(1939-08-28) As Summer Wanes
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Summary: Several folks pass through the Leaky Cauldron to stop for a bite, a drink, and a chat.
Date: August 28, 1939
Location: Leaky Cauldron, London

It's morning about time for the breakfast crowd to show up. The Leaky Cauldron always a favorite of many witches and wizards for a drink or a quick bite to eat even. It's still cool outside before the heat can burn off the clouds and cause the whole place to heat up. Graham has been here for a little while and has a cider and a basket of chips in front of him quite the breakfast for the auror it would seem, but he's got a table so that's good.

Seren walks in briskly from the direction of the back alley and looks around quickly as if searching for someone in particular. Unsuccessful, she instead starts to find a place to sit, choosing a small table and sitting to face Graham. Recognising him, she smiles quickly and nods her head in greeting, then turns to order something quietly from the server as she settles her things next to her chair. She then looks across at the auror and asks, "Doing all right, Mister Cohen?"

Graham will turn at the doors opening out of habit, he spots the familiar witch as she enters and takes a table near his. He will return the smile though answering soon after "Im doing fairly well myself. I hope you are likewise well?" he pauses a moment "If you'd like you can join me here?" he motions to the seat across from him at the table.

Seren watches the comings and goings of people passing through, then grins as she relocates. "Far more efficient," she says as her version of thanking him, resettling once more. "And I am, thank you very much for asking," she then replies, polite but friendly. "Taking the day off to help a relative navigate Diagon Alley," she adds, which would explain the lack of her usual satchel when traveling between home and work. "She's about to start her first year at Hogwarts." By her tone, the dark-haired, pale-skinned woman is really quite delighted about the prospect.

"Excellent, first year at Hogwarts big step." Graham says smiling as she moves over to his table he will take a drink from his cider though he wonders "I had yesterday off myself, it was much needed i'll admit." he chuckles a bit "How has everything work been of late?"

"Oddly quiet," Seren admits, brows rising slightly. "Though I seem to remember this happening last year this same time. Perhaps the inventors of the world all stop to take a breath around now," she muses, grinning. "It looks like it will be a lovely day to have off. A good day to be out of my department, too. Everyone else seems to be gearing up for the new Quidditch season. It's all anyone can talk about, but then again, it is the department of games and sports, so…" She trails off, dark eyes twinkling before she turns away to thank the server for her food and drink, passing along some coins in exchange. Her own breakfast is a simple one of eggs, bacon and a Yorkshire pudding, along with a cup of tea.

Graham he will grin and take another bit of cider "Probably all having to ready children and the like for return back to school." He says wondering about the slow time he wishes his department would find a very slow time about now but not likely. "Ahh yes quidditch I wonder hm, I will have to try and take in a game, it has been quite a while since I have." he will look to the food delivered "That looks like a good breakfast. What is left for the school shopping, or doing everything today?"

"Oh, she'll need everything from robes to quills," Seren answers cheerfully as she breaks open her egg yolks with a piece of bacon. "She's coming in on the Muggle train with her mother, who's my mother's cousin. So… whatever that makes them to me," she says, waving her fork slightly and sounding unconcerned. "Only just got her letter a couple weeks ago, so she'll be on the young side for her class. I was thinking of giving her a pet to take along to school." Oddly chatty today, Seren pauses to regard Graham over the rim of her teacup, then asks as she carefully sets it down again, "Who do you support?" returning to the Quidditch topic.

The auror seems to enjoy the others light mood smiling as he listens to her speak "That will be fun get to watch them experience all of the new supplies for the very first time, and wand selection." Graham speaks highly of this trip thinking it will be a good time for both he hopes. The question about Quidditch team gets a pause "I supposed it'd have to be the Arrows, I had a friend who played for them until this past year."

Seren nods quickly, almost excitedly, head bobbing once as she prods her eggs with another forked piece of bacon. "I've followed Appleby for as long as I can remember. Much of my family supports the Harpies, and I suppose out of loyalty they're my second string, but…" She trails off, then laughs softly. "Sorry. Always been a bit of a Quidditch nut, though I've never been much of a player myself. It's just as well I ended up where I did." She pauses to take a bite of her breakfast, then asks, "Do you have any relations still at Hogwarts? I rather miss it sometimes. Such fond memories."

"Ah, so maybe you knew or at least heard of Nova, she was their chaser." Graham says and takes another drink from his glass setting it back down as he listens to the talk about the quidditch teams. "I never played myself, I am a fair flier but I wouldn't call it my best or strongest skill." he grins at this or a remembered thought of some sort. "I don't, i'm an only child beyond Rhyeline." he speaks easily enough here.

"Of course," Seren is quick to reply, smiling. "I was sorry to see her leave the team. Always brought some excitement to the play." She sips her tea, then leans back with the cup cradled delicately by one hand. "There's flying, then there's flying," she muses, eyes twinkling again as she hides too big a grin. "I do so enjoy it, but Quidditch takes an entirely new level of skill. Likely just one of the many reasons it's so popular," she adds, shrugging a shoulder slightly. At the mention of Rhyeline, one brow twitches upward slightly, but she does not otherwise comment on it. "My sister graduated last year. Haven't seen her since. Off in Europe somewhere, best we can tell."

Graham grins as she does remember the player. "She did indeed, she told me once she played so hard and that's why she was penalized so often." The auror chuckles not sure if this was true or not but its not a judgement just light talk. "True enough, a friend of mine enjoyes flying through the trees in Hogsmead as fast as her broom will take her. She invited me to go with one time, it was a close thing but i'm still in one piece." the talk about her sister gets a raised eyebrow "Hm, that is a popular thing these days, but the mainland i'm not sure if it's a good idea at the moment. I mean i'm sure she's okay of course."

"Sounds about right," Seren replies, sounding amused. She's just about finished her breakfast at this point, with only a couple small bits of bacon left, and a bite or two of the pudding. She seems more content to muse over what's left of her tea, however, as she sits across a small table from Graham. When discussion returns to Europe, Seren's smile falters. "That is our concern as well. She's always gone her own way, however. Trying to hold her back would have only made it worse. Here's hoping she keeps her wits about her. Or at least sends an owl once in a while."

From Charing Cross comes a strapping young wizard with an insufferable attitude, nose in the air and pale aristocratic features worked in an expression of blanket superiority. On his arm is Andromena, who is over all far less dreadful. Though she doesn't stay there, mind, because as soon as he enters the Leaky Cauldron the young man (he insists he is no longer a boy) starts preoccupying himself with shaking off the weather he's left behind. "Bloody rain," he states with affront. As if the fact that it rains in London is a targeted offense against him, personally. "I aught to be spending the last days of my vacation, if you could call it a vacation, in some warm and southern climate. Bah. I need something nice and.. potent, to warm me up from the inside. Yes. We shall have drinks, I believe."

Graham will look concerned but give a reassuring smile to his friend. "I'm sure she's fine, and as soon a she's shaken off the just out of school newness she'll come back." The auror says he grabs a chip from the basket and finishes it before turning back around as the door opens he recognizes the figure obviously from his office and gives a nod in greeting though if its seen or not that's something all together different before he turns back around.

Who would want to try and remain perched upon the arm as Alphard set about shaking himself free of the rain? A bit like a dog, albeit a very noble and austere dog of the purest pedigree. He would have papers! Supposing it was a dog shaking its coat free of dreadful wetness, then perhaps a tick might not mind clinging, ever clinging…Except as Alphard was not a dog, Andromena was very much not a tick! She had busied herself by daintily administering to her hair, and by the time Alphard got to his grumped statement of where he ought to be, she was nodding most gravely.

"It is a grave travesty," she told her beau - and not out of a simple-minded desire to always agree, but really, what student ever wanted vacation to end? Look ye well upon the couple and know Andromena for her own person! "A drink would be nice, yes." She began to set out in search for a proper table.

Alphard initially misses Graham's nod in greeting, too busy being involved with himself. It's only when most of the water's off him, and his other attires are properly in order once more, that he actually pays any attention to his surroundings. This is when he spots Graham and his companion. "Auror, from the office," he tells Andromena. After a tick he makes a polite nod in that direction. Seren he ignores. Noticing that his girlfriend is already scouting out tables, he suggests: "While you find us a place to sit, I'll make our orders. I can't honestly be bothered to wait around for the dreadful service around here." So said, he starts to make his way to the bar. He plants an altogether fake smile on his lips, and inquires into the establishment's better wine list.

Seren looks around when Graham does and spots the entering teens, but without recognition. She smiles back at Graham, nodding once, though saying nothing in reply at first. It's as much to finish her breakfast and tea as anything else, however. Once that's done, she states, "I should really remember to send her a letter today, as long as I'll be in Diagon Alley. Wherever she is, it's a good bet my little Niobe won't be able to reach her."

Entering from Diagon Alley, and determined to have a quiet lunch, is the garishly clad Brandy. She pulls off her outer robe, puts it on a hook to dry, before glancing around the room, looking for a likely place to sit. Maybe there's a friendly face, and some friendly company lurking around to be had.
…probably not that one, however, as she spots Alphard doing the same thing as she.

Andromena found a perfectly acceptable place to sit while Alphard went to get them drinks…but not before giving Graham a polite and entirely sweet-natured smile when Alphard told her who the man was. Then it was her lot to wait upon Black. Unlike some teens that might fidget about, Andromena seemed content to grow still and look at some spot far off; going inward with her thoughts rather than trying to scratch her name into the wood like some other poor sod looked to have done years before.

Brandy is pointedly ignored like the muggle-loving nobody she is. Alphard pays for his wine and then brings the two full glasses with him to the table where Andromena is waiting. "Here," he says, inclining his head gracefully to his lady company. When he sits it's with boyish nonchalance, a sprawl, one that oozes confidence. Which is somewhat of a put-on mask, since he has to clear his voice before pursuing the topic of conversation that's been lurking in the back of his mind for their whole trip. "Um. So…" he starts, quite eloquently. "About my cousin. We spent a lot of time together as kids. But then she went away. I actually thought she'd died. Hah." Hah.. ha.. that was a fake laughter if there'd ever been one.

"Thank you," Andromena said, as would be expected. She had manners, of course! Her dark eyes found Alphard's face, watching him in that inquisitive way of hers. As if she wouldn't be aware when Alphard was being disingenuous with her. Another girl might have grown suspicious with jealousy, but not she! Okay, sure, maybe there was just a smidge, but only because marrying cousins was not at all something to bat a lash at. Mostly though…mostly, Andromena was just curious. Why was he acting so strangely?

A slow sip was taken from her wine. To better comport herself while Alphard began to hesitantly toe the subject that was his cousin. "Clearly then," said slowly. "She did not die. This is cause for some joy, surely?" Her lips began to purse, and she clasped both hands together atop the table as she awaited Alphard to carry on.

"She didn't mention at all what her travel plans were then?" Graham asks from Seren about sending a message to her sister though ponders a moment "I think, the owl post in the alley will have an animal for the job so that's a good idea. He will turn back to the newly arrived students he catches the smile and returns it friendly as he often is. He will turn back spotting Brandy he'll offer a wave in greeting. He seems unable but to over hear the beginning of the conversation but he starts to turn there way before pulling himself back for the moment and eating a chip.

"Yes, an entire international section," Seren confirms cheerfully. "You know… I think I will do that now. I'll just tell my mother's cousin and her daughter to meet me at the post office." She gathers her things, then gives Graham a pleasant nod as she gets to her feet. "Lovely running into you again, Mister Cohen. Best of luck in the office today." She gives the others a fleeting glance, nods once to Brandy in passing, then continues toward the back alley.

Brandy nods her head towards Graham, then finally settles on an empty table for now, not seeing any of her particular chums. It isn't far from Graham's however. "Surprise me with one of the specials!" she calls cheerfully to one of the servers. "And some cider to go with it," she adds, as she settles into a seat.

"I suppose that.." For a second there, Alphard hesitates, and when he actually does answer his voice betrays his discomfort. "Uhm, yes. Yes, it was a cause for some joy when I found out that she hadn't actually died. Instead she'd, well, she'd gone away. That is, been sent away." As he says it he quickly glances around, to see if anyone is paying undue attention to his words. His voice drops to a paranoid whisper as he leans in against Andromena. This is super secret stuff! "She, uhm, that is to say, she's a.. well. To be frank, a.. a.." It is very uncharacteristic for Alphard to have trouble saying what's on his mind. Usually the problem lies in the other direction. Finally he forces out a barely audible: "Squib." A squib, and they're going to meet her after their drinks.

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