(1939-08-18) Cop Out
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Summary: Denny faces the music for crossing one line too many.
Date: 18 August, 1939
Location: Department of Magical Law Enforcement
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Deputy Commissioner Solomon Shacklebolt's office is simple, but well decorated with numerous commendations, photographs of him throughout his career, Daily Prophet stories about major busts, and so on. The man's record speaks for itself — he has put many, many years and a lot of blood and sweat into getting where he is now. When he sees figures approaching through the segmented glass that makes up the front wall of the office, he sets aside his paperwork and folds his hands on the desk in preparation. "Come in," he announces in his deep tones.

Graham nods as the other starts walking this isn't in agreement to what he says but acceptance as he moves towards the offices. "You did good earning that Miss Evans, sorry you had to see all of that though." Perry gets a nod before he follows a little distance behind the other wand still pointed at the others back though more for safety sake than a threat. It takes a bit but they will reach the door "Go Ahead." he says as they are invited in. His wand is placed away only now when he will walk in "Thank you Sir, there was a bit of a scene just now in the office."

"Wasn't even enough to break anything" Denny's expression is perfectly calm and collected, and he doesn't really look as if he see's any problem in his own actions. "Someone has to teach that boy some respect before he gets someone killed" He adds on moving the cigarette from one corner of his mouth to the other. "Whole world's going soft,"

The moment Solomon sees Denny enter his office, he exhales an audible sigh, murmuring, "Orwell. Of course." But spotting Graham's wand pointed at the Hit Wizard brings a stern scowl. "Somebody had better tell me what in Hades is going on. Auror Cohen, put your wand away and shut the door."

Graham had returned his wand to his sleeve and so steps into the room and shuts the door lightly. His a gaze goes to Denny a moment while he speaks before looking back to the man behind the desk "Apologies Sir. Though I missed the beginning of the words spoken between Mr Orwell, and Alphard Black, who is apprenticing with the auror's office. There was tension for sure even when I got there and a few more words traded." he pauses before he continues. "It seemed that it would de-escalate however after last words, Hitwizard Orwell grabbed Black by the back of his head and smashed his face into Intiate Odori's desk it appeared breaking his nose and splitting his lip."

"There's no way in hell I broke that hellion's nose" He glares over at Graham with the kind of look as if he'd just been directly insulted, "At worst I knocked him around a bit," With a bit of a calm sigh, Denny tosses his lighter back inside of his coat pocket leaving the cigarette hanging unlit in the corner of his mouth. "Everyone seems on their high horse anytime someone try's to enact a bit of discipline on unruly children these days," It's fairly clear to see that Denny is in a poor mood for the whole situation.

Solomon's rubs his hand down his face, his eyes fixed on Denny. "So you don't deny it? You assaulted…Alphard. Black. Do you have any idea what kind of hurricane of shit you have most likely just unleashed? I guarantee that within the hour, I'll be swimming in Blacks calling for your badge. Best you pray young Alphard's grandfather isn't among them. That man would feed you to his beasts without a second thought." Solomon sits back in his chair, starting hard at both men. "Just so I have a clear picture, what in Merlin's name possessed you to lay hands on the boy, Orwell?"

The auror will stand looking between each as they speak though he knows the situation isn't good and its not exactly where he'd wanted to be after the previous events. "Its true I didnt get to inspect Mr Black, but I did witness at least the split lip before he was taken for help." Graham looks to Shacklebolt next and will nod going silent so that the other man can explain what exactly happened.

Orwell's obviously had a long weak, but at least from the looks he's gotten sleep for once, "I don't care if he's the son of god, someone needs to teach that boy the world doesn't bend to his every will," Denny knows full well what this can mean, but something has snapped and he just plain doesn't care what happens any more. The way he speaks doesn't really make him sound angry as much as it makes him sound like he see's himself fully in the right. "He was sitting there acting on his high horse treating that little girl like shit, and talking down to everyone around him". He pulls back out his embossed lighter from his pocket looking down towards it with another low sigh. "I've seen his type, and I joined the ministry to stop people like him from being a problem,"

Solomon is still as a statue as he takes it all in from both men. Nothing but cold stone staring back at Denny. "Constable, whatever you joined the M.L.E. for, you lost sight of it a long time ago. I'm already sitting on a stack of reports on your misconduct. Accusations of unwarranted aggression, violations of procedure, threatening fellow law enforcement officers…need I go on? I'm sure this all sounds familiar. But now this. You've assaulted a Black. I will not let you hurt this department, Orwell." Solomon rises to his feet, his towering form looming high over the two men. "Badge. On my desk. Now. Consider yourself on suspension, without pay, until further notice. If I were you, I'd start preparing my defence for the disciplinary hearing."

Graham keeps his focus on the man behind the desk, but he is listening to Denny's defense or well explanation sort of as to what happened today. He cannot help him out of this one, and seems to be in thought about all that's happened lately considering he's still wearing bandages on his face and hand from the previous evening and all. the auror will listen to the judgement and only give a small nod and salute "Appolgies again for my entrance Sir."

"I haven't lost sight of anything" There's a moment of hesitation as he brings the lighter up to his mouth, he needs this, bad. Whatever else is going on he just needs the relief that only a Lucky Strike cigarette can provide. He reaches back into his jacket pulling out his badge. "I've gone above and beyond what's been asked of me, broken up counterfeiting rings, taken down dealers, and now you want to suspend me for what" He sits his badge down onto the table lighting up his cigarette "Refusing to let a stuck up brat, well on the way to being a dark wizard walk all over what should be one of the happiest moments in a little girls childhood?" He tosses the lighter back into his pocket "I get results Solomon, fifteen arrests and convictions in as many weeks, because I'm willing to do the work no one else is willing to admit has to be done"

Shacklebolt gives Graham merely the slightest nod of dismissal, his attention fixed on Denny. "You self-important little thug. You think your trumped up parade of shoddy arrests means a damned thing? Most of those will be tossed out thanks to you, and your preference to punching your way through your job instead of doing the damned work. You're a sorry excuse for a Hit Wizard. Now get the hell out of this building." He snatches up the badge, dropped it into a desk drawer. "One more thing, Orwell. Don't even think about going after Alphard Black with some misguided notion of retribution. You go anywhere near that boy, and I will gladly take you down myself."

Graham bows his head respectfuly to Shacklebolt giving a salute to the nod, and will move back towards the door to leave as requested and will not try and listen to what they are saying now just opening the door and shutting it lightly behind himself.

"The ministry needs people like me, and I'll accept your formal apology when you can see that" Now he's actually getting a bit mad with the situation, he takes in a deep breath, turning around. ",and believe it or not Solomon I did all the paperwork, so there's nothing for them to get thrown out for," He pulls open the door, puffing away at the calming nicotine flavors. "Every. Single. Page, with full evidence records," Making his way on through to the other side he adds on "I'm a better officer then you'd like to admit", closing the door behind himself.

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