(1939-08-24) Washing Away Sins
Details for Washing Away Sins
Summary: A dead body of a MLF member shows up in Knockturn Alley, missing his face and with something carved into his chest. The investigators are following the leads… but where do they truly go?
Date: 1939-08-24
Location: Knockturn Alley
Plot: For The Greater Good
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It is a hot and wet summer's night, heavy rain fall seems to cascade down from the sky nearly mercilessly. The rain is so hard it actually very easy to obscure people's vision. Bad things always seem to happen on Knockturn and today is no exception to that rule, a body discarded in a pile of garbage. While quite a few people simply pretended to not see it, eventually someone one reported it. Bent and twisted in an almost unnatural way.
A crowd has started to gather as people wait for the M.L.E. to arrive to handle this, given the armbamd people are being rather cautious, no one wants to be the one right by this when people with badges start to show up. Though some people have been getting a little brave and moving to see if it was a face they know, only to discover the face has been cut and peeled off. A bloody mess of muscles and bone, slowly being washed clean by the hot rain. A broken wand clenched in his right hand and his right shoe missing. His shirt has been ripped open and his chest exposed with "JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED" carved into his chest.
Whispered and hushed tones are starting to move through the crowd, rumors are already starting to fly around causing more people to gather now.

Rena returned home, suitcase in hand, from her brief jaunt to Hogsmeade. Being the responsible little blighter that she is, she popped her head in at the office before doing anything else. Of course, she wasn't expecting to be told that a gorey crime occured very near to her home(ish). What could she do but hold onto her hat and use the Floo network to get as near the scene as possible. With all due speed, she made her way to Knockturn Alley and the scene of the crime. It isn't hard to find it, given the crowd.
Drawing near, she finds herself a good deal taken-aback by the startling horror of it. She was trained for this kind of thing, but it never seems to get any easier. She has to bear up for a second, bracing the back of her hand against her lips as she looks away. Get a grip, Rena.

"The hell is going on out here?" Cyril demands of someone as he steps out of his bar, a scowl on his face. He shoves his way through the crowd, muttering, "There's drinks to be had inside and you lot choose to stand out here in the damn ra-" Cyril's golden eyes light on the corpse in the middle of the street and that quickly shuts him up. The large man's brows furrow and his hands move to his hips, a long, steady groan escaping him, as if murder outside of his bar is commonplace.

Adelphus would usually not soil his fashionable boots with the dust of Knockturn Alley, but when word arrives at St. Mungos of the incident, he arrives, coming through the floo network to the Cauldron and then walking the remaining short distance. His potions bag - looking for all the world like a black doctor's bag - is clutched in his hand, and his lime green healer's robes flap around him. He pushes his way through the crowd, "Healer. Make way. Mind the gap. Coming through. Did I mention I work with contageous diseases? Stand back, please."

Brandy had heard the whispers of 'MLF' - and it was more than she could stand. She /had/ to go - to see what was happening. Would this be bad for Thomas - or possibly good? Another piece of a puzzle that could free him? Holding her coat tightly closed around her, and keeping her hand in her pocket - and on her wand - she makes her way towards the body.
What if it turns out to be someone Thomas knows? That would look bad.

If anyone has ever spotted Angelus in Knockturn Alley before, it's always been by his father's side. He's not stupid enough to wander in the darker marketplace alone, especially not with all the happenings. But while his father's taking business and Angelus is standing by the window of the shop, the youth is looking out at a gathering crowd with growing curiosity. Gel looks back over his shoulder, looking towards the back of the shop where his father had disappeared, and then back out the window. Huh. Is that the Auror he met previously? That seems to be all the boy needs to push open the door slowly, ease on out quietly, and try to figure out what's going on without getting too close and stay unnoticed.

Graham has had a long day given all the events and hospital trip, but no rest for the weary it would seem. He received an owl from work while at home and so rushes off placing his MLE robes and badge on while he moves towards his floo, he now is nearing the sight apparently no surprise that Knockturn Alley is his target location he will turn down the row and spot the growing crowed "Auror's office let me pass please." he'll say as he moves through the group until he reaches the site of the disturbance. His face tightens immediately at the sight but he's got to push through and so he doesnt wish to he'll approach closer.

Some of the hushed tones are becoming a bit louder now, a old man in a pair of battered robes coughs rather loudly before saying in a rather loud tone, "Aye Justice, whoever did this is doing the Ministry's job! I say good on them!" a few people nod and the ramble in agreement. The blood from the body slowly washing down the Alley mixing with the rain water and moving to a gutter. It is quiet clear that he victim of this attack is dead, but how and when is a different story along with the question of who he is?
A few people in the crowd start to avert their eyes, dark times, dark times indeed.

With Graham coming closer, Brandy backs away to allow the Auror room, gesturing back any that don't immediately move. "Come on. Let him try to figure this out."
Doing the Ministry's job, though? Brandy looks uncertain. People aren't supposed to take killing into their own hands. And everything that's been happening… isn't what it seems. She has to believe that.

Cyril has seen and done worse than what's happened to this poor man, so he continues to stand there, hands moving to fish a pack of cigarettes from his pocket as he looks over to the entering Graham, gesturing to the body before he lights up a smoke, "You mind clearing this up? I'm trying to run a failing business here."

Adelphus makes it to the edge of the cleared area and then steps through. Looking down, he gives a professional healer's opinion by stating the obvious, his voice a soft scottish burr, "This man is dead." He puts his bag down and bends, pulling out his wand as he starts to examine the corpse.

A face in the crowd does however recognize Brandy when she pipes up, a younger fellow with a crooked nose and large scar across his cheek. "Hoy! Look it'd dhat bitch Carrow was knocken boots witd! Commen da check da on yer Muggle Liberation friends?" he says scoffing at her, which causes a few people to turn and look at who he is gesturing at. Voices rise up a little hushed tones and whispers again, as eyes dart between Graham and Brandy.

"It… isn't like that," Brandy protests, surprised as attention is brought towards her. She clutches her coat a little tighter, and takes a step back, looking to one side and then the other to see who's got their eyes on her. "I have nothing to do with this." Is she going to make things worse for Thomas - just by being here? Damnit.

The auror will look over the figure but he is clearly dead and so there's a few different ways this could go. Graham catches the look from Cyril and gives a nod that is what he's here for after all. "Okay I need one person, to tell me when they got here and found this and has it been moved or anything else?" He says calmly the crowd noise for the moment though he does hear the call to Brandy and gives her an apologetic look while he waits for someone to speak.

The ruffian in the crowd gets a look from Cyril that any sane man would take as a cue to pipe down. The golden-eyed Malfoy takes a drag from his cigarette and looks to Brandy, offering her a nod of his head as he leans against a lamppost, watching the goings-on.

Adelphus is down on one knee, using his wand lighting charm as he examines the body. He pokes and prods, and then shakes his head and closes his eyes for a moment. He tilts his head and summons one of the aurors over with a wave of his wand. Then he makes to stand, extinguishing the light and waving his wand to get the dirt off his clothes. He picks up his bag and puts the wand into a pocket of his vest.

What's going on? Angelus inclines his head far to the side, lowering a little, as if trying to see what it is. But he shouldn't speak lest it draw attention to himself. In fact, he /should/ probably slip back inside and wait for his father. Hah! He's a curious boy who's just stumbled onto something interesting. So he steps just a little bit closer, eyes flicking up at the faces of the adults. He could SO brag that he saw a bunch of Ministry workers dealing with a scene, how cool would that be? Well. That is, if it wasn't taught about how to keep secrets and keep quiet.

Brandy catches Cyril's gaze and nods uncertainly as some of the grumbling and angry looks are repressed. It's still rather… uncomfortable here. And, God! What happened to his /face/? She lets out a shudder.

The man does indeed pipe down a bit at Cyril's glance at him, shuffling a bit on his feet. Rena however seems to get handed a message and leaves in a rather swift hurry. Meanwhile some of the crowd is still getting a bit restless, debates starting to pop up with cursing and swearing depending on which of the many sides the person may stand on in all of this.

Graham will remove a note pad and a pencil from his pocket as he looks over the body while he waits to see if anyone will step up to speak he does note a few clues he finds a tatoo which maybe can be run if he's ever been caught before he'll take down a description. The auror will catch the healers look "Where you here early on?" he will ask while he's looking finaly finding a note pad flipping through it also not good.

Cyril begins to flip a golden coin between his knuckles, his eyes resting on the corpse. His scowl is still in full effect as he continues to listen to the debating that's going on. He's not the biggest fan of fights breaking out outside of his bar.

"Dead about an hour." Adelphus says, to the Aurors present, giving his report. "Tortured, with a knife to the chest. His face is… gone. That was done with dark magic of some sort. I can't tell exactly what yet."

Angelus casts a glance back at the shop, through the window, checking for any signs of his father. Dead? Someone is dead? He does grimace as he looks back, listening to what's being said. Yes, a twang of fear does hit him, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to see. But silent he remains. Just maybe there's information to be gathered, perhaps report back to his father.

Brandy edges closer to Cyril - because everyone seems afraid of him. It makes sense, in a way. Or at least in the way that he doesn't seem disinclined to her, just yet. Just don't piss him off, she tells herself.

"How's it look, Cohen?" asks Cyril before taking a long final drag from his cigarette and dropping it to the floor where it's quickly snuffed out beneath his heel.

The young man will take his pad of paper and pencil and begin looking about the area for anything else which might have been left behind. Graham is looking low to the ground he finally spots something using his pencil to lift some garbage up he spots a left over footprint with some blood smeared on it. He'll take the notes down on the description of the print. He looks back to Cyril "Not much to go on just yet i'm afraid a bloody boot print and some other evidence which will have to be studied further."

The news of a death seemed to flow past Knockturn Alley, attracting new eyes. A couple of those eyes belonged to Terrance, who slowly moved to join the gathering. His eyes were a bit wide from the news, someone tortured and murded with dark magic. As he moved he spotted Angelus, moving to join the fellow Gryffindor. "I appear to be late to everything." he said, though his voice was hushed and serious. "Catch what happened?" he asked.

As word of the bloody boot print drifts through the air, the man with the crooked nose and scar on his cheek seems to start to push through the crowd, telling peopel to "Make way" and such, pushing through the crowd, his hand clenching a rather twisted and worn wand. Finally as he reaches the end of the crowd, he pushes through and starts off in a sprint, looking over his shoulder.

"What are you doing out here on your own?" Noalan says in a quiet but firm voice, showing up abruptly behind Angelus. He eyes the growing crowd warily, focusing on the law enforcement. "Ever think they might take issue with you being here and start asking questions? What's going on anyways?" He asks, reaching out to grab Angeluses upper arm.

As a man tries to flee, Brandy's eyes lock on him. It's suspicious. And if this guy knows anything about what's going on… "Claudeo!" she calls, the wand she'd already had gripped nervously in her hand, coming out of her pocket. She aims it at the man, only to watch the spell deflected - by the narrowest of margins. "Damnit!"

Hey, Angelus is quietly standing by and keeping out of way. But then Terrance appears and the youth let out a quiet chuckle. "It's been an interesting day," he agrees. He gestures out towards the Auror seeming to be the most involved, lifting his head. "He's been kept busy, too." He rolls his shoulders back, shaking his head, playing it cool as if he wasn't a little nervous. "Sounds pretty bad - someone's dead, I know that," he answers, trying to keep his voice low. The corners of his lips curve into a frown as Noalan announces his presence. "Noah, it's a murder." He shrugs the arm that his brother grabs hold off. "Stop, I want to hear."

Adelphus reaches for his wand, but he's not an Auror, and lowers it as the man runs into the crowd. He's not about to go launching stunning charms, "If you can get his wand, maybe we can…" oh, right, they're chasing the running guy. So the healer continues to stand next to the body, which is dead.

Cyril watches as Brandy tries…and fails to apprehend the fleeing man and groans deeply, sliding the long blackthorn wand from inside of his leather jacket. He shoves a few people out of the way and levels the wand at the man, swishing and flicking as he shouts, "Bombarda!" Mere moments later, a plume of smoke erupts from his wand and smacks into the fleeing man's leg, sending the resounding sound of cracking bone through the area.

As Angelus answered, Terrance gave a slight shake of his head in astonishment at the bravado of the killer to leave the man in the open. Then he hears the scuttle of footsteps and the man dartting away into this distance, followed by the sounds of spells being cast. He watched as the first was blocked away, a soft 'woah…' coming from his lips before winnicing as the sound of cracking bone echoed in the air. "Interesting would be an understatement." he said glancing back to Angelus, just then noticing his brother and offering him a tilt of his head in greeting.

Brandy is, at first, delighted when Cyril draws her wand. Moments later, of course, she is backing away from the man, her eyes wide. "Cannon Curse?" she asks. Of all the options out there… Cannon curse?"

The man with the crooked nose deflects the first hex that comes at him, yelling "Deflecto", using the deflection charm causing it to hit an hold man rubber necking and causing him to trip, though he is caught off guard with the next attack, causing the impact to hit his leg, causing him to hit the ground hard, screaming in pain. His hand moving to grab his leg, "Bloody 'ell!" he yells, "Yeh broke meh bloody leg!" he screams.

Noalan gives angeluses arm a tug, giving Terrances a nod back. "You should have at least…" He cuts off and whines in sympathy at the sound of the spell connecting alone. "Bloody hell, these Aurors aren't playing around." Their willingness to throw around of spells like that with people around has him antsy. "He kill the minister himself or something?"

"You have /got/ to be kidding me." Adelphus says, as he lets his wand drop to his side and then starts to walk over towards the man, obviously intent on fixing his leg, "Do you want to bind him or something before I do this?" he asks. He hesitates, though, not sure he wants to step anywhere near where Cyril's wand might discharge next.

Cyril locks those eyes of his with Brandy's and inhales a short sniff, raising an eyebrow at her as he moves towards the downed man, wand still firmly pointed, "Of course I did. It's also raining and it's dark. Did I miss anything else obvious you wished to detail?" When Adelphus approaches, Cyril's wand is tucked into his jacket, fully content in his ability to detain a cripple.

Graham glances up to see the man fleeing and he'll begin moving that way trying to go through the crowd he knows perhaps someone will try and stop the other but it seems Brandy is first to try and he appreciates it. His wand is removed from his sleeve as he is rushing though not running over people he is too late though as his wand is lowered to aim the other spell is cast though he watches that particular spell called out and it causes him to freeze but its effective in stopping the man which he'll move over towards "Expelliarmus." he calls his wand pointed at the injured man "We might need to set his leg if you can." he speaks to the healer as he approaches with his wand still drawn.

"Yes, and you're kind of an ass," Brandy answers Cyril - in a quiet mutter under her breath. It's loud enough, though, that some of those near to her hear it and start to chuckle.

The man with a crooked nose, puts his hands up almost immediately as Graham shoots his wand out of his hand, "Hoy! Hoy!" he says not even trying to defend himself against the Auror, "Hoy!" he says to Graham, "Yeh got da wrong idea!" he says looking around as he quickly reaches into his coat pocket and tosses the contents out on the ground, the rain washing over them. "Ah just picked da guy!" he says in a panic, "He was dead, he didn't need any of it!" he explains, in a panic, as a silver pocket watch, gold lighter and some coins lay on the alley, the man now returning to grabbing his leg in pain.

His brother's grip on his arm causes annoyance. "You aren't in charge of-" Angelus begins to say. He cuts off at the incident with the fleeing man, and cringes as he lets out an, "Oooh," as his free hand lifts to his head. His fingers lacing through his blonde curls. "Blimey." This causes Angelus to stop trying to free himself from Noalan's grip, and in fact inches so as to position himself more behind his brother. If spells are going to be flung around, he's going to take cover. His voice has a little bit of fear in it as he speaks, even as he says it coolly enough, "Might want to find better cover."

Cyril seems unphased by the revelation that he's just crippled a meer pickpocket. He doesn't like thieves, either. The large Malfoy simply straightens one of his coat lapels before sliding his hands into his pockets, looking down at the thief with that scowl he's been wearing since he saw the dead body.

"Do you want me to take care of this?" Adelphus asks, as he approaches with his wand held out, "If he's a suspect, I'll just splint it. If you think he's just a pickpocket, I'll try to mend the bone. But I have to do something, we can't just leave the man in pain like this. It's barbaric."

Adelphus adds, "And if no one was listening when I said it before, the man over there was cut up while he was alive, and then had his face removed by dark magic. So pickpocketing is the least of the concerns here."


The sound of heels on the ground heralds the arrival of a small, red haired witch in summer-pale fawn robes and muggle-styled clothing of brown tweed and russet silk. She spins a pine wand in her hand, face set in an impassive air of detachment. Interestingly, none of the locals seem to give her a bit of guff, letting her pass as if she was 'one of them'. "I heard there was a spot of trouble," she drawls as she approaches. Her eyes travel over the corpse. No reaction. "Mr. Malfoy," she greets, turning. "And Adelphus. Lovely to see you as always.. I had hoped under better circumstances."

The auror will look to the man on the ground shaking his head at his words like the man being dead means he can just take as he pleases "Turn out your other pockets. I'll have the law enforcement squad speak to you when they arrive." Graham says though he will kneel down wand still pointed at the man while he looks over the items closely in turn finding some things he will take out a packet and place the items into it hopefuly it could be used to ID the body. He looks back at the voice nodding "Copper." but he's rather focused on his work still but didnt want to be rude.

Cyril looks up at the approaching redhead and offers her a nod, a little smile even managing to creep out from under that scowl for a moment. Redheads always were a weakness, after all. "Copper," he greets, before commenting to Adelphus and Graham, "Well, this fellow is obviously one of the first to get to the body. A corpse doesn't lay around Knockturn for long without being picked clean. Maybe he saw something?"

Terrance watched the group discussed the injured man as if he were not present. His face still held a look of slight disgust at the spell chosen to bring the man to a stop, though watched on curiously at the ability to watch the difficult magic being used so easily. Then his eyes caught sight of the approaching Witch, his ears perked a bit at the notion of the man possibly being the first onto the scene, leading to the probability that he might be able to catch a few bits of what had happened.

Adelphus gets the permission he seeks, and raises his wand, "Cruso Emendo!" he says, in a loud voice, and the tip of his wand glows, then sprays a golden light on the cooked nosed man's leg, setting and mending the bone - and making it look easy. "There. Done. Now at least he'll be able to walk off to jail." He nods to Cyril, turning back for a moment, and says, "He was dead less than an hour as we arrived. The body was not yet stiff."

The man with a crooked nose looks a bit irked, but does as he is told, his hands moving and turning out his pockets, more coins, a mug from the Hoard Tavern, a couple of rings, a couple more pocket watches, a wallet or two and the other shoe missing from the dead man. Looking up at Graham he lets out a small shrug, "Dhey… dhey had more dhen dhey needed see?" he tries to explain to Graham, though he looks towards Cyril and tries to nudge the stole mug behind him. Looking at Adelpuhs he says, "Dhank yeh and ah am a victim of circumstances dis all!" he exclaims.

Brandy's silent as she watches - her wand still gripped in her hand. As she realizes this, she slips it back into her pocket, out of sight. She doesn't let it go, though. No, no. this is still Knockturn - even with MLE and a healer about.

Copper manages to give Malfoy a faint smile in return. She bends beside the corpse and uses her wand to nudge at its clothing a little. Her eyes, however, are looking at the lack of a face. "I've never seen or heard of the like," she says standing. "One reads, you know… But in all my study I've never heard of a spell that comes close to being able to do this. This is a new spell." She shrugs, moving back towards Adelphus and Cyril as they heal and glower respectively. "I might be telling you something you already know, but there it is."

Adelphus shakes his head as he puts his own wand away and picks his potions bag back up, "No, I can't identify what would have caused that, other than that it was dark magic. The facial injuries, at least. The rest… seems to have been done with a knife. I'm sure that someone more familiar with dark magic than I can give you some idea what might have caused it. Unless there's anything else that's needed from me?" Then he looks down at the man with the broken nose, and says, "You and me both, my friend. Wrong place, wrong time. Story of my life."

"The Dark forces are always bandying about new ways to deliver pain and destruction, aren't they?" Cyril remarks as he produces another cigarette from his pocket, lighting it shortly after, still doing his best to intimidate the denizens of the Alley into not breaking out into a riot.

Angelus sticks behind Noalan and close to Terrance. Hey, the attack on the man so easily has made him uneasy. If something were to be directed toward their direction, well, he's not going to be the first to be targeted by it.

Copper looks at Adelphus. "That's what I'm saying. This isn't an established dark spell. This isn't even arcane dark magic. This is brand spanking new, dear." She looks at Cyril and tilts her head slightly, a faint smile curling her lips. "Care to share with the rest of the class, Mr. Malfoy?" she drawls idly.

Minus the suitcase and a good deal more composed than when she first entered the scene of the crime, Rena returns to the area in all her slightly rumpled glory. At least her absence allowed her to ditch the baggage and get a hold of herself. Of course, a good deal has happened since she left, and it's going to take her a moment to figure out what's going on and whom she should turn to first.

Terrance gave a smirk back to Angelus, who seemed to be using Nolan and himself as a sheild. "I am not sure any more spells are going to be thrown around." he said before turning his gaze back to the group, now noticing another new comer to the fray. He rested his arms across his chest as he continued to watch on with great interest.

Noalan glances back in annoyance as he becomes an impromptu human shield, "Cut it out." He says, turning and stepping so Angelus isn't in cover. "Ya, excitements done." He says in agreement with Minus, "Come on, this is still Nocturn Ally. Let's get back in the shop before those nice law enforcement officials suddenly get a new priority. You wouldn't want them to have to ESCORT us back to dad, would you?"

Cyril slips a cigarette out from the pack inside of his coat pocket and offers it to Copper. He'll gladly light it for her, too, should she so choose. Cyril glances back at the entering auror and offers her a nod of his head.

Copper accepts the cigarette, and the light, gently pulling on it with red lips. "Thank you," she says, exhaling smoke as she speaks. She looks back at the man on the ground, the MLE attendants… And she moves slowly back the way she had come. "Adelphus, darling, I'll catch up with you another time. For now, I'm just in the way. Be well." She murmurs something softly to Cyril as she passes, lifting the cigarette again in thanks.

"Actually, I'm leaving as well, I think. My work here is done." Adelphus says, with a nod. "I suppose I'll head back to the hospital. Shall I walk you out?"

Copper smiles at Adelphus. "I'm headed to the shop, dear. Maybe another time." She gestures further into Knockturn.

Cyril grins at Copper and offers her a brief nod in response before tossing his cigarette to the ground in front of him. "I think I should probably be getting back to the bar. Make sure nothing's stolen."

No! His cover! His big brother is supposed to keep him protected! A smirk touches Angelus' lips as he cocks his head a little, flicking his blue eyes around the scene. "At least they," he gestures with his head at the adults, "seem to be keeping more trouble at bay." Gel rolls his shoulders back, a sigh escaping him as he decides, "Yea," he says, resigned, "we should probably get back inside." He glances at Terrance, giving his older housemate a quizzical look, but nothing more. It's not his responsibility to tell the sixth year to watch out.

"What the bloody 'ell. I can't leave London for two days without the whole damn thing going 'aywire and off the rails." Rena mutters to herself. Getting her bearings at last, she rubs her temples and moves over to Graham who seems to have a suspect collared. Not being one to take an imperious attitude with anyone - even a criminal - the little redhead moves over to the pickpocket and crouches down to his level. "Hey, fellah. Buck up and listen," she says, trying to sound earnest. "I need to ask you some questions - not that anybody's accusing you of more'n picking the pockets of a dead man. But we need to chat."

Brandy is watching the others depart - maybe now this is a good time to make herself scarce as well - but she doesn't. She comes a bit closer - giving Rena a smile. Not her usual one - it'd be out of place here on Knockturn anyways. "Best of luck, Auror Lee," she offers her school. Maybe Rena will sort this mess out.

"Zig, zig, zig, Death in a cadence, Striking with his heel a tomb, Death at midnight plays a dance-tune, Zig, zig, zig, on his violin…" Elijah recites openly as he moves effortlessly through the crowd, his long coat flowing behind him. He hands his walking stick off to a nearby on-looker, who quickly runs off with it. Elijah doesn't seem all that attached, however as he simply kneels next to the corpse, tilting his head as he examines it.

The man with the crooked nose, rubs his recently mended leg, "Ah am a victim ah cirumstances dis all." he says slowly with a shrug, "He didn't need da stuff and da oder people had more dhen dhey needed." he says slowly with a nod, "He was lying dhere, dead and sniff as I ever see em, had a few dhings dhat would fetch a few good coins." he says with a shrug.

Brandy - that's a face that Rena didn't expect to see here. Her expression softens, and she offers the other woman a deeply grateful smile. She needed a little something to bolster her courage. Someone to believe in her…
"Now, look," she begins again, holding the lighter and the watch in her hands and rising to her full and unimpressive height. "I didn't roll into town last week from the country an' fall off the turnip cart last week." The little redhead says, trying to put on an even more serious expression. "Suppose you tell me about T.B.G.C. And why you were so anxious to nip these."
Rena's attention is drawn from the man only momentarily as Elijah arrives on the scene. She is relieved, of course - but directs her gaze back to the Pickpocket immediately.

T.B.G.C.? Brandy wanders quietly. T.B.G.C. First name T, last name- shit. She looks away. She looks down at the floor. She looks anywhere but at Rena and the man with the crooked nose. There's no point hiding it. Maybe she's wrong. Maybe it'll help clear him? They'll figure it out eventually…
"Rena," Brandy says in a quiet voice, without looking up. "Thomas has two middle names." Damnit. Damnit. What if this tightens the case against him?

The man stares at Rena, "Hoy I dold yeh, he ain't going da need it." he says with a small shrug, "Was stealen his shoes do! Dhink I had any more reason da steal dhem dhen da get a few more coins?" he says shaking his head, "Ah got a kid da feed and can't find no work, doing what I need da do is all." he says shaking his head.

Noalan tries to draw his brother back to the store front. At least get him close enough that they could dart inside should attentions start drifting in thier direction. "Do you hear who the stiff was?" He asks, voice coming out just loud enough to be heard close up.

"Hrmmmm…" Elijah vocalizes, leaning closer and pulling a piece of fabric from the dead man's suit, which he then begins to turn over in his hands, contemplating something behind those eyes of his.

Angelus has no problem heading back inside, watching from the window. He starts taking the steps back towards the shop, but stops, turning to fix his gaze on the adults. "That's Auror Odori," says the youth to his brother. "The other is Cohen." And a grin crosses his face, a flash in his eyes, clearly impressed. He leans a little closer to Noalan, his voice just above a whisper. "I think I saw him use magic without a wand. It was brilliant."
He only shrugs to Noalan in response to his question.

Rena's resolve wavers when Brandy speaks up. A look hinting at distress begins to fill her eyes, and she has to force it to go away with a blink or two.
"Alright," she says simply, looking at the pieces of evidence. At first, it's hard to decifer whether she's speaking to Brandy or the Pickpocket. However, she says with a sense of finality: "You say petty theft is all there is to it - then it ain't my department." She waves one of the hit-wizards over with her left hand: "Take our friend in and charge him accordingly. Theft, tampering with evidence, evading an officer of the law, interfering with an investigation… The whole damn line - you know the drill." And she turns away. If the man wants to put up a fuss and say something to stop her, he's welcome to.
"Inspector Lovegood, found anything?" she asks, motioning for Brandy to come with her, again trying to make it seem like she doesn't care two figs about the pickpocket any longer.

"Perhaps," Elijah remarks, the piece of fabric moving around in his hand. "Perhaps," he repeats, standing up and straightening out his trousers. "It wasn't a torture curse that left him like this, that much is clear. Such odd angles for a body, don't you think?" He scratches at the tips of his nose and looks to Rena, awaiting her input.

It's a moment before Brandy - hesitantly - follows after Rena. Her jaw is tight - and her right hand still in her pocket to grip her wand, though she isn't even fully aware of that right now. As Elijah draws attention to the body, she glances at it, flinches, and then looks away. She doesn't have a great deal of experience with bodies.

The man with a crooked nose, just Hmphs at Rena and sits there letting the Hit Wizards collect him, "Iffen anything yeh should be dhanking meh!" he says to Rena with a nod, looking at the Hit Wizards then back to Rena, "Ah want ah cut a deal! I wand da cut ah deal!" he yells at her!

"Join his fan club then." Noalan says, annoyed, "I was asking who the dead guy was." He clarifies, slipping under the shop's eve.

A soft touch on Brandy's arm comes from Rena, who rubs it gently once as she leans in to say quietly: "Like I told you about being on stage. Just look over their 'eads. You won't see it."
Focusing on Elijah briefly, she remarks: "They are odd angles. Given the area, I suppose it ain't bloody likely that witnesses are coming out of the woodwork, exactly. 'Owever, are you thinking that the body itself were dumped 'ere, and murdered elsewh-" The man begins to yell about cutting a deal. Rena pauses her line of thinking and waits another second or two before saying: "Excuse me 'alf a tick."

Slowly, the little redhead turns around. Narrowing her dark eyes on the man from a distance, she tilts her head and simply stands there for about five seconds. Then, she begins to walk forward: "A deal?" She asks. "What've you got on offer, and what are you expecting in return?" Might as well get the cards out on the table.

Elijah almost begins explaining something to Rena, but sees that the crooked-nosed man has once again taken her attention, so he folds the bit of fabric in his hands and awaits her attention, once more.

A glance is cast to Noalan, then shooting a look at the shop, but doesn't move any further to the shop. Angelus is quite intrigued by watching how this gets dealt with, the Aurors at work. So maybe watching behind the glass is safer, but what if, while he's out here, he sees something that could help? Ohhhh - then /he/ could get a badge, too! "You know," says Angelus to Noalan, as if to distract him that he wants to head back inside, "you could be interning to be an Auror. Maybe you'd be good at it." While he speaks, his blue eyes is scanning the scene. Maybe… Maybe the grown-ups missed something that a youngster would see? Then he can get his hands on a prize.

Noalan reaches for the door handle then stops when Angelus doesn't follow. "I see your internship as a clown hasn't improved your comedy skills. Been spending all your time as a pie target dummy?" Lan says derisively. "Are you coming in or not?"

Brandy is grateful for the touch on her arm - the usual unflabbable woman can need the support. "I'll keep that in mind," she answers Rena. Though how can you look above the body, and still see whatever the hell it is the other fellow's talking about? He must be MLE too.

Rena has undoubtedly overstepped herself in trying to take charge of the situation here. She's still very young and inexperienced in the whole grand scheme of things, and it starts to show, despite her strong start. She isn't sure whether or not she should believe the man… and her uncertainty and insecurity begin to show through quite strongly. It's like being caught in a no-man's land without knowing which way she ought to turn. She's inclined to believe him…
But, of course. Elijah is right nearby! She has someone older, wiser and far more experienced to turn to… even if he's mad. "Elija… Inspector Lovegood," Rena says, half turning to the Hit Wizard: "What's your opinion? Let 'im talk and walk, or send 'im on 'is way, quick sharp?"

"The only thing left to talk about, my friend, is whether or not my co-workers here happen to lose you in a river somewhere on the way back to the ministry. You are becoming a strain on my patience and Knockturn is a very treacherous place, you know? There's just…knives and broken glass laying all about and…well, there you are with a bare throat. Nay a scarf in sight." Elijah remarks, moving to stand closer to the crooked-nosed man, his lips thin as he sizes the man up, adding, "So…with such danger afoot, I suggest you get whatever you have off of your chest…lest you end up in Mungo's and not the MLE."

The man with a crooked nose, looks absolutely, terrified, his eyes wide as he stares at Elijah, "Oh… nothing…" he says looking at the Hitwards, "Can ah err.. go witd yeh guys now…" he says giving Elijah a terrified look.

Rena looks between Elijah and the frightened man with a perplexed expression that sinks quickly into disbelief. "Inspector Lovegood! Is that any way to act?" She asks, considerably flustered by his sudden turn toward verbal violence. Approaching the pickpocket, the little woman shakes her head and speaks apologetically: "I'm sorry, we're all a bit on edge - you can understand why. Nobody's going to dump you in a river!" Again, she looks at Elijah with furrowed brows before returning her gaze to the other man. "What a thing to say." Her voice is as genuine and sweet as Elijah's is threatening and tense. How unfortunate that Rena isn't even acting.

"Get him out of here," Elijah remarks to his fellow hitwizards, adding, "I'm trying to perform an investigation." He gestures for Rena to follow along beside him as he moves back to study the body, producing that piece of fabric from his pocket and offering it to Rena before slips a cigarette into his mouth.

Angelus sulks, shaking his head as he sighs out. /Fine/, no special reward for him. He casts a sharp look at his brother, eyes narrowed for a second. Then he clears his throat, lifts his chin in self-importance, and says boastfully, "I am /extremely/ funny. If I wanted to make anyone laugh…" He glares at his brother, and then steals one last look at the scene. "Okay, I like /him/," Angelus comments with a wide grin, eyes focused on Elijah. He blows out a sharp breath. Can't very well go up and talk to him now though, so he turns, and heads for the shop. "I wonder if Pa knows anyone else out here."

Elijah's handling of the thief earns a quirk at the corner of Brandy's lips. She can see the man is cowed - but she doesn't believe for a second that the Inspector actually means it! And Rena's outrage is… not surprising.

The man with a crooked nose gets hauled away never to be seen again!

Meekly accepting the fact that Elijah has now taken charge of the situation entirely, Rena falls in beside the man obediently. One glance of mingled uncertainty and regret is flashed over her shoulder at the Pickpocket as he is hauled away.
The piece of fabric is handed over, and she fingers it gingerly. Looking at it closely in the dim light and trying to decifer anything of value, she heaves a small sigh: "If I were like Mister 'Olmes, I'd be able to figure out everything about this man's life and death just by this damn piece of material."

"It's Louis Vuitton. From a piece of luggage, I think," remarks Elijah, once more kneeling down next to the body, his fingers drumming along the corpse's chest for a moment as he thinks quietly to himself.

"What?" Rena asks, furrowing her brow again. Lowering the material from her gaze, she cants her head ever so slightly. "But that's Muggle clothing, sure as sure." She pauses and gives a confused look that directs itself at Brandy, now. "So, either 'e's a Muggleborn - or been made up to look like one, you think?" She asks quietly.

"Never heard of a wizard with Louis Vuitton," Brandy confirms. "Aside from my mum - my da' bought it for her." She looks at the dead man for a moment before adding uncertainly, "Is it cut or torn? Maybe it was accidentally torn off someone else's things?"
Then in a quiet voice towards Rena she adds, "It looks bad, doesn't it?" Things are getting /worse/ for Thomas - not better.

"Seems like a lot of people have been made to be things they aren't, lately," remarks Elijah, taking a long drag of his cigarette as he looks up to study Brandy under the brim of his fedora, "Awful easy to pin something on a man without a face."

"Elijah," Rena says quietly, just giving up on trying to remember to use his proper name. It's too much trouble under these stressful circumstances. "Brandy says the initials on these things may be Thomas Carrow's. That don't make much sense, though. Why would this dead man 'ave 'is belongings - expensive, monogrammed ones at that?" She has to ask, because the whole thing is about as clear as mud to her.

"I don't know for sure they're his," Brandy supplies, still miserable over having brought it up at all. "But he does have two middle names. I can't recall 'em, but he told 'em to me. And the first and last initials are T.C…." So, yeah. It's probably Thomas. "Anyone could monogram things with his initials, though," she adds in a dubious tone. But why would they?

"Because someone is making very sure that we have a solid case against him, Auror Odori," remarks Elijah, standing up and straightening his trousers. He looks to Brandy and asks, "Thomas Beowulf Greyson Carrow. T.G.B.C. is the monogram, isn't it?" Without waiting he continues, "Of course it is."

"Brandy, I don't like it any more than you do," Rena says unhappily. "But we've got to keep an open mind, one way or another about this case, even if the whole thing just seems so bloody ridiculous from start to finish. It's our job at the MLE not to let emotions get in the way… 'ard as that is." Sighing, the young woman adds: "All I can say is I want the truth to come out. I don't believe Thomas did it - for whatever it's worth. But we're running out of time."
Turning, she waves in the clean-up crew to finish their work. After this, Rena thinks she'll just go home and have a nice long soak in a hot bathtub.

Elijah rattles off Thomas's full name, and Brandy lets out a sigh. She was right - she might as well have pointed it out. They would have figured it out. It's… a bit of a relief, but not much. Rena provides the greater solace. She looks at the Auror as she speaks and nods, managing a bit more of a smile. That's three now that think he's innocent. "I just hope you can prove it. The people that really did this are still out there…" And poor Thomas.

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