(1939-08-13) The Search for That One Ring
Details for The Search for That One Ring
Summary: Graham assists Sorcha in searching for her sister’s missing wedding ring.
Date: 1939-08-13
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary, Diagon Alley
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MacDiarmarda Apothecary Diagon Alley

Wed Aug 13, 1939 ((Wed Aug 13 23:55:50 2014)) (B,2 SE)

It is a summer night. The weather is hot and clear.

Built in the late 1700s, MacDiarmarda Apothecary has been in business from the building's inception. Windows line the walls facing the street, a fireplace creates a cheery, homey atmosphere within. Shelves line the walls from floor to high ceiling, dusty wooden boxes of who knows what are held there. There is a large library ladder on wheels that helps the proprietress gather ingredients that may be out of her grasp normally. A counter stretches across the back of the store, a door behind it. There are two work areas, one next to the other. One is purely a 'cutting up' and preparing area, the table showing marks from use over the centuries. The other is the actual creating of a potion area- cauldrons, distillery and various sources of heat.

The store's interior is packed full of goods, with barrels of Purple Toad Warts, Flobberworm Mucus, Leech Juice and other large quantities of potion ingredients on the floor. Shelves that line the wall are filled with jars and old wooden boxes that contain Knotgrass, Aconite, Newt Eyes.. and many, many other herbs, roots and powders gathered across the decades, gathered across the continent. Bunches of feathers, fangs and claws hang from the ceiling, and in some cases the unwary customer may knock into them. The combination of smells coming from all these different ingredients PLUS the age of the shop itself, creates an overall.. odour of musty herbs, and 'time' that permeates every corner of the room.

Contents: Graham Sorcha

Exits: [BR] Apothecary Backroom [O] Central Diagon Alley

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The shop is still closed, though it's looking more and more back to its former organized and alchemical self. Currently, Sorcha is in the production area, alternating between perparing potions and doing a thorough emptying of any shelf that's within two feet of the floor. This involves one moment being up stirring a cauldron and the next down on her knees with her wand and a lumos charm on it to check in every nook and cranny a small metal circular object might happen to disappear into.

Graham has looked as he promised, at many of the surrounding shops and even in Knockturn Alley at the seedier types will buy anything but he's come up empty though right now he's headed for the store and he is walking finally reaching the door. The young man remembers this time and will open the door and step in though he doesn't see anyone until Sorcha pops back up he can’t help but grin a moment though he waves "Sorcha, what are you doing?"

When the door opens, Sorcha peeks around the edge of the counter first to see who's there before standing up and dusting off her skirt a bit. In an odd pique of temper she grouses, "I'm looking for that bloody ring." Stirring the potion again she closes her eyes a moment and collects herself before opening them and turning apologetically to Graham, "I'm sorry. It's lovely to see you, how are you doing today?"

The smile disappears though only at the words of what she's doing. "It’s okay, I went looking too in nearby shops and down Knockturn." Graham says as he approaches the other not warily but as he always has comfortable with her. "It’s lovely to see you too, but you’re doing too much at once I fear, can I help?" he will offer looking concerned for the moment.

Leaning over as Graham comes up to the workstation she drops a quick kiss on his cheek, "Thank you. I know you could be doing much more important investigative work on other things, but I appreciate it." She steps back from the workstation and gestures to the cauldron, "If you'd stir that until it boils then I can crawl about on the ground and not get up and down as often." She goes back to the section of shelf that she was on a moment before and starts pulling out small boxes and bins, searching between them with the glowing end of her wand, "I'm assuming that you didn't find anything?"

Graham will give the other a smile at the kiss, but shakes his head lightly "My work is important, but I'd not say more important." he believes he is saying too much as he's watching her but will nod to the question "Of course I will." he moves and begins staring the cauldron a bit "Unfortunately not, I tried the summoning charm and all I could think."

Sorcha finishes that section and puts everything back where it goes, muttering, "This doesn't go here…" One box gets slid off to the side as the others are rearranged before she looks back up to the Auror from her position on the wooden flooring, "Was there anything… left from the ones in the alley?" She seems almost hesitant to ask and find out the answer, starting to move around another section of boxes even before he gives it.

The auror will continue his stirring of the cauldron though he'll adjust so he's facing her while she works of course. Graham doesn’t want to answer the question she asks but he will of course he cannot lie to her. "I don’t think there was much Sorcha. I'm so sorry if I'd been here I should have been." he says quickly looking down to the cauldron.

"Graham…" Sorcha looks up from where she's sitting and sets her hands in her lap, holding a small tin of some herb or other, replying gently, "You were out there seeing to what needed seeing to. You couldn't have known. We didn't even know she was still here, we thought she'd gone to run errands hours before and was off to Brazil." She pokes her wand in the space that she just cleared out and sighs, "Honestly, I don't think there's anything to be found… it's more… I know that Gid needs the closure of it all. And if I can honestly say that I've looked it will help him get that. I hope."

Graham will look back up at his name being called and he does listen nodding to her words "Your right, just so much has happened lately just kind of has put what's important in perspective for me more so than it had been before. He turns his gaze on her lingering there before glances about the shop before back "I hope it helps him find peace really I do."

"I just…" Sorcha sighs again, lifting up a hand in a bit of a helpless gesture before she admits, "I want it to be over. I want to know one way or another and… move forward." She runs a hand through her hair lightly before letting it fall down to her lap again, "Keen wants to do the memorial service on her birthday. I don't disagree that we're moving on to time to have it done but Gid isn't going to agree to that… and it seems to be part his decision too."

He will glance to the contents of the cauldron giving a few more stirs. Graham is listening though all the same a frown creases his face "You all should have closure, it still won’t be easy but I'm here for you no matter the case." the issue of Gideon is another one all together "I will help anyway I am able of course."

Sorcha nods, "I understand why it's so difficult for him… I don't know, personally, of course… but I can't imagine…" She frowns and glances down at her lap before continuing, "He and Keenan have never got on ever since Nia introduced Gid to our father and it was a bit of a row." Her tone seems to imply that is an understatement, "But it doesn't change the fact that he's her husband. And a part of this family whether he cares for it or not."

Graham shakes his head "I can’t imagine either for any of you of course." The auror will say watching her as she speaks and some of the backstory of the family "That must be tough, what was the row about exactly. Not sure I've ever asked." he continues stirring "Of course he is." he says adding "I'm sure somewhere he does know that."

"Over Gid. And Niamh's relationship with him." Sorcha says, "Da isn't fond of… wizarding traditions in relationships." Which particular ones she doesn't elaborate on, "And when it came down to it, he and Nia were just as stubborn as the other. I don't know if they ever really mended fences…" She clears her throat, "In any case, Keenan's always been a bit sore over it."

"Ah, I see." Graham continues stirring the cauldron a bit while he listens though he wonders what traditions she'd meant to speak about he won’t ask as clearly she's left it out. "That's too bad, I mean family is important." he shuffles a bit knowing the next question he shouldn’t ask but can’t seem to help it. "I'm glad I got to meet your mother and some more of your family." he starts firstly "Were you worried there'd be a similar row with me? I mean I can be hard headed, but I try to learn and wouldn’t cause a fight." he pauses to look at her more directly.

"It wouldn't be your fault." Sorcha says, honestly, setting the boxes back away. "He isn't always easy to have a conversation with. And with everything… I didn't think it would be a good idea to give him anything to let out his frustration on with you being a convenient target." She stands up and dusts her dress off again, "Well, that settles that… it isn't here…"

Graham sighs slightly finishing off the stirring of the potion. "I'm not worried about being a target." he says giving a smile as he can now move over towards her "I'd say you've gone over everything here completely, if there's anywhere else you want me search I'll be glad to do so."

"I know that you're not, you never are." Sorcha says, coming over to check on the potion and turn off the heat from under the cauldron with a flick of her wand, "I think that's everywhere that can be searched, I'll just have to break the news to him that it isn't here. Unfortunately that's not going to deter anything, it'll just mean he keeps looking that much more everywhere else."

He will move over to stand beside her all the same. The auror is listening and will look concerned once again over to her. Graham ponders a moment "I'd hate to see him chasing shadows, I wish it weren’t true of course but it looks to be more and more."

Setting the spoon down again, Sorcha nods, "I don't know what it's going to do to him when everything settles. Naimh told me a little about how he was before he moved here and he wasn't in a good place." She looks around the shop and shakes her head, "I suppose there's nothing else to do about it."

Graham winces and frowns at the others words "I don’t know but guess all any of us can do is be there ya know? Do what we can to help I doubt there's anything anyone can say in the mean time to convince him until he is ready. Only do more harm more than likely." he is silent a moment watching her "How are you holding up Sorcha?"

"I agree. But it does seem to be taking quite a bit of time to get there." Sorcha replies. When he keeps his attention on her she raises her eyebrows just a bit before shrugging her shoulders, "As well as I can, I guess? It's harder some days than others."

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