(1939-08-18) The Daily Prophet - St. Mungo's Offers Healing Courses
Details for St. Mungo's Offers Healing Courses
Summary: In light of recent attacks, St. Mungo's is offering courses in healing magic as it may be useful preventative.
Date: August 18, 1939
Location: London
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In light of recent attacks in both the Wizarding and Muggle world, the healers of St. Mungo's have opened free courses on basic healing charms and conjurations. Protect yourself, your family and your neighbors by learning to patch-up minor injuries, splint injured limbs, control bleeding and prevent choking. St. Mungo's will also offer for sale first aid kits which every witch or wizard should keep in their home with basic healing potions and other supplies such as gauze. They will also provide lists of recommended first aid items which can be picked up free of charge by anyone interested.

While the course is free, and the healers are donating their time to train the public, the staff at St. Mungo's does encourage donations to the various victims' funds supporting the recovery of those affected by the recent attacks. Please visit the hospital registration desk to reserve a space in a class which fits your schedule, purchase a first aid kit, pick up a list of recommended first aid supplies, or to simply make a donation. Together, we can protect our community.

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