(1939-08-25) The Importance of NEWTs
Details for The Importance of NEWTs
Summary: Evelyn and Elspeth plan their NEWTs and beyond
Date: 25 August, 1939
Location: Elspeth's Room

The little bedroom in the flat over the old mews at the inn is everything a muggle teenager's bedroom should be… almost, since the slanting eaves leave little flat surface for any decorations to be hung, and the only verticle wall space that could serve that purpose has a Chinese waterfall painting on silk hanging. Most of the time, it is a still landscape, but now, because the two in the room are both witches, the water falls, and wildlife moves in and out of the frame.
There are subtle hints of double occupancy in the room, an extra set of clothes pegs taking up the rest of the vertical wall space, the toiletries on a dressing table that are more suited to an older woman than a teen, and various other features that have been added when Elspeth began sharing her room with her Bubby. The bronze colored stuffed eagle with the bronze and blue scarf sitting against the pillows, though, is very definitely hers, and she lays flopped straight across the bed width wise. Her chin rests on stacked hands, and hazel eyes look through her friend that goes through the parchments similar to the ones scattered next to her on the bed.

The blonde haired lass, the friend in question, sighs, looking at her own various papers and notes, shaking her head. She places down the papers she was looking at, and lets her now unfocused gaze look up toward the nearby wall. Evelyn stares at the silk hanging for a few good moments, silent as she considers it. Or maybe she's considering something else, and just staring at the hanging. It's hard to tell, at the moment, though her blue eyes do seem slightly unfocused. After a short while, she looks over to her friend. "So…" She lets the word hang in the air, not letting the thought finish just yet.

"Buttons," Elspeth promptly replies, then chuckles. She lets out a long sigh. "I do not know. I know that I am being good at potions, herbology, and charms. But I am not knowing what I want to do with those things. Do we have to be knowing? Or can we just be choosing NEWTs on the things that we are being skilled in doing? It is seeming like a lot of pressure."

"Buttons." Evelyn replies, smiling softly. If there weren't muggles nearby, she'd probably be inclined, in that moment, to take out her wand and attempt to transfigure one of the pieces of parchment into a button. "I…I might have a few ideas." She shrugs a little bit. "There's the Department of Intoxicating Substances. They uh…they deal with alcohol, potions, and other substances that affect a person's behaviour." She frowns. "Though I don't know how interesting a job that is. Though that department is a subdivision, a part of, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement…which could be interesting."

There's a little raise to the corner of her mouth, and the gaze Elspeth bestows upon Ev cannot be counted as anything other than dubious. "I do not know. It sounds… too much like being a prefect for adults. Are you really thinking that Magical Law Enforcement would be interesting?" She stretches one arm out along the edge of the bed, but she doesn't pick up the parchments there, yet. "I wonder… if I could find a way to travel if I worked for Magical Law Enforcement."

"Well…you've got more experience being a prefect." Evelyn shrugs. "I wouldn't be able to get the N.E.W.Ts to be an auror or a hit witch. But I'd be able, I think, to work with the Intoxicating Substances bit." She smiles ever so slightly. "I have considered becoming a potion maker, though." She thinks out loud. "Though it'd be good to work under an actual potion maker for a bit before I went off on my own…though that would involve me going around to the various shops, which I could do." Looking over to Elet, she gazes intently at her friend for a moment. "Travelling…you could always be a travelling herbologist. Though I don't know how much money you could make, doing that…"

"A traveling herbologist," Elspeth considers. "I wish I could be like Miss Jacque. She is traveling all over the world, tracking down lost pieces of art… I guess a traveling herbologist will be making more money than an artist. You would be a brilliant potioneer, Evelyn. There are being lots of potions shops on Diagon Alley, I bet you would be able to find some work in one of those. They would be being silly not to hire you."

"The Travelling Herbologist and the Homeland Potioneer." Evelyn chuckles ever so slightly at the nicknames she gives to them. "I'd love to work with you as a herbologist, though…if you were to go that route. I mean, you're amazing with plants. Truly." She smiles softly at her friend. "Though you're a brilliant artist, too. Maybe you could somehow combine the two."

Elspeth chuckles at the titles. "Our secret names," she teases. "We can be using them at school when sending — oh! that reminds me. I have been working on these all summer, but I cannot be casting the charms on them until we are being on the train… since I am not being overage, yet." Pushing herself backwards from the bed, she goes over to her trunk and opens it. "I have been making these for going back to school presents, except that Emi is not going back to school. I can be sending it to her anyway." She returns with four slender journals in her hands, their covers different colors, with different landscape pictures on the covers.

Evelyn chuckles at the thought of those being their secret names. Her interest, however, gets diverted. And it's definitely been piqued. "What is it?" She asks, though she knows she'll find out soon enough. Her eyes gaze toward the journals. Her eyebrows furrow, waiting for more of an explanation.

The journals are handed over for perusal, while Elspeth flops back into position on her bed. "They are being little journals that we can be sending messages to each other. Once I am having them charmed. And, instead of putting our names on the pages, I can be putting our secret names. When I am writing on the page in my journal that is saying "Homeland Potioneer" on it, then you will be able to be reading it in your journal on the page that is saying "Traveling Herbologist"." She looks at Evelyn as she explains, waiting to see what she thinks.

There's a long pause as Evelyn thinks over Elet's words, looking closely at the journals. It doesn't take long, however, for her face to brighten. "That's…that's brilliant, Elet!" She says with a wide smile. "Absolutely brilliant! I wouldn't have thought of that. But then, you have always been a tad bit smarter than myself." She grins. "This is really amazing. I love it. Really. And I'm sure that Artemis will as well."

Elspeth's relieved smile at the enthusiasm lights her eyes, and she relaxes onto her forearms once more. "What names shall we be using for Lan and Emi?"

"Hmm…for Artemis, I would say…maybe…The Happy Badger?" Evelyn frowns, however. "Maybe. I don't know. What do you think, for Artemis?" She takes a deep breath in. "For Lan…" There's an evident look of concentration on her face. "The Uncertain Scion."

Happy Badger earns a smile from Elspeth, followed by a little frown. "I hope she is being happy," she murmurs. "There are so many ugly things, she will be better of not being at school, but I know she will be missing the classes. Maybe with these we can be sending her what we are studying, so it is being like school for her." However, the one for Lan is much more difficult, and so she lapses into deep concentration. Ev's suggestion brings a widening of her eyes, and one enthusiastic nod. "That is being perfect for Lan."

"I…well, I don't blame anyone for wanting to leave, of course, with all that's going on at the school…" Evelyn murmurs quietly. "But I like that idea. Maybe she can still get a bit out of it by communicating with us through the journals." That thought makes her smile. Awaiting her friend's response regarding her cousin, she finally nods. "I thought so. It uh…it sums him up pretty well."

"It does. This way, with the secret names on them, if anyone is finding one, they are not knowing who they are reading," Elspeth reasons. She sighs and looks at her scattered parchments once more. "I am thinking Herbology, Potions and Charms. And, with the way things are going, I should keep with Defense Against the Dark Arts, even if I am not excelling in the class. Maybe, I can be helping my family in Germany. I can hiding them somehow."

"I was certainly thinking of continuing Herbology and Potions as well." Evelyn starts off quietly, looking at Elspeth silently for a few moments before continuing. "Aside from that, I'm not sure what else I could continue in. There's Care of Magical Creatures. I may continue with that. I like Charms and Transfiguration. Four N.E.W.T level courses would be my absolutely maximum, however. So, if I were to take one, I'd have to be careful in my decision." She sighs, looking down at her papers as well. She is quiet for a fair few moments before talking again. "If…if you were to go to Germany…would you um…well…" She takes a deep breath in to help calm herself. "Would you mind if I joined you?"

Elspeth's cheek rests on her hand as she looks sideways at the parchment that she has to sign and send in. She listens to Evelyn, nodding at the discussion of which classes to pursue. The few moments of quiet are left alone, as it's not all that uncomfortable for them to be quiet in each other's company. However, the question pulls her head around to look closely to Evelyn. "Of course I am not minding, I am never minding you being with me. Although, it is being dangerous, even for our kind, to be moving around the country. Are you sure you would be wanting to go?"

"If it's dangerous…wouldn't that mean it's safer for us to go in pairs than to go alone?" Evelyn asks quietly, shuffling her pages gently. "Besides, you've seen Britain and Scotland. I'd like to see Germany." She offers a smile to her friend, tilting her head slightly in inquisition, as if asking her final thoughts. "I'd much rather travel somewhere unknown with a friend than travel somewhere familiar without someone I care about." Looking back at her notes, she says, "Maybe I'll take Charms too…"

The smile at the idea of seeing Germany holds a tinge of wistfulness. "I wish you could have seen Germany before the Nazi party is being in charge. I would not be going to stay, but if I am a traveling herbologist, I may be able to obtain portkeys and such to be taking me there at times." She chews at her lip a little, but she can't help smiling warmly in return. "Thank you, Evelyn. It is always good, being reminded that someone is caring. Maybe we can be finding a place of our own when we are graduating from Hogwarts. And I will be happy to be having company when I am traveling."

A bit of confusion crosses Evelyn's face at the mention of the Nazi party. She's not too privy to the happenings in the muggle world, but she can probably make an educated guess or two. There's a nod at the mention of finding a place. She smiles warmly at the mention that someone cares. When she speaks again, she speaks on the possibility of living together. "I'd very much like to find a place together. I think we'd make good housemates…we've already proven good ones at Hogwarts, after all." She says softly. "I look forward to our many adventures."

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