(1939-08-16) Sharks and Minnows
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Summary: The O'Shea family and friends take a much needed day away from all the recent sadness.
Date: 16 August, 1939
Location: A beach

Summer coming to a close means that soon enough the fall weather will set in and it will be back to cloaks, fireplaces, and hiding from the rain. So before that happens, Keenan suggested a family outing to the beach and Sorcha agreed with mild enthusiasm. And so she finds her pale ginger self in a blue and white bathing suit sitting under an umbrella on a towel in the sand looking out at the surf. With the breeze off the water she's braided her hair into a twist around her head that the ocean air has pulled some curls out of as she sips a bit of butterbeer.

The outing was as much for the end of summer, as wanting to get everyone away from the city, away from the flat, the apothecary. The nieces and nephews were wild about a day on the beach near the cottage, and Eilidh, of course, had a basket ready and waiting. Down the beach, Eamon is sitting on a rock on the edge of a tidal pool, his bare feet and legs dangling over the edge in the water as he watches over some of the little ones. Walking along the beach, Keenan has his pants legs rolled up, and his sleeves are rolled to the elbows. He pauses, standing in the wet sand where the waves curl at his ankles, trying to draw him further in. The green eyes look out towards the horizon as he pushes his hands in his pockets, relaxing into his customary pose.

Graham had received an owl an invitation to go to the beach with Sorcha and the O'shea's of course he's up for that a bit overly excited maybe even. He has packed a basket with food before leaving for the location it isn't often that he's not dressed up but he is wearing shorts with a t-shirt. He will make his way down kicking off his shoes and socks as he steps onto the sand and spotting Sorcha laying out "It looks like you are in need of a sandcastle to build." he says lightly giving a smile.

It may be that Veruca picked up a habit or two during her time across the pond, and some fashion choices number among those. Her own bathing suit is two pieces, still modest by most standards, but baring a strip of skin at her midsection. It's plain blue, almost the same shade as the blue in Sorcha's suit, typically without frills or ornaments. She had been further in the water than Keenan, watching one of the eldest of the children display their swimming prowess, which was little more than flapping around in the surf, but Veruca applauded the effort appreciatively. "In no time, you'll be swimming the English Channel and setting all sorts of records."

There's a smile on her face as she turns, spying Keenan, and wades up onto the wet sand in approach. It's just in time to catch sight of Graham's arrival, and as Veruca nears Keenan her head barely tilts to indicate the young wizard, a murmured question coming as she stops in front of the eldest O'Shea offspring. "Would that be Sorcha's young man, then? It's been quite some time, but he looks familiar."

Normally, Sorcha would be out there splishing and splashing with the children with just as much abandon, but today in particular she is much more in a position that sandcastles seem to make sense. "Hullo." She shades her eyes a bit to turn and look at Graham as he comes along, getting a brief grin as she sees him out of his more usual wizarding attire, "I can see your knees." Bringing her hand down she laughs a bit, "Don't let Ehrin hear you talk of sandcastles, you'll never be free of her. I think once she crafted one that took two days before it started to rain and Pad had to break her away by force." Turning to her mother she gives her a little wave and calls out loud enough for the others to hear, "Mum! This is Graham Cohen, from school. You've met his da in the city I think." And that is about the extent of the introductions the Englishman gets for the moment, though who knows how long that will last. At times when there's a new addition to any gathering of O'Sheas it's like blood in the water for the attack of questioning family members.

Green eyes shift down quickly to the bathing suit clad woman in the surf in front of him. "I swear, if he wasn't a wizard, he'd have drowned by now," he chuckles, keeping his words low. "Seosiamh puts a buoyancy charm every time he gets near tha water." One hand comes out of the pocket, lifting to curl his arm around Veruca's shoulders. His chin tucks slightly to kiss the top of her head, a gesture that he's found comfort in lately, before he looks back over his shoulder towards the shore. "Aye, that's Cohen," he replies, a mere moment before Sorcha's shout confirms the fact. "Interesting."

The auror looks over the other after he's spoken he returns the grin easily enough to the other but her words are really what get Graham to laugh and his smile is warm towards her "Likewise, but you look lovely of course." he will set down the picnic basket down "I brought some food and drinks." he looks towards the waterline "Hm we could build the school." he will quiet though as he hadnt realized just how many of her family would be here and as she speaks to a woman he realizes this is her mother turning and giving a polite smile "Mrs O'shea, its great to meet you." he says spotting Keenan and Veruca he'll offer each a wave in turn before looking back to Sorcha "Not up for a swim?"

There's a curve still lingering on Veruca's lips as she eyes the younger pair up the beach, interest in her eyes. "This must mean the off-again is on-again, then," she surmises quietly, even as she raises her hand in a gesture of greeting in return to the newest arrival. "Shall we go say hello, or would you rather wait for the rest of the family to get the swarming over and we'll go when it's safe again?" The words hold affection for the ways of the O'Shea clan, so very different from her own family, yet in some ways familiar. Her own family, for instance, would likely swarm a newcomer as well, but it would be more sharkish and less the happy minnow feeling of the Irish family.

And the announcement of a newcomer does reach the ears of those on the beach, sending a rush of small feet and O'Sheas over towards their aunt, "Who's this?" "What is he here for?" "Do you swim?" "Will you be a shark?" "What have you got in your pockets?" Sorcha can't help but laugh at the overrun from her family and wave them off a bit, standing to get what height she can over the rabble, "This is Graham. And yes, he can swim and he may be a shark if he likes or may not if he doesn't, he won't be turning out his pockets for you hooligans, and he's here for the beach of course." She looks over to Graham, "You can swim, can't you?" Eilidh shakes her head as she comes over to the group of grandchildren, "Here, now, give the man some peace. It's nice to meet you, any friend of Sorcha's is always welcome. Oh, and look there, you've brought a basket, how kind."

Graham he turns as the group comes back towards him though he is smiling and doesn't seem bothered by it. "I can swim, and quite well." the other questions he looks around to each in turn "We'll see what your aunt has in mind. For what is a shark without a mermaid?" he says lightly his eyes full of amusement. He speaking obviously in the more muggle term but he turns back "Thank you, i'm glad I could come. I thought a picnic basket might be helpful, I enjoy cooking actually."

"I think, perhaps, we should let tha waters settle before we add teh tha confusion," Keenan replies, lifting the hand from Veruca's shoulders to wave back to Graham. "I'm sure it's safe enough fer us, but not sure about Cohen. It's his first introduction teh tha O'Shea family… but, he's bein' introduced." The last words are delivered thoughtfully as he watches his little sister rise to the defense of the young auror.

Veruca has no problem catching the meaning behind her intended's words and her good humor holds. "Quite the step," she says agreeably, well remembering the enormity of her own first meeting with the family en masse. While almost all the family has their attention on Graham and Sorcha, Veruca gives Keenan's shirt front a light tug. "Are you going to come in the water at all today? I'll drag you in fully dressed, if it comes down to it." At least he's rolled up his trousers and has come down somewhat into the water.

There's another round of questions from the young O'Sheas and Sorcha lets out a whistle to get them to quiet down, "I actually make a better shark than a mermaid… and so…" She leans down and snatches up a small nephew in a storm of giggles from him as she bundles him off to run down the beach, "I've got one of them now, there's no stopping me!" This, apparently, is the beginning of whatever game it is that they seem to have already laid out with some semblance of rules that don't follow any visible guidelines as she tosses the young boy into the surf with a herald of laughter and jumps in after him only to be trailed close on her heels by all the other children that were left on the beach to rescue the shark victim. There goes Sorcha…

Turning towards Rue, his back to the splashing of the giggling nephew being thrown into the water, Keenan uses the excuse of protecting her to get a good, close hug, as he's splashed. "I'm afraid ye'll have teh drag me in, clothes an' all," he replies with a grin. "I don't actually have a bathing suit, I've neh needed one for a dog's age." A wink is added to the grin. "Besides, I'd blind everyone present in a bathing suit, which would give me an unfair advantage." As one of the nieces tries to escape onto land, the tall ginger steps forward, scooping her upside down to a gale of giggles and walking out over knee deep to toss her back in the thick of the 'minnows'.

Graham chuckles at the sudden turn as she picks up the child and runs off to the water. He will remove his shirt and set down his basket before moving anywhere speaking to Sorcha though who knows if she can hear it. "Merman?" he teases following along to the water line before he finally diving into the water to help with the game. He splashes about helping to save the victim before treading water a bit and just laughing.

There's a considering lift of Veruca's brows before she shrugs her shoulders lightly, perhaps an agreement of Keenan's assessment of his own skin tone, but really, it's a gathering of an Irish family. Each one glows more than the next. The thought is confirmed when she says, "I find it impossible to argue that point with you." Thankfully, Keenan is already distracted by a wriggling niece, and Veruca holds her place for a moment, watching the part of the family that frolics in the water. Keenan's smile has been rare these days, and it's good to see the youngsters taking his mind off things, if only for a while. Absently, her thumb skates over the band encircling her finger and she glances over to see both Eamon and Eilidh paused to admire their next generation as well. Rue can see how they've aged, seemingly in just days. Most of the family has. Blue eyes return to Keenan and Rue moves, following the path he took into the water, coming up behind him and bringing her arms up, making to give Keenan a shove into the beautiful blue water if he doesn't brace himself.

Standing over knee deep in the water, his trousers good and wet already, Keenan isn't exactly braced as the two hands push into his back. However, he wasn't the leader of the Young Lions, and hasn't been the favorite climbing tree without learning a few tricks. He twists as he goes down, grabbing at the slender arms extended behind him, intent on pulling his fiancee down with him into the middle of the feeding frenzy.

Graham continues saving the victims of the shark. He looks to Sorcha and smiles before splashing, and swimming a bit further out. The young auror finally turns back and will still tread water a bit swimming a bit closer to shore he spots the two as she gives the healer a nudge into the water. He cant help but laugh covering his mouth though its isn't meant to be mean but it is good to have everyone in a jovial mood.

The squeak that comes from Veruca is partly show for the little ones, and partly true surprise. She'd thought she'd be quicker than Keenan for once, but he will probably always get the better of her at times like this. Despite still being in the shallows, she goes under water, coming up to her knees sputtering, head just above the surf. The children are off in peals of laughter at the antics of the grown-ups, splashing about as if they'd forgotten exactly who needs saving by now, pale little seals floundering more around their Aunt Sorcha than anyone else. For once, Veruca has no charms on her hair, and it's plastered wetly to her head, some strands having escaped her chignon as she blinks water from her eyes and looks to Keenan. "Beast."

The Beast smiles unrepentantly as he resurfaces from the water. He chuckles as he's jumped on from behind by a niece. He pulls her forward over his shoulder, and then drops her in the water back again, letting her bounce back to the surface and dive after her brother when he splashes her in the face. From a fully standing position, he reaches down and a holds out a hand to his beloved to help her up. Reaching down a hand, he pushes a wet lock behind her ear. "T t nos ille ar an mbealach seo." \\ you are more beautiful this way\
Graham will swim towards the pair now so that he can speak to them. "Keenan." he gives a nod once he's close enough turning to the other. "We only met a couple times, but i'm Graham Cohen and congratulations to you both of course." he says the last part to them in such that they would be the only ones who can hear it.

The comment in the Irish tongue earns Keenan an extra splash of water once Veruca has regained her feet. "Flatter all you please, it will be of no help to you later." She tries to put a measure of warning into her tone, but it doesn't quite make it. Keenan is one of the few people Veruca seems unable to successfully lie to. Her attention turns as Graham swims near, the school of pale 'minnows' darting about in the water, laughter filling the air sweetly every time someone surfaces. Keenan's hand is released so he can make his greeting to the younger wizard, and Veruca waits for the men to exchange their pleasantries.

Ginger eyebrows rise disbelieving at the threat from Veruca, and he winks, "mayhap I'll have teh switch tactics later, then," he concludes before turning towards Graham. "Aye, Cohen. I've lost a fair bit tha past week or so, but neh my memory," the twinkle is still in his eyes, but it tempers more towards comraderie, now. "I am not sure if you properly met Miss Max before she left. Veruca, Graham Cohen, Sorcha's friend. Cohen, Veruca Max, soon teh be O'Shea."

Graham shakes his head "We met briefly before she left. I didnt know if she'd remember my name." The auror will chuckle a little bit though the title he's given sobers him up a little bit not sudden and hopefully not too noticeable, and it is a work to smile properly once more but he does. "It is a pleasure to meet you properly Miss Max." he says truthfully.

Veruca inclines her head at the introduction, blue eyes holding on the young Auror. "The pleasure is surely mine, Mister Cohen," she returns in a tone that's very nearly warm. She's still not quite an O'Shea, and is still learning the art of being as welcoming as they are. "It's good that you could join us for a day of sunshine and shenanigans." A young O'Shea pops up and splashes them all with a mighty effort, then flops away in the water again. "And thank you for your good wishes."

After having plenty of time to play about in capturing her nephews and nieces in the water, Sorcha makes her way over to the gathering her eldest brother has put together, "Well, they should be well and truly run about now. Perhaps we'll get a moment of peace at least." She looks between the lot of them to see if she can figure out what they're discussing as she gets her feet under her again.

The poor youngest O'Shea won't be able to get her feet under herself right away as a long leg from her brother reaches out and twists with hers. Keenan goes down on one knee, giving a little push to her shoulders to send her under. Then he dives under himself, surfacing a few feet away and pushing his hair back from his face. His forearms are already in defensive position as he turns back towards the group, green eyes dancing with mischief accomplished, giving a hint to the boy that it must have been a pain to grow up having as a big brother.

The auror unthinking reaches down to offer a hand to Sorcha to help her up if its accepted otherwise he'll still smile, its this distracted moment which is his down-fall as he tries to help up she's knocked off balance and so he too goes tipped over by her hand he'd held. Graham doesn't submerge completely and laughs looking over "I believe we lose?" he asks with humor though he will look back to Veruca and Keenan a moment as he'll find his feet and try and help the other up once more though still smiling. "I'm glad that I was able to come as well, and of course the news is most excellent."

Self-preservation is one of the Max family's strong points. While it's something that doesn't often come to the fore for Veruca when Keenan is involved, she's also no fool. She's already been dunked by him once, and can wait for it to happen again. She wades back a few steps, putting a little distance between her and the now three floundering picnickers. "Keenan, will you ever stop tormenting your sweet baby sister?" she asks, even though she knows the answer full well.

Sorcha lets out a little squeal as she goes under, on purpose or not tugging Graham along with her before she pops up again with a bit of a sputter before she gets an eye on where her brother is. Graham may seem to think the battle is done, but the ginger girl is obviously not in agreement, "I never knew you to give up that easily, Cohen." Shaking her head she gets an eye on where Veruca is in the mix and sees her backing up out of the way. She drops under again for a moment, coming back with her hair more composed and an all too angelic smile on her features.

Keenan has known the ginger woman since birth, and is none too fooled by the angelic smile. He maintains a defensive posture, waiting, but also keeping an eye on Graham, just in case Sorcha's needling gets the auror back in the fight. "Remember that next Christmas mornin' love, when she wakes ye up at Ni- some ungodly hour teh get ye ready fer tha trip to Cornwall." There's a momentary pale flicker across his features when he almost mentions Niamh's early morning chivvying to get everyone ready for the Christmas festivities.

Graham chuckles looking down to the other arching a brow "Give up? Nah not hardly." he smirks back to her after shes come back up from fixing her hair. He will step over though finding his balance, and spotting Veruca backing away from the mess he chuckles looking to Keenan though his eyes side glance to see if they meet Sorcha's as well he's still listening though and he wonders momentarily what this must be like.

Knowing what he means even when he doesn't finish his thought, Sorcha frowns just a touch at the near mention of her sister before her attention turns back to the situation at hand, "I only woke Veruca up the once and that wasn't entirely my fault." She doesn't elaborate on that since there are young ears around and no telling what they'll pick up. With that, she gives a feint, going to the left and sending a good splash at her brother before dropping into the surf and attempting to give the back of his knee a good push to take him under.

"As long as she chooses not to land on me again," Veruca returns with a laugh, "I shall forgive her the ungodly hour." She also knows what he almost said, but it doesn't show at all on her face or in her manner. What does show is that the brunette witch feels it prudent to back up a little more still. Unfortunately, one of the minnows chooses to swim behind her as she's backing up, and for a moment Veruca looks surprised, her arms coming out to try and find balance before she topples over backwards into the surf.
He doesn't immediately realize the shift in conversation until Graham sees the frown from Sorcha putting the not said pieces together for himself though. It seems they arent to linger on this topic which is good for here today is fun. The words about waking and landing get a chuckle though its cut off at the sudden action he'll make his move then too stepping in with the distraction of the surf he'll reach to give a small push in case the sweep misses its mark it still may take him down.

Although Sorcha's attempt at Keenan's leg is successful, he isn't the eldest of the troop of O'Shea's with a bevy of nieces and nephews and not learned anything… if you're going down, you take as many with you as you can. Having kept one eye on Graham, he doesn't resist the trip from Sorcha and goes underwater, leaving Graham with empty air to push, so momentum carries the auror into his little sister. Pushing backwards while he's underwater, he surfaces a little further back, only his head popping out like a ginger seal as he watches the two youngsters flounder. Still staying low in the water, the green eyes find Veruca where she's unceremoniously plopped, and sends her a wink… the battle is certainly not over, and she won't be able to stay on the sidelines for long.

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