(1939-08-30) Parenting Tips
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Summary: Bannon faces of against the elder Eibon in a discussion about parenting.
Date: August 30, 1939
Location: Eibon Manor

The evening has cooled off considerably since the warm day. Angeline has been busy with a couple of the injured animals in the stables, but she’s finally walking away and back to the house. She’s quite cheerful, a bright smile in place that lights up her eyes. She’s in no real hurry to get back to the house, enjoying the cool air as her light blue eyes scan the grounds around her.

“Ange’us, I’m hungry.” “I’m hungry, too.” Two blonde haired little girls, couldn’t be more than five or six, are all over the youth, each tugging on his hands as Angelus follows. While the girls look identical, one wears pink robes and the other purple.

“We’ll have something brought to the family room,” suggests Angelus, letting himself be lead along by the two children. Up the stairs from the basement, up another level, as he heads for the family room below his parents room.

Craaaack! The sound of someone apparating can be heard, not too far along the road behind Angeline. Bannon, wearing his typical suit, bowler hat, and with walking stick in hand, he starts his brisk walk toward the Eibon Manor. His walking stick gently taps upon the ground with each stride forward, as he gazes upon the short journey ahead of him. "Mrs. Eibon, I presume?" He calls out to the woman he sees ahead of him, hoping that his guess is correct.

The sound of the crack has the blonde witch pausing, turning to bring her gaze towards the arrival of the wizard. Her smile is charming and friendly as she tilts her head. “Hello,” she greets. “I am, yes.” She’s approaching the wizard now, so that she may offer out a hand to him. “Hmm, I suppose you must be Auror Bannon. We’ve been expecting you.”

Angelus continues his way towards the family room, following the twins.

Offering his own hand in greeting to her. "Yes, madam. Auror Bannon Bates." He offers but a small smile. "I do hope that this is not an inauspicious moment to be calling upon your and your husband's time. I am aware of how precious it must be for the both of you." His tone offers sympathy, and notes of an upper-class upbringing can be detected in his accent. "Might I join you in the remaining walk toward the manor?"

Angeline shakes his hand before withdrawing hers. A light laugh escapes her in response to the time, shaking her head in reassurance. “On the contrary it gives me a reason to take a break. I was just working with the animals,” she adds. She’s a cheerful, hospitable woman, and she smiles as she gestures towards the manor. “Certainly,” she says.

They will be approaching the manor from the front, stepping up the front stairs past the fountains flanking the landing.

The Large double doors of the manor lead into a large marble lined room. On the left and right of the doors are large vault like alcoves complete with large iron security doors. Within the vaults are a pair of fires and specially a large, specially drawn out circle for apparition. A few comfortable but older looking arm chairs sit near the fires in the vaults. The setup is meant to allow for large numbers of arriving guests, but it's also clear anyone arriving uninvited will be unable to leave the rooms. Another set of double doors opposite the front doors, set with glass, look into the large main hall. Tucked back discreetly beside each entry vault are a set of stairs, one leading down on the left and one leading up on the right.

Angelus is on the level above, looking over the railing to the first floor of the main hall. He walks around and is towed into the family room, where the twins release his hands and walk ahead of him, whispering to each other and giggling.

"What a lovely home you have, Mrs. Eibon." Bannon says as he looks around. As they enter, he takes off his bowler hat, as is only acceptable. "It has an exquisite…elegance to it that one does not find in more 'modern' architectural styles." Turning back to Angeline, he asks, "I do not wish to appear too forward, but where shall we be convening our discussion?" Straight to business he is, though he does not appear rude in the process.

"Auror Bannon. What a pleasure it is to have such an esteemed officer of the law pay us a visit." Noalan II drawls, stepping down some side stairs near the entry vault and walking further into the entry hall. His tone carrying the slightest hint of contempt despite the pleasant words, "My sources at the ministry must be mistaken. If you can find the time to personally deal with a minor incident of adolescent name calling, you must be close to catching those muggle terrorists. They've been telling me there's been little more than incompetent flailing going on. I'll be sure to defend your good names next time they spread such lies, don't you worry. Or is this all just some front for another 'surprise inspection'," Noalan II is on the tall side, with graying hair and an expensive looking silver robe. "But where are my manners, do make yourself at home. Are there any refreshments you would like? Please do join us upstairs in our sitting room."

With a raised eyebrow, Bannon looks to face the elder Eibon. He bows his head in greeting to the man. "Mr. Eibon. It is a pleasure to meet a man held in such high esteem by so many, both within and outside the Ministry." The sides of his mouth twitch, almost as if they're attempting to smirk and he's stopping them from doing so. "I'd say that it is rather imprudent to entertain the words of those who, I imagine, are mostly working indirectly on the cases. We are doing all we can to apprehend those responsible for all heinous crimes. But I digress, this is certainly, of course, what we are not gathered to discuss." He offers a tight smile to both Noalan II and Angeline. "I do assure you, Mr. Eibon, I merely wish to discuss young Angelus with you today."

A warm smile flashes across her face, and Angeline manages a gracious, “Thank you,” in response to the compliment. But before she can neither answer Bannon’s question as to sitting arrangements nor make her own offer, her light blue eyes are gliding towards her husband. Clearly there’s no need for her to step in to introduce anyone, so she stands back, stepping to the side of the stairs as she gestures up. “If you’d like to follow my husband,” she inputs. “I’ll have some refreshments brought up.”

Noalan sweeps his hands out to either side and bends slightly at the waist in a mock bow. "The pleasure is mine, of course. I always enjoy hosting our ministries finest whenever they deem us worthy of their time." He gives his wife a small nod, "Would you please have the house elf bring some refreshments up for our guest?" His light eyes shift back to Bannon, "I assure you sir, I do my best to get the most accurate information, but Aurors are also so closed mouthed about ongoing investigations. I'd be happy to hear some actual facts from you if you care to share them after this paltry matter is taken care of." Turning, he heads back up the stairs, "Do come this way."

"Thank you, Mrs. Eibon. That is kind of you." Bannon offers to her before following Noalan II up the stairs toward the family room. "I hope you do not think me lackadaisical regarding my other auror duties because I opted to speak with you regarding your son, Mr. Eibon. I assure you…I take my job, and all my duties, quite seriously. I give them all my full effort as if they are all the most important of jobs to be done. Granted, I spend more time on the jobs that have the most widespread and disastrous affects. Though our resources are stretched thin at times." Growing up around the, well, 'well off' types of muggle England, he often saw those of all standings from government and other sources when they were over at his family's estate, being entertained. They often spoke similarly, in hopes that, eventually, said well off families would donate. And while this is how he speaks now, he holds no notion that the Eibons will, in fact, spend their money on the auror office any time soon. "Even so, however, I wish to give this incident, however small, its due course and to make sure that all is well."

“What are the two of you whispering about?” Angelus looks suspiciously at the twins, quirking one brow while the other lowers as he lets out a hum. This can’t be good, he’s sure of it, even as he wears a rather affectionate expression on his face. One of the girls turns to him, lifting her arms as she exclaims in excitement, “Ange’us, my baby is crying! Look!” And her twin pipes up, pointing over to where the animated dolls are muffled ‘crying.’ “Mine too.”

Angelus lifts a hand to drop his forehead into it. He’s not playing with dolls! “That’s becauuuUUUUSSE-“ His voice raises at the end of because in a playful roar, lunging out to snag one of the girls and tickle her. “It hears a chimaera coming up to get you.” It’s a playful growl as he tickles one of the girls, his other arm flailing after the other. The girls both shriek, the one pinned by Angelus giggling and struggling to get away while the other backs away. “No, no, no, I tickle you.”

Angelus freezes in his tickling so that his prisoner can escape, and mock laughs when the other tickles him. “Oh, oh no! Agghhhh!”

Like much of the house, the sitting room has the slightly disorienting aspect of being larger inside than it's outside detentions would allow for. Where the ground floor has a welcoming but rather sterile feel to it, designed for entertaining, this room has the homey feel of constant use. The floor is richly carpeted, warm and soft. There are a few book shelves, along the walls and large comfortable chairs set up for more intimate talks, but most of the room is devoted to child hood. Toy chests outnumber book shelves, and small chairs outnumber large. Despite the house elves best efforts, there's always some toys scattered around in out of the way areas. Large windows look out both over the front yard and into the main hall. A small fire up on a counter is the only visible source of heat in the room, though its purpose is more likely for floo network conversations than climate control.

Taking a seat wherever he's directed, Bannon rests one leg atop another, while resting his walking stick up against the chair and his bowler hat on his lap. "I do appreciate this meeting, Mr. Eibon. I know both yourself and your wife are extremely busy individuals. Any amount of time is appreciated."

"I would never impugn your work ethic Auror Bannon. You clearly even devote a significant amount of time to the most meaningless of tasks. It isn't my place to tell you how to best prioritize your responsibilities." Noalan says, the entire time his tone sounding bored and his body language practically shouting that he feels it's a waste of his time. He walks over to a grouping of chairs and gestures to one while taking another, "By all means. Please sit. It'll be nice to hear about this family squabble from a stranger… to get a fresh perspective on it." He finishes after a slightly too long pause. The elder Eibon steeples his fingers and leans back, regarding the Auror with a predatory gaze. He gives the children’s presence no attention at all.

“Oh, shh, shh,” Angelus hushes the girls, placing a finger to his lips when his father and Bannon appear. “Go play with the dolls quietly,” he whispers. The twins only really need a reminder, because they quiet down quickly enough when Noalan II enters along with a man they haven’t seen before. “Let’s go, Sera,” says one girl, taking her sister’s hand and walking away from the seats the grown-ups take to the toys. Angelus simply remains on the floor, though he does shift his position so one knee touches the ground as he sits, and the other knee is raised with his foot on the floor. Though his gaze follows his father and the Auror, he doesn’t say anything unless he’s spoken to.

Angeline comes up the stairs eventually, surveying the room as she steps towards the gentlemen. “The house elf will be bringing something in shortly,” she says warmly as she approaches, seating herself in a chair nearest her husband. It doesn’t take very long at all for the house elf to pop in, as if Angeline was just ahead of her. Two trays are hovering just over the head of the creature, which floats towards the seats. One with pastries on it floats over, setting down on a table while another with a pot of tea and tea cups, and condiments, which is set down as well before the house elf takes a bow. “Will that be all the lady would like of me?” says the little creature respectfully. Angeline sends him off with a nod and a bright smile before she offers, “Do help yourself, sir.”

There is a glance to the children by the auror, but for now, his attention is primarily on Noalan II. While it's obvious to Bannon, as it would no doubt be obvious to anyone in this scenario, that the elder Eibon man is bored and would rather be anywhere else, he does his best to just ignore all the little pokes at him. After all, he is in their home, and if Noalan II has truly done his homework on him, than the man no doubt knows that the auror is a muggle-born. He must tread carefully. Offering a smile, however, and a nod to Angeline, he prepares his tea, holding the cup gently above the saucer, and lifting it up to drink much like a proper gentleman. He's a muggle-born, not a barbarian, after all. "Thank you, for your hospitality. It is greatly welcomed." He offers with a small bow of the head.

Once the Eibons have their own refreshments, he begins. "I believe it prudent to speak of course of events on the day in question." Bannon starts of, as if reciting for the courts. "I had stopped by the Leaky Cauldron for a quick spot of tea and something to eat, before I continued my duties of the day. I saw your son, Angelus, there, studying some pieces of parchment." At this, he does acknowledge Angelus with a look and a nod, before speaking once again to the elder Eibons. "Your son had been there a day or two previous, where I had met him initially. In the course of that day, there had been a crime that was committed in the alley way entrance to Diagon Alley behind the Leaky Cauldron. As I believed your son had been a witness to the perpetrator of said crime, I wished to question him on what he could remember of the day. As he started to get up to leave," he takes another sip of the tea, "although I wasn't done questioning him, which is neither here nor there at the end of the day, a young lady with red hair stopped abruptly, so as to avoid colliding with your son. This event, however, caused a server to collide with her, and spill butterbeer." He pauses, and looks at all the people in the room. "And while I can imagine his annoyance at his clothes getting wet, as anyone would be, he spoke to the young lady in a very disrespectful tone and with impolite words. And while he did not use the most impolite of words toward this young lady, it felt like it was boiling right under the surface." He is silent for a moment, though this time not taking a drink of his tea. He merely considers the family. "While I am not personally generally perturbed by words, I do believe that a person should carry themselves with decorum while in public." Once again, there is a moment of silence before he continues. "I would never dare tell a person what they should believe, especially when it comes to blood purity." And there it is. He's saying it. Blood purity. "I'm afraid I believe it was an underlying issue in the encounter. Now, whatever your family believes on the issue, that's not what I'm here to talk about. I merely believe, however, that the dictates of polite company state that being rude in public is rather bad form. A person may be annoyed or angry, but it does no honour to one's name to sully another person with words in such a fashion."

Noalan doesn't seem to blink quite as often as should be required. It's difficult to tell at first, but his sharp eyes unwavering as the Auror tells the story, it's certain that the period between blinks is entirely too long. He doesn't interrupt, in fact the silence carries on several uncomfortable seconds beyond when he stops talking. Just as one might begin to wonder if he was going to speak at all he says, "And is that all?"

Angeline does not interrupt the Auror as he speaks. She drinks from her tea, her light blue eyes watching the man for most of it even as her gaze trails toward her son at particular areas that are spoken. She offers Bannon a smile and sips her tea again, her eyes sliding onto her husband briefly. As she looks back onto the Auror, she’s decided that it’s best that she stay quiet.

And of course, Angelus is silent, sitting where he is, his royal blue eyes watching the twins as they play.

"As I say, a family or person's beliefs are certainly not my place to question. However, when it should become an apparent issue in public, it is my concern." Bannon states quite firmly. "While the issue certainly could have been worse, I find that these issues only tend to escalate if they are not attended to. As well, I had the distinct feeling that the family, and especially the young one, was made to feel quite unwelcome in a business where all are welcome." He takes a deep breath in. "I have seen it happen that when such matters are left unexcused, when they are left to fester and grow in a public sphere, tend to end in more violent means." He pauses, merely to take a sip of his drink. "Now, having one's opinion on a person's status is a matter in and of itself. If expressed in a calm, collected, and intellectual manner, leads to no harm done in the long run. Healthy debate never hurt a soul. I merely wish to ensure that matters do not escalate further in the future beyond proper and polite deliberation between opposing parties."

Noalan leans back in his chair, his hand falling into his lap. "Auror Bannon. I would like to start by thanking you for taking such an uncommonly personal interest in the raising of my children, but I believe I have information that you should know if you want to continue down that path. The girl in question is actually a… 'friend of the family'. Specifically, a close friend of my eldest son. She and Angelus have had issues for some time. From what I've heard from third parties, the bickering between the two is nothing new and never one sided. Angelus is simply concerned his brother is falling in with a bad crowd and sees her as the cause. Do you have any siblings Auror Bannon? I can assure you emotions can get quite heated when you feel you are only trying to protect your brother. In any case, we do not condone what Angelus did, and have already had a talk with him. You are absolutely right that such conduct is unacceptable, and had either my wife or I been there at the time he would have been sharply corrected. In addition, thanks in large part to your interest in preventing future such occurrences, we have banned her visiting the house while Angelus is here." The Elder Eibon pauses here for a moment to sip his tea. "Your careful language throughout this interview is commendable, by the way, but my personal views are quite clear on this matter. We are not against you Auror Bannon, we simply aren't taking sides. If your primary concern is truly about one party making another feel unwelcome, I would recommend you turn your sights towards the school and the board of governors." His mouth quirks up at the end of that, ever so slightly.

Angeline lets the men speak while she sips her tea. Setting down her cup to the side, she grabs a pastry from the platter. She doesn’t input, just sitting here and listening and letting her husband take care of things, as with Angelus who has nothing really to say as he watches the younger children.

"I've no doubt that were I in a similar situation, I'd be concerned with those close to me falling in with the wrong crowd, yes." Bannon looks between Noalan II, Angeline, and Angelus in turn. Angeline who has been completely kind and polite to him; Noalan II who has been 'polite' while making pokes at him as if to goad him; and Angelus who has yet to speak much, if at all, during this meeting. "In the end, however, I would hope that were I in a similar situation, that those I care about would be able to identify those who are…toxic to their wellbeing, whether emotionally, mentally, or physically. But I suppose we all must do what we must do in order to help our loved ones." He offers a nod of his head in acknowledgement. "Though the situation could have been dealt with in a better fashion." He offers another nod to acknowledge that the matter has been taken care of. "While I would, in addition, suggest an apology to the girl, that is merely a suggestion. I do, of course, bow to your parenting skills regarding discipline toward your own child." Placing down his now empty cup and saucer, he stands, taking hold of his hat and walking stick. "With matters now resolved, I thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter. It was kind of you to allow me into your home so as to express my concerns. I shan't bother you any longer, nor take up any more of your valuable time."

The slight quirk becomes a bit bigger when an apology is mentioned, "Ah, what a good idea that would be. How would it look if the head of one of the more prominent pure blood houses in the country deemed to either write a letter of apology, or, worse, seek out a meeting with muggles, in person, to give an /apology/? I'll admit that the girl probably deserves some measure of apology, as does my son, but for me to do so is quite impossible. I don't need to tell you what kind of political fallout would come should such a thing be discovered. I my Eldest son may apologies, however, I will not force an apology from anyone for a forced apology is meaningless." Noalan II stands as Bannon does, "Certainly. Don't let me detain you."

Angeline finishes off her pastry, sipping her tea quietly as she keeps an attentive eye on both men. As both Bannon and her husband rise, the cup in her hand jingles slightly as she sets it to the side and stands up to her feet as they do. Her smile is full of warmth and kindness as she nods at the Auror. “Thank you, Auror Bannon. I can walk you out,” she offers.

Angelus glances away from the twins as the adults rise. A faint smile rests against his lips, amused and quite proud by his father, he rises to his feet too to move up to his father’s side. But he’ll wait for Bannon to depart before speaking to him directly, as he turns and offers a polite bow to the Auror. “Goodbye, sir.”

"I apologize for any misunderstanding, Mr. Eibon." Bannon states as he places his hat upon his head. "I meant to indicate that perhaps your son should apologize to the girl for his words. But, as I say, it is certainly up to yourself and," He nods to Angeline, "Mrs. Eibon as to what measures to take with your own children." He bows slightly to Noalan II. "Good day to you, sir. And thank you both for your hospitality." He nods to Angelus. "Mr. Eibon." He offers to the younger Eibon as well. "Thank you, Mrs. Eibon. If you could take me to a spot where I could apparate, that would be lovely."

“Certainly,” Angeline says, and gestures towards the stairs. She’ll follow right behind Bannon, taking him down into the entry hall and showing him to one of the rooms set on opposite sides of the entry hall. “Do take care of yourself,” she offers out.

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