(1939-08-24) Wet and Dry
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Summary: Following a picnic in Hogsmeade, a few wizards are talking about potential careers, until the quiet of the day is interrupted by an Auror crashing into the Black Lake and a small matter of underage sorcery.
Date: 24 August 1939
Location: Hogsmeade Public Beach

The sand-castle him and his sister Rhyeline built still standing the young man has turned away though as more and more side-affects nearly every time they meet and it doesn't help his already unhelpful views on a certain person she's engaged to. He will move back and is packing up the chairs and food and drinks and all. Graham is silent while doing this his good humor gone for the moment while he thinks.

Abraxas walks down the beach from around the curve in the black lake. His hand is full of stones as his black robes flap around him - it being still a week before he has to put on his school clothes again. He tosses the stones, skipping them across the water, staying far back enough that anything that might notice the disturbance won't have an easy lunch. He looks up as he gets closer, and then closes in on the familiar figure cleaning up after a picnic.

Graham will turn at the approach which brings him out of the thoughts he was having. The auror will offer a nod and try for his usual smile "Ah, good day. I'm afraid Rhyeline was here but just left." he informs the other perhaps explaining the picnic and all the items he's packing currently. He will continue working but not wishing to be rude "All preparations made for return to the school?" he asks conversationally.

"Hello, Auror Cohen. Yes, everything is ready and packed into my trunk. Ready to face another year." Abraxas says, still looking mainly out over the lake, in the direction of the Hogwart's Castle. "Was she? We just spoke yesterday. She'll be helping me learn a bit more about politics. You're close to her?" He picks up a random stone off the beach, torques his body back, and hurls it out over the waters of the lake.

"Sounds like good planning that, I was that way myself when I was in school prepared. I was a Ravenclaw and rather enjoyed books and my studies well still do to be honest." Graham says the words about Rhyeline get a nod "Ah, yes she is a good teacher she'll do well for you." the question about being close gets a pause never knowing how people will react. "Yes, we've adopted one another though not by blood we are brother and sister." he does say 'like' or 'as good as' just flat brother and sister. "She helped me build that sand-castle." he points near the water line.

Abraxas hrmphs, "I don't have any brothers or sisters, and my cousins are much older." His tone is matter of fact, and he just nods, "I heard she got top marks. That's what they expect of Ravenclaws, though. Lots of brains, not much on ambition. She seems to dote on Cassius, though." A shrug, and he finds a bigger rock, which splashes down with a larger PLOP in the lake. "I don't think I've ever built a sandcastle either."

Graham nods to the others words about family. "I only have Rhyeline as a sibling. She is very bright indeed." The auror will say complimentary the speaking of lack of ambition he has heard this a few times before he glances back to the sand castle "Not much too it really use damp sand that sticks together and a bucket for some towers and a moat and castle walls." he points the features out as he speaks.

"I just don't remember anything like that. It sounds like something muggle children would do." Abraxas says, in his typical way. He finally turns away from the Black Lake and walks the last few feet towards Graham, "Well, if she's your sister, then I suppose that you and I will be cousins of a sort someday. Isn't that strange to think. I don't know if I've known any aurors, either. I only heard that one on the wireless, the muggle girl."

"It probably is more of a muggle thing to do, but I enjoy doing both muggle and wizardy things." Graham gives a small shrug here he is a big belive in not taking out his wand for every little task, like the packing he's finishing up he's done by hand. "Ah, yes I suppose that my family will rather be doubling in size soon enough." he chuckles having not thought about this fact before though he doubts many will see it that way.

Abraxas doesn't really see it that way, either, from his expression. But he does say, "I'm starting to think about where I want to apprentice this coming summer. Someplace with the Ministry, of course. Someplace important." Do apprentices do anything important? Probably not.

Graham listens to the question about apprenticing at the ministry. "It is mostly practical lessons. I mean those who apprentice with the auror's office are hopefully going to remain safe during the apprenticeship even if the job isn't always safe." he says a small shrug "Mr Alphard Black is an apprentice with the office he may be able to shed better light on what he's done while there."

"Yes, I know Black. He's a seventh now. He'll be graduating this year. I'm sure he plans to join you in the Auror office. He's always wanted to do that. I'm not quite decided yet." Abraxas says, with a shrug. "We'll have plenty of time to talk at school, I'm sure."

Abraxas is talking about sandcastles and future career possibilities with Graham. No one else is here yet. They're on the shores of the black lake, and Graham has just finished putting away the chairs and whatnot from the picnic.

Skimming along the contours of the earth, flying and alarmingly fast speeds… it's Shelley, again. Her broom moves nimbly around a shrub that rushes up towards her, then dodges the other way to avoid a particularly large stone, as she approaches the beach.

For SOME reason, Emily is at Hogsmede. She walks along the beach, a twelve year old vision in a pretty pink dress under her pink robes, cream socks, and ivory boots. Her hair is wrapped in a braid around her head to make a crown, and she's scolding something white and fluffy in her arms. "Snowflake, this is what you get for rolling about in the dirt. Look at your bows! They're a proper mess! And your paws… Do you know how long its going to take me to clean your toes?" She doesn't see Shelley nor does she seem to see the boys. Nope. 'Snowflake' is getting -all- her attention.

"Exactly correct, so he might be a good one to ask about the apprenticeship." Graham doesn't mention some of the less fortunate events which have happened since its not the place not the time to do so. "Ah well its an importance choice so take your time, and just figure something that you'll enjoy doing." The auror gives advise if he notices the new arrival step onto the beach he gives a quick glance before back to his picnic basket all loaded up he'll flip the lid closed.

"I have a few ideas. Well, one or two. I don't think the Auror path is for me. My skills lie… elsewhere." Abraxas says, with a sly little smile and nod. He covers his eyes as he peers in the direction Shelley is coming from, and then he sees Emily and, recalling her from the Leaky Cauldron the other day, offers a small wave.

It isn't as fun hanging out on your own beach when you aren't with friends. So Angelus walks along the public beach in Hogsmeade, looking around to see who might be around. Occasionally he pauses to lean over, picking up a stone and turns to flick it towards the water, skipping it. He's wearing a swim suit, though he is still dry, but this means that he's not wearing his pendant. Gel notices others, pausing as he glances over to consider, but he decides not to approach. Instead, his royal blue eyes scan the beach, spying Emily as a grin stretches out over his face. A hand lifts to wave at her, ignoring her apparent troubles with her cat and beckoning her over.

Shelley continues flying towards the beach, her speed not slowing in the least. As she reaches the water, it seems she may be about to repeat her stunt from earlier. She pulls up on the broom, dipping the tail into the water - but she dips in too much of the tail, and completely loses control of the broom. The crash is immediate and spectacular, with water splashing as far as the beach. The broom immediately bobs to the surface - but Shelley's still under.

Abraxas grabs his wand - this is an excuse to use magic outside of school, right? Besides, it's not like dad can't talk to the ministry. He thinks for a moment then says, "Carpe retractum!" sending a rope of light in the direction of Shelley.

Emily had put Snowflake down and starts in towards Angelus with a cheerful smile. She gives Abraxus a wave, too, but the expression is aborted as a look of horror crosses her face. With a loud gasp, she runs towards the lake, wand whipped out. She bites her lip and sort of… dances in place. "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!" She's only completed her first year… Not like she knows a lot of good spells there. BUT SHE'S READY!

Angelus is actually facing the water when the broom rider falls with a splash. He blinks, taken a back as he points. "Did you see that?" Why should he take out his wand when kids aren't allowed to use magic and there is at least one adult about? So he only has to mention it, even though it appears that the incident hasn't gone unnoticed anyway. So the youth watches, gaze flicking towards the Abraxas, Graham, and a look to Emily with an arched brow and a snicker. "Way to jump into heroism," he teases lightly.

Graham doesn't have time to flick out his wand and so wandless it is "Arresto Momentum!" he shouts but alas his spell does go wide as it happens to quickly for him to react. He glances at the shouted spell but does the student have the strength to pull her from the lake that's the question it'd seem so and he reaches to his angle where his wand is still kept and he'll remove it running to the shore where it would seem Shelley's washed up. He'll grip her under her arms and drag her ontop the shore properly before turning her on her side. "Anapneo." he points his wand the anti-choking spell spoke to get any water back out.

There is water to get out, and it's coughed out reflexively, by the still clearly stunned auror. It seems the impact knocked her out - at least for the moment. It's a very, very good thing that Abraxas was able to get her out of the water so quickly. She is going to have some nasty bruises from this - that much was guaranteed. …and a headache.

Abraxas puts the wand away after Graham pulls Shelley to shore, and he walks up towards where the two Aurors are. "I hope she recovers." he says, which seems strangely unselfinterested for the Malfoy boy. "Otherwise, I am going to be in so. much. trouble." Oh, that explains it.

Emily puts her hand on her hip and purses her lips at Angelus. It's a look he's likely getting to know very well by now. "Oh HUSH," she snaps. "All you did was say 'Wotcher' and twiddle your thumb. I mean, at least my REFLEXES were to help! It's just that I don't know anything that can help! OH! WAIT! DOMESTICS!" She muppet arms for a moment and then dashes over to the woman. "WAIT I CAN HELP!" She points her wand with a pretty little flourish and says, quite proudly, "Arificus!"

As she speaks, a warm whirlwind begins to form and swirls around the unconscious Auror. As it builds, robes and hair are fluffed and begin to dry. When it dies down, there is a dry, if fluffy, Shelley. Bruised… BUT DRY.

The effect that Emily's stance and sharp words has on Angelus is to chuckle, only looking at her with amusement. "There's no need," he starts, "there's an aur-" Well okay, Gel cuts off when she hurries toward the witch and just shakes his head as he crosses his arms. His blue eyes simply flick over the gathering, idly thinking about how interesting public beaches can be sometimes, but otherwise keeping quiet. Everyone's attentions are focused elsewhere, so might as well keep quiet, simply watching. Of course, there is a look of interest as he watches Graham.

"I believe she'll be okay, but should take her to St Mungo's or at least the healers here just in case." Graham says sighing he hopes the other is okay really too much trouble has happened so far recently he'll be about to bend down and pick her up when the whirlwind washes over her drying her clothes "Come on Shelley, we'll get you to the hospital." he considers something and points his wand towards the water "Accio Shelley's Broom." and it flies to his hand now he'll kneel down and lift the auror under the knees and on her back and begin heading back towards the town to the local healer there's bound to be one or a floo to St Mungo's if not.

Shelley's starting to come around now - and she's hurting. The Auror Consultant lets out a groan as she's lifted - and looking up at her friend. "…Graham," she mumbles. If she's hurting, there's trouble. If there's trouble, she needs her wand. Working instinctively, she starts fumbling for her wand and tries to get to her feet. She needs to defend herself! The fact that her robes aren't sodden makes her wand easier to search for.

"If you have this, Auror, I guess I should go send a message to my father. Before he hears about this from the Ministry." Abraxas says, with a frown. It should be quite obvious that nothing is quite so important to him as keeping his father from being angry. Understandable, considering who his father /is/.

Emily frowns and runs back to Angelus. She leans up on tippy-toe and kisses his cheek. "I had better get back to Mother," she says. "I'll need to tell her what I did. She works at the Ministry, so I think I'll be alright given the circumstances…" She turns then, picks up Snowflake, and dashes.

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