(1939-08-17) Confused
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Summary: After the explosions at the protests in front of books unbound Graham shows up at a familiar shop
Date: 8-17-1939
Location: Multiple
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It is not long after the events outside of Books Unbound though since the event is smaller than recent its possible word hasnt spread about what is going on. Graham either didnt or couldn't really concentrate to apparate and so floo it was but he had idea of a specific floo and makes his way towards the familiar shop having slipped out. Its in the evening and so he luckily doesn't have too many people to see him though he reaches up with his hand to the door and knocks. The auror has cuts and likely shrapnel to his face which have bled, and small minor burns there as well. His wand hand has cuts but seems the less serious of the two.

Nodding from her seat next to him, Sorcha reaches over and takes the bottle for a drink before passing it back, "I remember something about that from a few days ago. I told him I wanted to talk to you about how the search for everything was going." Or she said something close to that… in how she remembers what she said… "The family was asking about the delay…" She pauses at the charm notifying them of someone down at the door to the shop with a hint of a frown, "I wonder who's coming by at this hour…" She stands up and goes over to have a peek out the window down to the front of the shop and turns to go to the door, "It's Graham… I should go see what he needs."

Gideon grunts and nods, sipping his ale before flopping down on the sofa. "I'll just…get a few winks here…" He didn't realise just how exhausted he was. He's barely got the words out before he's nodded off.

"Just make sure to take your shoes off before your feet get up on that sofa." Sorcha chides gently, smiling a bit and not even sure if he's awake enough to hear her before she dims the lights in the flat and brightens the ones downstairs in the shop on the way out the door to head down the stairs.

Graham stands back from the door, the adrenaline of the moment has begin to fade leaving the pain to come back for the first time he is sort of shivering though it isnt from cold but his body being unhappy with whats happend to it. If he's looked up to see the face in the window he doesnt make notice that he does and he'll just wait patient figuring that his knock has been heard.

Sorcha's left her shoes upstairs in her flat, her hair down in a simple braid though she's sitll in her day dress as she opens the door into the shop, "Graham?" Looking at the cuts and burns her eyes widen a bit and she steps back to let him in, "What's happened?" As soon as he's through the door and it's closed again she reaches out to hold his face lightly where she can see it and get a good look at the surface damage at least.

The man shivering still watches as he sees movement on the stairs and the one he'd hoped to see moving down towards the door. Graham knows some part of his brain that he is in for it but oh well thats a minor point which he'll gladly accept. "Sorcha, sorry." yeah he's inconvenienced her very like him to be sure. He seems a tad confused perhaps the blast close to his head concussed him too? "There were exploding pins at a protest outside Books Unbound." he explains the short short version.

The man shivering still watches as he sees movement on the stairs and the one he'd hoped to see moving down towards the door. Graham knows some part of his brain that he is in for it but oh well thats a minor point which he'll gladly accept. "Sorcha, sorry." yeah he's inconvenienced her very like him to be sure. He seems a tad confused perhaps the blast close to his head concussed him too? "There were exploding pins at a protest outside Books Unbound." he explains the short short version. He stays very still after stepping inside as she touches his face examining him.

Frowning even more, Sorcha gets a good look at his scrapes and burns and cuts and lets go of his face, her hand going to his back to guide him over to one of the chairs in the shop. She flicks her wand over in the direction of the door to set the lock again before going around behind the counter once Graham is seated, "Exploding pins? What protest?" She finds the basket Niamh always kept under the counter for emergencies, recently restocked after its last use and up to full once more as she brings it around, "Whatever is there to protest at a book store?"

Graham will follow as she is guided to a chair and sits down lightly "I couldn't apparate." he says still sounding rather confused for the moment but the question about why would the protest a book store gets an answer after a sigh. "It was Thomas Carrows book store." he answers simply he's still shivering slightly as he watches her move.

Sitting down on the arm of the chair that he's in, Sorcha starts off with a cloth that she gets wet to get any of the soot and grime off of his face for a more clear picture of what's more serious and what just looks more serious. "Don't you dare do any apparating right now, you'll splinch yourself from here to Friday." She frowns a bit as he mentions the shop, "Oh…" It seems she hadn't quite made that connection with everything, "He's… not there though… so protesting the shop seems rather useless?"

The auror will sit still as possible while she cleans his face though it stings and a bit worse in some places. Graham will smile at her words about splinching "That was kind of what I thought would happen if I tried though." he agrees though about the point of protesting the shop he'll nod his head though wish he didnt. "Yeah quite pointless, but there was a man giving out pins and saying horrible things, than all the pins started to explode." he shivers a bit harder more noticeable before he brings himself under control.

She continues gently wiping off his face and getting a better look at the full amount of damage besides the obvious shock and head wound. "Pins?" Sorcha notices the additional shaking and pauses with the cloth to put her hand on his and give it a light reassuring squeeze. She waits a moment for him to get himself collected a bit more before she goes back to finishing off with getting everything cleaned up. "Here. Wipe your hands off a bit, hm?" She puts the damp cloth in his hands for him to use on his own fingers.

Graham will explain "Like pins with a slogan you pin to your shirt, but they said awful things too." The auror says though so much has happened and yes he's quite confused he accepts her hand and squeezes it in return which does seem to help a little bit he accepts the cloth and wipes over the injured hand lightly trying not to be too rough. He finishes quickly enough before he just looks up to her something passing through his mind.

It's late in the evening, much later than the shop should be open. But, the lights are on and there are voices coming from the main area of the storefront. Graham's sitting in one of the chairs with the emergency basket that is kept under the counter for first aid and basic requirements sitting on the table next to him. Sorcha is perched on the arm of the chair next to him, looking like she just came down from starting to get ready for bed, though she's still dressed, hair braided and shoes left off somewhere. Graham, for his part, looks fairly rough. Cuts and bruises and burns here and there with some frequency across his face. Whether Keenan has heard or not, there's been another attack in front of the bookstore, lots of minor damage to a crowd of folks there.

The auror turns in the chair he sits in towards Sorcha and manages at least a small smile "Thanks for letting me in." this doesn't seem to make much sense though he'll lean over his head falling against her a moment and rests "Too much has happend.. too short of time." he says softly from where he is now. Graham seems to be thinking rather hard or trying to anyways.

"Of course." Sorcha says when Graham thanks her for letting him come into the shop. When he leans against her, she gives him a brief hug around the shoulders before shifting so that she gets him to sit up once more, "Here, let me look at that cut." Reaching over to the basket she gets a jar of salve out opens it as she gets a look at all the bumps and bruises that are uncovered with the grime out of the way.

The light from the windows of the shop cast their glow out onto the alley below, and the healer passing by his own windows notes the yellow diamonds with a slight frown. Turning to Rue, he tells her quietly that he needs to go downstairs. Leaning down to give her a kiss on the forehead, he then disappears, appearing in the back room of the apothecary with a crack. Stepping out he, looks over the shop, and raises an eyebrow to Sorcha and Graham.

Graham does enjoy the hug but will sit up as she adjusts him. "Metal scraps and explosions." He speaks motioning to his face and hand he winces when he uses his hand and remembers something else "Burns." he lists the wounds trying to help with the looking over to her though he will try to remain still for her. The auror looks at the sound of approach though he spots who it is. "Keenan." he greets him.

At the descriptions of his bumps, Sorcha frowns and nods, looking up as the door from the back opens to reveal her brother, "Oh, good. You're already up." She stands from her seat and nods to her charge, "I have it on reasonable suspicion that Graham has a head injury of some kind." She sets the lid back on the salve and steps over towards Keenan and out of the way to give him more space to have a look at the auror, "Apparently there was an attack of some kind at the bookstore."

Keenan doesn't miss Graham's last words to Sorcha, and nods to his sister. "Aye, I'm awake," he agrees. He raises an eyebrow to the young auror. "What kind of attack? Can ye describe any o'tha spells?" He advances closer to look him over with a critical eye, but doesn't raise his wand for a deeper assessment as yet.

Graham looks to her first arching an eyebrow "Head injury?" he asks her curiously. He shivers still a little bit from the wounds more than anything or at least he believes so. "No spells." he answers after a brief pause "There was a protest and a man was giving out metal badges saying horrible things, they began exploding. Man had so many he carried he…" he trails off though its clear it isn't good.

"Head injury." Sorcha reiterates with a nod at confused Graham's explanation, "It seems there was a protest at the shop and then someone passed out pins to everyone which later caused the damage. I wasn't there, so it's just what I've been able to piece together." Not that that's necessarily a lot of together, "There's nothing severe enough to warrant how confused he is, though I suppose it could just be the shock."

"So, more of an artefact accident," Keenan muses, and finally lifts his wand. He lifts his wand and murmurs an incantation along with a broad wave. Little specks and shards of blue begin to glow, and the Healer nods. "Accio jar," he commands and when it arrives, he pulls the pieces of metal that glow from Graham's skin. "What sort of confusion?" The question is asked as he works, his eyes intent on his task.

The young man shivers still though he nods his head about the artifact damage. Graham doesn't know how else to explain it himself he winces as if he's been shocked by something he looks to his hand confused a bit at first "Metal bits?" he asks after a moment figuring it out. "Not confused." though he sounds well confused when he says it. "Just too much, terror attacks.. and bodies in the house." the second Sorcha will understand from his talk about Thomas Carrow but perhaps mean nothing to Keenan.

Sorcha sees the glowing bits as Keenan casts his charm and comes back over to confused Graham to crouch down next to him out of Keenan's way and distract him a bit, putting a hand on his (hopefully) metal free knee. She nods and agrees with him, "It's been quite a lot. In the neighborhood of good news, Gid came home tonight." This hasn't happened in quite some time, "And it seems as though he's ready to move forward with things as they are. I didn't hear exactly what happened, but it seems he and Elijah found some kind of resolution at least."

Keenan shakes his head. "Shivering is not consistent with burns," he says quietly, straightening to cap the jar with the bits as their glow subsides. "Artefact Damage is not my specialty. We should really take these to Mungos to have them examined, and have him treated by a healer who specializes in this realm. We can treat the burns, try and cool the skin, but there's not a lot more I can do here."

The auror will let his hand fall back down to his side though he watches as Sorcha moves over and manages to smile her way as she touches his knee it does seem to relax him. Graham's eyes do fall a bit at something remembered he reaches out and unless she'll move put his uninjured hands on hers. "Lost.." he mumbles while looking at her before not completing his thought he'll answer her though. "That is, well not good news.. but at least, he can begin to heal now."

"No, it is good news," Keenan murmurs. "Because he can begin teh heal, now. He'll no longer be picking at a festering wound an' making it worse."

Nodding to her brother as Graham still seems a bit daft, Sorcha says, "I think that's best…" She turns her hand over to give his a squeeze, "You're not to apparate yourself, understand? We'll just use the floo?" She turns to look at Keean for his suggestion, being the one who knows all about transporting brain damaged people.

"The Floo is the best idea, yes," Keenan agrees, "an' a bubble spell teh keep him as clean as we can." He steps over to the fireplace, and takes the jar of floo powder down, opening it to offer to both of them. "I believe Healer Rowle is on rotation tonight, you should be in good hands."

The young auror will nod though does he want to go to the hospital but probably not. Graham will slowly stand up and it looks like he was going to try just that taking himself there but he turns back as Sorcha speaks and seems to think its a good idea realizing he'd taken her hand with him. "The floo works." he will move towards the floo carefully taking some powder "St Mungo's." he calls and is gone with a flash. It isn't long before the others are with him and they will make their way into the patient room to wait to be seen.

With the strange turn of the protest at the book shop in the alley, it's likely that things at the hospital are rather hectic, as happens all too often these days. Once Keenan and Graham have come through the floo, Sorcha follows, coming up beside Graham to make sure he's alright before starting to herd him over to one of the waiting spots, "You were saying we should ask for Healer Rowle, Keen?"

Once through the floo, Keenan releases the bubble charm from Graham that kept him from getting too much ash on his injuries. He carries a jar containing some metal shards as he takes the lead towards the Artefacts ward. "Aye, she's got a knack," he affirms to Sorcha. The young auror has second degree burns along with some abrasions and cuts, yet he shivers. Walking away from them as they sit, he approaches the sign in desk, and speaks to the witch manning it.

Graham moves through the place after regaining his balance from the floo ride. He is glad for the help in the correct direction that they will find the healer in. He still seems shivery though it isnt from his injuries he is realizing as time goes on, but just overload. He can hear the words from Keenan and looks back to Sorcha seeming to remember something "I owe you major herb work dont I?" yes the strange thought pops in his mind

Felicity is escorting out a young couple that are bandaged up. "The pain should be managed by the potion that I gave you both. Tomorrow morning there will be discomfort. However if there is pain, please return and we will make sure everything is alright and work some more magic. Take care now, and in the future remember to exert caution when accepting strange items from people in the street." She is handed a clip board by the clerk and then she looks up and gives Graham a clinical but actually concerned once over. "Auror Cohen, right this way." She gestures inside the Artifact Acident Ward, "Your friends can come if they can stay close and out of the way all at the same time."

Graham's comment actually gets a little laugh out of Sorcha, even all things considered, "We'll see if they let you go again." She keeps guiding Graham in the direction Keenan indicated, smiling when the healer comes out and calls for him. Nodding at the suggestion about staying out of the way, she replies, "Thank you, Healer Rowle, I think we can manage that." Now that the healer is there to take command of the situation she backs off, letting Felicity direct where they should go now.

Well versed in the etiquette of healer's space, Keenan gives Felicity a nod of greeting, and hands over the jar. "These pieces were still embedded in his skin. I'm not sure exactly what happened, something about a man handing out pins that later exploded," he informs her, then slips back to the rear of the group. He glances between Sorcha and Graham as the man seems to be pulling yet another 'thought' out of thin air.

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