(1939-08-28) When Karma Happens
Details for When Karma Happens
Summary: Bannon has a few questions for Angelus, but when Elspeth arrives Angelus' plan backfires on himself.
Date: August 28, 1939
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Angelus is still here in the pub, sitting at a table. His pie has been polished off and the butterbeer replaced with a pumpkin juice. The notebook he’s been working in has been opened again. He drinks from his juice before picking up his quill again, tapping its end against the pages. Letting out a sigh, the youth leans back, slumping into a position of comfort as he flings a single arm over the back of the chair.

The door from Diagon Alley creaks open slowly to reveal none other than Auror Bannon Bates standing on the other side. Once the door is open, the bowler-hatted gentleman enters, closing the door behind him. His walking stick gently taps upon the floor as he walks. He approaches the bar and, to the person there, says, "Tea, white, two sugar. Steak and kidney pie. Please and thank you." Once ordered, his gaze moves about the room proper, taking in the people and the room as a whole.

Angelus stares at his notebook, his fingers tapping against the back of his seat as he hums. On a sigh he shifts his position, reaching out with his other hand and flipping the book closed in a cool gesture. His robes are a blue-green with patterns swirling around together, and the Eye of Truth dangles over top in front as he scans the taproom. Who has gone and who has come since he’s glanced about? Bannon is recognised and he quirks a brow curiously. For a moment he considers asking about what happened out in the courtyard, but then he quickly shifts his gaze to the fireplace, and then down to his book as he picks up his pumpkin juice to drain the cup.

Aha! There's a face of someone who he has been meaning to catch up with. Bannon promptly makes his way over to the table at which Angelus sits. "Excuse me, Mr. Eibon. I do not wish to encroach upon your time, however I would very much like to speak with you for a moment, if you have the time." He motions to a seat across from the young Eibon. "Might I join you?" His tone is as upper class sounding as ever, which only adds to his look, with his suit, bowler hat, and walking stick.

Angelus sets the cup down, and only slides his chair back an inch when the Auror is speaking to him. A brief grimace crosses his face while he’s looking down, but clearing his throat as he lifts his gaze Angelus has the perfect, gentlemanly smile over his face. “You want to speak to me, sir?” Well, of course he’s suspicious, he’s a boy and Aurors have too much to do to bother with them! …Right? Gel is standing up by the table, just to be polite and respectful, bowing his head a little as he looks over to the chair. “Yes, of course, sir. Be my-“ He falters a moment as he gestures at the chair, as he suddenly realises that his pendant isn’t tucked in. Clearing his throat, he carries on casually, “Be my guest.”

"Thank you, Mr. Eibon." Bannon bows his head in a slight nod, moving the chair slightly and sitting down across from Angelus. He takes off his bowler hat and places it on an empty spot on the table, as he also gently rests his walking stick on the table. While he makes note to look at Angelus as he talks, he notices the pendant that he wears. However, it is not the pendant that he asks about when he begins to speak. "Mr. Eibon, I was hoping you could assist me. You rushed off before I could get your statement the other day." He takes out a piece of parchment and a pre-inked quill from an inside pocket. "There was an incident just outside when we were here the other day, and I just had a few questions regarding what you may have seen in the moments leading up to the event, while we were all here talking."

A pair of muggles enter the Leaky Cauldron, with that bit of discomfort that comes from knowing exactly where they are, but not having the talent of most of the others. The man, with a kindly round face and hazel eyes with brown hair, holds the door for a woman who's thick, red, hair is trimmed and curled becomingly under the little hat. She thanks him with a smile, and the two are quickly waved by a curvy witch with brilliant red hair that she allows to tumble freely around her shoulders. A package is handed over and hastily hidden in the muggle woman's shopping bag while quiet words exchanged before the witch hugs the two of them and then disappears to the back towards the courtyard and its brick wall.

Left alone, now, the two make their way towards an empty table, the man looking at his pocket watch as they go. "~~It is a good thing that Elspeth was not early~~" he comments, the German even more out of place than the muggles themselves as they take the table next to Angelus and Bannon.

As Bannon sits and sets his things down, Angelus shifts his gaze to look around the taproom. He raises a hand above his head, signalling, so that when a waitress stops near he asks for some tarts and another pumpkin juice. Well, if he’s going to stay a bit longer he’s going to order something else. Angelus sits again, shifting his position and tapping a hand lightly on top of his closed notebook. He self-consciously plays with the chain around his neck, devising an excuse in his head in case he questions the pendant. He has to cover up the lie from the other day, after all. The blonde haired youth tilts his head a little, his eyes distancing themselves as if thinking back. “Mhm - the only thing weird I saw was the covered up stranger that was just… well, strange,” he decides with a shrug. “Sir? What did happen out there? Was everyone all right?”

Angelus’ royal blue eyes shift to the entering pair, watching with a minor curiosity as he frowns. They really have to do something about that entrance. There’s a look of distaste as his gaze follows them, especially when the name, the only thing he actually understands, brings out a cold stare. But when he realises he’s staring and almost forgot about the Auror, Gel lets out a sigh, drags a hand delicately through his styled blonde curls, and looks back to Bannon. “I’m sorry, I thought I might have recognised someone,” he explains with a soft smile.

His tea and food quickly delivered Bannon sips on the tea as he watches Angelus with what seems to be interest. Or perhaps it's just the keen, watchful eye that an Auror is trained to have. It's a moment before the auror says anything at all. It's hard to tell, however, what he is thinking, at least for the moment. "I am not at liberty at the present time to speak on the circumstances of the investigation." Probably a standard Auror office line, one that they all are accustomed to saying. "I am, however, curious if you remember anything in particular pertaining to the stranger in the covered garb. Was there anything in particular that stood out to you, aside from not being able to see their face. Were there any markings or emblems that you recall seeing?"

Noticing the apparent displeasure in Angelus' demeanour, Bannon, "Is something the matter, Mr. Eibon?" He asks of the boy, glancing between him and the couple next to them speaking German. "Do you find particular exception for a certain reason regarding those who have taken up sitting next to us?" His voice has lowered, so as not to bother the couple sitting next to him. He never attempts to be bothersome, unless it's for a good reason.

A cheerful swirl of sunny blue robes and a pretty dress made from creamy dotted swiss, Emily breezes through the door with all the effervesence of a bright spring day. Her dark hair flows loosely, pulled back from her face with the help of a silver and mother of pearl barrette. She weaves deftly through the throng, pausing in the middle as she looks about for an available seat.

The petite second year flicks her brown eyes over every face, perhaps as if searching for one that is familiar. When she sees Angelus, she gives him a smile and waves. She appears to be willing to give him space, though. The reason might be gleaned from the way she curiously studies the adult sitting with the blonde youth.

The muggles don't hear the auror's question, and, indeed, seem to be used to the look that Angelus directs them. At any rate, if they notice they don't show it. The man orders three butterbeers when the server comes around, pausing at their table before she moves over towards Bannon and Angelus.

Not long after they order, the door opens from the Diagon Alley side, and a red-haired teen, with freckles and hazel eyes to match the man at the table enters. She has a satchel strap crossing from shoulder to hip, and a clothing back from Madam Malkin over her arm. Her eyes flicker past Angelus, as if not recognizing him and to the couple. "~~Aba, Ima! You are here already? Am I late?~~" There's a slight note of concern in her voice as she approaches to hug them and put her bags in the fourth chair.

A light sigh escapes the youth, head drooping just a bit. Sparks, of course not! It’s the same deal as when he asked Brandy about the incident in Knockturn. So of course, it is an expected response, and Angelus simply just rolls his shoulders back casually. It didn’t matter anyway, he’s sure his father will eventually find out. Angelus remains silent while he’s clearly thinking, but has slowly begun to shake his head. He’s frowning as he says, “No. No, sir, I can’t say I saw anything like that. He gave you an uncomfortable feeling, but that’s all.” A brow arches at Bannon, looking at him quizzically as he cocks his head to the side. “What, sir?” He stares at him with confusion. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat. “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” His royal blue eyes shift, spying Emily, and he lifts a hand to wave to her. Well now he’s more eager to step away from the table. “If there’s nothing else, sir, I should leave you to your meal.” He dips his head politely, but as the waitress passes by with his tarts he directs her towards where Emily is.

Angelus certainly can ignore the couple next to them, but it’s too late. He can’t depart before the other arrival. His chair is sliding back over the floor as he rises, intending to step to the side right in front of Elspeth without appearing to realise it, but so she either runs into him or trips.

"Actually, young sir, there is more I wish to discuss with you. That pendant." Bannon holds up a hand and points to it. "I very much would like to know more about it and the meanings behind it." He tells the youth. His questioning is cut short, for the time being, by the crossing of paths of the two youths, and the results therein.

After depositing her things and giving greeting hugs and kisses to her parents, Elspeth moves towards her seat, only to find the way blocked by the younger boy she had ignored. Rather than running into him, she stops short, not wishing to give him the pleasure of barking her shins or crashing into him. However, her plan is a bit foiled by the waitress approaching her table with the three butter beers. Not noticing the sudden stopping of traffic in front of her, she runs full speed into the Ravenclaw prefect, and loses her grip on the large mugs. Although they're charmed to not break as the go tumbling, their contents spill over the taller girl's shoulders and cascade towards the Gryffindor.

At the wave, Emily heads over in that direction. She has that smile girls get when they know they look pretty, sassy and a little shy all at the same time. However, when the waitress arrives to intercept her with tarts… "Uh. Thanks?" Holding the plate of tarts, a very confused-looking Emily continues her path to Angelus. "Gel, why did the waitress just hand me a plate of tarts? I can only assume these are yo—OH LOOK OUT!" She winces, squinching one eye closed shut and just baaaarely peeking out of the other in a classic case of 'I cannot bear to look and yet I cannot look away'.

Angelus winces, shaking his head slowly. He just couldn’t get away from him before he asked! He glances down at his self, shaking his head as he tosses his chin up with superiority. “This one, sir? I-“ But he’s still rising from his chair and moving to the side, which evidently blocks Elspeth. He might have been expecting her body to hit him, but as the liquid splashes out onto the side of his robes he freezes, inhaling sharply. “Bloody… Blimey…” That wasn’t how it was supposed to work out! And because of the undesired effect, he rounds on Elspeth with a distasteful look. His fingers pinch out at the side of his robes, looking quite disgusted as he holds them out and away from his body. “/What/ is your /issue/, Rosen? Do you have to ruin everything you get close to you?!” he snaps. No sooner does he spit it out does he suck in a breath, clearing his throat as he cringes. Oops!

Emily does what any girl would do for her fella. She promptly and unseeingly plops the plate of tarts into Bannon's outstretched hand (probably not what he was expecting) and rushes to Angelus's side. The heat of a thousand suns is packed into one nasty little glare she gives Elspeth. "I'm so sorry, Miss," she says to the waitress BEHIND Elspeth, her voice airy and unshakeably calm. "That heifer shouldn't have stopped in the middle of the aisle. I do hope that you were uninjured."

"Oh dear…" Bannon inches off to the side, so that none of the liquid gets on his shiny shoes. Pulling his wand out of his walking stick, he flicks wand. All the liquid on the ground disappears, making some of the work for the serving staff a little bit easier. "Now, now, Mr. Eibon, I'm sure this was all just an honest mistake. There's no need to speak in such irksome tones. After all, no true harm has been done. Clothes can be cleaned, drinks may be refilled." He speaks on a soft, yet still somewhat upper-class, tone. However, when the tarts get placed in his hands, he just blinks. He places them gently on the table.

Elspeth's shoulders hunch reflexively as the butterbeer hits, but, since she's in wizarding London, her charmed pendant is back in place. The liquid runs down her dress to pool on the floor where Bannon cleans it up with a spell, leaving her dry and unfazed.

"Well, but it's a good thing she did stop where she did. I daresay if I'd run into the little lad, I'd've squashed him right well," the waitress responds to Emily, checking to be sure all parties are all right before heading back towards the bar for refills. She is halted by the kindly man as he stands.

"Please, do not be bothering yourself," he says in his thickly accented English as he counts out the right money for the spilled drinks. "I have been noticing the time, and we are needing to catch the last train, and we must be hurrying to do so. I am apologizing for any inconvenience." He nods, holding out an arm for his wife as she stands, offering to take her shopping bags for her.

Bending over to pick up her recently settled purchase, Elspeth shakes her head. "Bad luck, Eibon," she commiserates. "It is being too bad that I cannot stay for a chat and to make the acquaintance of your little friend. But, we shall be seeing each other at school soon enough." She bobs her head to Bannon as she passes him, following her parents to the London door.

Emily looks at Angelus. "You're a mess," she says calmly. Elspeth and her kindred are ignored by the little brunette. "You should get cleaned up. I was actually looking for my father, but I suspect that he's already headed back to his shop. Mother is working late at the Ministry tonight… So I'll be around after you get cleaned up." She gestures to Bannon. "I left your tarts with him." Bannon is given a small, distracted smile before Emily looks back to Angelus. "Do you remember how to get to Father's store?"

Angelus’ eyes are icy cold as they burn onto Elspeth. A strong dislike flickers in them as he glares at her. It’s obviously all Elspeth’s fault, never mind that he’s the one responsible in truth. As his eyes flick onto Emily a grin stretches across his face, a very appreciative look is given to her. While keeping his robes away from touching her, he leans just close enough so that he can kiss her cheek. “You’re a pleasant sight, Miley.” He tilts his head, turning his gaze to look at Bannon as he lets out a sigh. But before he responds to him, Gel is snapping his gaze back onto Elspeth, her words adding to the fire just below. He hisses at all three of them as they depart. “Next time keep your slimy, disgusting creatures out of this place. You defile our world with your presence.” He definitely doesn’t look to Bannon, in fact he might just be inching away, shooting a look towards the fireplace.

Emily's mouth curls into a small, sideways smile at the compliment and cheek kiss, not to mention the thoughtful restraint of soaked robes. The smile, however, turns into a smirk at his parting shot to the others. Then, dawning. "Oh ick. Mudbloods?" She shudders. "I'm -soooo- glad they didn't touch me." She sighs. "THIS is why Mother doesn't like me coming here. Too many undesirables, she says. Anyway, come see me at Father's store. See you, Gel!" And off she darts.

For a few moments, Bannon stays out of the discussions. It is not his place. He was merely here to eat and speak with Angelus briefly. However, at Angelus' outright besmirching of the red-headed girl and what he assumes is her family, he can't be silent. "Angelus Eibon. I may not know your family personally, but I expected better of an Eibon when in public. To speak of anyone in such a manner, to insult them…to be assured, your parents shall be hearing from me on this matter. I shan't think they'll be pleased to be hearing from an auror on a matter such as this." He then frowns at Emily. "And using that word makes it even worse. I am very displeased at what I have heard and seen today." He shakes his head. "Youth should not be speaking to each other in such manners." He says firmly. In the direction of Elspeth and her family, "I apologize, sir, madam, miss." It doesn't matter if they've got their backs turned. He still feels the urge to attempt and apology. To Angelus, he says, "No doubt you wish to change. I still have a question or two for you. Please inform your parents to expect my arrival within the next day or two at their earliest convenience, before September the First."

Angelus struggles to get his cool resolve back. The boy is clearly agitated, and it doesn’t help matters when Bannon begins scolding him. His lips curl with disfavour as he shoots his gaze towards the London exit again. He needs to be polite, respectful. So since Bannon is speaking to him he turns, but the irritation still sparks in his eyes, it can’t be helped. He lets the Auror speak without interruption, even bowing his head in an action that might be seen as shamed. He grimaces down at the floor before he lifts his head again, forcing himself to meet Bannon’s eyes. He clears his throat as he says, “You don’t need to do that, sir.” Gel frowns, sighing out as he rubs two fingers over his mouth. “It was a moment of anger, nothing more. I shouldn’t have snapped like that. I will make sure to send them an apology as soon as I can.” Does he look sorry? Well he looks sorry for something even as he’s clearly irked.

Shortly after Angelus looked back to the group, that door to Muggle London was pushed open and in stepped Terrance. He glances to those present before walking over to stand at the bar. Offering the barmaid a smile, he ordered glass of firewhiskey.

"I still wish to speak with you father and mother, Mr. Eibon." Bannon takes a deep breath in, putting on his hat and putting his wand back into the top of the walking stick. Making sure he has Angelus' full attention, he continues. "I am required to inform your parents regarding your assistance in this investigation, as you are an underage wizard." He explains. This may or may not be true, but regardless it is an excuse for him to meet with the Eibon elders, as it were. "Whether I tell them of your comments today is another matter. Once again, please inform your parents that I shall be making an appearance at the Eibon estate within the next couple of days at the earliest suitable time."

Angelus’ eyes shifts out to the side to spy Terrance passing, but he doesn’t give a wave or any sort of greeting. Not now, he’s focused on the Auror. He dips his head into a respectful bow. “Yes, sir,” he states. Nothing to do but accept it, but he /can/ devise a very good reason why he lost control to Elspeth. When he straightens, he turns to gesture towards the fireplace. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to change, sir.”

Spotting that the situation seemed to be one of a more serious nature Terrance held back, taking the glass of firewhiskey as it is handed to him. He raised a brow as he watched Angelus bow his head to the Auror, a slight smile slipping on his lips knowing that it was a rare thing to see. Then he gave a light shake and lifted the glass to his lips, taking a sip causing his eyes to narrow at the drinks bite.

Nodding to the boy, Bannon says, "Of course, Mr. Eibon. I shall see you and your parents before too long." For himself, he does begin to stride to the London exit of the pub. He has more work to do!

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