(1939-09-01) Hogwarts Express - the Trip to Hogwarts
Details for Hogwarts Express - the Trip to Hogwarts
Summary: The journey by train of Hogwarts students at the beginning of the 1939-1940 school year.
Date: 1939-09-01
Location: Hogwarts Express
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Colton leaps onto the train just a split second as the steam whistle blows and the train starts to chugga chugga out of it. He's covered in lipstick marks and his hair is a mess and his tie is flipped over his shoulder and he's missing a button from his shirt. "I bloody love this war already!" When asked what happened he gives a big dopey grin. "Ended up … sheer accident mind… in a horde of girls waiting for their sorting on my way to the platform. Bloody brilliant! They thought I was going to be shipped off…" So he told a little tall tale. "…mobbed me. Heaven mate, pure heaven."

It seems like most of the little knot around Abraxas and Samina has broken up, and so he leans in to whisper something to the transferring fifth-year quietly. Then he steps back and says, "Would you care for anything from the snack trolley before I head back up towards the Prefect's car? I imagine the train will be starting on its way soon."

"I havent decided yet, though either to try for quidditch or Department of Magical Creatures. I am not going to chose probably until towards the end of the year. Though who knows how fast this years gonna go?" Levi states simply to those near him still, it being his seventh year and all.

The sudden motion of the train is enough to jar Noalan out of a slight doze, the general chatter and banging of dozens of students having become little more than white noise. Blasted early days and anticipation enduced insomnia. He blinks around the cabin grogely. "Oh, hey Eslepth." One hand comes up to rub the sleep from his eyes.

Samira sways, but keeps her footing with ease as the train lurches forward, starting off for Hogwarts. The foreign transfer student quirks a smile up at Abraxas as he looms closer and whispers into her ear. Her eyes shine with mischief as she glances back up at him. Tilting her head at the mention of the snack trolly, she glances past Abraxas as it approaches down the hall. "What sort of goods do they sell?"

"Did I tell ya, Gabe, I met a wizard who speaks Mermish and is gonna try to teach me some?" Madeline asks her friend. "Oh! And Lucretia Black's mom? She offered to let me help out around her apothecary next summer and teach me more stuff about potions. How weird is that! She even said I could write to her this year and she'd give me tips and advice. Lucretia's mom!"

Terrance nodded towards Levi, "At least you have a backup plan, I am throwing all by quaffles into one chest." he said with a grin. Then as the train lurched forward, he was rocked in his seat. "And so it begins." he added, since Levi just commented on the speed that this year would go.

Gabriel reaches out to grab onto the door frame of Noalan, Elspeth, Anemone, and Elise's compartment but otherwise remain watching Elise with the same concerned eyes until the girl starts to breath normally again. As an afterthought his free hand reaches out to steady Maddie, who's is standing next to him, if need be. IN response to her comments he says, "Ummm… Look for the hook in the offer. I mean, she /is/ a Black."

Hephaesta steps out of her compartment after getting settled in…and flattens herself against the wall of the corridor as Colton hurries inside. She tilts her head curiously, furrowing her brow. "Being mobbed is heaven? Why would you want that?" Clearly she's not getting something.

"Ummm… The usual things, I guess. I don't actually push the thing. But they've got, err… cauldron cakes, chocolate frogs, jelly slugs, licorice wands, all that sort of thing. And chilled pumpkin juice and other drinks." Abraxas says, "Sweets, basically, and snacks." He swings into the compartment with her for the moment, grabbing a handhold as the train rattles forward.

As the trains makes it way, Zayn presses his hand against the wall to steady himself, he has no desire to fall. As the train finally makes it's start he continues on his way, working past people as they still move around the halls, little tid bits of greetings here and there, the vibration of the train under his feet. It is going to be a good year, he tells himself.

"Well - I looked but I didn't see one," Madeline remarks. Having been braced back against the wall of the compartment behind her, she doesn't shift much when the train starts. "And neither did uncle Perry. But seems like there oughtta be one, right? She just seemed happy I like potions so much. She even threw a little extra stuff into my order for free! For my experiments."

Colton chuckles and give Phae a wide grin and points to the lipstick kiss marks all over his face, many different shades. "Care to add to the collection?" He teases and then points out. "Mobbed by a gaggle of girls and treated like a celebrity is every blokes dream Pidge. You look nice, new thing with the hair?" He did overhear the talk about Maddie's offer for next year and he calls over to her. "Careful Mads, she probably just wants ye to harvest yer organs for ingredients. Virgin Blood and all." He winks over to his younger housemate and then looks back to Phae with hope that she'll add to the collection of kiss marks instead of messing his hair up further from a smacking instead.

"Perhaps something that has dark chocolate? Or if they have mint lemonade, that would also be nice." Samira watches from the corridor as Abraxas swings into a compartment. "My trunk is in a different room down the hall. And you need to go to the prefect's car soon, yes?"

Samira glances at Riddle as the third year passes her in the hall, heading for the trolley himself. She tilts her head, watching him with interest for a moment before glancing once more to Abraxas.

Noalan pushes himself up, grabbing ahold of the luggage rack to keep his balance. He edges towards the door and pears out past Gabriel to try to judge how long he's been asleep by the state of the rest of the train. "Where are we?" Even in his slightly addeled sleep deprived and nap hangover state he can see the train must have just started moving.

"Well, the stuff was labeled," Madeline says dismissively. "And I know it's dangerous to just mess with potions willnilly - I mean, Adam exploded his cauldron last year." She shrugs her shoulders. "Not like I'm allowed to make potions without a Professor around, anyways."

Looking at Colton, the girl starts to giggle. "She can't take my blood! Or I'll report her to Chief Worthington!"

Hephaesta neither smacks Colton nor kisses him. She just stares in wide-eyed astonishment at his brazen behaviour. Why she's suprised is anyone's guess, as it's hardly new for him. She blinks it away, her cheeks turning a rosey pink. "Ah…my hair? I've…got a new braid, I suppose?"

Colton says in a dramatic tone, you can almost here the ~*Dun Dun DUUUNNNNNN*~ in the background. "Aye that's if you're alive to do so!" He then grins wide to Phae. "Aye, that' got to be it. You've got it draped down the left side instead of the right side."

"Chocolate they have." Abraxas says, nodding, "And yes, I do. Not that we'll be missed. We're supposed to patrol, I'm told. Though nothing really happens /this/ early in the year. People need to have a chance to settle in before they get up to mischief." Is that the voice of experience talking? Abraxas gives no hint. "We have to get changed sometime before Hogsmeade Station, as well." Meanwhile, he keeps an eye out for the approach of the Honeydukes Express and its sweet cargo.

"I'm an Auror now, Colton! Gives me special Auror powers. I'm too much of a match for Mrs. Black!" Madeline counters, grinning broadly at the older student.

Levi reaches out to a wall to steady himself as the train starts moving, and the journey begins for for one of the last time. He goes a tad silent at the thought but will shake it off a whole entire year to go, too soon to be thinking about the end.

Gabriel watches the conversation between Madeline and Colton in the same way other people watch a tennis match. He doesn't even try to interject since mentioning that just because the rules say you can't do something doesn't mean you /really/ can't do it would probably be a bad idea right now… He does take a moment from his conversation spectating to tell Noalan, "We've just left the station a little while ago. Still a ways to travel."

Ethel is already dressed in her robes, already her stuff is packed away, and so she roams the halls, talking to a few first years, smiling down at them as she gives them a few pointers, a shiny prefect badge pinned to her breast. "Now when you get there, you'll need to make sure you hop to, your baggage will be taken to the castle, but you will be taken by boat." She smiles and says, "Stay seated now, you don't want to fall in, all types of things live in the lake. You don't want to be eaten your first day of school do you?"

Hephaesta instinctively lifts her hand to touch the braid, suddenly uncertain which side it was on. "Did I? Oh…yes. Well, ah…you really should get your face cleaned off before a Prefect sees you, Higgins. It could mean trouble."

Hattie clucks her tongue as she moves up from the rear of the carriage to a seat, a bit disheveled from the crush as she and her tiny, potted… thing settle in. She clucks softly at it, removing something wilty, and glistening— as though it has just been generously misted in the WC.

Terrance stood for a moment, making his way to the entrance to his compartment, waiting on the trolley like the others. In doing so, he caught sight of the seventh year Gryffindor with a face full of kiss marks. A wide grin slid across his lips, "Starting the school celebration a bit early are you, Colton?"

Elspeth surfaces from her book as Lan pulls himself upright, and gives a smile to him at his sleepy greeting. Sitting perched on the basket on the seat next to her, Neko watches Lan with unblinking eyes. The feline ears twitch once as he pulls himself up, and the Ravenclaw shakes her head. "We just left. I have asked Evelyn to save us compartment down near some muggle born firsties that Miss Sweetwater was asking me to assist. I was finding one away from the usual Slytherin cars. It may be quieter there, and…" she tilts her head down towards the basket that bears the aromas of the Rosen Bakery. "We really should be sharing with Ev."

Erica without asking over giving much warning pulls another spritz bottle from a satchel and gives a lipstick stain on Colton's back a few quick spritzes and then takes note how the stain vanishes rather well. But someone tromps by and leaves melted chocolate frog mooshes all over the drapes they used as a napkin before they continued on. That mess seems to greater trump Colton's dishevelment so she wanders over to the curtains and sorts through her spritz bottles to select one from her satchel and starts to try to clean up the chocolate. Though when the chocolate starts to sizzle and smoke her eyes go a little wide. She checks the bottle, meeps and quickly fumbles to get another bottle and spritz the smoldering chocolate.

The seventh year will look about to everyone as the train starts moving it's still quite a trip to Hogwarts though so time to relax and just let the trip part happen. He hears a familiar voice a girl from his house. "Hey Ethel, congrats on the prefect badge." the seeker will say giving a smile in appreciation. "How were your summer holidays?" Levi asks curiously the first years she's speaking to gets a small wave from him.

"Changed?" Samira arches a brow at Abraxas. "The students change robes on the /train/?" She has noticed both witches and wizards occupying the same compartments. How scandelous. Shaking her head with a bemused smile, she glances off own the hall and happens to notice Hephaesta- one of the few faces she recognizes. With a coquettish smile at Abraxas, she slips off own the hall, approaching the Ravenclaw girl and the others she speaks to. "Good morning, Hephaesta Mulciber," says Samira as she comes to stand at the other girl's side.

Colton calls over to Maddie, "Bet that's famous last words of plenty an Auror over the years there Mads. Don't get cocky kid!" Then there's a wet cold spot on his back, "Oi!" He checks to see what it is while he aside winks again then hmms at Phae, "Wot? It's not time to get into uniform yet. They are all cooped up in their lil den o inequity having their 'meetng' anywho. So wot ya NEWTin' in this year Pidge?" His Shelta accent comes and goes, he's gearing up for the school year when he maintains the more proper British tones to be able to cast spells accurately.

"Them other Aurors weren't Maddie the Magnificent, Colton!" Madeline practically crows, before looking to the girl with the squirt bottles.

"Erica! You don't got to clean the whole train!" she calls, letting out a giggle. "They'll clean it up again when we get off! Come have a little fun - Cillian has chocolate sodas!"

Back —-> there, one little Pirate Captain has been busy as he has something that the trolly does not…that is chocolate soda! Its a curiosity indeed and its why his damn compartment has not been empty for quite some time, when the train starts moving however, folks drift off and away for their own seats and waiting for the trolly and etc and Cillian is left with breathing room, and without his crew, in his compartment with his chocolate soda, carrots, apples, tarts and chocolates and bottle of cherry syrup and he finally frowns and looks around, raising his voice. "Oi! Gunny? Mousie? Mad?" He sighs and rubs a hand over his face as he settles back on the floor, slipping his panpipes from where they are usually stashed and he raises them to his lips and plays a sweet and long wobbly note that slowly fades into an upbeat little ditty. His hair is slipping free from its tie, and he's a little tired looking but! He's doing jis job.

Ethel smiles to Levi, "Oh hello Levi!" She looks to the kids and says, "Why don't you all go find a place to sit, it's a long ride, I'll be along shortly so that we can have a talk." She gives them a stern look, "And make sure you behave, you don't want your houses to be docked points before you even get into them!" She watches them all go find compartments and turns to Levi, "Oh it was great! How was yours? Do anything exciting?"

Noalan rubs the bridge of his nose for a moment. "Ya, sounds good to me. That and Aelus is haunting the area. A fist fight would not be a good way to start out the new school year." He looks out the door again to see how passable the hallway is. "And there's the rest of the prefect duties. Remember when the train ride use to be fun, rather than work?"

Hephaesta reaches out to tug at Colton's sleeve, gesturing down the corridor and hissing a whisper. "Abraxas Malfoy is a Prefect now. I saw his badge at Madam Malkin's." She assumes that information will speak for itself. The arrival of Samira brings a surprised lift of her eyebrows. "Oh, hello Prince. It's nice to see you again." She sounds a bit rehearsed in her social pleasantries.

Gabriel glances between Elise and Maddie. Elise seems to have calmed down some, and she's with company. At the very least Elspeth is trustworthy. Madie's distracted with someone he doesn't know. So… He makes his way back to his original compartment, the one with the cartoon skull and crossbones that say "Pirates Quarters. First adn Second Years Welcome!" and plops down in his original seat, "Finally got a respite, Cap'n?"

Samira giggles impishly at Hephaesta's rather formal greeting. Dipping into a curtsy so deep that almost seems to mock itself, she says, "And it is most pleasant to see you as well." Noticing Colton's lipstick-stained face, her eyes widen. "Ya salaam," she exclaims with incredulous surprise, lapsing into Arabic. Although the Arab wizards and witches are not quite as prudish and strict about things as the muggles are, theirs is still a more conservative culture.

Elspeth chuckles to Noalan as she stands and picks up her basket (Neko reclaiming the seat on her shoudler), choosing to overlook the mention of Aelus for the moment. She gives a little grin to Gabriel as he passes, the summer having brought the easy expression back… for how long remains to be seen. "Is not protecting first years part of our prefect duties?" she suggests, then moves out into the aisle ahead of him, leading the way to the compartment she mentioned. She gives a nod of greeting to Hephaesta and Samira as she edges around them, her own feline eyeing the one with Samira as they pass. A morwl is passed over, and then the Ravenclaw prefect is opening the door to pass through into the next compartment.

Colton simply says "Balls." As he lifts up his shirt exposing his rather fit stomach so that he can use the tails of his shirt to wipe at his face. The horrible thing about lipstick in the 1930s is it's basically stain and hasn't gone through all of the, 'stays-on' 'lasts all day' special features lipsticks of the future do, so when he lowers his shirt and faces Phae and asks, "Better?" He looks about like a red skinned alien from one of his comic books that is now considered contriband in his trunk.

Brandon looks outside from his compartment. There's now a lot of people on the train and he was finally joined by a couples of fellow 5th year and they busy themselves discussing quidditch and owls while changing into the school robes. "I'm gonna try to make the team this year I think" he says.

Abraxas is, indeed, a prefect now, though he's not wearing his school robes yet. Instead, as Samira heads in the direction of Hephaesta, he turns and goes towards the trolley, stopping and offering over a few sickles for some chocolate bars and a few drinks. Balancing them easily, he turns back in the other direction. Which, unfortunately, will put him in direction of the Ravenclaw and the unsorted transfer.

Levi will look back to his housemate nodding first to the question "Im glad yours was good, mine was excellent went to Greece with my folks and spent a lot of time flying and hanging out really after." He explains which he thought was a cool summer at least. "Excited for the school year?" he'll ask watching her as the train trundles.

Hephaesta stares in mild horror at what Colton has done to his face. "Oh, good grief. You'd better come in here and get cleaned up properly." She opens the door to her compartment, ushering Colton in. She holds it open for Samira as well, should she care to join them.

Polly steps onto the train, smoothing out her dress. She looks around for some of her fellow Slytherin house to sit with and sighs. She huffs slightly and looks around trying to see if anyone is there from her year and house. She finds an empty place and sits down, keeping an ear peered to listen for anything.

Ethel nods her head and says, "I am! Ready for Quidditch season? Can't wait to watch you play, you'll bring us the ccup this year?" She scoots to the side as someone comes running through, "Hey there, slow down, we're moving fast enough!" She looks to Levi and says, "Oh how was Greece? I bet it was beautiful. I hear the water is just lovely there!"

When the trolley with treats finally came rolling along, Terrance was one of the many to get in line. He loaded up on Sugar Quills, and Chocolate Frogs as well as getting a nice chill mug of pumpkin juice before heading back into his open compartment.

Hattie unpins her hat, and slides her gloves off. She smoothes her thumb over her plant's leaf, removing a speck of detritus, which gives her something to do. As ever, far too shy to engage the others in her compartment, Miss Wilkins mostly directs her eyes into the corridor to watch faces go by. She nods to Nott, barely perceptibly, but the movement of the Slytherin prefect away from the trolley… well it seems to leave her sliding a bit downward on the bench.

Samira's light, wheat complexion warms with a blush when Colton lifts his shirt. Turning away slightly, she averts her gaze. But, as Hephaesta heads into one of the rooms and holds the door open for her to follow, Samira blinks. Her dark gaze flits from Hephaesta to Colton for a moment before she lifts her chin and strides into the compartment. She sits in the far corner of the compartment and watches with seemingly relaxed interest.

Cillian lowers his pipes with a small smile to Gabriel and he shrugs his shoulders. "A bit…where did the girls get off to?" He asks curiously with a slow blink and a thoughtful expression.. "Are they off to change into robes?"

"I sure hope I am and i'm glad you'll be in the stands, bringing in the cup my last two years would be amazing, but we'll see I don't count out any of the teams." Levi says lightly he's not really one to brag even about quidditch. He will grin about the next question "Greece was excellent, the ruins are very cool, and yes the water was warm and just about the best i've ever been in."

Colton is easily bossed by girls, though that's mostly because he has hope everything is going to end up with snogging. He struts into the compartment and lifts off his shirt entirely. "Wot, is it bad?" He leans in to look at himself in the reflection of the outter window. "Blimey!" The gryffindor mischief maker then starts to giggle fit. "Wot do you birds put on your lips!?"

Gabriel raises one shoulder in a half shrug to answer Cillian. "Elise needed a bit of air so we went looking for a less cramped compartment. She's with Adam and Maddie right now. I guess they'll filter in when they get a chance." Lowering his voice a bit he adds, "I thought it was claustrophobia at first but now I think its a cootie attack." Which is Gabriel code for 'I think she has a crush'.

Madeline starts to shift uneasily in the hallway. Elise doesn't seem ready to go back - but how long can she leave Mischief unsupervised? Luckily, some of the other pirates wandering the hall are passing by, and she's able to task them with keeping an eye on the seemingly stressed girl. She then flounces back into the compartment - looking up to see that Mischief nearly has his jess untied from the rack she'd tied him to. "Mischief Headachemaker Evans, what're you up to now?" she asks the bird, before untying the knot for him and picking him up.

"Was he any trouble?" she asks Cillian a bit anxiously.

Abraxas stops as he sees another Fifth-year sliding away as he passes down the hallway. Turning on his heel, he pokes his head into the compartment with a little curl of his lip that is somewhere between a smile and a sneer, "Hello, Wilkins. Welcome back. Still grubbing in the dirt, I see. Here, cheer up and have a chocolate bar. I promise it won't explode, and just think about what a /wonderful/ year it is going to be." He tosses one of the several chocolate bars in his hand onto the seat. At least, being a Malfoy, he buys the good stuff.

Inside Hephaesta's compartment, the clattering chitter of her mechanical owl, Gizmo, can be heard from where he is perched on the back of the bench seat. She was quite particular about him riding with her, and not being knocked about in the luggage car. When Colton takes his shirt off, Phae squeaks in surprise, and covers her eyes. "Merlin! What are you doing?"

Samira loses that smile and can't help but shield her eyes as Colton peels off his shirt. At least, Hephaesta seems just as uncomfortable.

Erica has gotten the curtain clean! Never mind the slightly singed hole. With a prim little clearing of her throat which is a bit sore from inhaling some of the smoke she neatly folds and arranges the draped curtain in such a way that the holes are hidden from plain view and quickly steps away and shuffles quickly down the corridor.

Elise eventually does come back. Her owl is in here, after all. Fast asleep, it seems. Jeeves apparently is lulled by panpipe music. When she does come back, it's in her school robes, and looking considerably calmer than when she left. Just in time to hear Gabe say seomthing about a cootie attack. She gives him a strange look.

"Uhhh…hmmmm… gettin' cleaned up…??" Colton really is dumbfounded to what has the girls freaking out.

Ethel gives a bit of a dreamy sigh and says, "I bet it was romatic!" She shakes her head and says, "Maybe one day I'll be able to go, mother would have a cow if she ever went." She gives a chuckle and says, "Well you have a nice ride, I need to go make sure that everyone is doing what they need to!"

Cillian ahhs softly and just eyes Gabriel at the mention of a cootie attack and he closes his eyes, taking a deep breath and shaking his head a little bit. "She'll be okay…" He trails off when Madeline arrives and he looks thoughtful as he eyes the bird and back to Madeline and then back to the bird before just grinning and placing his pipes back to his lips as he begins playing once more and nods. He lowers the pipes when Elise arrives and he ahhs softly and scoots over so she can sit and he tsks softly. "I tink we need to talk about cooties now. I dun tink as Pirates we can get cooties, because we make chocolate and sugar a regular part of our diets."

Hattie is like one of those flightless under-continental birds, caught in the sights of a snake. Some people are just easy marks. She very nearly jumps as the bar strikes the seat. "More wonderful for some than others, Mr. Malfoy— Prefect, I think? How … kind." She sits up a little straighter. The candy is now HIGHLY suspect. She puts her plan on the sill and lifts it. "Is that boy naked?!"

"I suppose it could be, but I was there with my parents." Levi says laughing bit he'll nod to her "Enjoy, and congrats again on the badge." he will turn spotting another house mate "Ah, Erica wasnt it?" he offers a greeting waving to her. "How was your summer?" he watches her to see if she can hear him over the train noise and all of the people.

"I didn't know that chocolate and sugar helped combat cooties," Madeline remarks - her bird back in her lap, and pecking at the buttons on her dress. "If you swallow one of those, Mischief, my mum'll have your hide, you know," she tells the bird.

Ethel gives a wave and begins back down the hallway, she continues on, pausing every now and again to put her head into a compartment, "Anyone need any help in here?"

Erica freezes like a doe in headlights. She's been caught! Oh dear gods it's Levi, the star of her house Quidditch team, and he's spotted her hiding the holes! And he's talking to her!" So embarrassed, so on the spot, she was cleaning so dilligently to keep her mind off of the Homesickness that strikes her to the core every year that steam whistle blows and the train starts it's journey. Everything just smashes together like a tsunami and suddenly one is pouring out of her eyes as she starts to whimper and sob. But the fact that she's doing all of this in front of Levi makes it all the worse and she sobs more because of it.

"It's not poisoned either. But then, you'd know, you're the potions maven." Abraxas says, with another little sneer. "What safer place could there be than the Hogwarts Express? Don't let any muggle paranoia get the better of you." But then there's talk of someone getting naked, and Abe lifts an eyebrow. Then he goes to check, a curt, "See you in class, Wilkins." serving as a farewell. Or a threat. Who knows.

Gabriel clears his throat, completely ready to ignore the awkward timing of Elise and Madeline's entrances but then Cillian just brings up the topic outright. Looking down at the toes of his shoes, toes which are busily scuffing the carpet he says, "I dunno Cap'n. It seems that as soon as girls get some chest pillows they get flooded with cooties, sugar or no sugar…"

"Put your shirt back on." Hephaesta peeks through her fingers to see if he has. Her eyes linger for a moment on his surprisingly fit form before her face heats up again and she snaps her fingers shut to hide her gaze again.

Elise sits next to Cillian, inwardly happy at the nonverbal invitation. She tenses when Cillian starts talking about cooties, though, and her hands start to fidget in her lap. "Cooties isn't real," she says. "And it's not something you'd want to get." She sounds all Ravenclaw, now. "Someone who doesn't like you says that you have cooties, so that others will steer clear. It's not real but people pretend it's some kind of infectious disease." She pauses. "Anyway. Who's supposed to…" Gabriel says 'chest pillows.' Elise's face turns bright red and she immediately hunches her shoulders to hide the incriminating evidence of her own, small though they be.

"Cooties are real - my da' got them in the trenches," Madeline answers, her brows furrowing. "But ain't any of us got the-" And then Gabriel's talking about chest pillows, and Madeline's gaping at him and turning bright red.

"If a lass be havin' chest pillows or cooties, then ye 'ave to be a /gentleman/ so ye dun get them as well." Cillian looks over to Elise. "We're talkin' about cooties as defined as requited or unrequited adolescent infatuation." He recites like someone who secretly reads a lot of books. "Gabriel, this year we /'ave/ to suck it up and realize we're going to see more and more cases of this. So. I 'ave a book for you to read about bein' a gentleman and I am readin' me own." He looks between Elise and Madeline and back to Elise and just facepalms. "Gunny. This will be the Pirates Policy, seein' as many of our crew will um, be goin' through some…/changes/ we will be understandin' and eat more chocolate and sugar and keep it at the ready in order to help them through this difficult time. We're Pirates. We're experts on dealin' with uh, buxomitus."

The seventh year was not expecting this reaction from the other after he's spoken to her his eyes go up in surprise, but where many might flee embarrassed by the scene at hand. Levi moves forward and stands in front of the younger student hopefully blocking her from the others view. "Hey, easy Erica.. whats wrong?" he'll ask his voice is lowered well much as he can without not being able to be heard.

Hattie gives herself full marks for throwing the seventh year under the bus, drawing off the Malfoy boy. "No of course not. And I can't hardly wait!" she chirrups. Lower, after he's moving WELL away she says under her breath, "Muggle paranoia is only something Purists get." She stands up, and herself edges into the corridor. Maybe someone will pinch the chocolate if she moves around. And then she won't have to fling what is likely good chocolate out into the English countryside.

Samira peeks through her fingers at Colton. Although still rather pink, amusement has returned to her eyes. "I can see that Zayn was not exaggerating when he said the boys here were flirtatious."

Polly rolls her eyes a little bit at the people all around her. She sighs and pulls out a journal and fountain pen. She looks around and starts to write in the journal. She hears things, quirks an eyebrow and keeps writing.

Elise just wants to die. She shrinks back against the seat and tries to pretend that she doesn't exist.

Colton looks down at his own manly toned 'chest pillows'. "Wot? I can't clean up if I've got my shirt on." It's clear that he got mixed signals, 'come in and clean up Colton' 'put your shirt back on Colton' he mouths in a meemeemeemeemeemeemee sort of way as he tugs his shirt back on. "There, criminy. It's like you've never seen a bloke with his shirt o—oooohh riiiight." He fades off and a light bulb goes off as he remembers that two years ago he and Phae were after the same /girl/. He's also been to the neck of the woods Samira's from, so he's put together why she's so shy. So a little sheepish now he starts to button up. "Din't mean offense ladies. Sorry."

Red here, red there, red everywhere! The girl's blushing just triggers the same reaction in Gabriel, who goes red to the tip of his ears. But Cillian kind of comes to his rescue, translating boy speak to person speak which makes Gabriel translate the whole thing to Ravenclaw speak, "Well, yes… Typically most women go into the beginnings of puberty during their low teenage years. And there's lots of changes both pysical and hormonal and there's…" Here even his adopted medical detatchment abandons him. He manages to blush an even brighter red, almost glowing at this point and just stammers, "A-a-a-nd other stuff… before petering out and just staring fixedly at the floor. Sometimes having parents that are in the medical field is /such/ a curse…

Elise covers her face with her hands.

Hephaesta dares to peek again after Colton's apology, sighing with relief that's once again fully clothed. "Thank you," she says meekly, withdrawing her wand from the pocket sewn into her skirt. She takes a moment to just breathe, letting he face settle to a normal hue from the near-magenta it had become. She lifts the wand to aim at his face. "Now, hold still. Tergeo." With a swirl of light, the Cleansing Charm neatly siphons the smeared lipstick off of Colton's face. "Much better. Now…oh dear. You've got it all over your shirt, too."

Cillian's mouth doesn't quite drop open but he just stares at Gabriel for a moment, eyebrows shooting up as he starts making flaily 'wait, wait-' hands held up in a stop motion but he does indeed go there and then the Captain has a moment where he can only facepalm. His entire crew is red, so very red…their compartment is probably just /glowing/ and he just carefully takes a long sip from that mini cauldron itself, holding it up and taking a very long sip before just passing it over to Elise so she can sip and pass it along. "To quote me Da…yeah, we all be needin' a drink now…" He holds up a finger to Madeline. "We'll tell ye when you're older!"

Madeline clears her throat. "Uhh, so, maybe this'd be a good time to, uhhh…" She digs into a pocket pulling out a piece of dried meat to entice her bird with. "Hey, Mischief, say 'Arrrrrr!'"

"Arrrrrrr!" the bird growls out.

"Say, 'I'm a pirate!'" she encourages.

"I'm a pirate!" the bird croaks in response.

"Goooood Mischief!" the girl crows, rewarding him with the food. "Who's a good bird? Mischief!"

Anemone still dozes in her compartment, rocking softly with the movement of the train, her cat in the luggage rack lounging and sleeping as well as her owner.

Elise takes the cauldron and drinks deeply. The bubbles tickle her nose and she wrinkles it before passing it over to Gabriel. As she does, even though her face is still pink with embarrassment, she says shyly, "Whoever has a crush on anyone else is no one's business but the two who are involved." She glances almost guiltily at Cillian, then back to Gabe. "So if you think you know something… just keep it to yourself. Please. Save us all the embarrassment."

Samira lowers her hand and waves it dismissively as she grins over at Colton. "I took no offense. I have classmates that would have shrieked and fainted. Or- I /had/ classmates." She glances at Hephaesta, "Does this sort of thing happen a lot?"

Erica stammers and sniffles and is telling Levi all about what's wrong. It's just coming out as, "Anbendummumble*sob*chocosplat…." The unintelligable string of words continues to flow from her as does the tears, they just keep coming. Erica is pretty notorious for this sort of behavior the first few days back to school. Truly she doesn't handle homesickness well.

Gabriel grabs the cauldron from Elise with a particular kind of desperation and starts to chug chocolate soda, some of it spill out along the corners of his lips. Mostly because he's trying to speak while he drinks,"mummo ha who(burbbleburbble) hahin' hout." Once he runs out of breath he passes the cauldron to Madeline.

But there's a problem… Well, /another/ problem. Carbonation and agitation don't mix which is proven by the astonishingly loud, long burp Gabriel is forced to let out. Immediately after he claps a hand over his mouth and nose with a wince and a gasped, "It came out my /nose/!"

Polly hears an extremely rude noise and looks up. She wrinkles her nose and writes more into her journal. She puts things away and goes to change into her robes.

There's probably a gust of air that comes from Gabriel that blows Cillian's hair back a bit as his lashes flutter dramatically during the burp and he just stares for a moment before just falling over onto Elise, giggling so very hard and letting out a 'WOOT!' before stage whispering. "Oh maate…" And back to giggling.

Chas is sitting in a compartment reading a book, kind of ignoring the people around her, her cat crystal is sitting on a plush, red velvet coushin next to her. Every now and again, as she turns the page the Gryffindor Proudmore will lift her eyes, to check out the people who are about. She gives a small smile to the cat beside her and scritch her ears, though the pampered little princess will mew and either soak up the affection or she'll shun it, cats are fickle.

Levi has perhaps seen this in younger students before or maybe just a lucky guess, but he'll smile kindly towards the sobbing/sniffling student "Homesick hm?" the seeker ponders a moment trying to think about how to help "How about, we find the trolly, we'll buy something. You can tell me about what you did this summer?" he says hoping this will cheer her up some. He'll offer his hand over to her in case she needs the help.

Elise had been trying to hold in her own belch. Trying so hard! But then Cillian crashes into her, and he effectively burps her. Her hand flies to cover her mouth just in time, and she opens her eyes wide in surprise and mortification. "Excuse me!" she says over Cillian's giggles.

"We'll do it again when they ain't being silly," Maddie tells her bird. "Don't know what the fuss it all about anyways." She watcher her friends with a dollop of dubious suspicion, before taking the cauldron herself and drinking some. "I should make some of this for my folks sometime."

Aaand that's as much as Gabriel can take. The combination of Cillian's giggling and Elise, Ms. Mousie herself of all people, letting out her own belch send Gabriel literally falling off his bench under the auspices of an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

Colton sneezes bubbles, turning his head away from the girls in doing so. It makes him giggle a little and then snort to change the giggle into a chuckle. Ahem. When Phae points out his shirt is a mess he squints at her. It's a trap! He would take his shirt off, so it can be cleaned…which is why he did so in the first place, but boy did that kick up a hornets nest of blushing and clamour. "Yeeeeah. That's why I took it off?" He hand go to the buttons again, but he hesitates now, really girls are so confusing! This just isn't his summer, he got popped in the nose and dumped by his girlfriend because she said she understands that he's a flirt, then bopped him when she found a girl snogging him! Ugh, girls! He really just stands there like a man on egg shells afraid now that he's going to get drowned by some Domestic Club Spell if he moves one more tiny bit. His gaze goes to Samira with hope that she can make sense of it all! Help!

Samira glances from Hephaesta to Colton. Shrugging, she says, "Why clean your shirt if you we will be changing into our uniforms before reaching the Hogwarts school?" Assuming Colton's stained shirt isn't part of his uniform.

Hephaesta shakes her head at Samira. "Certainly not. Hogwarts is a respectable school with rules about decency and proper behaviour." When Colton's hands go to his buttons, Phae squeaks in panic, reaching to cover his hands with hers. "No no no. No need for that. Just…hold still. I ought to be able to do this while you're wearing it. It just might feel a bit…spongey." She lifts her wand again, preparing to cast another spell.

Erica stares at the hand offered, there's about ten seconds of just staring at the hand as thoughts race through her head. Is this a date!? He's taking her to eat something and holding her hand, that means they are on a date and that he wants to be her boyfriend, right?! She slides her hand into his and she's bright red at the cheeks as she does so. "Sure." Is hiccuped out as she wals along with him towards the trolley. "I would like some lemon drops." Because they aren't messy!

Colton gets all brazenly cheeky again, no surprise, "Ooo, I get a sponge bath from Phae Mulciber. Looks like my summer's perkin' right up." He winks to them both and quickly takes in a deep breath and holds it, certain he'll be sneezing bubbles again if he doesn't.

Polly returns to her seat, in her robes. She shakes them out a few times and sits, smoothing things out. She takes out her journal again and starts to write, making notes, flipping back through pages and then back to a new page.

Samira laughs as she watches Hephaesta clean up the brazen young wizard. The fluffy white cat that has been lounging on her shoulders slinks down into her lap where he curls up. The girl absently strokes him. "If I had to guess, I would say Gryffindor for you," she says, pointing at Colton. Glancing at Hephaesta, she adds, "You said, Ravenclaw for yourself, yes?"

Madeline giggles herself as all the others start to laugh - and the laughing sets off the bird, who… cackles. Yes, he cackles in quite the evil sounding way, which only gets Madeline laughing all the harder.

Miranda appears from another compartment, already changed into her school robes with the telltale Hufflepuff signs. She's been chatting with a second Hufflepuff, but as the door opens, the other excuses herself and returns they way they came, while Miranda continues, waving now and then to a familiar face.

Hephaesta freezes, unable to form the words to cast her spell. Colton somehow always manages to say whatever will most shock her. Her brow furrows, betraying a bit of irritation at him, and at last she says a bit forcefully, "Scourgify!" Soapy suds bubble up from Colton's shirt, and the fabric wrenches about as it is scoured by invisible sponges, washing it on his body. Phae goes wide-eyed, thinking she may have overdone it, and stumbles back a bit, plopping into the seat beside Samira. "Um…yes. Ravenclaw," she mumbles.

The seventh year is glad that she is not crying though he's confused at why she's staring at his hand like its a dragon. Levi nods though as she finally accepts it "Of course you can lemon drops." the troll isnt too far away and he will buy this snack and something to eat and drink for himself "So what did you do over the summer?" he'll ask distraction still full in affect.

Entering from another car, an adult man with unruly blonde hair steps into the corridor. His eyes immediately light up and he gives a big, toothy grin. "The trolley! Oh, I miss the trolley!" He hurries along the corridor, nearly trampling a student in his path, to whom he offers a meek apology. But he is not to be kept from the candy trolley, where he looms over its treasures, fingers at his lips in nail-biting position as he tries to decide. "I don't even know where to start!"

Cillian peeks out of the compartment at the sound of an adult voice excited about candy.

Polly waves the trolley over and orders herself some chocolate and other sweets. She drops the money in the man's hand and takes her items. Popping a chocolate drop into her hand she sits up a little straighter and looks around the train, writing a few more things in her journal.

Erica has got quite the grip once she's hand in hand with her new boyfriend Levi! So it might be a bit difficult for him to mnage all the movements one needs for purchasing snacks and treats at the trolley. She pops a lemon drop in herm mouth and makes a puckered face that really looks tragic with her face all splotchy as it is from sobbing moments ago. "I helped my Daddy sell twenty boats and ships. He is making a killing on boats because like he says, the seas don't know nations. He buys and sells modes of transportation and dreams. He's a merchant of dreams and wonder. Would you like to buy a car? We got in a lovely car last week. It's painted blue…like your favorite team, the Arrows." How does she know that!? Stalker! "You would look very handsome in that car. I can write my father and make sure he keeps it for you." She looks towards the blond man curiously. "Lemon drops are good."

Samira blinks when an adult man walks past their compartment, heading for the trolly. Curiosity gets the better of her and lifting her cat back onto her shoulders, she gets up and pokes her head out into the corridor. "A teacher?" she glances over at Hephaesta and Colton for confirmation.

When Madeline gets her giggles under control, she sets Mischief on the floor, and the large bird hops and skips alongsider her as she also goes to peek out of the compartment next to Cillian. "I think I'm going to wander a bit and see if I can find some other friends I haven't seen all year. But I'll take Mischief with this time so he won't be a bother!" she announces - before slipping back out into the hall.

Colton spends a bit of time molding some bubbles into a mane about his head so he can rar and wink to Samira. Confirming her guess. To the question about the adult that goes past he shakes his head and is about to say something, but a fit of giggles comes out instead. The giggles however are stacatto'd with little winces here and there, he's still laughing but it's in that sort of way that's when someone is being tickled so much itt hurts. "Phae…ah…Phae!"

Hephaesta shrugs to Samira, as she hadn't noticed the adult pass. Her attention was on her what her Scouring Charm was doing to Colton's shirt. "I…I think I overdid it. I'm sorry! It should pass soon!" She speaks the truth, as soon the scrubbing comes to a stop, and the suds recede, leaving the shirt…well, a little damp, but clean! "I…usually use that to clean grease off of brass."
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Levi barely manages to make the transaction without dropping things or causing to much trouble but turns back to the younger student as she speaks. "That sounds like fun, but sorry I dont know how to drive a car im afraid." he chuckles not meanly but just with truth. He is about to turn away when he spots the adult coming down the way towards the trolly confusion crossing his face "Um, hello?" he says cautiously after a moment.

At the lion's rawr and wink from Colton, Samira can't help but giggle impishly. But, when he tells her the man outside isn't a teacher, she tilts her head curiously. Leaving him to laugh uncontrollably at the vigorous spell of invisible sponges, Samira peers back out at the adult in the hall. "There seems to be animosity between the Gryffindor and Slytherin students," she remarks absently.

With Mischief still bouncing along behind her, Madeline approaches Erica from behind. "You finally stopped cleaning! Great!" She wraps an arm around the other girl, while Mischief makes a game of hopping on and off of Madeline's shoes, and tugging at the laces. And another laces he can find.

The adult fellow picks up an enormous lolly with colours that continuously swirl in a hypnotic vortex. "This is new! I've got to have it. Oh, hello." The man gives Levi an enormous, enthusiastic grin, offering a hand. "I'm Tash. Whatcha need?" He clamps his teeth on the lolly, freeing his other hand to fish into his robes for the coins to pay for it.

Colton was taking the shirt that felt like it was removing his nipples off moments before it stopped scrubbing. So it's left half dangling open in some spots while the damp fabric clings to him in other places. He sweeps his hands back raking through his hair so he's got the slicked back look and just looks at Phae as she explains the normal use for the spell, deadpan.

Erica loves Maddie! She half hugs the girl with her one free arm, the other still gripping Levi's hand. "Maddie! This is my boyfriend Levi, have you ever met? And this is…I'm sorry sir, who are you exactly?" She pop quizzes this 'Tash'. Wizards and their naming conventions. Pssh.

Miranda waits in line just long enough to purchase something from the trolley. Then, squeezing her way past the others, she continues on her way toward the back of the train, eventually disappearing into the next car.

Madeline gasps, and Mischief is momentarily ignored, allowing him to hop off of Madeline's shoe - and attack Tash's instead! "A boyfriend?" she asks. "Since when? Did you spend aaaaaaaall summer together? Wow! How come you never wrote and tol me?!"

Chastity hears the trolly coming and she smiles, slipping a marker into her book, she rises and adjusts her skirt, before giving a pet to Crystal, "You stay here, I'm going to go get some pumpkin juice!" Setting her book in her seat, so to save it so no one steals it she pokes her head out the door of her cabin, spotting Madeline, "Maddy!!!" She calls out happily.

"Chastity, Erica has a boyfriend!" Madeline exclaims as her dormmate appears.

Hephaesta withers under Colton's hard gaze. "I…was…just trying to help," she says, almost inaudibly. "I'm sorry." She points a finger toward his shirt. "But it's clean?" She hopes he'll at least see the good in her spell.

Clasping her hands behind her back, Samira heads over to stand between Colton and Hephaesta. With a serious expression, she looks from one to the other. "The train has an addle-brained infiltrator."

"It is good to meet you Tash, though I'm sorry I don't know who you are? Are you a new teacher? My apologies for rudeness in that case." Levi he'll say sort of spilling out at once though he turns when the younger student says boyfriend his eyes widen but he's not tactless enough to rebuke this in the middle of the train he'll wait until he can explain to her directly.

Tash gives Erica the same broad, beaming smile he gave to Levi. "Tasciovanus Burke, missy. But you can call me Tash. Waaaay easier to pronounce." He turns to answer Levi, but finds himself distracted. "Whoa whoa! I'm under attack!" He laughs, looking down at his shoes, and the lace-devouring raven perched on them. "Does someone belong to this birdy?"

Colton leans forward resting a hand on Samira's shoulder to keep balance… purely…sure. "Huh?" He grunts dumbly as he does so and peers to this matter of intrigue. "Ehn, Maddie's with him. She'll have the case cracked in no time." No reason for him to go out into more public view like this. He flops down next to Samira's cat and gives it a pet if it will let him. "If I could bath myself like you do, I might still have nipples, alas." He laments to the feline with a forlorn sigh.

Madeline lets out a gasp. "Mischief! Oh, sorry, I lost track of him for an instant!" She lets go of Erica to pounce on her bird, grabbing his jess and commanding, "Up!" The bird complies by hopping onto her own. "Sorry. I've been training him a lot but he still finds trouble if I'm not watching," she admits.

Erica has that sort of excited face of her eyes and mouth are wide like a silent squeeing scream as she takes the hand that's still holding onto Levi's and holds it up for Maddie and Chastity to behold as if she was displaying an engagement ring. See they are holding hands, so going steady, right? Right! "Well we've known each other for so long now…" She trails off and eyes Mischief warily. Maddie she loves, but she doesn't care for birds. All they do is poop on her father's merchandise in the lot and guess who gets to clean it all up as a character building exercise! Yeeeah, birds aren't her favorite.

Hephaesta could simply die. Just…die. Colton is talking about his nipples. Worse, she can sort of see them through the damp shirt! She whips her head away, cheeks flushing again. "I said I was sorry," she bemoans pathetically.

Chastity ohs and then looks to Levi, who has a dumbfounded look on his face, she gives a chuckle and says, "Oh well that's neat, congratulations. A Quidditch player huh? Well sadly he's not Gryffindor.. they are the best of course!"

Samira doesn't seem to mind it when Colton uses her for balance. Despite her slight stature, she is fairly sturdy. "Madeline? The auror child, yes?" At his nipple comment, she brings a hand to stifle her giggle, but ends up snerking (more delicate than a snort). Meanwhile, her cat rears his head back, first wanting to inspect and sniff Colton's fingers. Samira sits down beside Hepheasta and leans over to nudge the girl with her shoulder. "He isn't angry with you," she tells her, looking up at the slightly taller witch.

Gabriel, who had disappeared down the length of the train a while back, whoses that precise moment to walk by the compartment occupied by Colton and company. After doing a double take his curiosity gets the best of him and he pokes his head in, "What happened to your nipples, Colton?"

Tasciovanus shrugs and smirks. "Not a worry, little lady. Sometimes I think my shoelaces look pretty tasty, too. Like pasta!" He giggles. The grown man actually giggles. "You kids are alright. Future of the wizarding world, right here!"

"Well that's great!" Madeline says excitedly to Erica - her bird now perched on her arm. She looks up at Tash before asking curiously, "So - umm - are you a Professor now? Professor Tash? That'd be cool! Or - Oooooo! - are you gonna replace Pringle?!" She realizes what she's said a moment after she's said it and starts to blush. "Err. I mean… Uhhh…."

Tash's face lights up with excitement. "Prickly Pringle's still around? Hooo! Oh, wow. My mates and I used to tie a string to his office door, and on the other end-…" A stern look from the Trolley Lady zips Tash's lips right up. "So…ah. Yeah, I should probably get back to my car. It was great meetin' you kids. I'll see you at the school, yeah?" With an energetic wave, Tash spins on his heel and strides back down the corridor as suddenly as he came, disappearing into the next car.

Colton leans over to give the nicely offered cheek of Phae, "No worries Pidge. Just havin' a chat with the pussy cat. No hard feelings like…" He knows a couple of words in this language and that, but nothing but his native tongues fluently so he has to pause to remember. "Sagir says." He believes it's 'little' in Arabic. His hand is held for the sniffing for the cat. Grinning up at Gabriel "I got mobbed by Muggle Girls at the train station, kiss marks all over…alllll over. So had to wash my shirt. Phae helped. It was just a bit rough on the nips is all. No harm just…tender now."

When Colton's lips touch Phae's cheek, she squeaks and reflexively flails, her arm coming up right under Colton's chin. Somehow Colton plus Hephaesta equals chaos.

Gabriel tilts his head a bit to the side as he thinks about Colton's story for a split second. Then he asks the obvious question, "Well, why didn't you take your shirt off? Then whatever charm she was using wouldn't have had any effect on you…" Yep, perfectly logical. Unlike Hephaesta, who's going around punching people and earning a /look/ for it.

"But you never said why you're heeeeeere!" Madeline calls after Tash, before letting out a dramatic sigh. "Shoulda pulled my badge on him," she muses, before setting her bird back down.

Regardless of Samira's opinion of Colton, the fluffy white cat decides to accept pettings and nudges Colton's hand with the top of his head. Samira peers squinty-eyed at Colton as he kisses Phae's cheek and gets an uppercut for his trouble. Samira tries to put an arm around Phae's shoulders in a protective gesture. "Haraam…" she says in Arabic.

Colton plus anything is usually a good formula for chaos. So when he gets a weak uppercut he acks and chuckles it off and rubs his chin and jaw. "Sorry, forgot yer …" He fades off cause really the stars he's seeing makes finding a polite term for someone with strong boundary issues. "Ack! No, not Harem. Not like that. Just a friendly apology. Really…" Cue Shelta grumbled curse under his breath. He gives Gabriel a look that says an exasperated: girls.

While his school uniform looks rather normal, Finley himself does not. There's a brightly coloured boa draped around his neck from some Muggle girl no doubt and a bright red lipstick mark that he's STILL scrubbing at much to his dismay. "Who has a Harem?" He asks having only caught some of it and then there's giggles and he says something to Colton in Shelta.

Hephaesta jerks a little in surprise at Samira's arm, but this time she manages not to pummel anyone. She sinks against Samira a bit, staring down at her feet in shame. She just doesn't have any more words. It's all gotten too awkward.
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Chastity looks to Maddy and rolls her eyes, "I don't think that works with Professors, Maddy." She looks to the trolly pusher and says, "I'd like some pumpkin juice please." Giving the vendor some money she looks down at Raven and says, "Hello Mischief, are you keeping out of trouble lately?"

"…Harem?" Madeline repeats, looking between her friends. "Oh, my badge works with everyone! It's real Auror's badge- mostly. It's a very real Junior Auror's badge!"
When he's addressed, Mischief goes from peering at Chastity's buckles and hopping closer, to peering up at the girl. "Hello, Mischief," the bird echoes in his croaking voice.
"'course he hasn't."

Gabriel returns Colton's look before peering at Hephaesta for a moment, "You know Mulciber, for a Ravenclaw you embarass a little on the easy side. What happened to clinical detachment?" Says the boy who's head was about to explode due to excess blood caused by a conversation about puberty a while ago.

As Finley comes up to the compartment Gabriel moves over to let him in if he wants in.

Samira gently brushes Hephaesta's upper arm with her thumb, trying to comfort the uncomfortable girl. She covers her face with her other hand. Peering at the boys, she says, "No. Haraam. It means 'shame' in Arabic. It comes from the same root as harem. Forbidden."

Colton gently tries to take up Samira's cat to rest it on his lap so that he can pat the now vacant spot indicatively to his brother and looks to the seats across tilting his head in invite for Gabriel to join them as well. 3 boys and 2 girls, that's a ratio he's comfortable with. "Supposedly I do, I just gave Phae a peck cause she was upset and boom I've got a harem. Sounds like Levi held a girls hand and BOOM he's got a girlfriend too. Think the trolley got spiked with love potion. Ooo, I know that boa. The brunette with the green eyes." He waggles his eyebrows at his little brother and offers his hand out for a slap of a high five and slip some skin, snap of each other's fingers together, three bumps of the fists and then grenade fingers popping outwards. The Secret Higgins handshake. "Glad ye made the train, lost sight of ye behind me there for a bit." He leans forward, "This is my lil brother Fin, and that's Gabriel. Fellas, this is Samira, transferring in."

Hattie quips from her open compartment door, "It came off, I suppose," she says of clinical detachment. Ba-dum ching.

Colton also adds in a whisper to his brother, "If Phae offers to clean you up. Say no, but be nice."

Erica giggles at Hattie's joke and then pops another lemon drop in her mouth and her face twists up. The hand with the lemon drops offers out to Chastity. "Mmm'one?"

Gabriel looks over to Hattie with wide eyes before gently smacking his forehead against the wall a couple of times muttering something about not believing someone went there. In the midst of this he sees Colton's offer and decides to take him up on it, moving into his compartment and taking a seat. "Hello Finley. And nice to see you again, Miss Prince." Once he' settled in his seat he leans forward a little bit to examine the cat in Colton's lap. After a few minutes of this he finally declares, "His whiskers don't look droopy at all. then tonic must hav worked."

Chastity chuckles at the bird and shakes her head, "I bet." She sips her pumpkin juice and looks to the lemon drops, "Oh thank you, but no, I don't think that they'd go so well with pumpkin juice!" She giggles and looks to her compartment just to give a check up on her cat, the pampered creature still lounging about and being prissy.
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Hattie smiles shyly and diverts her warm brown eyes away from the other students and their conversation, as though to apologize for eavesdropping. She sets her seedling cup aside, and reaches for her carpet bag, from which the sleeve of her robes are protruding above the closure.

Mischief starts hopping and skipping off - as ravens do. This time, he wanders himself into Hephaesta's compartment, following Gabriel.

"Did you have a nice summer, Chastity?" Madeline asks her housemate politely. "Go anywhere fun?"

Samira rolls her eyes as Colton insists he has a harem. The big fluffy cat pulls out of Colton's grasp when the boy tries to gently rest him on his lap. He sits down in the middle of the compartment, staring over his shoulder at Colton with an annoyed twitch in to his tail.

Samira inclines her head to Gabriel as he joins them. "Like a charm," she responds with a grin. The cat stares up at Samira an after a moment mrowls in a demanding tone. Samira giggles impishly and immitates him, but with a sweeter sounding mewl. The cat just blinks before repeating his demand. Samira shakes her head and mewls again before glancing up at those around her.

Riddle returns from bringing those in the Prefect car some things and now he gets the Knights what they all asked for as well. There's certainly a look about him as he exits the temporary stay of his stint as a gopher for the prefects. That look is one of someone that feels a belonging, that he is going to one day be in that car, badge on his chest! Once again he makes his orders schmoozing the trolley lady, telling her how much he likes her brooch she has as he neatly organizes his haul before he returns to the car that is busting at the seams with his fellow Knights. Not to be seen again by uninitiated eyes until they arrive at Hogwarts.

"Ye can call me Fin if ye prefer." Finley says laughing softly as he finished giving his brother the secret handshake,"Nice ta meet ya Samira. Welcome ta Hogwarts." He says with a big grin on his face, before waving to towards Madeline,"Hiya Maddie!" He says merrily, his voice lilting a bit. He takes the boa off and tosses it towards Gabriel,"Ye can have it and yeah. I think that's which one. Lots of ladies around!"

Maybe it was the early morning rise, maybe it was the sugar sweets, maybe it was just a bonk to the head…whatever it was Terrance jerked awake from his chair. His chocolate eyes scan his current compartment before shifting to see how far the train had traveled along the tracks.

"Oh it was quite a lovely! We went to the Tuscan country side, and Italian food is quite lovely. But.. Yes well it was all good until we tried to go shopping for new robes." She wrinkles her nose and looks over as she spots Riddle and she blushes a little, tucking a long piece of blonde hair behind her ear, "Hello."

Hephaesta peers up at Gabriel with mild irritation, but ignores the comment. She's a Sixth Year. He's a Second Year. It's the way of things. Finally she sits upright, though makes no effort to wriggle out of Samira's arm.

The bird pauses - one foot in the air as it considers the cat. Then Mischief hops towards the white cat. One hop, then two, reaching ouuuuuut with its beak towards the cat's tail.

"Hoy, Fin!" Madeline greets her housemate cheerfully. "You gotta look out around me, this year! I'm the laaaaaaaw now!" she teases, all smiles. "Righting wrongs! Upholding the good! All that stuff."

Tom Riddle gives Chastity a charming smile and passes her one of the excessive treats before he disappears into his car. "Miss Proudmore, here you are, something sweet for the sweet. I hope to see you later." Then he's gone, really this time, compartment door shut and blinds drawn down for privacy.

"Thank you," says Samira, grinning over at Finley and his brother, Colton. She glances at Hephaesta with a relaxed smile and keeps her arm around her shoulders.

The cat's tail twitches as he continues to stare insolently up at Samira. It springs into the air and whirls around to swipe at the bird when it pecks its tail. Although the Turkish angora looks like a harmless fluff ball, its claws and teeth are sharp and swift.

Gabriel is in the process of smiling impishly at his older Housemate when he catches the suicidal bird's actions out of the corner of his eye. Knowing that Madeline would be very upset if the raven got itself eaten he dive into action. Literally. He dives off the bench, trying to catch the bird but instead spooking it up into the luggage racks while the boy himself flops gracelessly onto the floor of the compartment with an 'OOF!' as he knocks the breath out of himself.

Hattie comments, "My. The Slytherin students are being very generous with their sweets this ride out. Prefect Malfoy was giving out chocolate right and left earlier."

"Tuscan?" Madeline asks. "Is that in up… France or something?" Look. She's bad at geography, okay? "That sounds like a lot of-" Loud cawing from a raven echoes through the car, and Madeline spins about abruptly, her eyes searching. "Mischief?!" she calls. She bursts into the compartment to find her bird perched on the luggage rack, loudly chastizing Gabriel and the cat. "Oh… Gosh. I'm sorry, I'm sooooo sorry, did he start trouble? Mischief - what did you do? I'll put you back in your cage for the rest of the trip if you're going to be like this!"

Hephaesta manages a meek smile at Samira before offering Colton an apologetic grimace. "I really am sorry, Higgins. I didn't mean to hurt you," she offers. "Please don't be angry with me."

Chastity stares after Tom a moment then clears her throat and shakes her head, bringing herself back from mooning a moment then turns to Maddy, "Italy, oh it's quite lovely, maybe one summer you canc come with me." She looks after Maddy as she dashes off to her raven, "Mmmmhmmm no trouble there what so ever!!" She giggles happily and shakes her head, giving a wave to Erica she smiles at Levi, "You two keep out of trouble!" With that she disappears back into her compartment with her pumpkin juice.

Rising to his feet, Terrance let out a soft yawn and a stretch. He rose a hand to try and adjust his hair, at least where he had rested on it when he fell asleep. Moving out into the corridor he glanced around, wandering where the group of students had gone to. He stepped out and started down the halls glancing into open compartments, hoping to find something or someone to keep him occupied.

Samira squeezes Hephaesta gently. "He isn't angry at you. He-" The outburst from the cat and crow snag Samira's attention. She bolts to her feet and snags her cat off of Gabriel's head as the startled feline turns on the poor, feather-covered boy. Just as quickly, Samira turns and pours the cat onto the seat on the far side of where Hephaesta is. Sitting own between them, Samira makes an extremely convincing, soothing meowl at the cat. He hisses, but she just meowls again, reaching out to stroke him. This slowly seems to sooth the cat. Only then does Samira glance over at Gabriel. "Are you alright?"

Hattie shrugs and with her hat and bag in one hand and her potted plant in the other, she leaves her compartment in the carriage to work her way down toward the wash room, having to squeeze sideways in places where it is congested.

Gabriel starts to pat his head in multiple places as he catches his breath before giving the spectators a thumbs up. Then he goes to untangle the feather boa from around his head just to have it fall apart in his hands, "I'm fine… But I think the boa has passed on to the Great Boudoir in the Sky…"

Chastity takes up her book and scritches Crystal between the ears, and curls up on her seat. She looks up as Terrance peeks in and gives him a wave and a smile, "Hello." She reaches up to pull her long blonde hair back into a ruby and gold clip.

Madeline takes hold of Mischief's jess, holding her arm up for the bird, who hops onto it heavily. She looks between Gabriel and Samira, looking worried and apologetic. "I'm real sorry," she tells them both. "Mischief made friends with one of the kittens on the farm and they played together all summer long… I'm sure he didn't mean any real harm. Is your cat okay, Samira?"

Samira laughs impishly at Gabriel before glancing over at Madeline. "Of course. But, he intends to kill your bird at the next chance that he gets." The cat in question curls up in a grumpy looking kitty-loaf with a lashing tail.

Colton has been destracted by a feather in his mouth. He keeps pinching his tongue trying to get it out but it just won't nab and pull free! But finally he gets it and looks forlorn when it's black and from Mischief and not from his brother's boa. "Don't want to know where that's been…" Now that he can talk without chocking on the feather he smiles winningly to Phae. "Nae angry Pidge. Really. Sugar's got the right of it." He nods grinning more to Samira.

Hephaesta was just starting to look happy and content, giving Colton a grateful nod for his understanding, when suddenly Samira is up and darting after her cat. What the heck just happened? She quietly curses the chaos for taking away the comforting presence. But, she supposed one mustn't allow bird nor student to get mauled by a cat. When Samira starts talking to the cat, however, her eyes go wide. "Prince…was that…are you a beast speaker?"

"…oh," Madeline answers Samira, looking between her bird, and the cat, and then over to Samira. "Can you, uhh, maybe tell him I'm really, really sorry, and that he can knock Mischief around some if he has to, 'cuz I know he's a bother, but please don't kill him?" Can you tell cats stuff like that? She's still not quite sure how much these wizard pets really understand.

Erica is busy just making moony eyes up at Levi, distracted by her luck in getting a boyfriend only a few minutes into the new year. She had considered if she'd get one this year, it seems to be the year boy and girls do that sort of thing. Right? Her face comically twists up a she stares with each sampling of her lemon drops.

Polly jumps a little bit and raises her journal up. She wipes her eyes and gets some of the sleep out of them. She looks around quickly and then gives a small stretch.

"Hello Chastity, have a good holiday? Anything fun happen?" Terrance asked in return, offering his housemate a friendly smile. He leaned up against the door of her open compartment for a moment, his eyes glancing down the corridor in both directions as if making sure he was in no one's way.

Gabriel looks at Hephaesta from his spot on the floor, frowning a little bit. Smart as he might be he still has a lot to learn about the wizarding world. "Beast speaker? Is that what I'm guessing it is?"

Samira glances up at Hephaesta with a smile that is both amused and impressed. Nodding, she says, "Yes, I can speak Hisskratch." Glancing to Madeline, she adds, "I can tell him, and he will consider your request. But, if your bird goes near him, I'm fairly certain that he will try to kill it."

Chastity gives a nod of her head, "Oh I had quite a smashing time Terrance, it was lovely. Father had some buisness in Italy so I spent most of the summer in the Tuscan country side, with lovely food and wine, it was quite divine. And ohhh the clothes and shopping!" She adjusts her skirts over her knees and places her book just so on her lap, "And what of you? Did you have a good summer?"

"He's a cat. Bird comes near a cat and they let nature take over.

Hephaesta's jaw drops in astonishment. Her irritation with Gabriel is forgotten as he shows an interest in learning something new. She looks to him, nodding. "She can talk to animals. Cats, specifically. Hisskratch is what it's called?" She inquires of Samira. "I don't know all of the names. I just know Parseltongue, Chirpwarble, Skweek, and…oh yes, Cudmumble."

"He's a cat. Bird comes near a cat and they let nature take over." Finley says laughing a little bit,"I don't keep track of that sort of thing. It's just cool people can do it. Me… I'm just good at telling tales." He says merrily as he pulls a knut from his pocket and begins flipping it casually up into the air and catching it midair.

Madeline gives her bird a severe look. "You hear that, Mischief," she scolds the bird. "You gotta leave strange cats alone. You're gonna get yourself hurt. You want to spend months back in that cage with Professor Kettleburn?" she asks.
She looks towards Hephaesta before asking curiously, "Is it weird - that she can do that?" she asks in puzzlement.

As if was strange that Gabriel wants to learn something new. The problem isn't to get him to show interest, its to get him to stop, "Wait, isn't there people that can speak to snakes too? Parseltongues, right? And now cats. Is there people that can speak to dogs? how about monkeys? Birds? Do all kinds of felines share the same language? Or do you have to learn a different language to talk with lions? Tigers? Leopards? And what about speaking to magical creatures? Does it work on magical felines? Like Kneazles…" *gasp*

Terrance nodded a bit in reply, "It was pretty fun, nice and quiet for the most part. A lot of flying practice, and some time to catch up on my classes…after all I am starting the NEWTS this year." he said proudly. "And Italy must have been fun."

Chastity ooohs and says, "I'm sure you'll do great on the NEWTS." She shifts in her seat and says, "Would you care to have a seat? Crystal won't bite." She looks to the ball of fluff that has not moved much save for a flick of the ears or tail since she got up onto her own little coushin, "And it was, it was nice to get away from England for a bit, I think next year daddy wants to go to Germany."

Samira giggles impishly as Hephaesta's jaw drops. She reaches over and with a curved forefinger, nudges her chin up closed. Settling back in her chair, she takes in the flurry of chatter with relaxed amusement. "Yes, Hisskratch. It is an ability that lives in the Azam bloodline. And all felines speak the same language, so I suppose I could speak with a tiger or kneazle if I encountered one. I doubt it would do me much good though."

Hephaesta's irritation with Gabriel returns, but milder this time. "I mentioned Parseltongue, Ward. For birds it's Chirpwarble. Cudmumble is for ruminants. Skweek is for rodents and similar creatures. I don't know about monkeys or dogs." She let Samira field the rest of it. She's the expert on Hisskratch, after all.

Terrance gave a slight shrug and pushed into the compartment, even if for only a little bit. "I really do hope that I do well, though in all honesty all I really want is to make the Arrows so I am not sure how vital the grades would be." he said with a laugh. Then as the concept of visiting Germany the next year was brought up, Terrance face went a bit grim. Having a Muggle father, Terrance had heard of the developments in the Muggle world…and they did not look promising.

Curious to hear about talking to animals, Madeline finds herself a bit of space on one of the seats - away from Samira's angry cat, and with Mischief's jess held firmly in her hand. The bird starts to bite at the leather cord. "If you weren't being naughty I wouldn't have to keep hold of you, you know," she tells the bird.

Gabriel frowns a little bit as he takes in the information and matches it up with one of his future goals. "Sooooooo… If you're an animagus, do you need to learn the language of the kind of animals you turn into or does the form actually provide the language too? I mean, it would be a bit problematic if you couldn't talk with anyone at all wouldn't it? Come to think about it, how much of your own mind stays when you turn into an animal? It would have to at least be enough to cast the spell to turn back? And can people learn more than one animal shape? And if they do, do they get more than one language?'

Chastity shakes her head and says, "It is always good to have something to fall back on should you not make the Arrows. I'm sure you will, and you'll win us the Quidditch Cup this year, but still." She smiles and sips at her pumpkin juice, "Did you get anything from the Trolly? The juice is quite good this year!" She snuggles into the seat a little, "Wonder how much longer it'll be until we get there?"

Colton ruffles his little brothers hair as he stands up and tip toes and steps long and wide around the center of chaos. "Going to fill my lungs." For most that might mean getting fresh air, for Colton however it means hanging out the bathroom window having a cigarette before they get changed and closer to campus. It's a lot of work finding just the right place to sneak a smoke, so he's gone for some time.

Hephaesta sighs, shrugging. "I'm afraid I don't know much about Animagi. But I'm sure there must be a book on it in the Hogwarts library." Also known as a Ravenclaw's second home.

Samira smiles at Colton and inclines her head when he announces his departure. Glancing back over at Gabriel, she laughs and shakes her head, "It's impossible for you to learn Hisskratch. I was born with it. I didn't even realize I was speaking another language until someone told me. I don't know about Animagi though."

"It'd be fun to turn into a bird," Madeline muses quietly. "To fly. Or-! To turn into something that can swim really good! A turtle, or an otter, or something. Even a dolphin!"

Terrance gave a nod over to Chastity, "I guess you are very right, I cannot guarantee they will pick me up." he said in agreement. "As for the cup, I hope we can win that cup. That would help me get noticed I bet." he said with a grin. Then he turned his attention outside, "We probably will be there within the hour or so." he said trying to gauge where they were by the surroundings.

A smile slowly grows on Gabriel lips as he starts thinking about the possibility of books on Animagi in the library. He really speaking mostly to himself as he says,"That's not a bad idea. If I can find the right books I could teach myself and not really have to bother any the professors. Hmmmm… But I'll have to get some help from someone good at Transmutation, just in case I get stuck in an animal form… I wonder if its instantaneous or if there's intermediate forms you might get stuck in too…" His mumbling continues getting lower and lower in volume as he gets more lost in thought.

Abraxas emerges from the Prefects' Car in the front of the train, having changed into his robes somewhere along the way, his new badge of rank gleaming on his robes. He makes his way down the cars, peering into the various compartments to see what's going on and make sure the rules are being followed.

Chastity looks to the window and gives a nod, "Probably, it is getting dark." She rises, this disturbs Crystal who gives an affronted meow and hops down to go look for her friend Mischief, "Don't go far Crystal, we'll be getting off the train soon." She chuckles and shakes her head, "She slept most of the way here and nooow she wants to go and explore, I swear, that cat is quite spoiled." Like owner like pet. She turns towards the luggage rack and looks up at her bag which has been pushed clear to the back so she can't reach. "Oh well hell."

Hephaesta boggles at Gabriel. "Teach yourself to be an Animagus? You're just a child, Ward." And Phae is soooo much older. "If people could just teach themselves to it so easily, there would be Animagi everywhere."

"Yeah - but Gabe's smart!" Madeline answers. "He figures loads of stuff out. I mean - well - we help each other do it, sure, but he does a lot of it." She grins across the car towards him. "Right, Gunny?"

Samira laughs with impish amusement at Gabriel's increasingly distracted musings. Sitting with relaxed ease she listens with interest before glancing over at Hephaesta with a sudden question, "Aren't we supposed to change into our school robes soon? Where on the train does this happen?"

"That is a cat for you." Terrance said with a grin, "Go where they please, when the please." Then, watching the second year try to reach her bags but fail, Terrance stepped forward. "Let me help you with that." he said and, reaching as far as he could, grasped her luggage's handle to slide it forward so she could get into her things.
Finley has partially disconnected.

Hephaesta's attention snaps to Samira so quickly that her head might as well have spun. "Don't worry. We're going to be on the train for many hours. We won't reach Hogwarts until nearly nightfall. But if you like, I can show you where to change. It's right near the washrooms."

Gabriel starts out of his musings as he hears his name mentioned somewhere out in the real world. With a start he looks up from where he still olounging on the floor with bits of feather boa strewn all over him, "Huh? Wha? Oh! Yes, yes we do Maddie."

Samira seems a touch relieved when she hears that they won't need to be changing in the compartments. Nodding at Hephaesta, she says, "Yes, thank you. I would appreciate that." She glances over at her kitty-loaf of a cat whose eyes have drifted shut. With a grin, she says, "I suppose I'll also need to see about stuffing him into his carrier without getting my face scratched off."

Hephaesta smiles brightly, and with visible effort, she pushes herself to her feet to the sound of her leg brace clicking and whirring. "It's this way, Prince. Whenever you're ready." Stepping carefully, with so many students packed into a small space, she makes her way into the corridor to await Samira.

As Hephaesta and Samira get up to leave, Madeline gives a cautious look to Samira's cat - but the creature seems calm. "If we'd met up over the summer we could have planned something for the first week or school," Madeline muses. "Or maybe not on account of the no magic thing."

Chastity looks up at Terrance with her big blue eyes and smiles, "Oh my hero, thank you very much." It is quite a small bag but when she reaches into it her arm goes down further then what room there is, "It's bigger on the inside." Smiling she pulls out her robes and says, "Ahh here we go." And then her tie, "I do so dislike this, makes my neck feel all.." She gives a shudder.

Gabriel finally get soff the floor and takes a seat as a proper young gentleman should. And immediately goes back into his musings, detaching almost completely from the real world again…

Samira blinks, not having expected Hephaesta to show her right that second. But she hops up at once, eager to follow. She wiggles her fingertips in farewell at Madeline, Gabriel, and Finley before following Phae out. After just long enough to make it seem like he totally isn't following Samira, the fluffy white cat hops down and slips out into the hall. He weaves in and out of Samira's legs. "You can call me Sami," she says, smiling up at Hephaesta. "I've always thought it strange to be called a prince. Princess, maybe. But a prince? I am not nearly so chivalrous."

Terrance grinned a bit and shook his head, "Oh not a problem. I got the arms for it." he said with a chuckle and then glanced to the door spotting the girls heading to the changing room. "Looks like all you girls had the same idea." he said glancing back to Chastity. "Though might be smart to just get ready now…" he said, looking to the corridor, considering changing into his robes as well.

Hephaesta looks back at Samira, blinking in confusion for a moment. But then she suddenly nods as the pieces click into place. "Oh, of course. Forgive me. It's fairly customary at Hogwarts to call people by their last names. At least…until they are friends." She smiles a bit sheepishly. "You can call me Phae, if you like."

Chastity nods her head and starts to pull her other clothing out, "If we're close it's a good idea to get things ready! Don't want to be late for the feast, I bet the elves are going to make lovely food again shit year!" She smiles and pulls out a skirt, "I wonder how many first years there will be? If we'll have to wait a long time before we get to eat."

Samira giggles and pulls Hephaesta close with an arm around her shoulder. "Well, Phae. It would seem we are friends. Now, I'd love to see where we can change with a bit of privacy. Then, it's time for face scratching. Hopefully, minimal face scratching." She glances down at her cat with an arched brow.

Madeline lets out a slightly relieved sigh when the cat leaves, and sets her bird down on the seat next to her - then ties the jess off to a belt loop on her skirt. "There. You're sticking with me until we get off the train, you little beast," she tells her bird.

Hephaesta joins the giggles. When she gives such a genuine smile, her face lights up like the dawn. It's a rare sight from the generally serious Hephaesta. She leans into Samira for a moment, but then must walk, which is a limping, stuttering affair. Click, whirr…click, whirr…

Terrance nodded in agreement and moved from the compartment with Chastity, "I guess you are right, I might as well get ready myself." he said, dipping back into his compartment to fetch his uniform. He had barely even thought of the upcoming feast, but now that it was mentioned he felt his stomach give a hungry lurch.

Madeline watches her bird as he jumps down to the floor, playing with the pieces of the torn boa. "I know you're not a bad bird, Mischief," she remarks as she watches him. "You really do try to do what I want. But you always get in so much trouble…"

Ethel comes through the train corridor, gently pushing past people who are going the other way, "Here Wootsie, here kittie kittie." She sighs and pushes past someone else, "Pardon me…"

Terrance steps to the side as Ethel comes walking by, "Not a problem, good luck finding your cat." he said, with a friendly nod. Then, with his uniform in hand, he moved down the corridor as to change. As he walked by, he would glance into the compartments, hoping that he might glance something interesting that would provide him a good story to tell his mates while at the feast.

Chastity calls her cat back, as there seems to be on on the loose, Crystal didn't find Mischeif but that didn't keep her from finding a nice tassel to play with on one of the window's drapes. Making sure her cat will stay still the second year heads towards the dressing rooms with the rest of the girls.

Letting out a sigh, Maddie picks up one end of the boa and starts to wiggle it. Mischief hops towards it, grabbing with his beak and shaking fiercely.
"You strange bird."

Ethel shakes her head at Terrence, "Oh no not mine, I have a lovely owl. This is a First year's cat, it seems to have gotten out of it's little carrier and has wandered off, have you seen one? I think it's black, with golden eyes."

Terrance frowned lightly at the question, before oferring a shake of his head, "Sorry, I was in my compartment most of the ride, I have not seen any cats. But, I can be sure to keep my eyes open for you." he said offering a nod.

Tearing the bit of boa out of Madeline's hands, Mischief starts tossing it up into the air and then pouncing it - again and again and again. "Alright, you silly thing," she says with a laugh. "Well keep it." She picks up her bird, and the boa, stepping out into the hall.

Ethel gives a nod and says, "Oh thank you I appreciate it." The Prefect says, "I'm Ethel by the way, from Hufflepuff." Of course the badge on her robes lets her house be known.

Terrance smiled and offered a nod, "Any time." Then as she introduced herself, Terrance extended a hand "I am Terrance Green, Gryffindor sixth year. Pleasure to meet you." he said with a grin. Then as Madeline walked into the hall, he spotted her raven and boa which caused him to laugh a bit, "Nice accessory for your bird, Maddie."

"He likes it - the crazy ol' thing - and I've learned it's best not to argue with him if I can avoid it. He'll probably fly up to the top of the castle with it and drop it repeatedly," she remarks.

Ethel shakes Terrance's hand giving it a small squeeze before she lets it go then turns to look at Madeline, "Hello.. Maddy was it? You're in Domestics club with me yes?" She smiles and says, "Such a pretty little man." She caws softly to Mischeif.

Terrance let go of Ethel's hand as she turned to face Maddie. As she did, Terrance let his gaze meet witht he raven, watching as he plucked and droped the boa. "Funny little bird, playing with feathers." he said softly. "Exscuse me ladies. I will be but a minute" he then said and moved to the changing room.

"He's weird," Madeline agrees. "But that's why he's mine. Couldn't rightly have a bird that weren't weird. Wouldn't be right!" she asserts.

Ethel converses with the bird a moment and she blushes and says, "Oh I'm sorry!" She looks to Maddy and says, "She, likes the feathers. She thinks they'd be nice in a little nest."

Terrance had not lied, coming back only moments later in his Hogwarts uniform. As he passed again he extended a hand to run along the slick black feathers. "Might be a weird one, but he is a sweet one too." he said, dipping into his compartment to put his things away.

Madeline gives Ethel a curious look - but she just saw someone talking to a cat. Why not a bird? "She?" she asks with puzzlement. "But, ummm… Mischief is a boy!" ISn't he?

Ethel shakes her head and says, "Oh no dear.." She reaches down and scoops up a black cat that seems to be trying to sneak up on Maddy and Mischief, "She is a girl. She told me so."

Terrance rose his brows as Ethel delivered the news that the bird was in fact a girl. "You can speak with birds?" Terrance asked with a raised brow, "That must provide for some fun stories." he said with a grin.

Madeline fixes her raven with a look. "How come you never told me you were a girl, Mischief?" she asks. The bird flicks her wings, feathers rustling and resettling. "I bet you think this is very funny, don't you?"

Ethel giggles at something Mischief says and looks to Terrance and gives a nod, "Oh yes, the Post Owls love my house. They come and talk about all the fun things they see while they do their routes. Who gets a howler and the like." She gives a little wrinkle of her nose.

Terrance laughed at the idea of being able to find out all the little secrets that owls and other bird must know. "I would put that kind of skill to use, I can guarantee that." he said with a wide grin.

"You better not go twittering all my secrets," Madeline tells Mischief, giving the bird a mock-stern look. "A girl. Gosh that's gonna take some getting used to. I'm gonna have to write a letter to uncle Perry - he'll never believe it!"

Ethel laughs and looks to Terrance, "Well if you ever need a translation, just let me know." She says, "Do you know when the birds are singing in the morning? It's not them really singing.. It's the mother birds griping at the poppa bird telling them to go and get her something to eat." She gives a nod to Maddy and says, "Yes she's a girl, and no she hasn't told me anything yet. She is a good friend I think."

Terrance offered a nod to Ethel as she offered to give him translations if needed. "Well if ever I think a birdie might know something juicy, I will have to find you." he said with a friendly nod. Then he glanced to Maddie, chuckling at her telling the bird to keep her secrets.

"Good," Madeline says firmly. Then she blinks and says, "Hey. You can tell him- err, her, that that white cat h- she tried to play with isn't her friend! That the cat wants to kill him and she needs to leave it alone!" she says to Ethel. "And tell Mischief that if she causes more trouble this year, and steals things again, I might have to lock her up with Professor Kettleburn's animals again so she has to be good."

Ethel is petting the cat she's snagged up, scritching at its ears, she looks down at it, "Are you Wootsie?" She shakes her head and gives a chuckle to Terrance then turns back to Maddy and says, "Oh? Ok.." She caws softly to the raven and gives her the warning, laughing at the response, "Alright I told her."

Terrance grinned as the two discussed Maddie's bird, and the fact that the bird should leave Samira's cat alone caused a light laugh to rise from him. Then he turned, deciding he wanted to relax his legs, "Would you two like to join me in my compartment? I still have a few sweets from the trolley if you'd like." he said and gestured into the open compartment.

"Sure, I guess," Madeline answers Terrance. "Might even be Mischief here won't try to steal for once." She grins with amusement. "But we'll see!"

Ethel gives a nod and says, "I would love to, let me return this little guy to her human and I'll be right there." She looks to the window and says, "I wonder when we'll be there, can't be too long now."

Terrance nodded a bit and led the way into his compartment, grabbing his bag of sweets as he did. He then turned offering a sugar quill or Chocolate Frog to Maddie, taking a frog for himself. "So are you excited for the new year, Maddie?" he asked flopping into one of the open seats, holding the bag as to offer something to Ethel when she rejoined them.

Madeline happily takes the frog - and sets Mischief on the floor with her boa to play with. She settles into a seat next to Terrance before answering. "Well… Yeah. I mean, mostly, I guess. I love Hogwarts, and I wanna learn aaaaaaall the magic." Yes. All of it. "But… Professor Flint seems to have it out for the mudbloods this year. No Muggle books or nothing…" It's worrying!

Ethel slips off down the corridor and then returns sans cat. She knocks on the door gently, she is british and it's only polite. "Mind if I still join in?" She steps in and starts to brush all the cat hairs off her robe.

Terrance gave a frown, one at the fact that Maddie used such a word and the other due to the fact that he was in fact a half-blood. "That is sad, Muggles have a lot they can show us." he said softly. Then as Ethel reappeared he smiled and gestured her in, "Of course, Chocolate frog or sugar quill?" he asked offering her the bag of sweets.

"Plus - I juuuust started getting into stories by this guy from America called H.P. Lovecraft, and now my family can't send them to me," Madeline complains. "It isn't fair." She opens up her chocolate frog box - hastily grabbing the creature and biting off its head before it can get away. "But maybe things'll get better," she adds with cheerful hope. She and Rena worked really hard on it!

Ethel shakes her head and says, "It has always been this way. My father is a half blood, as am I, my mum is a muggle." She smiles and says, "We just have to be better then they think we can be. Hard work will put them straight, and they're not all like that."

Terrance gave a light nod as they both said that things would get better, or that all they had to do was be better than the others. "I do hope you are both right. It is just such a scary time, especially with Muggle parents." he said glancing to Ethel.

"But it's not bad for half-bloods - is?" Madeline asks, letting out a sigh. "Abraxas Black stood up in the middle of the tea shop and called Tennan a filthy mudblood just because she wanted to look at his silly ol' cat. And Emily Gibbon was shrieking about how some disgusting mudblood had dared to bump into her - then started telling lies about how I had harrassed her all last year." She stares at the other half of her chocolate frog, its legs still twitching. "I never did no such thing." She pops the rest of the chocolate in her mouth.

Things have likely quieted down on the train and much of the bustle has ceased between compartments while students make themselves comfortable. There's still the occasional student wandering past, but it's likely rather unexpected when something rather small comes hopping along through the narrow walkway and darts into their compartment. It's a toad, a rather small toad of only two inches long in size, but very brightly mottled green with a blazing orange-red underbelly. It pays them little heed, plodding along past the raven in search of some place to hide. Moments later, the thuds of someone treading along quickly. Finger grip the entryway of their compartment, and then in pops a head of disheveled blonde hair and brightly colored eyes. "Oi, anyone seen a" Pause. "Oh, hello, Terrance, hello, Maddietoad?"

Ethel shakes her head and says, "Not as bad as for muggle borns my dear, but the pure bloods still think our blood is tainted." She takes a frog that was offered and looks down at it, chuckling a little, "Do not let them get you down, that is how they win." She smiles and says, "No one can make you feel inferioir without your consent." She looks up as Rook comes through, pausing what she was going to say next.

Terrance gave a glance to Maddie as she posed the question, "Well, half-bloods are not really seen as clean. But, I guess we are not as targeted as true Muggle borns." he said, glancing to Ethel as she voiced the same sentiment. Then his head snapped as he saw the toad dart into the compartment. His eyebrows rose only for a moment before he spotted Rook pop his head in, "Hello Rook. Yeah, think the little devil is trying to hide." he said pointing in the direction of the small green toad.

"I don't feel inferior," Madeline says, sounding offended. "I just feel ma- MISCHIEF, NO!" As soon as she spots the toad she knows what's going to happen. The bird hops towards it, and she pulls on the jess hard, to stop her from getting too close. "You can't eat pets!" she chastizes the bird, leaning over to scoop her up in her arms. "Oh, gosh, did I hurt your leg?" she asks worriedly - a bit too preoccupied to answer Rook just yet.

"Inferior? Who's inferior to-" Rook bites of his sentence with a small squawk, rummaging clumsily through his black school robes in a hurry. After fumbling for it, Rook snags his wand from within, tugs it free, and utters a quick, alarm 'accio!' with the proper inflection. It's reflexive, practically, and the little flick of the wand whips the toad up from the carpet to flick through the air towards him. With a little more speed intended, the toad lands against Rook's open palm, and the sixth year sighs with audible relief. "Sorry, sorry. He's always getting away from me," Rook remarks absently, stowing his wand away and clutching the frog gently between his fingers. "So, who's inferior to what now?"

Ethel shakes her head and says, "Some Purebloods think that muggle born and half bloods are inferior." She gives a nod to Maddy, "That is good because you're one of the best second years I've seen in a good long while. You keep up the good work." She gives a friendly smile to the muggle born and looks to Rook, "I swear I've seen him hopping around the dorms, trying to escape you." She thinks on it a moment and says, "Oh you should get him a little fish bowl to play in!"

As Maddie begins to say she is not inferior, Terrance gives a light laugh. "Of course you aren't, you're an Auror after all, eh?" he asked. Then he looked up to Rook, "Too true you are. He has been pulling that trick since first year." he said with a grin, before glancing between Ethel and Rook, "That actually might be a good idea, Rook. Or maybe you can get him a harness like Mischief here." he said pointing to the raven.

Madeline giggles. "Yeah! That's right! I'm an Auror!" she confirms. She grins at Ethel as she adds, "I'm going to learn mermish, you know, and swim with the merpeople and they'll show me where to find lost wizarding treasures like Merlin's wand!"
She turns her attention down to Mischief next, trying to gently run her finger on her bird's jessed leg, to see if it's injured. She gets pecked for her troubles. "Alright, alright. Let's see you walk on it, then," she suggests, putting the bird back down.

"He's very clever for a toad," Rook admits with some resignation to Terrance, grinning in spite of the sigh that escapes him. "Auror?" Slim fingers dust the little toad off, and then Rook is absent-mindedly tucking the toad away into his black robes, and adjusting his tie; black and yellow. "Do you mind if I join you? The good friend of mine that I was sitting with is speaking with some of his classmates about Quidditch." There's a slight twist to Rook's lips in distaste, being no fan, but stands awkwardly without knowledge of it in the compartment's entrance with his hair askew.

Ethel gives a bit of a scoot over and says, "I do not mind, but it is not my compartment." She looks to Terrance and reaches down to break a peice off of her toad. She looks to Mischief a moment and gives a little bit of a chuckle at the raven.

Noah moves through the train, car to car, looking for Rook. Upon finding him, he tosses him a chocolate frog. "Here. From the cart. It's sort of a tradition I have." He smiles, and waves at those gathered, before opening his own chocolate frog and, well, holding it in his mouth before it starts jumping everywhere. Because seriously, the chocolate frogs can get out of control.

Terrance glanced to Rook and gave a gesture for him to join, "Please, join us Rook." he said and the looked to Madeline, "Did you yank the cord a bit hard for poor Mischief?" he asked raising a brow.

"Yup, Auror!" Madeline informs Rook cheerfully, before digging into her pocket. She pulls out a badge - a very real and genuine looking Auror's badge, complete with the eagle on top, three crossed wands, and the words Honor and Duty. The only difference between this badge and the real deal is that it says 'Jr Auror' instead of Auror. She offers this to Rook. "Auror Odori called me into the MLE to give me that," she announces.
"Maybe," Madeline answers Terrance, watching her raven a bit doubtfully. "But I'd rather hurt hi- her leg, then let 'er eat Rook's toad."

The pureblood looks surprised by Noah's appearance, but rather pleased even so, clearing out of the entryway to take a seat on the cushions next to Madeline. "That's quite impressive, Maddie. I'd make an awful Auror, but it's a good thing I don't have aspirations towards it. Did Noah tell you he's looking to become one? Maybe you could help him, give him some advice." The still wrapped chocolate frog is squirreled away for later rather than opened at the moment, and Rook absently motions for Noah to join them. "I'm quite excited about this year. NEWT level Arithmancy is quite interested. I should've brought my book, but it's with my trunk in the other compartment."

Noah sort of just hovers in the entrance for the moment, but he gives Madeline a warm smile. "You help me become an Auror, and I can help you with charms and transfiguration. I think we'll have some time to get some practice in before classes really start in earnest. You can go in ahead of the curve. Now that you can finally use magic again. Or well, will be able to at the school proper." The toad seems to have disappeared. He pulls out the card. "Heh. Merlin. Again."

Ethel sits quietly now, as all the conversation seem to be directed towards Maddy, nibbling at her chocolate frog she leans against the wall watching the landscape go by.

"Sure, I'll help! Have you met Auror Odori yet? She's nice! I bet you could see her in Hogsmeade sometime - she's Muggle-born too, you know. Do you want to try it on for size?" she asks, holding out the badge towards Noah. "I bet it suits!"
Picking up her chocolate frog box, she glances at her card. "Oh, hey, I got Bridget Wenlock this time."

"Not that I know of, but I've met several. They don't tend to give me their surnames," Rook admits. "But I did meet a very lovely woman who was one such Auror and claimed to be muggle-born. How common are such women in the MLE? I'm not certain, but it could've been her." The blonde Hufflepuff gestures towards Noah, beckoning him over to sit next to him. "I think they were talking about some of the muggle-born problems before I came in. Then it sort of… stopped. But Ethel is a Hufflepuff, you know Maddie, and Terrance is a sixth year Gryffindor whom I've had classes with." Rook's easy smile falters a little. "I hope that doesn't change. But, come sit with me, Noah."

Terrance watched the others for a bit as he finished his chocolate frog. Then glancing from the three discussing becoming Aurors to Ethel watching the landscape rolling by, "Enjoying the trees?" he asked with a grin.

Ethel ohs and looks over to Terrance and says, "Not really, I'm not going to be an auror, if I ever grow up, I myself will be working with animals." She smiles and says, "What about you?"

Noah moves over to sit next to Rook. And sighs. Probably about the talk of muggle-born problems. But he smiles and nods to Maddie. "I'm curious anyway." He takes the badge, and looks it over. "Maddie…How are you with self-defense? Defense against the dark arts, duelling, et cetera? It's a bit advanced maybe but, I can help you learn that if you need to. And maybe…I can recruit you and the rest of gryffindor to keep the school safe, escort the lower grades to class, and the like. What do you think? I'm hoping I'm overreacting but I don't want this whole…trouble at school to lead to anyone getting hurt, or bullied."

"Oh, well, her name's Rena. She's real nice. Red hair, and a friendly smile, and she always has the nicest hats," Madeline explains cheerfully. "Her name was Rena Lee, but now she's Rena Odori. She just got married! Isn't that neat?" she asks, while kicking her feet idly. Mischief hops away from Madeline's feet - and goes towards Noah, eyeing his shoe laces before… he strikes! Tugging and pulling at them.
"Dueling?" Madeline repeats, looking a little uncomfortable. "I don't really want to cast magic on people. But my uncle, and Rena, they both think I oughtta join the dueling club this year and learn. So I'm gonna," she admits. She doesn't have to be happy about it, though.

Terrance gave a shrug to Ethel, "Personally I am hopping to make the Appleby Arrows once I make it out of school. I heard they will be needing a new keeper soon." he said with a hopeful grin.

As soon as Noah relents and seats himself on the little compartment bench next to him, Rook leans lightly against Noah without any sense of discomfort over the action and continues on. "Well, not all of Gryffindor, I hope. Some of the loudest bullies of muggle-born wizards are from your House. But no sense in stirring up a hornet's nest before anything happens, Noah. It's good to be prepared, so long as it's needed." There's thoughtful pause, and then Rook's face brightens. "Oh, yes! Rena! She escorted Noah and I from a rather nasty section of Diagon Alley, very pleasant lady, very lovely. She and another Auror, I should say. Yes, she's quite fashionable…" Rook trails, blinks, and cants his head, peering at Terrance. "Oh, really? Don't suppose I could get something off of you when you do? One of my brothers is a raving fan of the Arrows."

Ethel ohhs and gives a nod, "That sounds lovely, perhaps when you get famous you can send me a picture with your autograph." Not if, but when. So positive. She turns her attention back to the window and says, "I feel like I've been on this train all day." She leans back snuggling into the chair a bit. Reaching up she checks to see if her prefect badge is still in place, it's new, she's not used to it. Sighing softly she starts to nibble at her frog again.

And, as if annoyed that Noah disappeared on him, a tabby cat comes wandering in meowing indignantly at him. He gestures to the seat beside him, and the cat jumps up with a huffing noise and starts grooming himself, as if pretending he didn't care about Noah anyway. Cats. Noah pretty much ignores him though, before handing back the badge. "Rena, yes." He looks quite serious about the duelling thing. And more serious when Rook mentioned that gryffindor can be bullies. "Not all of us. I'll deal with them if I have to." His arm moves around Rook, after some hestitation. He's a little more nervous about such public displays. Easy to tell by the stiffness of his frame as being leaned into. "Maddie, sometimes an auror has to do what needs to be done, even if it's uncomfortable. I'm in the duelling club. I'll show you how to disarm and pacify, rather than hurt anyone with magic. Alright?"

"Yeah - isn't Rena great?" Madeline says brightly, before sobering up again. "Eibon is a bully," Maddie offers. "Angelus. He tried to steal my badge, you know, and when I wouldn't let him…" she shifts uncomfortably, "he told my uncle that I'd snuck off to go to Sweet Temptations. I mean, just to see-" She hesitates. "I'm not really sure why I had to go back, but I didn't want my uncle to know that."
She lets out a loud sigh, then looks back up to Noah, nodding. "Okay," she agrees, though she doesn't look excited about it.
Mischief stops attacking Noah's shoelaces when the cat goes by, and trains his attention on the feline instead. He bounces in place a few times, looking for a vantage point from which to harrass the feline. "Mischief… I don't think the cat wants to play," Madeline says dubiously.

With the confidence given from around the compartment, Terrance went slightly red. "Well, once I hit the big time I will be sure to get all my adoring fans some special products." he said with grin and a light laugh. Then he rose from his seat. "I will be right back, I need to check when we will be arriving." he said making his way from the compartment.

Noah looks over to the cat. "Eh he can take care of himself. He might hurt Mischief though. No guarantees. He's not so much a pet as he is a…stalker. He seriously just started following me one day and never stopped." He sighs. "Yeah, it's hard not to be serious. We're going in to an unknown, all of us. The rules are going to change, apparently, and I don't know what that means. And it isn't as if it's going to get better any time soon." He clears his throat. And does make an effort to smile. "I might go for prefect this year if I have the time."

Ethel blinks as she hears her name and blushes a little when she realizes it's Rook, she inclines her head to the young man and says in a quiet voice, "Thank you, it was to be expected but.." She shakes her head and says, "Gryffindors are hardly the worst bullies out there, there are Slytherins" She stands up and moves to the door peeking her head out for a moment to make sure no one is making any mischief.

"It might get better," Madeline answers quietly. That's what she and Rena were working on last year! That's why she got an Auror's badge! "I guess we'll find out soon what Flint's got in mind for us," she adds with a sigh.
Looking to Rook she adds, "Yeah, sure. If you hold out your arm and say 'up' he'll jump on. He might not let you pet him, though. He's not always in the mood for even me to pet him."

"It might get better," Madeline answers quietly. That's what she and Rena were working on last year! That's why she got an Auror's badge! "I guess we'll find out soon what Flint's got in mind for us," she adds with a sigh.
Looking to Rook she adds, "Yeah, sure. If you hold out your arm and say 'up' he'll jump on. He might not let you pet him, though. He's not always in the mood for even me to pet him."

"Well, I mean in terms of the gits in the Magijugend, they've got more Gryffindors than Slytherin, but yes. The Slytherin have the Blacks," Rook mutters softly, wrinkling his nose at the mention of the other Pureblooded family not his own. "In any case, I don't see the point in worrying about it before we must. The train is always supposed to be exciting, and if it wasn't for that bloody interruption into our compartment, I'd still be trying to bribe Noah into eating a pumpkin pastie. The trolley was very good this year, I think. A few more options than last year, I think, but my memory is a little fuzzy 'bout the edges." Brushing his black sleeved arms off, Rook offers his arm straight out, leaning over for the black feathered bird, and clucking at him. "Up you go?"

Noah shakes his head. "More Slytherins. Of course there's more Slytherins." He lets out a long-suffering sigh. "It's alright. I'll fight against anyone I need to, if it become necessary. Even housemates. Not that I think fights will break out all over the school or anything. But…I don't know what will happen. And it worries me. I know enough about what's happening in the muggle world to be concerned about what's happening in the wizard world. It's not so different."

Ethel looks over her shoulder and corrects, "She…" She looks to the raven and gives her an apologetic look. Shrugging her shoulders. Turning her attention back to the hallway she reaches out and snags a second year Huffle that is running down the corridor, "Careful now, the train is going fast enough you don't need to go faster then a walk." She gives him a nod and lets him go before she turns back towards the group in the compartment.

"No, no. Just tell hi- her 'up!' Just the one word. Be firm," Madeline explains, when the bird does nothing more than cock her head at Rook.
"Did you bring a gasmask to school?" Madeline asks Noah. "My da' sent me with one. He insisted - and my mum too - not that I can blame them, I guess. I mean, my da' was in the trenches, and he got gassed."
Then to Rook again she adds, "There's loads more Slytherins than any other house in that horrible club. Only the three Gryffindors - Eibon, Dashur and Weasley." She shakes her head slightly. "Dashur's a half-blood. I just don't get it."

Noah shakes his head. "More Slytherins. Of course there's more Slytherins." He lets out a long-suffering sigh. "It's alright. I'll fight against anyone I need to, if it become necessary. Even housemates. Not that I think fights will break out all over the school or anything. But…I don't know what will happen. And it worries me. I know enough about what's happening in the muggle world to be concerned about what's happening in the wizard world. It's not so different."

Ethel looks over her shoulder and corrects, "She…" She looks to the raven and gives her an apologetic look. Shrugging her shoulders. Turning her attention back to the hallway she reaches out and snags a second year Huffle that is running down the corridor, "Careful now, the train is going fast enough you don't need to go faster then a walk." She gives him a nod and lets him go before she turns back towards the group in the compartment.

"No, no. Just tell hi- her 'up!' Just the one word. Be firm," Madeline explains, when the bird does nothing more than cock her head at Rook.
"Did you bring a gasmask to school?" Madeline asks Noah. "My da' sent me with one. He insisted - and my mum too - not that I can blame them, I guess. I mean, my da' was in the trenches, and he got gassed."
Then to Rook again she adds, "There's loads more Slytherins than any other house in that horrible club. Only the three Gryffindors - Eibon, Dashur and Weasley." She shakes her head slightly. "Dashur's a half-blood. I just don't get it."

"Why not? People are people, it doesn't really matter what their blood is, does it? I'm from a pureblooded family, and I'm not in the Magijugend. I'm considering joining the mud club." The latter admission provokes Rook to some embarrassment, the edges of his ears turning pink, and he distracts himself by turning his attention to the bird. "Up!" It's more energetic than firm, but firm enough that the bird flutters to a perch on his arm, wherein Rook promptly tries to pet him, perhaps against his better judgement. "Are there? Well, I don't keep tabs, but I suppose it doesn't surprise me. But anyway, what's a gas mask?"

Noah shakes his head. "No. But I have the bubble-head charm if necessary. You learn that 5th year." He looks to rook. "The Great War…Not that long ago really. It was used to protect soldiers from gas attacks." He takes a large breath. "My grandfather died in that war actually. Way back." He shrugs. "My family actually has a long history of dying in wars. Long, long history." He pauses, and then laughs a little, out of nervousness more than anything. "Not that that has anything to do with anything." Except it does. On some level he's wondering if he's gonna die in war too. After all, War is brewing. Anyone can see it if they look. It's a bit of a surreal moment for him to realize, on some level, that he's already surrendered to the idea that he may die a soldier in the coming conflict.

Ethel slips out quietly to do her rounds, giving a soft, "Excuse me." With that she steps out the door and goes to make sure that everyone is alright and the first years are getting ready.

"Ooo! You should join!" Madeline says eagerly to Rook. "We'd love to have you in it!" While the student tries to pet the bird, Mischief twists her head away from it - and even pecks at Rook's hand. "Guess you need to get to know her better. Here - feed her some of this." She pulls out some dried meat, which she offers to the boy.
Looking at Noah, Madeline's expression turns solemn again, and she nods. "If my da' didn't survive, I wouldn't be here now. He gets tired so easy now - 'cuz the gas hurt his lungs. And he's always getting colds, and the flu, and sometimes even pneumonia. Almost died of it two years ago…" She stares down at the floor. It worries her sometimes - the idea of losing her dad.
She looks back up at Rook as she explains, "It's like what happened at Sweet Temptations - those vials broke and it made a sort of smoke - a gas - you breath in. It was magic of course at Diagon - made people… catch fire. But the Muggle stuff, it hurts your lungs, and burns your skin, and makes people go blind and stuff like that. Some people get killed, and some people just… never get all the way better." Like her dad. "So a gas mask is something you put on your head and it covers your eyes and your mouth and nose, and there's this canister," she mimes the shape and size of it in front of her face, "that filters out the gas when you're breathing so only good air can get in."

"I wish you'd be a little happier sometimes," Rook tells Noah softly, his smile slowly crumbling under the weight of Noah's dour mood, and Rook utters a wistful sigh. The sigh is temporarily interrupted by a yelp at the sharp beak jabbing his hand, which is quickly withdrawn with a small wave. "Ow, very sharp! Ow, ow." He accepts the treat from Maddie, and tries to bribe the bird with it to mixed results, and his smile returns, albeit somewhat more fragile. "That's quite terrible, but I'm sure you won't need any such thing at Hogwarts. Still…" Rook's voice trails, and he looks rather mystified at the idea of the mask, blinking as the bird snatches the meat wholesale from his hand while he isn't looking.

Noah smiles, genuinely. "I'm happier with you. I don't mean to be negative." He waves at Ethel, smiling. And then kisses Rook's cheek. "Don't worry. I'll try harder." He leans back, and considers. "Well, we have the feast to look forward to. I always like those. Nearly infinite food, and all." He smiles. "Quickest way to a man's heart, right?"

At the kiss, Madeline cranes her head, to look between the two boys. "Wait," she says in confusion. "Are you… But you're both boys!" she protests. Yes - she's a little slow on the uptake. What can she say? She's twelve! "Is that, umm, okay? I mean- two boys…"
After snatching up all of the dried meat, Mischief positions it under his foot, so he can peck and tear at it, to pull off smaller pieces.

"No reason to be too serious about it. My mother always said dark times are the times it's most important to be happy, because you can't be certain of the future. Well, in between bouts of pestering me about my grades," Rook quotes, pleased at the small peck on his cheek, which is rather chaste all things given. He seems to delight in Mischief poking and prodding at the piece of meat with his beak. There's a wriggling under Rook's robe, and then a tiny green toad head pops out from under a yellow-and-black tie, peering intently at the bird. Madeline's reaction draws Rook's attention from Mischief, and pulls a surprised laugh from him. "Well, sure, we're both boys. What of it?" Beat. "Oh, right! Muggle-born? Noah was telling me they have very funny ideas about that sort of thing."

Noah blushes intensely, and he stiffens as panic sets in. "I Uh Yeah but it I wasn't it's not…" Nope not gonna get much sense from him for a second. He clears his throat, and looks out the window, grabbing the cat, who lets out a startled Mewl as he clutches it to his shoulder and ear-scritches. "Wizards aren't…They aren't as…uh…" He coughs again. Nope. Not gonna make sense for bit.

Madeline looks between the two boys, her expression still puzzled - and more than a little curious. "So it's okay for two boys to be sweethearts - if they're wizards?" she asks, trying to turn that around in her head. "What about two witches? Why would you want another wizard for a sweetheart - instead of a witch?"
Somehow - her thoughts turn to Cillian and Gabriel, and she tries to picture them as sweethearts - and it's just such a silly thought, that she can't help but let out a quiet giggle.

Rook seems very amused, but innocently so, by Noah's reaction. He doesn't tease, but he does tilt his head and watch the flood of vibrant scarlet spread across Noah's face with a quizzical smile. "It's okay for two boys or two girls, or a boy and a girl. Why wouldn't it be? It's not really that big of a deal, you like who you like. I'm not really sure why muggles are so concerned about it." That statement is offered sincerely, and Rook's expression grows ever more puzzled. "Why not a witch? Well, I don't know, really. I've never thought about it much. I suppose it's because I just never look at a girl that way. Noah's very handsome, which isn't to say that I've not met some very pretty witches, there are rather a lot of them at Hogwarts. But, I've never just felt that way about them. It's just a sort of reaction, isn't it? You see someone you might like, you feel a little warm, your heart races a little, and you find it hard to look away. That sort of thing. You don't choose it, really. Trying to control it seems awfully silly, doesn't it?"

Noah is shaking from nerves. "I don't…There aren't easy answers to…" He takes a breath. "Wizards are…not as worried about this as muggles are. Muggles don't approve. Wizards…don't care. And it's…It's just that I don't really…I'm not…interested in women. At all. That way. I mean. You're awfully young to be asking…No that's a cop out…" He rubs his face, and lets the cat depart. "Not all men like only women. Some of us…Some of us just…For whatever reason…Like other men. Boys liking boys is…You know…" He takes on a rather academic tone. "There is a LONG history of men being with men and women with women. In some cultures it was even the norm! Just. Not in this one. Or not in…muggle society. Don't tell my dad. I mean you don't know him anyway…" He trails off, after all that ramblimg. "…The world is complicated sometimes, Maddie. More than you think. Some of us can't choose who we fall in love with."

Madeline looks between the two, and the way poor Noah is stuttering… "I've made you all upset," the girl says, sounding a little appalled with herself. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. You can like boys if you want to - it doesn't matter none to me, and Rook is nice, besides. I mean, it's kinda weird, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Lots of things are weird in the magic world.
"I don't like boys," Madeline continues to muse. "But I don't like girls, either. But then - I'm twelve. I think my dad'd have my hide if I had any sweetheart at all. I wouldn't tell your dad, though, Noah. Cross my heart."

"Oh, no. No, no, Maddie," Rook is quick to assure in his bright, bubbly manner. "You didn't upset anyone. Frankly, I'd rather you ask, because it's how you learn. You'll like someone eventually, and it won't matter if it's a girl or a boy as long as they're a good person and treat you well. That's really the only bit that matters. A person is just a person, girl or boy, muggle-born or pureblood. Noah's just shy about it, he'll be alright. He's right, somewhat. It's not that some of us can't choose who we love, because no one can really choose that." Rook hums under his breath in a thoughtful manner, patting Noah absently on the arm. "Of course, love isn't lust, but sometimes it's awfully hard to tell."

Noah seems to be calming down. "I don't even know why I said that. He isn't around anyway. He's like. … I don't actually know where he is. It's classified probably. I haven't bothered to check." He takes a breath. "Um. Let me put it this way. Before now you didn't really consider boys being with boys an option…But to me at least, there isn't really another option. The feelings I'm supposed to have for girls…I just don't. I have them for boys instead. And I realize that's vague. But you're twelve. You'll know what I mean in a few years." He rubs his face. "It's…Wizards don't have religion. There's a lot of shame for it in muggle society because it's against various religions. Christianity being the important one for me. I was raised, probably like you, hearing that it was wrong. Or uh. At least, knowing on some level that it was, because it was something that was never, ever talked about or treated like a possibility. It didn't happen. But the truth is, it does happen, it always has happened. And whatever religious people think…It's going to keep happening. Because some people just…are this way. I'm…this way." He doesn't want to say the word, apparently. "And I can't change that. No matter how much I try to. Wizards just flat out don't care about it, and don't see it as strange at all. It's really hard to make people understand why it's even an issue. … I'd rather it not be, anyway, of course." He shrugs. And then, after a moment, he looks to Maddie. "You understand any of that? I'm probably making no sense at all."

Madeline still looks curious, and she nods her head in agreement. "I think my parents would be cross with me I told them about this, though," she admits. "…I'm not supposed to keep secrets from them, but this isn't really a secret, right? I just don't need to tell them everything because… ummm… I just don't gotta. It's just a little weird, though, still because I never really seen it before."
She goes thoughtful for a moment before adding, "I was trying to get some witches to like my uncle over the summer so he could get married, and I could be a flower girl, and then have some wizard cousins. But what if maybe he doesn't want a witch sweetheart, he wants a wizard? Do you think that could be true?"

Rook just sort of tunes Noah out; it's a lot of information, much of it not pertinent whatsoever to his life as a proper wizard, so he just sort of watches Mischief with that small, thoughtful smile of his. Archimedes the toad is still watching the bird with distrust from the breast of Rook's robe, nestled mostly under the young man's Hufflepuff colored tie. "Could be, but it's not just about that, Maddie. People don't always like each other just because they're a boy or they're a girl. There's more to it than that. I don't like all boys. That would be as silly as thinking it's wrong to like a boy, as a boy, at all. Just like all girls don't like all boys. Your uncle is really the only one who knows what he likes," Rook observes absently.

Noah pauses. "Um. He's a wizard? You could ask. … I… I guess there's no harm in that. Just don't go around asking muggles. … Wait, do you think a muggle-born wizard would take offense?" He's honestly not sure. "Uh. Well. You could…test the waters by mentioning you saw a boy kiss another boy on the cheek and see how he reacts." He scratches his nose. "Maybe it's better not to meddle, actually. I don't know."

Madeline nods her head. "My parents are Muggles, and all of my grandparents are Muggles, but one of my dad's brother's is a wizard," she confirms. "It's really neat. He helped me a lot before I came to Hogwarts last year - to make sure I knew what to expect.
"They wre both really nice girls," Madeline adds helpfully. "One of them's the new assistant librarian at the school! So if my uncle married her - I'd have an aunt on the faculty!" she explains eagerly. She's not likely to give up on this idea soon. "I guess I could ask him - uncle Perry doesn't get mad very easy."
As long as Mischief has food, she's going to ignore the toad poking out of Rook's clothes. Probably a good thing, that.

"I wouldn't meddle. Let your uncle decide who he likes. If he likes boys, he'd already know it, and he'll do whatever he likes. Or he might like girls, and hasn't met one who catches his fancy." It's a good thing, because Archimedes isn't great at obscuring himself; he's a little green toad against a stark black robe. Gently, Rook lowers his arm and lets Mischief hop to the floor with the remains of her meal, brushing his sleeve gently before resuming leaning into Noah, resting his head in a tilt against Noah's shoulder. "This is such a strange conversation. Did I mention I'm terribly excited about Arithmancy?"

Noah sighs. "Yeah I know it is. It's worse for me." He laughs. Still a bit on the nervous side. "Arithmancy sounds interesting. I wish I had…the time to properly study it, honestly. I just couldn't really fit it in. I should have taken it as an elective. It would've probably been a lot more interesting than what I chose…" he sighs. "Although it isn't like I didn't find Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures quite interesting in their own right. I just didn't have the time to devote to learning them properly. And in the case of Care of Magical Creatures, being a man put me at a disadvantage with unicorns from the start." he laughs. "I'm definitely going to see if I can branch out after I get my N.E.W.T.S taken care of."

"Well, yeah, but… if he marries Miss Taylor I'll have an aunt on the faculty!" Madeline repeats determinedly. She reeeeeeally likes the idea of Annie Taylor being her aunt. "I just gotta figure out how to do it…" she muses. She couldn't much care about talk of electives and NEWTs, it seems.

"Says you. I can teach you some Arithmancy, Noah, if you'd like! Perhaps Maddie, but she seems very stuck on her uncle marrying." Archimedes squirms a little as Rook gently pulls him from his breast, stroking a fingertip down the frogs bumpy, but otherwise dry spine. "Don't fuss, Archimedes, we'll be there soon." The little toad is patted upon his little head, offering his master a resigned 'ribbit'. "Faculty. Why is that so important, Maddie? My parents are married, and I don't get any bloody benefit out of that but for my father agreeing with my mother's nagging."

Noah's cat seems to have gona wandering. The sudden cuddle earlier was probably enough attention for him for the moment. Noah nods to Rook. "If we have time. But we'll probably spend most of our study time working on charms and transfiguration together." Yeah. Yeah that's what they'll be doing. Sure. He looks out the window, his cheeks starting to redden again at the thought of what they're more likely to spend their time on.

"Because… I'll have an aunt at school!" Madeline answers, as if this should be obvious. "She has pretty red hair. And she liked Bethie - though not as much as Miss Strudwick did. She was real excited to see a sheep." Yes, sheep.
"It's nice you student charms and transfigurations together. I can study transfigurations with you, can't I?"

"I don't need help with charms, Noah," Rook chides the slightly older student, completely oblivious to the implications. "So instead of studying charms, I can teach you how to kiss better." Brightly continuing on as if that isn't horribly awkward for Noah, Rook's attention turns to Madeline, and his smile grows wider still to something better resembling a grin. "Oh yes, you can certainly learn Transfiguration with us. I'll be learning much more complicated spellwork, but there's no reason that you can't be there and that Noah can't teach you at the same time. It would be good." Still petting the temperamental little toad caught in his palm, still leaning against Noah absently.

Noah wrinkles his nose a little, at Rook, and laughs. "Subtlety is lost on you sometimes, Rook." He leans back. "Of course you can study with us." He nods to Madeline. "We'll see each other in the Duelling Club too. And domestics, right? We're gonna be seeing a lot of each other I expect." He ponders. "You might join the art club too. Did I tell you I was a part of that?" He looks to Rook. "I'm terrible, of course." He laughs. "But it's a way to unwind."

"And Mudclub, 'cuz Rook's gonna join, too!" Madeline asserts eagerly. "Right, Rook?" She beams at the older student. "I probably have enough clubs, though. I mean - friends and me, we're the pirates, and it's sorta like a club, and then I did book club with Adorabella last year - but we were reading wizard books and Muggle books, but now we can't.
"Is kissing something you need to practice?" she asks with puzzlement. "To get good at it?"

"I'm in the duelling and domestics clubs, but I'm not usually paying much attention," Rook admits, and THAT prompts him to blush. Not kissing boys or anything, but shameful disinterest in the clubs he's actively a part of. He's quick to change that subject, clearing his throat. "I suppose I will, if the other muggle-borns are alright with it. I'm pureblooded, but it can't hurt to show support. I'm sure I'll already be something of a nuisance given that I kiss a muggle-born boy." Beat. "Kissing is like anything else. The only way to do it well is to practice it, of course. They don't have a club for that, but it requires practice, nevertheless."

Noah turns to Rook. "Blood Traitor, right? That's what they call it when a pureblood consorts with mudbloods and doesn't care about purity. Although, you know. It isn't as if you're going to have children with me, so there's that." He smirks. "They can't really claim you're diluting the purity of the Lovegood line, can they?" He shrugs. "You know she is 12, right?" He elbows Rook. "We've already said way too much as it is."

Madline giggles. "Da' would put me over his knee if I were practicing kissing!" the girl explains. "I think I'll wait. Except…" She pushes herself up to kiss Rook on the cheek. "There. Because you're nice," she announces as she settles back into her seat.
"So you can't have children?" she notes in a thoughtful tone. "Don't you want any, someday?"

Brows lift, and the pretty blonde boy doesn't withdraw from the little kiss, still grinning at Madeline. "Those sorts of kisses are just fine," he assures the twelve year old girl with warmth limning each word. "She's not a baby, Noah. I learned about these sorts of things when I was twelve." There's a thoughtful pause on Rook's part. "That could be because of my elder brothers. They weren't shy around me about it. I caught my oldest brother snogging a very pretty witch in one of our garden bushes once. She shrieked like I was some sort of imp and yelled at my brother for the better part of a day about it," Rook laughs, a clear and melodic sound, straightening away from Noah. "Children? Well, I don't know. I've never really thought about it, but two boys and two girls can't have them. That's just how it is."

Noah nods to her, in agreement with Rook. "Just how it is. Can still raise children I suppose. Get one from an orphanage. We're a long way off from worrying about that though." He waves the concern away. "It's not important, and won't be for quite a while. Besides, when I'm an Auror it's probably for the best I don't."

"Like my parents got the three German kids?" Madeline muses quietly. "But we're not supposed to keep them. If there's not a war - they're supposed to go back to their parents, someday. But then my da' says Germany's gonna invade Poland, so I guess they can't go home to their parents for a long time, still. It's kind of nice - having brothers and a sister."

"I don't know. I'm sixteen, and still in school. I'm not terribly interested in raising anything at the moment, except maybe a snail. I want to be a Curse-Breaker, as well. But… why would Germany invade Poland?" The smile vanishes, wiped away at the return to talk of war. "Is this the muggle thing? I likely don't want to know. The wizarding world is seeming dreary enough right now," Rook says with some resignation, slumping backward against the compartment bench, eyes sliding shut. "I just want to worry about my classes. I'm taking three bloody NEWT classes, I don't want to worry about war."

Noah sighs a little. "Because that's the kind of stuff happening over there at the moment. My dad is probably going to be deployed to fight soon if he isn't already fighting." He shrugs. "I need to go change before we get to school." He stands. "And probably go see what the cat is up to." And with that he makes his exit, with a smile and a wave.

"Well. Because they want Poland, I guess," Madeline answers, sounding a little uncertain. "I don't really know. I don't really understand it. But my da' seems to. That's why he told me to bring the gas mask. But we'll be safe at Hogwarts, I think. Right?" She looks at Rook and Noah - then follows Noah with her gaze as he leaves.

"I don't really understand it, either," Rook admits aloud with a helpless shrug of his shoulders. "But, I ought to go keep Noah company. He's going to fret about the bloody feast, I just know it." With some resignation, Rook rises to his feet, dusts himself off, and pulls the chocolate frog from his robe (still wrapped) with his free hand. Archimedes is still cradled in the other as Rook extends the chocolate treat to Madeline. "Here, have this, enjoy it. I'm going to go finish school preparations, which mostly means packing junk food into my trunk. Don't be a stranger, Maddie!" There's a little wave, and then Rook starts out of the compartment. Alas, Mischief has had at his laces when he didn't see, and thus Rook is sent pitching face first out into the little hallway, rolling out of sight with an audible 'oof'.

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Elise looks appalled. "Why would the Queen eat a dog?" she asks. She glances up at Gabriel when he enters and nods. "What do you think, Gunnie?" she asks. "Do you think Germany will invade Poland? Do you think we'll go to war?" She wrings her hands. "My brothers and father are the right age to fight." She looks worried. "There was a draft, last time."

Most of Alphard's train ride has been spent either in a compartment alone with Andromena, or catching up with his Slytherin friends about what they did over the summer. Obviously that also included quite a bit of bragging about his own 'adventures'. Now he's on the prowl again, though, wearing a brand new uniform that's been tailored to fit him exceptionally well. How has ever heard of using last year's? Or hand-me-down uniforms? Abhorrent! This time he doesn't move with much purpose, however. He's just stretching his legs.

Gabriel comes out of his well of thought when a question is directed at him specifically, "Huh? War? Nah, the Germans don't have enough forces to start a war." Then the hotdog comment sinks in as well, "And its not a dog, its a sausage type food Northamerican /call/ hotdogs. Its really yummy too. Maybe I'll have my Graps mail some so you can all try them."

Hattie fiddles with the handle of her wand, neatly in its little pocket in her sleeve. She says, "They put MUSTARD on it. Anyway, their Majesties BOTH ate one. ? Good afternoon, Black," she says politely toward Alphard, though she is already starting to wilt down in her seat.

Miranda reenters the car, moving carefully from the back toward the front. Spotting Alphard ahead of her, she gives him a brief, polite smile. The younger students are given more cursory glances, but apparently these are not the droids she's looking for. Her attention is piqued at the mention of war, and she gives some of those nearby a closer look, her footsteps slowing.

Cool eyes pass over Hattie dismissively, though he does respond to her polite greeting with a nod of his head so minor it might well just be a figment of light and imagination. "Good afternoon." That she's beneath him does not, necessarily, mean he needs to be rude and ignore her completely. In stark contrast he gives Miranda something close a friendly smile, abeit a horribly arrogant one. "Goshawk. How've you been this summer? Come up with any new spells over the summer?"

Gabriel's expression goes from his regular smile to a slightly evil smile as Hattie greets Alphard. In a marked change of attitude from earlier in the day he waves at the older boy and says, "Well helloooo ther Black. Have you been having a nice train ride? There's been plenty of excitment and interesting conversations! It bodes well for the new year." then he adds as an aside to Elise and Hattie, "Well, some people put mustard on them. Or katsup. And cheese, pickle relish, onions, mayonaisse, chili, or a bunch of other stuff. Or nothing at all. You can eat them any way you like."

Hattie breathes something like a sigh of relief, and takes a settling sip of her soda. To Elise she says, "Not enough without Poland, anyway." But she clears her throat and says to Gabriel, "Katsup?? Thats vile!"

"I like mustard," Elise pipes up. But she nods at Hattie. "If they invade Poland…" she frowns. "They'd certainly have more men. Dad says some Polish are for the Germans. They they believe in all that anti-Jewish propoganda. Something about blaming them for the Depression."

Abraxas previously made his patrol from the front of the train to the rear. Since the Hogwarts Express does, indeed, have an end, he's now moving from the rearwards-to-frontwards direction.

Levi exits one of the compartments now wearing his hogwarts uniform. He peeks one way down the train and down the other way like a secret spy! He will move down to find the trolly perhaps hungry again. He still moves casually but his gaze moving about as if on alert for something.

"Too much saurkraut, if you ask me," Harriet says. "Either way— there's nothing WE can do about any of it. And I'm sure we'll get owls from home if anything… sudden happens."

Close to friendly is doing pretty well for Miranda, which might explain why her own smile warms, despite the arrogance of Alphard's own. "Black," she says in a mildly honied tone. "If I did, you'll just have to find out the same way as everyone else." She doesn't go batting her eyes or anything, but there is an almost impish cast to her expression now. "The summer was otherwise uneventful, at least in my little corner of Wales. And yours?" She gives Gabriel a curious look at his list of condiments, having missed the earlier conversation.

Terrance opens his eyes, coming out of the small nap that he decided to take shortly after changing into his uniform. Standing up, he rubbed his eyes before straightening his hair and tie. Once he thought he looked acceptable he made his way to the opening of the compartment, glancing into the corridor to see what was going on.

Beyond a brief glance in Gabriel's direction, there for a split second and then passing on, Alphard ignores the younger boy as if he doesn't exist. His main focus remains Miranda. As they chit-chat he casually leans against the side of the train carriage, shoulder against one of the window frames, the picture of idle confidence. Occasionally he looks out the window and at the change of scenery. "I prefer not to find out at the end of some hex, thank you very much," he murmurs drily. "It would cast a long and dark shadow over our relationship." With a shrug like only a teenage boy can make, he grins. "I spent the summer as an Auror's apprentice. I learned quite a lot, actually. Didn't have much time to just relax, though. I feel like I could use vacation from my vacation."

Gabriel blinks as he hears the word apprentice as it clearly triggers a memory, "I can't believe I forgot! Guess what!? Guess what!?" The guess whats are directed mostly at the people in his compartment with him (Cillian, Hattie, and Elise) but are loud enough and excited enough to be heard outside of the compartment as well…

"What?" Elise asks.

Gabriel leans down to rummage in the backpack at his feet. After a few seconds he sits back up with an official Hogwarts letter in his hand, which he offers to Elise first since she was the first one to ask what he was talking about. "Look at what I'll be doing this year!" He's so excited he's bouncing up and down on the bench, making the cushion puff e very few seconds…

Hattie leans over, all the same, to get a look at it. "What does it say?"

"That sounds like a waste of a summer holiday to me," Miranda replies to Alphard, her nose wrinkling slightly. "The most exciting thing we got to do was attend a small skills competition hosted by the Harpies. It was quite enjoyable. And really, Mister Black, to imply that I might try to secretly catching you with a hex?" She makes a clucking sound with her tongue, though her twinkling eyes give away the tease. She then considers the fellow seventh year for a moment. "So… learning all sorts of things about capturing dark wizards, then?" she asks with more genuine curiosity. There are no casual leans here, as she braces herself with a hand against the outside wall of the carriage. Her attention switches briefly to the compartment of younger students as one of them brandishes a letter for the others, then switches again as she realizes she's been followed by an Abraxas. "Malfoy," she greets, back to polite, and nothing but polite.

Elise reads the letter, tilting it so that Hattie can see it, too. "Oh!" she says, happy for Gabe. " Madam Spleen's student aide, how exciting!" She hands him back the letter, beaming. "You must be chuffed!"

Hattie says, "Congratulations. Maybe on the next break, if things have quieted down, my father can tour you through St. Mungo's."

Abraxas has stopped to get a cauldron cake and a juice from the trolley, and nods to Miranda as he is addressed, swaying in time with the train as he moves along. "Goshawk. Black." He glances in the direction of all the excited shouting, but just shakes his head and looks back. "Not much longer now, I think."

"I was implying that using them is your prefered method of reveaing them," Alphard responds. He remains largely indifferent to the commotion of the younger students nearby. They're beneath his dignity as a Seventh year, let alone a Black. "But I'm holding out hope that you're too smart to try it on me, and can come up with an alterante method." His eyes follow Miranda's shifting attentions until he too is looking at Abraxas, and answers the Prefect's greeting with a comradly upnod. "Anyway, yes. I learned a bit of undercover work as well, and of course brushed up on my legal know-how. It's the first time I've not gotten to really work on my Quidditch, though."

Gabriel stops bouncing to just stare at Hattie for a moment. Then he all but explodes into a grin and throws his hands into the air,"Capital! That would be AWESOME! My Dad's a pediatrician at Middlesex Hospital so I've had a chance to tour Muggle hospitals lots of times. But I have /never/ been inside St. Mungo's!!" He hops off the bench he's been sitting on and starts to dance a little jig because, well, its just too much excitement at this point to sit still.

Polly enters the train car and smooths her hair and hair ribbon. She starts making her way towards her compartment and nods at her fellow Slytherin housemates on the way. She makes it to her compartment and pulls a hand mirror out of her satchel to double check her appearance. Must not make a bad one on her final year of schooling. She gives her cheeks a pinch to get some color in them and then sits down, getting a small book out to read.

Miranda nods her agreement to Abraxas' comment as she looks out the darkened window. She smooths her school robes slightly, though unnecessarily, then gives Alphard a crooked little smile. She won't go to the trouble of denying his accusations. "If your ambition is to be an Auror, I imagine you're continuing with the final year of Charms classes," she says briefly, Welsh accent strong. "Perhaps then!" She blinks, then, turning again toward the compartment. "So much energy, the little ones," Miranda comments, while pressing against the outside wall of the carriage to make room for Polly. She watches the other girl for a moment, then returns to herself, giving all those nearby a pleasant little smile. "Well. We must be nearing Hogsmeade. Enjoy the feast." She then continues her way toward the next forward carriage, soon disappearing as the door closes behind her.

Hattie bumps her back against the bench, the vigor of Gabriel's reaction being alarming. "Papa is a head of healing there," she reveals. "Anyway, those of us going on to healing training need to see what practice really looks like." Disposing of her empty, the Fifth Year Ravenclaw stands up to stretch her legs. "Its a tight ship though."

Abraxas shakes his head at the commotion and then bangs his hand against the door of the compartment where Gabriel is celebrating his new-found access to Mungo's. "Keep it down in there." he says, sharply. Back to Alphard, he says, "I have to pick an apprenticeship after this year. I was rather considering Wizengamot Services. Maybe by the time you finish training and start capturing Dark Wizards, I'll be ready to put them in Azkaban." A pause, and he shrugs and says, "Or try to keep them out. As the case may be."

Elise laughs a bit at Gabriel's enthusiasm, though it's somewhat short-lived. She jumps at the banging and stares at the door, and squeaks, skin losing all color for a moment.

Gabriel glares at the door and flops back down into his seat, his good mood evaporating at Abraxas' order to quiet down. But he tries to ignore it by continuing his conversation with Hattie and Elise, "Well, it should be a tight ship. Its people's live you have in your hands afterall." After a pause he adds, "So you're planning on being a healer too?"

A hand lifts in an idle wave of farewell to Miranda. "A good place to start a career," Alphard tells Abaraxas approvingly. "I was originally going for something similar, but I decided that if I do have the talents necessary to be an Auror, then it wouldn't be right of me to take any easier road." In a lower voice he adds, now with a mixture of chagrin and contempt. "You wouldn't realize how the standards have dropped in the Auror's Office. It's full of Muggleborns and Blood-Traitors. I half wonder if there's been a coup or something. All the more reason for a right thinking wizard to make it his busines sto get in, you know? Get it back pointed in the proper direction."

Hattie turns her head, the rapping fist being rather uncomfortably close behind her head with her standing. Her brow pinches just a little bit at the talk of treason behind her. "Yes, though I've a lot of work to do for NEWTs. No one cares who you are, if you can't do the work."

Polly looks up at the conversation at hand, since she's apparently sitting with Alphard and Abraxas. She closes her book and looks at both boys. "That is why working for family sometimes has its benefits. You have the power and authority to control who works for you." She slips the book into her robe pocket. "Parkinson Potions hires only the top quality wizards to mix potions." She adjusts the tie of her school uniform. "Internship there was valuable experience this summer." She hears Hattie speaking. "Oh dear, they do care who you are and where you came from. It works that way in the Muggle Society does it not? They have their nobility and it matters who you are in that heiarchy, no?"

"I was thinking about IMC as well, but that does have the drawback of entirely too much interaction with foreigners. Not that they're /all/ bad, some of the European ones are quite acceptable, but some of them are very strange. And there's those ghastly American wizards, always thinking that a bigger wand makes for a better wizard." Abraxas opines, with a shake of his head, then he looks to Polly and nods, "Good blood will show through, one way or another. Letting mud… muggleborns into the Auror Office is just setting things up for failure. How would they know the first thing about catching Dark Wizards?"

Its happened a couple of times during the trip and it happens again. Now that Gabriel has calmed down and stopped being loud the conversations happening close by can be overheard again. And when Gabriel overhears it he hops to his feet, anger clear on his features. He take a step towards his compartment's door and then stops, eyes flitting between Cillian and Elise. Growling he turns back down, drops back into his seat and actually bites the envelop his letter came in in frustration…

Hattie smiles sweetly. Butter would not melt in her mouth. "When your life hangs in the balance, you are more than welcome to pause and ask to examine your healer's pedigree. And Even the finest tree in the orchard can produce rotten, rotten fruit." And with that, she slides the door of the compartment closed on the exterior conversation with a pronounced, if soft *click*, and reseats herself.

"Nothing wrong with being in the family business," Alphard tells Polly with a shrug. "But it's not the same as Ministry clout. That's where the power is. And the nature of power, Parkingson, is that if you're not trying to grab it, then someone else will instead." He rummages through his dark wizard robes until he comes out with some high quality chocolate. Like the rich brat that he is, Alphard doesn't do second best of anything. He munches. "True," he tells Abraxas. "Americans really are the worst. They have absolutely no concept of class at all. I wouldn't mind being an Obliator either, I suppose, or.. being an Unspeakable. My Uncle was one, before he became a Professor."

Polly turns to where the door clicked shut and smirks a little. "And then what happens when St. Mungo's needs potions? I wonder whom they get them from?" Polly shakes her head and straightens the bow in her hair. "Ministry might have clout, Alphard, but the true leaders, the true class, still influences even the Ministry, according to my father."

Cillian just takes a deep breath and he tilts his head back where he's seated on the floor and he glances over to Gabriel and then over to Elise and then back to Gabriel. He just smirks slowly and raises the panpipes to his lips, the thing the always he carries and he arches an eyebrow before playing a loooooooong steady note on the pipe before slipping into a louder sweet little ditty.

"As long as we keep it between proper Wizards, we can all have influence." Abraxas says, "For me, I see it as a path to a seat on the Wizengamot someday. You have to be older for that, though. They won't let us join it right off." He rolls his eyes, as if wondering at the Ministry's wisdom in that. Who could be better qualified than /him/, after all. "I just don't like the idea of filthy muggleborns having any say in whether what a real wizard does is right or wrong. They should be busy hunting down their own kind and taking away their wands before they do some sort of damage."

No slouch at potions, and knowing full well that the 3rd ward of St. Mungos is devoted to the study of potions and plant-originating maladies, Harriet tells Gabriel in a soft voice, "Don't pay them any mind. It's like spitting into the wind … and it's getting worse." She leans back to tap a toe in time with Cillian's tune.

Polly breathes in through her nose and out her mouth deeply and slowly. "Oh Abraxas, haven't you heard that you catch more flies with Honey then with vinegar?" She shakes her head. If the world would only listen to a teenage female wizard. "Always remember this, its a motto my family lives by, The Blood will out. Weakness will reveal itself and put people in their rightful place. Looking for trouble just makes you look like a huge git and prat. The Blood will out, so let it and avoid the headache." She leans her head back against the headrest of the compartment.

Pushing out of his compartment to witness the discussion, Terrance gave a roll of his eyes. Then he slowly moved forward, knocking at the door that Hattie had just closed. "Got room for one more?" he called in.

Gabriel trying to relax, closing his eyes and listening to Cillian's music. But the comments (not just about Muggle born wizards but about American as well, which in his mind translates to talking about his Mother) keep gnawing at his temper and finally he can't take it any more. Slowly getting to his feet, face red with anger, he goes over to the compartment door and slides it open again. Squaring himself in the opening he glares at the pureblood in the hallway and says, "People like you are what is wrong with both Muggle and Wizarding societies. People that think because you were born into money, or with a specific name, it makes you better than other human being. You're all idiots. Short sighted, close-minded, bigots that don't understand the real strength in any society is its diversity and the wisdom to use the talents of its populance for the betterment of all, not for a selected few. Which is one of the reasons the American you are dismissing so off-handedly are becoming the biggest power in the world." Taking a couple of deep agitated breaths he starts to calm himself and finally adds, "And you know what. If any of you ever ends up on my table… I'll save you, just like I would save a person that's actually worth the effort. Simply because I refuse to lower miself to your levels."

Thump, thump, thump, Thump, THump, THUMP! The sounds of running footfalls gets louder and louder as a skinny Third Year comes barrelling down the corridor! Felix's head whips back and forth, looking into every compartment as he whizzes by. Of course, that means he isn't watching where he's going, which puts him on a collision course with a pack of Slytherins in the corridor.

"Eventually I'd like a seat there as well," Alphard says calmly. He isn't short of ambition. "I don't see myself being an Auror until I die. I'll do my thing, and once I have the right reputation and experience, it'll be a pretty good stepping stone to higher office." In fact, from his tone, he thinks it all bout certain that at some point he'll sit on the Wizengamot. It's just a matter of time. "But you're right. Muggleborns really don't have the right background to sit in judgement of their betters. They don't have the.. cultural know-how, and every decision they make is always going to be influenced by their filthy facination with Mugg-" and there Alphard is cut off.

Alphard actually starts chuckling towards the end of Gabriel's tirade against the injustices and prejudices of their society. He rolls his eyes towards Abraxas and Polly. "Can you believe this kid?" He looks dismissivly to Gabriel. "Go away. We are better than you, and we don't care what you have to say. Stop making a scene, you bloody little maggot."

Hattie glances at Cillian for permission, since she's simply taking refuge. But when Gabriel rages against the machine, she waft-wafts at Terrance a little urgently. She just wants to close the door. "Ward, leave it… don't make a target."
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Polly is about to say something when she's ran into by skinny boy. This causes her to crash into the compartment wall behind her. "EXCUSE ME!" Her hand is reaching for her wand and shaking at the same time. "You had better have a good reason for having a complete lack of regard for where you are headed!" Her hand rests on her wand and it shakes slightly.

Terrance placed his hand onto Gabriel's chest pushing him back into the compartment gently as he entered. "Come now, Gabriel. Let the dark blooded prats enjoy their family time." the Sixth year Gryffindor made sure to say before sliding the compartment door shut behind him. Glancing to Hattie, then back to Gabriel he continues, "She has it right, you shouldn't go picking fights with the likes of them."

"Some people…" Abraxas says, to Polly, as he's ranted against, "Deserve only vinegar. But at least it covers up the smell of filthy blood." He rolls his eyes and sneers, "Someone call Magical Creatures. There's a troll on the loose. Try to learn some manners." Then it's his turn to be cutoff by a third year playing bowling ball.

Felix's impact with Polly sends him bouncing into the opposite wall, and then tumbling to the floor. "Ow. Merlin love a duck." He rubs his head where it smacked on the floor, then looks up at Polly, Abraxas, and Alphard, grimacing apologetically. "Sorry! I'm sorry. Lookin' for someone, s'all. You seen Cillian Peele about? I 'eard he's got a great stash this year!"

Alphard takes another bite from his chocolate piece. He sends Felix a withering look. "Do we look like your bloody guides?" With a grunt he makes the rest of the chocolate vanish into one of his pockets. He nods to Abraxas and Polly, then begins to continue on his way. When he passes Felix he'll make sure to give the smaller kid a shoulder thump for good measure. The sort meant to bruise a shoulder. It'll be followed by a sniffed: "Apologies. It seems it is hard to miss hitting people in this narrow bloody corridor, eh?"

Gabriel lets himself be guided back into the compartment but not silenced. Speaking loud enough to be clearly heard outside he continues his little tirade, "All it takes for evil to win is for men adn women of good faith to do nothing. We /have/ to stand up to people like them. We /have/ to make ourselves targets. If not they just go after the weak ones, the ones that have no chance to stand up to them. People like them are either bullies picking on the weak or cowards taking potshots from behind the ramparts of their money and their families power. Power they've done /nothing/ to earn or deserve." His breath is coming fast and hard right now and if he's not actually fighting to get back out his not sitting again either, "And right now they're probably going to start picking on that poor kid that just ran into them!"

Hattie moves aside to make additional room for Terrance, wearing an expression of subdued admiration. "Success is the best revenge for a slight," she murmurs, growing more and more quiet in speech. "They're only words. What are you, thirteen? You can take it. Don't let them ruffle you, and they'll go away because they get bored. Pick your battles."

Polly has a murderous look on her face. She looks to Abraxas and then points to the badge on his chest. "You are a Prefect. Be a Prefect. That badge is used for more then holding your robes together!" Oh dear, that very unattractive glint is in her eyes and Oh, that's a vein popping on her forehead. She removes her hand from her wand and takes a deep breath again. "Cillian is over there. I don't care about his stash, and I hope its confiscated and house points are deducted you little wretch!" She takes another deep breath and closes her eyes to focus. Straightening her hair and bow, the cool facade of composure returns to her face. She stands a little straighter and stiffly walks back to the compartment her and her comrades occupy.

Abraxas steps up and reaches down to lift Felix up by the front of his robes, putting the prefect badge right in the boy's eye line. He helps him to his feet, then straightens the younger kid's robes and brushes invisible dust off the shoulders. "Oh, does he have something good with him?"

Abraxas looks at Polly. Who needs to know about honey and vinegar now, eh?

Cillian raises his voice from where he is, carefully getting to his feet as things sort to…go to pot and he's up rather quickly, pipes stashed away as he narrows his eyes and takes his time, working on tying his tie before he nods to Terrance as he tries to calm Gabriel down and he takes a deep breath. "I'll see to the wee one out there Gabriel." He takes a deep breath and he moves to the compartment entrance, opening the door and peeking out as he sees Felix and narrows his eyes in time to see him getting shoved by Alphard and he just shakes his head slowly as he offers a hand to Felix. "I've got /just/ enough chocolate soda and some tarts left for ye, c'mon in." He winks and then looks down the corridor in the direction of Abraxas and Polly and The Black. "I shall write to my Father and inform of how some students are poorly representing their families, do not worry…come in and 'ave some sweets before we get to the castle."

Terrance returned a nod to Cillian, before looking to Hattie with a kind smile "To right you are, by succeeding and becoming what they want for themselves will hit them harder than any spell we might know." The he turned to Gabriel, "And even if you did know a spell, as she says you are young. They have more training and experience with their magic. Not to mention they come from some of the darkest lines known." he said, taking another dig but trying to calm Gabriel down.

Scrawny Felix is knocked right back into the wall by Alphard's shoulder. His jaw drops in a pained expression as he grips his shoulder. "Ooowwww. Said I was sorry," he mumbles. He winces under Polly's verbal barrage, watching her go with a genuine look of sadness. But then he's nose-to-badge with Abraxas Malfoy. Uh oh. His big blue-green eyes get even bigger when he looks up at the older boy's face. "Uh…" His eyes dart toward Cillian — oh, it's Cillian! — as he explains what's left in his stash. "Yeah…see? He ain't got much left, Malfoy. Um…can I go now?" He offers as sweet and charming a smile as he can manage.

After Glancing at each of his companions Gabriel just stands in the middle of his compartment, looking down at his feet and taking deep, even breaths. After a few moments and as things seem to calm down outside he mutters something about Hattie advice being good advice followed by some comment about spells and baseball. He then sits back down in his original corner.

Grabbing the book on medical uses of magical plants he had sitting next to him he start paging through it but he's obviously not really reading it. Instead he uses it as an excuse not to have to look at anyone for a bit.

Hattie pulls her sleeves back and stands up and steels herself. "I know you're not threatening an underclassman, probably overexcited from too many sweets and a long trip with that wand, Polly Parkinson. But it might appear that way to others. Best be careful and put it away. There are other Prefects roaming around, too." Other, not Slytherin, not Abraxas Prefects. "We wouldn't want any misunderstandings dinging the house points before we even get to Hogsmeade," she tells the Prefect that is RIGHT THERE. "The professors wouldn't like it— not from someone of your stature, in your position. We'll keep an eye on the young ones."
You paged Cillian with 'You've probably the only person around right now that's seen Gabriel use a baseball as a weapon so it wouldn't be a big leap to assume (correctly) that he's muttering about beaning people with baseballs instead of tossing spells at them. ;)'

Abraxas snorts at all the love being shown him, studiously ignoring it all for the moment. "No running on the Express. Keep that in mind for next time. I'll give you a pass this once. But now, let's see about what sort of contraband Peele has brought on the train." The Malfoy smiles with saccharine sweetness and puts his arm around Felix, walking him towards the compartment from which Cillian emerged, "Write your father as you wish, Peele. But let me have a look at what you've got first. You know the rules."

Cillian just arches the eyebrow over his patch and then just takes a step back, offering to the people in his compartment. "Annnd here they come." He drawls softly before just nodding his head politely at Abraxas, its amazing how his 'irish' accent vanishes. "Oh! Come on in, come on in…please, you're more than welcome to join us. I apologize for the disorder." He takes a step away from the entrance and picks up his bag that's stuffed with less snacks than before, holding it outside the compartment for Abraxas to take if he so wishes as with the other hand is offered to Felix.

Felix gives Abraxas a suspicious look, but it's fleeting. Hey, look! They're practically best friends now. Not that he has much choice but to go where Abraxas guides him. "It ain't contraband…is it, Peele? S'just candy and such. It's tradition!" He takes the offered hand, shaking Cillian's with a lot more vigor than is really necessary. "Wotcher, Cap'n!"

Madeline changed, and then ran into some friends, who she cheerfully sat and visited wth, showing off her badge and regaling them with tales of Alphard Black's face getting smashed into a desk. (…what? It's a good story!) She's returning to check on her Captain and her friends, however, just as Abraxas approaches the compartment.
…uhoh. What is he up to?

Elise has been… super quiet for the past few minutes, simply listening and watching everything going on. There is a sick sort of look to her face. Her hands are twisting the lap of her robes into a tangled mess - this from the girl who takes such care with her appearance. When the prefect comes in to search Cillian's things the blood leaves her face. Still, she's silent. Her owl wakes up, and stares at people through the bars of his cage. She glances at Madeline, then at Cillian, then at everyone else.

Terrance grinned a bit as he watched Malfoy settle for giving the boy a warning, no doubt due to the crowd that had shown up to pay attention to the situation. Then as he started in on Cillian and crews compartment he called out, "So are you looking for actual contraband, or are you just trying to steal some treats, Malfoy?", as he spoke he looked towards the Prefect. "I thought that pure-blood of yours held enough money to buy your own sweets, rather than needing to result from taking them from kids." he added with a laugh.

Gabriel just keeps glaring at the pages of his book. But at Abraxas comes into the compartment Gabriel's hand digs into his robe's pocket and pulls out a well-worn baseball, which he just starts rolling around in little circles over his thigh.

Angelus is looking for friends, a hand out to steady him against the wall as the train sways. While a faint smile has been forced out, it's on a rather grim expression still. His head tilts as he notices the crowding around a compartment, quirking a brow curiously. "What's going on here?"

Abraxas releases Felix and takes the bag as he invites himself into the compartment. He starts by just looking through what's in the bag, but then when Terrance speaks, he says, "Careful, Green, your Muggle is showing." he says, with an utterly insincere smile, he takes the bag and, upending it on the seat, checks each and every thing in it before deciding he is satisfied that there are just snacks within. One wonders if the Hogwarts groundskeepers have to keep repairing wilted grass when Abraxas walks around the grounds. Or maybe that's Flint. "Keep it down in here." he says, finally, "We'll be at Hogsmeade soon."

Hattie gives Terrance a different look this time, mildly disapproving. Something like, ohgodwhatareyoudoingdontmakeitworse. "Really," she says. "He was sharing chocolate earlier today. I'm sure once he sits and has a look, all of this can be cleared up quickly" It can, can't it? She gets up to stand in the corridor. Too tight a fit— the air begins to feel thin, to her mind.

Madeline watches Abraxas dump out the bag, then lets out a quiet sigh. "What sort of odds we laying on the possibility of Malfoy cleaning up his mess? …aww. That tart's face-down on the seat. It'll have all… hairs and feathers in it now," she complains. Ick.

"Thank you!" Terrance said with a wide grin, "I think that could be the nicest thing I have heard one like you say." he added with a grin, before offering Abraxas a sarcastic salute before he was on his way out. Then he glanced over to Hattie, offering a light shrug as if to say 'Couldn't be helped.', then he glanced as Maddie joined them as well. "Well, it is a bit crowded in here. I might head back to my compartment." he said, waiting for Abraxas to leave before he made his way out.

Free at last from Malfoy's hold, Felix does the smart thing and gets out of his reach, into the corridor. He accidentally bumps up against Maddie, and turns to give her a broad smile. "Oi, Evans! I 'eard about your badge. Can I see?"

All his well organized supplies dumped out on that seat, Cillian just keeps an easy going smile on his face that doesn't quite meet his eyes as he returns that handshake from Felix. "Just sweets and a special chocolate soda we're tryin' out this year. Might do some other mixes…" He trails off and keeps his calm before he pats Felix's shoulder. "Ahhh, Malfoy…as you can see, everyting is in order." He frowns and squints a bit at Abraxas. "I'll see ye in school, thank you for your concern." He then sighs softly. Now, all he has to do it get to school without anything exploding. Seriously?! Are they THERE yet?!

Elise takes in a slow, deep breath, clenches her robes in her fists, goes very, very still. Her dark eyes are wide open as she watches the candy sprawl out. She looks at Cillian again, then at the candy, then at the window. Her gaze sticks there. One of her hands inches across the seat toward Cillian's, offering the comfort.

"Sure, Felix!" Madeline answers the other boy cheerfully. She digs into her pocket, pulling the thing out to offer to the other Gryffindor. "Ain't it great?" she asks. "I think Auror Odori gave it to me because she wants me to keep an eye on the goings on at the school," she adds solemnly.

Felix takes the Junior Auror badge, suitably impressed with a, "Whoooah! It feels real!" Not that he's ever handled an Auror badge before. He thrusts the badge out at no one in particular, declaring, "Auror Flitwick! Drop your wands and come out with your hands up and your lips shut!"

Leaning a hand up against the frame of a compartment to keep his balance, Angelus hums out, taking in the scene.

"Yes, no contraband. This time." Abraxas says. "Behave yourself." And with that, he turns on his heel and departs the compartment. "Now I'll need to go air out these robes…" he mutters to himself as he departs.

"Hey Malfoy!" Madeline calls, taking her badge from Felix for a moment so she can thrust it towards the prefect. "Where were you on the night in question? I need to see your cauldron and test it for residue! And, umm… I gotta check the soles of your shoes! Yeah!" She beams cheerfully at Abraxas.

As Terrance moved out of the compartment and in the opposite direction of Malfoy he muttered, "I don't think all the air in the world can take the smell of your family out of those robes." then, he turned and disappeared into his empty compartment, flopping to lay on one of the benches.

Hattie settles herself down, deflating, in her own seat across the aisle again. She leans her forehead gently against the cool pane to take in the lengthening shadows, and increasingly familiar terrain. "We can't be more than half an hour from the station…"she says whistfully. "Who has a timepiece?"

A sigh brushes past Angelus' lips as he shakes his head. He arches a brow as he glances towards Abraxas and the rest of the group. "Evans," he pipes up. "You're just aching to lose that badge, aren't you?"

"What's that?" Abraxas says, as Madeline calls out to him. He turns back just in time to have the famous junior auror badge thrust into his face. His eyes narrow and he puts his hand out, "Give." he says.

Madeline rolls her eyes at Angelus, and frowns a little at Abraxas, but hands the thing over. "Auror Odori gave it to me," she tells Malfoy as she does, fully expecting to have the thing handed right back to her. After all - Prefects aren't allowed to just steal things.

"She's a Junior Auror!" Felix proclaims excitedly. "Good fing, too, in case a Dark wizard comes around 'Ogwarts." He gives Maddie a nudge of his elbow, wearing a big, goofy grin. It's not entirely clear whether he genuinely believes she'll protect Hogwarts from Dark wizards.

Elise gets up and moves silently out of the compartment, squeezing where she has to, looking for an open window, some place with fewer people, some place where she can breathe.

Abraxas seems torn for just a moment. He's supposed to be behaving himself, right? Are junior auror badges covered by the rules? Finally he says, "Unauthorized adornments to the uniform are prohibited. I'll turn this over to Professor Dumbledore and let him decide if you're allowed to have it."

Samira stares out the window, idly stroking a large, fluffy white cat in her lap. The compartment is empty except for them. She has changed into her robes, but is noticeably missing anything to distinguish what house she is in.

"It's not an adornment," Madeline responds with puzzlement. "It's a badge. From the Auror's department. I'm a Jr. Auror. I thought adornments are stuff you wear on your clothes, or wrist, or something. That stays in my pocket." Of course - if he does give it to Dumbledore - there's no reason Dumbledore won't just give it back.

Elise walks into Samira's compartment. It's quiet, and there's only the girl and her cat. She closes the door behind her and gives the girl a bit of a smile. "Hello," she says quietly. "Do you mind if I sit in here for a while? It was getting… crowded in the other compartment."

Angelus is leaning up against one of the compartments, watching Abraxas and Madeline. A smirk slips across his face when confiscating it is mentioned. "Oh, you know, /I/ can give it to Professor Dumbledore." Just trying to be helpful!

"Stay out of this, Eibon." Abraxas snaps, at Angelus's offer to 'help'. "I'll let the Professor and the Headmaster decide, as I said. And there's no such thing as a junior auror. Stop being such a gullible firstie." He tucks the badge into a pocket of his robes. "Now get back to your compartment, we'll be in Hogsmeade soon."

Samira glances up at Elise with a relaxed smile. "Hm? Ah, of course." She indicates the empty seat across from her next to the window. The cat stares at Elise with grumpy suspicion.

Felix points at Abraxas's pocket. "But it says right on there. Junior Auror! Lookit it!" He looks to Maddie for some kind of confirmation. He didn't imagine it, right?

"There is such thing - Auror Rena Odori called me into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and gave it to me for showing Honor and Duty and Courage! Alphard Black was there, you can ask him," Madeline answers, crossing her arms over her chest. "And you don't have any right to take it. It isn't an adornment if I'm not wearing it on my clothes. Not even at school yet, and you're already breaking the rules." Not a very good prefect, is he? "I bet if you go ask the Head Boy, he'll tell you to go give it back." Pretty sure of herself, ain't she?

Elise sits down and leans against the seat, closing her eyes for a moment and just enjoying the relative silence - though of course students can be heard in the corridor outside, bits of conversation waxing and waning with their passing. Finally Elise opens her dark eyes and gives Samira a long, curious look. "I don't remember you," she says. "Someone said you're from Egypt? I'm Elise Harper." She'll lean across the space between their seats and extend her hand to shake.

Samira studies Elise for a moment and then glances back out the window as the other student savors the silent. But, when the girl greets her, Samira sits up to accept and shake Elise's hands with a smile and a secure grip. "Yes, my name is Samira Prince. I come from the Heka School of Ancient Magic."

"And now you're interfering with a Prefect in the course of his duties." Abraxas says, with a chill little half-smile. "You were flashing it about. Making demands of other students. Talking about defending Hogwarts from dark wizards when we all know that Hogwarts is the safest place in the Wizarding World. And now, like every other muggleborn, you refuse to show respect for the proper order of things. Trust me, this will all be reported." And with that, Abraxas turns to depart, ending the conversation, for the moment.

Elise's face freezes, and her entire body stiffens. "Prince?" she repeats. "Of the… the Egyptian Princes? The most ancient and — and noble… those Princes?"

"That sounds like an English name to me," Elise adds with a polite little smile. "I've known a few English Princes, rather."

Madeline lets out an annoyed sound, then looks at Felix and shrugs. "If he wants to get in trouble for abusing his Prefect powers on the first day, guess I can't do anything to stop him," she says cheerfully - but it's obvious it bothers her, letting her badge out of her sight.

Still. He has to turn it over to Dumbledore, and Dumbledore will be sure to give it back to her!

Angelus shrugs casually as he shifts his position slightly against the compartment. "Sorry," he murmurs out, but otherwise keeps his royal blue eyes focused on Madeline.

Felix watches Abraxas go with an astonished, open-mouthed look on his face. He frowns apologetically to Madeline. "Sorry, Evans. I shouldn'a asked you to see it. S'my fault."

Samira nods, relaxing back in her seat. Confusion over her heritage is something she is quite used to. "My father is from the United Kingdom. I am of the Prince and Azam family - a noble and ancient Egyptian bloodline."

"Don't worry - either he'll give it to Dumbledore, and Dumbledore'll give it back, or I'll see Zayn Shafiq before we get off the train, and I bet Shafiq'll get it back for me. He's the Head Boy. And a Slytherin. So Malfoy's got to listen to him," Madeline answers, still with the same cheer.

Elise stares at Samira. Her confusion from before turns into absolute shock now. Her eyes widen, her mouth drops open, the blood drains from her face. She shrinks back into her seat. She looks like she might actually pass out!

Samira blinks. Confusion she is used to. Shock and terror is far less common. Apprehension, maybe. But, terror? She stares across at Elise with a bemused look. "I… take it you are familiar with the name?"

Felix's sorrowful frown vanishes, and instantly he's beaming as cheerfully as Maddie is. "Brilliant. Oi, wanna sit wif me? Peele was gonna set me up wif some tarts an' chocolate soda."

"Sure! The Cap'n's got some of the best soda - I could go for some myself! Besides, I need to check on Mischief." Madeline moves into the pirates' compartment, her gaze immediately seeking out her bird - and giggling quietly when she spots him perched on the luggage rack, asleep. "Awww. She's all tuckered out."

Angelus pulls away from the compartment, smirking, and starts walking along the aisle again.

Elise swallows heavily and nods once, the motion jerky. "The… the Azams… cursed my family," she ekes out, her voice tight with emotion. "My — my great-grandfather, H — Henry Harper…" She bites her lip and stares at Samira. "It's not fair," she says. "I never did anything wrong. Why should I have to die? My uncle was a good man and—" great big tears well up, now.

Samira just stares at Elise in bewilderment as tears well up. But, she doesn't seem particularly shocked. The older the family, the more skelletons crammed into that closet. Honestly, hers should probably get a bigger one. But still, she peers at Elise and says, "The Azams? Are you sure? It's rare when Westerners can pronouce our names correctly. It could have been the 'Assams."

Felix takes a seat in the Pirates' compartment. Though what he's doing can hardly be called "sitting". It's a bit more like bouncing, with some rocking side to side as he awaits his chance to get his hands on some of Cillian's sweets. He spares a glance to Maddie's raven. "That's Mischief, right? I think he plucked a button off my shirt last year."

"A-Z-A-M," Elise spells, sniffling a little. "My great-grandfather was in an old, old tomb in Egypt, looking for something. Treasure, probably. Stupid of him, we all admit that. He ignored the warnings. Got cursed. Died from it - but then so did his wife and four of his five children, and five of his six grandchildren - my uncle just a few weeks ago!" She drags a handkerchief out of her pocket and scrubs her face. "And more, too. Is that your family?" she asks. "Azam?"

"Pro'ly he did, - well, she did. And pro'ly she'll do it again!" Madeline answers cheerfully, reaching out to gently stroke her sleeping bird's feathers. "Sorry 'bout that, though," she adds, turning from giving her bird a fond smile, to giving Felix an apologetic one. Seeing Cillian still tidying and re-organizing his things, she gets out some of the premixed chocolate soda for them to share, offering it to Felix first.

"Ooo! Looks like there's still some Pepper Imps left. You want some?"

Samira nods slowly, "Yes, that is how you spell it with western letters. Your great-grandfather saw it written and had it translated?" She arches a brow, not looking particularly impressed. "Was he trying to desecrate and loot a tomb belonging to /my/ family?"
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Madeline has connected.

Elise nods miserably. "Probably," she says. "And it was awful of him, just horrible. Perhaps he deserved what he got - but not his wife, who wasn't there. Not his children, nor theirs. Not my uncle, and my aunts. Not my father. Not me. I've never been to Egypt. Never done anything wrong." She slips off the bench and falls to her knees in front of Samira. "Please," she begs. "Can you break it? Can anyone in your family lift the curse? I'll do anything. We — all of us will do anything. I just… want to live."

"Yeah!" Felix exclaims, holding out a hand for Pepper Imps. "And don't worry about the button. It was my least favourite button," he jests. "Cabbage once ate my shoelaces. I didn't find out it was 'im until…y'know."

Madeline can't help but giggle. "I hope it didn't hurt him none - eating the laces," she responds, as she hands over some of the Imps. "Gosh, I hope Mischief doesn't cause any real trouble this year. I spent a long time training him over the summer! I taught him to drop things, to fly to me, and to fly away, to whatever I point at," she explains. "Plus… I taught him new stuff to say. HER! Taught her. Gosh, some girl who says she can talk ti birds - she says Mischief is a she."

"I can talk to birds!" Felix declares. "They don't say much back, though. Usually it's just, 'squaaaawk', or 'caw-caw', or," he lets out an impressive bird-like whistle to demonstrate.
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Samira blinks, shifting a bit closer to the window as Elise drops to her knees. Her hand absently scritches behind her cat's ears. "You just want to live? No one lives forever. And, his crime was not simply his own against one of my ancestors. It was against my bloodline, and thus he brought the curse upon his own. Such curses can be broken. You must prove your bloodline's worth and outweigh the crimes of your ancestor. And yet, after three generations, the curse has yet to be lifted?" She arches a brow at Elise.

Elise clasps her hands together, pleading. "How?" she asks, her voice breaking. "Just tell me. Please, please, please. I don't want to live forever, no… just long enough to get married, have children, grow old with a husband - did you know none of the girls have lived long enough to do that?" She swallows. "Not a single one. What have we got to do? Please, Miss Prince. Tell me, please!"

Madeline giggles. "Well. Let me know if Mischief ever says anything interesting," she answers, taking the soda from Felix for a drink, before giving it back again. Then she pops one of the Pepper Imps her her mouth - smoke starting to pour from her nose, ears and mouth while she squirms and giggles in her seat.

Samira rests a hand gently on Elise's cheek and strokes away a tear with her thumb. "I understand your fear, but tears and pleading will do nothing to prove your bloodline's worth. I cannot /tell/ you because it is something you must discover. It is far too late to prove your worth by following instructions."

Felix nods sagely, making a mental note to listen to Mischief's caws…and promptly forgets all about it when he bursts into giggles at Maddie's condition. Not to be left out, he pops a Pepper Imp into his own mouth, drowning it with a swig of soda. the candy and the fizz mixing prove to be a volatile combination, painfully tickling his tongue. "'ash reawwy hah! Gaaah!" Still he giggles, fanning his open mouth with his hand.

Elise's face crumples and she leans forward to press her face against the seat next to Samira. She just bawls for a good minute. Finally, though, she pulls herself together and climbs back into the seat, exhausted. She leans her forehead against the glass of the window and dully watches the countryside rush past them. "I'm sorry," she finally says.

Madeline's giggles only grow louder at poor Felix's plight - but she's done the soda and Pepper Imp combination before (she suspects her uncle did that to her on purpose) so she knows better than to copy him. "Careful, Felix!" she tells him.

Samira gently strokes through Elise's hair. Despite her lack of surprise that Elise's bloodline has yet to break the curse, she is not devoid of sympathy. Resting back once more in her chair, she begins to stroke her cat once more. "It is quite alright. It is a shame that you must pay for the sins of your ancestors, and I will understand if you will blame me for mine." To her, such is simply the way of the world. She glances out the window with a detached expression.

The sound of doors opening and closing can be heard from the fore of the carriage, and a moment later, Miranda reappears with a slinky black-striped cat in her arms. She pauses a moment to peer through the nearest window, then with bubbly excitement, she makes her way toward one of the quieter looking compartments, inviting herself in and taking a seat with nothing but a warm smile for its inhabitants. That smile quickly falters, though, when she looks from Elise to Samira, then back again, while the cat in her arms stares at them, unblinking. "Uh… hullo," she says, quiet and uncertain. "My apologies. I wanted to be seated when we arrive at the station, and…" And she'll stop babbling now and concentrate on keeping her cat from escaping.

"I don't blame you," Elise says quietly. "You weren't the one who set the curse to guard the tomb. You weren't the idiot who broke it with reckless disregard for anything but your own greed." She has to fetch another clean handkerchief from her pocket - her other is rather soggy. She lifts her forehead off of the window at the sound of the door opening. Miranda she recognizes, at least. "Hullo," she says to the older Hufflepuff girl. She wipes her face. "No need to apologize." Her voice is quiet and subdued. "Plenty of room."

Samira offers Miranda far too pleasant and relaxed a smile, given that she is sitting across from Elise who has obviously been crying. The transfer student focuses on Miranda's cat with amused interest.

Felix manages to swallow down the mass of fizzing confection, grimacing through his giggles. "This one time? I had Fizzing Whizbees wif Burpy Bubbles Soda. I farted purple bubbles for three days!"

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