(1939-08-16) Signe Who?
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Summary: Signe and Tiberius finally meet - and Tibs nearly botches the whole thing.
Date: August 16th, 1939
Location: Beryl's Flat
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Tiberius isn't working. It's the middle of the day but rather than spending his time at the office, he's abiding by new rules that state /very/ clearly that he is to remain away from the premises. Instead, he's planned something of a day trip - The coffee table has all the essentials on it. A shallow tumbler with three fingers of whiskey and ice, a map of the Cornish countryside with a hastily marked 'D' along the coast, a stiletto and sheath designed to be strapped to the calf. The man himself is dressed as if he were heading to a business meeting, even as he leans back holding the latest book by Dillorous Diderot, stifling a yawn behind his hand as he reads.

It hasn't been too long since Signe last saw her sister - but Beryl's anxiety over the pregnancy has left her worried, in turn. A new dress to deliver allows her plenty of excuse, however, to stop by her sister's flat. Wearing a summery Muggle dress, and with a hat pinned neatly into place, she clutches the finished dress with one hand. It's wrapped into a tidy little package, held down at her side as she raises her other hand to rap at the door, a friendly smile worn across her features.

Guests were not part of todays plan. Tiberius sighs to himself, pulling up his right pant leg and strapping the long knife to him before he rises from the couch, taking his wand from his pocket with one hand and marking his place in his book with his other. Book put down, he slowly gets to his feet, his footfalls sounding heavy upon the floor on the way to the door. It's obvious it's not Beryl, before the door even opens. Tiberius looks at the Muggle-ish woman before him with his head canted /very/ slightly the one side. "… Hello, Miss." He greets. Polished, today.

The heavy footfalls and the man's face greeting her at the door have clearly puzzled Signe, and momentarily put her at a loss. "Oh… hello," she answers. She even takes a moment to glance at the number on the door to reconfirm- yes. This is Beryl's flat. Understanding, and perhaps a little hopefulness starts to creep into her features, however, as she hazards the most likely guess as to the man's identity. "Tiberius?"

It's a moment that could end terribly for Signe if she didn't look so confused, and then vaguely hopeful. Instead of gripping his wand and removing another one of the people who could link his identities, The Technician dons a casual smile and nods his head just a little bit. "Aye. Although I'm assuming you were looking for Ms Crabbe, who is at the office until later on today. How can I help, Miss…?"

"Oh - Beryl's out?" Signe responds with some disappointment. "I'm Signe," she introduces herself softly, hoping she doesn't look as small and intimidated as she feels. "I'm sure she's mentioned me?" Though from her tone, it's clear she isn't /entirely/ sure. Why else would it be that they haven't met before now?

Tiberius is not a small person. And he's built precisely like he needs to be, a body that's been earned by years of training and pushing himself to the limit. Tempered only by whiskey. "Not by name, I'm afraid, Miss." Tiberius admits. "Although we have had other things on our minds lately." They exchange over the threshold is only slightly awkward, as he tries to piece together who this is.

There's a sick twist in Signe's stomach at this response, and it shows on her features. She considers retreating down the hall - but perhaps he's just a forgetful sort? Perhaps her name had simply slipped from his mind? "I'm Beryl's sister," she explains softly. "Signe Crabbe."

The piece slots into place, but the look of realisation upon his face is slight. "Ah. The sister. Not by name, no. But she has spoken of you." Tiberius turns his head towards the map. Nothing anyone could gain much off. So be it. "Please, come in. Could I get you a drink?" Suddenly she's treated far more like a guest than someone at the door. Tiberius is of course, polite to family.

Beryl /must/ have mentioned her name - it just slipped his mind, Signe decides. Being recognized and invited inside is clearly a relief to her, and she responds with a smile. "Thank you - I'd like that. I'll admit - I've hoped to meet you for months, now. I hope it isn't an inconvenient time?" She moves inside - the package now hugged to her by both arms.

"I have an old friend to see in an hour or two, but that's still a while away." Tiberius notes. "Beryl was intending on something similar, however with our schedules it is difficult to get enough time together, much less time to go out. We have much to prepare for." His voice calm and considered, as he looks between kitchen and bar. "What would you like to drink?"

"Well - and my own schedule has been getting busier and busier by the day, it seems. Can't imagine it's helped. Though I may have to slow things down a bit soon - I would hate not to be available when Beryl needed me," Signe responds. She glances briefly around the room - her eye sliding over the map without having really remarked it.

"Tea would be lovely if it isn't a bother - I have a performance again tonight."

"Unfortunately we all must do as we must do." Tiberius admits, "Some things need to be prioritised. I am in the middle of cleaning up my schedule," A brief, wry smile on his way to the kitchen, tapping the kettle with his wand to ensure it's at boiling point, meddling around to make a cup of tea for Signe while he talks. "To ensure that as her time progresses I am more available. Sugar?"

"Just a bit - or honey, if you have it," Signe answers.

"I'm glad. The more we can be there for her… I'm almost bursting with excitement as it is - I can't imagine how this all must be for you and Beryl. I've already told her - anything she needs, and whenever she needs me, I'll be there for her. I'd like to make you the same offer. I will come, anytime." She continues to stand, watching him prepare the tea, with the wrapped bundle in her arms.

"Luckily, I want for little." At least right now. There are a few technicalities to work out. "But your support is appreciated." Tiberius shifts around for honey, but can't find it. Sugar will have to do. Not long after her tea is brought over, and Tiberius resumes his earlier seat with a slow sigh. "Please, take a seat."

Signe takes the offered seat, finally setting her package down beside her. She removes the hat pin and sets down her hat before picking up the tea with both hands. "Thank you," she answers. "And… well. I meant more for Beryl's sake, then for yours," she admits. "Though I'll certainly be there for you, as well, if you ever have need of it.

"I simply thought… if you had to go out for a bit, but thought Beryl might do better with a little company…? All you need do is ask." She lifts the tea to her lips now, taking a first, cautious sip.

"I agree completely." Tiberius nods his head slightly. Plus, it would be good to have someone else here if there were a need for defense. "I have noticed that business tends to flare up at the most inappropriate of times. And I am sure soon I will be sharing the sentiment that there is no manual for child-rearing."

"That bit I am particularly looking forward to," Signe answers, excitement leaking into her voice. "I have always had a soft spot for children. To have a niece or nephew… I'm delighted. I'll be happy to lend a hand, whenever you need a bit of time to yourselves."

Her smile fades a little - trepidation creeping back into place - as she asks in an uncertain voice, "Just to be certain… Beryl has told you that… I'm not a witch?"

"She has mentioned." Tiberius responds with a kind of light brevity that makes it seem like a passing comment. An the tables are turned with an easily, off-handed. "Does that bother you?"

Signe shakes her head - relief showing that the man already knows, and apparently does not care. "It's only - I'm rather used to those that react poorly around squibs. It's only people's reactions that bother me."

Tiberius shrugs. "Muggles and their ignorance disturb me. Not their lack of magic." He reaches for his whiskey, and takes a healthy sip before he makes an odd comparison. "I once knew a witch who lost her eyes in a heist gone wrong. She said that it wasn't not being able to see that bothered her, it was how it made everyone else treat her."

"A… heist?" Signe asks, briefly caught up on that slightly worrying word, before she's able to concentrate on what Tiberius had said. "I… yes. I think that's putting it better than I did. That's how I feel, entirely."

Tiberius is watching closely in the wake of that word. Trying to assess exactly what Signe might know before he reveals too much casually. "It might be strangely accurate, Miss Signe." He comments with a mild dryness. "But suffice it to say I have no issue with Squibs. And I promise not to stare over long."

How much does Signe know? Not a single thing. She continues to find the word 'heist' strange and a little worrying. Why would he keep company with such people? Beryl does know, doesn't she?

"It is strangely accurate," she agrees. "And I'm glad. Because I… I'd like to consider you practically a brother. If you're dear to Beryl, then you're dear to me."

"And the same to you. Any member of Beryl's family is a member of mine." And considering Tiberius has no family, it's a very small club at this point. "Well, Miss, I have to cover the formality. Beryl mentioned you performed, but I don't know what you perform?"

"There really is not need to call me 'Miss.' Just Signe is fine." Signe smiles as she adds, "You probably heard Beryl calling me Siggy - she always does - I'm sure that's what caused the confusion earlier." Of course. Why would he know the name Signe at all?

"I mostly sing jazz - in Muggle clubs, or more recently, in the Natrix. But I'll also be performing a role in an Italian opera next month."

Ah. Music. It brings all kinds of memories to life, but it's never really evoked feeling in Tiberius. "Perhaps we will need to make time to stop by sometime soon, as an item." A smile. "However… I should probably head off to see my old friend, about now. I'm afraid we share a unique problem that he just may have a solution for."

"I would love to have you," is Signe's immediate response. Though as he speaks of the need to leave… "Of course." After one last sip, Signe sets down the tea. The package is picked up again before she rises - and then offered over to Tiberius. "I suppose I should leave this with you? I noticed that the green frock I'd made for Beryl was getting a bit worn, and she's always been more fond of reds, anyways. I found the most perfect wine colored fabric, so…"

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