(1939-08-21) Nora's First Kiss
Details for Nora's First Kiss
Summary: Nora talks to Gus after work; their 'just friends' agreement/misunderstanding falters.
Date: 1939-08-21
Location: Rousseau Vineyards

So, Gus has has a busy, busy day. For some reason, after a week of lagging business, today he was swamped with customers. It's only just now that he's standing in his door and turning the sign to CLOSED. He looks tired, and he's dressed in his usual grey robes. His blonde hair is even messier than usual, as if he's been running his hands through it all day.

Honora arrives shortly after the shop closes, waving if Gus happens to look up and see her before she's close enough to speak. "Business is coming back, I guess? I almost visited earlier but it was so busy." Then, within more comfortable speaking distance, she asks, "Your hand heal okay?"

"Oh, Nora," Gus says. He brightens when he sees her, a little smile curling up the corners of his lips. He glances around, and seeing no one coming their way, he steps back from the door and invites her in. "Yeah, today was something else," he agrees, nodding his head a bit. Then he holds up his hands to show her - completely healed. "That orange paste they have works wonders," he tells her. "Doesn't hurt a bit, no scars either."

Nora nods, "Healing potions in general are pretty impressive. …I'm glad everyone got out of that mess mostly okay, really." She steps inside, following Gus. "So. Um. Disasters aside, how've you been?"

Gus closes the door behind her, stops when she's walked in, and turns around. "Could use a hug," he half-jokes. "Or a shoulder massage." He reaches up with his right hand to massage his own left shoulder. "Was tense for a while, there, afterward, but…" he shrugs. "Got Lizette all her school supplies, at least. How've you been? I thought I saw you there when all the buttons started exploding… was that you?"

Nora moves behind Augustin to put her hands on his shoulders. It doubles as an excuse to get out of field of view so he doesn't see her blush. "…I was the one that warded you against burns so you didn't get hurt any worse. You didn't notice?" She sounds much more amused than annoyed, though. "Credit to you for the heroics, but Accio's not the best spell to use on suspected bombs." She doesn't actually use enough force for a good shoulder massage, but she's attempting it.

Gus freezes when she starts rubbing his shoulders. It's his turn to blush, now. Ever so slowly he reaches up to touch her fingertips with his own - just for a moment. "Erm… a little harder," he couches quietly. "Thank you for the Charm," he tells her. "It surely saved me some more pain. That was good thinking." He chuckles a little. "You're right - I should have used something else, but that's the first thing that came to mind, and I just had to get the buttons away from people."

Nora ohs, "Sorry, I don't actually know what I'm doing," she admits, putting a little more force into her touch, "But yes, I was there for a bit. Once it calmed down and people were being ferried to the hospital, I left. Can't fly a broom well enough, and I was afraid if I tried to apparate people to safety I'd mess up and splinch their arms off or something." Self-consciously, she asks about the massage attempt, "Is this working right? Ish, at least?"

Gus hangs his head and closes his eyes, and sighs deeply - the kind of sigh someone heaves when they're finally starting to relax after a trying day. Or week. Or few months. "I'm rubbish at flying, too," he murmurs. "Mm-hm," he affirms. "That's great. Really nice, actually."

Nora actually seems to relax a little herself at that reply. "Did you end up getting Lizette an owl like you were considering? I recall you saying something about that." She continues to rub his shoulders for a while, but eventually slows and stops, not really knowing how long to continue for.

When she stops, Gus takes a long, slow breath, and then turns around. He stares down at her, not really saying anything. He's still blushing. "Nora," he murmurs. He swallows audibly. He looks nervous.

Nora freezes. "Yes…?" She isn't sure how to interpret the change in tone and waits for Gus to continue, hovering somewhere between nervous and embarrassed.

"Would it… ruin everything if — if I…" he turns a bit more red. "… kissed you?" he asks. He tugs on the edge of his robe sleeve, looking absolutely nervous. "Just… tell me to bugger off, if it would," he says hastily.

That question does nothing to banish the nervousness or the embarrassment, as Nora blushes bright red and quietly says, "Oh." For a moment she can't meet Augustin's gaze, but there's a shy smile on her face, not the look of disgust or annoyance Gus might have feared. After a certain amount of awkward silence she manages to look up at him again and says, quietly. "…Yeah. Er. I mean, no. I mean. You know. It'd be okay."

"Yeah?" Gus asks, a little grin tugging on his lips. "Well… great!" he laughs. Still kind of nervous. Then he grips her shoulders very gently, leans down, hesitates with his lips a fraction of an inch from hers, and then kisses her softly.

Nora seems more nervous at the touch and as Gus gets closer, but when he actually kisses her she closes her eyes and a lot of the tension seems to leave. And she does return the kiss, if only by slightly pressing back against it.

Gus doesn't kiss her for terribly long. He pulls back and looks down at her to see her reaction. He, himself, is grinning like a fool, and still pink-cheeked. "That was nice," he murmurs.

Nora can't look at Gus for a moment after that, overcome by embarrassment. But when she does look back up at him she's grinning too. "It was. Um… I probably should get going before potions brewing back home get all gross and congealed, but… see you again soon? Um." Nora bites her lip briefly, a hesitant expression like she might say something further, but doesn't.

Gus lets go of her shoulders and steps back. He shoves his hand into his hair and rubs it back and forth a couple of times while his smile fades. Now he looks uncertain. "Sure," he says quietly. "Potions." He pauses awkwardly for a second or two. "You, er, know where to find me. I'm always here." He gives her a hesitant smile. "Just… whatever you want, yeah? Let me know."

Nora seems conflicted at seeing Gus's uncertainty, and, in a moment of uncharacteristic bravery, moves in and gives Gus a quick kiss on the lips to reassure him before turning to leave. "Soon, then," she reaffirms.

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