(1939-08-30) Just Another Day at the Shop
Details for Just Another Day at the Shop
Summary: Morgana speaks with Melania about some instructions she gave her.
Date: 1939/08/30
Location: Black Apothecary
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Melania has just returned to the shop after grabbing a bit to eat. She arrives, pushing her way into the shop, pausing to glance around. She is a bit obsessive when it comes to her shop, so immediately, she turns to fiddle with this and faddle with that.

Morgana was in the back, going through the inventory when she heard the shop door open. Coming out she looks before she greets, deciding to skip the normal shop greeting for the owner. "Welcome back Madam Black. How was the food at the Cauldron today?" She asks politely. Morgana is also a bit of a neat freak, so she keeps the shop just as orderly as Melania likes it. Except when the students pile through, and then it's nearly impossible to keep things neat until they leave.

Melania says, "Simple. As always. Though, succulent." She at least gives a little bit of a compliment there. "I am hoping to get new contacts for supplies. Noalan Eiben II. He has sold me a few supplies before, but perhaps he could become more of a regular supplier." She looks to her, "Anything of interest happen while I was out?""

"I may go there for dinner tonight, it will be far better than anything I would make at home." Morgana admits with a shrug as she finishes up writing one of the orders. "I do not know much about him, save what you have told me, but if he is able to supply things we cannot get else where for a better price than I think it would be wise." When asking what happened while she was out, Morgana frowns. "Nothing exciting. I am still working on that special order you gave me, it will take a bit more research before I can actually brew said potion."

Melania can't help but to laugh. "That, I have in common with you, dear." She has an amused grin on her face. "I can brew any potion, but ask me to make something as simple as stew and it somehow manages to get crunchy bits in it." She glances over her shoulder to Morgana, "Do not fret, the potion will come in time. Thank you for working on it. Thankfully, I won't need it for another month, so you have plenty of time." She finishes reorganizing what some prankster kid intentionally disorganized. "How are our mandrake stocks?"

"I've burned so many things, that I've been banned from my grandmother's kitchen. I've gotten better now, I can make something that is bland, or over salted." However when she mentions for her not to fret over the potion, Morgana nods. "Yes of course." Which means she's going to, since it is such a very odd request. When she asks about the stock she'll flip through a few pages on her clipboard and shake her head. "Low, but we should have enough to get us through the last minute Hogwarts rush, and be okay until the next shipment comes in."

Melania nods quietly. "I was afraid the mandrakes would run out. They always do. I don't know why mandrakes run out so fast and seem to be so hard to come by." She finishes the task at hand before coming to look at the work, "Well, what is the problem with the special order?"

"The second years need them, and from what I remember you have to wait for the mandrakes to grow, which takes a few months. You would think that they would stagger their planting of them so that they wouldn't run into this issue." It seems simple enough to Morgana, but than again she wasn't great a Herbology. When asked about the special order, Morgana blinks several times. "He's asking for a Fountain of Youth potion, that doesn't exist. That seems to be the biggest problem."

Melania looks to Morgana now and her brows furrow. "What?" She blinks slightly. "That is impossible. I would not ask something like that from you. -I- couldn't even do that. Perhaps you misread my order. I was simply asking you for a cosmetic aide of youth. There is no such thing as a permanent youth potion."

Morgana raises her brow just a bit and slips off into the back room, grabbing a piece of parchment paper that she has the instructions written down on. "I could have swore you told me the other." For a moment she just looks confused at the paper and leans against the counter.

Melania cants her head slightly, watching Morgana retrieve to parchment. She is confident in what she knows she wrote in that letter. "Is that my note?" She inquires. "If it is, let me see it." Her dark gaze studies Morgana intently.

Morgana easily passes over the note that she was left. "I was pretty sure that's what you wrote, and your hand writing is very neat so I don't think I've mis-read it. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong however." Morgana says with a touch of nerves in her voice.

Melania takes the note and looks it over. She actually reads it a few times. "But.." She turns the page over to look at the back before looking back to the front. "No. I did not write this." She proclaims. "It looks like my handwriting, but.. I distinctly remember asking for cosmetic only potions from you.." She glances up to Morgana. "I don't understand this."

Morgana shakes her head. "That's what you left me, and it looks like your handwriting." Morgana says with more confusion and shakes her head. "How would I get this note then? Than you left for those few days as well. Is there something going on Madam Black?" Otherwise she's spent several weeks researching the impossible.

Melania looks over the note again. "I am telling you.. this is not what I wrote.." She looks to Morgana, her brows furrowed. "We need to investigate to see if the parchment is enchanted. I -know- I am not loosing my mind -that- badly." She crumbles up the note in unladylike frustration.

Morgana thinks it over for a moment and even goes as far as to pace about the room, as if it will help her think things through. "If it's enchanted than you may not want to crumple it." Her words are dry and precise as if she was just rattling off a recipe. Passing by a specific shelf seems to jog her memory, and she shakes her head. "No, it couldn't be."

Melania releases the parchment onto the table, it rolls over in a ball. "No, but it felt good in the moment of frustration." She admits honestly. A deep breath is taken before she glances back to Morgana, watching her pace. That one brow arches up again. "What couldn't be?"

Morgana turns back around, holding a vial of powder. "About a month ago, a German gentleman came in here, asking a lot of bizarre questions. I was able to answer them to his satisfaction, and at the end of it all he mentioned that he worked in the Department of Mysteries. I'm not saying this is from him, but I am saying that it is a bit mysterious that you would write one request and I would receive another."

Melania looks to the parchment and then back to Morgana. "I don't believe in coincidence." She reaches for the paper and now primly spreads it back open. She looks at it over. "Let us get someone who specializes in enchantments to evaluate this note."

"You did not strike me as the type who did." Morgana says with a nod of her head. "I'm not sure if they would change your note, but simply replace it. I'm sure if it is from who I think it is, he'd have some way to mimic your handwriting." At least that's what Morgana thinks. "So you said I had another month left, now I need to think of what my next move is, and be very careful about it."

Melania looks to Morgana. "Something is up here and someone is going to hear my mind on it." She reaches out to touch her employee on the arm. "Let us first see if the parchment is enchanted. Also.. if it isn't, I very well could have had a moment of.. lapsed memory or something. I am sure stranger things have happened."

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