(1939-08-20) Yes a Sister!
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Summary: Graham takes Signe to meet his sister Rhyeline and they talk and have tea and stuff
Date: 08-20-1939
Location: Rhyeline's Flat
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Graham looks curiously too her even when she turns away from him before speaking. "I wont say a word Signe, did something happen?" he seems concerned for her safety at the way she's acting though he listens to the story and frowns a bit. "Hm, that doesn't sound like Beryl I mean from what i've seen she's glad to have you as her sister." the rest however he wonders how to place it. "Tiberius.. I dont know he's a bit of a rogue. It would probably be best to keep this between us as well though. He does things.. and doesnt seem to understand how they can be taken for a threat." he squeezes her arm lightly before speaking. "My sister used to have guards with her at all times, as you can imagine Cassius has enemies and they were supposed to protect her." he pauses to look to her more closely "On one occasion Mr Tripe pretended to poison Rhylines drink to see if they would notice, another time." he speaks lower now "He turned invisible, and passed by the guards and re-appeared on the otherside.. of course they reacted defensively.."

"I know she does. But just for a moment… It was upsetting, was all. I shouldn't have doubted her. And besides - she always calls me /Siggy/, and I introduced myself as /Signe/… It was silly, really." Signe glances up at Graham now - her smile tight as she tries to dismiss the incident. But it's clear that it hurt her, even if she can rationalize it away.
She listens to his description of Tiberius' rogue-ish pranks with a thoughtful look on her features, letting her gaze drop away once again. "So he has a worrying sense of humor?" she remarks. "But I suppose that might explain why he would use a word like 'heist.' Do you suppose it's all just fun and games for him? An attempt at an amusing lark?"

He can tell it upset her and he will give her a reassuring smile trying to say its okay though he knows it just will take time to process with such things. Graham listens simply to the rest and the idea about why he would speak like that. "It's possible that yes its a bit of a laugh for him. I told you we don't really see eye to eye so I don't usually go out of my way to seek him out." he says smiling rueful "The tricks were played on my sister, I am a tad protective of her as anyone would be for family right?"

"Well, yes, naturally," Signe agrees as they continue to stroll. "Aside from not recognizing me a first, though, and that puzzling use of the word heist… he was fine. He fixed me a tea, we sat and talked. He does seem very fond of Beryl, and didn't mind the idea of me helping to look after her sometimes, if it's needed. And he has no issue with me… being a squib, or being around his child." Which is an obvious relief to Signe.

Graham will give a small smile as they continue their walk. "Well those do sound like good things after the initial shock. I'm glad he showed enough sense to see that doesn't matter what your blood-status is." the auror will say as usual he doesn't have much patience for those who think otherwise. It has been sometime since they've been walking and talking and at some point they just kept on going down the road and on and on. The auror grins as he looks up at a familiar building now in the short distance. "Time to make it up to you for not telling you more about Rhyeline before." he says to the singer crossing the street and pointing "Rhyeline's house, would you care to stop by? She wont mind if we do." he pauses thoughtful a moment "She also will see you only as a human being like myself."

Signe looks surprised at the unanticipated stop, then lets out a quiet laugh. "And you've been steering us this way for how long without a word to me?" she asks. She gives his arm a light tap with one hand, as if to chastise him.
Some hesitation crosses her features before she adds, "Well… So long as you're certain she won't," she agrees.

The auror will grin a bit "I cant win too boring, or too adventurous." Graham says teasing though he doesn't mind the tap to the arm he will continue his walk towards the house. Graham will reassure giving a look as well as speaking "I stop by unannounced quite often, and she will not mind." The door is reached before too long and he will pause only the briefest moment before reaching out his free hand and knocking on the door lightly.

Though she had been walking with arms linked with Graham, Signe releases his arm at the door, folding her hands in front of herself, instead. Despite his reassurances, she does look a bit nervous and out of place as she waits to see if Rhyeline will answer.

Rhyeline sits curled up in an armchair behind a newspaper big enough to completely conceal her. Papers and books lie scattered around her. A cup of tea sits precariously close to the edge where the girl placed it without much attention- too distracted. In fact, she doesn't hear the knock. Not an unusual occurrence. A guardwitch standing on hand in the foyer clears her throat. "Miss Diderot?" The little one blinks and glances up. "Yes?" The guardwitch nods to the front door. "Someone at your door." After all, she is a guard, not a butler.
Perhaps in the time it takes Rhyeline to reach the door, Graham will knock again. Peeking out at Graham and his unfamiliar lady-friend, her dark gaze shines with shyness. But, noticing the signs of recently healed burns across Graham's face, her eyes widen. "What- what happened?"

Graham will wait patiently and he is indeed about to knock again knowing the other sometimes doesn't hear when she's busy or resting, but she opens the door and he will smile warmly "Hello sis." he greets happily though he wont make her wait knowing she would be upset at the marks. "There were some slogan buttons at a protest outside Books Unbound, a man passing them out they started to explode, I got a few cuts and burns while helping people get them off or away before the exploded." he doesn't mention his slight balance issue for now but turns back to Signe smiling "Signe Crabbe, this is Rhyeline Diderot, my sister." he introduces them properly.

Signe's gaze drops when the door opens, embarrassed and even nervous despite Graham's reassurances. As she's introduced, though, she looks up at the witch, offering her a smile, along with her hand. "Hello," she greets her. "I'm a friend of Graham's. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Rhyeline watches Graham in silent concern before looking to Signe. She tilts her head at the contradiction - a pureblood name wearing the latest muggle fashions. The little one hesitates but a moment before stepping forward to accept the hand. She dips into a small curtsy, "The pleasure is mine… Please, won't- won't you come in?" Her gaze flits to Graham.
Despite the presence of a guardwitch in the foyer, it seems that the girl is having one of her better days.

Graham smiles and will allow Signe to enter first before he turns to his sister "I'm fine, I promise Little Kitten." The auror will say to her though he gives a warm smile reassuring her the best he can. He wills step in before or after either way. "I believe I mentioned Signe before. She taught me to ride a bicycle." he says remembering "However my brain has failed me and I was telling Signe about you and so decided to stop in."

Signe smiles with a hint of embarrassment at the curtsy, and quickly mimics it in kind. As she's invited in, she nods, offering Rhyeline a quiet, "Thank you," before proceeding Graham inside as he waits for her.
"Graham's been terribly remiss, not introducing us- us earlier," Signe supplies, rather than out Graham for never having bothered to even /mention/ his sister. Her voice falters for a moment when her gaze locks onto the guardwitch who she greets with an uncertain, "Hello," before looking to Rhyeline again. "If you already have company…"

Rhyeline can't help but smile with a subtle blush at the petname her brother uses, reassuring her. She nods, remembering the bicycle lessons story. Following Signe's gaze to the guardwitch, she pauses. "Oh… n-no… she-" Rhyeline bites her lower lip.
Addressing her guard, she murmurs, "Would- would you mind waiting outside?" The guardwitch considers Signe and then Graham. Nodding, to the auror, she steps out onto the front porch.
Rhyeline looks to Signe once more. Her cheeks are rather warm as she explains softly, "She is a- a guard… for me. But… Graham is trusted."

The auror will return the nod to the guardwitch thankfully that they will step out for the moment. Graham looks back to Signe a moment and nods reful smile "I have been indeed, my apologies to both for that fact." he looks through the house a bit "Shall we sit a bit, perhaps I can make some food if either of you are hungry or anything?" he offers trying to break that first meeting awkward point and tip it back towards lightness.

"Oh," Signe responds as Rhyeline explains the presence of the unfamiliar witch, and sends her out. "Of course. Graham had mentioned… I just suppose I didn't think on it." She's relieved when the woman is sent out, however. Meeting one new witch makes her nervous enough, without meeting two.
As Graham offers to fetch or make something for them, Signe gives the man a grateful smile, then glances to Rhyeline to allow her to answer. Hardly seems right to ask for something that hasn't first been offered by the hostess.

Rhyeline hurries to tidy up the mess of papers and books surrounding her chair in the living room. "There are- are tea biscuits in the kitchen… And… and I have a- a new blend we could try…" Hugging her work to her chest, she peeks over at Signe. "Em… would you- you care to sit?"

Graham the auror will look between the two and though it worked a little bit not exactly what he'd hoped but oh well they are sure to find common ground somewhere. "Tea and biscuits, of course." he looks to the singer "Anything else you'd like?" he asks wondering though he'll allow her to answer on sitting. "You should tell Rhyeline about your good news." he looks to his sister "Signe is a very talented singer." he will move towards the kitchen to get the items ready now.

"That would be lovely," Signe agrees as Rhyeline suggests tea and biscuits, before taking the offered seat. "Thank you. And don't worry about the things," she adds, gesturing to the papers Rhyeline was tidying up. "It gets a bit cluttered when I'm working on a song, sometimes. So I know how it can be."
Looking up towards Graham she shakes her head. "Just the tea is fine, thank you." Mention of her good news brings a hint of color to her cheeks, as her gaze returns to Rhyeline. "Oh, I, uh… I just told Graham that I'll be making my first music record soon."

Rhyeline glances towards Signe as she sets her work on a side table. "Oh?" With a smile, she murmurs, "Congratulations." Returning to the sitting room, she curls up once more in the high-backed armchair by the fireplace. A blush lingers in her cheeks as she watches the unfamiliar woman. The silence grows between the two rather shy women that Graham has left alone in the sitting room. At last, Rhyeline ventures to speak, "So… you know how to ride a- a muggle bicycle? How- how did you learn?"

The auror moves fairly quickly to get everything fixed and plated or placed on a tray in this case. Graham isn't gone an extra long time while he waits for the water to heat first "Biscuits set, tea should be ready in a moment." he speaks through the gap in the kitchen towards the sitting room.

"I learned at school - my friends taught me," Signe explains. "I, umm… I never went to Hogwarts. I went to a musical conservatory instead - right here in London. Everyone thought it was rather odd that I didn't know how to ride already - but then, there was plenty about me that they found odd."

"Thank you, brother," responds Rhyeline with a soft smile. Looking once more to Signe, her smile lingers. "I see. Yes, I'm sure we seem as- as strange to them as- as they seem to us. But… you seem to have adapted. And what a unique opportunity… living in both worlds… We could all learn so much from you." There is no hint of sarcasm, not the slightest trace of derision. Only sincere appreciation for Signe's experiences shine in the girl's dark eyes.

Graham moves about the kitchen he knows how his sister takes her tea but places items on a tray and moves back in and sets it lightly on the table between the two. "I'm sorry Signe, I didn't know how you take your tea." he offers but he's brought most of the usual stuff with him just in case. He'll offer Rhyeline her tea and biscuits and the same for Signe before taking his seat on the sofa lightly. "Perhaps next time Signe is singing you'd like to come see her?" he asks of his sister.

Signe looks gratified at Rhyeline's response, and distinctly relieved. Her smile turns more genuine and relaxed, and the hands she'd been clutching together in her lap hang more loosely. "Thank you," she responds. "I'm happy where I am, I just wish… more witches and wizards shared that same attitude."
"Oh - thank you, Graham," Signe responds. She adds a bit of lemon to her tea, along with a stir of sugar, before looking back up towards Rhyeline. "You'd be welcome to, if you like. I sing at the Natrix often these days. Though - err… Perhaps the performance after next? I invited my cousin to my next performance, and I'd hate to split my attention between sets…"

"Perhaps in time, more of us will come to share it," murmurs Rhyeline. Peeking up at Graham, she accepts the cup of tea with a warm, appreciative smile. "Thank you, dear brother…" She brings the cup to her lips for a sip. Looking once more to Signe, she nods, "I quite understand. And… and I… mmm… have not been in the best of health." Her gaze flits to Graham a bit cautiously before she continues, "But… hopefully, I will be able to attend a performance soon."

The auror fixes up his own tea blowing on it before he'll take a sip setting it back down on a saucer on the table. Graham will listen to the words spoken though he might have caught the words from his sister he is glad that things seem to be better now as far as the meeting goes. He does wince lightly when Signe mentions her cousin memories coming back "I do have to warn you Signe.. he may be in a bad mood." the young man sighs "There was an incident at the ministry the other day." he turns after these words and wont add more unless asked. The man catching the look from his sister and nods silently understanding though she may catch the briefest of a narrowing of his eyes before its wiped away. "She also has a part in an opera." he adds

"I would love to have you," Signe says - her tone and expression friendly and sincere. "And I hope you do feel better soon," she adds with concern. "Though if you can't come to the club, there's no particular reason I can't sing here, if you wanted.
"Do you prefer jazz, or opera?"
As Graham brings up Alphard, her gaze goes towards him, her brows furrowing with puzzlement and concern. "An incident? Is everything alright? He didn't get into any trouble, did he?" He seemed to think so highly of his internship at the MLE!

Rhyeline bites her lower lip when she catches Graham's subtle angry look at the mention of her health. The girl shifts, but remains seated. She is about to respond to Signe's question when Graham's mention of Alphard distracts her. Settling back in her chair, Rhyeline watches the pair from over the brim of her teacup as she takes a long, slow sip.

He looks to Signe now at her idea "That would be lovely of course." Graham says though she does ask the question about her cousin and he shakes his head first "No he's not in trouble, well at least not that i'd heard." he pauses trying to decide how to speak "A Hitwizard, took exception to something Mr Black had said." Graham starts pausing again with a sigh "He grabbed him by the back of his head, and slammed his head into an aurors desk." he winces at remembering this. "I don't believe mentioning it unless he does would be wise."

One hand goes to Signe's mouth, covering it as it gaps open in surprise. "Oh, poor Alphard!" she exclaims. She slowly lowers her hand, picking up her tea cup again. "He's alright, isn't he? Why would anyone do something so horrid? And a /Hitwizard/ no less!"

Rhyeline doesn't comment, but the name Alphard is familiar. If the young man is who she thinks he is, then she suspects the headslam to the desk was completely justified. Lowering her gaze, she takes another sip.

Graham will smile reassuringly to Signe "He will be fine, good as new in no time." The auror cannot really answer the other question "I don't know why I missed some of the conversation though yes a Hitwizard should know better." he agrees he looks to Rhyeline and offers her a smile glad that the meeting is going well so far.

Signe shakes her head, then takes a sip from the tea cupped in her hands. "Well. As long as he'll be alright. What a horrid thing to have happened, though."
She gives Rhyeline an embarrassed smile as she adds, "I'm sorry. He's… my cousin. We haven't seen each other, but the once, since I was eleven."

Rhyeline nods in understanding. "Your concern is quite understandable…" she murmurs with a soft smile before retreating behind her cup of tea once more.

"Yes it is, I do hope no matter what happened he doesn't assume the whole MLE is like that." Graham does care for the reputation of his department given how much hard work and everything else he puts into it every single day. The auror will take a drink of tea and a bite of food "The tea is quite good sis." he compliments her purchase.

"Oh, I hope not," Signe agrees with Graham, before taking another sip of the tea. "It really is excellent," she adds. She sets her cup down to pick up a biscuit before adding, "I don't think you said - do you like jazz or opera?"

"I was hoping you might like it," murmurs Rhyeline with a warm smile to Graham. Then looking to Signe, she responds, "I have recently aquired a taste for- for muggle jazz… Which- which do you prefer to sing?" A drop of dark blue ink falls into the girl's lap. Somehow, her fingertips seem soaked with ink. It's leaking from beneath her fingernails. And beneath her skin, tendrils of blue creep from her hands, through her wrists and up her arms.

"Im sure it will work out, but the hitwizard well is most likely in a lot of trouble." Graham says to Signe about the event though he was at the meeting he wont go into too much detail there knowing that's more private office stuff and he's probably said too much already. The question of music style gets his attention back to his little sister he notices and realizes something isn't right spotting the color and he looks concerned mixed with something else. He'll remove his jacket. "You look a tad cold." he says to her standing up "Here you go." he'll offer.

"As he ought to be," Signe says firmly. Hitting a boy like that…!
Her attention returns to Rhyeline. "They both have their charms, of course, but I really love jazz. The thrill of it." Even more so when she's singing with Wolfgang. "It's just so /alive/." She's about to take a bite of her biscuit when Rhyeline's hands earn her attention. "Oh dear - something seems to be driping from your fingers." But there's it coming from? "Is there a towel, or a napkin…?"

Rhyeline blinks, looking with a touch of confusion from Graham to Signe. But, then she follows their attention to her hands and flinches with a surprised squeak, dropping her tea cup in her lap. Luckily it spills but a few additional drops into the girl's lap. "Oh! Ca alors!" she exclaims in French. This time when she flushes in embarrassment, her cheeks turn a deep midnight blue - rather than pink. "Pardon, pardon…" she says, rising to hurry off into the kitchen.

Graham will wince internally as he's not fast enough and Signe spots he color as well, but it isnt the end of the world. He just didnt want Rhyeline to feel.. well exactly like that as she gets up and moves off into the kitchen. He looks back to Signe unsure what to say "I'll be right back its okay though." he says and assures at the same time. The young man will follow his sister into the kitchen to see what all he can do to help.

Her cheeks just turned- blue? Signe looks both concerned and confused as Rhyeline hurries off - and Graham follows. "Of course," she answers quietly. Clearly it must have to do with magic - but she's never seen a spell that's done that before - and why would one cast such a spell to begin with. She follows them with her eyes, then simply turns her attention to her tea and biscuit.

Rhyeline stands at the sink with her hands under the running water. By the time Graham follows her into the kitchen, Rhyeline has turned a muted shade of dark blue, except for where ink still seems to leak from her fingertips. "I- I'm alright," she murmurs as Graham steps into the kitchen. She keeps her head bowed. "You- you shouldn't neglect your- your friend…"

He follows her spotting his sister seeing the color and he knows what is going on. The auror will approach her still though he's heard her words it doesn't seem like he will obey them at least not right away. Graham does speak when he's reached her side his voice is tense but lowered in volume. "I'm worried about you right now, how can this be helping? I should go get answers." the last bit trails off knowing she wont like to hear the meaning behind it.

Signe remains in her chair, a worried expression on her features. She forces herself to nibble at her biscuit and sip at her tea while she waits.

Rhyeline is far more tense than she might have been were an unfamiliar guest not sitting in her parlor. But, the sight of Graham's face, makes her pause. Her hands dripping with dilluded ink, she steps close and wraps her arms tight around Graham's middle. "It's- it's alright, Graham… Just another side effect. It will pass, I- I promise. It doesn't even hurt." She peeks up at him and tries to draw back. "Please… your- your friend, she… we should not neglect her…"

Graham takes a deep breath as he watches the other. He will return the hug to her easily leaning his head down a moment but he nods "I dont like it." he says simply but he'll listen this time though not wishing to be rude. "If you'd rather I can say you dont feel well and that perhaps we should go?" he says in a whisper waiting a response before he will indeed move back towards the sitting room.

"I… that- that might be best… but… perhaps… call her here? I- I should explain. I don't want her to- to be worried," murmurs Rhyeline as she returns her hands beneath the running water.

The auror will nod "Of course, that probably would be best." Graham says and he does give a proper relaxed smile though he moves back to look in the sitting room. "Signe, Rhyeline's not feeling well she is going to need to lay down but she wants to speak with you." he will move over towards where she sits so he can walk with her supportively.

"Oh, of course. The poor dear," Signe says with concern in her voice. "Has a potion gone amiss?" she asks uncertainly. She sets her tea aside, rising to her feet and allowing Graham to escort her to the kitchen, where she watches Rhyeline. "Are you alright, Miss Diderot?" she asks.

Rhyeline closes the faucet of water and tries to dry her hands in a tea towel. Her fingertips are still leaking, so with a sigh, she simply hides her hands in the towel to let it soak up the ink. She takes a seat at her small kitchen table and glances over as Graham returns with Signe. The girl remains a noticeable shade of blue, particularly as she blushes. "Y-yes… Forgive me, it- it is just a side-effect. A counter-curse to- to try to… erase a- a curse dwelling inside me… The side-effects are- are harmless…" She bites her lower lip, glancing to Graham who she knows might disagree with her statement.

Graham will stand beside the singer at the door way for a moment listening to the explanation. He does keep his face straight though his eyes linger on Rhyeline and will likely show that her knowing is quite right in this case. "Its okay dear sister, you should rest this will not be the only time for meetings to be had." he will cross the room and give her a hug "I'll come back to check on you, send an owl if you need anything." he says simply.

"Of course," Signe answers softly - feeling a bit helpless in the present circumstances. "I wish there was something I could do to help but… of course I'm useless in things like this." She also crosses towards Rhyeline, her first instinct to reach for the young witch's hands - but seeing them tucked into a towel, she delicately rests on hand on Rhyeline's shoulder instead, to brush a friendly kiss on her cheek.
"You've been a gracious host, and I do hope to stop in again. If I can be frank - I'd like to be friends."

The friendly kiss catches Rhyeline a bit off guard, but despite her shyness, she offers the woman a soft smile. "I… I'd like that. And… I hope to hear you sing soon… Thank you." Closing her eyes, she leans into Graham's hug and nuzzles the top of her head against his cheek. "Thank you for visiting, Graham… I… I think I will return to Berylwood for- for now…"

The auror will give a small last squeeze backing up. Graham is proud of his sister for taking the unexpected kiss to the cheek and wishing to be friends with Signe and stuff. He wont think about the location she just mentioned however. He looks back to Signe offering his arm "Shall we?" he says with a small smile towards his friend.

"At the very least - I'm sure I can come sing here," Signe offers. She gives Rhyeline another smile, then joins arms with Graham so they can head out together.
He /must/ be certain she's alright - or else he wouldn't leave her on her own. Right?

The moment the pair step out of Rhyeline's flat, the guardwitch steps back inside.

Graham steps out and moves down the stairs with Signe. He looks trouble but he tries his best to give her a proper smile when he looks back towards her "So you've met my sister now." he tries to be upbeat but after a few steps back down the street "I hope that didn't bother you too much?" he asks her.

"I'm not bothered by magic, Graham," Signe answers quietly. "I grew up with it. Poor thing, though. I hope it's all sorted soon."
She walks in silence a few more steps before adding, "I liked her. She's very kind."

"She is very kind, and she's very shy but she likes you too. I can tell that just from this meeting." Graham says giving a more proper smile for a moment as they continue to walk further down the street "I hope the curse can be stopped finally she doesn't, well really never did deserve it."

"Who does deserve a curse?" Signe answers as they continue to walk. Despite her anxiety around unknown wizards - she does have a generally sunny outlook on folks. "I should pick up a bit of stationery, perhaps. Write her a quick note," she muses.

Graham will smile slightly at her words "Good point, really nobody I can think of does." The young man grins at her idea "I really think she'd enjoy that Signe." he says and its clear that he means the words he speaks not just saying them. "Where would you like to go now? I can walk you home if you'd like of course."

"There's a stationery shop not too far from my flat - we could go there?" Signe suggests. "Does she have a favorite color?" she muses. May be best to /not/ get something blue.

The young man ponders the question "It's been a while since I asked her that, but she said red at that point, she wears white often too." Graham will say and he of course adds "Of course we can go to the stationery shop, though would you mind if I speed up the trip a little bit?" he motions to an alley way in front of them.

Signe glances at Graham at the offer, then nods. She is not terribly fond of apparating - but the nausea /does/ pass… "Of course," she agrees.

Graham will nod and move down the Alley until they are out of sight from the street. "Hold on tight." he says before turning on the spot and with a crack they disappear, before reappearing in an alley he'd used to go to her house before. The feeling of apparating isn't pleasant but yes it soon passes. "Lead the way." since she knows where the place is he'll walk with her.

Signe doesn't need to be told twice to hold on. She clings tightly to Graham's arm with both hands, her eyes squeezed shut, and stays there for several breaths after they reappear.
"Yes, of course," Signe responds when she quells the nausea enough to loosen her grasp. That wasn't as bad as /some/ apparitions she's experienced. "It's just a few blocks," she adds, leading them out and to the right.

The auror will move off with her as she begins to walk towards the shop. Graham side glances but apparently she's not feeling too badly from the travel which is a good thing. "I'm glad you got to meet her, I knew you two could become friends." he makes small talk.

"Then you should have mentioned her sooner, you cad!" Signe responds with a laugh. "Imagine how she would feel to know you hadn't even mentioned her?" She already had a brief moment, that week, feeling just that precise sentiment.

Graham winces "I am truly sorry for that, I would have sworn on pretty much anything that I had spoken about her before." He does seem sorry here and of course he's glad to fix this mistake "Yes I truly don't know how that happened, you've seen i'm not ashamed of her quite the complete opposite realy."

"Oh, I know you're not, and there'd be no reason to be. She's charming and gracious," Signe responds. "To be honest - I don't think I've ever had anyone speak so kindly about squibs… As if she even found it admirable. I was touched."

"She is very much those things." Graham says easily with smile to her "I told you, she would see you like I do. As a human being." he says truthfully though he didn't know what she would say the words were excellent and really he echo's them.

Signe nods, smiling at Graham. She has been lucky to find such good people of late - Wolfgang, Graham, and Rhyeline among them. And she has a chance with her cousin as well. "Thank you," she says sincerely. "Ah! There's the shop," she adds, tugging Graham a little faster into the store. On display, a variety of papers and envelopes, quality fountain pens, ink blotters, and other writing tools.

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