(1939-08-20) Fear and Sadness
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Summary: While Angelus might have been up no good, Madeline decides to check out the scene of attack. Emily is so afraid of nearly being touched by a Muggle-born. Angelus offers comfort to a fellow pure-blood and doesn't know how to help his fellow Gryffindor. Zayn comes in to save the day.
Date: August 20, 1939
Location: Central Diagon Alley (in front of Sweet Temptations)

It's a warm, clear summer night, but there's a sort of feel to the air that fall isn't far behind. Back to school shopping is still going strong, and Diagon Alley is cluttered with wizards of all shapes and sizes… Stepping out of Gringotts and tucking away a wallet into her wrist purse comes a small girl with an older woman. They exchange words softly and succinctly before the woman looks around and sniffs distastefully. "You may stay, Emily, if you wish, but I expect that you will be home before long. I will have someone to fetch you here at a quarter past. And do not waste your allowance on anything frivolous." The small brunette girl in an emerald green dress and neat cream robes curtsies faintly. "Yes, Mama." The woman leaves in a hurry, apparating away with a loud crack.

Madeline's here too. Her Uncle seems to have left her on her own for a bit - and somehow her footsteps bring her here, to stares at the guttered remains of Sweet Temptations. The windows are boarded up, and 'closed' is painted across them in large letters, as if there was any doubt.

Her gaze drops to an unremarkable patch of paving stones. Niko's daddy died right there…

There’s a shuffle around the closed candy shop, a slight thud as if someone’s landing on the ground and a grunt, followed by a heavy breath. Angelus peeks around the corner, head inclined to the side, and humming softly as he tries to subtly merge out into the open. He adjusts his light blue, stylish robes, focusing on fixing any wrinkles or dusting away any filth. So when his head lifts, he’s surprised to find Madeline nearby, grimacing. Hope she didn’t see where he just came from, oops. Well. “Oh, hi, Evans,” announces Angelus ever so sweetly, a dazzling little smile flickering across his face as he leans coolly up against the building, maybe a little too coolly.

Emily bounds down the stairs of the bank, looking more than a little relieved to be away from her mother. She bends and twists through the crowd, doing her best not. to. touch. ANYONE. It's going swell until she gets jostled by someone wearing very muggle clothing and apologising profusely. "I'm so sorry," the boy can be heard to say. If he's anything, he's a first year. "I wasn't looking! I was told that I would need to find a bank?" He holds up some muggle currency. It's at that point that Emily shrieks and starts swatting at her robes and running through the now somewhat startled section of crowd in a bid to get OUT OF TOUCHING RANGE. "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Get it off, get it off! Oh you NASTY little Mudblood!"

The noise from the side of Sweet Temptations manages to pull Madeline's attention away from the spot on the ground that had her so transfixed. She frowns at Angelus, opening her mouth to speak - when Emily saves him from whatever she was going to say.

She turns to stare/glare at the other second year in a horrified way before spitting out, "Oh, stop acting like an idiot, Gibbon. We're second years now, not babies."

But Angelus looks so sweet and innocent, smiling toothily and overly warmly at Madeline. Would /he/ be up to no good? Honestly. Of course, inwardly nervous that she might have seen him, he’s busy concocting some excuse for any accusations made against him when the scream comes. His royal blue eyes slide towards the commotion and upon spying the girl running as if someone had just tried to murder her, the corner of his lips twitches in amusement. As he leans away from the building, Gel looks at Madeline with disapproval. “Really, Evans, insulting her like that is just going to antagonise.” A sigh escapes him, as if he were scolding an infant, before stepping out to try and intercept Emily, both arms reaching out for her. “Miley.”

Emily is positively trembling as she continues to try and brush away the 'undesirable' from her person. If she notices Maddie at all, it's not until she speaks. The horrified look on her face grows and she swiftly steps into Angelus' arms, as if expecting him to protect. "Oh they're just -everywhere-," she says. "Disgusting creatures." It's quite clear that she's not even talking to Maddie. "Don't let her touch me, Angelus," she says swiftly. "She tried to touch me in potions last year and I would have none of it then. I shan't have it now!"

"I could give you a great big hug!" Madeline asserts, taking a step towards Emily. "Don't know why I would want to, though." She turns abruptly away, glaring down at the street. "People died here. Show some respect," she grumbles, moving closer to the shop. Some of their school mates died here. Who attacks a sweets shop? Why've they still only caught one person for this?

A passing couple pauses in front of Sweet Temptations when their young child of maybe four years begins to tug at his mother's arm, pointing toward the closed down candy shop. "Mummy! All da candy aminals!"

The woman sighs sympathetically to her child, kneeling down to pet his hair. "Oh sweetling, I'm sorry, but they not there anymore. It was those bad people that ruined it for everyone."

The child frowns deeply, his eyes watering at the injustice of it all. "But candy is a'posed to make us happy." He gives the shop another longing look. "I'm gonna make candy, so the bad people will be happy, and stop being bad."

The boy's father laughs softly. "You do that, Jelly Bean."

The boy sighs in childish exasperation as his father. "M'not Jelly Bean."

The man chuckles again. "Ah, my apologies, Mr. Bertie Bott, sir. Come along. Let's go get some pasties at the Cauldron, and you'll feel better." Giving Bertie's hair a ruffle, the elder Mr. Bott leads his family down along the road.

Okay. While Angelus might hold onto Emily in a protective way, he rolls his eyes impatiently. He will try to rotate her a little away from Madeline’s direction, aiming to keep Emily calm as he murmurs softly close to her ear. “No she won’t,” he assures. A steely stare is shot towards Madeline. For a moment his gaze lingers over the candy shop, and a sigh rolls off his tongue as he shakes his head. “Just, come on, over here to the side,” he says quietly as he tries to pull Emily to the side of the cobbled road. “Here,” Angelus says, drawing out a handkerchief and offering it to Emily. “It’s enchanted. Clean off any filth,” he promises. Okay, no, not really, but it’s just a little white lie.

The scene with the child draws Angelus’ attention and he can’t help but stare. His head tilts a little as he lets go of Emily completely to dip his hands into his robes unconsciously. “Hey, kid,” Angelus calls out, tipping his chin up in a gesture. “Here.” And he tosses out a small bag of candy wrapped in cellophane before, shaking his head, Angelus shrugs and looks away.

Emily's hand moves to where her wand is tucked into her belt, eyes quite frightened when Madeline threatens to hug her. She doesn't actually pull it, however, and instead pushes back into Angelus just a little more. She shudders when Maddie turns away. "Oh, Gel. I'm so glad you're here." She looks at the handkerchief and then up at the boy. There's a shrewd look, hesitation and doubt, but then… It's like she decides she's going to trust Angelus despite her brain saying 'Nah'. She accepts the handkerchief and lightly brushes it over her person. She watches the candy exchange and pouts a little in sympathy. "That was very kind of you, Gel," she says solemnly. She's STILL keeping her distance from Madeline.

Emily has nothing to worry about from Maddie right now. She's still staring at the cobblestones in front of the Sweets shop, arms wrapped tightly around herself. Tears sneak quietly out her eyes - well, mostly quietly. Her breathing's a little shaky.

They don't get it. They just don't get it. They're both horrible, horrible people and they'll never understand and why do horrible people have to do horrible things?

Angelus shakes off the silence, blinking once as he brings his gaze back to Emily. It’s an unusual long pause, but eventually Angelus smirks and pipes up, “Of course you are, who wouldn’t be glad I was here?” He winks, letting out a short chuckle even as his gaze begins to slide away, glancing over toward Madeline with an arched brow. “Evans!” he calls out, his voice snapping out in annoyance. “Go /home/. You don’t need to be there.” He suddenly looks around. “Where is your uncle anyway?”

Zayn is always dressed well, dress the way you want people to see you. As he walks down Diagon Alley, his hand moves to straighten out his suit, custom tailored to fit him. As he makes his way, he goes to check the silver pocket watch, but catches something out of the corner of his eye. His brow furrowing as he approaches, the scene of what appears to be a small freak out between a group of students, his lips turn into a frown. He recognizes a couple of them, he is pretty sure he has seen them at the parties and gatherings his family throws. Steps away as one of them snaps out some words, he coughs announcing himself, "What is going on?" he asks the group looking between them slowly.

Emily just looks at Angelus and hands him back his handkerchief. She smoothes out her pretty green dress, straightens her cream robes, and checks to make sure that her dark hair isn't too badly mussed. When Zayn walks up, she turns to face the other Slytherin. "There was an incident, but it's been dealt with," she replies quietly. "And that Mudblood over there was threatening to touch me. She's -always- harassing me like that, and I don't want her filth on me. Angelus was telling her to leave me alone." She gestures vaguely towards Madeline.

"Leave me alone, Eibon," Madeline calls in response - even if he /is/ right. She shouldn't have snuck over here. She shouldn't have slipped away from her uncle.

Emily's words get her turn long enough to glare at the other child, her tight and her eyes wet with tears. "I do not! Don't tell lies!" she shouts, before turning away again.

Emily's eyes narrow. "I do -not- tell lies," she says shortly. Which is true. She's often -too- honest. "Last year in Potions you kept trying to touch me! You filthy little guttersnipe. You should do what your betters tell you. Go home! You have no business here but to make a spectacle over a tragedy, all while asking -us- to show some respect! Respect is showing that we can go on. We're -British- Wizards, not bloody Americans. But you're a bloodless whelp. What do -you- know about these things?"

Zayn looks between the other three students slowly, his lips curling into a frown. "First, Gibbon, recall that even in public, away from the school, you represent our house. I would certainly not accept a Slytherin making such a scene at Hogwarts." he says slowly with a nod, "Eibon, I have always viewed you above making such scenes… I had to admit I am both a little surprised and disappointed." he says looking at him, "Please don't carry this new side of you that I haven't seen to Hogwarts." he says slowly and smoothly before, looking at Madeline, for a moment, his eyes moving across her slowly, "Also wouldn't like to see that this year either." he says slowly with a nod, "Though I heard words about misplacing your Uncle." he says nodding and beckoning to Madeline, "Come let’s find him." he says nodding.

Angelus rests a hand on Emily’s hand that holds the handkerchief. “Hold onto it,” he murmurs. He only shifts his gaze briefly onto her before he’s eyeing Madeline again. A sigh escapes him and he turns his head to lean close to Emily, whispering in her ear as if to explain his self. He taps Emily’s shoulder as he straightens, tilting his head at her before he turns to start to approach Madeline. “Would you just listen to me and-“ But Gel cuts off when Zayn approaches, and he rotates around to look up at him, lifting his hands in a helpless shrug.

Angelus to Emily: “She’s not worth talking to. *pause* Unfortunately, I’ve a duty.”

"I never did no such thing!" Madeline answers Emily, this time without looking at her. She doesn't poke at purebloods for laughs! It's cruel, and it doesn't make things any better!

As Eibon moves towards her, she starts to shy away from him. He may be in her house, but she trusts him as much as a viper. But Zayn… she doesn't know. Isn't he one of the prefects? She reaches up to wipe at her eyes. "I… uncle Perry was… He was picking up some quills and things, but…" She wasn't supposed to sneak off, and he's going to be cross! "I had to come here." It was stupid and silly and what good is it doing?

Emily puts her hand on her hip when Zayn lumps Angelus in. She wisely, perhaps, doesn't say anything however. She just nods to the Slytherin prefect and turns her back on Madeline. "Gel," she says calmly, "would you like to walk me to get a butterbeer?"

To Zayn’s words, Angelus arches a quizzical brow. “I’m sorry?” For a moment he cringes with annoyance, but he sighs out and shakes his head, pushing it away as his chin lifts. He’ll still carry a little bit of that self-importance, but he speaks respectfully to the Slytherin Prefect. “Well I apologise for disappointing you, Shafiq,” he says gently, and then dips his head in a short bow before he turns back to Emily. “Yes, sure, no problem,” he says, offering the girl a toothy smile.

Zayn nods at Angelus offering him a reassuring smile, showing him no hard feelings were felt. "I am simply pointing out, that tensions are high and this is not the best of times to be causing scenes anywhere." His hand moves and runs through his hair slowly, looking between the two girls, shaking his head before looking back and Angelus, "Do you disagree? Terrorist attacks, all this Muggle Liberation Front Nonsense along with the Army of Truth nonsense." he says tilting his head, "People are filled with anger and rage on both sides, it doesn't take much to set people off and as proven by the Terrorist attacks, it seems like this Muggle Liberation Front, doesn't mind hurting students and children." he says nodding.

Emily to Angelus: “I'm sorry you got roped into this. If it makes you feel better, I thought you were being quite heroic.”

Madeline winces at the mention of the terrorist attacks, hugging herself tighter, and keeping her back to the other students. She doesn't add anything to the conversation right now - she's making a fool of herself and she knows it and her mother would be disappointed and her uncle is going to be so cross with her and… and…

Emily merely reaches out to take Angelus' arm. She's wearing her very best proper little lady posture and appears to be quite finished with this whole nonsense. She looks to Angelus and murmurs something that involves the word 'broom'. When Zayn is finished, she gives him a polite smile. "Thank you for coming to speak with us. And I like your suit. I'll see you around the common room, Shafiq."

Angelus gives Emily an amused look, smirking as he shakes his head. “No, don’t be sorry, it was necessary.” A hum escapes him and he turns his gaze back onto Zayn, instantly shaking his head. “Not at all,” he answers. “You’re exactly right, Shafiq.” Gel glances towards Madeline, to Emily, and then to Zayn. “I think I’ve promised Gibbon a butterbeer though, so I’ll see you around.” His hand lifts to flick into a wave.

Zayn offers Emily a polite smile, "Thank you, I certainly hope to see you at the Fundraiser next week." he says looking between Emily and Angelus slowly, "I will be throwing a small party for the students while my father handles raising funds for the Fallen Heroes Fund." he says nodding, "I am sure your families will be getting the invitations in the mail soon." he says running his hand through his hair again, "I am certain we will all have a good time." he says nodding slowly, "Oh Eibon, I have a couple things I want to discuss with you also, when you of course have time." he says with a smile, "I think you will agree to it." he says nodding with a smirk. His gaze falls on Madeline, "Are you ready to find your uncle?" he says warmly with a smile. "Be safe you two." he says to them with a smile.

Madeline listens to the talk about the party without commenting. /Her/ invitation isn't in the mail. She doesn't want to go to their stupid party, anyways.

Feeling bitter about something as silly as a party is a good distraction, after all.

She looks up at Zayn, arms still around herself as she nods hesitantly. She has to face uncle Perry sooner or later. "Can you… not tell him you found me /here/?" she asks quietly. "He might get upset."

Emily gives Zayn another brilliant smile. "Wonderful! I'll be sure to wear my new dress. See you later, Shafiq." She nudges Angelus, whispering quietly into his ear with an impish sparkle in her eyes. Madeline might as well be a hole in the fabric of existence.

Emily to Angelus: “Are you up for a bit of an adventure?”

Oh, there’s definitely a flicker of interest at the mention of a party. “Oh, I’m sure my father will make a big contribution,” Angelus announces purposefully. He rolls his eyes upward as he lifts a hand to fix a couple strands of hair, acting quite like he’s all superior and special because, of course, he’s got money. Why shouldn’t he be respected? He blinks at Zayn, looking at him curiously. “Is there a place you’d like to meet?” He shifts his gaze onto Madeline again and he has to resist the urge to smirk, and lowers his ear closer to Emily. A grin crosses his features and he nods to her. “Of course.”

Zayn hand waves, at Madeline, "What you tell your Uncle is not my concern simply want to make sure you get where you are going safely, as I just explained things are a little heated right now." he says nodding. His gaze moves across Sweet Temptations slowly before he offers Emily a small nod. "Splendid, I am trying to convince my father to let a live band to play." he says warmly with a smile, "But he feels it may be an unnecessary expensive for the side party." he says slowly with a nod, "None the less, I am certainly going to keep trying." he says warmly to the girl. Smiling at Angelus, "Aye I am sure he will, you know us Shafiqs we always give more then we keep." he says nodding, "Between the Harpy Radio Company and the other business my father owns and runs, we have been able to make a very substantial contribution already, along with aiding the various shops on the allies affect by this to get on their feet." he says with a nod, "But yes, I am sure we can find some time, it is not a hurried project." he says nodding with a smile.

There's some relief on Madeline's expression when Zayn seems willing to conceal the most troubling fact of her disappearance. "Thanks," she says, forcing a smile onto her features. She turns to look at the shop again - her eyes going to where Angelus has been leaning up against the wall, to look at the boy with a frown. What /had/ he been doing back there. Still - there's no point bringing it up.

"Uncle Perry was this way," she adds, nodding her head.

Emily smiles at Angelus. "Come on then," she says to the older boy. "I'll show you! This way!" She nudges him to walk further into the district.

“Oh, you definitely need a live band,” Angelus is quick to comment. “Very important.” Smugness flicks in his smile, but he also lets out a playful laugh. “Bet you or your father could talk to mine if you want to find an excellent one.” He smiles helpfully, and then shrugs plainly and coolly at Zayn. “Whenever,” he replies. He glances again at Madeline, and he offers her a dazzling smile. “Do tell your uncle hi for me,” he says in a tone that might have been a little too smug. “Okay,” he says with a nod to Emily, reaching for her hand so he can follow her through the crowd.

Zayn smiles softly and nods, in the perfect little modest Shafiq way that they all act. "I am sure you guys could." he says slowly with a nod, "But I am sure we will straighten it out." he says nodding slowly with another smile. "Be safe." he says simply to the two before turning and looking at Madeline making a beckoning motion to her, "Come on now." he says warmly.

Madeline answers Angelus' smile with a frown, flicking her eyes from Angelus, to the sweets shop, in a way she means to be telling. "Sure. I'll do that," she responds in a tone that says, no. No, I won't be doing /that/, buuuuut….

Turning on her heels, she starts to walk away. "Do you think they'll tear it down?" she asks Zayn quietly.

Emily holds Angelus' hand as they edge slowly into Knockturn Alley. "I heard the Malfoys own a tavern around here," she says quietly. The thrill of adventure is in her voice. "Maybe there won't be as many mudbloods there."

Angelus hesitates a moment when he catches Madeline’s look, tilting his head and eyeing her with a clueless expression. But then he’s turning back to Emily as he lets her lead him. He likes a good adventure, but when she starts to take the familiar path leading to Knockturn Alley, he puts on his brakes and tugs at her hand, pulling her against him. “Oh, you don’t want to go in there, not with the limitations we, as students, have with magic.” He rolls his eyes at this particular annoyance. There might be a flicker of fear in his eyes, but he turns his head on the pretense that he’s scanning the entrance to the darker alley. “I’ve been here with my father and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I can show you a better place for an adventure.”

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