(1939-08-22) Drinking with the Commonfolk
Details for Drinking with the Commonfolk
Summary: Controversial politician, Cassius Malfoy, slums it- er… goes drinking with the everyday wizard and witch at the Leaky Cauldron.
Date: 22 August, 1939
Location: The Leaky Cauldron

Cassius Malfoy and Rhyeline Diderot could have arrived by Floo. But that would have precluded the possibility of a walk through Diagon Alley, meeting supporters and pledging financial aid to the businesses in need after the recent attacks. So the silver-tongued prince and the little mouse enter like the average wizard, through the rear courtyard entrance.

Cassius is dressed relatively casual this evening. Though the cut of his cloth is still clearly more expensive than most of tonight's crowd could afford. But the colours are a simple black and muted green, without any fancy piping or brocade. Once inside, he pauses to take Rhyeline's coat and hang it up on a peg, followed by his own. They pair are several paces in before another nondescript man and woman enter behind them, moving off to find their own seat. Meanwhile, Cassius lingers, peering about in search of a certain blonde barmaid. "I sent word to Mrs. Dodderidge requesting a table be reserved for us. I'm sure she's about."

Rhyeline lowers her gaze with a demure nod of appreciation as Cassius divests her of her cloak. Hands clasped behind her back, she keeps her head slightly bowed as she peeks up at the platinum-blonde Malfoy. "Yes… she is always here. Her mulled wine is- is my favorite… such a perfect blend of spices," she murmurs with a soft smile.

Elly is free of the Squidge for the moment, her son is behind the bar with grandpa! Being very helpful in holding and waving about a rag so that his 'PawPaw' will take it and hide behind it and then the baby snatches it away and Mick says 'Boo.' in his deep baritone that sends the boy into hysterical giggles. One of the regulars dares to tease the grandfather about the sweet display and in punishment the shot of whiskey before the man turns to a shot glass full of sugar. "Sorry Mick." Apologizes the cowed customer and he takes his punishment and shoots the whole shot of sugar down, though there's a puff of sugar when the man coughs in the end. Mick nearly nods and looks back to his grandson. "Taught him, didn't we?" The baby squeals and flaps about the rag. "Wot's goin on?" Elly asks suspiciously as she comes out of the Kitchen with an order of the specials. Soup Special of the day all fancifully drawn on the chalkboard menu is Beet Borscht and Dinner on special tonight is Oyster Stuffed Lamb Roast.

Could Elly be catering to the expected guests tonight? Of course she is! A big sunny smile is offered to Cassius and Rhyeline as she lifts up the heavy try and balances it up over head out of the way like it was a feather as her free hand points towards a table, "Leave ye to guess which table is yours loverlies. Get on settled, Ol' Ells will be righ wifcha." It is not hard to pick out the reserved table as it has little votive candles in the center arranged in the shape of a uppercase roman styled 'U'. A little pile of Unity buttons piles up within the center of the U and their best linens and silver and plates are also set upon the reserved table.

Copper is already here, (proportionally) long legs elegantly crossed at the knee, wearing a fashionable tweed skirt and a tailored silk blouse under her cream-and-russet tartan robes. Fall is upon us! The redhaired witch has a glass of fine brandy and a book written in some ancient runes. She flips a page as she reads idly.

Really, she only looks up at the sound of a certain voice. "Good heavens," she drawls pleasantly, setting her book down. "If it isn't Rhyeline. I've not seen you in quite some time, dear." She rises and moves to meet the other Ravenclaw graduate. "Let's have a look at you."

After a long walk through the streets to London, Kahren opted for the Knight Bus - and rather than going to Arthur's she's ended up coming… here. Maybe hiding in Arthur's home, alone, with the rest of that bottle of rum she brought is a bad idea. There's people here. That's much better.

She steps through the front door, glancing around the room, seeking out an empty table and not seeming to notice any of the 'people' she supposedly came here to be around.

Finding a seat, she drops into it - only now bothering to glance at the people. After all - have to find one of the servers if you want some rum.

Demetrius is here but he is sitting quietly in a corner, trying for people not to bother him for things like Autographs and the likes or to sit down and ramble on and on about this game or that game or if he remembers this or that in this or that game, yes he remembers it and yes he remembers the other incident and yes he knows how horrible it is. He brings his mug of a cheap ale to his lips and takes a slow sip, letting out a sigh as he watches the happenings of the Cauldron, quietly just the way he likes it.

Abraxas has exchanged his school robes for something in the traditional Malfoy dark colors, and over the summer he has grown a few inches more into that tall, slim, long-haired, sharp-nosed Malfoy genotype. He is trailed by a servant holding a bag of something as he appears through the floo network, appearing in a puff of smoke. He wrinkles his nose, then calls, "Cousin! I heard you were here. I didn't want to believe the rumors, of course, but you know how such things travel…" He smooths his robes and hair and steps forward.

Cassius smiles warmly at the sight of the table Elly has prepared. "Ms. Dodderige, it's lovely, thank you." He touches her elbow to hold her attention for a moment before she toddles off, leaning in to whisper quietly to her. "I don't mean to sound ungrateful, as you've obviously put a lot of care into this. But…might you remove the linens and finery? I don't wish to be seen as 'above' anyone else here."

Cassius is soon distracted by the arrival of his young cousin, to whom he gives a broad smile and a polite nod. "Abraxas, my boy. Goodness, word travels fast. We've only just arrived." Not that the publicity stroll down Diagon Alley was exactly unnoticed. "Stars above, look at you. You'll be as tall as your father, soon. Abraxas, I'd like to introduce you to my fiancee, Rhyeline Diderot. Rhyeline, this is Abraxas, the son of my Uncle Enceladus."

Rhyeline blinks, recognizing Copper from such a long time ago. "A-Ariadne? How- how are you?" And thus, the little one speaks more words strung together at once than she ever did at Hogwarts.

Once Cassius has finished having his quiet word with Elly and introduces his fiance to Abraxas, Rhyeline glances up from one Malfoy to the other. The dark haired young woman seems as if she has only just left Hogwarts herself, but it is unlikely that Abraxas will recognize her as Copper did. Lowering her gaze, she dips into a subtle curtsy. "I am pleased to meet you, Abraxas," she murmurs.

Elly bobs a little curtsy to Cassius, "Oh that's the Date Night Reserve specials. But of course, I get ye dearie, right off it comes. Just a moment. Would ye like to meet Squidge!? He's over there wif DaDa." She beams proudly over at her father and her son playing. That unwavering sunny smile is angled at Abraxas a moment before she asks Cassius, "Another setting as well Mr. Malfoy?" The tray is getting a bit taxing and customers are waiting, but it's only a few steps away from the political power couple so she can serve the awaiting table. "Here ye are loverlies, specials all around. Special food for special people!" It's a sing song little rhyme and then she's making sure that table is all settled before she bustles away to behind the bar. A few waves of her wand and the tablecloth zips out from the things upon it without a clink or rattle of disturbance and she stuffs the linen in the laundry bin.

As one of the servers wanders by, Kahren raises her hand to get the woman's attention. "Could I get a glass of rum, please?" The woman's turning to leave when she adds a bit grudgingly, "And a basket of chips?" She should eat at least something tonight, to avoid being a hypocrit. Half a slice of cake doesn't count.

She glances around, her gaze fixing on Demetrius at the next table over, her expression curious for a moment. Face seems familiar… but hard to place.

Abraxas has a momentary look as if something in his mind is screaming 'who are you, and what have you done with my cousin?!' But it quickly vanishes, and he is the soul of pure-blood charm as he sweeps his robe back and offers a bow to Rhyeline, then says in perfect French, "Mlle. Diderot, you shall have to tell me someday how you have melted the cold heart of my beloved cousin. I'm sure that he is quite smitten." His lip curls in a tight smile, and then he looks around again, his nose wrinkling, and then sniffs and lowers his voice to speak to Cassius without others overhearing.

Demetrius catches Kahren gaze and stares back taking a sip of his ale, "Can I help you?" he says rather shortly, before shaking his head and shifting his seat to turn his back slightly towards Kahren, his hand moving up to run his forehead in mild annoyance, muttering something to himself about not even being able to grab a drink. Sitting his mug down on the table, he looks across the Cauldron slowly, he watches Cassius and Rhyeline, he knows who they are. He supports their cause, but is quiet about it because he doesn't want to hurt it.

Copper's bottle-green eyes twinkle as Rhyeline responds. "Yes, dear. Ariadne Prince, right out of the past like the good faery of happy memories… But most people call me 'Copper' now." Gee. One wonders why. She glances at the Malfoys and inclines her head politely, even to the 'short' one who actually happens to be taller than she. "I'd ask you to swing by my shop, but perhaps a cup of coffee might be better at another time. You seem rather busy."

"Squidge…?" Cassius clearly hasn't a clue what a squidge is. He distractedly nods to Elly, adding, "Yes, please. My cousin will join us. Won't you Abraxas?" He gives the boy a knowing smirk, murmuring back to him, then continues to peer around to spot Mick playing with the baby. Ahhh, that's a Squidge. "Your son! Of course, we'd be delighted to meet him." He makes toward the bar, glancing down to Rhyeline with that smile he gets whenever he is around his infant niece, Circe. "Mr. Dodderidge," he addresses Mick. "I don't believe we've yet had the pleasure. I am Cassius Malfoy, and this is my fiancee, Rhyeline Diderot. This little one, I assume, is the youngest Dodderidge?"

"I- sorry, didn't mean to be a bother," Kahren is quick to say. Even in a bad mood, she can't help but be as kind as she can. "I just… I'm almost certain we met. Kahren Umbridge, I graduated in '31," she offers helpfully.

One of the regulars here shows up late to the party, though truthfully he just wanted to get out of the house for a bit and here seemed like a good spot. Graham enters from the muggle London side and glances about at the full shop spotting Rhyeline and Cassius among the group his eyebrow arches a moment but he gives a small shrug, before moving through the room towards the group. The auror will wait to speak till closer. "Hello sister." he says smiling before nodding to the other "Mr Malfoy." he greets.

The crowded tavern is an overwhelming place for the little mouse at Cassius' side. Rhyeline keeps close at his side as she listens to Abraxas' flawless French with much surprise. "M-merci…" she murmurs with a clear, delicate accent of her own. "Vous etes tres aimable."

As the younger Mister Malfoy leans in for a private word with the elder, Rhyeline glances to Copper once more. She tilts her head. "A shop? Truly? I- I would love to- to see it. And… and you are- are welcome to join us… if you wish."

Rhyeline follows close at Cassius' side as he approaches Elly's son. The girl can't help but smile, charmed by the infant's sheer adorableness. She peeks up at Cassius with a quiet warmth before looking to Mick. She nods in silent respect when introduced.

As Graham greets her, Rhyeline glances up, blinking in surprise. But pleased. "Hello, brother," she murmurs.

Demetrius gives a little shrug, "That's nice." he responds to Kahren with a small shrug, "Rum eh? Isn't that a little strong." he says slowly looking over at Kahren slowly, inspecting her from head to toe a couple of times, "Drink too much and you won't be able to wobble home, let alone walk." he scoffs slightly, before picking his mug up, taking a hard swig as he watches as the social interactions between people, his face furrowing slightly as he remembers days of old.

Abraxas looks momentarily like he's eaten something awful. But then he nods, and turns back on a small smile, "Yes, of course, cousin. And I'd be happy to join you." He follows Cassius and Rhyeline over towards the child, and says, in an utterly flat affect, "Oh. A baby. How wonderful."

"I think I can manage myself," Kahren answers a bit shortly. She doesn't need this nonsense - certainly not today. "I apologize for interrupting your evening." She turns her gaze to follow the path of server she had ordered from - watching her approach the bar. Good.

It's right off plain to see that Mick is just the sort of person that Cassius is trying to reach by having this dinner among the working class. The Owner and Bartender of the Leaky Cauldron might support the idea of a promised future of equality and the dissolvement of the Statute of Secrecy. But his expression and tone as he simply says, "Yes." Speaks to the fact that he thinks the leader of the movement is a silver spoon ponce. Really, it's very hard to glean just how Elly turned out the way she did, her father is a gruff massive man that reserves smiles for his family and special occasions and her mother is the original Kitchen Nazi, one toe over the kitchen threshold without permission and the whole kitchen is charmed to aim every sharp and blunt surface alike at the intruder and if they press launch at them.

Said beam of sunshine brings a basket of rolls over for Kahren with a glass of rum. "Here ye are loverly! Sorry, no chips. If ye like I can make them from scratch…" Always wanting to appease, that's Elly. While she waits on Kahren's decision she gives Demetrius a little top off. "Now, I've tucked ye away back 'ere so DaDa don see ye, but ye know my first rule, no grumps at me customers. Do nuffing for your like being a grouch to 'armless ladies alone and jus' lookin'." There, daily dose of mothering force fed to the werewolf. "Drink up an' smile, tha's a good vintage it is."

Graham will watch his sister a moment knowing the rather large crowd must be a little difficult for her but he smiles reassuringly "I hope your evening is pleasent so far?" He asks kindly though he looks about once more spotting Elly if he catches her gaze he'll offer a cheerful wave her way.

Copper smiles faintly. "Oh yes. I took up a business in Knockturn. It's a bit on the rough side of things, but it keeps my shop free and clear of idle gawkers. I've little time for people who want to waste valuable time." She shakes her head, however. "I'll catch up with you another time, Rhyeline. You enjoy your evening."

Rhyeline bites her lower lip, her noticeable shyness deepening at Mick's curt and gruff manner. Peeking up at Graham, she nods with a small smile. The large crowd is indeed a bit overwhelming, but she seems to be managing well enough. She glances to Copper, blinking with surprise when she mentions Knockturn Alley. But, recovering quickly, she smiles and nods. "It- it was good to see you… Copper."

"Thanks, Elly," Kahren answers as the drink is brought. She picks it up, taking a sip before answering the offer with a shake of her head. "No need to go to any trouble on my account. The bread should be fine." Her gaze flicks to Dem again as the cheer proprietess speaks to him, but Kahren remains mum for the moment.

Demetrius gives Elly a little smile and nods, "Aye aye, anything for you Elly." he says taking another sip, "And…" he starts forcing a little bigger smile, "Thanks." he says nodding, taking another sip of his cup, his eyes closing for a moment as he looks back over at Kahren, taking a deep breath, "Sorry." he says slowly with a shrug, "Yeah we graduated the same year…" he says trying to show Elly that he can be social and "pleasant" well as much as a grumpy werewolf can me. Looking at Elly hoping she approves and doesn't give him any more mothering on being a grump.

What's one Malfoy brother without the other? Boring; that's what it is. Cyril Malfoy steps into the Cauldron looking every bit like the wealthy layabout that he is; fine silk suit, disheveled hair, and a buxom woman on his arm. He turns to look at his date and whispers something into her ear before she grins and runs over to the bar, giggling. A glance around the room and he spots Cassius. It's hard not to, really. A quick questioning look is shot to his brother before Cyril moves over to stand at the bar with his date.

Well, Cassius clearly isn't going to get a publicity moment holding the baby. At least not until Elly reclaims him. He gives Mick a polite nod and smile. "A pleasure to meet you, sir. You operate a fine establishment." With that out of the way, he pats Rhyeline's hand and gestures back to their table…only to find himself face to face with his older brother. "Ah, Cyril! And…companion. We were about to have a seat with Abraxas. I'd be remiss not to invite you as well…and your friend. Won't you join us?" He nods toward the reserved table, which has been adorned with votive candles in a U-shape, and numerous Unity Party buttons.

"Hello, cousin Cyril." Abraxas says, as the number of Malfoys in one place continues to increase. He glances at the older brother, and then glances for only a second at his companion, paying her about as much attention as if she were wearing a dress made to match the wallpaper, and paying her just as much greeting. He pulls a handkerchief out from the sleeve of his robe, snaps it once, and then uses it to dab under his nose, before tucking it back away. "I'm told the drinks here aren't bad." he allows, tossing the compliment with the exertion of a Muggle hurling a manhole cover like a discus.

"Would- would you like to join us as- as well, Graham?" invites Rhyeline with a soft smile. She glances from her adopted older brother to Cassius, hopeful that the two will get along. The little one glances to Cyril and his companion with a bit more shyness, but offers them a smile as well. Glancing to Abraxas, Rhyeline murmurs, "The mulled wine is exquisite… It's best in winter time, but you should- should still try some."

"Ah, well, that explains the familiar face, then," Kahren replies, managing a smile. "No real need to apologize - I was being a pest." No, she wasn't, but it's the polite thing to say. "It's good to see a classmate, though." She takes another drink of the rum, then picks up a roll, tearing off a piece to nibble on.

Copper just smiles. "Don't worry, Rhyeline. Mine is a nice shop. I have things like… top hats that cause spontaneous explosions of bubbles." Her eyes twinkle and she lightly touches Rhye's elbow. "We'll catch up for tea. Another time." She turns and walks back to her table, picking back up her brandy and book. And then… Back to quiet solitude. Just the way Rhy would remember.

Elly does give a little approving nod to Dem as she lean over to give a little side hug to Kahren followed by a little preening of the woman's hair. "He's 'armless. See, nice smile when 'e gives it. Call on ol' Els iffin ye get more peckish. Nuffing is a trouble for ye, ye know tha!" One final little preen of Kahren and she gives the top of the brunette's head a smooch before she bustles off to 'preen' (subtly covering up/making more decent for a family establishment) Cyril's date. "Jeanette!" A hug and kiss is given to the super trashy witch from New Jersey. Elly also has probably reminded and informed the Malfoy's present the woman's name. "You look… bold as ever! What is this fabric!? It's so…(slinky) smooth and (skin tight) stretchy!"

"Who's dis guy?" remarks Cyril's date with a strong New Jersey accent, whilst smacking her gum. Cyril grins and looks to her, responding, "This is my brother, darling. Cassius, this is Jeannette. She's…an actress. And I would be delighted to join you. But Jeannette is far too tired."

"Wha-?" Cyril's date begins to protest before he responds by saying, "Darling, you need your rest for tomorrow. Take this and call Barney and get him to pick you up." He passes her a few coins and ushers her towards the door, leaving no room for rebuttal. Once that's all done he approaches his brother, straightening his coat and offering, "That woman is atrocious. Hello, brother. And Rhyeline. And Abraxas."

The young man will nod to his sister's question about joining them. "I'd love to, of course. Thank you." Graham says and will take a few steps to close the rest of the gap and well usualy he'd ask the others permision seems like that's not happening this time. He does turn as another enters though he's only met the other Malfoy once or twice he still gets a nod in greeting from the auror.

Demetrius lets out a small shrug, "Aye that is probably it." he says to Kahren as he takes another sip of his ale, glad to have Elly off his back for being a grump. "Suppose you could say it is nice." he says nodding, "Tend to keep to myself." he explains, "People and me, don't really… get along." he says offering Kahren a forced smile, he is trying. "So the weather, it is… weather." he says taking a sip of his mug, with a small grumble.

Cassius arches an eyebrow at Cyril's disposal of his date, but keeps his tongue in check. He's here to be friendly and approachable, after all. "Well, our little party has gotten bigger. Ms. Dodderidge? We've got two more." He smiles down to Rhyeline, and for a moment everyone else is forgotten. "Come. Let's get something to drink and relax a bit. It's an evening to let our hair down." He moves to the table at last, and takes out Rhyeline's chair for her. Casual or not, he's still a gentleman. Once she's settled, he takes a seat. "So, the mulled wine, darling? I'll take your recommendation."

Elly is a helper! She helps Jeanette find her way to Barney and soon returns. On her way Graham is given a quick peck to the cheek and a rub on the back but then she's beaming at the Malfoy and company table and with a small little bounce of excitement that causes her to jiggle pleasantly she grins to the table. "Now, wot can ol Ells get ye? Specials are Borsk an' Lamb tha's stuffed wif oyster stuffin'. It's one of me favorites."

Abraxas rubs his temple with two fingers and closes his eyes for a brief moment. He mouths sotto vocce, "Not now, later." Maybe he's just upset at being the only Malfoy without a date. He nods to Rhyeline, and says, in a more usual voice, "Thank you, I might try that. Though the mulled wine at Hogwarts is more than acceptable, I have found. I suppose they have had a thousand years to perfect it."

Unusually - Kahren stiffens a little under the hugging and preening, but she still manages to force a smile. "Of course, Elly. I appreciate it."
Her attention returns to Demetrius as the man speaks to her again - part of her tempted to wiggle out of the conversation herself, until she forcefully reminds herself she came here to be /around people/. "I did notice it was rather weather-like out," she agrees. "It came as quite a surprise. Had to change my entire outfit."

The touch at Rhyeline's elbow draws the girl's attention once more to Copper. The little one nods, smiling despite how overwhelmed she is. The moment Copper steps away, Rhyeline returns to looking towards Cyril and his… rather interesting companion, just as he is ushering the actress towards the door.

Peeking up at Cassius, the tension seems to ease from the fragile creature's shoulders. She watches him with a smile of luminous warmth as he pulls her chair out. Once settled beside her fiance, she folds her hands in her lap and looks to Abraxas. "The… the mulled wine here is- is a bit stronger," she murmurs with a soft smile.

Demetrius nods slowly, "Aye, it does that." he says slowly taking another sip, "You know weather things and the likes." he says running his hand through his hair slowly, "So… doing things?" he asks with a shrug, "Like work or something." he says trying his hardest to make small talk, something he is not good at anymore. "I mean do sure you do something now…" he says his brow furrowing.

"Can I twist your arm for a scotch and plain water, Elly dear?" Cyril asks of the woman with a charming smile, moving to slip out of his jacket before having a seat at the table. "So, what was this talk of Knockturn? Sorry, I was a little bit scatterbrained when I arrived."

Graham smiles at the peck from Elly returning it if he can "Evening Elly, how are you and the little one?" It happens he's following along with his sister towards that table anyways so it works out rather well for a quick chat along the way. He will find a place to sit though he does let others sit first he at least is polite to this point.

"Yeah - doing things most days," Kahren confirms. "I'm a healer. I had a rather…" she looks at her glass of rum, "long shift today. Some days are like that." She takes a deep drink from her glass.

She's supposed to go into work again tomorrow… Good thing she has some of those potions still at Arthur's place.

Looking up from her reading, the perfectly respectable little witch with the brandy raises her glass a little in Salutation as Knockturn is mentioned again. Just in case Cyril was wondering who said what about the infamous alley. Really, though, she looks far too respectable to keep a shop in Knockturn.

Demetrius nods slowly, "Ah, Healer, doing healing things." he says empty the last of his ale and sitting it down on the table. Letting out a small grumble before looking at Kahren and obviously forcing a smile, "Do you like it?" he asks still trying to be pleasant. "Long shifts can be long…" he says agreeing with a nod, shaking his head with a sigh. Why couldn't he just talk to people like does Camilla, that's right because she understand and they don't. He shakes his head, "So St. Mungo's…yeah." he says slowly with a nod.
"Mulled wine for the lady and myself," Cassius requests of Elly. "The specials sound wonderful. Although, I've heard wonderful things about the Leaky Potato Soup. I'll tell you what. We'll share a plate of the stuffed lamb, and we'll each have a small bowl of soup." He looks to Rhyeline. "Does that sound appetizing, dear?"

Elly helps Cyril with his jacket as well and gives his shoulder a pat after she's hung up the jacket on a peg by their table. "The usual for our sweet Rhye, all around hmm, whole bottle then." She smiles over at Graham and points to Squidge who's playing peek-a-boo with a dish rah with his grandfather behind the bar. "Right as rain loverly." More wand work and she's lifting more and more plate settings to bring them to rest at the Malfoy Table. It is one of the larger tables but she offers, "Stretch table around if ye expect it to grow more? Create a nice long table…" Is offered helpfully. "I can a whole joint an ye can go family style." She gives Cassius that knowing look, family style - appearing down home and one of the people. She's got your back, Cassius!

Kahren lets out a quiet laugh. Maybe it's the rum talking, but the smile she gives Dem is less forced now. "You're sweet," she answers. "And you're trying far too hard." She picks up the basket of rolls she is /not/ going to finish - she'll probably only get through the one - and offers it to Demetrius. "Roll? And yes - I do like it. Usually."

Rhyeline smiles appreciatively up at Cassius and nods. "Yes… that sounds perfect." She lifts her gaze to Elly with a shy warmth. Cyril's comment draws the girl's attention. "Oh… em… someone I knew at Hogwarts." She pauses, noticing Copper as she lifts her glass. Nodding in her direction, she murmurs to Cyril, "Her- her name is- is Copper. And… she has opened a shop."

"Ah, the new neighbor, then. Cheers," Cyril says to Copper, looking over his shoulder and raising his imaginary glass, "I'm the owner of the Hoard." He smiles warmly to her before returning his attention to the table, "So, catch me up, brother. What brings you around? Campaigning?"

He looks towards where Elly points before smiling "Ah, well in hand it would seem no Uncle Graham this time. The auror says lightly "Hm, can I order a cider?" He will ask of her apologetically given how much is going on. He does turn to see who Rhyeline is speaking of "Oh what sort of shop?" he asks curiously hoping he didnt miss it before but it is quite loud here and all.

Cassius nods to Elly with a broad, charming smile. "A whole joint would be perfect." If they don't finish it? So be it. Spending extra money in a beloved establishment can hardly go wrong. He gives Cyril a smirk, nodding. "Always campaigning. But Rhyeline convinced me that it was high time that I relaxed and had a meal here. The Leaky Cauldron is the gateway between the worlds I mean to unite, after all. This place is vital, and will be even more so in years to come."

Demetrius shakes his head at the offer of the roll, shrugging a bit. "Just trying to be… pleasant." he says slowly, but the last word comes out with a bit of a sting, even though it is clearly not intended to come out that way. He lets out a sigh, "But its good you enjoy it… it never is any good being stuck doing something you don't like." he says nodding.

"I-I'm not sure," murmurs Rhyeline to Graham. "I haven't been there before…" Glancing back to the Malfoys, Rhyeline nods with a smile. "It- it is where we all come together… Muggles with their wizarding children, pure bloods, squibs, and half bloods… united in our diversity…"

Abraxas doesn't need to look at the menu, as he says, "I'll have a gillywater and a pheasant pie." He sits down with his cousins, smoothing his robes fastidiously around him, looking quite awkwardly close to being an adult while sitting in adult company. He listens to Cassius, and his lips draw into an even narrower line, but he simply nods in seeming agreement and pays attention to what's being said.

Elly doesn't seem to be overwhelmed at all by the goings ons. She even playfully gasps at Graham's order like she wasn't already writing down 'Cider' for him on her little pad. "After dessert I'll bring'm ovah if tha's alrigh?" So Graham can get his Uncle fix. When Cassius compliments her home and business so she does get a warm flush to her cheeks. "The fings ye say!" She teases and then scribbles a few more things down. Once everyone has their orders in she bustles off for the kitchen, only pausing a little while to place her face on her son's belly and playfully pretends to gobble him up. More squealing giggles and the baby tugging on her hair doesn't phase her either. Then it's into te kitchen to sort out the orders. The picture of Jack in his RAF Uniform that is draped in black around the frame is given a kiss via her fingers kissed and then pressed on the glass in passing, a tradition of hers each time she enters her realm.

Kahren sets the offered basket back down. "Well. Just be you. If being you means telling me to go-" she cuts herself off just short of letting foul language out, "…and leave you alone, then do it. Elly's being a big friendly bully." Look, it doesn't have to make sense. She's on her third rum of the night, and it's running low. She lifts her glass towards a server, tilting it back and forth to indicate a refill.

"Or if you rather keep talkin', then goo'." Another drink of the rum before she adds, "This is better'n in the stuff at Graham's."

"Well, do feel free to stop by the tavern if you like. We should be nearing the end of our renovations, soon," Cyril remarks to his brother with a grin, "It's not exactly a gateway between realms, but…we've got very nice ambiance. I'm told that counts for something."

Copper finishes her brandy and sets down the empty glass. She waits patiently for the barmaid's attention. Cute babies and all. She gives Cyril a measured and pleasant smile. "I own Arcanus et Varia, a collection of antique and random oddiments. Artifacts, mostly… In East Knockturn," she replies to Cyril and Graham alike. Her head tilts. "Wait, I think.. Graham Cohen?" The pure-blooded witch merely smiles more broadly. "Gracious. First Rhyeline and now you. It's a regular Ravenclaw reunion. I'm proper chuffed." She looks at her glass. "And proper dry. Miss Elly? Might I have a refill please?"

Demetrius stares at Kahren for a moment, "Do you really have no idea who I am?" he says slowly looking around the bar, he has been dodge a great deal of attention thanks to Cassius just people around, he is fresh in peoples' minds and all the eyes seem to be on him and the scene he is making for himself. He stares at Kahren with a chuckle and shakes his head, "If you really don't you are welcome to have a seat and we can talk about the weather being weather." he says with a nod.

Graham will smile and give a small shrug to his sister "I'll check it out sometime." The auror says though turning to the shop owner and listening getting his answer sooner rather than later. "Ah excellent sounding shop." he does focus on her nodding "Ahh it was Miss Prince wasn't it. Ariadne." it comes to him "Well it's good to see you, I hope business is well?" he asks though also turning to Elly with a grin "Suppose I'm predictable, and sure that'd be grand but only if its not a trouble." he hears his name however and turns finally to spot Kahren arching a brow but she seems okay.

"Yer… from school," Kahren responds, sounding decidedly confused by Demetrius' words. "Not a Hufflepuff though. Tell me I haven't forgotten a Hufflepuff," of her own year no less. She shakes her head. "I'm /terrible/ with faces, you know. Just awful." She hasn't moved yet, mind. She just… rambling. With what remains of her rum in her hand. She takes a bit of her bread roll again.

Cassius gives Rhyeline a proud smile. "Well said. In fact, in honour of the special role the Cauldron plays…Elly?" He calls toward the kitchen. "Everyone's tab is on the Malfoys tonight!" He shrugs to his tablemates. "It's the least we can do to give back to the community."

"Artifacts? I've got a few things that you might be interested in," Cyril responds to Copper before adding, "Perhaps I'll bring them by the shop." No reason not to be cordial when your brother is trying to advanced his political career, after all.

Copper inclines her head. "Yes. But most people call me Copper now." She smiles at the Aurorer and then smirks faintly at Cassius' offer… It's Cyril's words, however, that earn the bulk of her attention and fast. One can almost see the shrewd business woman taking over Copper's body. Shrewd. And slightly wary. "Of course," she says calmly. "The shop is hard to miss. I keep it well lit and the curtains open."

Rhyeline smiles at the cheer that lifts throughout the tavern. Free drinks and free food! Regardless of your politics, that deserves a hurrah. She glances to Cyril, Graham and Copper as they chat, but doesn't interject. Summoning her voice in such a crowded place is a struggle, and the little witch seems content to remain silent for the moment.

Elly the split second she hears Cassius' generous offer is calling, "Evie! Come quick an' get Squidge from DaDa!" There is the patter of a young gangly trample down the stairs and a blond girl nearly trips her way out of the kitchen to scoop up her nephew so that Mick can better handle the very sudden volume of orders coming in. "Owl Reece!" Mick calls over the drone of orders at his youngest daughter. She nods and looks like she's concentrating very hard - tongue sticking out of her mouth and everything as she cautiously carries the little tike into the kitchen.

Abraxas murmurs to himself, his hand closing tightly on the edge of the table as his cousin speaks.

Cassius leans in toward Rhyeline, speaking softly just for her. "You make so much of this possible. I know how overwhelming this can be. But know how much I appreciate your part in it. You're my guiding light, love." He spares a smirk for Elly and her sudden preparations for things to get very, very busy. Mick might never like a Malfoy personally, but Cassius is fairly certain that the man will like Malfoy money.

Cyril smiles warmly and nods to Copper, "Very good. I'll make sure to bring a few things by one day soon." Having settled that, his attention returns to the table where he gives Cassius a pat on the arm, "I'll have to bring Aris by soon, before she's…off to school." There's a bit a weakness in Cyril's tone as he says this last part, but he quickly recovers, clearing his throat and saying, "I'm going to take her to Ollivander's some time this week, if you'd care to join."

"Ah, well Copper. Its good to see you again, hope all is well with your family?" Graham asks though he'll not disturb the possible business venture. The words about drinks on the Malfoy tab gets a chuckle from the auror but he looks back to those at his table a moment while the pub enjoys the news he'll simply watch and wait.

Demetrius runs his hands through his hair again, the news from Cassius, seems to be rather indifferent with him. He just sits there for a moment, before he response to Kahren, "No but I know Camilla rather well, year behind us and a Hufflepuff." he says nodding slowly, "I was Gryffindor." he says slowly with a small shrug, looking around at the excitement coming from a good deal of people.

Rhyeline blushes, turning quite pink at Cassius soft-spoken words. Her dark gaze flits back and forth from him to the table cloth, having grown rather bashful. Beneath the table, she simply squeezes Cassius' hand. She looks to Cyril when he mentions Aris. With effort, she summons her voice, "I… I would- would be happy to- to take her to- to Madame Malkins… For her robes… If you haven't yet."

Cassius lights up at the mention of Aris. He's taken quite the shine to his precocious young niece. "I'd like that very much. You know…there is still a place for you and Aris at Berylwood, if you decide you'd like to be closer to family. We would love to have you, and I think it would be good for Aris. She could visit with Edwarlinda and Circe at the guest house; get to know her cousin." He looks over to Abraxas. "You're always welcome to visit as well, young man. I don't see enough of you and your parents."

Elly has her son slung to her in her scarf like multi-position carrier. Hands free to carry and bring the large joint of stuffed lamb over to the Malfoy table. It is on a bed of steamed and butter sauced late-summer vegetables. "Coor, Cyril, Congratulations! Such a big day." She beams at the Malfoy she actually knows the best. "Here we are…" She informs before resting the tray down and unloading it of all of the orders placed. "Cider, Joint, Gillywater, Pheasant Pie and o course… Mulled Wine. Ye loverlies enjoy now."

"Aww - Cami's sweet," Kahren responds. "One of my friends had a problem with a kneazle once… You just ask Cami, she sets things right. How's she been, anyways?" She gets distracted for a moment as her glass is refilled, then glances back towards Demetrius. "Didn't she have a farm or something?"

"What?" Abraxas says, as if he was thinking about something very different. He shakes his head and says, "Oh. Thank you for the offer, but I'm sure that I'll be very busy with school. And I wouldn't want to distract you from such… important work. Or your lovely French fiance." He blots his lips, and says, "If you will excuse me, I think I've started to feel a bit unwell. I should return home."

Elly says, "I'll get yer scotches soon as I can squeeze in at the bar."

"I'm still not sure about the prospect, Cassius. I'll have to talk with her about it. Plus, Barney would be put out of a job by your elves and I couldn't do that to him." As Elly approaches he offers a half smile and a little nod of his head, saying, "Yes. She's…she's quite excited. I'll just have to get used to an empty home again, I suppose."

Demetrius nods slowly, "Still has her farm… still as sweet and lovely as ever." he says softly, his voice actually sounding a bit softly and actually caring and pleasant when he talks about her, "So I would say she is doing pretty good, still a Ranger." he says a genuine smile forming on his face now, "Got lots of things going on, but she juggles it all, truly amazing, stubborn as all heck." he says actually letting out a soft chuckle, the smile still on his face, "But, yeah that is Cami, always setting things right the best she can, especially if it deals with the things she loves…" he says warmly, his hand moving to run through his hair slowly.

Graham accepts the cider "Cheers Elly dear." he takes a drink of his usual while he listens to the chatting around him a bit in silence taking a few more sips. He does glance to view Kahren make sure she's still alright before back to those at his table.

"Abraxas," Cassius says with a slightly more authoritative tone. "We should have lunch soon. Before you return to school. To catch up, you know. I insist." He gives the young man a broad smile, dipping his head politely. He turns his attention to Cyril, shaking his head. "Nonsense. I have one house-elf. There is plenty of human staff. Barney would be most welcome amongst them. Think about it, Cyril."

Mick sends over Copper's brandy via another girl on service tonight. "Sorries for the wait." Mick gruffs and holds up a finger to three people talking at once.

"Awwww… Are you sweet on Cami?" Kahren asks, letting out a quiet laugh. "Good on you. Couldn't happen to a nice lass, of course. Even has 'certified Hufflepuff' going for her," and as far as Kahren's concerned, that's a very good thing indeed.

Copper smiles at Graham. "Geoffrey and Graham are doing well, thank you for asking," she says of her brothers. "Father is still a cursebreaker at Gringotts and Mother is still a running her social functions." Her eyes twinkle. "I'd invite you to apparate over, Graham. I'll make tea." She gratefully takes the brandy, however, and retreats back into her book.

Demetrius looks at Kahren, as if someone had just stabbed him. "No…" he tells her as he stands up, his hand fishing in his coat for a second before he tosses a few coins on the table, "I ain't sweet on anyone and no one is sweet on me." he says looking at Kahren for a moment, "Was nice catching up." he says his hand moving and running through his hair slowly as he pulls the collar of his coat up, to cover part of his face and he starts to make his way out of the pub, back out into London.

Rhyeline offers Abraxas a small, respectful nod, appreciative of his polite manners this evening. "It was wonderful to meet you, Abraxas…" she murmurs before glancing to Cassius with a small smile as he insists that he and Abraxus /will/ be seeing each other again soon.

"Aww… What's wrong with that? She'll be good for ya!" Kahren calls after Demetrius, before breaking into giggles.

It might be time to cut the healer off.

"Goodnight! Have a lovely evening! Watch out for weather!"

"I'll consider it, but I can't promise anything," Cyril responds, a hand running back through his hair, "The last time we lived together didn't turn out so well, if you'll recall." He grins and begins drumming his fingers along the table's surface.

The auror turns back towards the shop owner giving a friendly smile "Oh excellent, I became an auror. Though I think everyone from our house knew I was going to try at least. I'm glad to hear all are doing well." Graham takes a drink of cider before he'll add "I'd enjoy that, tea sounds lovely."

Abraxas is standing as Cassius speaks to him, and his spine automatically stiffens. His hands splay on the table, and his nod is curt, "Of course, Cassius." he says, "I'd be happy to meet you for lunch. Tomorrow, perhaps. Just send me word. I should be home a bit longer yet. Good evening." And with that, he turns on his heel to leave. It doesn't appear that the heir to Malfoy Manor particularly likes being ordered around.

Copper looks up when Graham replies and she smiles, but doesn't reply verbally. It's brandy time.

Demetrius offers a small dismissive handwave to Kahren, as he finishes to work through the ever growing crowd, now that word has started to spread that Cassius is picking up the tab. He doesn't have anything else to say to say to anyone, he is going to go find a hole in the wall and hide and get some quiet before heading back to the farm.

"We've come a long way since then, Cyril. Think of Aris." If nothing else, Cyril's daughter is the glue that could hold the brothers together. Cassius gives Abraxas a respectful nod, bidding him farewell. With the joint on the table, Cassius personally serves up anyone who wants some, including a few nearby patrons that come by to greet the leader of the Unity Party. Even among those that may not support him, there are thanks given for the generous open tab. Cassius might just have to have the goblins wheel over chest of gold to pay for the evening's meals and libations.

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