(1939-09-01) Boarding of the Hogwarts Express
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Summary: The students are off to Hogwarts!
Date: 1939-09-01
Location: Hogwarts Express

Having a Muggle doctor and a Muggle nurse for parents can be nice in a lot of ways, like providing access to some neat books. But it has drawbacks too. Both Gabriel's parents had early morning shifts at the hospital today, meaning he was delivered to King's Cross stations and said his goodbyes much earlier than anyone else.

At the moment he is sitting in one of the back compartments of the train, waiting for the rest of the students to arrive and the train to finally depart for Hogwarts. While he waits he's reading a book on the healing uses of magical flora which he compares from time to time to a book on the healing uses of normal plants.Affixed to the door of the compartment is a sign with a drawing of a large skull and crossbones. The skull is wearing a classic pirates hat and under the image Gabriel has written "PIRATES ONLY!" in big, bold, black letters.

Elise loves books, and she loves Herbology almost as much. So when she swings into the train car - looking very somber, indeed, even for her - her expression brightens noticeably. "Oh, what are you reading?" she asks, seating herself next to Gabriel and leaning toward him, the better to see the pages. Her owl, Jeeves, is in a cage and looking very unhappy at the whole ordeal. He glares around the cabin - turning his head like only owls can - before tucking his head under his wing, his every nuance filled with sullen sulkiness

Its takes Gabriel a second or two to pull himself out of his reading enough to look up at Elise with a smile. "Hiya Mousie. Just comparing the medical uses of magical and Muggle plants. I got the Muggle book from my father but wizards seem to use plants in their healing treatments more than Muggle do, so its kind of hard going." As he talks he scootches over and switches his second book from the middle of the cushioned bench he's sitting on to the corner, opening space for Elise if she decided to sit down on his side of the compartment. "Why are you here so early?"

Elise sits at his side, and if allowed she'll hug his arm, being friendly-like. "What do Muggles use, if not plants?" Elise asks curiously, head tilting to one side and a slight frown between her eyebrows. She shrugs. "Dunno," she tells him airly. "Just did. I think maybe Dad wanted to avoid the crowds." She peers at the pages he's got open. "Find any interesting comparisons?"

Gabriel pulls his arm closer to his side, not to pull away but as a way to return the friendly hug without having to let go of his book. "My parents had early shifts at the hospital. Mom was soooo sappy I'm glad they brought me early thought. Didn't have to put up with making a huge scene in front of everyone."

In response to Elise's other question Gabriel start flipping pages until he comes to one with an image of a brightly colored dandelion flower, "The dandelion is the biggest one. Both books say that people use them to treat liver and kidnet problems."

Gabriel and Elise have arrived rather early to the Hogwarts train and are now in one of the back compartments in an animated conversation about the comparative uses of plants, magical and non, in Muggle and Wizarding medicine. On the closed door of the compartment there is a sign with a drawing of a large skull and crossbones. The skull is wearing a classic pirates hat and under the image "PIRATES ONLY!" has been written in big, bold, black letters.

Elise nods, impressed. "Very nice," she says, looking all intrigued. "The greens make for a delicious salad as well," she adds. Then she pulls away from hugging Gabriel's arm and reaches into her pockets. She pulls out some hair pins and starts playing with her hair, sort of absently making curls and interesting tucks, and pinning them up. Seems the familiar braided pigtails are gone. "So what did you do this summer?" she asks. "I know you said you stayed here and it was boring… didn't you do anything fun at all?"

By the time Elise reaches into her pocket Gabriel has started flipping pages again, stopping on the entry for dittany. But his comparison of the different uses of the plant is stopped before it even begins by Elise's question, which bring back to mind the uncomfortable conversation of a few days ago.

"Ummm…" Gabriel actually has to wrack his brains to find something to say about his summer and finally settles on, "Well, my Mom found out about a group of expatriate North American that have been getting together once a week to play baseball. So she took me there a couple of times so I could play some baseball with their kids, since I couldn't go visit Grandpa' this summer. BUt both my parents were too busy to take me there more than once or twice."

Elise gives Gabriel a blank look, hands poised in her hair. "Baseball?" she asks innocently, blinking at him. "What's that?"

Tall and imperious Alphard Pollux Black is making his way through the train, having left behind his Slytherin friends for the time being. He's looking for one student in particular, and she won't be found in his crew. He moves with effortless grace. Occasionally he pauses to stick his nose up against the windows of this compartment or that compartment, his pale and aristocratic features wearing a sneer of haughty superiority. Then he moves on to the next.

"You have to be kidding me," he says when he reaches the compartment with the sign on it.

Anemone arrives with her mother and father, hugging them both before she boards the train with her luggage getting stored she starts searching for a compartment to sit down in, Holding her cat with her.

Gabriel open his eyes wide in surprise and even splutters a little bit, "Whaaaaa… You don't know what baseball is!? Only the best sport ever…" He stops there for a moment and grudgingly adds, "With maybe the exception of Quidditch. Anyway, here's how it works…" He digs into the backpack that is sitting at his feet and pulls out a very worn baseball, along with a bright red, only slightly less worn cricket ball, then goes into an explanation of how baseball is played and how it compares to cricket and why its soooooo much better than cricket.

Elise pays strict attention to his explanation, pausing now and then to interject a question. "So… there are no brooms," she says. "And no magic at all. And there are a bunch of men and women standing around in the sun and the heat, running from one… base? One base to another, and throwing things around…" She purses her lips, unconvinced. And ignorantly wrong about the women part.

The sanctity of Gabriel and Elise's pirate hangout is blithely destroyed by Alphard, who pulls the door open and then peers about suspiciously this way and that. As if he thinks whoever he's looking for might be hiding. The two younger students themselves he's mostly indifferent to. "Bah," he says, and leans back out. He doesn't close the door. It's only belately that some of their words actually register in a mind already preoccupied with another problem. But that sort of thing he feels just has to be commented on. "You play Muggle games?" He asks Gabriel. As if it's the same as taking one's Sunday bath in a pigsty.

Anemone finds a semi empty compartment and sits down letting her cat sit next to her as she pulls out a sandwich her mother made for her and nibbles on it slowly, petting her cat softly "Good kitty."

Brandon arrives at King's Cross alone in a cab. Pushing his luggage in front of him, he quickly makes his way towards the Platform 9 3/4. Looking at all the families around him, he sighs briefly before starting to search for someone he knows. After a few minutes of unsuccessful search, he decides to board the train and find himself some free comportament.

Gabriel is in the process of explaining that women don't play baseball when the door to the Pirate's compartment is pulled open. The smile on his lips vaporizes as soon as he sees who's in the entryway and the baseball in his right hand starts bouncing up and down, sounding out quiet little slaps everytime it comes down into his palm. "Oy! Black! Didn't you see the sign? Oh, wait. You probably can't read it, what with that bump on the head you took a few weeks back…" But his voice goes quiet as Alphard turns back around to belittle Muggle games. At first he looks like he might jump up and attack the older boy but then he takes a deep breath and says, "Hey, at least I can. Someone like you wouldn't have the skill or the strength to play baseball. Probably can't even brush your teeth without enchanting your toothbrush."

As soon as Alphard Black opens the compartment door, Elise sits back in her seat where she's perched next to Gabriel. Having been about to explain her low opinion of a sport that doesn't allow women, she instead chooses to hold her tongue while the boys snarl at each other. Gabe's dig about Alphard's toothbrushing habits has her quickly smothering a smile, looking down so no one sees the expression. "Now, Gabe," she says in a gentle rebuke. "We shouldn't make fun of others for what they lack. It isn't nice - or very pirate-like." She digs a piece of chocolate out of her robe. "Sorry about that, Black," she says. "Were you looking for someone? Perhaps I can help?" She offers the chocolate to Alphard.

For a second there, something ugly comes to life in Alphard's dark eyes. Then he takes a shuddering breath, as if he's reminding himself of something important. He exhales slowly. "You're not worth the effort. Be grateful that you're an unimportant little shitstain, mudblood." The words are spoken with cool and dismissive contempt. He reaches without looking, to rip down the sign and contemptiously throw it in Gabriel's direction. "Regardless, you do not own this compartment. In fact, if anyone doesn't belong here, it's you. I expect that one day you, too, will snap like some mad frothing dog, do something stupid and cowardly against your betters, and then be put down." His eyes flick towards Elise. He sneers at her, and doesn't take the chocolate, and instead just starts to move on to the next compartment.

Gabriel's right arm sweep back as he winds up for a fast pitch at Alphard's head then he glances at Elise out of the corner of his eye and slowly lowers his arm. But he can't keep from being as peace-loving as Elise is suggesting the Pirates are and has to at least get one more verbal jab in, so he calls out to Black's retreating back, "Better a Mudblood with a future and more skill in my pinky than an inbred twit living in the past and letting Mommy and Daddy fight his battles for him." For the moment he ignores the discarded sign now resting on the floor of the compartment and keeps an eye on Alphard. After all, he's intentionally goading the older boy at this point.

Elise's face whitens at Alphard Black's words, and her lips compress into a thin, grim line. But she doesn't retort - she keeps her peace. And then Gabriel throws his words at Alphard's back. She winces, and steps in front of him. "Gabriel!" she admonishes. "Just let him go!" She holds up a slim hand, even though she knows he won't actually throw the ball.

Anemone feeds some of her sandwich to her cat as she sits back in the chair, "You ready for another year?" she asks her cat not expecting an answer.

Alphard's laugh is cruel and mocking and utterly dismissive. "Do you even realize how dumb your act is? Let's goad Alphard Black, get utterly humiliated, then run off to cry to some Prefect or Professor. It's pathetic. You probably even think you're being original and clever. Rather than just another miserable little Mudblood acting out because he knows he's somewhere he shouldn't be." His pause doesn't last. He keeps walking! The next compartment is probably Anemone's, so he sticks his head in there as well.

Levi had reached the train fairly early on, and taken a seat with some from his house and in his year. He cannot help but wonder what is going on with the voices and all outside he'll set his guitar down and will move to open the compartment door and peer outside only to catch a bit of what's going on. It's all things he's heard before different people but same sentiment.

Not early, not totally late, Cillian's fathers were delayed in getting him to the train due to having to repack and repack his trunk just right because of all the new treats and all the parchment and extra robes seeing as he's grown a few inches and so much to do. Including forcing him to brush his ever growing hair, its just about to his shoulders now and pulled back in a loose ponytail. The young one eyed man who enters the train after his trunks have been packed away wears a simple pair of school trousers with suspenders over a loosely buttoned top, an over-sized pea coat tossed over it as the one eyed boy wears his satchel overstuffed as usual and a couple of other bags, one that clinks a bit and he smells like cinnamon and chocolate but he's here, slowing when he hears familiar voices and squinting at Alphard as he has to pass by the boy. "…Ahh. Black." He greets with nod of his head as he continues on his way towards the pirate compartment, raising his voice. "Oi! Captain on the deck!" The Irish lilting voice loud and filled with cheer.

With many plans scheduled for the day, Terrance's parents had decided it would be best to drop him off a bit earlier than average this year. After helping him get his trunk, broom and owl onto a cart, they gave him their love before turning to head back to their car. With one last wave, he turns and begins to push the cart the way of the hidden platform. Passing through the gateway, Terrance looks at the large scarlet steamer, a wide smile wrapping along his lips as he pushes his things to an open door. Now came the real task, finding an open compartment.

Gabriel rolls his eyes and slumps back into his seat letting his head thump the wall of the compartment as he goes. "Slytherins! Think they're better than the whole world but don't know what they're talking about at all. Its OK. They keep inbreeding like they have in the past and they'll be nothing but a mass of blithering idiots and Squibbs in a few more generations." Closing his eyes he takes a few deep breath then looks up at Elise. "I am sorry, Mousie. He just makes me so… Grrrrr…"

Then Cillian is yelling, making Gabriel pop to his feet and poke his head out of the compartment door to yell, "Ahoy Cap'n! We're over here!"

Elise looks to Gabriel, her expression worried. "Just ignore him," she pleads. "He only wants attention, and the only way he knows how to get it is to be ugly and cruel, just like his family is always being. They're the only example he has. We've got to be better, haven't we?" she asks. She edges back to let him past when she shouts out to Cillian, but stays quiet, waiting for their Captain to enter. When he does, she'll give him a worried, small smile.

Cillian and his greeting is ignored by the scion of House Black. Just more background noise that is, quite frankly, beneath him. Alphard studies Anemone from up high on his lofty heights of arrogance. She's not the one he was looking for, either. "Who are you again?" Usually he really doesn't bother learning the names of most of the younger students at Hogwarts. He hears Levi sticking his head out, and turns to give the other Seventh's year a look. After a half-tick of hesitation he adds an upnod for a greeting. In a neutral tone he says: "Esmond."

It seems like things have calmed down at least for the moment, but the seventh year rolls his eyes slightly. The school year hasn't even started that's not the way to do it. Levi will respond with not much delay "G'day Black, good summer?" he isn't overly familiar with the other student but well seven years and all you get to know names and faces easily enough. Plus he's a Hufflepuff and is the friendly if not usually quiet sort.

Cillian peeks into the compartment designated for his crew and he flashes a grin and wink to Elise and nods to Gabriel. "Gunny! Mousie!" He chirps brightly before pushing the door further open with his foot so its open. "It looks like it'll be a fine day for sai-rid-oh what the blo-" He takes a deep breath. School language, school language. "Good to see ye both. Here." He sets both his bags down on the bench. "We'll 'ave to make sure we stay open for any of the new wee wizards and witches who pass by. Make sure they dun be falling into the hands of those with hearts as BLACK as coal and such." A pause. "AND, I almost beat me Da's record for number of citrus burps in a minute by like…half a burp. So we were a wee bit late because me Father had to lecture us on how rude it was to burp while drinkin' orange juice." He looks to Elise. "I tink a bit came out of my nose though, but! We did manage to get all the scones…scones? Pssh, I just wanted pasties but me Father /insisted/ I bring scones for 'proper young witches'…"

"It was decent enough. I spent it as a Ministry apprentice with the Auror's Office. It wasn't quite what I expected, but I learned a lot none the less." Now that he's talking to another Seventh year, his tone is mostly civil. He props himself up against the doorway to Anemone's compartment (the girl herself forgotten for the time being) and nonchalantly leans as he talks. It's the sort of cool kid's poise that takes effort to maintain as perfectly as he is doing it. "How about you?"

Gabriel lets Cillian into the compartment then bends down to pick up the sign Alphard threw on the floor. He's in the process of putting it back up when Cillian mentions welcoming the new firsties with open arms, making him look at the sign carefully then mutter to himself, "I guess this isn't really the most welcoming sign." He folds the sign and stuff it into his pocket as he takes the few steps needed to get back into his original seat.

"We /can't/ ignore him, Elise. Or others like him. All it takes for evil to triumph is for men (and women) of good faith to fail to act. But you're right, there are other ways of acting against them. Like welcoming lost wee ones." He slumps back down onto the padded bench and smiles at Cillian, "What's the good of drinking orange juice if you can't burp, right?"

Dragging his things onto the train, and storing them, Terrance turns and begins to walk up the corridors of the train. It was not long before he ran into the small group of other students who had also been dropped off a bit early. He gave a nod in greeting to the two seventh years as they came into view, before luckily finding an open compartment, which he pushed into. He then moved, flopping himself onto one of the empty seats closest by the window, deciding to relax before moving about to re-greet all his fellow students.

"The Dark Knight Alphard is a sad example of what happens when ye hold hate and love on the same level. He's just defensive of what he's taught to be defensive of, because to them…other tings could destroy 'em all. So they have to tink they are better than others. There's an order they live accordin' to that keeps 'em so sad inside they tink they be 'appy." Cillian makes waggles a finger around his ear and sticks his tongue out before lolling his head back and forth before shrugging. "That's bound to make anybody mad and cranky!" Then he pulls out a bottle of soda water and then a bottle of cherry syrup from his bag and looks around carefully before pulling out another bottle of chocolate syrup. He leans back a bit to peek out of the compartment and wave over to Terrance. "C'mon over and be join' us, we're about to experiment with bubbles!" Then back to Gunny and Mousie. "I /may/ have 'ad a wee bit too much chocolate syrup on me morning pie…"

Levi nods looking a bit impressed even "Nice, auror's office. Suppose your taking NEWTS for an auror's spot? That's tough." he says glancing back to the fellows from his compartment who ask a question but he'll give a nod before answering the other seventh year. "Hm folks made travel plans, so spent most of it with them in Greece a bit before back here. Otherwise flew a fair bit at home to keep in shape for Quidditch." it doesnt sound excting not like studying with auror's but it was alright to him.

Dodging a stray student here and there as he travels down the walkway, Dean carries a burlap bag from his shoulder despite his other things already being stowed away. The bag bulges with various objects but only his sketch book peaks out from the top. He is looking a little more tan than usual, hinting at his summer activities. The new fourth year eyes the two older boys as he clears a gaggle of girls, and catches Cillian's rapid fire voice. Dean smirks and peaks into the compartment, glad to see some familiar faces. "Ey there, got room for another?"

Gabriel is keeping half an ear on the conversation happening between Levi and Alphard in the train's corridor. When he hears Terrance suggest Alphard might be shooting for Auror he sits up straight, opens his mouth, and then freezes. He looks back and forth between Cillian and Elise a few times, shuts his mouth again and slumps back into his seat. Instead of what he was going to yell for Black's benefit he says, "There is no such thing as too much chocolate syrup."

There's an unmistakable bit of preening when Levi is suitably impressed by Alphard's summer experience. "Quite so. I was having a real trouble last year managing all my extra curricular activities ontop of those NEWTS. This year I think I'm going to have to cut down my involvement in most of the clubs. Except Quidditch, of course." Because who could possibly expect him to give up the most beautiful game in the world?! "Think your team's as good as last year? Any of the lower classmen any good?" Though he hates to admit it, sadly the Hufflepuffs proved better than the Slytherins last year. At least Alphard got to see the Gryffindors cry in despair!

Terrance gave a raised brow to the small group of younger students who had called him over for an 'experiment'. Giving a shrug he lifted himself from his seat and walked slowly over towards their open compartment, "And what kind of experiment with bubbles might that be?" he asked, leaning against the open door, but not quite stepping inside at the moment.

"Exactly, i'm only taking the minimum two NEWTS and still a bit rough." Levi doesn't know if he'll pursue quidditch after schooling or Department of Magical Creatures and still probably wont know for a while yet. He chuckles "Well yeah, gotta have somewhere to blow off steam right?" at least that's how he sees it. The question about the Hufflepuff team gets a scrunched nose "I don't see how we can be, we've got to try-out two new beaters this year. What about Slytherin?"

Elise loves scones, as well Cillian and his family know. She'll accept one gladly, with a smile and everything. She doesn't weigh in on the merits of orange juice burping - the two boys have probably never seen her burp withou a polite hand over her mouth and a murmured 'excuse me'. She moves over for Dean so he'll have a spot - there are four of them, now. There's a vigorous nod of agreement for no such thing as too much chocolate syrup, and Gabriel gets an odd look for his reaction to the conversation outside - she hasn't been paying it any attention. "Yes, what kind of experiment?" she asks.

Cillian just gives Gabriel a look, that in bro code means 'later dude', complete with a chin-up, probably in reference to more disturbing conversations being overheard but for now, he's focussed on being hospitable. "I tink we may need to up to two compartments…but people will be settlin' down when the train moves so we'll be seein'." He nods politely to Dean. "Of course, of course…we 'ad a sign…but I tink Gunny's gotta work on it again." There are four, yes. But Cillian is comfortably seated on the ground for know, using his seat as a table for the time being as he's passed Elise a blueberry scone and then hmms softly as he rummages around in his bag. "We're going to be needin' more cups…" Oh! Experiment! "Well, I 'ave cherry syrup and I have chocolate syrup and some bottles of soda water me Da gave me, going to mix tings up and see how much bubbles when ye drink it." He looks over to Elise. "We'll try to be keepin' the burpin' to minimum, I promise."

Once again the Eibon family has made the pointless trek from relatively near the school, all the way south to London, only take a much slower train back north. Noalan spends very little time on the platform once they arrive. The typical goodbyes are exchanged, but he's an old hand at this by now and is on the train in short order. Once on. he leans heavily against a wall in near the door between trains. He looks less than fully awake leaning there with his hair eyes closed and hair still rumpled from sleep. He trusts someone, somewhere, is ensuring his luggage is getting sorted out.

Anemone sits with her cat in her compartment, the two playing quietly as she dangles a stuffed mouse infront of the cat laughing as she tries to catch it with claws.

Slipping into the compartment, Dean sits down next Elise and drops his bag down between his feet. "Aunt Ruth says hello, saw her and Uncle Brad the other day at dinner." He turns to the others in the compartment, especially at the mention of chocolate syrup. "Maybe we'll get lucky at the trolley witch will have waffles or toast for the syrup." Then the mention of bubbles, burping, and experiment clicks in his head and his thoughts move away from his stomach. "Ohhh, this sounds interesting."

"Last year we didn't have a single Seventh. I think we were the only team with all Sixths and lower," Alphard says with a shrug. "So I can't really see how we could be anything but better this year. I mean, our whole core will just have gotten older and better, right? Though I've not really had too much time to practice myself. The apprenticeship really took most of my time." It's an admission made with a bit of irritation. Undoubtedly every other fanatic Quidditch player would have spent all summer trying their best to improve. He'd fall behind! "Might be we'll make some switches, but I don't know. We'll have to see at the tryouts."
Madeline arrives from Platform 9 3/4.
Madeline has arrived.

Elise almost smiles again. "Thank you, Cil," she says softly. She nibbles on her scone. "Oh, good," Elise tells Dean. She saw Ruth at their Uncle Theo's funeral a couple of weeks ago, but it's still nice to hear from family. "Waffles are good… not as good as scones, though," she says thoughtfully.

Gabriel bends over to dig in the backpack at his feet again. The baseball and cricket balls disappear into it and in their place he sits back up with a sketch book and a case full of colored pencils. He nods to Dean and Terrance in greeting and then starts to sketch. He still looks rather disgruntled from the encounter with Black but as he sketches he seems to relax as well.

Madeline has been searching the train. The pirates have got to have a compartment somewhere! She peers through window after window, holding onto the jess attatched to her raven's leg. One of the compartment's seem's a bit aggrevated to have her peering in at them.

"Well, gee, at least I'm not a prefect!" she answers, before peeking into the next one and- "AH HA!" She pulls the door open, beaming at her friends. "Found you!"

Angelus' blue eyes sweep the station with a smirk as he walks towards the train. He's been walking right near his parents until they step through the barrier. As he moves along now he's slowly inching away, offering greets to familiar, friendly faces and grins. "Hello, Yaxley. Know where we're going to sit yet?" As Gel has his belongings loaded, he's stopped from getting on the train for just a moment.

A young, blonde haired woman has placed her hand on her son's shoulders, smiling brightly. Although Noalan has gotten on the train too quickly to exchange many words, she does lean over to quietly speak with her other son. "Just keep up with your grades. If you can't get along with your brother, stay clear of each other. And let's try not to make a scene with your cousin."

"Of course, Mother," says Angelus, quite bored even as he smiles at her and kisses her cheek. "Pa," he shifts his eyes to the wizard beside her. Then Angelus steps onto the train.

Elise's notoriously bad-tempered owl, Jeeves, untucks his head from under his wing, eyes everyone with more disdain that even Alphard Black eyeing a Muggle, and screeches, as if commanding them to be silent. He ruffles his feathers, for some reason inexplicably offended. Probably because he's in a cage right now.

Grinning at the sight of Madeline and her dramatic exclamation he waves at her. "'Ey Mads!" He motions her over, scooting himself and his back over a bit to make room for her. He jumps a bit at the screeching owl. "Yeesh, he startled me. He seems ornery."

Alphard spies Madeline's arrival, since he is standing in the same cart, abeit a little further down. The look he gives the younger girl is cool dislike. It's more than just his usual airs of superiority. No. This is a personal sort of malice that cuts in her direction. Someone has been blabbing!

Gabriel looks up from his sketching as Madeline comes into the compartment, "Hi Maddy… Hey Cap'n? Did we ever give Maddy an official Pirate name?" Before he gets an answer he's back to sketching. On the sketch book page he's working he has drawn a skull and crossbones with a large pirate hat on the skull but the whole thing has something of a cartoony quality to it this time. Under the drawing he's in the process of lettering: "Pirate Quarters. First and Second Years Welcome!"

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Drawing: Success.

Levi nods appreciatively "That has to help, you've all flown together before and know one anothers moves. That helps more than people know really." He speaks about the team remaining mostly the same he's not really speaking about his part on the team but in general. "I cant imagine working with the auror's office left much free time what sort of things did they have you doing?" he wonders curiously.

Madeline spots Alphard's look just prior to stepping into the compartment, freezing in spot for a moment. It doesn't last long, though, before she's waving to him effusively, and even blowing him melodramatic kisses. "Hi, Black! Nice to be going back to school, innit?! We're gonna have to represent the Auror's office together, ain't we?" She doesn't wait for a response before stepping into the compartment, closing the door, and dropping into the seat next to Dean. "Hey guys. I'm an Auror now."

"Awww, shut it ye Animated Feather Duster. If ye cannae stand the noise, tuck ye beak under the other wing and take a big whiff, mebbe it'll knock ye out." Cillian sticks his tongue out at the owl, everything said in a teasing yet playful tone as he lifts a hand to Madeline. "Two words for ye. Chocolate. Soda." He shrugs helplessly and gets back to mixing, a small cauldron tugged out of his bag and set on his seat so he can pour in the syrup and soda water with a 'mwahahaha' like laugh. "Pour in the syrup and a dash of splash, mix it together and what do ye got? A chocolatey sodaey bash." More laughter before he clears his throat. "I present to you, Mad Maggie!" He pushes the door back open when its shut using his foot and stretching out before snorting softly as he just eyes Madeline for a moment. "Well. She /was/ goin' to be Mad Maggie but /apparently/ now she's the law…."

Noalan's eyes crack open as Angelus climbs on board. He takes a moment to glance the isle way. His eyes slide shut again a moment later when his friends aren't spotted. "Do behave yourself on the train, won't you Aelus? Wouldn't want you to cause ANOTHER Auror to have to personally visit the house." The older boy says, sounding more bitter than warning. "I will miss you out on the field this year though, you made everything so much easier."

An unfamiliar face, too old to be a first year, stirs up some curious whispers and stares as a Samira weaves through the crowd. The fluffy white cat riding on her narrow shoulders draws a fair amount of attention as well. A stern old woman with spectacles follows with a levitating trunk following obediently behind her.

Arriving at an empty compartment near the end of the train, her governess ensures that the trunk is neatly tucked away. "Now then," she says, addressing her charge. "You will remember your uncle's words of warning. Now, I must be off. But, do try to learn something this year. Good bye." No tearful farewell for Samira. Her governess heads off through the crowd at a brisk pace.

Terrance only stands by the door, watching as the kids begin to pile into the single compartment, and as it soon is overflowing, he takes his opportunity to continue on. He pushes off from the door, before heading lazily back towards the empty compartment he had been sitting in. As he moved he could not help but over hear the talk of the Hufflepuff and Slytherin quidditch teams, which started his mind racing of the possibilities for his own Gryffindors this year…

Elise starts at her owl's screech, sighs, and pulls a very dead vole from her pocket, sticking it through the bars of the cage. Jeeves snatches it up and proceeds to eat it. It's not a pretty sight. Elise giggles at Cillian's name for Madeline. "How about… Copper?" she suggests.

For the second time today Alphard is taking a deep and steadying breath, one that shudders for the mental effort it requires to keep himself calm and still and indifferent. He breathes out his aggression in a steady stream until he feels less inclined to wring a mudblood's throat. "The little snot got a Junior Auror's badge," he murmurs in Levi's direction. "It's a sort of toy badge they give kids to make them feel better. I hope to Merlin she doesn't think that really gives us some sort of connection. Bah."

"A bit of this and that. Ministry stuff. I can't really speak about it much, you know. Privileged information." Also, most of it was spent making coffee and running errands and arranging paperwork, and none of that is particularly brag worthy. "But we did do some undercover work that was pretty exciting."

Another day of the fabulous magical school! Amyah skips, no, more like dances along the platform, wearing a big, beaming smile and her green eyes lit up cheerfully. She's kissed and hugged her mother by the barrier, who always stops there, but her father takes her to the train and helps her with her belongings. The Muggle is nervous indeed, but he smiles at his daughter. "Oh, Daddy," says the redhead, wrapping her arms up and around his neck as he sweeps her up. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'll see you over the breaks. You can tell me lots of adventures and stories then," he says.

Amyah's cheer has deflated a bit as she nods, a little more solemn as she sighs, and a tear even trickles down her cheek as she gets onto the train, waving a hand at him. "I love you, Daddy!" He lifts up the little plush lamb she's hugging onto, waving its paw lightly. "And Lana says bye too!"

"Ooo! I would love a soda!" Madeline says brightly. She settles her raven into her lap, giving him a bit of string to play with, before pulling out her Auror's badge. It looks like the real, genuine thing - the quality, the heft, the size. It has an eagle on top, and three crossed wands in the middle, flanked by the words 'Honor' and 'Duty.' The only difference between it and a real badge is that it says 'JR AUROR' instead of Auror. "See?" she says to Dean, offering it over to him. "Auror Odori called me all the way to the MLE for a ceremony and gave me that. It's all official."

Dean arches a doubtful eyebrow at Madeline. "An Auror? what are you on about?" The smell of the cauldron reaches him, and he sits up a bit straight, trying to get a look at it. He turns to Elise as she feeds the owl. "Yuck, you keep that in your pocket? Do you have more in there?" He shudders a bit.

Madeline's raven tugs at the string - until Elise pulls a vole from her pocket. Suddenly she has the raven's full and complete attention as the bird bounces a few times in Madeline's lap.

Samira doesn't linger long in her empty compartment. With the large, white cat lounging on her shoulders, she steps out and heads down the corridor through the train. A relaxed smile rests on her lips and the girl doesn't seem too perturbed by the students staring at her.

Gabriel finishes his new sign and steps out into the corridor to affix it to the wall between the compartment currently full of Pirates and the next one over. While he's out there he tosses Alphard a look, almost daring him to come and take the new sign down. When he returns to his seat in the corner of the newly dubbed Pirate Quarters he grins at Elise and says, "Copper! I like it! What do you think, Cap'n?" Then his grin gets even bigger and his voice goes down to a conspiratory volume, "Tell them the best part of the story, Maddie."

Letting out a low 'ooohhhhhh', Dean takes the badge almost reverently and bounces it lightly on his palm, as if he'd ever had to guess the weight of an Auror's badge before. "This is fancy, Mads. I am very impressed." He squints down at it for a moment, and even turns it around to look at the back before back to the front. "Does this mean no more pranks with you? You'll send us off then? I mean, it ~does~ say ~junior~ Auror on it. Can Junior Auror's nab you?" He offers the badge to Elise for inspection if she's so inclined. He turns back to Madeline to hear about this 'best part of the story.'

"Welll…we'll 'ave to talk about this bit I tink. Ye can't be a copper /and/ a pirate. Its like tryin' to be a cat and a mouse all at the same time. End up chasin' yer own tail and eatin' lots of cheese." Cillian muses this over as he stirs his pot with a thoughtful expression, after all its not hot so nyah nyah. "But iffen it be what ye all want…" Then he hmms softly. "Mousie, luv, can ye see if there's any poor lost ones in the hall who could be usin' a bit of cheer. I 'ave tarts, apples, chocolates and carrots today in me bag…." There is a pause as he processes that the birds are also being fed and he closes his eyes for a moment. "…oh sweet badworded Merlin on a badword." Their compartment though smells like chocolate and cinnamon and sugar and the conversation starts to get away from him, he focuses on mixing the syrup and soda juuust right.

Levi will turn back, perhaps noticing the strain on Alphard's face, to spot who is the cause but he doesn't have to wait long for an explanation "Ah guess I can see why that would be a bit hush hush, I've not heard of a Jr. Auror's badge but what was it given for?" his tone is more curious than harsh. Levi does greet the new comer as she enters flanked by an adult. Certinaly not a firstie but why doesnt he recognize her he'll offer a friendly wave all the safe Hufflepuff and friendly sort and all.

"It's not the same pocket I keep my chocolate in," Elise promises. "And only one at a time. After all, Jeeves has got to eat." She makes admiring noises over Madeline's badge. "It's very nice," she compliments. She gives the girl her attention - all too ready for a good story. Her nose twitches at the nice smells coming from Cillian's cauldron. Then she nods at him and stands. "Certainly," she says. She'll poke her head out the door. "Hello!" she calls to the nearest new face. "Come in, we have treats!"

"I hadn't, either. And I have no idea. I was unlucky enough to be doing some work in the office when it got handed out by this silly Auror Initiate, so I had to attend. She prattled about courage or something. I suppose she might've saved a cat." The tone Alphard takes is absolutely dismissive. He follows Levi's gaze towards Samira when the other Seventh year indicates, though. "Huh. I haven't seen her either. Some sort of transfer?"

"Oh, well, Auror's only arrest people for Dark Magic, and we're not the dark magic pirating sorts," Madeline says dismissively, before her voice drops to a conspiratol level. "Well," she starts, "when Rena - I mean, Auror Odori - was doing the ceremony, and saying how I'd shown Honor and Duty and Courage and all that - Alphard Black was there. And I guess he'd said something rude - I wasn't paying toooo much attention to him. But this Hitwizard got all mad at Black for some reasons, and pulled slammed Alphard Black's head into one of the desks. Split his lip and even broke his nose a little I think - really! I saw the whole thing."

Once back in the compartment, Terrance sits down, leaning against the wall and kicking his legs up to lounge along the seats. His eyes drifted shut slowly as the sounds of the other students and their stories washed over him. It wouldnt be long now, he thought, until the train would be full and they would all be headed back to school.

Samira slows as she comes upon a particularly crowded corridor. The cat's fluffy tail twitches, tick tock. As Elise pops her head out into the hall and invites her in for treats, Samira peers curiously into the dessert-scented compartment full of younger students and just smiles. "Mm… is it not a bit crowded?" Her English is crisp and pristine- devoid of any regional accent. This one must be foreign. "Ah, hello little one," she says, nodding in greeting to Madeline.

Out of the corner of her eye, she notices Levi and Alphard watching her. Reaching up to scritch her cat's cheek, she approaches them with a relaxed smile. "Good morning. I am Samira Prince."

His eyes widening as Madeline tells the story, Dean leans forward a bit to look through the open door at Alphard, quickly pulling himself back as he whispers out a "No!" He glances at the badge again and frowns. "What did you do to get it, Mads? I am so upset Mum wouldn't let me come back from Italy after…" He glances around the compartment. "You know, at Diagon. I couldn't even get my school supplies, my Grams went and got everything, and she didn't get anything I wanted." He sighs in frustration and catches Samira's voice, craning his neck to get a look at her around Madeline. He stares at her for a moment before whispering again. "Who is that?"

"We'll make room," Elise says cheerfully to Samira, and moves aside so the girl can enter.

Anemone dozes off in her compartment, holding her cat in her lap dozing with her master, purring softly. Both looking so sweet and content.

"Oh, that's Samira," Madeline says cheerfully. "HI SAMIRA!" she calls after the older student. "She's from Egypt and she knows all about mummies and stuff." She nods from Dean, to the next student over. "Pass it around so everyone can see," she invites him.

"And - well - I got it for Honor and Duty and Courage and stuff. Maybe, umm, because of that stuff on Diagon. I was there," she shifts uncomfortably, her eyes locked onto her raven who she's petting. "And helped save my uncle's life and stuff."

<FS3> Madeline rolls Lying: Failure.

"That…is probably one of the new fair maidens." Cillian informs the compartment as they all watch after Samira with these type of eyes -_o - okay, maybe just Cillian. But he's listening to all the stories and such, just nodding slowly to himself as he mixes up the soda and then pours some into a cup which he offers to the closest person. "Take a sip and pass it along." Then he's back to mixing more. He has the hospitality compartment, lots of work to do. Who wants a tart or an apple or a carrot or a piece of chocolate? Step right up!

Terrance's eyes opened a bit as he heard young Madeline call out after Samira. He had spotted her, on a few occasions, in Diagon Alley. He had opened his eyes just long enough to catch sight of her disappear down the corridor, headed in the direction of the two seventh years.

Gabriel waves to Samira before she heads off down the corridor then returns his attention to the conversation. "Well, you say she knows about mummies. but other than telling use that you can use the Inferus Curse to animate them she didn't answer any of my other questions about mummies or about the curse so its still to be seen how much she really knows… She seemed nice thought. Not like the old lady with her. She seemed mean enough for both of them." He seems to be going through quite the effort to completely ignore the other half of the conversation, the half about the events at Diagon Alley, which is probably why he misses Madeline's obvious lie when talking about the reasons she got the badge.

Cillian just passes Gabriel his own dang cup of chocolate soda. Sometimes a brother just needs a drink.

Dean watches Samira, a bit transfixed. He doesn't speak or seem to be listening to anyone else in the compartment. However, as usual, the mention of food gets his attention. He snaps out of his trance and turns to Cillian. "I could be convinced to take a tart or three." He grins stupidly, and eye the cup being passed around eagerly. He glances at Madeline for a moment, perhaps detecting her uncomfortable shifting. "It's okay, Mads. I can only imagine how tough it was. You're basically a super hero."

Angelus walks along the aisle of the train, only to freeze upon hearing his brother's voice. A heavy sigh escapes him as he coolly flicks a hand at his curls. Already baiting him then? Tilting his head, he frowns as he looks towards Noalan. "Then keep your little /pet/ on a leash," he returns. A smirk flicks out at the corner of his mouth. "Finally won't be seeing that terrible face at our Christmas party this year." He has nothing for the Quidditch comment, and simply gives his brother a cold stare. "Are you sure your going to be playing this year, too?" He waves a dismissive hand. "I don't have time to talk with you, I've got friends to find, instead of sitting in here like a loner."

"Ah, well its still cool, I mean in the Aurors office and all? I visited the Control of Magical Creatures office once, when deciding what NEWTS to take. That's more my speed if I don't try to continue playing Quidditch, no guarantee anyone would take me on anyways right?" Levi chuckles but it isn't meanly "Well she does seem quite excited about it that's for certain." The seventh year will notice the unrecognized student approaching. "Levi Esmond, it's good to meet you Miss Prince. I don't believe I've seen you on the train before. I hope its not rude to ask, are you a transfer student?"

Alphard used to love Care For Magical Creatures. But his ambition got the best of him, and he left it behind last year. He can't quite make himself talk down on the subject, or the possibility of pursuing it as a career. "Smart. Having your options open is always the best."

"A Prince?" Alphard inquires curiously. Though he looks Samira over quite thoroughly, he's well bred enough that he doesn't make it obvious. After Levi has introduced himself, the tall Slytherin boy steps forward and does the same. His manner is smooth and graceful, if arrogant. He tips his head and offers his hand. And if she'll take it, he instead turns it into an act of bringing her knuckles to meet with his lips in a light a feathery kiss. "Alphard Pollux Black, of the Noble And Most Ancient House of Black. Seventh year Slytherin here at Hogwarts."

Gabriel takes the offered cup and takes a long pull from it breaking out into a beaming smile as the chocolaty, bubbly goodness hits his tongue, "This. Is. Awesome!" And yes, when one's questions are ignored, when curiosity goes unsatisfied a drink is definitely in order!

He's been really good for a while now but when he overhears Samira talking with Levi and Adolphus he can't take it anymore. Poking his head out of the compartment's door he says, "Be careful of the friends you make, Ms. Prince. Levi is OK but the Black one lives up to his family name." then he sits back down to continue enjoying his chocolate soda, obviously not waiting for a response.

After a while wandering the train, Brandon finally find a compartment with no one inside and he lets himself falls on the seat. He didn't manage to find any of his 5th year friends but it's true he arrived early at the station after another fight with his parents. He pulls a Quidditch magazine from his trunk and takes a peek outside to see if he could not buy some chocolate frog…

Terrance could not help but grin widely as the two older boys discussed what they would become, knowing full well that he would be pursuing the Quidditch career once he was done with his education. Then, as he hears Alphard pull his 'charm', he could not help but let out a soft laugh. Then as Gabriel popped out to voice his opinion, Terrance called out through his open compartment's door, "Too true, Gabriel. I say the hat was right in placing him into the house of Snakes."

When one of the cups makes its way to her, Madeline drinks from it deeply, doing her best to keep the thing away from Mischief who seems determined to shove his head into it.

"Mine!" the bird croaks.

"Whyyyyy did Joey teach you that word?" the girl groans, as she passes the cup on. "The drinks are real good, Cap'n!" she adds cheerfully.

Noalan shrugs, "Don't worry, we've all seen she's too much for you to handle so I'll have her go easier on you. Go find your fellow group of pawns then." Pushing off the wall, he moves down the isle, glancing into compartments as he goes. Spotting a sleeping student in one he slides the door open and enters Anemone's and slips quietly into a seat, letting out a tired sigh.

Samira nods at Levi. "Yes, I come from the Heka School of Ancient Magic. That is in Egypt." As Alphard steps forward, he captures Samira's full attention as he offers his hand. Although she is a foreigner, Samira seems well educated in Western social graces. Tilting her head to the side, she places her hand in Alphard's and accepts the light kiss. A brow arches and with an ever broader smile of relaxed amusement, she says, "I am the first daughter of Sorrelus Prince and Amina Azam - an ancient and noble Egyptian lineage. I will be a fifth year, but I have yet to be sorted."

Taking a tart and piece of chocolate from Cillian's bag, Dean glances at the two obviously hungry birds. "This is why I send Sesat on to the school ahead of time. She likes to take my food too." As if expecting an assault of the birdly kind, Dean nibbles on his tart a bit defensively. At Gabriel's shouted warning, he shakes his head. "Yer going to get into some trouble with Black before we even leave station, mate."

Samira pauses and glances over her shoulder. She arches a brow with interest at the warning she recieves from Gabriel. She glances to Terrance as he chimes in about the Slytherine house. She nods, but unfortunately, the warning only seems to have intruiged her as she looks back up at the tall 7th year bearing the notorious name of Black. "It seems your family as quite a reputation."

"Black can't do anything. I'm an Auror," Madeline says cheerfully. She's clearly quite proud of that. She ruffles her birds feathers - which seems to annoy Mischief enough that he flies up to the luggage rack and perches there.

She scoots over so she's not directly under her bird. "Can I have a tart, too?" she asks Dean, since he's closer to the bag.

Gabriel chuckles a bit at Dean, the chuckle accompanied by a shrug, "Black's a bully, just like all the other people that share his ways. If he wants trouble he can damn well come get it. I'm not worried about him." Then he leans down to the bag, and after asking Cillian's permission, grabs a tart for Maddie and a second one.

The reason for the second one quickly becomes evident as he gets up, leave the Pirate Quarters and goes over to Terrance's compartment, offering him the tart,"Here you go. You deserve this."

Levi nods to the others words "Oh excellent, welcome to well the train to the school at least. I can imagine that it's quite a shock in terms of differences. Has all been well so far?" The seventh year says, though his greeting compared to the one he'd been speaking to leaves him feeling a bit of a putz but silence doesn't work either. "I'm a seventh year as well, Hufflepuff house." he will add. The warnings from the other compartments gets a look past her a moment before a 'sorry about that expression' is given when he does turn his attention back to his trio. "The sorting will happen fairly shortly after we arrive followed by a feast, but if you need any help with finding classes or anything let me know."

Shaking his head with a grin for Gabriel, Dean reaches for a tart before the other boy beats him. "I'm not afraid of him either." The words are said a bit with a hushed tone, and he glances side-long at the door despite his best efforts to seem much more brave than he really is. He tips his head towards Madeline. "You're right. You have an in with the other Auror's, nobody will bother us all year I bet." He grins again in that silly way. "Which is something we may need this year, if the end of last year was any indication."

"Well if you go for that kind of hideous, congratulations," Angelus shoots back over his shoulder at his brother, but he continues on along the aisle. He stops when he hears familiar voices, and rolls his eyes as he gives Madeline a look. "Oh, are you showing off your badge?" asks Angelus. "You should be careful with it on the train, Mads."

"Ignore the rabble," Alphard tells Samira confidently. He hasn't even bothered to look in Gabriel's direction. Terrance on the other hand. Well. He's not just some annoying little gnat, but a Sixth year. A cool scowl slips into the Slytherin's features as he cuts the Gryffindor a hard look. "Green. I don't recall anyone asking you for your opinion. I am in Slytherin for a reason, though." BEcause he is better than everybody else. He doesn't even need to say it out loud when his whole bearing is a testament to that belief. His eyes fix on Samira again. "I suppose we'll see where the Hat puts you. Though regardless of where, like our friendly Hufflepuff here says, do feel free to ask for directions if you need it. I'm happy to assist a Prince to feel welcome and comfortable at Hogwarts."

Madeline glances up to make sure no one else is near the compartment, then around at the others as she adds, "It's gonna be a fun year. I even had someone tell me that there's a potion on page 267 of the seventh edition of the third year potions book - that if we use it right, and make candies, then whoever eats it…? It'll turn their skin all different colors. Red skin, green skin, blue skin…"

Elise has been quiet ever since Cillian laid eyes on Samira and Madeline let it be known that the girl knows about mummies. She just tries to melt into the side of the train car and finishes off her scone. She'll sip and pass the soda, coughing quietly at the bubbles. "It's good," she agrees. "Very sweet."

Samira watches Alphard with interest as he scowls at Terrance. She glances over at Terrance who she has seen in passing several times in Diagon Alley and grins at him before looking back up at Alphard and Levi with a smile. In contrast, the cat on her shoulder is watching them both with a suspicious scowl. "Thank you," says Samira with an appreciative nod. "That is most kind of you both to offer. I am rather curious as to which house I will be sent to. I have been told that Slytherine is a home for purebloods that are cunning and ambitious, while Hufflepuffs are loyal and hardworking with a love of food."

Terrance gave a friendly nod to Gabriel as he was brought a tart. "Thank you, Gabriel." he said kindly. Then as he heard the response of Alphard he could not help but laugh. "You think I will ever wait for your invitation to speak, Black?" opening his eyes to look towards Alphard, "Black, I will never wait for you to invite my opinion." Then as he heard Samira's discussion of the houses he called out, "Too true those are, though for SOME Slytherins," he pauses giving a nod towards Black, "just get in because their blood is so dark they won't fit anywhere else."

He is silent while the other exchange happens he doesn't really intrude though as its not his way. Levi looks back to Samira as she speaks to him though he listens and will chuckle "Im not sure about the food part, though I suppose I enjoy eating as much as anyone else, but sounds like you heard right on the other traits of the two houses otherwise. Did anyone explain the other houses?" he will ask curiously.

Gabriel grins in obvious approval of Terrance's comments. An approval made all the clearer by the heartfelt, "Hear, hear!" that follows right on the heals of the older Gryffindor's last comment.

To Samira he adds and don't forget about Gryffindor, with their exemplary courage, daring, nerve and chivalry. And Ravenclaw." as an aside to Terrance, "the best house of all, sorry Terrance." before he continues with the Ravenclaw description for Samira, "The House of the wise and the learned, with intellect, wit, and curiosity to spare."

"Gryffindors: Arrogant and pompous, and always think they have a right to meddle in everybody else's business." Alphard looks at Terrance when he says it, too. He is still ignoring Gabriel like he isn't even there. With a shrug he looks back at Samira and then adds: "Ravenclaws, curious and bookish over-achievers. I have quite a few friends in that House. I have a couple of Gryffindor friends, too, mind. Or did, I suppose there's just one left for this year. Some of them try to be less obnoxious and more focused on behaving like they know what civilization is."

Angelus simply just shakes his head, looking away from Madeline, and quirking a brow as he glances around. Interesting conversation going on, an amused smile slipping across his face as he listens quietly. His royal blue eyes flick between speakers.

Samira offers an appreciative smile to Gabriel when he explains Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. She watches Terrance with relaxed amusement as he issues another taunt aimed at Alphard. Alphard recieves a nod when he adds further explanation of the other houses. "It seems a strange system to divide us in such a way. Not only could a two traits be equally strong in a given individual, but also, what happens when someone loyal becomes more and more ambitious as they mature? Does the sorting hat read the future nature as well as the present?" It's sounding like this one is destined for Ravenclaw. The fluffy white cat draped over her shoulders curls its tail against Samira's neck as it stares suspiciously at Levi and Alphard.

Abraxas has said his goodbyes on the platform, shaking hands with Enceladus and getting a kiss on the cheek from Eurydice. His things are loaded into the Prefect's car, and now he's working his way back through the train, saying hello to his few friends and scowling at the filthy muggleborns, "They should at least have their own cars, so they can be avoided by proper wizards…" he murmurs, sotto voce.

Terrance only laughed more as Alphrad spoke, deciding he was not worth a final taunt. He then took a bite of the tart that he had been given, before glancing to Gabriel, "Who am I to break that dream of yours, Gabriel?" he asked teasingly before finally looking to Samira, "I think it does. It seems to see what we are and what we can become. It then puts us where we will fit best." he said with a shrug as if this was perfectly sensible.

Still standing to the side of Terrance's compartment entrance Gabriel looks over at the older boy and grudgingly says, "Well, his brain still works. I wonder what part of his body the inbreeding ruined… Oh, wait, it was probably his soul…" He's speaking to Terrance but the comment is loud enough to be heard up and down the corridor.

He does hear the comments made on the house traits though, since this is rather a serious topic the more exaggerated of those are given a wince. Levi doesn't have time to focus on them though as that would be impossible to follow. He listens to Samira all the same since she's closest besides Alphard. "It is common, to have traits from many of the houses, and the sorting hat will take a great many things into account while trying to decide where to place you, it depends on the person some it sorts very quickly, and others it takes time to figure it out." he remembers from his own sorting year.

Madeline eats the tart she was giving - but above her head, Mischief is hopping back and forth, looking down at her. "Fine, fine," she mutters, tearing off a small piece and showing it to the bird. "Say 'gooooooo gryffindor!'" she instructs.

"Gooooooo Gryffindor!" the bird croaks back, before promptly earning the treat.

"Such a good bird, Mischief!"

"Eibon. How've you been this summer?" Alphard gives the blonde boy a comradely enough upnod from where he's standing and talking with Samira and Levi. Then he hears Abraxas talking as well, and gives the other Slytherin a look of acknowledgement, and perhaps invitation. "Malfoy."

"When the hat was put on my head it didn't need to think it through at all. It said Slytherin right away." Which is, in Alphard's opinion, something to be proud of.

"Cillian! I—" Elise says, her voice cutting beneath the noise of their compartment and the general noise of the train car. Her face is pale and her eyes are too wide.

Terrance gave a laugh up to Gabriel at his quip, "I think that is just a family trait for him." He then took another bite of the tart. Then hearing Angelus be called out, he tilted to the side. He offered the fellow Gryffindor a friendly nod and a wave, "Hey, Angelus."

After feeding her bird, Madeline takes another bite of her tart, and then fixes her gaze on Elise, her brows wrinkling. "Umm… Elise, you okay?" she asks with concern.

Samira follows Alphard's attention to Angelus who she studies with interest. With long, wild curls, this girl is an unfamiliar face- too old to be one of the firsties. Her dark gaze shifts to to Abraxas. With a grin, she dips into a small, perhaps overly formal curtsy. "Good morning, Abraxas Malfoy."

"Hullo, Black. Good to see you again." Malfoy says, less begrudgingly than some of his other greetings. He nods to the others present as well. "My family have been in Slytherin as long as there has been a Hogwarts. It didn't take the hat more than an instant to sort me the same way. It recognizes good blood when it sees it, clearly." He offers a slightly deeper nod of the head to Samira, "Samira Prince, good day. I take it that your governess conveyed you to the train without incident?"

"I just need some air," Elise squeaks quietly. "It's too…" she fans herself, shakes her head, bites her lip. "I'm okay. Sorry. Sorry." She gives everyone a weak smile.

"You want me to walk with you?" Madeline asks Elise, letting her hands (still holding the tart) lower back down to her lap. "It wouldn't be any bother, you know. Happy to do it. We pirates stick together!"

Gabriel tips an imaginary hat at Terrance then starts making his way back to the Pirates compartment through the ever more crowded corridor. He reaches the door to the compartment just in time to hear the last bit of conversation between Elise and Maddie. Immediately his expression jumps to concerned and he asks, "Is everything alright?"

"I just need some air," Elise half-whispers to Madeline and Gabriel. "Isn't there somewhere…?" Everything is so crowded right now!

Anemone still has that compartment all to herself, sitting with her cat in her lap, just petting the feline a non stop purr emiting from her.

The half-blood Quidditch player (Levi) is way out of his zone, what started with trying to defuse things and talking to Alphard has turned into him being layered upon though he isn't sure why they would turn on him since he's done nothing but be friendly it is a concern. Levi will give a nod to the newest arrival Abraxas continuing to be friendly is probably best course of action beyond the rude thing going back to his compartment.

"Ummm. Well, the platform's a mad house, but we might be able to find a quieter compartment," Madeline answers uncertainly, looking towards Gabriel. "Do you know anywhere quiet on the train? Ooo! I know! There's the loo! I mean - well. May not be the freshest air, but quiet and private. Yeah?"

"Black," Angelus responds, mimicking the seventh years style of greeting. At this point the youth will only speak when spoken to, but he shrugs his shoulders coolly. "I've been all right, thanks." He gestures out with a hand. "Sounds like there's the typical disrespect for proper families." The talk of Houses causes a twinge of envy as the youth casts a look around, glancing towards Abraxas, who he offers a nod. He's going to keep quiet because, of course, /Sytherin/ was where he was supposed to be. A grin crosses his face, and he looks to Alphard again. "Are you going to win the Quidditch Cup this year?

It was a long argument with her parents… as close as the Rosen's come to arguing, that is, but Elspeth was finally able to convince them to let her cross the platforms of King's Cross on her own, and onto Platform 9 3/4. However, the prefect didn't go unnoticed, and she soon found herself charged by Brandy to help a small group of muggle born firsties onto the train, and getting them settled. Figuring that the didn't need to find themselves confronted with pure blood hatred their first hour on the train, she shepherded them to a few compartments away from the ones usually haunted by Slytherins and their ilk. She splurged some of her treat money on the trolley cart for them, giving them some Bertie Botts to share, and a chocolate frog for each. Pocketing the little she has left, she picked up her basket and headed down the aisle, looking in compartments as she passed. A small, tawny cat climbs out of the basket and up to her shoulder, the better to survey all as she accompanies her witch back to Hogwarts.

Concern for Elise steals away any attention Gabriel might have been giving the group of Slytherins (and Samira) clustered in the corridor. Instead he frowns ever so slightly then nods to Maddie, "That's an idea. And the loo has windows, so if you stand her next to the window she should be able to get plenty of fresh air. Should I walk you two there?"

Samira nods at Abraxas' question about her governess with an impish smile. "And quite pleased to be rid of me, I suspect."
The cat lounging on her shoulders nudges her cheek with the top of his head. Absently, Samira reaches up to rub his cheek. Eyes closed, he tilts his head to savor the touch. But, only for a few moments. He pulls his head back and nips at her fingertips. Samira doesn't seem to mind and drops her hand to clasp it behind her back.

Elise pushes her way out of the compartment, desperate to find some place where she can breathe. "The loo?" she asks, shaking her head at the idea and turning a bit green. And then… she finds Anemone, somehow with only Noalan and Elspeth in her compartment. She pushes her way in and goes straight for the window, opening it up and sticking her face out. She takes deep breaths, assuming that Gabriel and Madeline have followed her.

"It's always the same, Eibon. Bunch of rabble who think that by acting up they're somehow proving themselves. When all they're proving is that they have neither breeding nor class. I honestly don't have time this year to spend putting them straight," Alphard tells Angelus with a sour grimace. "Hopefully there are younger students who can pick up the slack. With this being my last year, I need to focus on my studies." But perhaps he's trained enough little bullies over the years that they can now take over for him a bit.

"Oh, I hope so. We didn't have any Seventh years before, but still did pretty well." After a tick he even adds, with sympathy. "Perhaps you'll grab a game yourself this year. You played pretty well."

"Mischief - stay put." Madeline ties off her birds jess to the luggage rack overhead, then hastily follows Elise, her tart still in her hand. She exchanges a puzzled and worried look with Gabriel as she positions herself outside the quiet compartment Elise had managed to find.

Deciding to let the pure-blood families make their greetings, Terrance leaned back against the wall of his compartment and his legs kicked up on the seat. As Black made another comment about the 'rabble', he smiled widely, though did bite back his retort. He brought his hands up to rest his head on, letting his eyes drift shut till other joined him, or the train began to start on its way.

Ah quidditch a topic he can get behind. "I'm sure Slytherin and Gryffindor will do excellent this year. I hope my team can find some good beaters to replace the ones we lost, but only try-outs will tell." Levi looks over the Samira now "Did they play Quiddith at your school at all?" he is curious about this.

Anemone is keeping to herself quiet, petting her cat softly as she looks out the window, both seeming so peaceful.

"I don't know why anyone would want to be rid of you, Samira. After all, your governess seems to spend ample time trying to chase you down." Abraxas comments, dryly. He nods in return to Angelus, "Good day, Eibon. Ready to start another year of school? And there's been an unfortunate amount of disprespect for proper breeding lately. But as Black says, it will be to us to make sure people know what's good for them." He sighs in a bit of exasperation, "Though Professor Flint will no doubt tell my father everything I get up to, especially now that I'm a Prefect, so I shall have to be fair, even if we're far from equal." He mimics his father's cultured, polite voice, "This is a good opportunity for you, Abraxas. People at the Ministry look for this sort of thing on your vitae. You reflect on the entire family." A pouty exhale, "Doesn't /everything/?" he asks, in a more normal tone.

After trading glances with Madeline Gabriel follows the two female Pirates as they go in search of an empty compartment. He's starting to believe that its an impossible mission when the girls stumble upon (and barge into) Anemone, Elspeth, and Noalan's compartment. Instead of following them in he stands at the doorway to the compartment and watches Elise intently, "A touch of claustrophobia, maybe?"

With a little spritzing bottle and a rag Erica moves down the train corridor cleaning up the windows from all of the smudges students have left behind. When whatever is in the bottle doesn't clean something very well she leans in very close to examine the smudge and takes out a notebook and a quill and notes down, mumbling as she writes, "Boggies leave green sticky residue."

Samira can't help but laugh at Abraxas' comment about her governess. "A fair point. Perhaps it was /I/ who was glad to be rid of /her/." Glancing to Levi as he asks about Quidditch at her old school she nods with an amused smile, "Of course. Quidditch is a very popular sport in most countries. Although, it is one I prefer to watch." She glances back at Abraxas, Alphard, and Angelus, but then arches a brow when she notices Erica cleaning windows and… taking notes on the smudges?

Elise glances back over her shoulder at Gabriel and Madeline for a second, then shakes her head. "No," she says. "That's… not it." She shrugs. Slowly, the color seems to come back into her face. The tension fades from her shoulders. "Hullo, Noalan, Elspeth," she says quietly. She glances at Anemone. "Hullo. Can my friends and I sit in here?"

"Yeah I guess maybe," Madeline agrees with Gabriel, standing in the corridor, flanking the same compartment door as Gabriel. "I mean - it is a little crazy. The station all packed with all those kids being sent out to the country, and now of this…" She lets out a sigh. "Do you really think London's gonna get bombed?" she asks. Then she leans across the doorway to whisper, "And did your parents make you bring a gas-mask, too?"

As Elise asks if they can join her in the compartment, Madeline pops her head in to wave cheerfully. "Don't want to crowd you or nothing!"

Hearing the bit about Quidditch caused Terrance to open his eye for a bit. Noticing it was Levi speaking, and saying that both houses would do excellent, he let himself grin. He could only hope that the Gryffindor team would do great this year, as he only had two years left to show his skill at keeper.

Gabriel arches an eyebrow as he looks back and forth between the compartment they're in front of and the original compartment the Pirates had taken over. Lost in thought he answers Madeline on autopilot, "London? Bombed? Nah, the German's are just posturing." He's aprroting his parents since he really has no interest in politics. Finally his eyes go wide as he remembers Elise calling out Cillian's name a few seconds before going all weird adn he focuses on her, "Is this a /cooties/ attack!?"

"As long as you don't get caught," Alphard tells Abraxas with a wry look of conspiracy. "It's possible to play the game. After all, your word holds extra weight. Enough to tip the scales of how certain scenes can be read." Then he glances at his watch and sighs. "I have to find someone and have a little talk. I'll talk to you all later." He gives the little circle of mostly purebloods + Levi a friendly upnod, then starts to prowl away.

Angelus nods towards Alphard's and Abraxas' words. A sigh escapes him as he glances around, rolling back his shoulders. "It certainly does," murmurs the youth. "I hope I don't disappoint. There's a couple riff-raff who refuse to see reason." He frowns, bringing his fingers to slide against his mouth as he considers. "Evans is going to be simply /unbearable/ now that she has that badge."

Abraxas nods knowingly, "What is it they say? If you can't do it, you aren't trying. If you get caught, you aren't trying hard enough." A meaningful look at Samira as well, as if she might live by that motto. "Take care, Black." Then, to Angelus, "Some people do let it go to their heads. Not everyone has the breeding to handle power. Magical or otherwise."

Zayn has been making his way through the carts slowly, his right hand moving up and running through his hair slowly with a sigh. His mind was moving slowly over all the things that he would need to handle still today and the next couple of days. He needed to give his expectations for this year to the perfects, then make sure they handled the opening fest well and then the first couple of weeks. This causes him to close his eyes and furrow his brow slightly as he leans against the wall of the car he is currently in, thinking about all the lost firsties and everyone trying to see how far they can push the envelope this year.

Elise blinks rapidly at Gabriel for a second. Then her cheeks turn red and she shakes her head. "No!" she says. "No, not that. I just… he — he understands what's going on, that's all." She crosses her arms self-consciously. "Never mind," she mumbles.

Samira inclines her head to Alphard as he wanders off. She glances up at Levi who is still standing next to her before looking to Abraxas and Angelus. Her smile widens into a grin as Abraxas voices a truth she knows well.

Madeline sighs. "I hope you're right," she agrees with Gabriel. She stares down at her feet for a moment, and when she looks up she spots Erica cleaning a nearby window. "Erica! Hi! Did you have a /great/ summer?" she greets the other girl cheerfully.

Gabriel opens his mouth to ask what its about then but snaps it shut without saying anything. Afterall, there are plenty of landlubbers in the room that don't need to be knowing about Elise's secrets and weaknesses. Instead he just watches her with concern in his eyes.

Levi winces at his own stupid question or well no properly asked "Ah yes, of course stupid question sorry. I play for my house team, seeker. That's why I wondered if they actually played in school or just professionally." he says though looking next to Terrance nodding in greeting "I want to make a good showing for Hufflepuff in my finally year of course especially if I do decide I want to try out for a pro-team."

Glancing to Levi, "Don't we all." Terrance said in agreement, "Though I do hope I can stand out around the posts. I would love to wear the Arrow one day." he said in reference to the Appleby Arrows.

Riddle stands up from the compartment he's sharing with many of the Knights of Walpurgis and seems to just be seeking some fresh air. He offers a gentile smile to those he passes in his leisurely stroll a little list of who would like what from the trolley.

"Well, congratulations on the prefect badge, Malfoy," Angelus offers. "I'm sure you'll put it to good use." He dips his head, and gestures onward. "I should find where Miley is sitting," he decides with a shrug. He offers a polite nod to Samira, too, before he walks.

So Zayn, runs his hand through his hair again with a chuckle shaking his head. As he peeks down the other car, watching people get ready the look of excitement on all their faces, before he starts to head back the way he came down. His hands moving to clasp behind his back, as he walks slowly.

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