(1939-08-20) A Sister?
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Summary: Graham and Signe happen to meetup and talk a bit
Date: 08-20-1939
Location: The Gardens and London
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Truth be told - Signe hasn't been her in years. She came with some of the girls from her school, when she was still a teen, curious to see the 'Elfin Oak.' It was interesting to see how the Muggles portrayed magical things!
But today, being in a good mood, she'd gone out for a stroll and her steps had brought her here, once again. She stands near the tree, smiling quietly as she studies the tiny painted figures circling the dead trunk. It's still utterly charming.

Graham perhaps is taking a shortcut down the street and happens to be passing by, or he's planted a magical location device on Signe.. probably the former though. He moves easily through the gardens on his way not knowing any of the faces he doesn't really pay many much mind until a familiar one catches his view he'll pause before moving over. "Hello Signe." he greets when he's close enough giving a friendly smile to the singer. He is glad that his wounds have mostly healed and now he isn't wearing bandages there is a bit of red still on his face and hand if one were too take notice though.

"Oh, Graham!" Signe responds with surprise, pulling her gaze away from the tree. "I hadn't expected to see you here! Isn't this charming? It's the Elfin Oak - it's been carved and painted with gnomes and fairies and the like on it." She moves towards him, to link arms with the man, and then draw him closer to the dead tree.
"Whatever happened, though? Are you alright?" With concern, the woman reaches up with one hand to brush at the red patch on his cheek.

"Lucky shortcut, but i'm glad to see you." Graham says to her words smiling properly he looks to where she points and will go quite willingly as she takes his arm to look closer at the tree now "It is quite lovely, must have taken quite sometime to carve and its very old from what I remember? I've not been here in quite sometime." The young man doesn't seem to mind as she touches his face, he does look about before speaking lower "There was a bit of a mess at a protest. Exploding slogan pins, got a few cuts and burns while helping keep people safe. I'll be alright though." he says though something comes to mind "Your sister, she was there. I'd gotten her safely through the crowd, and inside a shop before everything happened though."

"The tree was quite old - but the carvings are relatively new. They were finished when I was… 13 or 14 I believe? That's when some friends and I went to see it," Signe explains. She glances from the tree, up at Graham's features again. "I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. When did this happen? I saw Beryl just last night, she never said a thing…" Worry shadows her features. How could Beryl leave something like that out? "I suppose she didn't want to spoil my mood."

Graham listens intently as she seems to know a lot about the tree and it's carvings of course he enjoys learning new things always. "Excellent a return trip from when you were a child. That is exciting." He says enthusiastically though the next question gets a brief pause "Sunday evening." he speaks about the time before he squeezes lightly with his arm and pats her hand if she'll allow as well "I'm sure that was it Signe. She was quite safe though, I wouldn't let harm come to her either if I could prevent it." he speaks of course meaning he'd keep Signe safe which he'd tried to do too.

"Thank you," Signe answers Graham gratefully. "I'd feel lost without her." And, of course, there's the babe to worry about, too. "I'm just glad it wasn't more serious." She keeps hold of Graham's arm, moving slowly around the tree so they can admire the whole thing, from every angle.

He will shake his head slightly "It's nothing Signe, of course I would…" and than his step falters a moment the head shake was a bad idea. He is still having a few issues given the explosion went off right next to his head and all. Graham will pick his step back up looking apologetically to Signe though he does still look over the tree as they move.

Signe's gaze strays from the tree, back to Graham again as the man falters - but she decides to leave it be, for now.
"I'll be making my first record soon," she announces abruptly. "In just under two weeks, now."

Graham turns away from the tree to look at the singer his eyes going wide shining with excitement. "Signe, that's amazing news. Nobody deserves it more with how hard you work and talent." He compliments and really does seem to be happy for her. "We have to celebrate somehow." he seems to come to the conclusion of this.

"Well - I took Beryl out last night to celebrate. We dressed to the nines - it was such fun. She's even thinking of getting a gramaphone," Signe remarks with some glee. "Oh, Graham, I'm so excited. Wolfgang surprised me with the news - isn't he just a doll?"

"I can cook you a dinner or something anything you want for courses and desert." Graham he offers over though he beams at her story "That does sound like a lot of fun i'm glad you two were able to do that, and i'm glad she supports you." He says seriously though he likely expected the last part "That is quite the surprise he seems to realize your potential."

"That could be a lot of fun, as well," Signe agrees. "I've half a mind to celebrate all week - but I do need to find the time to polish off enough pieces with Wolfgang. It's going to be a /joint/ album, and he's already such a big name… It can't help but get me noticed." She's practically dancing on the tips of her toes - despite the trepidation Beryl had felt last night about her baby sister's relationship with the man.

Graham nods in agreement "Well i'd hope it would anyways, but its your choice whatever you'd want to do. Your celebration of course." The auror says lightly to her though he realizes that it is so much happening at once he wont ruin her good mood though. "Just do my a favor and be careful hm? I'm just in general and let me know if you need anything at all.. ever." he will squeeze her arm once more showing he is just concerned for her of course.

"Oh, of course I am. Beryl told me much the same," Signe agrees. "Though - I wonder if I can get your feedback?" she asks hopefully, turning to face Graham directly. "I was thinking of changing my name, after all…"

"I figured, i'd be an echo of her, but we both care about you." Graham says his words still light though his words very sincerely true. The auror watches her turn around catching her glance a moment "Of course you can." he'll pause and wait for her to speak whatever question she has. "Hm? Do you mean like a stage name or changing your name all together?" he asks curiously.

"Well - a stage name. A name for the press. Anything to keep all this from getting back to my father," Signe answers. "I've settled on Sydney for a first name, but haven't quite decided on a last name. I was thinking Sydney Cole, Sydney Carter, or Sydney Vetta. What do you think?" she asks curiously.

Graham considers the words a moment nodding about them not getting back to her father though he doesn't like the necessity of such a thing he knows she cares for her family and he cannot fault her there. "Hm Sydney, well I like that name." he says approving giving a small smile though he ponders the last name a moment what would look best up in lights he will speak holding his hands up. "Tonight.. special one night engagement.. Sydney Cole." he says "I kind of like that."

"Beryl and Wolfgang liked it to," Signe responds, watching Graham as her considers the choices, and smiles when he picks Cole. "When I pressed Beryl, that's the one she chose. So - I suppose it's Sydney Cole, then. Getting use to it is going to be strange, though. I just know someone will shout 'Sydney!' or 'Miss Cole!' and I will completely forget that that's me," she comments with a light laugh.

"I would imagine it will be a tad odd indeed, but i'm glad that it seems unanimous." Graham says looking to her with a warm smile to her "I'm go glad things are going well Signe, it is really nice to good even great things are happening." he speaks but his voice is light and he means it is helpful to him. "I am quite sure you will do very well." he pauses to watch her a moment still glad.

"Oh, I can't fail. Not with the name Wolfgang Montague on the record - and we sing well together. You know - I could hardly sleep last night for the excitement. I just wanted to dance," Signe confides in a happy tone.

Graham smiles more widely though he'll reach his free arm out and squeeze her hand once again holding it a moment if she'll allow until he speaks. "The way I see it, he cannot fail with your name on the record." he seems rather sure of this when he speaks the words. The auror smiles at the words she confides "I'm so glad your happy, you deserve it."

Signe lets out a quiet laugh, squeezing Graham's hand in return. "Oh, he'd do fine without my name on the record," Signe contradicts, before allowing herself a somewhat mischievous smile. "But we'll see if, perhaps, he'll do /better/ for having it on there. If our duet record sells /better/ than his singles…." Well. Wouldn't that be a kick?

The young man is glad that she doesn't pull away from him, he didn't think she would but still. Graham chuckles at the smile the other wears before nodding to her words "I am willing to bet that it will help the sales at very least, you don't give yourself near enough credit."

"Oh, I know I sing well," Signe answers. "But there are plenty of people who sing well, and never make. Never get a /name/." A well known and famous name. "Though I suppose all that really matters is that I can support myself with my music. And that certainly hasn't been a problem, the last few months."

Graham will concede the truth there about some just never making it to where they would want to be. "I suppose there is truth to that, but I always knew you'd do well." The auror says though listening to the rest of her words "You did seem to be doing well for yourself but now likely even better."

"Oh, just barely scraping by. I had to have a roommate, and most of my clothes were hand-sewn… I may start looking for a place of my own, though. It might be nice," Signe remarks cheerfully.

Graham grins a bit "Well that would likely be a fun change all the space to yourself and all." The auror says remembering when he moved down to London after first getting his job. "I know how scraping by goes, when I moved to London I skipped the step of having a place to live and just stayed at the lofts above the pub." he grins.

"Oh that would have been tiresome after a while!" Signe laughs. "I may wait on trying to find my own place, though. I've told Beryl that if she likes - I could move in with her for a while. She may need the extra hand. And I wouldn't mind spending some time so close to her - and to the little darling, once its born."

"I'm sure that she would enjoy your company, and of course help with the baby." Graham says the last bit with some gladness yes the auror things the idea of children is swell. He does chuckle at the first bit "I love the Leaky Cauldron don't get me wrong, but im glad I have my own place now. You should see it sometime, karma my cat would try and tackle you." he says grinning as if this sounds quite fun.

"She's particularly friendly then?" Signe asks in an amused tone, before adding musingly. "It wouldn't be so bad - having a cat." But what if she ends up having travel. It could complicate things, and cats don't enjoy being carted about… "They are charming creatures."

Graham will chuckle at her words "Yes, i've yet to meet anyone who karma doesn't like." He thinks about something and laughs a bit more "My sister isn't really comfortable around animals and still karma tries her best to brings the gap."

"Sister?" There's surprise in Signe's voice. "All the times I've talked of Beryl, and you've never once mentioned a sister!" she chastises him, swatting at his arm with her hand. "You are just horrible, Graham Cohen."

The auror watches her face at the sound of her voice. Graham thinks to himself that he'd spoken about her before now hadnt he? Err maybe he hadn't ack that's not good. The young man takes the blow to his arm though he winces "I'm sorry Signe could have sworn I had just until this very moment. I should explain Rhyeline and I aren't related by blood." he starts pondering how to explain "We adopted one another as adults but since that time we ARE brother and sister." he watches her hoping that isn't too odd.

"No?" Signe asks, as he mentions he isn't related to his sister. She gets a thoughtful look on her features, then takes his arm again. Having walked all around the Elfin Oak, she decides it's time for a stroll in the gardens. "So - a very dear friend you consider to be family, then?" she asks. "It's wonderful when you can find such people, isn't it? You're lucky. But now that you /have/ mentioned her, you /must/ tell me about her - or I shan't forgive you."

"That is exactly the case yes. We have just taken to using brother and sister as it just seems to make sense to us at least. I believe it is very lucky." Graham says about friends who are family and he's glad she takes his arm as he begins to walk along with her towards the gardens. "Of course I will tell you about her, she is three years younger than me. I am twenty-three by the way, not sure I mentioned that either." he walks along a bit further gathering all the important information to tell the other.

"Which makes you just a touch older than me," Signe answers lightly. "But age hardly tells me anything. Though you had mentioned she doesn't like animals…"

Graham chuckles "Well its good to learn more about you as well." He says though continues walking he'll answer the question. "Rhyeline, is very very shy. She's getting more and more confident, but she wont usually speak in large crowds or rather cannot often speak. I guess it just translates to animals she's nervous around them. Even Karma." he says before continuing on "She was raised by her mother mostly in France but attended school here." the auror ponders a bit more "At the moment she works as Mr Cassius Malfoy's personal assistant though she is also engaged to marry him."

"Cassius Malfoy," Signe repeats, a thoughtful expression on her features. She knows the name - she's sure of it.
"Oh! Isn't he the one who wants to end the Statute?" she asks in a curious tone. "He must be quite an important man."

"That's the one, he's head of the Unity party and a Barrister." Graham says agreeing with him being important man or well powerful would also be an apt description for him. "What other questions do you have about Rhyeline? I really hope you two can meet soon now, I believe you'd get along." he smiles at the thought.

"Well… What does she like to do? How did you meet?" Signe asks. "And how did you become siblings? The affection just grew over time - or was there something that happened?"

Graham grins "She enjoys reading and research sort of like myself." He answers one of the questions but will move on to the next as he's thinking of more things. "Well we met at school, but didn't properly meet until I moved to London, we met a few times here and there." the auror pauses "We started to become brother and sister after I saved her from a drunk man in an alley. He didn't much like the Unity movement and took exception to Rhyeline. We've really just grown closer and closer since then."

"Oh that sounds /terrifying/," Signe responds, giving a little shiver as he mentions the drunk in the alley. "I'm glad you were there for her, then. I'd like to think someone would step forward if I found myself in a similar situation."

"It was, for us both i'd thought he hurt her." Graham says softly sighing as he remembers the scene far to well but no need to dwell there he looks puzzled over to the other before smiling again. "I know there are others who would do so for you Signe, but I of course would myself." this is an easy one he'd step in front of most anything.

"Oh, I know you would. But you can't and won't always be there," Signe responds. "And I do get frightened - if I'm surrounded by people I don't know." Well - usually it's /wizards/ that she doesn't know that frightened her. "Even when I finally met Beryl's beau, at last. He invited me in… And I was a little scared.
"But don't tell her I said that."

Graham sighs though gives a rueful smile "You'd think though I know I cant be everywhere at once, I wouldn't take it so hard when i'm not there to help someone but still I do." He shrugs lightly and is still listening "I think that's normal, I mean to be cautious in crowds you don't know." the next topic Tripe gets a more serious look "I wont, I promise. What did you make of Mr Tripe? He and I don't often see eye to eye I am afraid."

"He, umm…" Signe looks off the plants on the side of the path, away from Graham. "You can't tell Beryl I said a word of this?" she pleads. "It's only… He didn't even know who I was at first - when I said I was Signe. I had to /tell/ him I was Beryl's sister. I almost ran off when he didn't recognize my name - thinking Beryl might not have told him of me after all. Which is just a horrid thing for me to think of her - she's always been so wonderful," she chastises herself quietly.
"And then when we were talking, he mentioned a witch who'd lost her sight because of a heist gone bad… and what kind of language is that to use? A /heist/?"

Graham looks curiously too her even when she turns away from him before speaking. "I wont say a word Signe, did something happen?" he seems concerned for her safety at the way she's acting though he listens to the story and frowns a bit. "Hm, that doesn't sound like Beryl I mean from what i've seen she's glad to have you as her sister." the rest however he wonders how to place it. "Tiberius.. I don't know he's a bit of a rogue. It would probably be best to keep this between us as well though. He does things.. and doesn't seem to understand how they can be taken for a threat." he squeezes her arm lightly before speaking. "My sister used to have guards with her at all times, as you can imagine Cassius has enemies and they were supposed to protect her." he pauses to look to her more closely "On one occasion Mr Tripe pretended to poison Rhylines drink to see if they would notice, another time." he speaks lower now "He turned invisible, and passed by the guards and re-appeared on the otherside.. of course they reacted defensively.."

"I know she does. But just for a moment… It was upsetting, was all. I shouldn't have doubted her. And besides - she always calls me /Siggy/, and I introduced myself as /Signe/… It was silly, really." Signe glances up at Graham now - her smile tight as she tries to dismiss the incident. But it's clear that it hurt her, even if she can rationalize it away.
She listens to his description of Tiberius' rogue-ish pranks with a thoughtful look on her features, letting her gaze drop away once again. "So he has a worrying sense of humor?" she remarks. "But I suppose that might explain why he would use a word like 'heist.' Do you suppose it's all just fun and games for him? An attempt at an amusing lark?"

He can tell it upset her and he will give her a reassuring smile trying to say its okay though he knows it just will take time to process with such things. Graham listens simply to the rest and the idea about why he would speak like that. "It's possible that yes its a bit of a laugh for him. I told you we don't really see eye to eye so I don't usually go out of my way to seek him out." he says smiling rueful "The tricks were played on my sister, I am a tad protective of her as anyone would be for family right?"

"Well, yes, naturally," Signe agrees as they continue to stroll. "Aside from not recognizing me a first, though, and that puzzling use of the word heist… he was fine. He fixed me a tea, we sat and talked. He does seem very fond of Beryl, and didn't mind the idea of me helping to look after her sometimes, if it's needed. And he has no issue with me… being a squib, or being around his child." Which is an obvious relief to Signe.

Graham will give a small smile as they continue their walk. "Well those do sound like good things after the initial shock. I'm glad he showed enough sense to see that doesn't matter what your blood-status is." the auror will say as usual he doesn't have much patience for those who think otherwise. It has been sometime since they've been walking and talking and at some point they just kept on going down the road and on and on. The auror grins as he looks up at a familiar building now in the short distance. "Time to make it up to you for not telling you more about Rhyeline before." he says to the singer crossing the street and pointing "Rhyeline's house, would you care to stop by? She wont mind if we do." he pauses thoughtful a moment "She also will see you only as a human being like myself."

Signe looks surprised at the unanticipated stop, then lets out a quiet laugh. "And you've been steering us this way for how long without a word to me?" she asks. She gives his arm a light tap with one hand, as if to chastise him.
Some hesitation crosses her features before she adds, "Well… So long as you're certain she won't," she agrees.

The auror will grin a bit "I cant win too boring, or too adventurous." Graham says teasing though he doesn't mind the tap to the arm he will continue his walk towards the house. Graham will reassure giving a look as well as speaking "I stop by unannounced quite often, and she will not mind." The door is reached before too long and he will pause only the briefest moment before reaching out his free hand and knocking on the door lightly.

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