(1939-08-20) Uncertain Future
Details for Uncertain Future
Summary: Sorcha and Veruca talk about the future of the apothecary and wedding plans.
Date: 20 August, 1939
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary, Diagon Alley

Hair up in a kerchief, Sorcha is busy brewing away in the area behind the counter in the apothecary. The shop is still closed, but regulars with their potion orders have generally been receiving their merchandise. Sorcha can make nearly all of them and those she hasn't been able to she's found someone to buy them from so that the customers aren't impacted. Wiping her hands off on her apron she turns the page of the book in front of her as she turns down the heat under the cauldron she has brewing with a flick of her wand.

The door swings open and Veruca steps in from Diagon Alley beyond. She's dressed smartly, in her usual solid, dark colors, her hair pulled back in the chignon she almost always wears. She carries a bag, hanging from her shoulder by a strap, small enough to possibly only carry a lipstick tube and a few essentials. She can smell a potion brewing as soon as she's within the shop's confines, and she pauses before heading toward the counter. "Hello, Sorcha," she greets in a pleasant tone. "I thought I'd stop by on my way out to a meeting, I have some time yet."

"Hullo, Rue." Sorcha replies, smiling briefly as she looks up from what she's doing, "Oh? I hope it goes well." She sets a spoon to stirring with a little charm and comes around the counter towards the seating area, "Getting settled back in again now that you're back? Do you still have any of your former clients?"

"Thank you," Rue says with a nod, watching the youngest O'Shea. "I'm fairly confident it will. And yes, I've rekindled the relationship with a few, enough to keep me busy for now." She lifts the small purse, twisting a silver clasp and opening it to put one hand inside. It goes too far, evidence that wizarding space is at work within. It's proven when she pulls out a large ledger book, and sets it down on the counter. "How are things going with the customers and orders?"

Nodding as she steps over, "That's grand." Sorcha smiles and leans against the counter, looking at the ledger with a bit of a nod, "Well enough. Having the store closed for as long as it has been isn't going to help the books but there was some set back in case there was a dry spell or something happened that needed repairing I believe? The regular orders are going out, though, and I had a few customers get in the other day that I did some special requests for."

Rue taps perfectly manicured fingernails lightly on the book's cover. "If you'd like me to keep doing the books for you, I'd be happy to. Everything was kept in perfect order, the business seems to have been doing quite well, and there's plenty for you and the young Summerbee girl to do, even without being formally open. Will she be staying on?" There's no reason to assume she wouldn't, but sometimes, after an 'incident' such as the attack on Diagon, people find a reason to vacate the area for less exciting locales.

"Oh, that'd be grand. I'm afraid I'd be rubbish at it." Sorcha says, hesitant at first. She nods at the second question, "I imagine so, she's been coming in and working on different things, though we haven't formally discussed anything… I was waiting until… Well, honestly I'm not entirely sure what plans are? I don't know that Niamh had anything outlining her plans… so I don't know if that would mean that the shop belongs to Gid? Or to Keenan as the oldest? Or what exactly."

Blue eyes cloud thoughtfully as Sorcha brings up the possible ownership of the apothecary, and Veruca pauses before speaking. When she does, it's honestly. "I'm not positive on the legalities, but my own opinion is that you had been assisting your sister, and neither Keenan nor Gideon have had any hand in the shop to my knowledge. I don't believe that Keenan should, either." She looks at the young redhead speculatively, before asking, "If you could decide how things will be, what is your opinion?"

Frowning a bit, Sorcha starts messing about with things on the counter, tidying them to a certain extent but not really more than they already were, "I… don't know. I never really intended to stay here long term, it was… kind of just something to do between things while Niamh needed the help? And honestly when she got Nora I'd been thinking of finding something else…" She frowns, "But the shop's been in the family for generation on generation, and that's not something I'd like to give up lightly either. And as you say, Keenan's not in any position to run it and I haven't any idea of if Gid can even make potions or not."

There's a gentling to Veruca's brow at Sorcha's words, another nod. "You should not be doing something out of obligation, you have your own life to live." She reaches over, placing her hand softly on Sorcha's arm. "It's a question that will be best answered once the legalities are decided upon." Her hand lingers a moment, a rare display of affection from the Max witch.

Offering a bit of a smile to Veruca, Sorcha nods, "I know… It isn't that I don't enjoy it… And I may never have gone on to do anything else, it was always evident that I could stay or go as I liked. And I do enjoy the traveling, bit. And working with the suppliers, that's quite nice. Meeting new people and finding out about new plants and all. But that's not the same as running a business." Nodding again at the mention of finding out the situation she says, "I know. So we'll see what happens and go from there, no use in putting the cart before the horse."

Veruca drapes the strap of her bag back over her shoulder. "Indeed. Hopefully it will be determined sooner rather than later, in the interest of reopening the shop. Many of the businesses that had closed are reopening as well." A half smile resurfaces on her lips as she shifts the subject. "And it's likely time to return to wedding plans. We've decided so very little."

That seems to pique Sorcha's interest more and she smiles, leaning forward at the mention of the wedding, "You must. I was helping Phil plan hers…" She trails off a bit at the thought of something that comes up, bringing a deep frown on her face before she seems to blink it away and return to her brother's wedding, though with a bit less excitement, "In any case, there's quite a lot to it. Are you going to have a traditional wizarding ceremony? Or go to the church?" She pauses, "Or both, I suppose, if you wanted to go quite mad with weddings."

Again, a frown touches Veruca's face lightly, at Sorcha's own change in demeanor, although Rue isn't informed enough to know the cause behind the shift. Instead of inquiring, she brings the upward curve back to her lips. "My own preference would be to just have it done in as small and quick a ceremony as we possibly can. However," she says diplomatically, "I wish for your family to happy with the plans." With her alienation from her own family, Veruca isn't even taking them into consideration.

"Well, there are quite a few of us." Sorcha says, "And Da is quite… ah… attached to the church. Though it is your wedding, you shouldn't do anything just to please others." She offers a bit of a smile, parroting back Veruca's own sentiment from earlier, "Have you ever been to one of the masses at church? That might help you decide if that's something you're at all interested in. Or if you'd be more inclined to go a different way."

Veruca nods, "I have, but only once. Christmas Eve mass with your family, in fact." Close to two years ago, it was shortly before Rue left the country. "And whatever pleases Keenan is a factor in this as well. As far as I'm concerned, a wedding is just one event, easy enough to please others as much as possible, before we get on with the life we choose together."

"But quite an important event." Sorcha says, "Not that every tiny thing should be cause for alarm, of course, but it is, I hope, the only one that you'll have? And with that in mind it should be what the both of you want." She reaches out and puts her hand on Rue's arm, offering her a gentle smile, "They're going to adore you, you know. Even if you were to wear purple to the wedding and stand on your head the whole time. So long as you're yourself, they won't be able to help but find you lovely. So don't be so worried about pleasing them, hm?"

"A formality," Veruca says with a gentle smile. "There will never be anyone else like Keenan in my life, and even if there was never a ceremony, we will still be together. I will never be so foolish as to doubt that again." Slight shoulders shrug easily, as if dismissing the admission of such a deep love, and she speaks in a lighter tone as she goes on. "Well, all will get sorted in it's proper time." There's a soft sigh before she says, "I suppose if I tarry any longer I may well lose a prospective client, so I'll be on my way. You know if you need anything, all you have to do is ask?" She may not be a blood sister, but Veruca will do what she can to give the girl an ally against all the brothers in her family.

Sorcha smiles and nods, "I can't imagine that he's likely to stray anywhere either. I've certainly never seen him this smitten before, it's quite adorable." She gives Rue's arm a light squeeze before moving her hand back, "Well, I won't keep you then, you should certainly be off to your meeting. Good luck, though I'm certain you don't need it." Her smile softens a bit at the offer, "Thank you, that's very kind. The same for you, if you need help handling Keen or anyone else in the family, just let me know."

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