good luck!" Once Madeline is up, she quickly steps to where she can get a good view of the proceedings, and possibly help if needed.

Maddie's face lights up with delight. She gets to try to speak Mermish to something that lives with merpeople? Whether or not this works, she's eager to give it a try. With Camilla's help up, she takes a deep breath before plunging her face into the water. "Shonkpith!" Yeah. Try saying that twice - with your face in the water. But at least it's delivered with enthusiasm.

Camilla quickly hoists Maddie up and back as the tank goes black in a matter of moments and the surface froths and tentacles flail at the glass. Grindylow frenzy! Zen as always Cami offers Madeline a warm calm smile and a towel. "Better keep reading." She gives the girl a wink and a genuine, "Good try." with a pat on the back. But now there is a gathering starting so time to get going on the games! Her oak wand is dipped in the water and a smell is murmured and the water clears up and the grindylows look rather placid in the crystal clear water. "What games you girls going to try first?"

Josie runs back around to where Camilla sets Madeline down, still grinning. "Well, it was worth a try." She looks back up to Camilla at the question, and says, "Rope climbing is fun, and archery too."

"Aww," Madeline responds with some disappointment, before shrugging it off. "That was fun. Thanks for letting me try!" she declares brightly. She turns to study the other games next before declaring. "I'm good at climbing! Let's try the ropes. We gotta be good at climbing ropes if we're gonna be pirates, right? Arrr!"

Camilla is a good sport and proves to be young at heart in these moments when she waves around her wand like it was a cutlass, "Arr! To the ropes with ye then. Arr!"

Camilla stands in such a place in such a way that she can keep an eye on all of the game boothes, plus she has the help of the other counselors. When Maddie gets through the rope climbing obstacle course Cami cheers and points her wand at a large bin and up comes a Large Plushy Phoenix! When it's given a hug it's tail erupts in harmless heatless flames for a few moments and when you open and close it's beak water comes out of it's eyes like a little squirt gun.

Once at the highest point in the course, Madeline looks around the campgrounds, searching for Cillian. "Cap'n! Hey!" she calls out towards him, waving her arm excitedly, before hurrying on to complete the course. Her phoenix absolutely enchants the girl, who hugs it tightly - only to shriek in surprise, and burst into giggles at the faux flames. "Oh, /wow/!" She's going to have to keep this far, far away from Asher, Saul, and Miriam!

Josie is an agile and athletic kid. However, the rope climbing seems to be beyond her, today at least. Oh, she tries, but falls a few times, coming away with no reward but still giving Maddie a congratulating grin.

Camilla cheers for Madeline's prize again and laughs a little at the girl's surprise. "Give it's neck a good twist if you want to turn it off sugar. Not fun getting faux flames in the face while cuddling at night!" She giveds the girl a little wink and wonders, "Going again, or something new?" For Josie she watches without trying to look like one of those protective hound mothers that are prone to lunge forward if it looks like their kid is even going to fall. She's really not one of those sorts, but she is still on edge some since Josie came home after the bombing of King's Cross Station. "Good try Josie! Can try again later sugar!"

"Oh! You can turn it off?" Madeline responds in surprise. That's a good thing. She should do that before she goes home - just in case. "I think I'll try all the games - and /then/ do the ropes again. I've never tried throwing an ax before! That seems fierce - I bet that's something else pirates can do!" With eager excitement, she hurries off in that direction.

Camilla laughs and nods, "You might want to go put him - or her away in your tent so you can axe fling freely. Good luck!" She turns to cheer on another camper that's just won a prize.

Madeline doesn't put her prize in her tent - why bother when she can just set it down next to her, once it's her turn to throw the axes? She hefts them curiously, and swings one in her arm experimentally - after making sure there was no one close enough to be hit. "This is fun," she decides, before finally hurling them at the target. She doesn't get anywhere near the center - but she does manage to hit the target, which delights her to no end. "That's harder than I thought!" she remarks. "I'm going to have to practice more."

Camilla points her wand over at another bin and up pops a tiny little plushie Flobberworm! It's one of those things that look plushy but give it a squeeze and little balloons of what resemble pustules come bulging out of it like a stress toy.

The flobberworm gets another squee of delight, before Maddie's off again - both prizes in tow. She is /loving/ these games! She wants to get one of each animal! She needs a /dragon/ next. Or a merperson! Or a flying horse! … or one of each! With grand plans for her next prize, she reaches cautiously through the hole, gently feeling the animal that's out of her sight. Soft, smallish…. long ears. "It's a rabbit? I don't need to know what kind, right? I'm pretty sure it's a rabbit - do they have magical rabbits? That glow, or fly, or living trees or something? TREE RABBITS! That'd be great!"
…Muggle-borns. What're you gonna do?

Camilla laughs, a good belly laugh over hearing Maddie's naming of the rabbit. "No, no tree rabbits. There's the Jackalope, but that's an American Creature. Good guess! Let's see what you get…" A swish of her wand at the tiny bin again and out and over to Maddie floats a small plushie of….a flying seahorse! When you tickle its tummy it's wings flap and when you squeeze it's tummy it spurts water out it's mouth. It's curly tail also can be uncurcled to cling and wrap around things like fingers or the backs of chairs, it also will flutter around in water if submerged. Makes a great bath toy!

"We should breed some tree rabbits. I'd want one," Madeline asserts cheerfully. "To be friends with mischief. I bet a tree rabbit and Mischief would cause /all/ kinds of trouble. I bet a tree rabbit would even end up on the roof, and that couldn't possible be good." Yes. Because breeding works that way.
Three prizes is filling her arms pretty full - so Madeline decides to take them back to her tent. She'll spend the rest of the time cheering on her friends - or doing the rope course and axe throwing repeatedly. Because she's a pirate.

Josie comments to Camilla, though still cheerful, "I'm outta practice. Used to be good at climbing ropes, and hanging from them and doing acrobatic tricks. 'Course, I was five then, I weighed a lot less." The other games she does well in. Archery and Axe Throwing comes easily to her skilled hand-eye coordination comes into play, hitting the target both times, and she quite happily accepts her prizes of a plushy leprechaun that if you squeeze it it lifts it's little Leprechaun hat and chocolate gold coins (2-4) drop out of the hat. For the Axe Throwing her prize is an ashwinder that when squeezed lays egg shaped red hot candies that are like 3x the hot of the muggle candy and make smoke come out of the nose and ears like a steam train. Both candy-producing toys! And, then the guess-what game, her farm-and-camp-gained knowledge of creatures helps her win a plushy unicorn. It's a bit 'girly!' but it's an average sized (cat sized) Unicorn plushy with real unicorn hair mane and tail with some ribbons and combs and brushes and barrettes that are stored in its belly.

Camilla is tugged at by one of the littlest of campers when an older boy at the 'Guess What' game grumbles that it's impossible to get an answer of what is what right in the under 10 seconds it takes to earn something out of the Giant Prize Bin. Chuckling as she's pulled over Lucian who's on the other side of the screen lifts up a bowl of, "Runespoor Eggs." Is called out by Camilla as quick as the Sorting Hat calls out 'Slytherin' when perched on a Malfoy. The eggs are lifted up as proof and Cami who was looking the other direction, to keep from being called a peeker gives a little happy dance when she sees she was right and then gives a little wiggle of her fingers at the boy, still coated in what looks like slimy brown large pearl tapioca. The boy blanches but also looks impressed. Camilla cleans up her hand and gives Lucian a 'you did that on purpose!' playfully grouchy look. Then it's time for her prize and she points to the giant prize bin and out leaps forth a Chinese Fireball Dragon. It's actually a dragon dancer costume but for the reveal it leaps into the air, twisting and dancing through the air towards Cami. Occasionally its mouth flaps open to fling out a faux fireball, in a variety of colors. It finally settles down at Cami's feet and folds up on itself neatly. "You kids have fun with it." She offers her prize over for everyone's enjoyment and the kids start clamboring to get inside the costume.

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