(1939-08-28) Tea Readings and Friends
Details for Tea Readings and Friends
Summary: Many people head into Cafe for the famous tea readings, where they meet with each other or meet new friends and have fun chatting to each other.
Date: August 28, 1939
Location: Cafe Tasseo, Diagon Alley

With so little time before students must be off to Hogwarts, the streets of Diagon Alley swarm with frantic shoppers. The posh Cafe Tasseo offers respite to the more wealthy wizards and witches. A number of harassed mothers and fathers sit with impatient offspring, sipping tea as slowly as possible to postpone the moment when they must head back out.

That vulture of a governess would never think to look for her here. Not if this had been the exact place she'd been telling Samira that they would go next. With a smug, almost catlike smile, Samira makes her way into the elegant cafe. Hands clasped behind her back, she pauses to take in its opulence. A server approaches at once and she explains that she was told to wait here. Of course. And he begins to usher her to a table near the window.

Samira pauses as she notices a waitress nearby offering one of the cafe's famous complementary tea leaf readings. The little witch with the long, wild curls steps forward to watch for a moment. The waitress hesitates only for a moment before continuing. That is, until Samira interjects, "The coffee grounds are an older, more reliable method…" Her English is quite clear and devoid of any trace of regional accent.

"Coffee grounds?" Madeline asks curiously, looking up at Samira. "Oh, but wouldn't I have to drink the coffee first? I'm not allowed to do that anymore, you know. Not after the thing with the sheep and the flower vase and my mum's favorite skirt," she explains. Her uncle - sitting across from her - just covers his face with his hands.

Samira arches a brow, grinning at little Madeline. "A sheep? Hm. Well, to read your fortune, the coffee cup must have been yours. It cannot be mine. The querent should never read her own cup."

The door to the shop pushes open as Terrance was lead into the tea shop by his mother, who like the others wanted a break from the crowds in the alley. As they entered a waitress moved over, to greet them before leading the two to a small table already holding the china for the tea. As they walked, Terrance caught glance of Madeline and the new foreign student that he had spotted in the robe shop the day before. He offered a friendly nod and wave before moving to sit, his mother ordering their pot of tea.

"Well, I don't know how to do a reading at all. She was just going to tell me about how becoming friends with the merpeople and searching for lost wizarding treasures is gonna turn out!" Madeline asserts cheerfully. She tilts her head to look into her cup that the waitress is holding, then beams up at the woman cheerfully.

The poor waitress can only glances at Perry, who shrugs helplessly and gestures for her to continue. "Well…" she witch hazards uncertainly. "You see this here?" she points to one clump. "This looks like an ant. So, if you work hard, you'll find success. And, umm… This is an exclamation mark, so you'll need to be cautious and wary or harm may befall you. And, this here… ivy. It warns you to trust in your friends to see you through."

"Neeeeeeat!" the girl exclaims brightly.

Samira watches Madeline with a relaxed amusement before she slips off to keep following the waiter who is still waiting to lead her to the table by the window. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices Terrance's nod and wave. Samira blinks before inclining her head in return. It seems that Terrance and Samira are being seated quite close to each other. After perusing the menu for a moment, Samira orders a turkish coffee with biscuits.

Terrance smiles as he caught Samira's gaze in passing. Soon the waitress appeared holding a pot of black tea, which his mother had ordered. She often wanted to visit when she brought Terrance shopping, and the school year being close she took the time to enjoy. Terrance on the other hand seemed to bare the experience, though today he thought could be fun, as he half listened to Madeline's predication. He saw the idea of tea leaf reading as quite suspect, as most of it was based on vague concepts.

Miranda has apparently been out shopping for school supplies, going by the bulky bags dangling from her shoulder, and the clearly book-filled satchel hanging from her shoulder. Once inside, she scans the inside of the cafe with the distinct appearance of someone looking for someone else, but she seems to come up empty and just sets down her bags off to the side. Spotting some fellow students, she smiles at them in a friendly manner, and even waves once.

Amyah has always loved shopping for school supplies, especially now that it’s been for Hogwarts the last three years. She’s giggling as she steps into the café, pulling at the strap resting on her shoulder to shift her bag a little. Though the bag is full of supplies already purchased, it also has a little white head from her lamb plushy that, yes, she almost always (if not always) has with her. “Oh, but daddy, she could keep watch over me while I’m at school and she could protect me and she could be friends with Lana,” she adds the last part in as she pats the top of the plush lamb’s head.

“Lovely, I want to say yes, I really do, but it’s just not a good idea,” says the man Amyah walks in with. “You know we can’t really afford to have a cat right now.” Amyah pouts for a moment, though she’s having trouble keeping from smiling. “But how am I supposed to find the entrance way to the enchanted forest if I don’t have a cat to follow?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” says her father affectionately. “There’s a table right over there.” He nods his head in greeting to the people already here, and Amyah even pipes up happily, “Oh, hi! How are all of you?”

"Do uncle Perry next!" Madeline says eagerly. "Find out, ummm… Find out when he's going to find a giiiiiiiirlfriend!"

Perry just groans and covers his face again.

"I… would love to, but why don't I see to this other customers first, dear," the waitress responds, hastily stepping away.

Samira has been watching Amyah with a lingering amused smile as she talks with her father from the moment the red haired muggle-born stepped into the cafe. Few of the British wizards and witches do much more than nod politely at Amyah's greeting, but the little red-head has Samira's interest. "Quite well. And how are you?" Her English is too pure, which must mean she is foreign.

Terrance lifts his cup of the taking a sip as Miranda walked into the cafe, offering her a wave in return as he let his gaze continue about the cafe. Then he could not hold back a light laugh as he heard Madeline call out for Perry's fortune to be told, with particular interest to his love life.

"Hello," Miranda replies to Amyah, as the fellow Hufflepuff is also still near the entrance. "Had a good holiday?" she asks before bobbing a tiny curtsey for the man accompanying Amyah. She turns then to regard the excited sounding Madeline and can't help but grin in response. Samira's reply makes Miranda's brows rise slightly, and she does something of a double-take to try and place the face of the girl. Unsuccessful, she moves on to nod toward Terrance, recognition coming more easily this time. "I've never actually been in here before," she admits to Amyah, "it just looked so interesting!"

"I've been in here before!" Madeline exclaims. "It's great, isn't it? I love having my fortune read! I think I asked about how well taming dragons is going to go after I graduate, the last time I was here, but you know - tea reading isn't an exact science, they say, so I'm not deterred!"

Samira glances up at her waiter with a smile when her turkish coffee arrives with a small plate of ginger biscuits. Sitting at a table near the window, unaccompanied, Samira looks quite pleased with herself as she takes a sip of her coffee. She closes her eyes to savor the taste.

"Too true you are, Madeline." Terrance voiced up. "I think any form of fortune based on vague concepts and actions can never be taken too seriously." he said, bringing a nasty glance from one of the passing waitresses. He of course loved the tea, but the concept of seeing horrors and glories in clumps of leafs would never hold for him.

Abraxas's servant is carrying a large cage with a siamese cat in it today, and Abraxas steps into the cafe as if he owns the place, head held high, lip curled in a subtle sneer. He pauses a few steps inside the door to look around.

Both Amyah and her father are dressed in Muggle gear. He wears a brown, casual suit with a tan vest underneath the jacket. He takes off the hat once he steps into to the establishment, and he smiles kindly to Miranda and anyone else His hand rests atop his daughter’s shoulder, gesturing towards the table, and heading over that way. The redhead is wearing a pretty green dress, the bodice all gathered and sparkly along with a green boa wrapped around her neck. “Wonderful! That is just perfect to hear. Had a great Summer.” She smiles brightly, her green eyes twinkling. “And I am magnificent, thank you.” Her eyes dance around the room, following her father to the table, and she giggles. “Oh, tea leaf readings? That’s why I /love/ this place. I was going to show my daddy.” She glances back to Samira, whom she’s having trouble placing. Amyah begins to fidget, playing with her boa, a frown slowly starting to form before she lets out a breath and says, “I’m- I’m sorry, I- don’t remember- I don’t recognise-“ Her freckled cheeks blush a little. “I’m Amyah!” she pipes up excitedly, extending a hand.

Miranda picks up her bags again and moves farther into the cafe, as the entranceway gets crowded. Abraxas gets a curious look, though the servant with the feline in a cage gets a curiouser one. She ends up at a table near the other older students and quietly requests a cup of Yorkshire from the server as she settles bags and satchel on the floor under her table.

Samira glances over at the pale wizard with a servant and cat in tow. Although she recognizes Abraxas, his cat draws more of her interest than he does. However, as Amyah breaks down and approaches to introduce herself, Samira's smile broadens and she accepts the offered hand. "I am pleased to meet you, Amyah. You may call me Samira." Tilting her head, she says, "Did I hear correctly before? You wish for a cat, but cannot afford?"

"And I'm Madeline!" the girl says brightly, abruptly abandoning her uncle at his table, to move over to Samira's and put out her hand. "You know," she says towards Amyah. "Our barn cat has loads of kittens every year. I gave one of them to Adam, last year - Freckles - and she tamed down just fine."

The pot for two did not last long, and soon Terrance and his mother were paying and standing. His mother mentioned something about still needing to complete the shopping as well as run to Gringotts before they had closed. He offered a wave to those present, "Enjoy your tea and coffee everyone. I will see you all on the train." he said before disappearing into Diagon Alley.

Abraxas glances over and nods to Samira as he passes and gets a table of his own, his servant putting the feline down at his feet and then retreating to go stand outside. "Prince of Wales, cream and sugar." he says to the server, "And a plate of cakes. Thank you." The courtesy seems a bit forced, compared to the tone of the rest of what he says, and then he looks around. Catching sight of the two other girls, he clams up for just a moment, eyes narrowing.

Miranda waves to Terrance as he and his mother make their exit, then she turns to observe the other girls as they introduce themselves to Samira. "Miranda," she tags onto the others' words. She's distracted momentarily as her requested tea is served, then as she waits for it to cool slightly, she studies Abraxas again, her curiosity clear, though she doesn't do anything more than watch him for a couple seconds.

Surrounded by mudbloods (except for Miranda), Samira doesn't seem to mind. But, of course she is most likely as oblivious to their heritage as she was Abraxas'. With impish laughter, Samira accepts Madeline's hand in turn. "Well, then. Madeline, you should gift one of your kittens to Amyah. No one should ever be deprived of a cat companion." As Miranda approaches and introduces herself, Samira offers her a nod in return. "Samira." Then, looking at the three girls, she indicates the larger table next to her. "Let us sit together there. And if you are brave enough to try their Turkish coffee, I will read your grounds and tell your fortune."

Samira rises and picks up her own coffee and plate of biscuits. As she steps to the new table, she glances at the grumpy looking Abraxas with a bit of a grin. "I see you have a cat with you… a recent acquisition?"

Abraxas shakes his head, "No, this is Agathe, my pet. She was out being groomed today." He leans down and scratches the cat through the carrier, then sits back and crosses his legs, leaning back in his chair with his hands in his lap. "I see you have two mudb… muggle borns with you. You are worthy of keeping better company than these two." Another of his trademark sneers, even if he did censor a tiny bit. "Though I expect being raised a foreigner, you don't know any better." Oh, nevermind. Found it.

"I can't have the coffee," Madeline reminds Samira. "Because of the thing with the sheep. You have nooooo idea how long it took to wash all the pink out of its wool, after she got sheared." She's happy to have a seat at the larger table, however, waving to her uncle cheerfully as she does so. "That's my uncle Perry, by the way. He works at the Ministry."

Her attention turns to Abraxas as she smiles brightly. "Oh I'm sure Samira knows what company suits her best. You are welcome to join us, you know. We should order a bigger tray of biscuits!"

“It’s a super, enormous pleasure to meet you,” responds Amyah energetically to Samira. Her smile beams brightly to Madeline when she nears, and then to Miranda, pleased to see such happy socialness going on. Her gaze dances around, looking around at all the faces, and landing on her father who’s sitting quite nervously at the table. He’s never really sure how to act in this world, shifting uncomfortably in his chair.

“Er-“ he begins, about to order when the waitress approaches his table. Amyah smiles at the friendly faces around her. “Sorry, one mo- A cat? You have little kittens? Really, truly, oh my goodness- Oh,” she sighs out. But when she looks to her father, he gives her a thumbs up, indicating that he ordered. She blushes a little when she glances between Samira and Madeline. “I don’t know how my daddy could say no to that. Right, Daddy?”

A chuckle escapes the Muggle man as he lifts his fingers to his head. “We’d have to see, wouldn’t we?”

“See?” Amyah beams. Her excitement practically over boils on her face. “Your uncle works for the Ministry? Oh, /wow/. He must be really important. Cat?” Amyah suddenly whirls around, looking towards Abraxas. At first she shifts a little nervously, but then she lets out a breath. How can she resist? “You have a cat here? Oh, oh, oh.” And she all but lunges towards the cage to kneel down in front of it. “Awwww! She is soooooo adorable!” she squeals.

"No. I have never known any better," says Samira with an almost defiant tilt of her head. A broad smile soon returns. "Agathe is an excellent name. It suits and pleases her." Samira observes the exhuberant, red-headed Amyah as she lunges to peer at the Agathe in her carrier. Looking to Madeline, she laughs softly and nods. "Yes. A bigger tray. More of these ginger biscuits I think." She selects the last one from her own little plate to examine it. "These have a pleasing snap to their taste."

"Egypt," answers Samira, looking to Miranda. "And yes, I have studied Divination. The Heka School of Ancient Magic teaches us from an early age."

"You're welcome to one, I'm sure," Madeline says easily. "We're in Buckinghamshire, and if you can make the trip out…" she trails off, then lets out a quiet giggle as Amyah all but launches herself at Abraxas's cat.

"You were raised in /Egypt/?" she asks Samira eagerly. "Oh, /wow/! Did you see any mummys? Can they come to life, like in Muggle movies, or is that just Muggles not knowing how things work?"

Abraxas is on his feet in a moment, stepping protectively in front of his cat, "Don't touch her, Mudblood!" Followed by a long, pregnant pause, as if he is sorting something out in his head - not what he said, but the loss of control inherent in such an outburst. Finally, he says, "You can have my tray of biscuits. I'm afraid my appetite is fleeting today." Then he pulls a pouch from his robes and takes out three sickles. "Here." he says, putting them on the table with a defiant adjustment of his robes, "Go buy yourself a cat. Just stay away from mine." A few more knuts pay for the meal, and then he bends to retrieve Agathe.

Miranda utters a soft, "Really!" under her breath as she gives Abraxas yet another look, this time with far less curiosity and more criticism. As he seems in the process of leaving, she slides her attention to the others, momentarily uncertain until she forges ahead, trying clumsily to act as if nothing uncouth just happened. "Egypt," she replies just after Madeline's question about mummies. "Is it full of treasure?" she tags onto the end, eyes momentarily flitting toward Malfoy, then just as quickly away again. "Barn cats can be lovely. Hard working," she comments to Amyah, smiling more easily for all the enthusiasm.

"I don't know what you mean by moves, but no. The dead do not rise… but if a corpse is properly prepared, it is possible to enchant the dead ones to move as the living do…" Samira tilts her head, observing Madeline with piqued interest. "Does the magic of the dead interest you, little one? I had thought such dark magics were frowned on here in the West."

Samira glances over at Abraxas' outburst. She has no reaction to the harsh slur. Either she is unfamiliar with the word, or the pureblood witch is unoffended by it. Whatever the case, she doesn't attempt to interject. She merely watches with a pleasant smile of interest.

Samira takes a sip of her coffee before glancing up at Miranda. "Hm? Ah, yes. A great deal of treasure. My father is a cursebreaker and treasure hunter for Gringotts."

At the exclamation from Abraxas, Perry climbs to his feet, turning to face the boy. "Young man, you embarrass your family name, displaying such poor self-control." he declares sternly, staying right where he stands. "You should apologize to the young lady for your lack of decorum," he asserts, frowning with disapproval all the way.

Madeline looks between her usually jovial uncle, and her schoolmate, wide eyed - and curious. How'll Abraxas take to /that/, she wonders? As Samira addresses her, however, she drags her eyes back to the other witch. "Umm. Well, of course it's interesting. I like scary, spooky, creepy stories. They're a lot of fun! But I wouldn't ever do dark magic. I'm a Jr Auror, you see!" And here, she proudly produces and displays her badge.

Amyah’s hand freezes in midair, clearly already thinking about reaching out to the feline trapped in the cage. In fact, her mouth is open because she was about to ask the cat about being trapped in the cage. Alas, Abraxas causes her to freeze, and she tilts her head back with a flip, flicking her red hair out of her eyes as she lets out a little gasp. “Oh, well, /hi/ to /you/ Mister Grumpy Pants. You shouldn’t be so /rude/ or you’ll end up with no friends.” She gives Abraxas a very brief cross look as she straightens, the back of her fingers coming to rest on her hips. “I /just/ wanted to say high to your sweet little darling of a cat there.”

“Amyah, love, come here, dear.” She turns as her father speaks. “It’s the young gentleman’s choice if he doesn’t want people visiting with his cat.” The man does, of course, look very uneasy as he eyes the young lad and his daughter and is getting to his feet.

Amyah sighs out as she nods. “Yes. Yes, of course, Daddy.” As she starts to step over, she asks, “So can we have cat if we can get one from Madeline? Huh, huh?” Her father’s arm drapes over her shoulders, drawing her in close, leaning over to whisper to his daughter. “I really wish I could just keep you at home over school.” The man seems to be avoiding looking over to where the young lad is.

"I will not apologize for the truth. If she wants a cat, she can buy her own. Agathe is mine." Abraxas says, picking up the carrier. He motions towards the money on the table, "Never let it be said the Malfoys don't care for the concerns of the lower orders." And with that, he heads towards the door with a curt, "Good day."

Miranda bobs her head toward Samira in thanks for her answer while she concentrates on not looking at Abraxas again, nor does she interrupt Madeline's statement about being a… junior Auror? That gets a look from the older girl. As the others, aside from Perry, seem to let the slur pass without comment, Miranda does the same, though there is a taut outline in her jawline that doesn't relax for several seconds as Abraxas speaks again, then heads toward the door. She instead studies Amyah and forces a smile to her lips, then regards the girl's father for a moment. "So…" Social interaction? Not her forte. "Are you a wizard, sir?"

"Atrocious," Perry remarks. "Absolutely appalling." He remains standing frowning at Abraxas disapprovingly until the boy is gone - and only then does he sit back down.

"Isn't my uncle great," Madeline says brightly, smiling at her uncle before turning her attention back to the other girls. "We didn't really need someone like thaaaaat around here, anyways," she adds. "I mean - boys! Ick!"

Samira's smile turns a bit wicked as she watches Madeline show off a law enforcement badge of some sort. "I will take care not to practice such magic while I am here then." The foreign witch glances back over at the unfolding kerfuffle with amused interest. But, just as Abraxas is heading for the door, an elderly witch enters the shop and stops dead when she spots Samira.

"You! /This/ is where you've been?!" Her pursed lips are white with fury as she storms over towards Samira. The defiant smile Samira gives her just seems to add oil to the fire of her anger. The governess takes Samira by the arm and hauls her up with surprising strength, given her frail age. "Your uncle will be hearing of your disgraceful conduct." And she is dragging Samira away. "I haven't paid yet!" she tells her governess, but rather than allow her unruly charge to postpone their departure, she instructs a waiter to put whatever the girl spent on Penzington Prince's tab.

With a broad smile, Samira lifts a hand in farewell to those she had been speaking to, just as her governess yanks her out onto the street.

Miranda watches, wide-eyed, as Samira is suddenly called away. Or hauled away, more accurately. She opens her mouth to speak, then closes it and regards Madeline, Perry, Amyah and her father as if perhaps they know more about what just happened. Stymied, she instead sips from her tea, only commenting after, "I'd rather been looking forward to the leaf reading. Educated in Egypt! I don't know that I've ever met someone from Egypt. Meant to ask about the sphinxes… perhaps on the train. Can you believe we're nearly to the first day of school again? Summer has flown." It's nearly babbling, as her own cheer is a bit forced, but she plows on anyway, ending with a friendly smile.

Amyah lets out a breath as she winces a little. “Daddy, you’re… squishing me…” she says this, her hand moving to squeeze her father’s fingers.

“O-Oh, I’m sorry, dear,” says her father, relaxing his grip, which might have been hugging her just a little too snug.

“It’s no big deal, most of the kids are /really/ nice at school.” Amyah turns to look at the faces, offering smiles out at everyone. “Daddy, it’s /magic/ and it’s /wonderful/, almost like all the stories!” The redhead hushes on a gasp as the woman walks in, and she claps a hand over her mouth at the scene. “Oh no,” she squeaks into her hand. She lifts her other hand to offer a little wave at Samira. Lowering her hand, she whispers loudly, “It was lovely to meet you.” And to Madeline, she smiles hugely at her. “Your uncle is /amazing/.” She lets out a giggle.

At Miranda’s approach, Amyah’s father clears his throat as he lifts the side of his fist to his mouth. He seems to be considering something, and then smiles kindly as he dips his hands into his pockets. “Ah, perhaps… perhaps not like my daughter, but…” And he reaches a hand pat Amyah’s head, drops to her ear, and pulls out a single coin, Muggle currency from behind her ear, holding up so Miranda can see. “I can do talents like this.” And Amyah turns back to her father as she giggles. “That’s one of his favourite tricks!” she announces.

"Well - you've better not! Because I'd be bound by Honor and Duty," Madeline indicates the two words on her badge, "to report you to the others at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement," she entones solemnly, before bursting back into grins. The badge is put away again, and she turns to the door to watch a witch storm in - and drag Samira out. "Dear oh dear!" she remarks. "Well! See you soon!" she calls after the other girl, returning her attention to Miranda and Amyah.

"It really has flown by!" she agrees. "I'm looking forward to going back, though. Just loads and loads to learn, yet!" With her eyes on Amyah's father she adds, "Do you think you can come to Buckinghamshire to pick a cat? Otherwise, I could bring one on the train, if you like? We have so many - and school's really a lot better with a pet! I mean - not that it's bad before."

"Being better than something doesn't imply the first was bad," Miranda comments with an amused little grin. "It implies improvement, and I'd have to agree on that score. I find it so much easier to study when I have my little cat curled up in my lap."

Amyah’s father puts the coin back into his pocket. “I’m Michael, by the way,” he says, his voice rather soft spoken. “Come on, Little Sprite,” he says as he looks down at his daughter, hands staying on her shoulders. “Did you want some tea, love?” Amyah bobs her head energetically. “I do, I do,” she says, plopping in the seat and picking up her cup. She sips a couple times from the cup as her father winces. He lets out a sigh, grimacing. Oh, how he would love to see Amyah with a cat if she desires. Michael smiles warmly over at Madeline. “Thank you so much, m’dear. You’re very kind, but before I promise my daughter anything I think we better get her mother in on the decision.” Amyah sets down the cup and looks up, her eyes gleaming with a hopeful look as her father finishes, adding to Amyah, “I assume you know how to get in touch to inform her of the decision. A magical portal or some such?” Amyah giggles at the idea of the magical portal, and the turns to Madeline. “I can call you the telephone,” Amyah suggests. She giggles feverishly at the surprised look on her father’s face. “Muggle-born, too.” A sigh escapes the man. “…Muggle-born.” Why will he never get used to these terms?

"My parents wouldn't let me have a pet at first, you know. They said they wanted to see my marks first. But I was doing so well that after spring break they got me my raven, Mischief!" Madeline says brightly, smiling at both girls.

"Oh, yes, phone works best, though I could send Mischief over if you're set up like a post drop. Here - I'll write it down for you - how to reach us." Raising her arm, Madeline flags down a waitress to request a quill, ink, and scrap of parchment.

Miranda listens to all this with a great deal of curiosity, but at the mention of post, her eyes go wide. "Merlin's beard!" the older teen exclaims, suddenly reminded of something. "I promised I'd send the owl before noon, and here we are!" she continues, quickly gathering her things. She's about to leave coins behind when she spots the sickles left by Abraxas. For a moment, she studies them consideringly, but in the end she drops her knuts, waves her farewells to the others, promises to say hello on the Hogwarts Express, then scoots out the door with her parcels swinging dangerously close to colliding with the doorframe, then the passers-by of Diagon Alley. Soon enough, she disappears in the direction of the Owl Post Office.

Amyah drinks from her tea again before setting it back down. “The telephone, definitely the telephone,” says the redhead with a giggle. “Thank you. Thank you sooo much,” she says over to Madeline. As the girl rises, she leans over the chair, drinking again from her cup and then coming around the table to hug her arms around her father’s neck, giggling, kissing his cheek before she skips over to Madeline. And she simply reaches out her arms to drape them around Madeline’s shoulder to give her a great, big hug. “You are so nice, and very generous, and thank you so much for the offer, I hope my mother agrees.”

“We should probably get back out there and finish up,” says her father. He takes out a small bag from his pocket, and this is where he takes out the wizards’ coins. It takes him a moment to figure it out, but he has gotten the hang of this strange currency, leaving it on the table.

Madeline returns the hug, then passes over the telephone number. "Oh, it's nothing! You're doing /us/ a favor! You've no idea how hard it is to find homes for all of the cats. There's so many of them, every here!" She beams at Amyah, adding, "Have a great time shopping!" Taking what's left of the plate of ginger biscuits - she returns to sit with her uncle.

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