(1939-09-01) Hogwarts New Student Boat Ride
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Summary: Pringle picks up the new students from the docks and takes them across the lake to be initiated into Hogwarts at the Start of Term Feast.
Date: September 1st, 1939
Location: Hogwarts

Black Lake Docks
It is a summer night. The weather is still and overcast.

At the southwest shore of the Black Lake right off of the Hogsmeade rail station is a small dock area where the annual first year migration takes place, floating across the lake to the Hogwarts Campus that looms on the northeast shore atop the high cliffs that border the northern side of the lake. The campus and the buildings of the Hogsmeade village can be seen on the northwest shore. The Forbidden forest encompasses the eastern shore of the lake and a few trees even encroach on the docks. The road to the northwest for coaches to take wizards and witches from the Rail station to the Village curves about the west shore of the lake.

Pringle holds the lantern high and lights the lamps at the aft and prow of each of the small ships. One by one he hoists the first years into the boats. His eyes scanning each one as if trying to glean what sort of trouble they are going to be. "Alleoup." He drawls out in his thick sotish brogue as he gets a young boy situated. He then turns to eye Samira up and down and herrumps grumpily. "Ye. In tha' boat, alone. Dinnae squirm, migh tip over."

Aris seems a bit at a loss without all the luggage she brought, but that may just be a combination of nerves and such. She quickly moves across the dock to hop into whichever boat she's pointed at, hands wringing the sleeve of her robes thoughtfully.

Like a wolf worrying sheep, Samira stands apart from the huddled group of anxious little first years. With an wicked little smile, Samira keeps edging closer, making the herd of firsties shy away. At the arrival of the Hogwarts caretaker, Samira stands at the edge of the water, peering at the boats. She highly doubts that any of them will manage to hold her and three others. Told to occupy one all to herself, she offers Pringle an impish smile and takes an appreciative bow. With catlike grace, she eases into one of the little boats and balances perfectly.

Middle of Black Lake

As with most Scottish lakes that are this deep and narrow, the lake near Hogwarts is chilly all year long. Narrow sandy areas from the beach give way to oozing squishing between the toes once a person is waist-deep. No one dares to swim too far out into the lake. A grindylow is sure to drag them down into the cold depths. Usually this stretch of deep dark blue water is only traversed by the first year boats that bring the newcomers across the water as a special treat upon their arrival.

Pringle shoves off the boats and they take to the water gliding over it and causing the still waters to shatter their perfect reflection of the gloomy overcast sky. Faded outlines of the castle on the distant cliff resembles a crooked tree wth thousands of gleaming eyes staring down at the approaching first years. Not even the Black Lake squid makes an appearance. Something is wrong, something dark hangs over the campus. Something fouls the joyful excitement of most of the first years in their boats. "I heard Flint is going to put us in concentration camps like Hitler. Make us do all the cooking and cleaning and mucking out the stables." Some muggle-born first whispers to a friend in his boat. "Shut it." barks Pringle, and the boat falls silent.

Aris turns quickly when she hears the whispering, her brow furrowed. Less concerned for herself, more wondering just what kind of place she's sailing into. She says nothing to the firstie she shares the boat with, instead craning her neck to get a better look at the looming castle in the distance. She also peers over the side into the water, hands clasping the side of the boat.

Samira takes in the ominous sight of the castle with silent awe. Carved into a stony cliff face, the Heka School of Ancient Magic was no less forbodding a sight. And yet, a shiver climbs unbiden up her spine. She pulls her school robes closer around herself.

Much like any other boathouse, this is a simple wooden structure with a walkway around the outside serving double-duty as a dock, and storage racks above to hold boats. The difference is, this is much larger than an individual's boathouse, this boathouse is big enough to

As the boats come into a landing inside of the boat house they groan against the docks and almost sound as if they are moaning, 'Don't Go' at the firsties and transfer student. Pringle doesn't seem to hear it and he helps drag the students up out of the boats, "Go on an 'ead up. Not a peep, Dumbledore will meet ye and take ye in."

Aris obediently climbs out of the boat, glancing down at the docks quizically for a moment. She partially recognizes the name 'Dumbledore' from the books she's read, so her eyebrows shoot up at the mention. But, she's been told to keep quiet and quiet she keeps.

Samira eases out of her boat with far more ease than the firsties Pringle is dragging onto the docks. Hands clasped behind her back, she heads up the hill, ahead of the anxious little ones. She maintains a relaxed, almost bored expression, but her heart beats fast in her chest.

Chamber of Reception

This small, square room off the Entry Hall has been tucked into a corner, out of the way and rarely used. The first years first make it here from their climb up from their boat ride across Black Lake at the beginning of term. The smooth stone walls are lit by a lamp hanging overhead, with two sconces on each wall. There's barely even any furniture here, a few padded chairs and small, polished tables scattered around the edges where students sometimes meet to chat or study out of the way of the castle's bustle. Within the eastern wall of the Ante-chamber is a well fortified door that leads out to a large courtyard that acts as an exit to the eastern portion of the campus grounds.

Pringle holds up his hand to signal for the students to halt. It is a matter of moments til Dumbledore enters and gives a big warm beaming smile to those gathered and gives Pringle a pat on the shoulder and they give nods to each other before Pringle steps past the Deputy Headmaster and disappears into the Great Hall. "Welcome students to Hogwarts! I am Deputy Headmaster Professor Dumbledore, I teach Transfiguration and I look forward to getting to know all of you better in class. Now, single file please." He reads fro a scroll, "First in line…Stanley Longbottom …. Aris Malfoy … Samira Prince … Lizette Rousseau … Sampson Smith …" There is of course a handful of other names read off as well but once everyone is in order. "Excellent, just like little ducklings now." He turns around and leads the way into the Great Hall.

Aris quickly shuffles into line when bidden to do so, turning around to look behind her at the older girl. She offers a brief smile but the situation is one that requires complete concentration from Aris, it seems, and she turns back around to follow after Dumbledore. Her brow knits with concern - thinking Slytherin thoughts. Maybe that'll persuade the Hat.

Samira blinks and looks at Aris. Another Malfoy? But, there will be time for her to ask whether she is Abraxas' younger sister later. The transfer student falls into place behind the platinum blonde girl. Although Samira is a bit short for her age, she can still see well over the heads of all the firsties ahead of her.

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